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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 65525

Chapter 65525 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Katyal, N.; Newey, C.R.; George, P.; Nattanamai, P.; Beary, J.M.; Ardelt, A.; Vellipuram, A., 2018:
Somatosensory Evoked Potentials as a Tool to Evaluate Brainstem Herniation in the Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit

Josiassen, R.C.; Shagass, C.; Mancall, E.L.; Roemer, R.A., 1982:
Somatosensory evoked potentials in Huntington's disease

Calugaru, L.; Calugaru, G.T.; Calugaru, O.M., 2015:
Somatosensory Evoked Potentials in Predicting Motor Deficit after Ischemic or Hemorrhagic Stroke

Walker, S.M.; Melbourne, A.; O'Reilly, H.; Beckmann, J.; Eaton-Rosen, Z.; Ourselin, S.; Marlow, N., 2018:
Somatosensory function and pain in extremely preterm young adults from the UK EPICure cohort: sex-dependent differences and impact of neonatal surgery

Strobel, A.V.; Tankisi, H.; Finnerup, N.B.; Fuglsang-Frederiksen, A.; Jennum, P.; Svendsen, K.B.; Kirov, F.I.; Otto, M., 2018:
Somatosensory function is impaired in patients with idiopathic REM sleep behaviour disorder

Sasaki, R.; Tsuiki, S.; Miyaguchi, S.; Kojima, S.; Saito, K.; Inukai, Y.; Otsuru, N.; Onishi, H., 2018:
Somatosensory Inputs Induced by Passive Movement Facilitate Primary Motor Cortex Excitability Depending on the Interstimulus Interval, Movement Velocity, and Joint Angle

Harding-Forrester, S.; Feldman, D.E., 2018:
Somatosensory maps

Cabolis, K.; Steinberg, A.; Ferrè, E.Raffaella., 2018 :
Somatosensory modulation of perceptual vestibular detection

Welte-Jzyk, C.; Pfau, D.B.; Hartmann, A.; Daubländer, M., 2018:
Somatosensory profiles of patients with chronic myogenic temporomandibular disorders in relation to their painDETECT score

Hwang, K.Jin.; Seo, D.Won.; Hong, S.Bong.; Joo, E.Yeon., 2018:
Somatosensory reflex epilepsy: simultaneous video-EEG monitoring and surface EMG

Conte, A.; Ferrazzano, G.; Belvisi, D.; Manzo, N.; Battista, E.; Li Voti, P.; Nardella, A.; Fabbrini, G.; Berardelli, A., 2018:
Somatosensory temporal discrimination in Parkinson's disease, dystonia and essential tremor: Pathophysiological and clinical implications

Cozzolino, A.; Feola, T.; Simonelli, I.; Puliani, G.; Pozza, C.; Giannetta, E.; Gianfrilli, D.; Pasqualetti, P.; Lenzi, A.; Isidori, A.M., 2018:
Somatostatin Analogs and Glucose Metabolism in Acromegaly: A Meta-analysis of Prospective Interventional Studies

Grasso, L.F.S.; Auriemma, R.S.; Pivonello, R.; Colao, A., 2017:
Somatostatin analogs, cabergoline and pegvisomant: comparing the efficacy of medical treatment for acromegaly

Rossana, B.; Stefano, P.; Stefano, C.; Massimo, F., 2018:
Somatostatin analogs: is one better than other?

Lamarca, A.; McCallum, L.; Nuttall, C.; Barriuso, J.; Backen, A.; Frizziero, M.; Leon, R.; Mansoor, W.; McNamara, Méad.G.; Hubner, R.A.; Valle, J.W., 2018:
Somatostatin analogue-induced pancreatic exocrine insufficiency in patients with neuroendocrine tumors: results of a prospective observational study

Døssing, K.B.V.; Kjær, C.; Vikeså, J.; Binderup, T.; Knigge, U.; Culler, M.D.; Kjær, A.; Federspiel, B.; Friis-Hansen, L., 2018:
Somatostatin Analogue Treatment Primarily Induce miRNA Expression Changes and Up-Regulates Growth Inhibitory miR-7 and miR-148a in Neuroendocrine Cells

Kaemmerer, D.; Schindler, R.; Mußbach, F.; Dahmen, U.; Altendorf-Hofmann, A.; Dirsch, O.; Sänger, Jörg.; Schulz, S.; Lupp, A., 2018:
Somatostatin and CXCR4 chemokine receptor expression in hepatocellular and cholangiocellular carcinomas: tumor capillaries as promising targets

Stumpf, C.; Kaemmerer, D.; Neubauer, E.; Sänger, Jörg.; Schulz, S.; Lupp, A., 2018:
Somatostatin and CXCR4 expression patterns in adenocarcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma of the lung relative to small cell lung cancer

Simó-Servat, O.; Hernández, C.; Simó, R., 2018:
Somatostatin and diabetic retinopathy: an evolving story

Horn, M.E.; Nicoll, R.A., 2018:
Somatostatin and parvalbumin inhibitory synapses onto hippocampal pyramidal neurons are regulated by distinct mechanisms

Hafez Abdellatif, A.Abdelfattah.; Abdelhafez, W.Abdellah.; Sarhan, H.Abdelmunsef., 2018:
Somatostatin Decorated Quantum Dots for Targeting of Somatostatin Receptors

Solarski, M.; Wang, H.; Wille, H.; Schmitt-Ulms, G., 2017:
Somatostatin in Alzheimer's disease: A new Role for an Old Player

Lai, B-Khanh.; Chae, H.; Gómez-Ruiz, A.; Cheng, P.; Gallo, P.; Antoine, N.; Beauloye, C.; Jonas, J-Christophe.; Seghers, V.; Seino, S.; Gilon, P., 2018:
Somatostatin Is Only Partly Required for the Glucagonostatic Effect of Glucose but Is Necessary for the Glucagonostatic Effect of K ATP Channel Blockers

