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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 65486

Chapter 65486 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Chow, K.T.; Gale, M.; Loo, Y-Ming., 2018:
RIG-I and Other RNA Sensors in Antiviral Immunity

Hakobyan, A.; Galindo, I.; Nañez, A.; Arabyan, E.; Karalyan, Z.; Chistov, A.A.; Streshnev, P.P.; Korshun, V.A.; Alonso, C.; Zakaryan, H., 2017:
Rigid amphipathic fusion inhibitors demonstrate antiviral activity against African swine fever virus

Ali, S.; Wörz, S.; Amunts, K.; Eils, R.; Axer, M.; Rohr, K., 2018:
Rigid and non-rigid registration of polarized light imaging data for 3D reconstruction of the temporal lobe of the human brain at micrometer resolution

Nemes, A.; Kovács, Réka.; Kormányos, Árpád.; Szolnoky, Gőző.; Kalapos, A.; Domsik, Péter.; Ambrus, Nóra.; Kemény, L.; Forster, Tás., 2018:
Rigid body rotation of the left ventricle in hidradenitis suppurativa (a case from the three-dimensional speckle-tracking echocardiographic MAGYAR-Path Study)

Kumar, V.; Garg, R.; Gupta, N.; Bharati, S.Jee., 2018:
Rigid bronchoscopic stenting in a patient of tracheobronchial gout - perioperative anesthetic concerns

Briault, A.; Dutau, H., 2018:
Rigid bronchoscopy

Huang, H.; Simoff, M.; Li, Q.; Bai, C., 2018:
Rigid bronchoscopy in mainland China: present state and perspectives

Sinha, V.; Talagauara Umesh, S.; Jha, S.G., 2017:
Rigid Bronchoscopy in Pediatric Patients

Yafit, D.; Cavel, O.; Ungar, O.J.; Wasserzug, O.; Oestreicher-Kedem, Y.; Shklovsky-Kordi, A.; DeRowe, A., 2018:
Rigid dilatation of pediatric laryngotracheal stenosis as an adequate alternative to balloon dilatation

Tan, H.; Huang, Q.; Paul, A.; Wang, W.; Li, J.; Jia, H., 2018:
Rigid endoscope-assisted orotracheal intubation for vallecular cyst surgery in neonates and young infants

Som, M.L., 1957:
Rigid esophagoscopy

Hsu, D.Y.; Gabel, E., 2018:
Rigid Esophagoscopy-Induced Aortic Rupture During Oral Gastric Tube Placement in Patient With Esophageal Stricture: A Case Report

Zhang, Y.; Dittmer, D.P.; Mieczkowski, P.A.; Host, K.M.; Fusco, W.G.; Duncan, J.A.; Damania, B., 2018:
RIG-I Detects Kaposi's Sarcoma-Associated Herpesvirus Transcripts in a RNA Polymerase III-Independent Manner

Elseht, R.Mohamed.; Nagy, K.Ahmed., 2017:
Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lens as a Vision-Sparing Tool in Children After Traumatic Corneal Laceration

Murray, T.E.; Lee, M.J., 2018:
Rigid inflatable gastrostomy tube malposition

Keen, J.R.; Ayer, R.E.; Taha, A.; Zouros, A., 2018:
Rigid Internal Fixation for Traumatic Cranio-cervical Dissociation in Infants and Young Children

Linna, R.P.; Suhonen, P.M.; Piili, J., 2018:
Rigidity-induced scale invariance in polymer ejection from capsid

Servaas, M.N.; Kos, C.; Gravel, Nás.; Renken, R.J.; Marsman, J-Bernard.C.; van Tol, M-José.; Aleman, Aé., 2018:
Rigidity in Motor Behavior and Brain Functioning in Patients With Schizophrenia and High Levels of Apathy

Lönnqvist, J-Erik.; Szabó, Z.Péter.; Kelemen, L., 2018:
Rigidity of the far-right? Motivated social cognition in a nationally representative sample of Hungarians on the eve of the far-right breakthrough in the 2010 elections

