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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 65479

Chapter 65479 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Huang, Y.; Feng, G.; Liu, L.; Li, T.; Liu, H.; Song, Y., 2018:
Research progress of microRNA and its non-viral vector in intervertebral disc degeneration

Zhang, M.; He, J.; Bi, F.; Liu, M., 2018:
Research Progress of microRNA Influences on Colorectal Cancer

Gou, R.Y.; Wang, F.; Dong, X.Y., 2018:
Research progress of microRNA in Kawasaki disease

Ji, Q.; Xu, Y.; Wang, Y., 2016:

Zhao, L.; Zhou, Q-Xia.; Wang, S.; Yan, H.; Wang, X-Er.; Fan, F.; Huang, F-Jun., 2018:
Research progress of mitochondrial fission and fusion related proteins

Zhang, J.; Zhou, T.; Lu, H.; Wang, H., 2018:
Research Progress of Multi-Model Medical Image Fusion at Feature Level

Yang, X-liang.; Chen, Y-jun.; Hu, G-yun.; Li, Q-bin., 2018:
Research progress of NADPH oxidases and their inhibitors

He, Y.X.; Zhu, Y.; Yang, L.J.; Wang, F., 2018:
Research progress of NDRG1 in molecular mechanism of tumor invasion and metastasis

Chen, S.; Liu, T.; Wu, Y.; Wang, P.; Liu, Y.; Wang, X., 2018 :
Research progress of neoadjuvant therapy for locally advanced rectal cancer

Zheng, X.; Chen, X.; Chen, Z.; Qing, H.; Deng, Y.; Zhong, R.; Guo, M., 2018:
Research progress of neurobiological function of 1-methyl-6,7-dihydroxy-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroisoquinoline

Qiao, Y.; Huang, N.; Wu, Y.; Chen, Y.; Wang, L., 2018:
Research progress of non-biological meshes for breast reconstruction

Chen, G.; Wei, J.; Lyu, X., 2018:
Research progress of nuclear factor-erythroid 2 related factor 2 in acute lung injury

Wang, X.G.; Wang, X.J.; Zhang, C., 2018:
Research progress of occupational contact dermatitis

Wang, X.; Xu, K.; Zeng, Q., 2018:
Research progress of occupational health risk assessment methods in dust workplace

Liu, Z.Y.; Chen, Y.Y., 2018:
Research progress of ocular sustained-release corticosteroid delivery systems

Sun, J.; Fan, L.H.; Liu, X.; Chen, F., 2018:
Research Progress of Olfactory Event-related Potential and Its Forensic Application

Li, J.; Wang, M.; Peng, C.; Bei, C., 2018:
Research progress of P75 neurotrophin receptor and new idea of nonunion treatment

Yang, H.; Zhou, C.; Song, Y., 2016:
Research Progress of Pathogenesis Mechanism of Spinal Deformity in Neurofibromatosis Type 1

Xiao, Z.; Lin, D., 2018 :
Research Progress of Pathology of Endochondral Ossification in Osteoarthritis

Chen, J.; Li, W., 2018:
Research progress of pedicled flaps for defect repair and reconstruction after head and neck tumor resection

Wei, C.; Zhang, Y.; Pokhrel, G.; Liu, X.; Gan, J.; Yu, X.; Ye, Z.; Wang, S., 2018:
Research progress of percutaneous nephrolithotomy

Zuo, Z-Yan.; Zhan, S-Yu.; Huang, X.; Ding, B-Yue.; Liu, Y-Qian.; Ruan, Y-Er.; Jiang, N-Hua., 2017:
Research progress of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of total glucosides of peony in hepatoprotective effects

Li, X-Qing.; Geng, T.; Huang, W-Zhe.; Wang, Z-Zhong.; Xiao, W., 2018:
Research progress of platelet activating factor(PAF) receptor antagonist

Yang, X-Wei.; Grossman, R.B.; Xu, G., 2018:
Research Progress of Polycyclic Polyprenylated Acylphloroglucinols

Ding, X.; Liu, X.; Chen, J.; Chen, S., 2018:
Research progress of porous tantalum in bone tissue engineering

Long, N.; He, S.; Wu, S.; Huang, F., 2018:
Research progress of posteromedial rotatory instability of the elbow

Gao, M.; Yang, G.; Bao, J., 2018:
Research progress of producing genetically modified pigs by CRISPR/Cas9 in the medical field

Ye, M.; Pan, W.; Yang, X.; Zhang, X., 2018:
Research Progress of Progesterone Preparations: A Mini Review

Xing, Z-Hua.; Ma, Y-Chang.; Li, X-Ping.; Zhang, B.; Zhang, M-di., 2017:
Research progress of puerarin and its derivatives on anti-inflammatory and anti-gout activities

Wang, X-yi.; Zhang, Z-rong., 2016:
Research progress of pyrilamine-sensitive H~+/OC antiporter

Ni, L.; Zhang, F.; Luan, S., 2018:
Research progress of pyrolysis combined with ion chromatography

Wang, W-Ting.; Zhang, H.; Yuan, Y.; Guo, Y.; He, S-Xin., 2018:
Research Progress of Raman Spectroscopy in Drug Analysis

Tian, X.; Zhang, Y., 2018:
Research Progress of Raman Spectroscopy in the Diagnosis of Early Lung Cancer

Chen, Q.; Ma, L.; Yang, X.; Liu, L.; Song, Y., 2016:
Research Progress of Regulation Effect of Hypoxia Inducible Factor on Intervertebral Disc

Chen, C.; Zhang, X.; Yang, L.; Lu, Y., 2018:
Research Progress of Regulation of Hypoxia-mediated Signaling Pathways on Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition of Tumor Cells

Lin, Y.; Li, T.; Xiong, Y.; Li, J.; Fu, W., 2018:
Research progress of rehabilitation after autologous chondrocyte implantation on knee

Han, J-yin.; Yi, Y.; Liang, A-hua.; Zhang, Y-shi.; Li, C-ying.; Wang, L-mei.; Pan, C.; Zhao, Y., 2016:
Research progress of Rho/ROCK signal pathway

He, C.; Liu, S.; Li, S.; Zhang, B.; Zheng, J., 2018:
Research progress of sacral neuromodulation procedure in the treatment of chronic constipation and fecal incontinence

Su, Q.; Yu, G.Y., 2018:
Research progress of salivary glands mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma

Hui, M.; Jian, Z.; Peiyuan, Z.; Zhenwei, W.; Huibin, Z., 2018:
Research progress of selective small molecule bromodomain-containing protein 9 inhibitors

Zhang, T.; Yang, R.; Yang, S.; Guan, J.; Zhang, D.; Ma, Y.; Liu, H., 2018:
Research progress of self-assembled nanogel and hybrid hydrogel systems based on pullulan derivatives

Zeng, S.; Lin, J.; Zhang, W., 2018:
Research progress of sepsis-induced acute kidney injury

Gao, S.; Li, R.; Tian, H., 2018:
Research progress of Shenshu (BL 23)

Wu, Y.; Guo, W.Y., 2018:
Research progress of Sturge-Weber syndrome induced glaucoma

Zheng, D.; Yin, K.; Zheng, J.J.; Zhou, N.; Liu, Y.; Fu, X.; Cheng, J.D., 2018:
Research Progress of Sudden Cardiac Death in Forensic Medicine

Yao, J.; Ding, H., 2016:
Research Progress of Supercapsular Percutaneously Assisted Total Hip in Minimally Invasive Total Hip Arthroplasty

Tong, J.; Dong, Z., 2016:
Research Progress of Surgical Procedures for Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

Shang, Z.; Li, Y., 2016:
Research Progress of Surgical Selection of Fusion Levels for Degenerative Scoliosis

Gao, Y.; Ou, Y.; Quan, Z.; Jiang, D., 2018:
Research progress of surgical treatment of thoracolumbar spinal tuberculosis

Feng, P.; Luo, R-Jian., 2018:
Research progress of the bitter taste receptor genes in primates

Zhang, N.; Deng, J., 2018:
Research progress of the clinically uncommon gastric carcinoma

Wu, F.Y.; Gai, L.L.; Kong, X.P.; Hao, B.; Huang, E.W.; Shi, H.; Sheng, L.H.; Quan, L.; Liu, S.P.; Luo, B., 2018:
Research Progress of the Correlation between Caveolin and Unexpected Sudden Cardiac Death

Chen, L.; Lu, Y.X., 2018:
Research Progress of the Death Caused by Insulin Intoxication

Liu, Q.; Chen, F.; Wang, L.; Zhang, Y., 2018:
Research progress of the donor factors and experimental factors affecting adipogenic differentiation of adipose derived stem cells

Tan, S.L.; Chen, J.M.; Wang, M.; Zhou, S.; Xia, W.T., 2018:
Research Progress of the Effects of Monocular Visual Impairment on Binocular Vision

Zhang, H.Hao.; Liu, Z.Guo.; Gong, Y.Hui.; Diao, Q.Yun., 2018:
Research progress of the interaction between Apis mellifera and Varroa destructor mediated by pheromones

Gao, B-Cong.; Chen, Q.; Sun, T.; Wang, D-Ming.; Xiao, J., 2018:
Research progress of the relationship between liver X receptor and inflammatory-related diseases

Ma, Y.; Jiang, J.; Gao, Y.; Shi, T.; Zhu, X.; Zhang, K.; Lu, K.; Xue, B., 2018:
Research progress of the relationship between pyroptosis and disease

Wu, Y.D.; Zhang, L.Y.; Cheng, J.D., 2018:
Research Progress of the Relationship between SUNDS and OSAHS

Ye, Y.; Li, R.B.; Ma, S.Y.; Wei, X.T.; Xu, Q., 2018:
Research Progress of the Relationship between the Expression of TAR DNA-binding Domain Protein 43 and Brain Injury

Fu, F.; Zhang, K., 2018:
Research progress of the role of periosteum in distraction osteogenesis

Zhang, Q.; Li, G.; Wu, L., 2018:
Research progress of the treatment of congenital long QT syndrome type 3

Lu, Q.; Yu, B., 2016:
Research Progress of Three-Dimensional Printing Technique for Spinal Implants

Wei, D.; Li, C.; Xu, Y., 2018:
Research progress of three-dimensional printing technique in foot and ankle surgery

Yao, F.; Lin, R., 2018:
Research progress of three-dimensional printing technology in liver surgery and hepatotoxicity evaluation

Zhao, M-Ming.; Gu, R.; Fan, J-Yu.; Zeng, Y.; Cao, Y.; Wang, W-Qian.; Zhong, S-Hong.; Mi, P., 2018:
Research progress of Tibetan medicine "Zha-xun"

Jiang, Q.Z.; Yong, X.Z.; Zhou, Y.X.; Tao, R.C., 2018:
Research progress of topical treatment of oral chronic graft versus host disease: a review

He, Y.W.; Zeng, X.F.; Yan, W.; Li, Y.; Song, T.Z.; Huang, J.; Duan, T.L.; Li, L.; Li, Z., 2018:
Research Progress of Traffic Accident Reconstruction Technology Based on PC-Crash Software

Huang, G.J.; Luo, M.S.; Zhang, J.X.; Zhu, C.M.; Liu, Y.H.; Zhang, H.B., 2018:
Research progress of transoral robotic surgery in oropharyngeal cancer

Anonymous, 2018:
Research progress of treatment of myocardial infarction using angiogenesis factor

Zhou, R.; Li, L.; Liu, X.; Du, G-hua., 2016:
Research progress of urotensin Ⅱ and urotensin Ⅱ receptor

Anonymous, 2018:
Research progress of vascular pulsatile tinnitus

Duan, W.C.; Lan, L.M.; Guo, Y.D.; Zha, L.; Yan, J.; Ding, Y.J.; Cai, J.F., 2018:
Research Progress of Vitreous Humor Detection Technique on Estimation of Postmortem Interval

Hu, X.F.; Ding, Y.P., 2018:
Research progress of xerostomia assessment tools

He, Y.W.; Zhao, X.Y.; Jia, P.L.; Zhou, Y.Q.; Li, Z.; Zeng, X.F.; Li, L., 2018:
Research Progress of Yunnan Unexplained Sudden Death

Wang, J.; Zhang, K.Xiang.; Lu, G.Zhen.; Zhao, X.Hui., 2018:
Research progress on 5hmC and TET dioxygenases in neurodevelopment and neurological diseases

Ding, B.F.; Shao, L.; Zhang, R.S.; Liang, C.; Zhang, Y.R., 2018:
Research Progress on Abused Drugs Metabolic in vivo

Yue, Q-xi.; Yu, H.; He, T.; Yu, H-qing., 2018:
Research progress on anti-cancer mechanisms of arsenic trioxide and artemisinin