Paik, S.; Somvanshi, R.K.; Kumar, U., 2018:
Somatostatin Maintains Permeability and Integrity of Blood-Brain Barrier in β-Amyloid Induced Toxicity

Huang, C-Zhong.; Huang, A-Min.; Liu, J-Feng.; Wang, B.; Lin, K-Can.; Ye, Y-Bin., 2018:
Somatostatin Octapeptide Inhibits Cell Invasion and Metastasis in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Through PEBP1

Kilambi, R.; Singh, A.Narayan.; Das, P.; Madhusudhan, K.Seetharama.; Pal, S., 2018:
Somatostatinoma Masquerading as Chronic Pancreatitis

Sandle, G.I.; Warhurst, G.; Butterfield, I.; Higgs, N.B.; Lomax, R.B., 2018:
Somatostatin peptides inhibit basolateral potassium channels in human colonic crypts

Hellman, B.; Dansk, Héne.; Grapengiesser, E., 2018:
Somatostatin promotes glucose generation of Ca 2+ oscillations in pancreatic islets both in the absence and presence of tolbutamide

Lehman, J.M.; Hoeksema, M.D.; Staub, J.; Qian, J.; Harris, B.; Callison, J.Clay.; Miao, J.; Shi, C.; Eisenberg, R.; Chen, H.; Chen, S-Chiann.; Massion, P.P., 2018:
Somatostatin receptor 2 signaling promotes growth and tumor survival in small-cell lung cancer

Loaiza-Bonilla, A.; Bonilla-Reyes, P.A., 2017:
Somatostatin Receptor Avidity in Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors: Theranostic Implications of Gallium-68 Scan and Eligibility for Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy

Slart, R.H.J.A.; Koopmans, K-Pieter.; van Geel, P.Paul.; Kramer, H.; Groen, H.J.M.; Gan, C.Tji-Joong.; Prakken, N.H.J.; Glaudemans, A.W.J.M.; Nossent, G.D., 2017:
Somatostatin receptor based hybrid imaging in sarcoidosis

Höög, A.; Kjellman, M.; Mattsson, P.; Juhlin, C.Christofer.; Shabo, I., 2018:
Somatostatin Receptor Expression in Renal Cell Carcinoma-A New Front in the Diagnostics and Treatment of Renal Cell Carcinoma

Bodei, L.; Weber, W.A., 2018:
Somatostatin Receptor Imaging of Neuroendocrine Tumors: From Agonists to Antagonists

Arora, S.; Passah, A.; Damle, N.A.; Narang, R.; Sharma, A.; Yadav, M.P.; Ballal, S.; Bhasin, D.; Bal, C., 2018:
Somatostatin Receptor PET/CT Features of Carcinoid Heart Disease

Reisine, T., 1995:
Somatostatin receptors

Harda, K.; Szabo, Z.; Szabo, E.; Olah, G.; Fodor, K.; Szasz, C.; Mehes, G.; Schally, A.V.; Halmos, G., 2018:
Somatostatin Receptors as Molecular Targets in Human Uveal Melanoma

Heidari, P.; Kunawudhi, A.; Martinez-Quintanilla, J.; Szretter, A.; Shah, K.; Mahmood, U., 2018:
Somatostatin receptor type 2 as a radiotheranostic PET reporter gene for oncologic interventions

Orlova, K.V.; Delektorskaya, V.V.; Vishnevskaya, Y.V.; Kondratieva, T.T.; Orel, N.F.; Markovich, A.A.; Demidov, L.V.; Subramanian, S., 2017:
Somatostatin receptor type 2 expression in Merkel cell carcinoma as a prognostic factor

Guillemin, R.; Guillemin, R., 1993:
Somatostatin: the early days

Andre-Obadia, N.; Magnin, M.; Simon, E.; Garcia-Larrea, L., 2017:
Somatotopic effects of rTMS in neuropathic pain? A comparison between stimulation over hand and face motor areas

Davies, J.L.; Engelstad, J.K.; E Gove, L.; Linbo, L.K.; Carter, R.E.; Lynch, C.; Staff, N.P.; Klein, C.J.; Dyck, P.James.B.; Herrmann, D.N.; Dyck, P.J., 2018:
Somatotopic heat pain thresholds and intraepidermal nerve fibers in health

Dall'Orso, S.; Steinweg, J.; Allievi, A.G.; Edwards, A.D.; Burdet, E.; Arichi, T., 2018:
Somatotopic Mapping of the Developing Sensorimotor Cortex in the Preterm Human Brain

Jin, Q.Q.; Wu, G.Q.; Peng, W.W.; Xia, X.L.; Hu, L.; Iannetti, G.D., 2018:
Somatotopic Representation of Second Pain in the Primary Somatosensory Cortex of Humans and Rodents

Vedantam, A.; Bruera, E.; Hess, K.R.; Dougherty, P.M.; Viswanathan, A., 2018:
Somatotopy and Organization of Spinothalamic Tracts in the Human Cervical Spinal Cord

Sanchez Panchuelo, R.M.; Besle, J.; Schluppeck, D.; Humberstone, M.; Francis, S., 2018:
Somatotopy in the Human Somatosensory System

Xia, Z.; Guo, X.; Zhou, Q.; Wu, J.; Lian, W.; Yao, Y.; Deng, K.; Feng, M.; Wang, R.; Xing, B., 2018:
Somatotrophic Adenoma in Children Younger than 14 Years: Clinical Features and Treatment of 22 Cases at a Large Pituitary Center

