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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 65475

Chapter 65475 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Anonymous, 2018:
Remarkable Surgical Cases

Zhang, J.; Shi, R.; Zhu, Y.; Liu, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Li, S.; Li, L., 2018:
Remarkable synergistic catalysis of Ni doped ultrafine TiO2 on hydrogen sorption kinetics of MgH2

Chee, Y.E.; Kanoff, J.M.; Eliott, D., 2018:
Remarkable visual recovery after severe open globe injury

Clark, K., 2017:
'Remarkable year' for tackling antimicrobial resistance

Wang, G.; Guo, S.; Xiao, H.; Zong, L.; Asakawa, T.; Abe, M.; Hu, W.; Ji, J., 2018:
Remarkably different results between two studies from North America on genomic mutations and sensitivity to DNA demethylating agents for myelodysplastic syndromes

Roy Chowdhury, S.; Mondal, S.; Muthuraj, B.; Balaji, S.N.; Trivedi, V.; Krishnan Iyer, P., 2018:
Remarkably Efficient Blood-Brain Barrier Crossing Polyfluorene-Chitosan Nanoparticle Selectively Tweaks Amyloid Oligomer in Cerebrospinal Fluid and Aβ1-40

Bernal, A.; Simón, O.; Williams, T.; Muñoz, D.; Caballero, P., 2018:
Remarkably efficient production of a highly insecticidal Chrysodeixis chalcites nucleopolyhedrovirus (ChchNPV) isolate in its homologous host

Zhang, C.; Dong, X.; Guo, Z.; Sun, Y., 2018:
Remarkably enhanced activity and substrate affinity of lipase covalently bonded on zwitterionic polymer-grafted silica nanoparticles

Liu, G.; Wang, Z.; Chen, Z.; Yang, S.; Fu, X.; Huang, R.; Li, X.; Xiong, J.; Hu, Y.; Gu, H., 2018:
Remarkably Enhanced Room-Temperature Hydrogen Sensing of SnO₂ Nanoflowers via Vacuum Annealing Treatment

Miyamoto, M.; Ono, S.; Kusukami, K.; Oumi, Y.; Uemiya, S., 2018:
Remarkably high water tolerance of a core-shell structured zeolite for CO2 adsorptive separation in wet conditions

Pal, B.; Mallick, S.Suddha.; Pal, B., 2018:
Remarkably Improved Dispersion Stability and Thermal Conductivity of WO₃-H₂O Suspension by SiO₂ Coating

Ma, Y.; Liu, J.; Yin, H.; Xu, X.; Xie, Y.; Chen, D.; Wang, Z.; Hui, D.; Zhou, Z., 2018:
Remarkably Improvement in Antibacterial Activity of Carbon Nanotubes by Hybridizing with Silver Nanodots

Chandrasekhar, P.; Mukhopadhyay, A.; Savitha, G.; Moorthy, J.Narasimha., 2018:
Remarkably selective and enantiodifferentiating sensing of histidine by a fluorescent homochiral Zn-MOF based on pyrene-tetralactic acid

Anonymous, 1932:
Remarks by the President (Sir Robert Philip)

Anonymous, 1932:
Remarks by the President: The Incidence of the Bovine Type of Tuberculous Infection in Scotland

Bell, C., 2018:
Remarks on Abortion in the Early Months of Pregnancy

MacLaurin, H.N., 2018:
Remarks on a Case of Heightened Reflex Action Treated by Calabar Bean

Murray, J.Jardine., 2018:
Remarks on a Case of Spurious Menstruation during Pregnancy

M'Rae, A.E., 1878:
Remarks on a Case of Twin Conception

Anonymous, 2018:
Remarks on a Class of Pseudo-Inflammatory Affections

Johnson, 2017:
Remarks on a Paper Entitled "Medical Topography of New Orleans, &c." in the Edinburgh Journal

Franeková, J.; Jabor, Aín., 2018:
Remarks on biomarkers of cardiovascular risk

Gairdner, W.T., 1862:
Remarks on Certain Medico-Legal Aspects of the Maclean Will Case

Guthrie, G.J., 2017:
Remarks on Certain Opinions Aad Doctrines Relative to the Phagedenic Ulcer Contained in Mr. Carmichael's Late Work on Venereal Diseases

Anonymous, 2018:
Remarks on Cylinders and Insurance

Gairdner, W.T., 1857:
Remarks on Dr Bennett's Paper on Blood-Letting and Antiphlogistic Treatment, in the Edinburgh Medical Journal for March 1857

Stark, J., 2018:
Remarks on Dr Farr's Proposed New Statistical Classification of Diseases for Statistical Returns

Ross, 2018 :
Remarks on Epidemic Diseases-Men and Animals-In the Colony of Natal

Robertson, A., 2017:
Remarks on Hepatic Affection, as a Cause of Other Diseases

Anonymous, 2018:
Remarks on Hypochondriasis, Melancholia, and Insanity

Sym, A., 1889:
Remarks on Injury to Fœtal Neck through Pressure of Umbilical Cord

Wright, S.H., 1873:
Remarks on Insanity

Anonymous, 2018:
Remarks on Irritative Fever, Commonly Called the Plymouth Dock-Yard Disease

Anonymous, 2018:
Remarks on Medical Organization and Reform, French and English

Anonymous, 1871:
Remarks on Medical Study

Anonymous, 2018:
Remarks on Mr. Lawrence's Treatment of Corns and Bunyons

Anonymous, 2018:
Remarks on Nervous and Mental Disorder: With Especial Reference to Recent Investigations on the Subject of Insanity

Hamilton, G., 2018:
Remarks on Obstetrics

Lawson, R., 2018 :
Remarks on Outbreaks of Cholera in Ships Carrying Coolies from Calcutta, and in Other Ships with Troops: Shewing the Period of These Occurrences, and the Ships' Positions at the Time

Aitken, L., 1872:
Remarks on Pelvic Peritonitis and Pelvic Cellulitis, with Illustrative Cases

Kobus, K.; Kobus-Zaleśna, K., 2018:
Remarks on Perfection in Plastic Surgery of the Face

Milne, A., 1878:
Remarks on Post-Partum Hæmorrhage

Bullen, F.St.John., 2018:
Remarks on Proposed Amendments in the Lunacy Act Relating to Single Patients

Milne, A., 1869:
Remarks on Retroversion of the Gravid Uterus

Edwards, A.M., 2018:
Remarks on Sayre's Splint for Morbus Coxarius

Anonymous, 2018:
Remarks on Schools of Instruction for Military and Naval Surgeons, in a Letter to the Right Hon. Sir Robert Peel, Bart

Cumin, W., 2018:
Remarks on Stricture, with Three Cases of Stricture of the Œsophagus

Veale, H., 2018:
Remarks on Syphilis and Its Treatment

Simpson, D.James., 2018:
Remarks on Syphilization as a Cure for Constitutional Syphilis

Anonymous, 2018:
Remarks on Tetanus

Skae, D., 2018:
Remarks on That Form of Moral Insanity Called Dipsomania, and the Legality of Its Treatment by Isolation

Newsholme, A., 2018:
Remarks on the Causation of Epidemic Diarrhœa, Introducing the Discussion on Professor Delépine's Paper

Markham, W.O., 2018:
Remarks on the Change-Of-Type Theory of Disease

Murchison, C., 2018:
Remarks on the Changes Which Are Supposed to Have Taken Place in the Type of Continued Fever

Ceccato, A.; Frezzato, D., 2018:
Remarks on the chemical Fokker-Planck and Langevin equations: Nonphysical currents at equilibrium

Lawson, R., 2018:
Remarks on the Cholera Epidemic of 1875 in India

Thomson, A., 1855:
Remarks on the Comparison of the Ovarian Ovum of Birds and Mammiferous Animals

Lyell, 2018:
Remarks on the Compulsory Vaccination Act for Scotland

Macdonald, A., 1879:
Remarks on the Condition of the Cervix Uteri during the Latter Months of Pregnancy, with Translation of a Paper by P. Müller of Berne on That Subject

Colin, M.Léon., 2018:
Remarks on the Conditions of Propagation of Small-Pox and Cholera

Ballingall, G., 2018:
Remarks on the Cranium of a Man Who Died of Syphilis, Exhibited to the Medico-Chirurgical Society of Edinburgh

Lawson, R., 2018:
Remarks on the Diagnosis and Cause of Yellow Fever

Sang, W., 1880:
Remarks on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Scabies

Klein, E., 2018:
Remarks on the Diagnosis of Plague

Anonymous, 2018:
Remarks on the Diet of Children, &c

Miller, A.G., 1873:
Remarks on the Employment of Bulbous Bougies

Bowen, F., 2018:
Remarks on the Enthetic Diseases Affecting the Health of the Troops Serving in the United Kingdom during the Years 1837-46, 1859, 1860, and 1861

Stark, J., 2018:
Remarks on the Epidemic Fever of Scotland during the Years 1863-64-65; and on the Epidemics of Fever Which Have Prevailed in Scotland during the past Quarter of a Century

Beatson, G.T., 2018:
Remarks on the Etiology of Carcinoma: Has It a Physiological Function in the Body?