Zhou, J.; Cai, H.; Duan, Y.; Pei, K.; Fan, K-Lei.; Xu, Y-Yang.; Zhao, J-Yu.; Liu, J., 2018:
Research progress on antidepressant effects of Sini San based on three progressive levels of "single herb, herb-pair, and complicated Chinese herbal formula"

Guo, Y-yan.; Luo, L.; Zheng, X-li., 2018:
Research progress on application of DNA barcoding technique in Culicidae taxonomy

Li, J.; Xiao, J.; Zuo, J.; Yang, X., 2018:
Research progress on artificial meniscus implants

Zhou, R.; Liu, Z.; Zhang, Y.N.; Ng, T.Bun.; Liu, F., 2018:
Research Progress on Bioactive Proteins from Edible Mushrooms

Wang, J.W.; Huang, J.; Li, Z.D.; Zou, D.H.; Li, Z.; Wang, J.; Chen, Y.J., 2018:
Research Progress on Biomechanics of Craniocerebral Injury in Children

Deng, Y.; Liu, X.; Duan, K.; Peng, Q., 2018:
Research progress on brucellosis

Yang, L.; Zhao, Y.; Wang, F.; Liu, H.; Li, Q.; Wang, L.; Gao, L., 2018:
Research progress on characteristics and applications of melanin nanoparticles

Yuan, H-Jian.; Li, W.; Jin, J-Ming.; Chen, J-Jing.; Jiang, J.; Wang, H.; Jia, X-Bin.; Feng, L., 2018:
Research progress on chemical constituents, pharmacological mechanism and clinical application of Guizhi decoction

Zhuang, R-Meng.; Cheng, J., 2018:
Research Progress on Chimeric Antigen Receptor T Cells-Review

Zou, C-Cai.; Yan, H-Yan., 2018:
Research progress on chromatographic fingerprint similarity evaluation method for traditional Chinese medicine in the past 30 years(1988-2017)and its prospect

Ding, Q-Wei.; Zhang, J.; Wu, Z-Ting.; Fan, M-Qiang.; Lyu, S-Jie.; Tong, P-Jian., 2018:
Research progress on clinical diagnosis and treatment for external snapping hip

Shi, Y.; Li, Y.X., 2018:
Research progress on cochlear implantation in patients with unilateral deafness

Zhang, B.; Fang, C.; Deng, D.; Xia, L., 2018:
Research progress on common adverse events caused by targeted therapy for colorectal cancer

Shi, J.; Ma, T-Tian.; Liu, H-Sheng., 2018:
Research Progress on Dendritic Cells Combined with Cytokine Induced Killer Cells Immunotherapy for Hematological Malignancies --Review

Zhao, J.; Xu, L.W.; Kang, X.D.; Shi, H.; Liu, C.; Hu, S.L.; Yang, X.Y.; Xu, Q.Y.; Cheng, J.D.; Ai, M., 2018:
Research Progress on Determination of Drowning Site

Li, Y-Yang.; Hu, D-Zhi.; Tian, C., 2018:
Research Progress on Diagnosis and Treatment of B Cell Chronic Lymphoproliferative Disease--Review

Zhang, W.; Zheng, J.L., 2018:
Research Progress on Diagnosis of Drowning

Shao, S.; Hu, Y.; Cheng, J.; Chen, Y., 2018:
Research progress on distribution, migration, transformation of antibiotics and antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs) in aquatic environment

Yang, Q.Qian.; Liu, S.Wen.; Yu, X.Ping., 2018:
Research progress on DNA barcoding analysis methods

Zhou, J.; Xiao, Y., 2018:
Research Progress on EB Virus and Its Related Lymphoma - Review

Liu, J-Xiu.; Chen, W.; Xu, K-Lin., 2018:
Research Progress on Effect of JAK Inhibitors on Myelofibrosis- Review

Tao, L.; Ma, J.L.; Chen, L., 2018:
Research Progress on Estimation of Early Postmortem Interval

Ye, X.W.; Liu, S.S.; Liu, B.L., 2018:
Research progress on etiology and treatment of adolescent lumbar disc herniation

Chen, Z.Yan.; Wu, H.Tao.; Wang, Y.Biao.; Lyu, X.Guo., 2018:
Research progress on food sources and food web structure of wetlands based on stable isotopes

Liu, F.; Dang, Y.H., 2018:
Research Progress on Forensic Dentistry

Zhang, M.; Fan, L.H.; Ran, D.; Xia, Q., 2018:
Research Progress on Function Evaluation Standard and Method of Lower Extremity Impairment

Ohata, M.; Nishiguchi, K., 2018:
Research Progress on Gas to Particle Conversion-Gas Exchange ICP-MS for Direct Analysis of Ultra-trace Metallic Compound Gas

Liu, H.L.; Hong, K., 2018:
Research progress on gender-based differences in inherited ventricular arrhythmias

Huang, J.P.; Yang, F.; Liu, Y.N.; Zou, K.N.; Cao, Y.; Wu, D.; Chen, R.H.; Ping, Y.; Zhou, H.G., 2018:
Research Progress on Gene Alterations of Amelogenin Locus in Gender Identification

Wang, M.; Zhu, B., 2018:
Research progress on genes mutations related to sulfa drug resistance in Pneumocystis jirovecii

Zhao, L.; Yang, X.C., 2018:
Research progress on genetic mechanisms and pathogenic genes screening of dilated cardiomyopathy

Wang, J.; Gu, H., 2018:
Research progress on genotyping of Helicobacter pylori

Wang, H-Wei.; Sun, P.; Chen, Y.; Jiang, L-Ping.; Wu, H-Ping.; Zhang, W.; Gao, F., 2018:
Research progress on human genes involved in the pathogenesis of glaucoma (Review)

Zhang, S.; Hu, S.; Du, S.; Ma, Z., 2018:
Research progress on hyperextension tibial plateau fractures

Luo, W-Wei.; Zhao, H-Ping.; Qi, X-Yan.; Guan, Q.; Liu, J.; Zhang, Z-Zhan.; Li, C-Yi., 2017:
Research progress on identification and quality control of Cervi Cornu Pantotrichum

Li, H-Hu.; Ren, G.; Chen, L-Min.; Zhong, G-Yue., 2018:
Research progress on identification and quality evaluation of glues medicines

Wang, J.J.; Pei, J.C.; Qiu, Y.L., 2018:
Research Progress on Individual Identification Using Forensic Imaging Data under the Influence of Evidence Rule