Kalev, A.; Miller, C.A., 2018:
Rigidity of the magic pentagram game

Zhao, N.; Zhang, Y.; Li, K., 2017:
Rigid laryngoscope manifestations of 61 cases of modern laryngeal tuberculosis

Cistrone, P.A.; Silvestri, A.P.; Hintzen, J.C.J.; Dawson, P.E., 2018:
Rigid Peptide Macrocycles from On-Resin Glaser Stapling

Tam, D.Y.; Nedadur, R.; Yu, M.; Yanagawa, B.; Fremes, S.E.; Friedrich, J.O., 2018:
Rigid Plate Fixation Versus Wire Cerclage for Sternotomy After Cardiac Surgery: A Meta-Analysis

Allen, K.B.; Thourani, V.H.; Naka, Y.; Grubb, K.J.; Grehan, J.; Patel, N.; Guy, T.Sloane.; Landolfo, K.; Gerdisch, M.; Bonnell, M.; Cohen, D.J., 2018:
Rigid Plate Fixation Versus Wire Cerclage: Patient-Reported and Economic Outcomes From a Randomized Trial

Smith, J.N.; Lucas, N.T., 2018:
Rigid tetraarylene-bridged cavitands from reduced-symmetry resorcin[4]arene derivatives

Sharma, S.J.; Linke, J.J.; Kroll, T.; Wuerdemann, N.; Klussmann, J.P.; Guntinas-Lichius, O.; Wittekindt, C., 2018:
Rigid Triple Endoscopy Improves Clinical Staging of Primary Head and Neck Cancer

Golub, M.; Rusevich, L.; Irrgang, K-Dieter.; Pieper, Jörg., 2018 :
Rigid versus Flexible Protein Matrix: Light-Harvesting Complex II Exhibits a Temperature-Dependent Phonon Spectral Density

Li, L.; Yang, R.; Feng, M.; Guo, Y.; Wang, Y.; Guo, J.; Lu, X., 2018:
Rig-I is involved in inflammation through the IPS-1/TRAF 6 pathway in astrocytes under chemical hypoxia

Sprokholt, J.K.; Kaptein, T.M.; van Hamme, J.L.; Overmars, R.J.; Gringhuis, S.I.; Geijtenbeek, T.B.H., 2017:
RIG-I-like receptor activation by dengue virus drives follicular T helper cell formation and antibody production

Yong, H.Yee.; Luo, D., 2018:
RIG-I-Like Receptors as Novel Targets for Pan-Antivirals and Vaccine Adjuvants Against Emerging and Re-Emerging Viral Infections

Chazal, M.; Beauclair, G.; Gracias, Ségolène.; Najburg, Vérie.; Simon-Lorière, E.; Tangy, Fédéric.; Komarova, A.V.; Jouvenet, N., 2018:
RIG-I Recognizes the 5' Region of Dengue and Zika Virus Genomes

Bikson, M.; Brunoni, A.R.; Charvet, L.E.; Clark, V.P.; Cohen, L.G.; Deng, Z-De.; Dmochowski, J.; Edwards, D.J.; Frohlich, F.; Kappenman, E.S.; Lim, K.O.; Loo, C.; Mantovani, A.; McMullen, D.P.; Parra, L.C.; Pearson, M.; Richardson, J.D.; Rumsey, J.M.; Sehatpour, P.; Sommers, D.; Unal, G.; Wassermann, E.M.; Woods, A.J.; Lisanby, S.H., 2018:
Rigor and reproducibility in research with transcranial electrical stimulation: An NIMH-sponsored workshop

Gulinello, M.; Mitchell, H.A.; Chang, Q.; Timothy O'Brien, W.; Zhou, Z.; Abel, T.; Wang, L.; Corbin, J.G.; Veeraragavan, S.; Samaco, R.C.; Andrews, N.A.; Fagiolini, M.; Cole, T.B.; Burbacher, T.M.; Crawley, J.N., 2018:
Rigor and reproducibility in rodent behavioral research