Baird, A., 1879:
Remarks on the Etiology of "Puerperal Fever"

Berry, G.A., 1879:
Remarks on the Examination and Classification of Cases of Colour-Blindness

Anonymous, 2018:
Remarks on the Exhibition of Sulphate of Quinine in Acute Rheumatism

Zhu, Q.; Bian, X.; Shi, F., 2018:
Remarks on the genus Tamdaotettix Gorochov, 1998 (Orthoptera: Rhaphidophoridae: Aemodogryllinae) from China

Anonymous, 2018:
Remarks on the Gibraltar Epidemic

Hind, W., 2018:
Remarks on the Gravity of Any Discharge from the Ear

Morehead, C., 1872:
Remarks on the "Health Resorts" of Europe

Anonymous, 2018:
Remarks on the Increase of Medical Journals

Duncan, J.Matthews., 1878:
Remarks on the Inevitable and Other Lacerations of the Orifice of the Vagina, and near It, in Primiparæ

Burton, J., 2018:
Remarks on the Medical Evidence in Cases of Death by Suffocation: With Reference to the Case of Mary Baird or Downie, Reported in the Edinburgh Medical Journal for November 1865

Rattray, A., 2018:
Remarks on the More Prevalent and Important Diseases of China, Especially Acute Dysentery

Turner, W., 2018:
Remarks on the Musculus Kerato-Cricoideus, a Muscle of the Larynx (Merkel's Muscle)

Thorne, R.Thorne., 2018:
Remarks on the Origin of Infection

Whitehead, H., 2018:
Remarks on the Outbreak of Cholera in Broad Street, Golden Square, London, in 1854

Anonymous, 2018:
Remarks on the Pathology If Iritis

Milton, J.L., 2018:
Remarks on the Pathology of Syphilis and Gonorrhœa

Gibson, G.A., 2018:
Remarks on the Results of Surgical Measures in a Series of Cerebral Cases

Duncan, J.Matthews., 2018:
Remarks on the Retentive Power of the Abdomen

Nash, J.T.C., 2018:
Remarks on the Seasonal Incidence of Diarrhœa, and the Part Played by Flies

Gass, H.H., 2017:
Remarks on the Statistics from the Christian Medical College Hospital, Vellore at the "Seminar on the Pattern of Skin Disease in lndia"

Macpherson, J.; Wallace, D., 2018:
Remarks on the Surgical Treatment of General Paralysis of the Insane

Clarke, R., 2018:
Remarks on the Topography and Diseases of the Gold Coast; West Coast of Africa

Markham, W.O., 1855:
Remarks on the Treatment of Disease

Anonymous, 2018:
Remarks on the Unity of the Body, as Illustrated by Some of the More Striking Phenomena of Sympathy, &c

Duncan, J.Matthews., 1879:
Remarks on the Use of Solution of Perchloride of Iron as a Styptic and Caustic in Gynecological Practice

Currie, S.; Christison, 1869:
Remarks on Tænia, and Treatment by Ethereal Extract of Male Fern in the Abyssinian Expedition

Murray, J.Jardine., 2018:
Remarks on Two Cases of Poisoning by Opium in Young Children

Young, J., 1878:
Remarks on Vacher's Forceps

Anonymous, 2018:
Remarks on Vivisection, and on Certain Allegations as to Its Utility in the Study and Application of Physiology

Agostini, J.P., 1925:
Remarks upon the Problem of Tuberculosis in Cuba

McNeil, C., 2018:
Remarks upon the Symptom of Cough in Relation to Chronic and Acute Illness in Childhood

Acosta-Castro, P.; Hirotsu, C.; Marti-Soler, H.; Marques-Vidal, P.; Tobback, N.; Andries, D.; Waeber, Gérard.; Preisig, M.; Vollenweider, P.; Haba-Rubio, Jé.; Heinzer, R., 2018:
REM-associated sleep apnoea: prevalence and clinical significance in the HypnoLaus cohort

Pagano, G.; De Micco, R.; Yousaf, T.; Wilson, H.; Chandra, A.; Politis, M., 2018:
REM behavior disorder predicts motor progression and cognitive decline in Parkinson disease

Hunter, A.Silvestri., 2018:
REM deprivation but not sleep fragmentation produces a sex-specific impairment in extinction

Wang, Q.; Ding, X.; Zhen, F.; Ma, J.; Meng, F., 2018:
Remedial Applications Of Exosomes In Cancer, Infections And Diabetes

Hudak, P.F., 2017:
Remediating Contaminant Plumes in Groundwater with Shallow Excavations Containing Coarse Reactive Media

Findyartini, A.; Sudarsono, N.Cahyani., 2018:
Remediating lapses in professionalism among undergraduate pre-clinical medical students in an Asian Institution: a multimodal approach

Zhang, C.; Shan, B.; Zhu, Y.; Tang, W., 2018:
Remediation effectiveness of Phyllostachys pubescens biochar in reducing the bioavailability and bioaccumulation of metals in sediments

Shearer, C.; Bosma, M.; Bergin, F.; Sargeant, J.; Warren, A., 2018:
Remediation in Canadian medical residency programs: Established and emerging best practices

Bourgeois-Law, Gèle.; Teunissen, P.W.; Regehr, G., 2018:
Remediation in Practicing Physicians: Current and Alternative Conceptualizations

Yin, X.; Xu, Y.; Huang, R.; Huang, Q.; Xie, Z.; Cai, Y.; Liang, X., 2017:
Remediation mechanisms for Cd-contaminated soil using natural sepiolite at the field scale

Lominchar, M.A.; Santos, A.; de Miguel, E.; Romero, A., 2017:
Remediation of aged diesel contaminated soil by alkaline activated persulfate

Novak, J.M.; Ippolito, J.A.; Ducey, T.F.; Watts, D.W.; Spokas, K.A.; Trippe, K.M.; Sigua, G.C.; Johnson, M.G., 2018:
Remediation of an acidic mine spoil: Miscanthus biochar and lime amendment affects metal availability, plant growth, and soil enzyme activity

Deng, W.; Zhou, Z.; Zhang, X.; Yang, Y.; Sun, Y.; Wang, Y.; Liu, T., 2018:
Remediation of arsenic(III) from aqueous solutions using zero-valent iron (ZVI) combined with potassium permanganate and ferrous ions

Wu, C.; Cui, M.; Xue, S.; Li, W.; Huang, L.; Jiang, X.; Qian, Z., 2018:
Remediation of arsenic-contaminated paddy soil by iron-modified biochar

Ma, J.; Lei, E.; Lei, M.; Liu, Y.; Chen, T., 2017:
Remediation of Arsenic contaminated soil using malposed intercropping of Pteris vittata L. and maize

Das, J.; Sarkar, P., 2018:
Remediation of arsenic in mung bean (Vigna radiata) with growth enhancement by unique arsenic-resistant bacterium Acinetobacter lwoffii

Wu, J.; Huang, D.; Liu, X.; Meng, J.; Tang, C.; Xu, J., 2018:
Remediation of As(III) and Cd(II) co-contamination and its mechanism in aqueous systems by a novel calcium-based magnetic biochar

Li, Y.; Pei, G.; Qiao, X.; Zhu, Y.; Li, H., 2018:
Remediation of cadmium contaminated water and soil using vinegar residue biochar

Duan, R.; Hu, H-Qing.; Fu, Q-Ling.; Kou, C-Lin., 2018:
Remediation of Cd/Ni Contaminated Soil by Biochar and Oxalic Acid Activated Phosphate Rock

Yu, R.; Andrachek, R.G.; Lehmicke, L.G.; Freedman, D.L., 2018 :
Remediation of chlorinated ethenes in fractured sandstone by natural and enhanced biotic and abiotic processes: A crushed rock microcosm study

Jiang, D.; Zeng, G.; Huang, D.; Chen, M.; Zhang, C.; Huang, C.; Wan, J., 2018:
Remediation of contaminated soils by enhanced nanoscale zero valent iron

Yang, L-Feng.; Yin, H.; Peng, H.; Li, Y-Peng., 2017:
Remediation of Decabromodiphenyl Ether Contaminated Sediment Through Plant Roots Enhanced by Exogenous Microbes

Wilton, N.; Lyon-Marion, B.A.; Kamath, R.; McVey, K.; Pennell, K.D.; Robbat, A., 2018:
Remediation of heavy hydrocarbon impacted soil using biopolymer and polystyrene foam beads

Tursi, A.; Beneduci, A.; Chidichimo, F.; De Vietro, N.; Chidichimo, G., 2018:
Remediation of hydrocarbons polluted water by hydrophobic functionalized cellulose

Parker, A.R.; Sharp, K.L.; Jenner, E.L.; Coley, M.D.; Kay, A.D.; Harding, S.J., 2018:
Remediation of IgG4 Cross-Reactivity in IgG1 and IgG2 Subclass Assays

Wagner, F.B.; Nielsen, P.Borch.; Boe-Hansen, R.; Albrechtsen, H-Jørgen., 2018:
Remediation of incomplete nitrification and capacity increase of biofilters at different drinking water treatment plants through copper dosing

Huang, D.; Deng, R.; Wan, J.; Zeng, G.; Xue, W.; Wen, X.; Zhou, C.; Hu, L.; Liu, X.; Xu, P.; Guo, X.; Ren, X., 2018:
Remediation of lead-contaminated sediment by biochar-supported nano-chlorapatite: Accompanied with the change of available phosphorus and organic matters

Tian, D.; Wang, W.; Su, M.; Zheng, J.; Wu, Y.; Wang, S.; Li, Z.; Hu, S., 2018:
Remediation of lead-contaminated water by geological fluorapatite and fungus Penicillium oxalicum

Park, S-Jik.; Kang, K.; Lee, C-Gu.; Choi, J-Woo., 2018:
Remediation of metal-contaminated marine sediments using active capping with limestone, steel slag, and activated carbon: a laboratory experiment

