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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 65466

Chapter 65466 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Waldemar, A.Kristine.; Esbensen, B.Appel.; Korsbek, L.; Petersen, L.; Arnfred, S., 2018:
Recovery-oriented practice: Participant observations of the interactions between patients and health professionals in mental health inpatient settings

Qi, P-Qing.; Yu, D-Shuang.; Li, J.; Guan, Y-Jie.; Wei, S-Jia., 2018:
Recovery Performance of ANAMMOX Process after Inhibition Resulting from Seawater

Srasri, K.; Thongroj, M.; Chaijiraaree, P.; Thiangtham, S.; Manuspiya, H.; Pisitsak, P.; Ummartyotin, S., 2018:
Recovery potential of cellulose fiber from newspaper waste: An approach on magnetic cellulose aerogel for dye adsorption material

Murray, A.; Fullagar, H.; Turner, A.P.; Sproule, J., 2018:
Recovery practices in Division 1 collegiate athletes in North America

Özden Omaygenç, D.; Ünal, N.; Edipoğlu, S.İpek.; Barca Şeker, Tğçe.; Özgül, M.Akif.; Turan, D.; Özdemir, C.; Karaca, İbrahim.Oğuz.; Çetinkaya, Eğan., 2018:
Recovery process and determinants of adverse event occurrence in bronchoscopic procedures performed under general anaesthesia

Jain, A.; Gombar, S.; Ahuja, V., 2018:
Recovery Profile After General Anaesthesia in Paediatric Ambulatory Surgeries: Desflurane Versus Propofol

Bohart, Søs.; Egerod, I.; Bestle, M.H.; Overgaard, D.; Christensen, D.F.; Jensen, J.F., 2018:
Recovery programme for ICU survivors has no effect on relatives' quality of life: Secondary analysis of the RAPIT-study

Szujó, S.; Bajnok, László.; Bódis, Báta.; Nemes, O.; Rucz, Károly.; Mezősi, E., 2018:
Recovery rate in differentiated thyroid cancer. Experiences of one of the Hungarian clinical centers

DeCair, S.D.; Cardarelli, J.J., 2018:
Recovery, Resilience and Reality: Going Beyond NCRP Report No. 175

Lipoti, J.; Bennett, G., 2018:
Recovery, Resilience and Reality: Going Beyond NCRP Report No. 175, Progress and Possibilities

Chang, B-Hung.; Geller, J.L.; Biebel, K., 2018:
Recovery Services and Outcomes in a State Psychiatric Hospital

Minoda, Y.; Komori, K.; Naruo, R.; Iwasa, T.; Ogino, H.; Ihara, E.; Ogawa, Y., 2018:
Recovery technique using a double scope to rescue failed primary endoscopic ligation

Hernando, B.; Martinez-Simon, A.; Cacho-Asenjo, E.; Troconiz, Iñaki.F.; Honorato-Cia, C.; Panadero, A.; Naval, L.L.; Nuñez-Cordoba, J.M., 2018:
Recovery time after oral and maxillofacial ambulatory surgery with dexmedetomidine: an observational study

Kuck, L.; Grau, M.; Simmonds, M.J., 2018:
Recovery time course of erythrocyte deformability following exposure to shear is dependent upon conditioning shear stress

Collie, A.; Newnam, S.; Keleher, H.; Petersen, A.; Kosny, A.; Vogel, A.P.; Thompson, J., 2018:
Recovery Within Injury Compensation Schemes: A System Mapping Study

Byrne, L.; Schoeppe, S.; Bradshaw, J., 2018:
Recovery without autonomy: Progress forward or more of the same for mental health service users?

Ejlertsson, L.; Heijbel, B.; Ejlertsson, Göran.; Andersson, I., 2018:
Recovery, work-life balance and work experiences important to self-rated health: A questionnaire study on salutogenic work factors among Swedish primary health care employees

Duchemin, W.; Gence, G.; Arigon Chifolleau, A-Muriel.; Arvestad, L.; Bansal, M.S.; Berry, V.; Boussau, B.; Chevenet, Fçois.; Comte, N.; Davín, Aán.A.; Dessimoz, C.; Dylus, D.; Hasic, D.; Mallo, D.; Planel, Rémi.; Posada, D.; Scornavacca, C.; Szöllosi, G.; Zhang, L.; Tannier, Éric.; Daubin, V., 2018:
RecPhyloXML: a format for reconciled gene trees

Estep, K.N.; Brosh, R.M., 2017:
RecQ and Fe-S helicases have unique roles in DNA metabolism dictated by their unwinding directionality, substrate specificity, and protein interactions

Oshima, J.; Kato, H.; Maezawa, Y.; Yokote, K., 2018:
RECQ helicase disease and related progeroid syndromes: RECQ2018 meeting

Wiedemann, G.; van Gessel, N.; Köchl, F.; Hunn, L.; Schulze, K.; Maloukh, L.; Nogué, F.; Decker, E.L.; Hartung, F.; Reski, R., 2018:
RecQ Helicases Function in Development, DNA Repair, and Gene Targeting in Physcomitrella patens

Claessens, A.; Harris, L.M.; Stanojcic, S.; Chappell, L.; Stanton, A.; Kuk, N.; Veneziano-Broccia, P.; Sterkers, Y.; Rayner, J.C.; Merrick, C.J., 2018:
RecQ helicases in the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum affect genome stability, gene expression patterns and DNA replication dynamics

Espinosa-Luna, R.; Barajas-Espinosa, A.R.; Ochoa-Cortez, F.; Barajas-López, C., 2018:
Recreating Intestinal Peristalsis in the Petri Dish

Curtis, J.; Hynes, S.; Breen, B., 2017:
Recreational boating site choice and the impact of water quality

Beneton, Fédéric.; Michoud, G.; Coulange, M.; Laine, N.; Ramdani, Céline.; Borgnetta, M.; Breton, P.; Guieu, R.; Rostain, J.C.; Trousselard, M., 2018:
Recreational Diving Practice for Stress Management: An Exploratory Trial

George, N.; Harrell, S.M.; Rhodes, K.D.; Duarte-Rojo, A., 2018:
Recreational Drug and Psychosocial Profile in Chronic Hepatitis C Patients Seeking Antiviral Therapy

Babali, Néra.; Kacher, M.; Belhabib, D.; Louanchi, F.; Pauly, D., 2018:
Recreational fisheries economics between illusion and reality: The case of Algeria

Paul, D.J.; Bangsbo, J.; Nassis, G.P., 2017:
Recreational football practice attenuates postprandial lipaemia in normal and overweight individuals

Davis, A.J.S.; Darling, J.A., 2017:
Recreational freshwater fishing drives non-native aquatic species richness patterns at a continental scale

Miller, A.M.; Rosenman, R.; Cowan, B.W., 2018:
Recreational marijuana legalization and college student use: Early evidence

Desai, R.; Patel, U.; Sharma, S.; Amin, P.; Bhuva, R.; Patel, M.S.; Sharma, N.; Shah, M.; Patel, S.; Savani, S.; Batra, N.; Kumar, G., 2018:
Recreational Marijuana Use and Acute Myocardial Infarction: Insights from Nationwide Inpatient Sample in the United States