Sysko, R.; Steinglass, J.; Schebendach, J.; Mayer, L.E.S.; Walsh, B.Timothy., 2018:
Rigor and reproducibility via laboratory studies of eating behavior: A focused update and conceptual review

Liu, J.; Schwartzkopf, M.; Arner, A., 2018:
Rigor bonds cause reduced sarcomeric volume in skinned porcine skeletal muscle under PSE-like conditions

Wong, B.M.; Shojania, K.G., 2018:
Rigor in Quality Improvement Studies and the Role of Time-Series Methodologies

Prazma, C.M.; Katial, R.; Howarth, P.; Bradford, E.; Martin, N.; Pizzichini, E., 2018:
Rigor Is Needed When Making Comparative Analyses of Biologics in Severe Asthma

Anonymous, 2018:
Rigor Mortis in Still-Born Children

Rodrigues, J.R.; Gusso, A.; Rosa, F.S.S.; Almeida, V.R., 2018:
Rigorous analysis of Casimir and van der Waals forces on a silicon nano-optomechanical device actuated by optical forces

Oyeku, S.O.; Faro, E.Z., 2018:
Rigorous and practical quality indicators in sickle cell disease care

Yoshida, S.; Horiuchi, S., 2018:
Rigorous Bragg condition for volume holographic gratings with anisotropic distortion

Ferenc, J., 2016:
Rigorous cleaning standards help to prevent spread of new E. coli strain

Ellenberg, S.S.; Keusch, G.T.; Babiker, A.G.; Edwards, K.M.; Lewis, R.J.; Lundgren, J.D.; Wells, C.D.; Wabwire-Mangen, F.; McAdam, K.P.W.J., 2017:
Rigorous Clinical Trial Design in Public Health Emergencies Is Essential

Welsch, R., 2018:
Rigorous close-coupling quantum dynamics calculation of thermal rate constants for the water formation reaction of H 2 + OH on a high-level PES

Hosain, M.A.; Le Floch, J-M.; Krupka, J.; Tobar, M.E., 2018:
Rigorous ESR spectroscopy of Fe 3+ impurity ion with oxygen vacancy in ferroelectric SrTiO 3 crystal at 20 mK

Burke, R.E.; Shojania, K.G., 2018:
Rigorous evaluations of evolving interventions: can we have our cake and eat it too?

Bailie, J.; Matthews, V.; Laycock, A.; Connors, C.; Bailie, R., 2018:
Rigorous follow-up systems for abnormal results are essential to improve health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Frølich, L.; Andersen, T.Søren.; Mørup, M., 2018:
Rigorous optimisation of multilinear discriminant analysis with Tucker and PARAFAC structures

Sakti, A.Wibawa.; Nishimura, Y.; Nakai, H., 2017:
Rigorous pK a Estimation of Amine Species Using Density-Functional Tight-Binding-Based Metadynamics Simulations

Dashti, A.; Raji, M.; Azarafza, A.; Baghban, A.; Mohammadi, A.H.; Asghari, M., 2018:
Rigorous prognostication and modeling of gas adsorption on activated carbon and Zeolite-5A

Dong, J-Jun.; Zheng, Z-Yu.; Li, P., 2018:
Rigorous proof for the nonlocal correlation function in the transverse Ising model with ring frustration

Slade, S.C.; Patel, S.; Underwood, M.; Keating, J.L., 2017:
Rigorous qualitative research in sports, exercise and musculoskeletal medicine journals is important and relevant

Anonymous, 2018:

Harada, T.; Amano, T.; Ikari, T.; Takamura, K.; Ogi, T.; Fujikane, T.; Fujita, Y.; Taima, K.; Tanaka, H.; Sasaki, T.; Okumura, S.; Sugawara, S.; Yokouchi, H.; Yamada, N.; Morikawa, N.; Dosaka-Akita, H.; Isobe, H.; Nishimura, M., 2018:
Rikkunshito for Preventing Chemotherapy-Induced Nausea and Vomiting in Lung Cancer Patients: Results from 2 Prospective, Randomized Phase 2 Trials