Zhai, X.; Li, Z.; Huang, B.; Luo, N.; Huang, M.; Zhang, Q.; Zeng, G., 2018:
Remediation of multiple heavy metal-contaminated soil through the combination of soil washing and in situ immobilization

Ghaeminia, M.; Mokhtarani, N., 2018:
Remediation of nitrate-contaminated groundwater by PRB-Electrokinetic integrated process

Usman, M.; Hanna, K.; Faure, P., 2018:
Remediation of oil-contaminated harbor sediments by chemical oxidation

Kurylo, D.D.; Waxman, R.; Silverstein, S.M.; Weinstein, B.; Kader, J.; Michalopoulos, I., 2018:
Remediation of perceptual organisation in schizophrenia

Li, D-Chang.; Xu, W-Fei.; Mu, Y.; Yu, H-Qing.; Jiang, H.; Crittenden, J.C., 2018:
Remediation of Petroleum-Contaminated Soil and Simultaneous Recovery of Oil by Fast Pyrolysis

Wu, M-Li.; Chen, K-Li.; Ye, X-Qiong.; Qi, Y-Yun.; Xu, H-Ning.; Wang, Z.; Xue, P-Fei.; Zhu, C-Lin., 2018:
Remediation of Petroleum-Contaminated Soil Using a Bioaugmented Compost Technique

Xu, C.; Yang, W.; Zhu, L.; Juhasz, A.L.; Ma, L.Q.; Wang, J.; Lin, A., 2017:
Remediation of Polluted Soil in China: Policy and Technology Bottlenecks

Allen, B.; Acharya, M.M.; Lu, C.; Giedzinski, E.; Chmielewski, N.; Quach, D.; Hefferan, M.; Johe, K.K.; Limoli, C.L., 2018:
Remediation of Radiation-Induced Cognitive Dysfunction through Oral Administration of the Neuroprotective Compound NSI-189

Ebadi, A.; Khoshkholgh Sima, N.Azam.; Olamaee, M.; Hashemi, M.; Ghorbani Nasrabadi, R., 2018:
Remediation of saline soils contaminated with crude oil using the halophyte Salicornia persica in conjunction with hydrocarbon-degrading bacteria

Chatterjee, P.; Lahtinen, L.; Kokko, M.; Rintala, J., 2018:
Remediation of sedimented fiber originating from pulp and paper industry: Laboratory scale anaerobic reactor studies and ideas of scaling up

Shi, W.; Guo, Y.; Ning, G.; Li, C.; Li, Y.; Ren, Y.; Zhao, O.; Yang, Z., 2018:
Remediation of soil polluted with HMW-PAHs by alfalfa or brome in combination with fungi and starch

Graydon, K.; Van Dun, B.; Tomlin, D.; Dowell, R.; Rance, G., 2018:
Remediation of spatial processing disorder (SPD)

Leybros, A.; Segond, N.; Grandjean, Aès., 2018:
Remediation of 137Cs-contaminated concrete rubble by supercritical CO2 extraction

Bishoge, O.K.; Zhang, L.; Suntu, S.L.; Jin, H.; Zewde, A.A.; Qi, Z., 2018:
Remediation of water and wastewater by using engineered nanomaterials: A review

Wang, C.; Gu, L.; Ge, S.; Liu, X.; Zhang, X.; Chen, X., 2018:
Remediation potential of immobilized bacterial consortium with biochar as carrier in pyrene-Cr (VI) co-contaminated soil

Liu, L.; Li, W.; Song, W.; Guo, M., 2018:
Remediation techniques for heavy metal-contaminated soils: Principles and applicability

Goodwin, G.M., 2018:
Re-medicalizing the care of patients with schizophrenia?

Anonymous, 2018:
Remedies and Their Uses

Smith, G.Munro., 2018:
Remedies for Cancer

Stefanidis, I.; Filippidis, G.; Diamandopoulos, A.A., 2018:
Remedies for kidney ailments in the "Botany Practical" (1838) by Dionysios Pyrros the Thessalian (1774-1853)

Anonymous, 2018:
Remedies for the Neglect of Science

Anonymous, 2018:
Remedies: New and Old

Chen, L-Wei.; Yang, W-Tao.; Gu, J-Feng.; Zhou, H.; Gao, Z-Xiang.; Liao, B-Han., 2018:
Remedying Effects of a Combined Amendment for Paddy Soil Polluted with Cd for Spring and Autumn Rice

Paz, W.H.P.; de Almeida, R.A.; Braga, N.A.; da Silva, F.M.A.; Acho, L.D.R.; Lima, E.S.; Boleti, A.Paula.A.; Dos Santos, E.L.; Angolini, Célio.F.F.; Bataglion, G.A.; Koolen, H.H.F., 2018:
Remela de cachorro (Clavija lancifolia Desf.) fruits from South Amazon: Phenolic composition, biological potential, and aroma analysis

Dasgupta, I.; Schulz, E.; Goodman, N.D.; Gershman, S.J., 2018:
Remembrance of inferences past: Amortization in human hypothesis generation

McCormick, S., 2018:
Remembrance of stresses past: heat shock factors and histone hypermethylation are key

Igić, R., 2018:
Remembrances of Ulf Svante von Euler

Osinski, A.J.; Morris, D.L.; Herrick, R.S.; Ziegler, C.J., 2017:
Re(CO)3-Templated Synthesis of α-Amidinoazadi(benzopyrro)methenes

Hirata, A.; Kasahara, M.; Matsuura, N.; Ichinohe, T., 2017:
Remifentanil decreases oral tissue blood flow while maintaining internal carotid artery blood flow during sevoflurane anesthesia in rabbits

Beenakkers, I.C.M.; Douma, M.R.; Kam-Endtz, C.E.; Freeman, L.M., 2018:
Remifentanil during labour; has its place in pain relief during labour been decided?

Kuroiwa, K.K.; Nishizawa, M.; Kondo, N.; Nakazawa, H.; Hirabayashi, T., 2018:
Remifentanil for sedation and analgesia during awake division of tongue flap in children: a report of two cases

Inagi, T.; Hoshina, H.; Suzuki, M.; Wada, M.; Bito, H.; Sakamoto, A., 2018:
Remifentanil-induced alterations in neutrophil numbers after surgery

Santonocito, C.; Noto, A.; Crimi, C.; Sanfilippo, F., 2018:
Remifentanil-induced postoperative hyperalgesia: current perspectives on mechanisms and therapeutic strategies

Sheng, M.; Zhang, G.; Wang, J.; Yang, Q.; Zhao, H.; Cheng, X.; Xu, Z., 2018:
Remifentanil Induces Cardio Protection Against Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury by Inhibiting Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Through the Maintenance of Zinc Homeostasis

Hutsell, B.A.; Banks, M.L., 2017:
Remifentanil maintains lower initial delayed nonmatching-to-sample accuracy compared to food pellets in male rhesus monkeys

Lu, X-Y.; Chen, M.; Chen, D-H.; Li, Y.; Liu, P-T.; Liu, Y., 2018:
Remifentanil on T lymphocytes, cognitive function and inflammatory cytokines of patients undergoing radical surgery for cervical cancer

Engelen, S.; Derks, J.; Beenakkers, I., 2018:
Remifentanil PCIA during labor and delivery: can we improve maternal monitoring?

Van de Velde, M.; Devroe, S.; Roofthooft, E., 2018:
Remifentanil PCIA for labour analgesia: a world of caution

Cui, C.; Yu, F.; Yin, S.; Yang, Y.; Jiao, Y.; Cheung, C.; Wang, X.; Qi, B.; Liu, Y.; Li, P.; Yu, W.; Xiao, J.; Yang, L., 2018:
Remifentanil Preconditioning Attenuates Hepatic Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury in Rats via Neuronal Activation in Dorsal Vagal Complex

Jin, S-Yun.; Huang, J.; Zhu, H-Juan.; Wu, H.; Xu, S-Jin.; Irwin, M.G.; He, S-Fang.; Zhang, Y., 2018:
Remifentanil preconditioning confers cardioprotection via c-Jun NH2-terminal kinases and extracellular signal regulated kinases pathways in ex-vivo failing rat heart

Bevans-Warren, T.S.; Clegg, D.O.; Sakata, D.J.; Reilly, C.A., 2018:
Remifentanil Stability

Horsch, C.; Spruit, S.; Lancee, J.; van Eijk, R.; Beun, R.Jan.; Neerincx, M.; Brinkman, W-Paul., 2017:
Reminders make people adhere better to a self-help sleep intervention

Whitney, C.A.; Dorfman, C.S.; Shelby, R.A.; Keefe, F.J.; Gandhi, V.; Somers, T.J., 2018:
Reminders of cancer risk and pain catastrophizing: relationships with cancer worry and perceived risk in women with a first-degree relative with breast cancer

Zhang, J.; Lynch, R.J.M.; Watson, T.F.; Banerjee, A., 2018:
Remineralisation of enamel white spot lesions pre-treated with chitosan in the presence of salivary pellicle

Kitasako, Y.; Sadr, A.; Shimada, Y.; Ikeda, M.; Sumi, Y.; Tagami, J., 2018:
Remineralization capacity of carious and non-carious white spot lesions: clinical evaluation using ICDAS and SS-OCT

Xiaotong, W.; Nanquan, R.; Jing, X.; Yuming, Z.; Lihong, G., 2018:
Remineralization effect of casein phosphopeptide-amorphous calcium phosphate for enamel demineralization: a system review

Chu, J.; Feng, X.; Guo, H.; Zhang, T.; Zhao, H.; Zhang, Q., 2018:
Remineralization Efficacy of an Amelogenin-Based Synthetic Peptide on Carious Lesions