Johnson, K.; Mikhail, P.; Kim, M.Gyu.; Bosco, A.; Huynh, W., 2018:
Recreational nitrous oxide-associated neurotoxicity

Luo, H.; Newton, R.U.; Ma'ayah, F.; Galvão, D.A.; Taaffe, D.R., 2018:
Recreational soccer as sport medicine for middle-aged and older adults: a systematic review

Lima, D.Ferrari.de.; Piovani, Vônica.Gabriela.Silva.; Lima, L.Anguera., 2018 :
Recreational soccer practice among adults, in Brazilian capitals, 2011-2015

Fisher, D.M.; Wood, S.A.; White, E.M.; Blahna, D.J.; Lange, S.; Weinberg, A.; Tomco, M.; Lia, E., 2018:
Recreational use in dispersed public lands measured using social media data and on-site counts

Anonymous, 2018:
Recreation and Juvenile Crime

Anonymous, 2018:
Recreation at School Age

Mattsson, B.J.; Dubovsky, J.A.; Thogmartin, W.E.; Bagstad, K.J.; Goldstein, J.H.; Loomis, J.B.; Diffendorfer, J.E.; Semmens, D.J.; Wiederholt, R.; López-Hoffman, L., 2017:
Recreation economics to inform migratory species conservation: Case study of the northern pintail

Anonymous, 2018:
Recreation for Middle Age

Anonymous, 2018:
Recreation in Relation to the Health of the People: II. Beginning at the Bottom

Anonymous, 2018:
Recreation in Relation to the Health of the People: III. Working Up

Anonymous, 2018:
Recreation in Relation to the Health of the People: IV. Recreation for the Mind

Anonymous, 2018:
Recreation in Relation to the Health of the People: VII. Among the Mining Population

Anonymous, 2018:
Recreation in Relation to the Health of the People: VI. In the Country

Anonymous, 2018:
Recreation in Relation to the Health of the People: V. Recreation for the Body

Imperiale, M.J., 2018:
Re-creation of Horsepox Virus

Anonymous, 2018:
"Recreative" Reading!!

Popovici, J.; Pierce-Friedrich, L.; Kim, S.; Bin, S.; Run, V.; Lek, D.; Hor Daryl, H.Kim.; Lee Soon-U, L.; Cannon, M.V.; Serre, D.; Menard, D., 2018:
Recrudescence, reinfection or relapse? A more rigorous framework to assess chloroquine efficacy for vivax malaria

Tao, L.; Qiu, J.; Slavin, S.; Ou, Z.; Liu, Z.; Ge, J.; Zuo, L.; Guancial, E.A.; Messing, E.M.; Chang, C.; Yeh, S., 2018:
Recruited T cells promote the bladder cancer metastasis via up-regulation of the estrogen receptor β/IL-1/c-MET signals

Meng, S-Wei.; Kuo, R-Cheng.; Yang, H-Jen.; Lai, C-Lun.; Wu, C-Cheng.; Hsieh, M-Yang., 2018:
Recruiting an Acute Coronary Team to Perform Emergent Mechanical Thrombectomy in Acute Ischemic Stroke Patients: A Successful Case and Team Model in a Local Hospital

Hall, D.Ann.; Smith, H.; Heffernan, E.; Fackrell, K., 2018:
Recruiting and retaining participants in e-Delphi surveys for core outcome set development: Evaluating the COMiT'ID study

Ehrlich, O.; Walker, R.K., 2018:
Recruiting and Retaining Patient-Caregiver-Nurse Triads for Qualitative Hospice Cancer Pain Research

Pinto, Rério.M.; Witte, S.S.; Wall, M.M.; Filippone, P.L., 2018:
Recruiting and retaining service agencies and public health providers in longitudinal studies: Implications for community-engaged implementation research

Anonymous, 2018:
Recruiting by the New Method: Civilian Doctors to Replace Military Officers

Lin, Y.; Jiang, M.; Pellikka, P.; Heiskanen, J., 2018:
Recruiting Conventional Tree Architecture Models into State-of-the-Art LiDAR Mapping for Investigating Tree Growth Habits in Structure

Hoption Cann, S.A., 2018:
Recruiting doctors from countries that have a much more desperate need

Torjesen, I., 2018:
Recruiting doctors from overseas: managing trusts' expectations

Anonymous, 2018:
Recruiting Duties of the Territorial Regimental Surgeon

Sanchez, V.A.; Hall, D.A.; Millar, B.; Escabi, C.D.; Sharman, A.; Watson, J.; Thasma, S.; Harris, P., 2018:
Recruiting ENT and Audiology patients into pharmaceutical trials: evaluating the multi-centre experience in the UK and USA

Hutchinson, S.G.; van Schayck, C.P.; Muris, J.W.M.; Feron, F.J.M.; Dompeling, E., 2018:
Recruiting families for an intervention study to prevent second-hand smoke exposure in children

Sickinger, K.; Walker, W.C.; Agyemang, A.A.; Cifu, D.X.; Lewis, T.L.; Carne, W., 2018:
Recruiting for a multicentre DoD and VA longitudinal study: lessons learned

Thornton, L.; Batterham, P.J.; Fassnacht, D.B.; Kay-Lambkin, F.; Calear, A.L.; Hunt, S., 2016:
Recruiting for health, medical or psychosocial research using Facebook: Systematic review

Anonymous, 2018:
Recruiting for the Training-Schools

Silfee, V.J.; Lopez-Cepero, A.; Lemon, S.C.; Estabrook, B.; Nguyen, O.; Rosal, M.C., 2018:
Recruiting low-income postpartum women into two weight loss interventions: in-person versus Facebook delivery

Nkimbeng, M.; Roberts, L.; Thorpe, R.J.; Gitlin, L.N.; Delaney, A.; Tanner, E.K.; Szanton, S.L., 2018:
Recruiting Older Adults With Functional Difficulties Into a Community-Based Research Study: Approaches and Costs

Holm, M.; Alvariza, A.; Fürst, C-Johan.; Wengström, Y.; Årestedt, K.; Öhlen, J.; Goliath, I., 2018:
Recruiting participants to a randomized controlled trial testing an intervention in palliative cancer care - The perspectives of health care professionals

Ferguson, G.T.; Beck, B.; Clerisme-Beaty, E.; Liu, D.; Thomashow, B.M.; Wise, R.A.; ZuWallack, R.; Make, B.J., 2018:
Recruiting Patients After Hospital Discharge for Acute Exacerbation of COPD: Challenges and Lessons Learned

Charbonneau, G., 2018:
Recruiting physicians to practise in rural communities

Sinclair, M.; Phillips, C., 2018:
Recruiting Research Higher Degree Students into Veterinary Science

Buston, K., 2018:
Recruiting, Retaining and Engaging Men in Social Interventions: Lessons for Implementation Focusing on a Prison-based Parenting Intervention for Young Incarcerated Fathers