Jin, Z-Chao.; Cai, Q-Bin.; Zeng, Z-Kui.; Li, D.; Li, Y.; Huang, P-Zhen.; Zheng, X-Hui., 2018 :
Research progress on induced membrane technique for the treatment of segmental bone defect

Rong, L.J.; Zheng, J.; Lang, J.Q.; Meng, C.D., 2018:
Research progress on intralymphatic immunotherapy

Shao, Q.; Fu, R., 2018:
Research progress on long non-coding RNA in multiple myeloma

Anonymous, 2018:
Research progress on lung cancer induced by hexavalent chromium compounds

Li, R.; Wang, S.; Liao, Z.; Liu, W., 2018:
Research progress on mechanical performance evaluation of artificial intervertebral disc

Li, Z.; Zhang, H.; Wang, D.; Chen, X.; Li, S., 2018:
Research progress on mechanism of acupuncture for chronic atrophic gastritis

Wu, W-Lan.; Li, Z-Jie.; Li, J-Bo.; Liang, J., 2017:
Research progress on medicinal values of scorpion venom components

Wu, J.; Yang, L.; Li, Y.; Guo, L., 2018:
Research progress on mesoporous bioactive glass

Zhang, Y-Wen.; Cheng, H.; Cheng, T., 2018:
Research Progress on Metabolic Regulatory Mechanisms of Hematopoietic Stem Cells -Review

Xue, C-Song.; Xu, J.; Li, C-Ping.; Wang, Y.; Liu, M-Chen.; Xia, G-Qing., 2018:
Research progress on metabolism and pharmacological activities of several iridoid glycosides

Liu, A-Fei.; Wang, J-Xia.; Li, F-Lin.; Chen, Y-Jian., 2018 :
Research Progress on miR-125 Family in Malignant Hematologic Diseases-Review

Wei, J-Ping.; Wang, Q-Hong.; Zheng, H-Juan.; Wei, F., 2018:
Research Progress on Non-Drug Treatment for Blood Glucose Control of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Wang, D-Xin.; Sun, F-Gui.; Liu, R.; Li, D-Cheng.; Hu, Y-Tong.; Xu, R-Ming., 2018:
Research progress on pathogenesis of temporary osteoporosis in hip

Li, F.; Cai, M.; Lou, S-Jie., 2016:
Research progress on pathogenesis of vascular cognitive impairment

Liu, Y.; Yao, K.H., 2018:
Research progress on pertussis resurgence

Lyu, C-Yan.; Lyu, S-Wa.; Li, G-Yu.; Kuang, H-Xue., 2018:
Research progress on pharmacological effects of separation and combination methods based on traditional Chinese medicine property and flavor

Liu, J.; Deng, J., 2018:
Research progress on positioning accuracy of acetabulum prosthesis

Yang, M.Z.; Zhang, T.Y.; Li, H.J.; Yang, T.T.; Ding, Z.J.; Liu, Q., 2018:
Research Progress on Postmortem Interval Estimation by Vitreous Humor

Lü, Q.; Gou, Y.; Tian, F.; Zhang, L., 2018:
Research progress on protease-activated receptor 2 in pathogenesis of osteoarthritis

Jiayi, W.; Ruijie, H., 2017:
Research progress on QMix properties in root canal irrigation

Fang, W-Tao.; Deng, A-Ping.; Ren, Z-Li.; Nan, T-Gui.; Kang, L-Ping.; Guo, L-Ping.; Huang, L-Qi.; Zhan, Z-Lai., 2018:
Research progress on quality evaluation of Salviae Miltiorrhizae Radix et Rhizoma(Danshen)

Wang, L-Ran.; Zhao, L-Jun.; Ma, W-Hu., 2018:
Research progress on reatment of unstable atlas fracture with single-segment fixation by transoral approach

Ding, J.; Lu, Y., 2018:
Research progress on receptor interacting proteins in inflammation

Zhao, H-Dong.; Xie, H-Juan.; Li, J.; Ren, C-Ping.; Chen, Y-Xiang., 2018:
Research Progress on Reversing Multidrug Resistance in Tumors by Using Chinese Medicine

Lei, L.; Umar, M.; Li, Z-hong.; Xia, Z-gui.; Xia, S.; Gong, Y-feng.; Xiao, N., 2016:
Research Progress on Risk Assessment of Secondary Transmission of Imported Malaria

Li, J.Z.; Zhang, S., 2018:
Research progress on roles of exosomes in propagation of viral diseases

Gu, L.; Yan, W.; Liu, L.; Wang, S.; Zhang, X.; Lyu, M., 2018:
Research Progress on Rolling Circle Amplification (RCA)-Based Biomedical Sensing

Liu, X.G.; Ma, Q.; Liang, Z.Y., 2018:
Research progress on Setd8 in tumorgenesis and development

Xiang, G.M.; Liu, X.Z.; Niu, Y., 2018:
Research progress on significance of androgen receptor and epidermal growth factor receptor expression in estrogen receptor-negative and progesterone receptor-negative breast cancer

Liu, L.; Zeng, B., 2018:
Research progress on stem cell technology and cardiac regeneration

Ma, H-yao.; He, M.; Wei, M-jie., 2018:
Research progress on targeting effect and regulating mechanisms of the stemness of cancer stem cells

Xv, F.; Chen, J.; Duan, L.; Li, S., 2018:
Research progress on the anticancer effects of vitamin K2

Xu, T.Y.; Zhang, Y.H.; Zhang, J., 2018:
Research progress on the association between intestinal flora and heart failure

Anonymous, 2018:
Research progress on the association between Pin1 and cardiovascular diseases

Zhang, J.Yu.; Lv, S.; Niu, H.Min.; Lei, A.Min., 2018:
Research progress on the asymmetric division in mammalian oocytes

Jiang, H.; Wang, B.Q.; Gao, Z.H.; Song, K.Y., 2018:
Research progress on the changes of emotional and cognitive functions in patients with laryngeal cancer

Huang, Q.Q.; Liu, S.S.; Liang, G.Q., 2018:
Research progress on the clinical significance of sagittal alignment and balance in cervical spine

Nie, Y.C.; Yu, L.J.; Guan, H.; Zhao, Y.; Rong, H.B.; Jiang, B.W.; Zhang, T., 2018:
Research Progress on the Detection Method of DNA Methylation and Its Application in Forensic Science

Di, Y.; Ye, J.J., 2018:
Research progress on the diagnosis and treatment of acute retinal necrosis

