Smile makeover with direct composite veneers: A two-year follow-up report

Korkut, B.

Journal of Dental Research Dental Clinics Dental Prospects 12(2): 146-151


ISSN/ISBN: 2008-210X
PMID: 30087767
DOI: 10.15171/joddd.2018.023
Accession: 065520380

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Direct composite veneers have gained an important role in dental clinical applications following recently developed materials and techniques in adhesive and restorative dentistry. Direct application on prepared tooth surfaces or even without any preparation, with an adhesive agent and a composite resin material in a single visit is the main procedure as well as the advantage of these restorations. The main aim of this direct procedure is to create minimally invasive and long lasting restorations. As the dental materials and techniques develop, the clinicians also had the chance to mimic the natural dental tissues to create very natural alike restorations in a single appointment. But like all the other dental procedures, direct composite veneers have some indications and contra-indications. These musts have to be understood very well by the clinician before the treatment planning. But this way direct composite veneers would no longer named as 'day savior fillings' and called as minimally invasive, functional and long lasting 'direct aesthetic restorations' that perfectly emulate the natural dental tissues. This article discusses the necessities of direct composite veneers for the ultimate success and illustrates how to perform a minimally invasive, long lasting, functional and natural alike smile makeover with these restorations in a single visit.