Garavan, H.; Bartsch, H.; Conway, K.; Decastro, A.; Goldstein, R.Z.; Heeringa, S.; Jernigan, T.; Potter, A.; Thompson, W.; Zahs, D., 2018:
Recruiting the ABCD sample: Design considerations and procedures

Zeitlin, H., 2018:
Recruiting the best into medical careers

Ritchie, G.; Ashworth, L.; Bades, A., 2018:
Recruiting the next generation: applying a values-based approach to recruitment

Melikyan, Z.A.; Greenia, D.E.; Corrada, M.M.; Hester, M.M.; Kawas, C.H.; Grill, J.D., 2018:
Recruiting the Oldest-old for Clinical Research

Zucchelli, F.; Rumsey, N.; Humphries, K.; Bennett, R.; Davies, A.; Sandy, J.; Stock, N.Marie., 2017:
Recruiting to cohort studies in specialist healthcare services: Lessons learned from clinical research nurses in UK cleft services

Bartlett, A.; Kolb, S.J.; Kingsley, A.; Swoboda, K.J.; Reyna, S.P.; Sakonju, A.; Darras, B.T.; Shell, R.; Kuntz, N.; Castro, D.; Iannaccone, S.T.; Parsons, J.; Connolly, A.M.; Chiriboga, C.A.; McDonald, C.; Burnette, W.Bryan.; Werner, K.; Thangarajh, M.; Shieh, P.B.; Finanger, E.; Coffey, C.S.; Yankey, J.W.; Cudkowicz, M.E.; McGovern, M.M.; McNeil, D.Elizabeth.; Arnold, W.David.; Kissel, J.T., 2018:
Recruitment & retention program for the NeuroNEXT SMA Biomarker Study: Super Babies for SMA!

Zukowski, A.; Al-Afaleq, N.Omar.; Duncan, E.D.; Yao, T.; Johnson, A.M., 2017:
Recruitment and allosteric stimulation of a histone-deubiquitinating enzyme during heterochromatin assembly

Johnson, J.K.; Gregorich, S.E.; Acree, M.; Nápoles, A.M.; Flatt, J.D.; Pounds, D.; Pabst, A.; Stewart, A.L., 2018:
Recruitment and baseline characteristics of the Community of Voices choir study to promote the health and well-being of diverse older adults

Okhomina, V.I.; Seals, S.R.; Marshall, G.D., 2018:
Recruitment and enrollment of African Americans into health promoting programs: the effects of health promoting programs on cardiovascular disease risk study

Chu, J.T.W.; Wan, A.; Stewart, S.M.; Ng, K.Tung.; Lam, T.Hing.; Chan, S.S., 2018:
Recruitment and Lessons Learned from a Community-Based Intervention Program: The Learning Families Project in Hong Kong

Manzanero, S.; Kozlovskaia, M.; Vlahovich, N.; Hughes, D.C., 2018:
Recruitment and Participation of Recreational Runners in a Large Epidemiological and Genetic Research Study: Retrospective Data Analysis

Wang, C.; Zhu, B.; Xiong, J., 2018:
Recruitment and reinforcement: maintaining epigenetic silencing

Grace Cannard, K.; Hacker, M.L.; Molinari, A.; Heusinkveld, L.E.; Currie, A.D.; Charles, D., 2018:
Recruitment and Retention in Clinical Trials of Deep Brain Stimulation in Early-Stage Parkinson's Disease: Past Experiences and Future Considerations

Hershey, D.Soltow.; Hession, S.L., 2018:
Recruitment and retention of a challenging population: Lessons learned and design implications

Ryan, M.S.; Leggio, L.E.; Peltier, C.B.; Chatterjee, A.; Arenberg, S.; Byerley, J.S.; Belkowitz, J.L.; Rabalais, G.P.; Barone, M.A., 2018:
Recruitment and Retention of Community Preceptors

Strehlau, V.; Torchalla, I.; Patterson, M.; Moniruzzaman, A.; Laing, A.; Addorisio, S.; Frankish, J.; Krausz, M.; Somers, J., 2018:
Recruitment and retention of homeless individuals with mental illness in a housing first intervention study

Goldman, H.; Fagnano, M.; Perry, T.T.; Weisman, A.; Drobnica, A.; Halterman, J.S., 2018:
Recruitment and retention of the Hardest-to-Reach families in community-based asthma interventions

Ryan, C.; Ward, E.; Jones, M., 2018:
Recruitment and retention of trainee physicians: a retrospective analysis of the motivations and influences on career choice of trainee physicians

Grape, A.; Rhee, H.; Wicks, M.; Tumiel-Berhalter, L.; Sloand, E., 2018:
Recruitment and retention strategies for an urban adolescent study: Lessons learned from a multi-center study of community-based asthma self-management intervention for adolescents

Hsieh, P-Ling.; Rybalko, V.; Baker, A.B.; Suggs, L.J.; Farrar, R.P., 2017:
Recruitment and therapeutic application of macrophages in skeletal muscles after hind limb ischemia

Tufnell, C.; Ravetz, G., 2018:
Recruitment challenges in the profession … a chance to respond

Anonymous, 2018:
Recruitment crisis demands a solution NOW!

Calsyn, R.J.; Klinkenberg, W.D.; Morse, G.A.; Miller, J.; Cruthis, R.; For The Hiv/Aids Treatment Adherence Health Outcomes And Cost Study Group, 2018:
Recruitment, engagement, and retention of people living with HIV and co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders

Cauley, J.A., 2018:
Recruitment for a Pragmatic Clinical Trial to Reduce Fall Injuries

Hoover, J.C.; Alenazi, A.M.; Alothman, S.; Alshehri, M.M.; Rucker, J.; Kluding, P., 2018:
Recruitment for exercise or physical activity interventions: a protocol for systematic review

Bhattacharjee, S.; Soni, K.D.; Maitra, S., 2018:
Recruitment maneuver does not provide any mortality benefit over lung protective strategy ventilation in adult patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome: a meta-analysis and systematic review of the randomized controlled trials

García-Fernández, J.; Romero, A.; Blanco, A.; Gonzalez, P.; Abad-Gurumeta, A.; Bergese, S.D., 2018:
Recruitment manoeuvres in anaesthesia: How many more excuses are there not to use them?

Kraus, D.; Naros, G.; Guggenberger, R.; Leão, M.Teresa.; Ziemann, U.; Gharabaghi, A., 2018 :
Recruitment of Additional Corticospinal Pathways in the Human Brain with State-Dependent Paired Associative Stimulation

Alber, J.; Lee, A.K.W.; Menard, W.; Monast, D.; Salloway, S.P., 2017:
Recruitment of At-Risk Participants for Clinical Trials: A Major Paradigm Shift for Alzheimer's Disease Prevention

Putnam, C.W.; DiMarco, J.; Cairns, C.B., 2017:
Recruitment of Dual-Career Academic Medicine Couples

Zdolsek, M.; Hahn, R.G.; Zdolsek, J.H., 2018:
Recruitment of extravascular fluid by hyperoncotic albumin

Jørgensen, S.Mark.Dahl.; Erikstrup, C.; Dinh, K.Manh.; Lemming, L.Erik.; Dahlerup, J.Frederik.; Hvas, C.Lodberg., 2018:
Recruitment of feces donors among blood donors: Results from an observational cohort study

Wood, D.; Lancaster, K.E.; Boily, M-Claude.; Powers, K.A.; Donnell, D.; Cohen, M.S.; Dimitrov, D.T., 2017:
Recruitment of Female Sex Workers in HIV Prevention Trials: Can Efficacy Endpoints Be Reached More Efficiently?