Zhu, H.; Zhang, X.; He, Y.; Yu, L.; Lü, Y.; Pan, K.; Wang, B.; Chen, G., 2018:
Research progress on the donor cell sources of pancreatic islet transplantation for treatment of diabetes mellitus

Li, R.; Hou, X.Qing.; Wang, X.Min.; Jia, Z.Kuan.; Han, Q.Fang., 2016:
Research progress on the dual-mulching of ridge and furrow technology in dry farming regions of northern China: A review

Chen, Y.L.; Li, J.; Yang, S.B., 2018:
Research progress on the effects of noise exposure on reproductive health

Men, Y-Xun.; Zhao, Y-Liang.; Cheng, X-Yun.; Cao, W-Quan.; Wang, G.; Yang, Z-Quan., 2018:
Research progress on the effects of the tensile strain stimulation on proliferation differention and pericellular matrix of cartilage

Wang, H-Lan.; Liu, B-Shan., 2018:
Research Progress on the Establishment of Animal Model with Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura - Review

Cui, L-Hua., 2018:
Research progress on the etiology and treatment of patellofemoral pain syndrome

Yin, S.K.; Feng, Y.M., 2016:
Research progress on the etiology of bilateral sudden deafness

Wang, J.; Li, W.; Zheng, X.; Pang, X.; Du, G., 2018:
Research progress on the forkhead box C1

Ma, C-xu.; Wang, H-wei.; Yang, Y-xuan., 2018:
Research Progress on the Genomics of Taenia solium and Candidate Vaccines for Cysticercosis

Zhang, C.; Yu, L.; Zhang, Y., 2018:
Research progress on the genus Microlunatus

Ni, J.; Tang, Q.Z., 2018 :
Research progress on the impact of ketone body metabolism on cardiovascular diseases

Zhang, Z.Y.; Qian, L.L.; Zheng, J., 2018:
Research progress on the impact of renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system on large-conductance calcium-activated potassium channels

Yu, F.Q.; Ma, D.X.; Liu, S.F., 2018:
Research progress on the injurious effects of ionizing radiation on human eyes

Fu, Y.; Liu, W-Jun., 2018:
Research Progress on the Laboratory Diagnosis for Thalassemia -Review

Yang, D.; Fan, D.Yong.; Xie, Z.Qiang.; Zhang, A.Ying.; Xiong, G.Ming.; Zhao, C.Ming.; Xu, W.Ting., 2016:
Research progress on the mechanisms and influence factors of nitrogen retention and transformation in riparian ecosystems

Gong, Q-long.; Wang, C-feng.; Yang, G-lian., 2018:
Research Progress on the Mechanisms of Impediment of Blood Coagulation in Host by Adult Schistosomes

Tang, H.; Zhang, J.; Guo, Q., 2018:
Research progress on the regulation of tumor initiation and development by the forkhead box Q1 gene

Wanhong, W.; Changchang, Y.; Ping, H., 2017:
Research progress on the relationship and mechanisms between periodontal disease and preterm birth and low-birth-weight infants

Zhu, Y.; Xian, X.; Wang, Z.; Bi, Y.; Chen, Q.; Han, X.; Tang, D.; Chen, R., 2018:
Research Progress on the Relationship between Atherosclerosis and Inflammation

Liu, D.M.; Cui, W., 2018:
Research progress on the relationship between autophagy and vascular smooth muscle cells

Lai, J.; Akindavyi, G.; Fu, Q.; Li, Z-Liang.; Wang, H-Min.; Wen, L-Hua., 2018:
Research Progress on the Relationship between Coronary Artery Calcification and Chronic Renal Failure

Fan, K.X.; Qi, X.M.; Qiao, H., 2018:
Research progress on the relationship between gut microbiota and sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome

Li, B-Lei.; Cheng, L.; Zhou, X-Dong.; Peng, X., 2018:
Research progress on the relationship between oral microbes and digestive system diseases

Shen, T.; Yang, P.L.; Akehu, A., 2018:
Research progress on the relationship between sarcopenia and cardiovascular diseases

Yun, Y.; Wuchao, W.; Yafei, W.; Lei, Z., 2018:
Research progress on the relationship between triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cells 1 and 2 and malignant tumors

Anonymous, 2018:
Research progress on the role of exosomes in myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury

Talpur, H.S.; Chandio, I.B.; Brohi, R.D.; Worku, T.; Rehman, Z.; Bhattarai, D.; Ullah, F.; JiaJia, L.; Yang, L., 2018:
Research progress on the role of melatonin and its receptors in animal reproduction: A comprehensive review

Anonymous, 2018:
Research progress on the role of microRNAs in pulmonary hypertension

Gu, Z.X.; Zhang, Y.; Dou, Z.X.; Zhao, S.Z., 2018:
Research progress on the role of NLRP3 inflammasome in ocular diseases

Lin, Y.; Gao, Q-Ping.; Ye, B-Xin., 2018:
Research Progress on the Role of Pyroptosis in the Pathogenesis of Myelodysplastic Syndrome -Review

Anonymous, 2018:
Research progress on the role of regulators of G-protein signaling in the pathogenesis of myocardial hypertrophy

Yang, J.; Qin, Z-qiang.; Xu, J.; Qian, Y-jun.; Zhou, D-ming., 2018:
Research Progress on the Role of Small Non-coding RNA in Schistosoma Infection

Xu, P.; Gu, Q.; Zhang, M., 2018:
Research progress on the role of Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway in disease and its regulatory mechanism

Yang, R.; Chen, Y.; Ma, C.; Wang, H.; Wang, S., 2018:
Research progress on the technique and materials for three-dimensional bio-printing

Jinmei, Z.; Lei, Z.; Yafei, W., 2017:
Research progress on the type Ⅸ secretion system of Porphyromonas gingivalis

Jia, D.; Zhou, Q.; Deng, Q., 2018:
Research progress on three-dimensional printing of cardiovascular in vitro functional flow models

Li, Y-Xing.; Zhang, H., 2018:
Research progress on total ankle replacement

Ji, J-Jun.; Yang, Z-Quan.; Zhao, Y-Liang.; Tan, L., 2018:
Research progress on tranexamic acid application strategy in total knee arthroplasty

Jiang, Y-Ju.; Wu, L-Guo., 2018:
Research progress on wear particles and periprosthetic osteolysis after artificial joint replacement

Li, Y.Yuan.; Wang, Z.Li., 2016 :
Research progress on wind erosion control with polyacrylamide (PAM)