Yin, E.; Uchiyama, M.; Niimi, M., 2018:
Rikkunshito (TJ-43) Improved Reduction of Food Intake in a Murine Cardiac Transplantation Model

Tominaga, K.; Sakata, Y.; Kusunoki, H.; Odaka, T.; Sakurai, K.; Kawamura, O.; Nagahara, A.; Takeuchi, T.; Fujikawa, Y.; Oshima, T.; Kato, M.; Furuta, T.; Murakami, K.; Chiba, T.; Miwa, H.; Kinoshita, Y.; Higuchi, K.; Kusano, M.; Iwakiri, R.; Fujimoto, K.; Tack, J.F.; Arakawa, T., 2018:
Rikkunshito simultaneously improves dyspepsia correlated with anxiety in patients with functional dyspepsia: A randomized clinical trial (the DREAM study)

Ferretti, F.; Boffito, M., 2018:
Rilpivirine long-acting for the prevention and treatment of HIV infection

Eke, A.C.; Chakhtoura, N.; Kashuba, A.; Best, B.M.; Sykes, C.; Wang, J.; Stek, A.M.; Smith, E.; Calabrese, S.; Capparelli, E.V.; Mirochnick, M., 2018:
Rilpivirine Plasma and Cervicovaginal Concentrations in Women During Pregnancy and Postpartum

Jaiswal, M.Kumar., 2018:
Riluzole and edaravone: A tale of two amyotrophic lateral sclerosis drugs

Mandrioli, J.; Malerba, S.Angela.; Beghi, E.; Fini, N.; Fasano, A.; Zucchi, E.; De Pasqua, S.; Guidi, C.; Terlizzi, E.; Sette, E.; Ravasio, A.; Casmiro, M.; Salvi, F.; Liguori, R.; Zinno, L.; Handouk, Y.; Rizzi, R.; Borghi, A.; Rinaldi, R.; Medici, D.; Santangelo, M.; Granieri, E.; Mussuto, V.; Aiello, M.; Ferro, S.; Vinceti, M.; Mandrioli, J.; Fini, N.; Fasano, A.; Zucchi, E.; Gessani, A.; Ferri, L.; Malerba, S.; Nichelli, P.; Handouk, Y.; Biguzzi, S.; Neri, W.; Guidi, C.; Neri, W.; Sette, E.;, 2018:
Riluzole and other prognostic factors in ALS: a population-based registry study in Italy

Sperling, S.; Aung, T.; Martin, S.; Rohde, V.; Ninkovic, M., 2017:
Riluzole: a potential therapeutic intervention in human brain tumor stem-like cells

Dharmadasa, T.; Kiernan, M.C., 2018:
Riluzole, disease stage and survival in ALS

Hogg, M.C.; Halang, L.; Woods, I.; Coughlan, K.S.; Prehn, J.H.M., 2017:
Riluzole does not improve lifespan or motor function in three ALS mouse models

Lemieszek, M.Kinga.; Stepulak, A.; Sawa-Wejksza, K.; Czerwonka, A.; Ikonomidou, C.; Rzeski, W., 2018:
Riluzole Inhibits Proliferation, Migration and Cell Cycle Progression and Induces Apoptosis in Tumor Cells of Various Origins

Hinchcliffe, M.; Smith, A., 2017:
Riluzole: real-world evidence supports significant extension of median survival times in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Sweeney, J.B.; Rattray, M.; Pugh, V.; Powell, L.A., 2018:
Riluzole-Triazole Hybrids as Novel Chemical Probes for Neuroprotection in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Johnson, T.S., 2014:

Sclip, A.; Acuna, C.; Luo, F.; Südhof, T.C., 2018:
RIM-binding proteins recruit BK-channels to presynaptic release sites adjacent to voltage-gated Ca 2+ -channels

de Jong, A.P.H.; Roggero, C.M.; Ho, M-Ru.; Wong, M.Yan.; Brautigam, C.A.; Rizo, J.; Kaeser, P.S., 2018:
RIM C 2 B Domains Target Presynaptic Active Zone Functions to PIP 2 -Containing Membranes

Guo, M.; Wang, X.; Zhan, C.; Demay-Drouhard, P.; Li, W.; Du, K.; Olson, M.A.; Zuilhof, H.; Sue, A.C-H., 2017:
Rim-Differentiated C 5 -Symmetric Tiara-Pillar[5]arenes

Peng, Z.; Takeshita, M.; Shibata, N.; Tada, H.; Tanaka, Y.; Kaneko, J., 2018:
Rim domain loops of staphylococcal β-pore forming bi-component toxin S-components recognize target human erythrocytes in a coordinated manner

Wang, Z.; Liu, T.; Asif, M.; Yu, Y.; Wang, W.; Wang, H.; Xiao, F.; Liu, H., 2018:
Rimelike Structure-Inspired Approach toward in Situ-Oriented Self-Assembly of Hierarchical Porous MOF Films as a Sweat Biosensor

Sawatzke, A.B.; Bollinger, A.J.; Butler, P.D.; Roberts, K.C., 2018:
Rim Fracture of a Tibial Base-Plate Due to Retained Cement as a Cause of Catastrophic Failure of Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty: A Case Report

Porcu, A.; Melis, M.; Turecek, R.; Ullrich, C.; Mocci, I.; Bettler, B.; Gessa, G.Luigi.; Castelli, M.Paola., 2018:
Rimonabant, a potent CB1 cannabinoid receptor antagonist, is a Gα i/o protein inhibitor

Fiore, D.; Ramesh, P.; Proto, M.C.; Piscopo, C.; Franceschelli, S.; Anzelmo, S.; Medema, J.P.; Bifulco, M.; Gazzerro, P., 2018:
Rimonabant Kills Colon Cancer Stem Cells without Inducing Toxicity in Normal Colon Organoids

Kim, Y.; Yoon, Y-Cheol.; Cho, J-Woo.; Cho, W-Tae.; Jeon, N-Han.; Oh, C-Wug.; Oh, J-Keon., 2018:
Rim Plate Augmentation of the Posterolateral Bare Area of the Tibial Plateau Using a 3.5-mm Precontoured Locking Compression Plate: A Cadaveric Study

Roeder, P.L.; Taylor, W.P., 2002:

Hamilton, K.; Baron, M.D.; Matsuo, K.; Visser, D., 2018:
Rinderpest eradication: challenges for remaining disease free and implications for future eradication efforts

Tounkara, K.; Nwankpa, N., 2018:
Rinderpest experience

Shima, H.; Takamatsu-Ichihara, E.; Shino, M.; Yamagata, K.; Katsumoto, T.; Aikawa, Y.; Fujita, S.; Koseki, H.; Kitabayashi, I., 2018:
Ring1A and Ring1B inhibit expression of Glis2 to maintain murine MOZ-TIF2 AML stem cells

Manousidaki, M.; Fedorov, V.Yu.; Papazoglou, D.G.; Farsari, M.; Tzortzakis, S., 2018:
Ring-Airy beams at the wavelength limit

Yang, J.; Han, J.; Zhu, F.; Wang, Y., 2018:
Ring and Gellhorn pessaries used in patients with pelvic organ prolapse: a retrospective study of 8 years

Shagolsem, L.S., 2017:
Ring and Linear Copolymer Blends under Confinement

Ushakov, A.A.; Chizhov, P.A.; Andreeva, V.A.; Panov, N.A.; Shipilo, D.E.; Matoba, M.; Nemoto, N.; Kanda, N.; Konishi, K.; Bukin, V.V.; Kuwata-Gonokami, M.; Kosareva, O.G.; Garnov, S.V.; Savel'ev, A.B., 2018:
Ring and unimodal angular-frequency distribution of THz emission from two-color femtosecond plasma spark