Liu, W.; Xu, L., 2018:
Recruitment of IC-WOX Genes in Root Evolution

Beattie, E.; Fielding, E.; O'Reilly, M.; Brooks, D.; MacAndrew, M.; McCrow, J., 2018:
Recruitment of Individuals With Dementia and Their Carers for Social Research: Lessons Learned From Nine Studies

Bueno, M.T.D.; Baldascini, M.; Richard, Séphane.; Lowndes, N.F., 2018:
Recruitment of lysine demethylase 2A to DNA double strand breaks and its interaction with 53BP1 ensures genome stability

Ciarlo, L.; Vona, R.; Manganelli, V.; Gambardella, L.; Raggi, C.; Marconi, M.; Malorni, W.; Sorice, M.; Garofalo, T.; Matarrese, P., 2018 :
Recruitment of mitofusin 2 into "lipid rafts" drives mitochondria fusion induced by Mdivi-1

Chatters, R.; Newbould, L.; Sprange, K.; Hind, D.; Mountain, G.; Shortland, K.; Powell, L.; Gossage-Worrall, R.; Chater, T.; Keetharuth, A.; Lee, E.; Woods, B., 2018:
Recruitment of older adults to three preventative lifestyle improvement studies

Kelleher, E.; Moreno, M.; Wilt, M.Pumper., 2018:
Recruitment of Participants and Delivery of Online Mental Health Resources for Depressed Individuals Using Tumblr: Pilot Randomized Control Trial

Ho, M.W.; Pick, A.S.; Sutton, D.N.; Dyker, K.; Cardale, K.; Gilbert, K.; Johnson, J.; Quantrill, J.; McCaul, J.A., 2018:
Recruitment of patients into head and neck clinical trials: acceptability of studies to patients from perspective of the research team

Prins, H., 2002:
Recruitment of psychiatrists

Amorrortu, R.P.; Arevalo, M.; Vernon, S.W.; Mainous, A.G.; Diaz, V.; McKee, M.Diane.; Ford, M.E.; Tilley, B.C., 2018:
Recruitment of racial and ethnic minorities to clinical trials conducted within specialty clinics: an intervention mapping approach

Uz, Zühre.; Ince, C.; Guerci, P.; Ince, Y.; P Araujo, R.; Ergin, B.; Hilty, M.P.; van Gulik, T.M.; de Mol, B.A., 2018:
Recruitment of sublingual microcirculation using handheld incident dark field imaging as a routine measurement tool during the postoperative de-escalation phase-a pilot study in post ICU cardiac surgery patients

Sladewski, T.E.; Billington, N.; Ali, M.Yusuf.; Bookwalter, C.S.; Lu, H.; Krementsova, E.B.; Schroer, T.A.; Trybus, K.M., 2018:
Recruitment of two dyneins to an mRNA-dependent Bicaudal D transport complex

Springall, L.; Hughes, C.D.; Simons, M.; Azinas, S.; Van Houten, B.; Kad, N.M., 2017:
Recruitment of UvrBC complexes to UV-induced damage in the absence of UvrA increases cell survival

Cook, E.D.; Yeager, K.A.; Cecchini, R.S.; Boparai, J.; Brown, C.L.; Duncan, M.; Cronin, W.M.; Paskett, E.D., 2018:
Recruitment practices for U.S. minority and underserved populations in NRG oncology: Results of an online survey

van Lankveld, J.J.D.M.; Fleer, J.; Schroevers, M.J.; Sanderman, R.; den Oudsten, B.L.; Dekker, J., 2018:
Recruitment problems in psychosocial oncology research

Zou, W.; Wang, Z.; Song, Q.; Tang, S.; Peng, Y., 2018:
Recruitment-promoting of dormant Microcystis aeruginosa by three benthic bacterial species

Daykin, A.; Clement, C.; Gamble, C.; Kearney, A.; Blazeby, J.; Clarke, M.; Lane, J.Athene.; Shaw, A., 2018:
'Recruitment, recruitment, recruitment' - the need for more focus on retention: a qualitative study of five trials

Caperchione, C.M.; Duncan, M.J.; Rosenkranz, R.R.; Vandelanotte, C.; Van Itallie, A.K.; Savage, T.N.; Hooker, C.; Maeder, A.J.; Mummery, W.Kerry.; Kolt, G.S., 2015:
Recruitment, screening, and baseline participant characteristics in the WALK 2.0 study: A randomized controlled trial using web 2.0 applications to promote physical activity

Fialkowski, M.K.; Yamanaka, A.; Wilkens, L.R.; Braun, K.L.; Butel, J.; Ettienne, R.; McGlone, K.; Remengesau, S.; Power, J.M.; Johnson, E.; Gilmatam, D.; Fleming, T.; Acosta, M.; Belyeu-Camacho, T.; Shomour, M.; Sigrah, C.; Nigg, C.; Novotny, R., 2016:
Recruitment Strategies and Lessons Learned from the Children's Healthy Living Program Prevalence Survey

Hsu, M.S.H.; Harper, C.; Gibson, A.A.; Sweeting, A.N.; McBride, J.; Markovic, T.P.; Caterson, I.D.; Byrne, N.M.; Sainsbury, A.; Seimon, R.V., 2018:
Recruitment Strategies for a Randomised Controlled Trial Comparing Fast Versus Slow Weight Loss in Postmenopausal Women with Obesity-The TEMPO Diet Trial

Anonymous, 2018:
Recruitment support for practices

Davis, S.N.; Govindaraju, S.; Jackson, B.; Williams, K.R.; Christy, S.M.; Vadaparampil, S.T.; Quinn, G.P.; Shibata, D.; Roetzheim, R.; Meade, C.D.; Gwede, C.K., 2018:
Recruitment Techniques and Strategies in a Community-Based Colorectal Cancer Screening Study of Men and Women of African Ancestry

Sowden, D., 2018:
Recruitment to specialty training in England 2009

Shirakashi, R.; Takano, K., 2018:
Recrystallization and Water Absorption Properties of Vitrified Trehalose Near Room Temperature

Xia, H.; Kou, T.; Liu, K.; Gao, Q.; Fang, G., 2018:
Recrystallization kinetics of starch microspheres prepared by temperature cycling in aqueous two-phase system

Hens, T.; Brugger, Jël.; Cumberland, S.A.; Etschmann, B.; Frierdich, A.J., 2018:
Recrystallization of Manganite (γ-MnOOH) and Implications for Trace Element Cycling

Selge, C.; Bausewein, C.; Remi, C., 2018:
Rectal Administration of Baclofen at the End of Life

Fell, D., 1986:
Rectal administration of diazepam

Stein, F.; Gilliam, L.; Davis, J.; Taylor, J., 2018:
Rectal administration of metronidazole with and without rectal evacuation prior to use in horses