Gillam, M.P.; Ku, C.Ryong.; Lee, Y.Jong.; Kim, J.; Kim, S.Hoon.; Lee, S.Ji.; Hwang, B.; Koo, J.; Kineman, R.D.; Kiyokawa, H.; Lee, E.Jig., 2017:
Somatotroph-Specific Aip -Deficient Mice Display Pretumorigenic Alterations in Cell-Cycle Signaling

Cabrera, D.; Cabello-Verrugio, C.; Solís, N.; San Martín, D.; Cofré, C.; Pizarro, M.; Arab, J.Pablo.; Abrigo, J.; Campos, Fán.; Irigoyen, Bé.; Carrasco-Avino, G.; Bezares, K.; Riquelme, V.; Riquelme, A.; Arrese, M.; Barrera, F., 2018:
Somatotropic Axis Dysfunction in Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: Beneficial Hepatic and Systemic Effects of Hormone Supplementation

Hammami, M.A.; Ben Abderrahman, A.; Rhibi, F.; Nebigh, A.; Coppalle, S.; Ravé, G.; Tabka, Z.; Zouhal, H., 2018:
Somatotype Hormone Levels and Physical Fitness in Elite Young Soccer Players over a Two-Year Monitoring Period

Browning, D.J.; Lee, C., 2018:
Somatotype, the risk of hydroxychloroquine retinopathy, and safe daily dosing guidelines

Storer, J., 1829:
Some Account of a Cerebral Affection, as Arising during the Course of Pulmonary Consumption, and Arresting the Future Progress of That Fatal Disease

Palm, T.A., 1878:
Some Account of a Disease Called "Shima-Mushi," or "Island-Insect Disease," by the Natives of Japan; Peculiar, It Is Believed, to That Country, and Hitherto Not Described

Ranking, J.E., 1881:
Some Account of a Very Severe Case of Membranous Dysmenorrhœa Treated by Rest, Chapman's Spinal Hot Bag, and Donovan's Solution

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Account of the Late Dr. John Hennen, Deputy Inspector of Army Hospitals

Habermeyer, B.; Guilard, R., 2018:
Some activities of PorphyChem illustrated by the applications of porphyrinoids in PDT, PIT and PDI

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Actual Prescriptions with Their Dispensing Difficulties

Targoutzidis, A., 2018:
Some adjustments to the human capital and the friction cost methods

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Advantages of a Declining Birth-Rate

Ikeda, M.; Deguchi, J.; Fukushima, S.; Qingyu, A.; Katayama, N.; Miura, H.; Oyama, Y., 2018:
Some adverse actions of chlorothalonil at sublethal levels in rat thymic lymphocytes: Its relation to Zn 2

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Advice of a Practical Nature

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Advice to Those Now Entering

Fisher, T., 1907:
Some Affections of the Heart Concerned in Sudden Death: III. The Cardiac Muscle

Fisher, T., 1907:
Some Affections of the Heart Concerned in Sudden Death: IV. The Cardiac Muscle

Fisher, T., 1907:
Some Affections of the Heart Connected with Sudden Death

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Alkaloidal Specialities

Hazard, R.; Cheymol, J.; Chabrier, P.; Carayon-Gentil, A., 1958:
Some anticholinergic effects of monophenyl- and diphenylphosphorylcholines

Rosenberg, K., 2018:
Some Anticholinergics Linked to Increased Dementia Risk

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Anti-Plague Measures

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Appreciations and a Suggestion

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Architectural and Sanitation Pamphlets

Erdogan, T.; Bahat, G., 2018:
Some aspects need to be considered in assessment and treatment of sarcopenia

McCrie, J.G.; Lyon, R.M.Murray., 1935:
Some Aspects of Acute Lobar Pneumonia, with Special Reference to Serum Therapy

Vardevanyan, P.O.; Antonyan, A.P.; Minasbekyan, L.A.; Karapetyan, A.T., 2002 :
Some Aspects of Dna-Etbr Interaction Peculiarities

Aklilu, E.; Abbasi, I.; Gebresilassie, A.; Yared, S.; Kindu, M.; Kirstein, O.David.; Moncaz, A.; Tekie, H.; Balkew, M.; Warburg, A.; Hailu, A.; Gebre-Michael, T., 2018:
Some aspects of entomological determinants of Phlebotomus orientalis in highland and lowland visceral leishmaniasis foci in northwestern Ethiopia

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Aspects of General Peritonitis

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Aspects of General Peritonitis-II

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Aspects of General Peritonitis-III

Barbour, A.H.Freeland., 1895:
Some Aspects of Heredity

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Aspects of Intestinal Obstruction

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Aspects of Intestinal Obstruction: Carcinoma as it Affects the Different Regions of the Bowel

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Aspects of Intestinal Obstruction: Carcinoma of the Intestine

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Aspects of Intestinal Obstruction: Fæcal Accumulation and its Treatment

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Aspects of Intestinal Obstruction: General Treatment of a Case in which Operation has been Refused; and the Choice of Operations

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Aspects of Intestinal Obstruction: III. Obstruction due to Conditions in the Lumen of the Bowel

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Aspects of Intestinal Obstruction: Obstruction due to Disease of the Intestinal Wall other than Carcinoma

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Aspects of Intestinal Obstruction: Obstruction of the Bowel due to Compression from Without

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Aspects of Intestinal Obstruction: Operative Treatment (continued)

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Aspects of Intestinal Obstruction: The History of a Typical Case of Chronic Obstruction

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Aspects of Medical Science

King, J.B., 1933:
Some Aspects of Radiotherapy in Relation to Gynæcology

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Aspects of Research in Medicine

Walker, M.; Campiglia, S., 1988:
Some aspects of segment formation and post-placental development in Peripatus acacioi marcus and marcus (Onychophora)

Sehgal, V.N.; Sanker, P., 1965:
Some Aspects of Skin Diseases and Diabetes Mellitus