Harris, B.H.L.; Walsh, J.L.; Neciunaite, R.; Manders, P.; Cooper, A.; De Souza, P., 2017:
Ring a ring o'roses, a patient with Kaposi's? Pazopanib, pazopanib, it might go away. Mediterranean (classic) Kaposi sarcoma responds to the tyrosine kinase inhibitor pazopanib after multiple lines of standard therapy

Ramasamy, A.; Madhan, B.; Krishnan, B., 2018:
Ring artefacts in cranial CT

Wu, F.; Zhu, Q.; Chen, R.; Chen, N.; Chen, Y.; Li, L., 2015:
Ring-chain synergy in ionic liquid electrolytes for lithium batteries

Coppola, A.; Morrogh, D.; Farrell, F.; Balestrini, S.; Hernandez-Hernandez, L.; Krithika, S.; Sander, J.W.; Waters, J.J.; Sisodiya, S.M., 2018:
Ring Chromosome 17 Not Involving the Miller-Dieker Region: A Case with Drug-Resistant Epilepsy

Holt, D.J.; Barker, W.D.; Jenkins, P.R.; Davies, D.L.; Garratt, S.; Fawcett, J.; Russell, D.R.; Ghosh, S., 1998:
Ring-Closing Metathesis in Carbohydrate Annulation

Fürstner, A.; Seidel, Günter., 1998:
Ring-Closing Metathesis of Functionalized Acetylene Derivatives: A New Entry into Cycloalkynes

Gendron, T.; Sander, K.; Cybulska, K.; Benhamou, L.; Sin, P.Kwan.Brian.; Khan, A.; Wood, M.; Porter, M.J.; Årstad, E., 2018:
Ring-Closing Synthesis of Dibenzothiophene Sulfonium Salts and Their Use as Leaving Groups for Aromatic 18 F-Fluorination

Li, G-Tai.; Li, X-Fan.; Zhang, Y-He.; Si, Y.; Li, G-Rui.; Xu, H-Mei., 2018:
Ring compression suture for controlling post-partum hemorrhage during cesarean section

Thomas, R.; Sykes, N.; Doherty, S.; Smith, D., 2018:
Ring depressions in cattle horncores as indicators of traction use - a cautionary note

Cai, M-Juan.; Zhan, F-Xia.; Kong, X-Nan.; Zhu, S-Zhen.; Cui, Y.; Wang, Q., 2018:
RING domain of zinc finger protein like 1 is essential for cell proliferation in endometrial cancer cell line RL95-2

Siddique, L.; Ahrns, H.; Seiverling, E., 2018:
Ringed telangiectasias: an unusual presentation of telangiectasia macularis eruptiva perstans

Ganau, M.; Mankad, K.; Srirambhatla, U.Rami.; Tahir, Z.; D'Arco, F., 2018:
Ring-enhancing lesions in neonatal meningitis: an analysis of neuroradiology pitfalls through exemplificative cases and a review of the literature

Iqbal, U.; Anwar, H.; Scribani, M., 2018:
Ringer's lactate versus normal saline in acute pancreatitis: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Teng, Q.; Wu, W.; Duong, H.A.; Huynh, H.Vinh., 2018:
Ring-expanded N-heterocyclic carbenes as ligands in iron-catalysed cross-coupling reactions of arylmagnesium reagents and aryl chlorides

Sebest, F.; Dunsford, J.J.; Adams, M.; Pivot, J.; Newman, P.D.; Díez-González, S., 2018:
Ring-Expanded N-Heterocyclic Carbenes for Copper-Mediated Azide-Alkyne Click Cycloaddition Reactions

Hill, J.E.; Matlock, J.V.; Lefebvre, Q.; Cooper, K.G.; Clayden, J., 2018:
Consecutive Ring Expansion and Contraction for the Synthesis of 1-Aryl Tetrahydroisoquinolines and Tetrahydrobenzazepines from Readily Available Heterocyclic Precursors