Li, F.; Jiang, X.; Shao, Z.; Zhu, D.; Luo, Z., 2018:
Research Progress Regarding Interfacial Characteristics and the Strengthening Mechanisms of Titanium Alloy/Hydroxyapatite Composites

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Research Project Evaluation-Learnings from the PATHWAYS Project Experience

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Research project supports the emotional wellbeing of young fathers during the perinatal journey in parenthood

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Research Project Takes Personal Turn For Phoenix Symphony

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Research protocol: Cisplatin-associated ototoxicity amongst patients receiving cancer chemotherapy and the feasibility of an audiological monitoring program

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Research protocol for the Picture Talk Project: a qualitative study on research and consent with remote Australian Aboriginal communities

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Research protocol: investigating the feasibility of a group self-management intervention for stroke (the GUSTO study)

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Research protocol: The initiation, design and establishment of the Global Angelman Syndrome Registry

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Research Questions and Outcomes Prioritized by Patients With Dry Eye

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Research Ranking of Iranian Universities of Medical Sciences Based on International Indicators: An Experience From I.R. of Iran

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Research Records as They Stand To-Day

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Research, Research, Otherwise We Are lost!

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Research resource environment in Canada. Gathering knowledge in advance to inform chiropractic research priorities

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Research Review: Intergenerational transmission of disadvantage: epigenetics and parents' childhoods as the first exposure

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Research Review: Test-retest reliability of standardized diagnostic interviews to assess child and adolescent psychiatric disorders: a systematic review and meta-analysis

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Sci-Hub provides access to nearly all scholarly literature

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Research site mentoring: A novel approach to improving study recruitment

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Research sponsors who fail to report results to be named and shamed

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Research status and application prospect of mesenchymal stem cells in hematological diseases

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Research status and challenges of vocal cord leukoplakia

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Research status and progress of biomaterials for bone repair and reconstruction

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Research Status of Application of Gold Nanoparticles in Medical Biotechnology

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Research status of Schistosoma transcription factors

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Research status of Periplaneta americana with analyses and prospects of key issues

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Research status of rhoptry protein of Toxoplasma gondii and its nucleic acid vaccine

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Research status of the effect mechanism on catgut-point embedding therapy

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Research Status of the Skeletalre Construction of Chest Wall

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Research status of tooth preparation quantitative guide technique

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Research status of vestibular migraine

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Research Status on Off-label Use in Appraisal for Medical Malpractice

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Research Strategies for Biomedical and Health Informatics

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Research strategies for feed additives and veterinary medicines from side products of Chinese medicine resources industrialization

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Research Strategies for Nutritional and Physical Activity Epidemiology and Cancer Prevention

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Research submission: Some technicalities and vital links

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Research Summaries: The 11th Biennial Rivkin Center Ovarian Cancer Research Symposium

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Research synergy and drug development: Bright stars in neighboring constellations

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Research Techniques Made Simple: Genome-Wide Homozygosity/Autozygosity Mapping Is a Powerful Tool for Identifying Candidate Genes in Autosomal Recessive Genetic Diseases

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Research Techniques Made Simple: Mass Spectrometry for Analysis of Proteins in Dermatological Research

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Research Techniques Made Simple: Murine Models of Human Psoriasis

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Research Techniques Made Simple: Pharmacoepidemiology Research Methods in Dermatology

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Research Techniques Made Simple: Sample Size Estimation and Power Calculation

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Research Techniques Made Simple: Single-Cell RNA Sequencing and its Applications in Dermatology

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Research Techniques Made Simple: Two-Photon Intravital Imaging of the Skin

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Research Techniques Made Simple: Using Genome-Wide Association Studies to Understand Complex Cutaneous Disorders

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Research Techniques Made Simple: Web-Based Survey Research in Dermatology: Conduct and Applications

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Research the Correction Method of Geometric Distortion Based on CCD Optical System

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Research to Change Health Delivery Systems: On the Outside Looking in?

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Research Toolbox for Peripheral Arterial Disease - Minimally Invasive Assessment of the Vasculature and Skeletal Muscle

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Research to Practice: Assessment of Left Ventricular Global Longitudinal Strain for Surveillance of Cancer Chemotherapeutic-Related Cardiac Dysfunction

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Research to reality - have we succeeded in propagating the message of periodontal and systemic interlink

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Research Tracks During Psychiatry Residency Training

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Research training: a major challenge for future MDs

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Research Trends and Hotspots Analysis Related to the Effects of Xenobiotics on Glucose Metabolism in Male Testes

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Research trends in flavonoids and health

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Research Trend Visualization by MeSH Terms from PubMed

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Research Uncovers How Commensal Bacteria Contribute to Multiple Sclerosis

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Research update for articles published in EJCI in 2016

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Research Update: Materials design of implantable nanogenerators for biomechanical energy harvesting

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Research, urban myths and the never ending story

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Research use of electronic health records: patients' perspectives on contact by researchers

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Research utilization barriers for emergency medical technicians in Saudi Arabia

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Research versus practice in quality improvement? Understanding how we can bridge the gap

Anonymous, 2018:
Research versus Teaching

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Research Volunteers' Attitudes Toward Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

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Research with pregnant women: a call to action

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Resectability and Vascular Management of Retroperitoneal Gynecological Malignancies: A Large Single-institution Case-Series

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Resectable pancreatic adenocarcinoma neo-adjuvant FOLF(IRIN)OX-based chemotherapy - a multicenter, non-comparative, randomized, phase II trial (PANACHE01-PRODIGE48 study)

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Resected colorectal cancer liver metastases : Prognostic study about 110 patients

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Resected gastric volume has no influence on early weight loss after laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy

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Resected lung cancer in nonsmokers

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Resected primary mucinous cholangiocarcinoma of the liver

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Resection and correction of the common carotid artery to enable an endovascular approach for treatment of a giant ICA aneurysm (a case report and literature review)

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Resection arthrodesis using distraction osteogenesis then plating as a hybrid surgical technique for the management of bone sarcomas of the distal tibia

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Resection Arthroplasty Compared With Total Hip Arthroplasty in Treating Chronic Hip Pain of Patients With a History of Substance Abuse

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Resection Cavity Contraction Effects in the Use of Radioactive Sources (1-25 versus Cs-131) for Intra-Operative Brain Implants

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Resection cavity radiosurgery for intracranial metastases: a review of the literature

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Resection concepts for early stage neuroendocrine tumors of the lungs and bronchi

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Resection depth and layer of cold snare polypectomy versus endoscopic mucosal resection

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Resection for anal melanoma: Is there an optimal approach?