Boyd, F.D., 2018:
Rectal Alimentation

André, T.Raposo.; Brito, M.; Freire, Jão.Geraldes.; Moreira, Aónio., 2018:
Rectal and anal canal neuroendocrine tumours

Schell-Chaple, H.M.; Liu, K.D.; Matthay, M.A.; Puntillo, K.A., 2018:
Rectal and Bladder Temperatures vs Forehead Core Temperatures Measured With SpotOn Monitoring System

Bansal, S.; Nguyen, J.P.; Leligdowicz, A.; Zhang, Y.; Kain, K.C.; Ricciuto, D.R.; Coburn, B., 2018:
Rectal and Naris Swabs: Practical and Informative Samples for Analyzing the Microbiota of Critically Ill Patients

Barlas, A.Mutlu.; Kuru, S.; Kismet, K.; Cavusoglu, T.; Bag, Y.Murat.; Senes, M.; Cihan, N.; Celepli, P.; Unal, Y.; Hucumenoglu, S., 2018:
Rectal application of argan oil improves healing of colorectal anastomosis in rats1

Demircan, M.; Gursoy, M.H., 1996:
Rectal atresia and stenosis

Jonides, L., 1992:
Rectal bleeding

Maiettini, D.; Graziosi, L.; Mosca, S.; Fischer, M.; Morelli, O.; Rebonato, A., 2018:
Rectal bleeding due to ectopic variceal bleeding: the "emborrhoid" technique as a bridge to TIPS placement

Pohlan, J.; Willamowski, N.; Jürgensen, C.; Zimmermann, E.; Möckel, M., 2018:
Rectal bleeding in a 60-year-old woman under anticoagulation and platelet aggregation inhibition

Class-Vazquez, W.; Figueroa-Rivera, I.Marie.; Martinez-Souss, J., 2018:
Rectal Bleeding Secondary to Viral and Fungal Colitidies in an Immunocompromised Host

Sexe, R.; Miedema, B.W., 1993:
Rectal cancer

Berho, M.; Bejarano, P.A., 2018 :
Rectal cancer and the pathologist

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Rectal Discomfort

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Rectal Drainage of Pelvic Appendicular Abscesses

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Rectal Examination May Not be Necessary in Gastrointestinal Bleeding

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Rectal Feeding

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A Patient With Rectal Schwannoma

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Rectal Stenosis Following Radium Treatment of Cervical Cancer

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Rectal Surgery

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Rectangular-structure-based pose estimation method for non-cooperative rendezvous

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Recto-Vesical Lithotomy

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Rectus Femoris Transfer Versus Rectus Intramuscular Lengthening for the Treatment of Stiff Knee Gait in Children With Cerebral Palsy

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Rectus Muscle Hematoma as a Rare Differential Diagnosis of Acute Abdomen; a Case Report

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Recueil de Memoires de Medecine, de Chirurgie, et de Pharmacie Militaires

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Recumbent Delivery With Epidural and Spontaneous Vaginal Births

Anonymous, 2018:

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Recuperative Hostels

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Recuperative Hostels: Has the Law Been Violated?

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Recuperative Hostels: The Hankering after Euphemisms

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Recurrence in "Benign" Giant-Cell Tumour

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Recurrence of CIN 2 and 3 after treatment in HIV positive patients

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Recurrence of Extranodal Natural Killer/T-cell Lymphoma Presenting as Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

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Recurrent Abortion

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Recurrent Bleeding from the Eyes

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Recurrent complex regional pain syndrome type I in a patient with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: a case report

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Recurrent computations for visual pattern completion

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Recurrent Convolutional Shape Regression

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Recurrent convulsion and pulmonary infection complicated by psychomotor retardation in an infant

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Recurrent copy number alterations in young women with breast cancer

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Recurrent corneal erosion caused by retained sutures in blepharoplasty

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Recurrent corneal erosions

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Recurrent Coronary Artery Spasm Induced by Vasopressors During Two Operations in the Same Patient Under General Anesthesia

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Recurrent coronary disease in HIV-infected patients: role of drug-drug interactions

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Recurrent Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Caused by Ganglion: A Report of Nine Cases

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Recurrent cutaneous Rosai-Dorfman disease

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Recurrent cutaneous tuberculosis in an immunocompetent 7-year-old male

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Recurrent Cytogenetic Abnormalities in Intravascular Large B-Cell Lymphoma

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Recurrent cytomegalovirus colitis: a rare case of immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome

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Recurrent deep venous thrombosis in a leprosy patient on Sofosbuvir regimen for HCV: a lepra reaction?

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Recurrent de novo mutations in neurodevelopmental disorders: properties and clinical implications

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Recurrent Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans of Scalp in a Distant Location 10 Years after Primary Excision

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Recurrent dermatophytosis: A rising problem in Sikkim, a Himalayan state of India

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Recurrent Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma Presenting with Pancoast Syndrome: A Rare Cause of Radicular Neck Pain in the Emergency Department

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Recurrent diffuse lung disease due to surfactant protein C deficiency

Anonymous, 2018:
Recurrent Dislocation at the Shoulder

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Recurrent Dislocation of Shoulder

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Recurrent Dislocation of the Tibialis Posterior Tendon Treated With Suture Tape: A Case Report of an Innovative Operative Procedure

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Recurrent Encephalopathy During Febrile Illnesses in a 6-Year-Old Boy

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Recurrent encephalopathy in milliary neurocysticercosis: An uncommon manifestation of a common infection

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Recurrent endometriosis

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Recurrent Endophthalmitis Caused by Achromobacter xylosoxidans: Importance of Aggressive Surgical Removal of Capsular Bag

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Recurrent Enlargement of the Salivary Glands

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Recurrent Enlarging Mesenteric Desmoid Tumor following Remote Surgical Resection

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Recurrent Enterococcus faecalis meningitis in a patient presenting with Strongyloides hyperinfection syndrome during HTLV-1-induced T-cell lymphoma

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Recurrent episodes of feline lower urinary tract disease with different causes: possible clinical implications

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Recurrent Episodes of Myocardial Infarction in a 25-Year-Old Young Man With Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

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Recurrent episodes of syncope caused by left main trunk originated from the right coronary sinus: a case report

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Recurrent episodic myoglobinuric acute kidney injury as presenting manifestation of idiopathic polymyositis

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Recurrent epistaxis leading to diagnosis of primary sinonasal melanoma

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Recurrent erysipelas of the face with hyperimmune reaction to group C streptococcus

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Recurrent erythema and hyperpigmentation

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Recurrent esophageal perforation after anterior cervical spine surgery: case report

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Recurrent esophageal stricture from previous caustic ingestion treated with 40-year self-dilation: case report and review of literature

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Recurrent Ethylene Glycol Poisoning with Elevated Lactate Levels to Obtain Opioid Medications

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Recurrent events analysis for examination of hospitalizations in heart failure: insights from the Enhanced Feedback for Effective Cardiac Treatment (EFFECT) trial

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Recurrent excitation between motoneurones propagates across segments and is purely glutamatergic

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Recurrent F8 and F9 gene variants result from a founder effect in two large French haemophilia cohorts

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Recurrent Face Aging with Hierarchical AutoRegressive Memory

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Recurrent Facial Edema

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Recurrent Failure of Positive-Pressure Ventilation: Machine Malfunction or a Rare, Unexpected Cause?