Huang, X.; Li, R.; Feng, Y.; Wang, Y., 2018:
Remineralization of demineralized dentin induced by bioactive glass NovaMin

Zhang, C.; Campbell, S.D.; Dickens, S.H.; Yang, B., 2018:
Remineralization of Natural Human Carious Dentin Lesions with an Experimental Whisker-Reinforced Atraumatic Restorative Treatment Composite

Zamperini, C.A.; Bedran-Russo, A.K., 2018:
Remineralization Potential of Mints Containing Bioactive Agents in Artificially Induced Root Caries

Juntavee, N.; Juntavee, A.; Plongniras, P., 2018:
Remineralization potential of nano-hydroxyapatite on enamel and cementum surrounding margin of computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing ceramic restoration

Job, T.V.; Narayana, G.T.; Venkappa, K.K.; Nathan, K.Binu.; Ahsan, S.; Harikaran, J., 2018:
Remineralization Potential of Three Different Dentifrices using Raman Spectroscopy and Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope

Titty, T.Mary.; Shrikrishna, S.Baranya.; Rao, A.; Shenoy, R.; Natarajan, S., 2018:
Remineralizing Effectiveness of Calcium Sucrose Phosphate and Fluoride Dentifrices: An In vitro Study

Gonçalves, F.Maira.Castro.; Delbem, A.Carlos.Botazzo.; Pessan, J.Pelim.; Nunes, G.Pereira.; Emerenciano, N.Gonçalves.; Garcia, L.Santos.Gonzales.; Báez Quintero, L.Carolina.; Neves, Jé.Guilherme.; Danelon, M., 2018:
Remineralizing effect of a fluoridated gel containing sodium hexametaphosphate: An in vitro study

Indrapriyadharshini, K.; Madan Kumar, P.D.; Sharma, K.; Iyer, K., 2018:
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Remission in pituitary macroadenoma after apoplexy

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Remittent Fever

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Remnants of an Ancient Deltaretrovirus in the Genomes of Horseshoe Bats (Rhinolophidae)

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Remnants of Eoarchean continental crust derived from a subducted proto-arc

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Remodeling of the Abdominal Epithelial Monolayer during the Larva-Pupa-Adult Transformation of Manduca

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Remodelling a Hospital Garden: A Practical Example at Hertford

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Remodelling of North Staffordshire Infirmary: The Raising and Results of a Successful Appeal

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Remodel mitochondria and get energized

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Remote Central-to-Axial Chirality Conversion: Direct Atroposelective Ester to Biaryl Transformation

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Remote Cherenkov Imaging Based Quality Assurance of a Magnetic Resonance Image Guided Radiotherapy System

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Remote C-H Functionalization via Selective Hydrogen Atom Transfer

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Remote clinical decision making: Evaluation of a new education module

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Remote Clinical Nurse Specialist: Making a Difference From a Distance

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Remote collection of microorganisms at two depths in a freshwater lake using an unmanned surface vehicle (USV)

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Remote Control of Anion-π Catalysis on Fullerene-Centered Catalytic Triads

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Remote control of glucose-sensing neurons to analyze glucose metabolism

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Remote control of nanoscale devices

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Remote Control of Transpiration via ABA

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Remote Control over Underwater Dynamic Attachment/Detachment and Locomotion

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Remotely Phototriggered, Transferrin-Targeted Polymeric Nanoparticles for the Treatment of Breast Cancer

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Remote Sensing of Wildland Fire-Induced Risk Assessment at the Community Level

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Remote Stereochemistry of a Frustrated Lewis Pair Provides Thermal and Photochemical Control of Reactivity

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Remote Stereocontrol in Carbonyl Additions Promoted by Vinylstannanes

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"Remote Stereocontrol" in Organocopper Chemistry: Highly Enantioselective Synthesis of Vinylallenes by 1,5-Substitution of Enyne Acetates

Killeen, A.L.; Walters, J.L., 2018:
Remote Temperature Monitoring in Diabetic Foot Ulcer Detection

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Remote tissue conditioning is neuroprotective against MPTP insult in mice

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Remote treatment of sleep-related trichotillomania and trichophagia

Parel, S., 2018:
Removable and Fixed Fully Edentulous Treatment Options for the Aging Patient

Kim, C.; Ondrusek, B.A.; Chung, H., 2018:
Removable Water-Soluble Olefin Metathesis Catalyst via Host-Guest Interaction

Liu, W.; Chen, Q.; He, N.; Sun, K.; Sun, D.; Wu, X.; Duan, S., 2018:
Removal and Biodegradation of 17β-Estradiol and Diethylstilbestrol by the Freshwater Microalgae Raphidocelis subcapitata

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Removal and biodegradation of different petroleum hydrocarbons using the filamentous fungus Aspergillus sp. RFC-1

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Removal and degradation mechanisms of sulfonamide antibiotics in a new integrated aerobic submerged membrane bioreactor system

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Removal and fate of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in a hybrid anaerobic-anoxic-oxic process for highly toxic coke wastewater treatment

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Removal and Influence of Ciprofloxacin in a Membrane Bioreactor

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Removal and insertion of central venous catheters in cancer patients is associated with high symptom burden

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Removal and Recovery of Heavy Metal Ions by Two-dimensional MoS2 Nanosheets: Performance and Mechanisms

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Removal and recovery of uranium(VI) by waste digested activated sludge in fed-batch stirred tank reactor

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Removal and transformation of benzotriazole in manganese-oxide biofilters with Mn(II) feeding

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Removal Behavior of Ibuprofen and Diclofenac in Different Constructed Wetlands

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Removal Behavior of Methylene Blue from Aqueous Solution by Tea Waste: Kinetics, Isotherms and Mechanism

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Removal, biotransformation and toxicity variations of climbazole by freshwater algae Scenedesmus obliquus

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Removal capacity and chemical speciation of groundwater iodide (I-) and iodate (IO3-) sequestered by organoclays and granular activated carbon

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Removal characteristic of surfactants in typical industrial and domestic wastewater treatment plants in Northeast China

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Removal characteristics of dissolved organic nitrogen and its bioavailable portion in post-denitrifying biofilter: effect of C/N ratio

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Removal Dynamics of Autoantibodies, Immunoglobulins, and Coagulation Factors by Selective Plasma Exchange on Three Consecutive Days

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Removal effect of the low-low temperature electrostatic precipitator on polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

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Removal efficiency and enzymatic mechanism of dibutyl phthalate (DBP) by constructed wetlands

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Removal Efficiency and Mechanism of Removal by Humic Acid of the Integrated Floc-ultrafiltration Process

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Removal enactment of organo-phosphorous pesticide using bacteria isolated from domestic sewage

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Removal forces of adhesively and self-adhesively luted implant-supported zirconia copings depend on abutment geometry

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Removal mechanism of di-n-butyl phthalate and oxytetracycline from aqueous solutions by nano-manganese dioxide modified biochar

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Removal mechanism of sulfamethazine and its intermediates from water by a rotating advanced oxidation contactor equipped with TiO2-high-silica zeolite composite sheets

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Removal mechanisms of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from effluent of common effluent treatment plant (CETP)

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Removal Models Accounting for Temporary Emigration

Hu, H.; Huang, B.; Zhao, J.; Wang, W.; Guo, Q.; Ma, Y., 2018:
Removal notice for Liver autotransplantation and retrohepatic vena cava reconstruction for alveolar echinococcosis [JSR 210 (2017) 169-176

Zhang, Y-Xiang.; Chang, S.; Li, F.; Xu, Y.; Gao, W-Chun., 2018:
Removal of 2,4-dichlorophenol in Underground Water by Stabilized Nano Zero-valent Iron

Koizumi, K.; Masuda, S.; Sung, J.Hyun.; Kako, M., 2018:
Removal of a biliary stent encrusted with a large stone by use of a new digital cholangioscope with a holmium: yttrium aluminum garnet laser

Keiller, A., 2018:
Removal of a Cancerous Cervix Uteri by Means of the Ecraseur. With Remarks

Anonymous, 2018:
Removal of Accessory Limb

Yanyan, L.; Kurniawan, T.Agustiono.; Zhu, M.; Ouyang, T.; Avtar, R.; Dzarfan Othman, M.Hafiz.; Mohammad, B.T.; Albadarin, A.B., 2018:
Removal of acetaminophen from synthetic wastewater in a fixed-bed column adsorption using low-cost coconut shell waste pretreated with NaOH, HNO3, ozone, and/or chitosan

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Removal of Acid Blue 62 textile dye from aqueous solutions by cerium reagents

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Removal of acidic pharmaceuticals by small-scale constructed wetlands using different design configurations

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Removal of a Fractured Crux Inferior Vena Cava Filter

Bai, W.L.; Chai, G.R.; Zhou, Q.; Li, J.X.; Xiang, Q.H.; Li, T.; Liu, T.C., 2018:
Removal of a giant ethmoidal sinus osteoma with orbital extension

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Removal of alachlor, diuron and isoproturon in water in a falling film dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) reactor combined with adsorption on activated carbon textile: Reaction mechanisms and oxidation by-products

Duncan, J.Matthews., 1872:
Removal of a Large Uterine Fibrous Polypus

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Removal of Algal Organic Matter and Control of Disinfection By-products by Powder Activated Carbon

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Removal of an Embedded Uterine Fibroid

Alkady, H.; Abouramadan, S.; Nagy, M.; Talaat, A.; Hashem, T.; Khaleel, A., 2018:
Removal of an endometrioid stromal sarcoma from the inferior vena cava and right atrium