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Resection for recurrent pancreatic cancer in the remnant pancreas after pancreatectomy is clinically promising: Results of a project study for pancreatic surgery by the Japanese Society of Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Surgery

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Resection for the Recurrence of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in the Inferior Vena Cava and Right Atrium under Deep Hypothermic Circulatory Arrest

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Resection line involvement after gastric cancer treatment: handle with care

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Resection Margins in Merkel Cell Carcinoma: Is a 1-cm Margin Wide Enough?

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Resection of 2 Intradural Extramedullary Cervical Spine Tumors in a Patient With Neurofibromatosis Type 2: 3-Dimensional Operative Video

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Resection of abdominal inferior vena cava without graft interposition: Considerations in preserving renal function

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Resection of a Giant-Cell Tumor of the Proximal Aspect of the Radius with Osteoarticular Allograft Reconstruction: A Case Report

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Resection of a giant nonparasitic splenic cyst by minilaparoscopy

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Resection of a Granulocyte Colony-Stimulating Factor-Producing Anaplastic Carcinoma of the Pancreas, Associated with Humoral Hypercalcemia of Malignancy

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Resection of a huge calcified chronic subdural haematoma: case report

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Resection of a metastatic bulky subphrenic tumor for the treatment of advanced ovarian cancer using liver mobilization and the Pringle maneuver

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Resection of a Midbrain Cavernous Malformation Via Far Posterior Subtemporal Approach to the Dorsolateral Brainstem: 2-Dimensional Operative Video

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Resection of an Advanced Rectal Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor Following Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy

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Resection of a Pediatric Intramedullary Spinal Cord Tumor: 2-Dimensional Operative Video

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Resection of a Pediatric Thalamic Juvenile Pilocytic Astrocytoma with Whole Brain Tractography

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Resection of a Perirectal Leiomyosarcoma via a Posterior Transcoccygeal Approach

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Resection of a plasma cell granuloma combining a conventional posterolateral left-sided thoracotomy with a minimally invasive valve approach

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Resection of a Thoracic Hemangioblastoma in a Patient With Von Hippel-Lindau: 3-Dimensional Operative Video

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Resection of benign side-branch intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm of the pancreas-is long term follow-up indicated?: A case report and review of the literature

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Resection of biliary mucinous cystic neoplasms of the liver: a prospective cohort series of 13 consecutive patients

Anonymous, 1873:
Resection of Coccyx to Facilitate the Formation of an Anus in the Perineum in Cases of Imperforate Rectum

Diaconescu, A.; Alexandrescu, S.; Ionel, Z.; Zlate, C.; Grigorie, R.; Brasoveanu, V.; Hrehoret, D.; Ciurea, S.; Botea, F.; Tomescu, D.; Droc, G.; Croitoru, A.; Herlea, V.; Boros, M.; Grasu, M.; Dumitru, R.; Toma, M.; Ionescu, M.; Vasilescu, C.; Popescu, I., 2018:
Resection of Concomitant Hepatic and Extrahepatic Metastases from Colorectal Cancer - A Worthwhile Operation?

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Resection of esophageal diverticulum through uniportal video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery

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Resection of gallbladder polyps following endoscopic ultrasound-guided cholecystoduodenostomy using a lumen-apposing metal stent

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Resection of gallbladder remnants after subtotal cholecystectomy: presentation and management

Anonymous, 1873:
Resection of Hip-Joint

Gurrieri, C.; Butz, J.J.; Weingarten, T.N.; Bancos, I.; Young, W.F.; Cassivi, S.D.; Said, S.M.; McKenzie, T.J.; Barbara, D.W.; Sprung, J., 2018:
Resection of Intrathoracic Paraganglioma With and Without Cardiopulmonary Bypass

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Resection of Large Petrotentorial Tumor via a Retrosigmoid Approach: 3-Dimensional Operative Video

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Resection of Left Atrial Myxoma in a Patient with Retrosternal Gastric Tube: a Case Report

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Resection of Medial Talocalcaneal Coalition With Interposition of a Pediculated Flap of Tibialis Posterior Tendon Sheath

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Resection of mediastinal goiter extending to the carina with use of artificial pneumothorax, two-lung ventilation, and thoracoscopy, with the patient in a prone position

Gray, W.Hampton.; Patel, R.; Baker, C.J.; Starnes, V.A.; Bowdish, M.E., 2018:
Resection of Metastatic Hepatocellular Carcinoma in the Ventricular Septum Causing Left Ventricular Outflow Tract Obstruction

Denormandie, P.; de l'Escalopier, N.; Gatin, L.; Grelier, A.; Genêt, F., 2017:
Resection of neurogenic heterotopic ossification (NHO) of the hip

Nanda, A.; Patra, D.Prasad.; Savardekar, A.Rajan.; Maiti, T.K.; Mohammed, N., 2018:
Resection of Petroclival Meningioma Through Retrosigmoid Approach-Concepts and Nuances: 3- Dimensional Operative Video

Weksler, B., 2018:
Resection of pleural implants in patients with lung cancer should remain the exception rather than the rule

Anonymous, 2018:
Resection of Portions of Ribs

Hu, Q.; Zhong, X.; Liu, X.; Xie, Y.; Hu, K.; He, P.; Lu, D.; Zheng, H., 2018:
Resection of primary lesion for patients with metastatic breast cancer: where are we now?

Lin, J., 2017:
Resection of primary lung cancer with incidental pleural seeding: Seeds of change or reap what you sow?