Mackie, T.J., 1940 :
Some Aspects of Streptococcal Infection. A Review

Haultain, W.F.T., 1942:
Some Aspects of Œstrogenic Therapy

Flores, F.M.; Torres Sánchez, R.M.; Dos Santos Afonso, M., 2018:
Some aspects of the adsorption of glyphosate and its degradation products on montmorillonite

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Aspects of the Criminal

Smith, F.K., 1924:
Some Aspects of the Diagnosis of Renal Tuberculosis

McGowan, J.P., 1940:
Some Aspects of the Malnutrition Problem

Wallgren, A., 2012:
Some aspects of the medical profession in Sweden

Mazhaeva, T.V.; Chugunova, O.V.; Grashchenkov, D.V., 2018:
Some aspects of the structure and organization of child nutrition in a number of regions Russia

Smith, T., 1924:
Some Aspects of the Tuberculosis Problem from the Experimental and Comparative Standpoint

Tumas, V.; Borges, V.; Ballalai-Ferraz, H.; Zabetian, C.P.; Mata, Iácio.F.; Brito, M.M.C.; Foss, M.Paula.; Novaretti, N.; Santos-Lobato, B.Lopes., 2016:
Some aspects of the validity of the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) for evaluating cognitive impairment in Brazilian patients with Parkinson's disease

Hill, I.G.W., 1938:
Some Aspects of Thyrotoxicosis and the Results of Treatment

Wysocka, F., 1958:
Some aspects of toxoplasmosis research

Bramwell, E., 1934:
Some Aspects of Tuberculosis of the Nervous System. (With Special Reference to Tuberculomata)

Alexander, G.Rumay., 2018:
Some Assembly Required

Graham, L.A.; Finnigan, G.C.; Kane, P.M., 2018:
Some assembly required: Contributions of Tom Stevens' lab to the V-ATPase field

Meadows, J.C.; Millar, J.B.A., 2017:
Some assembly required: Redefining the mitotic checkpoint

Paraskevas, K.I.; Gloviczki, P., 2018:
Some asymptomatic abdominal aortic aneurysms smaller than 5.5 cm can be considered for elective repair

Sawaguchi, T.; Kamo, T., 2018:
Some Attentional Points in the Clinical Aspects of Trauma Care

Kassa, J.; Timperley, C.M.; Bird, M.; Williams, R.L.; Green, A.Christopher.; Tattersall, J.E.H., 2018:
Some benefit from non-oximes MB408, MB442 and MB444 in combination with the oximes HI-6 or obidoxime and atropine in antidoting sarin or cyclosarin poisoned mice

Williams, T.A., 1937:
Some Besetments of Mid-Life

Copisarow, M., 1939:
Some Biochemical Factors of Influenza and Other Viruses

Smith, T., 1924:
Some Biological and Economic Aspects of Comparative Pathology

Jung, J.; Ryu, S.; Ki, I.A.; Woo, H.Ae.; Lee, K., 2018:
Some Biological Consequences of the Inhibition of Na,K-ATPase by Translationally Controlled Tumor Protein (TCTP)

Anonymous, 2018:
Some "Bloated Aristocrats" of Physic

Beeber, L.S., 2018:
Somebody, Help!

Lacoste, M., 1887:
Somebody's Darling

Klevay, L.M., 2018:
Some bottled water may be salubrious

Gök, Gülistan.Kaya., 2018:
Some bounds on the distance-sum-connectivity matrix

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Byeways of Practice

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Canadian Methods and Canadian Hospitals

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Cancer Studies

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Cape Town Institutions

Kwon, Y.; Surkin, L.A.; Lee, C-Hang., 2017:
Some Cardiologists' Perspective on Past, Current, and Future of Sleep Medicine

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Cars for Professional Men

Ballantyne, J.W., 1884:
Some Cases of Clinical and Pathological Interest in the Buchanan Ward, under Professor Simpson, 1883-4

Tirard, N., 1910:
Some Cases of Diabetes

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Cases of Hemiplegia

Van Cauwenberge, H.; Decortis, A.; Mestrez, G., 1958:
Some cases of human brucellosis

Underhill, C.E., 1889:
Some Cases of Intrauterine Hydrocephalus, with Remarks

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Cases of Neuralgia

Underhill, C.Edward., 1888:
Some Cases of Puerperal Septicæmia Due to Impure Atmosphere

Robinson, G.Drummond., 1894:
Some Causes of Febrile Disturbance in Women during the Lying-In Period

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Causes of Hæmaturia

Nafiu, O.O.; Mills, K.; Tremper, K.K., 2017:
Some Cautionary Tales About Ideal Body Weight Dosing of Anesthetic Medications: It Is Not All That Ideal!

Maniura-Weber, K.; Zauscher, S.; McArthur, S., 2018:
Some changes, but still communicating exciting key insights from the biointerface

Ilyin, V.K.; Shumilina, G.A.; Solovieva, Z.O.; Nosovsky, A.M.; Kaminskaya, E.V., 2016:
Some Characteristics of the Oral Cavity and Teeth of Cosmonauts on Missions to the International Space Station

Chen, C-Chuan.; Du, W-Shih., 2018:
Some characterizations of disjoint topological transitivity on Orlicz spaces

Langslet, G.; Bogsrud, M.P.; Wium, C.; Johansen, D.; Svilaas, A.; Holven, K.B., 2018:
Some children with a familial hypercholesterolemia mutation may exhibit persistent low LDL levels

Azmi, A.S., 2018:
Some chinks in RAS armor

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Chronic Joint Lesions

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Chronic Joint Lesions Following Injury.-II

Li, P., 2017:
Some classes of singular integral equations of convolution type in the class of exponentially increasing functions

West, S., 1899:
Some Clinical Aspects of Granular Kidney

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Clinical Features of Mediastinal Disease