Satilmis, B.; Uyar, T., 2018:
Removal of aniline from air and water by polymers of intrinsic microporosity (PIM-1) electrospun ultrafine fibers

Hogston, P., 2018:
Removal of an intra-uterine contraceptive device per rectum

León, O.; Muñoz-Bonilla, A.; Soto, D.; Pérez, D.; Rangel, M.; Colina, M.; Fernández-García, M., 2018:
Removal of anionic and cationic dyes with bioadsorbent oxidized chitosans

Ji, X.; Guo, C.; Chen, W.; Long, L.; Zhang, G.; Khashab, N.; Sessler, J.L., 2018:
Removal of Anions from Aqueous Media by Means of a Thermoresponsive Calix[4]pyrrole Amphiphilic Polymer

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Removal of antibiotic resistance genes in two tertiary level municipal wastewater treatment plants

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Removal of antibiotic resistant E. coli in two Norwegian wastewater treatment plants and by nano- and ultra-filtration processes

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Removal of Antibiotics During In-situ Sludge Ozone-reduction Process

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Removal of antibiotics from water and waste milk by ozonation: kinetics, byproducts, and antimicrobial activity

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Removal of Antibiotics From Water with an All-Carbon 3D Nanofiltration Membrane

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Removal of antibiotic sulfamethoxazole by anoxic/anaerobic/oxic granular and suspended activated sludge processes

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Removal of Antimony from Water by Nano Zero-Valent Iron/Activated Carbon Composites

Russo, D.; Siciliano, A.; Guida, M.; Andreozzi, R.; Reis, N.M.; Li Puma, G.; Marotta, R., 2018:
Removal of antiretroviral drugs stavudine and zidovudine in water under UV254 and UV254/H2O2 processes: Quantum yields, kinetics and ecotoxicology assessment

Jain, A.; Gupta, G.; Grover, M., 2018:
Removal of an Unusual Neglected Foreign Body in Infratemporal Region Using Navigation

Shu, X-Ming.; Xu, C-Can.; Wen, X-Gang.; Zhu, J-Na.; Zhao, Y.; Liu, R.; Chen, Lü-Jun., 2016:
Removal of AOX, Chroma and TOC in Chemical Dyestuff Wastewater with Iron Scraps-Fenton-Coagulation Combined Process

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Removal of AOX in Activated Sludge of a Chemical Pharmaceutical Industry with Fenton Oxidation

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Removal of aqueous chromium and environmental CO2 by using photocatalytic TiO2 doped with tungsten

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Removal of aqueous Cr(VI) by a magnetic biochar derived from Melia azedarach wood

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Removal of area CA3 from hippocampal slices induces postsynaptic plasticity at Schaffer collateral synapses that normalizes CA1 pyramidal cell discharge

Kumari, M.; Gupta, S.Kumar., 2018:
Removal of aromatic and hydrophobic fractions of natural organic matter (NOM) using surfactant modified magnetic nanoadsorbents (MNPs)

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Removal of arsenate and antimonate by acid-treated Fe-rich clays

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Removal of arsenic and mercury species from water by covalent triazine framework encapsulated γ-Fe2O3 nanoparticles

Peng, X.; Chen, J.; Kong, L.; Hu, X., 2018:
Removal of arsenic from strongly acidic wastewater using phosphorus pentasulfide as precipitant: UV-light promoted sulfuration reaction and particle aggregation

Yourganov, G.; Fridriksson, J.; Stark, B.; Rorden, C., 2018:
Removal of artifacts from resting-state fMRI data in stroke

Lee, S-Ho.; Choi, H.; Kim, K-Woong., 2018:
Removal of As(V) and Sb(V) in aqueous solution by Mg/Al-layered double hydroxide-incorporated polyethersulfone polymer beads (PES-LDH)

Kang, L.; Lin, Z.; Liu, F.; Huang, B., 2018:
Removal of A-Site Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metal Cations in KBe2BO3F2-Type Layered Structures To Enhance the Deep-Ultraviolet Nonlinear Optical Capability

Park, J.Ung.; Bae, H.Sol.; Lee, S.Mi.; Bae, J.; Park, J.Woo., 2018:
Removal of a subdermal contraceptive implant (Implanon NXT) that migrated to the axilla by C-arm guidance: A case report and review of the literature

Jagannathan, N.; Asai, T., 2018:
Removal of a supraglottic airway in children with increased risk of respiratory complications: is timing of removal not important?

Dehdashti, B.; Amin, M.Mehdi.; Pourzamani, H.; Rafati, L.; Mokhtari, M., 2018:
Removal of atenolol from aqueous solutions by multiwalled carbon nanotubes modified with ozone: kinetic and equilibrium study

Anonymous, 2018:
Removal of a Tumour from the Muscular Spiral Nerve

Fernandes, N.Cintra.; Brito, L.Barroso.; Costa, G.Gonçalves.; Taveira, Sânia.Fleury.; Cunha-Filho, Mílio.Sérgio.Soares.; Oliveira, G.Augusto.Rodrigues.; Marreto, R.Neves., 2018:
Removal of azo dye using Fenton and Fenton-like processes: Evaluation of process factors by Box-Behnken design and ecotoxicity tests

Šarc, A.; Kosel, J.; Stopar, D.; Oder, M.; Dular, Mž., 2018:
Removal of bacteria Legionella pneumophila, Escherichia coli, and Bacillus subtilis by (super)cavitation

Duan, S-Jun.; Jiang, R-Zhu.; Zhang, Y-Xin.; Liu, H-Shui.; Zhang, N-Shun.; Zhang, S-Ye., 2018:
Removal of Benign Superficial Masses Using the TriVex System: Preliminary Clinical Results

Liao, D.; Li, E.; Li, J.; Zeng, P.; Feng, R.; Xu, M.; Sun, G., 2018:
Removal of benzene, toluene, xylene and styrene by biotrickling filters and identification of their interactions

He, X.; Zhao, L.; Zhang, B.; Zhao, H., 2018:
Removal of benzo(a)pyrene by Lactobacillus strains under simulated starch conditions

Rama-Corredor, O.; Cortina, A.; Martrat, B.; Lopez, J.F.; Grimalt, J.O., 2018:
Removal of bias in C37 alkenone-based sea surface temperature measurements by high-performance liquid chromatography fractionation

Huang, L.; Zhou, P.; Quan, X.; Logan, B.E., 2018:
Removal of binary Cr(VI) and Cd(II) from the catholyte of MFCs and determining their fate in EAB using fluorescence probes

Ahmed, A.; Agamuthu, P.; Fauziah, S.H., 2018:
Removal of bisphenol A and 2,4-Di-tert-butylphenol from landfill leachate using plant- based coagulant

Arampatzidou, A.; Voutsa, D.; Deliyanni, E., 2018:
Removal of bisphenol A by Fe-impregnated activated carbons

Jiang, G-Qiang.; Zhang, Y-Di.; Zhuang, Y-Qiang., 2018:
Removal of broken reamer stuck into femoral shaft in implanting PFNA: a case report

Ma, L.; Wei, Q.; Chen, Y.; Song, Q.; Sun, C.; Wang, Z.; Wu, G., 2018:
Removal of cadmium from aqueous solutions using industrial coal fly ash-nZVI

Liu, L.; Fan, S., 2018:
Removal of cadmium in aqueous solution using wheat straw biochar: effect of minerals and mechanism

Khalfa, A.; Mellouk, S.; Marouf-Khelifa, K.; Khelifa, A., 2018:
Removal of catechol from water by modified dolomite: performance, spectroscopy, and mechanism

Alizadeh, B.; Delnavaz, M.; Shakeri, A., 2017:
Removal of Cd(ӀӀ) and phenol using novel cross-linked magnetic EDTA/chitosan/TiO2 nanocomposite

Zhu, Y.; Niu, Y.; Li, H.; Ren, B.; Qu, R.; Chen, H.; Zhang, Y., 2018:
Removal of Cd(II) and Fe(III) from DMSO by silica gel supported PAMAM dendrimers: Equilibrium, thermodynamics, kinetics and mechanism

Chen, Y-Ning.; Wang, Y-Nan.; Li, Y-Ping.; Li, H.; Chen, Y-Rong.; Wu, Y-Xin.; Gou, Y.; Zhu, F-Zao.; Zhang, D-Li.; Liu, Y.; Zeng, G-Ming., 2018:
Removal of Cd from Soil by Aspergillus fumigatus in a Semi-solid Culture

Hokkanen, S.; Bhatnagar, A.; Srivastava, V.; Suorsa, V.; Sillanpää, M., 2018:
Removal of Cd2+, Ni2+ and PO43- from aqueous solution by hydroxyapatite-bentonite clay-nanocellulose composite

Anonymous, 2018:
Removal of Certain Time of Inspection and Duties of Inspector Regulations for Biological Products. Direct final rule

Deng, F.; Tang, B-Bin.; Zhang, J-Zhong.; Tang, M.; Liu, J., 2016:
Removal of Chloramphenicol in Wastewater by Electrocatalytic Reduction with Carbon Nanotubes-Modified Electrode

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Removal of chlorinated organic solvents from hydraulic fracturing wastewater by bare and entrapped nanoscale zero-valent iron

Rani, M.; Shanker, U., 2018:
Removal of chlorpyrifos, thiamethoxam, and tebuconazole from water using green synthesized metal hexacyanoferrate nanoparticles