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Resection of primary motor cortex tumors: feasibility and surgical outcomes

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Resection of puncture site necrosis over an arteriovenous fistula: Endoclamp use for preservation of cannulation sites

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Resection of recurrent rectal cancer

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Resection of retroperitoneal sarcoma en-bloc with inferior vena cava: 20 year outcomes of a single institution

Anonymous, 2018:
Resection of Ribs in Apical Phthisis

Couldwell, W.T., 2018:
Resection of Right Frontal Arteriovenous Malformation: 3-Dimensional Operative Video

Imanishi, N.; Shinohara, S.; Kuwata, T.; Tanaka, F., 2018:
Resection of synchronous bilateral multiple lung adenocarcinomas using virtual-assisted lung mapping

Girgis, F.; Greil, M.E.; Fastenau, P.S.; Sweet, J.; Lüders, H.; Miller, J.P., 2017:
Resection of Temporal Neocortex During Multiple Hippocampal Transections for Mesial Temporal Lobe Epilepsy Does not Affect Seizure or Memory Outcome

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Resection of the caudate lobe for the treatment of hilar cholangiocarcinoma. Systematic review and meta-analysis

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Resection of the Distal Part of the Gastric Tube for the Gastric Tube Cancer after Esophagectomy - A Case Report

Walcott-Sapp, S.; Tang, E.; Kakar, S.; Shen, J.; Hansen, P., 2018:
Resection of the largest reported hepatic small vessel neoplasm

Anonymous, 2018:
Resection of the Liver

Anonymous, 2018:
Resection of the Long Bones

Anonymous, 2018:
Resection of the Lungs

Musavi, L.; Macmillan, A.; Pedriera, R.; Lopez, J.; Dorafshar, A.H.; Dellon, A.Lee., 2018:
Resection of the Posterior, Middle, and Anterior Superior Alveolar Nerves and Infraorbital Nerve Neurolysis for Refractory Maxillary Pain

Lewis, A.; Raoof, M.; Ituarte, P.H.G.; Williams, J.; Melstrom, L.; Li, D.; Lee, B.; Singh, G., 2018:
Resection of the Primary Gastrointestinal Neuroendocrine Tumor Improves Survival with or without Liver Treatment

Warren, K.W., 1949:
Resection of the small intestine

Sarana, B.; Jaal, J.; Tamm, H.; Laisaar, T., 2017:
Resection of unicentric interlobar Castleman disease with following adjuvant radiotherapy

Schrier, J.C.; Keijsers, N.L.; Matricali, G.A.; Verheyen, C.C.P.M.; Louwerens, J.Willem.K., 2018:
Resection or preservation of the metatarsal heads in rheumatoid forefoot surgery? A randomised clinical trial

Tao, Q.; He, W.; Li, B.; Zheng, Y.; Zou, R.; Shen, J.; Liu, W.; Zhang, Y.; Yuan, Y., 2018:
Resection versus Resection with Preoperative Transcatheter Arterial Chemoembolization for Resectable Hepatocellular Carcinoma Recurrence

Gachabayov, M.; Oberkofler, C.E.; Tuech, J.J.; Hahnloser, D.; Bergamaschi, R., 2018:
Resection with primary anastomosis vs nonrestorative resection for perforated diverticulitis with peritonitis: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Okanishi, T.; Fujimoto, A.; Nishimura, M.; Niimi, K.; Kanai, S.; Enoki, H., 2018:
Resective Surgery for Double Epileptic Foci Overlapping Anterior and Posterior Language Areas: A Case of Epilepsy With Tuberous Sclerosis Complex

Englezos, E.; Cosyn, J.; Koole, S.; Jacquet, W.; De Bruyn, H., 2018:
Resective Treatment of Peri-implantitis: Clinical and Radiographic Outcomes After 2 Years

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Resemblance of the human liver sinusoid in a fluidic device with biomedical and pharmaceutical applications

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Resident & Fellow Rounds

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Residential Institutions for Mental Defectives

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Resident Medical Officers and Matrons

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Resident Medical Officers and Ward Sisters: Friction the Exception: One Such Case

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Resident Medical Officers' Department

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Resident Medical Officership in the Future: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Such a Career

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Resident microbes in development: a gut feeling for Notch

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Resident Operating Surgeons?

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Resident Operative Reports before and after Structured Education

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Resident Performance of the Rapid Cardiopulmonary Assessment in the Emergency Department

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Resident Physician Knowledge of Urine Testing and Treatment Over Four Years

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Resident Preferences for Program Director Role in Wellness Management

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Residents and Anæsthetics

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Residents' educational attainment and preventive care utilization in China

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Resident Selection

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Residents' Impressions of the Impact of Advanced Practice Providers on Surgical Training

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Residents' journal review

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Residents' journal review

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Residents leading the way: a unique advocacy programme

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Residents' Perceptions of Usage of the Current Alumni and Attending Network for a Formal Mentorship Program in an Academic Affiliated Community Hospital Radiology Residency

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Residents Rosters: Reversal to Longer Hours in the US

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Resident T cells stand up to HIV

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Residual and Destroyed Accessible Information after Measurements

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Residual Confounding Prohibits Interpretation of Results After Propensity Score Matching

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Residual Dipolar Couplings in Structure Determination of Natural Products

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Residual Disease after Neoadjuvant Therapy for Breast Cancer: Can MRI Help?

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Residual Equinus After the Ponseti Method: An MRI-based 3-Dimensional Analysis

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Residual Error Based Anomaly Detection Using Auto-Encoder in SMD Machine Sound

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Residual Fatigue Properties of Asphalt Pavement after Long-Term Field Service

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Residual force enhancement contributes to increased performance during stretch-shortening cycles of human plantar flexor muscles in vivo

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Residual force enhancement during submaximal and maximal effort contractions of the plantar flexors across knee angle

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Residual Force Enhancement Is Attenuated in a Shortening Magnitude-dependent Manner

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Residual Force Enhancement Is Preserved for Conditions of Reduced Contractile Force

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Residual Function Effectively Controls Plasma Concentrations of Secreted Solutes in Patients on Twice Weekly Hemodialysis

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Residual Highway Convolutional Neural Networks for in-loop Filtering in HEVC

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Residual Immune Activation and Latency

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Residual Inequity: Assessing the Unintended Consequences of New York City's Clean Heat Transition

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Residual Inflammatory Risk on Treatment With PCSK9 Inhibition and Statin Therapy

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Residual Neuromuscular Blockade in the Critical Care Setting

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Residual Setup Errors Towards the Heart After Image Guidance Linked With Poorer Survival in Lung Cancer Patients: Do We Need Stricter IGRT Protocols?

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Residual shunt due to spontaneous perforation of polyvinyl alcohol membrane of ASD Occluder; what about after diagnosis?

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Residual Squamous Cell Carcinoma After Shave Biopsy in Solid Organ Transplant Recipients

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Residual Strain and Stress in Biocrystals

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Residual Stress and Vascular Mechanics

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Residual SYNTAX score II and complex percutaneous coronary interventions

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Residual tumour less than 0.25 centimetres and positive lymph nodes are risk factors for early relapse in recurrent ovarian peritoneal carcinomatosis treated with cytoreductive surgery, HIPEC and systemic chemotherapy

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Resilience training is just a band-aid solution for doctor well-being: No

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Resilience training is just a band-aid solution for doctor well-being: Yes

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