Raymond, F., 1910:
Some Clinical Forms of Tabes

Jones, R., 1904:
Some Clinical Notes on Tuberculous Arthritis in the Young

Lawson, D., 1902:
Some Clinical Observations upon the Temperature of Phthisis Based upon Experience of One Hundred Consecutive Cases Treated by Open-Air Methods

Zock, J.Paul., 2018:
Some clues for studying long-term health effects of oil spills

de Almeida, C.C.; Pizauro, L.J.L.; Soltes, G.A.; Slavic, D.; de Ávila, F.A.; Pizauro, Jão.M.; MacInnes, J.I., 2018:
Some coagulase negative Staphylococcus spp. isolated from buffalo can be misidentified as Staphylococcus aureus by phenotypic and Sa442 PCR methods

Bolvig, J.; Juhl, C.B.; Boutron, I.; Tugwell, P.; Ghogomu, E.A.T.; Pardo, J.Pardo.; Rader, T.; Wells, G.A.; Mayhew, A.; Maxwell, L.; Lund, H.; Bliddal, H.; Christensen, R., 2017:
Some Cochrane risk-of-bias items are not important in osteoarthritis trials: a meta-epidemiological study based on Cochrane reviews

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Common Causes of Pain in the Foot.-I

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Common Causes of Pain in the Foot-II

Dunn, P., 1908:
Some Common Diseases of the Eye: Their Diagnosis and Treatment

Meachen, G.Norman., 1907:
Some Common Skin Affections of the Face

Engmann, B.; Steinberg, H., 2018:
Some comparative psychiatric studies in the 19th century

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Comparisons between London and Liverpool

Mićić, J.; Moradi, H.Reza.; Furuichi, S., 2018:
Some complementary inequalities to Jensen's operator inequality

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Conclusions Drawn at the Manchester Meeting

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Conditions of Medical Progress

Edington, G.H., 1911:
Some Conditions Resembling Hip-Joint Disease in Children

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Conditions Simulating Renal Calculus

Greenwood, A., 1908:
Some Conditions under Which Infants Are Nursed Away from Home

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Conditions Which May Simulate Appendicitis

Fothergill, J.Milner., 1878:
Some Conditions Which Simulate Organic Disease of the Heart

Valiela, I.; Babiec, D.F.; Atherton, W.; Seitzinger, S.; Krebs, C., 1974:
Some Consequences of Sexual Dimorphism: Feeding in Male and Female Fiddler Crabs, Uca Pugnax (Smith)

Font, M., 2018:
Some considerations about adherence to therapy

García, Jús.Caja.; Sanz Lobera, A.; Maresca, P.; Pareja, T.Fernández.; Wang, C., 2018:
Some Considerations about the Use of Contact and Confocal Microscopy Methods in Surface Texture Measurement

Poudel, D.; Bertelli, L.; Klumpp, J.A.; Waters, T.L., 2018:
Some Considerations for Chelation Treatment and Surgical Excision Following Incorporation of Plutonium in Wounds

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Considerations in Roofing

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Considerations of a Wide Subject

Croom, J.Halliday., 1911:
Some Considerations Regarding the Narrow Pelvis

Wladimiroff, A., 1925:
Some Considerations Regarding Tuberculosis Work in Edinburgh in Comparison with Anti-Tuberculosis Organisation in Russia

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Continental Hospitals: The Rudolf Virchow and Beelitz-i-Mark Kitchens

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Criticisms of Medical Fees

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Criticisms Worthy of Attention

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Curious Fashions, Old and New

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Curious Patents

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Current in Diet

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Dangers and Mistakes to Be Avoided

Frere, A.Hanbury., 1893:
Some Dangers Attending the Use of the Rectangular Position in Injuries of the Elbow-Joint

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Dangers of Spoon-Feeding

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Dangers of Spring

Baethge, A.; Deci, N.; Dettmers, J.; Rigotti, T., 2018:
"Some days won't end ever": Working faster and longer as a boundary condition for challenge versus hindrance effects of time pressure

Tran, H.W.; Panush, R.S., 2018:
Some days you win

Gibson, G.A.; Gillespie, A.Lockhart., 1892:
Some Deductions from a Study of the Development of the Heart

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Details as to Aseptic Operation

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Details of the Scheme

Lythe, G.; Molina-París, C., 2018:
Some deterministic and stochastic mathematical models of naïve T-cell homeostasis

Shakirov, B.M., 2018:
Some different treatment of sandal burns of the hand in children

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Difficulties with V.A.D. Workers

Van Bockstal, M.; Camboni, A.; De Vlieghere, E.; De Ryck, Fédéric.; Candaele, A-Sophie.; Geenen, S.; Vandemaele, L.; De Wever, O.; Libbrecht, L.; Verbeke, S.; Van Dorpe, J.A., 2018:
Some diffuse large B cell lymphomas (DLBCLs) present with clone-dependent TTF-1 positivity

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Disabilities from War Injuries

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Diseases of the Male Genital System: I. Hydrocele of the Tunica Vaginalis

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Diseases of the Male Genital System: III. The Treatment of Vaginal Hydrocele

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Diseases of the Male Genital System: II. The Diagnosis of Vaginal Hydrocele

Anonymous, 2018 :
Some Diseases of the Male Genital System: IV. The Rarer Forms of Hydrocele

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Diseases of the Male Genital System: IX. Tuberculosis of the Testis and Epididymis

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Diseases of the Male Genital System: V. Hæmatocele

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Diseases of the Male Genital System: VIII. Tuberculous Disease of the Testis and Epididymis

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Diseases of the Male Genital System: VII. The Treatment of Retained Testis

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Diseases of the Male Genital System: VI. Retained Testis

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Diseases of the Male Genital System: XII. Malignant Disease of the Testis