Wen, Q-Xue.; Cao, Y-Sen.; Chen, Z-Qiang., 2018:
Removal of Chlortetracycline and Morphological Changes in Heavy Metals in Swine Manure Using the Composting Process

Hirata, A.; Hayashi, K.; Murata, K.; Nakamura, K-Ichiro., 2018:
Removal of choroidal neovascular membrane in a case of macular hole after anti-VEGF therapy for age-related macular degeneration

Alemu, A.; Lemma, B.; Gabbiye, N.; Tadele, M.; Teferi, M., 2018:
Removal of chromium (VI) from aqueous solution using vesicular basalt: A potential low cost wastewater treatment system

Vinagre, C.G.; Freitas, F.R.; de Mesquita, C.H.; Vinagre, J.C.; Mariani, A.Carolina.; Kalil-Filho, R.; Maranhão, R.C., 2018:
Removal of Chylomicron Remnants from the Bloodstream is Delayed in Aged Subjects

Alonso, J.Jaime.Sadhwani.; El Kori, N.; Melián-Martel, N.; Del Río-Gamero, B., 2018:
Removal of ciprofloxacin from seawater by reverse osmosis

Taka, A.Leudjo.; Fosso-Kankeu, E.; Pillay, K.; Mbianda, X.Yangkou., 2018:
Removal of cobalt and lead ions from wastewater samples using an insoluble nanosponge biopolymer composite: adsorption isotherm, kinetic, thermodynamic, and regeneration studies

Jiménez-Tototzintle, M.; Ferreira, I.Jales.; da Silva Duque, S.; Guimarães Barrocas, P.Rubens.; Saggioro, E.Mendes., 2018:
Removal of contaminants of emerging concern (CECs) and antibiotic resistant bacteria in urban wastewater using UVA/TiO2/H2O2 photocatalysis

Ilyas, N.; Ilyas, S.; Sajjad-Ur-Rahman, S.Ur.; Yousaf, S.; Zia, A.; Sattar, S., 2019:
Removal of copper from an electroplating industrial effluent using the native and modified spirogyra

Anonymous, 1872:
Removal of Corns

Anonymous, 2018:
Removal of Cr(VI) from Aqueous Solutions Using Amino-Functionalized Carbon Nanospheres Adsorbents

Xiang, Q.; Fukahori, S.; Nomura, Y.; Fujiwara, T., 2018:
Removal of crotamiton and its degradation intermediates from secondary effluent using TiO2-zeolite composites

Ruan, W.; Hu, J.; Qi, J.; Hou, Y.; Cao, R.; Wei, X., 2018:
Removal of Crystal Violet by Using Reduced-Graphene-Oxide-Supported Bimetallic Fe/Ni Nanoparticles (rGO/Fe/Ni): Application of Artificial Intelligence Modeling for the Optimization Process

Cabranes, M.; Leyva, A.Gabriela.; Babay, P.Alejandra., 2018:
Removal of Cs+ from aqueous solutions by perlite

Jiang, T.; Dong, M.; Yan, L.; Fang, M.; Liu, R., 2018:
Removal of Cu(II) Ions from Aqueous Solution Using Fe/La-CTAB-Graphene Oxide Nanocomposite as Efficient Adsorbent

Sun, J.; Chen, Y.; Yu, H.; Yan, L.; Du, B.; Pei, Z., 2018:
Removal of Cu2+, Cd2+ and Pb2+ from aqueous solutions by magnetic alginate microsphere based on Fe3O4/MgAl-layered double hydroxide

Anonymous, 2018:
Removal of Deformity of Rickety Limbs

Lisman, T., 2018:
Removal of destructive brain-borne microdust

Li, F.; Zhao, L.; Jinxu, Y.; Shi, W.; Zhou, S.; Yuan, K.; Sheng, G.Daniel., 2018:
Removal of dichlorophenol by Chlorella pyrenoidosa through self-regulating mechanism in air-tight test environment

Stenholm, Åke.; Hedeland, M.; Arvidsson, Törn.; Pettersson, C.E., 2018:
Removal of diclofenac from a non-sterile aqueous system using Trametes versicolor with an emphasis on adsorption and biodegradation mechanisms

Amin, R.; Edraki, M.; Doley, D.; Sheridan, C., 2018:
Removal of dissolved chromium from synthetic mine effluent: A mesocosm experiment

Zhang, S.; Yang, Y.; Takizawa, S.; Hou, L-An., 2018:
Removal of dissolved organic matter and control of membrane fouling by a hybrid ferrihydrite-ultrafiltration membrane system

Anonymous, 2018:
Removal of Drug Name From the Table

Rott, E.; Kuch, B.; Lange, C.; Richter, P.; Kugele, Aélie.; Minke, R., 2019 :
Removal of Emerging Contaminants and Estrogenic Activity from Wastewater Treatment Plant Effluent with UV/Chlorine and UV/H₂O₂ Advanced Oxidation Treatment at Pilot Scale

Sophia A, C.; Lima, E.C., 2017:
Removal of emerging contaminants from the environment by adsorption

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Removal of emerging contaminants using spent mushroom compost

Ahmed, M.J.; Hameed, B.H., 2017:
Removal of emerging pharmaceutical contaminants by adsorption in a fixed-bed column: A review

Van der Stigchel, S.; Leijten, F.S.S.; Vansteensel, M.J.; Dijkerman, H.Chris.; Ramsey, N.F.; Freudenburg, Z.V., 2017:
Removal of epileptically compromised tissue in the frontal cortex restores oculomotor selection in the antisaccade task

Jalil, A'.A.Abdel.; Hammoud, G.; Ibdah, J.A.; Samiullah, S., 2018:
Removal of Esophageal Variceal Bands to Salvage Complete Esophageal Obstruction

Zhang, Q-Ya.; Ma, X-Yan.; Wang, X-Chang.; You, M., 2017:
Removal of Estrogenic Effect by Typical Domestic Wastewater Treatment Processes

Chevallier, O.; Zhou, N.; He, J.; Loffroy, R.; Wáng, Yì.Xiáng.J., 2018:
Removal of evidential motion-contaminated and poorly fitted image data improves IVIM diffusion MRI parameter scan-rescan reproducibility

Wijesinghe, D.Thushari.N.; Dassanayake, K.B.; Scales, P.; Sommer, S.G.; Chen, D., 2017:
Removal of excess nutrients by Australian zeolite during anaerobic digestion of swine manure

Puttasiddaiah, P.M.; Browning, S.T., 2018:
Removal of external ear canal exostoses by piezo surgery: a novel technique

Sreeja, S.R.; Sahay, R.Ranjan.; Samanta, D.; Mitra, P., 2018:
Removal of Eye Blink Artifacts From EEG Signals Using Sparsity

Abdi, S.; Nasiri, M., 2018:
Removal of Fast Green FCF dye from aqueous solutions using Flower Gel as a low-cost adsorbent

Pounsamy, M.; Somasundaram, S.; Palanivel, S.; Ganesan, S., 2018:
Removal of Fat Components in High TDS Leather Wastewater by Saline-Tolerant Lipase-Assisted Nanoporous-Activated Carbon

Guo, Y.; Xu, X.; Shang, Y.; Gao, B., 2018:
Removal of fluoride by carbohydrate-based material embedded with hydrous zirconium oxide nanoparticles

Patra, G.; Das, P.; Chakraborty, S.; Meikap, B.C., 2018:
Removal of fluoride from wastewater using HCl-treated activated alumina in a ribbed hydrocyclone separator

Kang, B.Sung.; Hong, Y.; Lee, H.; Kim, Y.Min.; Kim, S.Chai.; Jeon, J-Ki.; Jung, S-Chul.; Park, Y-Kwon., 2018:
Removal of Food Waste Odor Using Nanoporous Carbon Adsorbents

Li, Y.; Li, L., 2018:
Removal of forearm lentigines in dyschromatosis universalis hereditaria with a 755-nm Q-switched alexandrite laser

Kosaka, K.; Iwatani, A.; Takeichi, Y.; Yoshikawa, Y.; Ohkubo, K.; Akiba, M., 2018:
Removal of haloacetamides and their precursors at water purification plants applying ozone/biological activated carbon treatment

Farag, A.M.; Sokker, H.H.; Zayed, E.M.; Nour Eldien, F.A.; Abd Alrahman, N.M., 2018:
Removal of hazardous pollutants using bifunctional hydrogel obtained from modified starch by grafting copolymerization

Jiang, M.; Han, T.; Wang, J.; Shao, L.; Qi, C.; Zhang, X.M.; Liu, C.; Liu, X., 2018:
Removal of heavy metal chromium using cross-linked chitosan composite nanofiber mats

Fernández-González, R.; Martín-Lara, M.A.; Iáñez-Rodríguez, I.; Calero, M., 2018:
Removal of heavy metals from acid mining effluents by hydrolyzed olive cake

Ates, N.; Uzal, N., 2018:
Removal of heavy metals from aluminum anodic oxidation wastewaters by membrane filtration

Stefania, B.; Salvatore, Cò.Paolo.; Rosa, G.; Nicola, M., 2018:
Removal of heavy metals from landfill leachate using zero valent iron and granular activated carbon

Amoah, I.Dennis.; Reddy, P.; Seidu, R.; Stenström, T.Axel., 2018:
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Removal of hexavalent chromium using mackinawite (FeS)-coated sand

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Removal of High Concentration of Iron, Manganese and Ammonia Nitrogen from Low Temperature Groundwater Using Single Bio-filter

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Removal of High-Voltage Brain Stimulation Artifacts From Simultaneous EEG Recordings

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Removal of humic acid from aqueous solution using polyacrylamide/chitosan semi-IPN hydrogel