Orr, D.; Yousefi, N.; Minehan, T.G., 2018:
Ring Expansion, Ring Contraction, and Annulation Reactions of Allylic Phosphonates under Oxidative Cleavage Conditions

Andrews-Hanna, J.C.; Head, J.W.; Johnson, B.; Keane, J.T.; Kiefer, W.S.; McGovern, P.J.; Neumann, G.A.; Wieczorek, M.A.; Zuber, M.T., 2018:
Ring faults and ring dikes around the Orientale basin on the Moon

Yu, G.; Chen, J.; Li, S.; Pu, P.; Huang, W.; Zhao, Y.; Peng, X.; Wang, R.; Lei, H., 2018:
RING finger protein 10 prevents neointimal hyperplasia by promoting apoptosis in vitro and in vivo

Jiang, L-Yi.; Jiang, W.; Tian, N.; Xiong, Y-Ni.; Liu, J.; Wei, J.; Wu, K-Yue.; Luo, J.; Shi, X-Jie.; Song, B-Liang., 2018:
Ring finger protein 145 (RNF145) is a ubiquitin ligase for sterol-induced degradation of HMG-CoA reductase

Zhang, J.; Wu, H.; Yi, B.; Zhou, J.; Wei, L.; Chen, Y.; Zhang, L., 2018:
RING finger protein 38 induces gastric cancer cell growth by decreasing the stability of the protein tyrosine phosphatase SHP-1

Xiong, D.; Zhu, S-Qiang.; Wu, Y-Bing.; Jin, C.; Jiang, J-Hao.; Liao, Y-Fei.; Long, X.; Wu, H-Bo.; Xu, J-Jun.; Li, J-Jun.; Ding, J-Yong., 2018 :
Ring finger protein 38 promote non-small cell lung cancer progression by endowing cell EMT phenotype

Liang, Q.; Ma, D.; Zhu, X.; Wang, Z.; Sun, T-Tian.; Shen, C.; Yan, T.; Tian, X.; Yu, T.; Guo, F.; Tang, J.; Lin, Y.; Chen, H.; Zhou, C.; Ge, Z.; Zhong, M.; Chen, J.; Liu, Q.; Wang, Z.; Fang, J-Yuan.; Chen, H.; Hong, J., 2017:
RING-Finger Protein 6 Amplification Activates JAK/STAT3 Pathway by Modifying SHP-1 Ubiquitylation and Associates with Poor Outcome in Colorectal Cancer

Alemdar, M., 2018:
Ring finger sensorial conduction studies in grading carpal tunnel syndrome: Part II

Hartnett, P.E.; Matte, H.S.S.Ramakrishna.; Eastham, N.D.; Jackson, N.E.; Wu, Y.; Chen, L.X.; Ratner, M.A.; Chang, R.P.H.; Hersam, M.C.; Wasielewski, M.R.; Marks, T.J., 2016:
Ring-fusion as a perylenediimide dimer design concept for high-performance non-fullerene organic photovoltaic acceptors

Annesi-Maesano, I., 2018:
Ringing the alarm bells about migrants' health

Blank-Reid, C., 2018:
Ring in the New Year With Exciting STN Projects

Wang, L.; Wu, W.; Li, G.; Pan, X.; Yu, R., 2018:
Ring Laser Gyro G-Sensitive Misalignment Calibration in Linear Vibration Environments

Atsumi, C.; Araoka, S.; Landenberger, K.B.; Kanazawa, A.; Nakamura, J.; Ohtsuki, C.; Aoshima, S.; Sugawara-Narutaki, A., 2018:
Ring-Like Assembly of Silica Nanospheres in the Presence of Amphiphilic Block Copolymer: Effects of Particle Size

Dai, Q.; Huang, W.; Wang, X.; Khonsari, M.M., 2018:
Ringlike Migration of a Droplet Propelled by an Omnidirectional Thermal Gradient