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Diseases of the Male Genital System: XI. Syphilitic Orchitis

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Diseases of the Male Genital System: X. Tuberculosis of the Testis and Epididymis (Continued)

Guthrie, D.; Davidson, E., 1933:
Some Disorders of Speech in Childhood: Their Nature and Treatment

Ingram, R.; Kang, H.; Lightman, S.; Jane, D.E.; Bortolotto, Z.A.; Collingridge, G.L.; Lodge, D.; Volianskis, A., 2018:
Some distorted thoughts about ketamine as a psychedelic and a novel hypothesis based on NMDA receptor-mediated synaptic plasticity

Burlacu, A.; Covic, A., 2018:
'Some doors are better left closed': Using LAA occluders as an alternative to warfarin in very high-risk dialysed patients with atrial fibrillation

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Drug Reactions in Urine

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Drugs and Herbal Products

Smith, R.Morrison., 1921:
Some Early Reports

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Early Signs in Tabes Dorsalis

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Effects of Adenoids

Webster, J.C., 1895:
Some Effects of Tight Lacing on Certain of the Abdominal Contents

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Encouraging Experiences

Moradi, M.; Rassi, Y.; Abai, M.Reza.; Zahraei Ramazani, A.; Mohebali, M.; Rafizadeh, S., 2018:
Some epidemiological aspects of cutaneous leishmaniasis with emphasis on vectors and reservoirs of disease in the borderline of Iran and Iraq

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Essential Considerations

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Essentials in Diagnosing Abdominal Cases

Ransome, A., 1888:
Some Evidence Respecting Tubercular Infective Areas

Ferguson, J.Haig., 1903:
Some Experiences in the Gynæcological Surgery of the Abdomen

Greenwood, A., 1906:
Some Experiences in the Spread of Scarlet Fever

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Experiences of a Bird Collector

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Experiences of Training-School Life: I. Does Training Harden Character?

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Experiences of Training School Life: III. Are the Hardening Influences Remedial?

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Experiences of Training-School Life: II. Some Hardening Influences in Training

Gribbon, M.R., 1922:
Some Factors Modifying the Nutrition of Children: A Survey of 3000 of the Most Marked Cases of Malnutrition in Viennese Children, Made in the Summer of 1921

Fedi, S.; Cappelletti, M.; Sandri, F.; Turner, R.J.; Zannoni, D., 2018:
Some facts about the respiratory enzymes of Pseudomonas pseudoalcaligenes KF707 recently renamed as Pseudomonas furukawaii sp. nov., type strain KF707

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Facts Concerning a "New Disease."

Oliver, J., 1899:
Some Facts Concerning Marriage in the Case of Woman

Mohammadian, M.; Salehiniya, H.; Mohammadian-Hafshejani, A., 2018:
Some Facts on Incidence and Mortality of Cancer in Iran

Agrawal, M.C.; Rao, V.G., 2017:
Some facts on south asian schistosomiasis and need for international collaboration

Rozanov, I.D.; Shirikov, E.I.; Balkanov, A.S.; Gaganov, L.E.; Vasilenko, I.A., 2018:
Some features controlling the blood D-dimer level after resection of malignant brain glioma

Savill, T.D., 1909:
Some Features of Exophthalmic Goitre

Karpinets, I.М.; Marusyn, O.V., 2018:
Some features of the behavior of alcohol dependent persons

Shulman, B.S.; Shurov, I.L.; Shirokov, V.A., 2017:
Some Features of the Biology and Parasite Fauna of the Arctic Char (Salvelinus Alpinus L.) in the Lake Mushtalampi (Northern Karelia)

Gordon, A.Knyvett., 1912:
Some Fever Hospitals and Their Work: A Summary of Recent Improvements

Gordon, A.Knyvett., 1912:
Some Fever Hospitals and Their Work: I. Cross-Infection in Special Wards

Gordon, A.Knyvett., 1912:
Some Fever Hospitals and Their Work: II. Preventive Methods in Provincial Institutions

Corpas-Burgos, F.; García-Donato, G.; Martinez-Beneito, M.A., 2018:
Some findings on zero-inflated and hurdle poisson models for disease mapping

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Foreign Hospitals in Jerusalem

Bloxam, J.A., 1898:
Some Forms of Tertiary Syphilis

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Functional Disorders of the Heart

Augustinova, M.; Clarys, D.; Spatola, N.; Ferrand, L., 2018:
Some further clarifications on age-related differences in Stroop interference

Richardson, B.Ward., 1894:
Some Further Notes on the Hydrides

Chisholm, 1858:
Some Further Remarks on the Internal Surface of the Uterus, and on Its Relations with the Placenta

Xiang, S.; He, J.; Liu, C.; Jia, W.; Yang, Y., 2017:
Some further results on the stability of Ky Fan's points

Janušonis, S., 2017:
Some Galeomorph Sharks Express a Mammalian Microglia-Specific Protein in Radial Ependymoglia of the Telencephalon

Branson, W.P.S., 1911 :
Some Gastric Symptoms and Gastric Diseases

Anonymous, 2018:
Some General Aspects of Poisons-II

Anonymous, 2018:
Some General Aspects of Poisons-III

Anonymous, 2018:
Some General Considerations

Tims, H.W.Marett., 1894:
Some General Considerations as to the Various Methods of Treatment to Be Adopted in Skin Affections

Anonymous, 2018:
Some General Effects of War Upon the Voluntary Hospitals

Pini, D., 2018:
Some general features of mesophase formation in hard-core plus tail potentials

Anonymous, 2018:
Some General Influences of the War

Yang, C.; Lu, F., 2018:
Some generalizations of inequalities for sector matrices

Wen, R.; Wu, R.; Guan, J., 2018:
Some generalizations of the new SOR-like method for solving symmetric saddle-point problems