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Removal of Humic Acid from Water Using Pt/biochar Electrode Reactor

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Removal of Humic Acid in Water Using Novel Nanomaterials

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Removal of hydrated silica, fluoride and arsenic from groundwater by electrocoagulation using a continuous reactor with a twelve-cell stack

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Removal of Hydrocarbons from Contaminated Soils by Using a Thermally Expanded Graphite Sorbent

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Removal of hydrophobic volatile organic compounds with sodium hypochlorite and surfactant in a co-current rotating packed bed

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Removal of hyperpolarized 129 Xe gas-phase contamination in spectroscopic imaging of the lungs

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Removal of imidazolium- and pyridinium-based ionic liquids by Fenton oxidation

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Removal of Implant and New Rehabilitation for Better Esthetics

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Removal of indoxyl sulfate by water-soluble poly-cyclodextrins in dialysis

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Removal of ineligible outcome cases reduces confounding

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Removal of interscapular brown adipose tissue increases aortic stiffness despite normal systemic glucose metabolism in mice

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Removal of Intrathecal Catheters Used in Drug Delivery Systems

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Removal of Iron Ore Slimes from a Highly Turbid Water by DAF

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Removal of irrelevant information from working memory: sometimes fast, sometimes slow, and sometimes not at all

Anonymous, 2018:
Removal of King's College Hospital

Beatty, W.J., 1887:
Removal of Large Encysted "Wedgewood" Ball Pessary from Vagina

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Removal of large impacted foreign body from the base of the skull through submandibular access: A multidisciplinary approach

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Removal of lead and cadmium from aqueous solutions by using 4-amino-3-hydroxynaphthalene sulfonic acid-doped polypyrrole films

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Removal of lead and fluoride from contaminated water using exhausted coffee grounds based bio-sorbent

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Removal of lead (II) from aqeouos waste using (CD-PCL-TiO2) bio-nanocomposites

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Removal of Lead from Water Using Calcium Alginate Beads Doped with Hydrazine Sulphate-Activated Red Mud as Adsorbent

Anonymous, 2018:
Removal of Lens for Extreme Myopia

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Removal of lindane wastes by advanced electrochemical oxidation

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Removal of lipopolysaccharides from anti-complementary crude polysaccharides of Houttuynia Herba

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Removal of low concentration CH3SH with regenerable Cu-doped mesoporous silica

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Removal of macro-pollutants in oily wastewater obtained from soil remediation plant using electro-oxidation process

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Removal of malachite green from aqueous solution using pulverized teak leaf litter: equilibrium, kinetic and thermodynamic studies

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Removal of matrix-bound zoledronate prevents post-extraction osteonecrosis of the jaw by rescuing osteoclast function

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Removal of Maxillary Sinus Antrolith and Concomitant Intrasinus Augmentation

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Removal of MCs by Bi2O2CO3: adsorption and the potential of photocatalytic degradation

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Removal of mercury from contaminated saline wasters using dithiocarbamate functionalized-magnetic nanocomposite

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Removal of Mercury(II) From Contaminated Water by Gold-Functionalized Fe3O4 Magnetic Nanoparticles

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Removal of metals and phosphorus recovery from urban anaerobically digested sludge by electro-Fenton treatment

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Removal of metal(oid)s from contaminated water using iron-coated peat sorbent

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Removal of metals from industrial wastewater and urban runoff by mineral and bio-based sorbents

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Removal of methylene blue dye from aqueous solution using immobilized Agrobacterium fabrum biomass along with iron oxide nanoparticles as biosorbent

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Removal of methylene blue from aqueous solution by modified bamboo hydrochar

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Removal of metronidazole by TiO2 and ZnO photocatalysis: a comprehensive comparison of process optimization and transformation products

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Removal of micropollutants by fresh and colonized magnetic powdered activated carbon

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Removal of migrated biliary stent by use of an enteral stent in a patient with gastric outlet obstruction caused by nonresectable pancreatic adenocarcinoma with prior loop gastrojejunostomy

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Removal of millimeter-scale rolled edges using bevel-cut-like tool influence function in magnetorheological jet polishing

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Removal of molybdenum(VI) from aqueous solutions using nano zero-valent iron supported on biochar enhanced by cetyl-trimethyl ammonium bromide: adsorption kinetic, isotherm and mechanism studies

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Removal of monoethylene glycol from wastewater by using Zr-metal organic frameworks

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Removal of multiple nitrosamines from aqueous solution by nanoscale zero-valent iron supported on granular activated carbon: Influencing factors and reaction mechanism

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Removal of muscular artifacts in EEG signals: a comparison of linear decomposition methods

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Removal of Nasogastric Tube Accidentally Stitched to Roux-en-Y Oesophagojejunostomy Following a Radical Gastrectomy for Stomach Cancer: Case report and review of the literature

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Removal of Nerve Agent Simulants from Water using Light-Responsive Molecular Baskets

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Removal of Ni (II) and microbial dynamics in single-chamber microbial electrolysis cell

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Removal of nickel from aqueous solution using supported zeolite-Y hollow fiber membranes

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Removal of nitrate from water by acid-washed zero-valent iron/ferrous ion/hydrogen peroxide: influencing factors and reaction mechanism

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Removal of Nitrate in Simulated Water at Low Temperature by a Novel Psychrotrophic and Aerobic Bacterium, Pseudomonas taiwanensis Strain J

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Removal of Nitrogen from Alcohol Wastewater by PN-ANAMMOX

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Removal of Nitrogen in Municipal Secondary Effluent by a Vertical Flow Constructed Wetland Associated with Iron-carbon Internal Electrolysis

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Removal of Noninfected Arteriovenous Fistulae after Kidney Transplantation is a Safe and Beneficial Management Strategy for Unused Dialysis Access

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Removal of non-point source pollutants from domestic sewage and agricultural runoff by vegetated drainage ditches (VDDs): Design, mechanism, management strategies, and future directions

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Removal of non-structural components from poplar whole-tree chips to enhance hydrolysis and fermentation performance

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Removal of Nonylphenol by using Fe-doped NaBiO3 compound as an efficient visible-light-heterogeneous Fenton-like catalyst

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Removal of norfloxacin in deionized, municipal water and urine using rice (Oryza sativa) and coffee (Coffea arabica) husk wastes as natural adsorbents

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Removal of Odorants in Drinking Water Using VUV/Persulfate

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Removal of odorous compounds emitted from a food-waste composting facility in Korea using a pilot-scale scrubber

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Removal of off-flavour-causing precursors in soy protein by concurrent treatment with phospholipase A2 and cyclodextrins

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Removal of organic compounds from shale gas flowback water

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Removal of Organic Matter from Water by Chemical Preoxidation Coupled with Biogenic Manganese Oxidation

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Removal of organic matter of electrodialysis reversal brine from a petroleum refinery wastewater reclamation plant by UV and UV/H202 process

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Removal of organochlorine pesticides from lindane production wastes by electrochemical oxidation

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Removal of ozonation products of pharmaceuticals in laboratory Moving Bed Biofilm Reactors (MBBRs)

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Removal of Pb(II) ions from aqueous media using epichlorohydrin crosslinked chitosan schiff's base@Fe3O4 (ECCSB@Fe3O4)

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Removal of Pb(II) from aqueous solutions using waste textiles/poly(acrylic acid) composite synthesized by radical polymerization technique

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Removal of Pb(II) from wastewater using Al2O3-NaA zeolite composite hollow fiber membranes synthesized from solid waste coal fly ash

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Removal of PCDD/Fs, PCP and mercury from sediments: Thermal oxidation versus pyrolysis

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Removal of pectoral muscle based on topographic map and shape-shifting silhouette

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Removal of percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tubes in adults using the "cut and push" method: A systematic review

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Removal of perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances in potable reuse systems

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Removal of perfluorooctanoic acid in simulated and natural waters with different electrode materials by electrocoagulation

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Removal of perineuronal nets disrupts recall of a remote fear memory

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Removal of Peritnoeo-venous-atrial shunt thrombus without cardiopulmonary bypass

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Removal of pesticide toxicity by cysteine-capped Ag nanoparticles and study of their adsorption kinetics

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Removal of Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Products (PPCPs) from Municipal Waste Water with Integrated Membrane Systems, MBR-RO/NF

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Removal of pharmaceutical compounds from urban wastewater by an advanced bio-oxidation process based on fungi Trametes versicolor immobilized in a continuous RBC system

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Removal of pharmaceutical compounds in water and wastewater using fungal oxidoreductase enzymes

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Removal of pharmaceutically active compounds from synthetic and real aqueous mixtures and simultaneous disinfection by supported TiO2/UV-A, H2O2/UV-A, and TiO2/H2O2/UV-A processes

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Removal of pharmaceutical pollutants from synthetic wastewater using chemically modified biomass of green alga Scenedesmus obliquus

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Removal of pharmaceuticals in urban wastewater: High rate algae pond (HRAP) based technologies as an alternative to activated sludge based processes

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Removal of pharmaceuticals, perfluoroalkyl substances and other micropollutants from wastewater using lignite, Xylit, sand, granular activated carbon (GAC) and GAC+Polonite® in column tests - Role of physicochemical properties

Anonymous, 2018:
Removal of Plaster-Of-Paris Bandages

Zolfaghari, M.; Dia, O.; Klai, N.; Drogui, P.; Brar, S.Kaur.; Buelna, G.; Dubé, R., 2018:
Removal of Pollutants in Different Landfill Leachate Treatment Processes on the Basis of Organic Matter Fractionation