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Recurrent Falls Among Elderly Patients and the Impact of Anticoagulation Therapy

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Recurrent fever and arthralgia as the presentation of tumor necrosis factor receptor-associated periodic syndrome (TRAPS) in a Chinese girl: a case report and review of the literature

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Recurrent fibrosarcoma of maxillary sinus involving the cranial base: A rare case

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Recurrent Focal Seizures and Transient Hemiparesis: Think About Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood

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Recurrent Follicular Dendritic Cell Sarcoma of the Parotid Gland Imaged with 18F-FDG PET/CT

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Recurrent frontal swelling in a child

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Recurrent Gastric Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor in a Patient with Neurofibromatosis

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Recurrent Gastrointestinal Bleeding in a Young Man

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Recurrent Gastro-intestinal Bleeding Unfolded as Heyde's Syndrome

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Recurrent Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors in the Imatinib Mesylate Era: Treatment Strategies for an Incurable Disease

Anonymous, 1931:
Recurrent Gelatinous Cysts of the Fingers

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Recurrent, Giant Renal Angiomyolipoma Treated with Selective Arterial Embolization: A Case Report

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Recurrent Gingival Squamous Papilloma: A Rare Finding in a Child

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Recurrent Glioblastomas Exhibit Higher Expression of Biomarkers with Stem-like Properties

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Recurrent Glioblastoma Treated with Recombinant Poliovirus

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Recurrent glioma clinical trial, CheckMate-143: the game is not over yet

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Recurrent GNA14 mutations in anastomosing haemangiomas

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Recurrent Guillain-Barré Syndrome Following Urinary Tract Infection by Escherichia coli

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Recurrent haemoptysis in a child with advanced cystic fibrosis lung disease

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Recurrent Hemobilia Due to Right Hepatic Artery Pseudoaneurysm

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Recurrent Hemorrhagic Conversion of Ischemic Stroke in a Patient with Mechanical Heart Valve: A Case Report and Literature Review

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Recurrent hepatic failure and status epilepticus: an uncommon presentation of hyperargininemia

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Recurrent hepatic mesenchymal hamartoma with osseous metaplasia

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Recurrent hiccups may signal brainstem pathology and should be investigated

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Recurrent histone mutations in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia

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Recurrent hospitalisations in a rare case of hemicorporectomy: a challenging case for medical management

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Recurrent hospitalizations for severe hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia among U.S. adults with diabetes

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Recurrent hypertrophic pyloric stenosis - diagnostics and treatment

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Recurrent hypoglycemia secondary to metformin toxicity in the absence of co-ingestions: a case report

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Recurrent Hypokalemia leading to Flaccid Quadriparesis: A Renal or Connective Tissue Disorder

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Recurrent Hypotension During Hemodialysis Associated With Double Chamber Right Ventricle in Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

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Recurrent idiopathic neuroretinitis as a spectrum of atypical optic neuritis: a case report and literature review

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Recurrent idiopathic pulmonary hemosiderosis after long-term remission presented with Sjogren's syndrome: Idiopathic no more?

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Recurrent Lactobacillus Bacteremia in a Patient With Leukemia

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Recurrent Iliofemoral Venous Thrombosis in the Setting of May-Thurner Syndrome as the Presenting Symptom of Behcet's Disease

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Recurrent Indeterminate Dendritic Cell Tumor of the Skin

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Recurrent infection progressively disables host protection against intestinal inflammation

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Recurrent infectious subcapsular renal hematoma accompanied by microaneurysm

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Recurrent inflammatory myofibroblastic tumour of the lung: FDG PET/CT scan findings

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Recurrent inguinal hernia

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Recurrent inhibition is higher in eccentric compared to isometric and concentric maximal voluntary contractions

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Recurrent inhibition of mitochondrial complex III induces chronic pulmonary vasoconstriction and glycolytic switch in the rat lung

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Recurrent injury patterns in adolescent rugby

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Recurrent Instability Episodes and Meniscal or Cartilage Damage After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury: A Systematic Review

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Recurrent In-stent Restenosis in the Area of Previous Stent Fracture: A Management Dilemma

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Recurrent intestinal stones in the Roux-en-Y limb after Kasai operation in an infant with biliary atresia

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Recurrent Intracerebral Hemorrhage after Exercise in a Young Patient Presenting with Sporadic Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy in a Young Patient

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Recurrent Intragenic Duplication within the NR5A1 Gene and Severe Proximal Hypospadias

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Recurrent invasive group A streptococcal infection with four-limb amputation in an immunocompetent child

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Recurrent invasive pneumococcal disease in a patient with IgG-κ smoldering multiple myeloma

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Recurrent inverted papilloma of paranasal sinus presenting as acute proptosis

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Recurrent ischemia induced by unnoticed stent loss in the left main coronary artery

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Recurrent Ischemic and Hemorrhagic Strokes in a Young Adult

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Recurrent Ischemic Stroke: A Manifestation of a Sinus of Valsalva Pseudoaneurysm

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Recurrent isolated oculomotor nerve palsy caused by schwannoma in a pediatric patient

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Recurrent jejunal metastasis from occult lung cancer

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Recurrent juvenile fibroadenoma of the breast in an adolescent: A case report

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Recurrent juvenile psammomatoid ossifying fibroma with secondary aneurysmal bone cyst of the maxilla: a case report and review of literature

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Recurrent Kaposi sarcoma associated with Koebner phenomenon in two HIV-seronegative patients: Two case reports and a review of the literature

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Recurrent Kawasaki Disease

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Recurrent kidney stones in a child with Lesch-Nyhan syndrome: Questions

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Recurrent Kidney Stones in a patient with Malabsorption Syndrome

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Recurrent Klazomania Responsive to Acute Plus Maintenance Electroconvulsive Therapy

Jacob, T.; Garrick, R.; Goldberg, M.D., 2018 :
Recurrent lactic acidosis and hypoglycemia with inadvertent metformin use: a case of look-alike pills

Kloesel, B.; Belani, K., 2018:
Recurrent laryngeal nerve monitoring with a modified laryngeal surface electrode in a 19-month-old child

Staartjes, V.E.; de Wispelaere, M.P.; Schröder, M.L., 2018:
Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve Palsy Is More Frequent After Secondary than After Primary Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion: Insights from a Registry of 525 Patients

Zur, K.B.; Carroll, L.M., 2018:
Recurrent laryngeal nerve reinnervation for management of aspiration in a subset of children

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Recurrent Late Bioresorbable Scaffold Thrombosis as a Presenting Symptom of Underlying Cancer

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Recurrent left atrial myxoma in Carney complex: A case report of a familial pedigree

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Recurrent Left Ventricular Myxoma

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Recurrent leiomyosarcoma scrotum: An important differential in scrotal masses