Anonymous, 2018:
Some General Principles in the Treatment of Fracture Cases

Anonymous, 2018 :
Some Great Hospitals of America: British Types and New Departures

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Health Reports-I

Düşükcan, M., 2018:
Some heavy metals in the flesh of chub, Squalius cephalus, from Karakaya Dam Lake (Malatya, Turkey)

Gutmann, J.L., 2018:
Some historical musings on tooth/root resorption

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Historic Children's Hospital Cots

Anonymous, 2018:
Some History and Its Teachings

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Home-Made Hospital Equipment: Examples from Leicester

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Home-Made Hospital Equipment: Examples from Leicester Infirmary: Heating Apparatus for Theatre-A Radiant Heat Novelty-Hospital Doors

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Hospital Appliances and Ward Furniture at Messrs. Bailey's New Premises

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Hospital Finance in 1908

Wallace, J., 1914:
Some Hospitals and Municipal Institutions

Anonymous, 2018 :
Some Hospital Statistics: Their Use and Value

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Human Lessons in War-Time: III. Childhood and the Children

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Human Lessons in War-Time: II. The Physician and the Preacher

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Human Lessons in War-Time: I. The Nation and the Great War

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Human Lessons in War-Time: IV. Riches and Wealth. Their Limitations, Use, and Impotence

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Human Lessons in War-Time: VI. When Life Is and Is Not a Failure

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Human Lessons in War-Time: V. The Pleasures of Life

Watson, J.E., 2018:
Some Hydroids (Cnidaria, Hydrozoa) from the Great Australian Bight in the collection of the South Australian Museum

Bramwell, E., 1939:
Some Ideals and the Business of Healing

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Illustrative Cases

Kuchin, R.V.; Nenenko, N.D.; Chernitsyna, N.V., 2018:
Some Immunophysiological Features of Sport Activity in the Climatic and Geographical Conditions of the Middle Ob Region

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Imperfections of Medical Education

Peedicayil, J.; Grayson, D.R., 2018:
Some implications of an epigenetic-based omnigenic model of psychiatric disorders

Trafimow, D., 2018:
Some Implications of Distinguishing Between Unexplained Variance That Is Systematic or Random

Traquair, H.M., 1938:
Some Impressions of a Short Visit to Russia

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Impressions of Continental Hospitals

Quaremba, G.; Buccelli, C.; Graziano, V.; Laino, A.; Laino, L.; Paternoster, M.; Petrone, P., 2018:
Some inconsistencies in Demirjian's method

Alım, Z.; Kılıç, D.; Demir, Y., 2018:
Some indazoles reduced the activity of human serum paraoxonase 1, an antioxidant enzyme: in vitro inhibition and molecular modeling studies

Hong, Y.; Lim, D.; Qi, F., 2018:
Some inequalities for generalized eigenvalues of perturbation problems on Hermitian matrices

Nisar, K.Sooppy.; Qi, F.; Rahman, G.; Mubeen, S.; Arshad, M., 2018:
Some inequalities involving the extended gamma function and the Kummer confluent hypergeometric k -function

Zhao, L.; Liu, Q., 2018:
Some inequalities on the spectral radius of matrices

Huang, Y.Ting.; Snedeker, J., 2018:
Some inferences still take time: Prosody, predictability, and the speed of scalar implicatures

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Influences of the Darkened Streets

Laval, E., 2018:
Some information regarding the historical development of typhoid fever in Chile

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Injuries to the Vertebral Column

Cleland, J., 1909:
Some Interesting Cases and Notes: Reminiscences of Practice

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Interesting Experiments in Physical Efficiency

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Interesting Institutions

Niemand, A.; Jordaan, A.J.; Minnaar, H., 2016:
Some international perspectives on legislation for the management of human-induced safety risks

Dean, H.K., 2018:
Some intertidal and shallow water polychaetes of the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica

Brown, W.Langdon., 1909:
Some Intracranial Vascular Lesions

Toro, M.A.; Mäki-Tanila, A., 2018:
Some intriguing questions on Fisher's ideas about dominance

Blödt, K.; Freisinger, E., 2018:
Some is better than none! Association of physical activity pattern and mortality

Versacci, P.; Pugnaloni, F.; Digilio, M.Cristina.; Putotto, C.; Unolt, M.; Calcagni, G.; Baban, A.; Marino, B., 2018:
Some Isolated Cardiac Malformations Can Be Related to Laterality Defects

Cheng, L., 2017:
Some issues concerning the prevention and treatment of allergic rhinitis

Wang, Y.; Zhao, Y.; Yu, S.; Hu, Y., 2018:
Some issues from Effect of acupuncture and clomiphene in Chinese women with polycystic ovary syndrome in JAMA

Anonymous, 2017:
Some Joint Replacement Patients May Go Home the Same Day as Surgery

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Landmarks in Flanders: From the Notebooks of a Medical Officer

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Later Herbalists

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Laundry Statistics

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Laws of Health

MacFarlane, P.; Kontoleon, B., 2018:
Some Legal Issues Regarding the Patenting of Human Genetic Materials

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Light on a Recent Controversy

Rachalewski, Mł.; Kobak, Jław.; Szczerkowska-Majchrzak, E.; Bącela-Spychalska, K., 2018:
Some like it hot: factors impacting thermal preferences of two Ponto-Caspian amphipods Dikerogammarus villosus (Sovinsky, 1894) and Dikerogammarus haemobaphes (Eichwald, 1841)

Sage, R.F.; Monson, R.K.; Ehleringer, J.R.; Adachi, S.; Pearcy, R.W., 2018:
Some like it hot: the physiological ecology of C 4 plant evolution

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Likely Effects of Excessive Sickness Claims