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Removal of Polyacrylamide Gel (Aquamid®) from the Lip as a Solution for Late-Onset Complications: Our 8-Year Experience

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Removal of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons by Extensive Green Roofs

Funada, M.; Nakano, T.; Moriwaki, H., 2018:
Removal of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from soil using a composite material containing iron and activated carbon in the freeze-dried calcium alginate matrix: Novel soil cleanup technique

Anonymous, 2018:
Removal of Portions of Three Dorsal Vertebræ for Paralysis from Fracture

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Removal of precursors and disinfection by-products (DBPs) by membrane filtration from water; a review

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Removal of precursors of typical nitrogenous disinfection byproducts in ozonation integrated with biological activated carbon (O3/BAC)

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Removal of Pre-Existing Periodontal Inflammatory Condition before Tooth Extraction Ameliorates Medication-Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw (MRONJ)-Like Lesion in Mice

Martín, J.; Orta, Mía.Del.Mar.; Medina-Carrasco, S.; Santos, J.Luis.; Aparicio, I.; Alonso, E., 2018:
Removal of priority and emerging pollutants from aqueous media by adsorption onto synthetic organo-funtionalized high-charge swelling micas

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Removal of Procalcitonin and Selected Cytokines during Continuous Veno-Venous Hemodialysis Using High Cutoff Hemofilters in Patients with Sepsis and Acute Kidney Injury

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Removal of Procion Red dye from colored effluents using H2SO4-/HNO3-treated avocado shells (Persea americana) as adsorbent

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Removal of prometryn from hydroponic media using marsh pennywort (Hydrocotyle vulgaris L.)

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Removal of Reactive Black 5 dye from aqueous solutions by coupled electrocoagulation and bio-adsorbent process

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Removal of reflections in LWIR image with polarization characteristics

Zhang, A.; Gu, Z.; Chen, W.; Li, Q.; Jiang, G., 2018:
Removal of refractory organic pollutants in reverse-osmosis concentrated leachate by Microwave-Fenton process

Zhou, H.; Lv, P.; Qi, H.; Ma, J.; Wang, J., 2018:
Removal of residual functionalized ionic liquids from water by ultrasound assisted zero-valent iron activated carbon

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Removal of Retained Electrospinning Solvent Prolongs Drug Release from Electrospun PLLA Fibers

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Removal of retained products of conception showing marked vascularity without uterine artery embolization: Two case reports

Stoffelns, B.M.; Laspas, P., 2018:
Removal of Retained Subfoveal Perfluorocarbon Liquid Through a Therapeutic Macular Hole

Li, Z.; Potter, N.; Rasmussen, J.; Weng, J.; Lv, G., 2018:
Removal of rhodamine 6G with different types of clay minerals

Jinisha, R.; Gandhimathi, R.; Ramesh, S.T.; Nidheesh, P.V.; Velmathi, S., 2018:
Removal of rhodamine B dye from aqueous solution by electro-Fenton process using iron-doped mesoporous silica as a heterogeneous catalyst

Silveira, S.B.; Alves, Fávio.R.F.; Marceliano-Alves, Mília.F.; Sousa, Júlio.Cézar.N.; Vieira, V.T.L.; Siqueira, Jé.F.; Lopes, Hélio.P.; Provenzano, Jé.C., 2017:
Removal of Root Canal Fillings in Curved Canals Using Either Mani GPR or HyFlex NT Followed by Passive Ultrasonic Irrigation

Kottemann, M.C.; Conti, B.A.; Lach, F.P.; Smogorzewska, A., 2018:
Removal of RTF2 from Stalled Replisomes Promotes Maintenance of Genome Integrity

Mohamed, F.; Abukhadra, M.R.; Shaban, M., 2018:
Removal of safranin dye from water using polypyrrole nanofiber/Zn-Fe layered double hydroxide nanocomposite (Ppy NF/Zn-Fe LDH) of enhanced adsorption and photocatalytic properties

Park, S.; Lee, W., 2018:
Removal of selected pharmaceuticals and personal care products in reclaimed water during simulated managed aquifer recharge

Liu, J.; Taylor, J.C.; Baldwin, S.A., 2018:
Removal of selenate from brine using anaerobic bacteria and zero valent iron

Zhou, C.; Huang, J-Chen.; Liu, F.; He, S.; Zhou, W., 2018:
Removal of selenium containing algae by the bivalve Sinanodonta woodiana and the potential risk to human health

Jowett, C.; Solntseva, I.; Wu, L.; James, C.; Glasauer, S., 2019:
Removal of sewage phosphorus by adsorption and mineral precipitation, with recovery as a fertilizing soil amendment

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Removal of sialic acid from bull sperm decreases motility and mucus penetration ability but increases zona pellucida binding and polyspermic penetration in vitro

Hu, C-Ling.; Peng, K-Ling., 2018:
Removal of silicone oil droplets adhering to the posterior surface of an intraocular lens (IOL)

Chatterjee, S.Deep.; Ubbink, M.; van Ingen, H., 2018:
Removal of slow-pulsing artifacts in in-phase 15N relaxation dispersion experiments using broadband 1H decoupling

Kim, J.; Kim, D.; Gwon, Y.Jin.; Lee, K-Woo.; Lee, T.Seung., 2018:
Removal of Sodium Dodecylbenzenesulfonate by Macroporous Adsorbent Resins

Chacko, A.G.; Chacko, G.; Chandy, M.J., 2018:
Removal of sphenoidal aspergilloma enroute to sellar macroprolactinoma

Harm, S.; Schildböck, C.; Hartmann, J., 2018:
Removal of stabilizers from human serum albumin by adsorbents and dialysis used in blood purification

Tagliavini, M.; Schäfer, A.I., 2018:
Removal of steroid micropollutants by polymer-based spherical activated carbon (PBSAC) assisted membrane filtration

Nakhla, S.; Hussein, A.A.; Brunner, M.P.; Wazni, O.; Wilkoff, B.L.; Tarakji, K.G., 2018:
Removal of subcutaneous defibrillator shocking coils: Lessons to learn for future extraction of subcutaneous defibrillator systems

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Removal of subfoveal perfluorocarbon liquid: Report of 3 cases

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Removal of the Alveolar Processes of Both Jaws

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Removal of the cecum affects intestinal fermentation, enteric bacterial community structure, and acute colitis in mice

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Removal of the commercial pesticides Novadim Progress, Bordeaux mixture and Karate Zeon by pullulan derivatives based flocculants

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Removal of the C-Terminal Domains of ADAMTS13 by Activated Coagulation Factor XI induces Platelet Adhesion on Endothelial Cells under Flow Conditions

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Removal of the Fe(iii) site promotes activation of the human cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator by high-affinity Zn(ii) binding

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Removal of the Residual Roots Displaced Into the Maxillary Sinus via Endoscopy

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Removal of the Uterine Appendages for Disease, with Twenty-Three Cases

Anonymous, 2018:
Removal of the Uterus for "Unavoidable Hæmorrhage"

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Removal treatments alter the recruitment dynamics of a global marine invader - Implications for management feasibility

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Removing air bubbles from a 1-ml syringe

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Removing antimony from waste lead storage batteries alloy by vacuum displacement reaction technology

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Removing a sick patient to hospital

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Removing barriers to a clinical pharmacogenetics service

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Removing Carious Tissue: Why and How?

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Removing ERISA's Impediment to State Health Reform

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Removing large rectal polyps: when the whole may be greater than the sum of its parts

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Removing mercury, protecting people's health

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Removing ovaries at hysterectomy

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Removing Practice Barriers

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Removing risk from safe motherhood

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Removing the Barriers from the Path to Eliminate Hepatitis C

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Removing the blindfold on medicines pricing

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Removing the Incarcerated Tunneled Cuffed Venous Catheters: An Experience from a Single Center

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Removing the urinary catheter on post-operative day 2 after robot-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy: a feasibility study from a single high-volume referral centre

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Removing Typical Odorants in Drinking Water by Vacuum Ultraviolet Combined with Chlorine

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Removing Unwanted Background Phase with a Reference Phantom for Applications in Susceptibility Quantification

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Removing user fees to improve access to caesarean delivery: a quasi-experimental evaluation in western Africa

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Removing volatile organic compounds in cooking fume by nano-sized TiO2 photocatalytic reaction combined with ozone oxidation technique

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Remplissage Versus Modified Latarjet for Off-Track Hill-Sachs Lesions With Subcritical Glenoid Bone Loss

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RemScan: A tool for monitoring the bioremediation of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons in contaminated soil

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Re. Multivessel Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in Patients With ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction with Cardiogenic Shock

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Remuneration of General Practitioners

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Remyelination in the medulla oblongata of adult mouse brain during experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis

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Renaissance of pyridine-oxazolines as chiral ligands for asymmetric catalysis

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Renaissance of Sandmeyer-Type Reactions: Conversion of Aromatic C-N Bonds into C-X Bonds (X = B, Sn, P, or CF3)

Anonymous, 2018:

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Spence, R.A.J.; Patterson, T.J.; Currie, P.; Convie, L.; Tong, L.; Brown, T.; Spence, R.A.J., 2018:
Renal failure parathyroidectomy - Is pre-operative imaging worthwhile?

Abadie, M.E.; Strich, J.R.; Kim, T.; Xie, Y.L.; Fennelly, K.P.; Olivier, K.N.; Waldman, M.; Arora, K.; Holland, S.M.; Chen, R.Y., 2018:
Renal Fanconi syndrome with meropenem/amoxicillin-clavulanate during treatment of extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis

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