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Recurrent Levamisole-Induced Agranulocytosis Complicated by Bowel Ischemia in a Cocaine User

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Recurrent Loss, Horizontal Transfer, and the Obscure Origins of Mitochondrial Introns in Diatoms (Bacillariophyta)

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Recurrent Loss of APOBEC3H Activity during Primate Evolution

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Recurrent Lower Eyelid Ectropion After Graft Surgery Using Autogenous Palmaris Longus Tendon

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Recurrent lower gastrointestinal bleeding in an 87-year-old woman

de Benedictis, F.Maria.; Bush, A., 2018:
Recurrent lower respiratory tract infections in children

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Recurrent, low-frequency coding variants contributing to colorectal cancer in the Swedish population

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Recurrent low frequency sensorineural deafness

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Recurrent lumbar disc herniation recurrence after percutaneous endoscopic lumbar discectomy: A case report

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Recurrent lupus profundus-like panniculitis associated with streptococcal throat infections in an immunocompetent child

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Recurrent Malignancy-Associated Atypical Neutrophilic Dermatosis With Noninfectious Shock

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Recurrent malignant otitis externa with multiple cranial nerve involvement: A case report

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Recurrent malignant phyllodes tumor of the breast: A case report

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Recurrent Masses after Testicular Cancer: Growing Teratoma Syndrome. A Case Report and Review of the Literature

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Recurrent maxillary sinus cancer with only adrenal metastasis

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Recurrent Mediastinal Sarcoma in the Aortic Arch

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Recurrent Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma on 68Ga-Prostate-Specific Membrane Antigen PET/CT: Exploring New Theranostic Avenues

Murakami, N.; Ding, Y.; Cohen, D.J.; Chandraker, A.K.; Rennke, H.G., 2018:
Recurrent membranous nephropathy and acute cellular rejection in a patient treated with direct anti-HCV therapy (ledipasvir/sofosbuvir)

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Recurrent meningitis

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Recurrent spontaneous abortion

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Recurrent Spontaneous Pneumothorax

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Recurrent sternal thymoma after thymectomy by video-assisted thoracic surgery

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Recurrent stone-forming patients have high visceral fat ratio based on computed tomography images compared to first-time stone-forming patients

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Recurrent stroke in a patient with vitamin B 12 deficiency and MTHFR mutation

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Recurrent Stroke in a Young Woman with a Single Pulmonary Arteriovenous Fistula: An Unusual Association

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Recurrent stroke-like episodes of Wilson disease with a novel Val176fs mutation

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Recurrent ST segment elevations in a patient with asymptomatic early repolarization during head and neck surgery: implications of vasospastic angina

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Recurrent subconjunctival haemorrhage in Achenbach's syndrome

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Recurrent subdural hematoma

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Recurrent Surgical Site Infections in the Spine After Treatment With the Vacuum-assisted Closure (VAC) System

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Recurrent swelling of the ear

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Recurrent symbiont recruitment from fungal parasites in cicadas

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Recurrent symptomatic cemento-osseous dysplasia: A case report

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Recurrent symptomatic ischemic stroke in a 46-year-old African male revealing Angio-Behçet with severe cardiovascular involvement

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Recurrent symptoms after per-oral endoscopic myotomy in achalasia: Redo, dilate, or operate? A call for a tailored approach

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Recurrent Syncope, a Clue in Amyloid Cardiomyopathy

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Recurrent takotsubo cardiomyopathy in a postmenopausal Indian lady: Is there a pattern?

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Recurrent Tarsal Tumor in a Patient with Polyposis coli

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Recurrent tears of the rotator cuff: Effect of repair technique and management options

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Recurrent terbinafine resistant Trichophyton rubrum infection in a child with congenital ichthyosis

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Recurrent thoracic outlet syndrome

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Recurrent transcriptional loss of the PCDH17 tumor suppressor in laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma is partially mediated by aberrant promoter DNA methylation

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Recurrent Transformation of Prior Knowledge Based Model for Human Motion Recognition

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Recurrent transient visual loss in a middle aged woman

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Recurrent transitional cell carcinoma in an ileal conduit

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Recurrent Transitory Ischemic Attacks with Subsequent Development of the Ischemic Stroke as Initial Manifestation of Eosinophilic Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis in Depressed Patient

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Recurrent truncal dystonia (Pisa syndrome) due to donepezil - A case report

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Recurrent tuberculosis in the pre-elimination era

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Recurrent tumor-specific regulation of alternative polyadenylation of cancer-related genes

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Recurrent Tumours in the Parotid Region

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Recurrent ulceronecrotic plaques and nodules with spontaneous remission

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Recurrent Undifferentiated Pleomorphic Sarcoma in the Left Atrium

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Recurrent Unexplained Cystitis Due to an Ingested Foreign Body-An Extremely Rare Case

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Recurrent unilateral angiolymphoid hyperplasia with eosinophilia in pregnancy

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Recurrent Unilateral Transudative Pleural Effusion Due to Low Flow, Low Gradient Severe Aortic Stenosis

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Recurrent Upper Abdominal Pain

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Recurrent upper lumbar disc herniation treated via the transforaminal approach using microendoscopy-assisted lumbar discectomy: a case report

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Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections in Women: What Is the Evidence for Investigating with Flexible Cystoscopy, Imaging and Urodynamics?

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Recurrent urolithiasis as a symptom of primary hyperparathyroidism in a 16-year-old boy

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Recurrent Urothelial Carcinoma in the Uretero-Vesical Junction Treated with Partial Ureterectomy and Ureteroneocystostomy during Long-Term Follow-Up : A Case Report

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Recurrent use of inpatient withdrawal management services: Characteristics, service use, and cost among Medicaid clients

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Recurrent UTI - Make the Child Smile!

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Recurrent varices after surgery: a clinical and color-Doppler ultrasound scan analysis

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Recurrent venous thrombosis in a patient with Ebstein's anomaly

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Recurrent Ventricular Arrhythmia Caused by Ingestion of Aconitum (Monkshood) Flowers

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Recurrent ventricular arrhythmia in a patient with aortitis and myocardial inflammation due to possible immunoglobulin G4-related disease

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Recurrent ventricular fibrillation associated with acute ingestion of hydrofluoric acid

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Recurrent vertebral fractures in a young adult: a closer look at bone health in type 1 diabetes mellitus

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Recurrent Viral Infections Complicated with Cold Agglutinin Disease after Splenectomy for Thrombocytopenia

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Recurrent visual field defect associated with migraine resulting in a hemiretinal artery occlusion

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Recurrent Vitreous Hemorrhage from an Optic Nerve Retinal Arterial Macroaneurysm

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Recurrent vitreous hemorrhage secondary to retinal vessel avulsion

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Recurrent Volvulus during Pregnancy: Case Report and Review of the Literature

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Recurrent Vulvar Carcinoma in a Skin Graft: A Case Reiort and Review of the Literature

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Recurrent vulvar melanoma invading urethra. Clinical case and literature review

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Recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis

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Recurrent Wernicke's encephalopathy in pregnancy: A case report

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Recurrent Wheeze in a Young Patient

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Recurrent wheeze phenotypes in poor urban preschool-age children