Trédez, E.; Attencourt, C.; Le Mouel, J-Philippe.; Fumery, M.; Chatelain, D., 2018:
Ring mitoses

Moir, M.; Chua, S.W.; Reekie, T.; Martin, A.D.; Ittner, A.; Ittner, L.M.; Kassiou, M., 2017:
Ring-opened aminothienopyridazines as novel tau aggregation inhibitors

Chen, Y.; Wilson, J.A.; Petersen, S.R.; Luong, D.; Sallam, S.; Mao, J.; Wesdemiotis, C.; Becker, M.L., 2018:
Ring-Opening Copolymerization of Maleic Anhydride with Functional Epoxides: Poly(propylene fumarate) Analogues Capable of Post-Polymerization Modification

Gagliardi, M.; Bifone, A., 2018:
Ring-opening copolymerization thermodynamics and kinetics of γ-valerolactone/ϵ-caprolactone

Song, X.; Xu, C.; Du, D.; Zhao, Z.; Zhu, D.; Wang, M., 2017:
Ring-Opening Diarylation of Siloxydifluorocyclopropanes by Ag(I) Catalysis: Stereoselective Construction of 2-Fluoroallylic Scaffold

Foster, J.C.; Varlas, S.; Blackman, L.D.; Arkinstall, L.A.; O'Reilly, R.K., 2018:
Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerization in Aqueous Media Using a Macroinitiator Approach

Kim, H.; Kim, S.; Kang, S.; Song, Y.; Shin, S.; Lee, S.; Kang, M.; Nam, S.Hee.; Lee, Y., 2018:
Ring Opening Metathesis Polymerization of Bicyclic α,β-Unsaturated Anhydrides for Ready-to-be-grafted Polymers Having Tailored pH-Responsive Degradability

Krachko, T.; Nicolas, E.; Ehlers, A.W.; Nieger, M.; Slootweg, J.Chris., 2018:
Ring-opening of Epoxides Mediated by Frustrated Lewis Pairs

Harinath, A.; Bhattacharjee, J.; Sarkar, A.; Nayek, H.Pada.; Panda, T.K., 2018:
Ring Opening Polymerization and Copolymerization of Cyclic Esters Catalyzed by Group 2 Metal Complexes Supported by Functionalized P-N Ligands

Takeuchi, D.; Kim, S.; Osakada, K., 2001 :
Ring-Opening Polymerization of 1-Methylene-2-phenylcyclopropane Catalyzed by a Pd Complex To Afford Regioregulated Polymers

Nakajima, H.; Loos, K.; Ishizu, S.; Kimura, Y., 2018:
Ring-Opening Polymerization of a New Diester Cyclic Dimer of Mandelic and Glycolic Acid: An Efficient Synthesis Method for Derivatives of Amorphous Polyglycolide with High T g

Anonymous, 2018:
"Ring out the Old"

McKearney, D.; Choua, S.; Zhou, W.; Ganga-Sah, Y.; Ruppert, R.; Wytko, J.A.; Weiss, J.; Leznoff, D.B., 2018:
Ring-Oxidized Zinc(II) Phthalocyanine Cations: Structure, Spectroscopy, and Decomposition Behavior

Watura, C.; Blunt, D.; Amiras, D., 2018:
Ring Ring Ring! Characterising Telephone Interruptions During Radiology Reporting and How to Reduce These

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Stephens, J.E.R., 1903:
Rise and Growth of Vaccination Law.-II

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Rise and Growth of Vaccination Law.-III

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Rise and Growth of Vaccination Law.-IV

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Rise and Growth of Vaccination Law.-V

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Rise of the biologics

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Rise of the connected patient

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Rise of the machines? Machine learning approaches and mental health: opportunities and challenges

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Rise of the titans

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Rise of women in medicine not matched by leadership roles

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Rise to the challenge

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Rising bedrock may delay ice sheet collapse

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Rising incidence of heart failure demands action

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