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Recurrent wheezing: prevalence and associated factors in infants from Buenos Aires City, Argentina

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Recurring acute urticaria and abdominal pain: Consider a diagnosis of alpha-galactose anaphylaxis

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Recurring Arthritis of the Hip Associated with Acetonæmia

Anonymous, 2018:
Recurring Cervical Chondroma

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Recurring genomic structural variation leads to clonal instability and loss of productivity

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Recurring Hepatocellular Carcinomas in the Right Ventricle

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Recurring infection with ecologically distinct HPV types can explain high prevalence and diversity

Anonymous, 2018:
Recurring Jaundice in Successive Pregnancies

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Recurring mutations in RPL15 are linked to hydrops fetalis and treatment independence in Diamond-Blackfan anemia

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Recurrent outbreaks caused by the same Salmonella enterica serovar Infantis clone in a German rehabilitation oncology clinic from 2002 to 2009

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Recurring Thalamic Symptoms Due to Intracranial Dural Arteriovenous Fistula: Report of Unusual Case and Treatment Outcome

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Recurring Torsion of the Spermatic Cord

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Recurring Vivid Dreams in an Older Hmong Man With Complex Trauma Experience and Cognitive Impairment

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Recursive Adaptive Sparse Exponential Functional Link Neural Network for Nonlinear AEC in Impulsive Noise Environment

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Recursive Algorithms for Modeling Genomic Ancestral Origins in a Fixed Pedigree

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Recursive Directional Ligation Approach for Cloning Recombinant Spider Silks

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Recursive nearest agglomeration (ReNA): fast clustering for approximation of structured signals

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Recursive Neural Networks for Density Estimation Over Generalized Random Graphs

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Recursive partitioning analysis is predictive of overall survival for patients undergoing spine stereotactic radiosurgery

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Recursive Partitioning with Nonlinear Models of Change

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Recursive regularization step for high-order lattice Boltzmann methods

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Recursive Texture Orientation Estimation Based on Space Transformation and Hypersurface Reconstruction

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RECX Interacts with Mitochondrial RECA to Maintain Mitochondrial Genome Stability

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Recyclable Aggregates of Mesoporous Titania Synthesized by Thermal Treatment of Amorphous or Peptized Precursors

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Recyclable aqueous two-phase system based on two pH-responsive copolymers and its application to porcine circovirus type 2 Cap protein purification

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Recyclable cellulose-palladium nanoparticles for clean cross-coupling chemistry

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Recyclable colorimetric sensor of Cr 3+ and Pb 2+ ions simultaneously using a zwitterionic amino acid modified gold nanoparticles

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Recyclable Crosslinked High-Performance Polymers via Adjusting Intermolecular Cation-π Interactions and the Visual Detection of Tensile Strength and Glass Transition Temperature

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Recyclable Cu(i)/melanin dots for cycloaddition, bioconjugation and cell labelling

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Recyclable Cu(II)-Coordination Crosslinked Poly(benzimidazolyl pyridine)s as High-Performance Polymers

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Recyclable deep eutectic solvent for the production of cationic nanocelluloses

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Recyclable ferromagnetic chitosan nanozyme for decomposing phenol

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Recyclable heterogeneous metal foil-catalyzed cyclopropenation of alkynes and diazoacetates under solvent-free mechanochemical reaction conditions

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Recyclable hypervalent-iodine-mediated solid-phase peptide synthesis and cyclic peptide synthesis

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Recyclable Keggin Heteropolyacids as an Environmentally Benign Catalyst for the Synthesis of New 2-Benzoylamino-N-phenyl-benzamide Derivatives under Microwave Irradiations at Solvent-Free Conditions and the Evaluation of Biological Activity

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Recyclable magnetic nanoparticles grafted with antimicrobial metallopolymer-antibiotic bioconjugates

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Recyclable magnetite-silver heterodimer nanocomposites with durable antibacterial performance

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Recyclable, Strong, and Highly Malleable Thermosets Based on Boroxine Networks

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Recyclable switching between nonporous and porous phases of a square lattice (sql) topology coordination network

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Recyclable Thermoresponsive Polymer-β-Glucosidase Conjugate with Intact Hydrolysis Activity

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Recyclable (Fe 3 O 4 -NaYF 4 :Yb,Tm)@TiO 2 nanocomposites with near-infrared enhanced photocatalytic activity

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Recyclable zero-valent iron activating peroxymonosulfate synchronously combined with thermal treatment enhances sludge dewaterability by altering physicochemical and biological properties

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Recycled ancient ghost carbonate in the Pitcairn mantle plume

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Recycled concrete aggregate as road base: Leaching constituents and neutralization by soil Interactions and dilution

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Recycled desalination membranes as a support material for biofilm development: A new approach for microcystin removal during water treatment

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Recycled paperboard with a barrier layer for food contact: set-off during stacking or reeling. Analytical method and preliminary results

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Recycled Thermal Energy from High Power Light Emitting Diode Light Source

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Recycled wind turbine blades as a feedstock for second generation composites

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Recycle of oil waste via hydrophobic sponge prepared from toner waste

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Recycling Alone or Protesting Together? Values as a Basis for Pro-environmental Social Change Actions

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Recycling existing data: a greener future for clinical registries

Maganha de Almeida, A.C.; Backhaus, J.; Corso, C.R., 2018:
Recycling food waste to clean water: the use of a biodigester's residual liquid inoculum (RLI) to decolourise textile azo dyes

Wang, C.; Wu, Y.; Bai, L.; Zhao, Y.; Yan, Z.; Jiang, H.; Liu, X., 2018:
Recycling of drinking water treatment residue as an additional medium in columns for effective P removal from eutrophic surface water

Rama Murthy, Y.; Kapure, G.U.; Tripathy, S.Kumar.; Sahu, G.P., 2018:
Recycling of ferromanganese gas cleaning plant (GCP) sludge by novel agglomeration

Katz, J.; Tayek, J.A., 2018:
Recycling of glucose and determination of the Cori Cycle and gluconeogenesis

Liu, L.; Doray, B.; Kornfeld, S., 2018:
Recycling of Golgi glycosyltransferases requires direct binding to coatomer

Tu, Y-Jen.; You, C-Feng.; Lo, S-Chung.; Chan, T-Shan.; Chung, C-Hsiung., 2018:
Recycling of neodymium enhanced by functionalized magnetic ferrite

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Recycling of Overactivated Acyls by a Type II Thioesterase during Calcimycin Biosynthesis in Streptomyces chartreusis NRRL 3882

Yule, C.M.; Lim, Y.Yan.; Lim, T.Yuen., 2018:
Recycling of phenolic compounds in Borneo's tropical peat swamp forests

Rajasekaran, D.; Maji, P.K., 2018:
Recycling of plastic wastes with poly (ethylene-co-methacrylic acid) copolymer as compatibilizer and their conversion into high-end product

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Recycling of polymeric fraction of cable waste by rotational moulding

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Red Cross Accountancy: The Policy of the Big Balance

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Red Cross Balance Distributed

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Red Cross Societies in War

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Red Cross Uses of Aerial Transport

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