Volta, B.Julieta.; Perrone, A.Elizabet.; Rivero, Río.; Scollo, K.; Bustos, P.Laura.; Bua, J., 2018:
Some Limitations for Early Diagnosis of Congenital Chagas Infection by PCR

Anonymous, 1931:
Some Limitations of the Wassermann Reaction

Xu, S-Fang.; Miao, Y., 2017:
Some limit theorems for ratios of order statistics from uniform random variables

Ma, F.; Li, J.; Hou, T., 2018:
Some limit theorems for weighted negative quadrant dependent random variables with infinite mean

Liu, P.; You, X., 2018:
Some linguistic neutrosophic Hamy mean operators and their application to multi-attribute group decision making

Molenaar, M.R.; Vaandrager, A.B.; Helms, J.Bernd., 2017:
Some Lipid Droplets Are More Equal Than Others: Different Metabolic Lipid Droplet Pools in Hepatic Stellate Cells

Rae, H.J., 1931:
Some Local and General Problems in Tuberculosis Administration

M'Bride, P., 1885:
Some Local Causes of Fœtid Breath

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Ludicrous Aspects of Human Misery

Schloss, M.J.; Nahrendorf, M., 2018:
Some Macrophages Are Softies

McNeil, C., 1935:
Some Major Disorders in Newly-Born Infants

Wu, S.; Adil Khan, M.; Basir, A.; Saadati, R., 2018:
Some majorization integral inequalities for functions defined on rectangles

Mooney, G., 2002:
Some Management Information Issues in Indigenous Health

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Masters of Mediæval Surgery

Ma, H.; Wu, Y.; Xiang, H.; Yang, Y.; Wang, M.; Zhao, C.; Wu, C., 2018:
Some maternal lineages of domestic horses may have origins in East Asia revealed with further evidence of mitochondrial genomes and HVR-1 sequences

Adachi, K.; Trendafilov, N.T., 2017:
Some Mathematical Properties of the Matrix Decomposition Solution in Factor Analysis

Taylor, S. , 1911:
Some Medical Aphorisms and Experiences

Wedd, G.D., 1950:
Some medical aspects of atomic warfare

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Medical Aspects of Malingering

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Medical Aspects of Tropical Colonisation

Glauser, W., 2018:
Some medical associations see modest growth despite challenges

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Medical Benefit Changes

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Medical Difficulties of Life Assurance

Ferguson, J.Haig., 1932:
Some Medical Heroes of the 17th, 18th, and 19th Centuries

Williams, L., 1907:
Some Medical Hæmorrhages

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Medical Lessons of the War: The Control of Camp Diseases

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Medico-Legal Points

Luff, A.P., 1907:
Some Medico-Legal Reminiscences

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Mental and Moral Aspects of the Strike

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Messages of the War

Mohammad, K.; Dakik, Péla.; Medkour, Y.; McAuley, Mélissa.; Mitrofanova, D.; Titorenko, V.I., 2018:
Some Metabolites Act as Second Messengers in Yeast Chronological Aging

Jin, H.; Wang, R.; Liu, Z.; Jia, Q.; Wu, Y.; Zhao, Z.; Wang, Y.; Zhang, X., 2018:
Some Methodological Characteristics of Alzheimer-Associated Urine Neuronal Thread Protein Detected by Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay

Mansournia, M.A.; Altman, D.G., 2018:
Some methodological issues in the design and analysis of cluster randomised trials

Schoener, T.W., 1974:
Some Methods for Calculating Competition Coefficients from Resource-Utilization Spectra

Powers, S.; Qian, J.; Jung, K.; Schuler, A.; Shah, N.H.; Hastie, T.; Tibshirani, R., 2018:
Some methods for heterogeneous treatment effect estimation in high dimensions

Washburne, F.A., 1906:
Some Methods of Utilising Hospital Waste

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Metropolitan, Provincial, Scotch, and Irish Special Hospitals Compared

Çakır, Y.; Çakmakçı, Sül., 2018:
Some microbiological, physicochemical and ripening properties of Erzincan Tulum cheese produced with added black cumin ( Nigella sativa L.)

Robinson, C.D.; Pons, G.A.; Duckworth, A.L.; Rogers, T., 2018:
Some Middle School Students Want Behavior Commitment Devices (but Take-Up Does Not Affect Their Behavior)

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Military and Provincial Hospitals

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Military Hospital Gazettes

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Military Medical Economies: The Value of Criticism

McNeil, C., 1931:
Some Minor Digestive Disorders in Breast-Fed Infants during the First Month

Moon, R.O., 1910:
Some Minor Manifestations of Epilepsy

Morison, J.Rutherford., 1893:
Some Mistakes in the Technique of Abdominal Surgery

Brauer, F.; Castillo-Chavez, C.; Mubayi, A.; Towers, S., 2016:
Some models for epidemics of vector-transmitted diseases

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Modern Aspects of Diabetes. II

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Modern Continental Hospitals

Greenfield, J.Godwin., 1936:
Some Modern Problems Connected with the Cerebro-Spinal Fluid

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Modern Theories of Gout

Mackness, G.Owen.C., 1896:
Some Modifications of Midwifery Forceps

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Moral Aspects of the C. D. Acts

Anonymous, 2018:
Some More Incompatible Prescriptions

Anonymous, 2018:
Some National Aspects of Transport

Oertel, M.; Eich, H-Theodor., 2018:
Some Necessary Additional Points

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Necessary Qualifications

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Neglected Medical Obligations

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Nerve Diseases

Mears, I., 1905:
Some Nervous Complications Occurring in Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Leclerc, M.P.; Regenbogen, C.; Hamilton, R.H.; Habel, U., 2018:
Some neuroanatomical insights to impulsive aggression in schizophrenia

Richardson, M.L.; Amini, B.; Richards, T.L., 2018:
Some new angles on the magic angle: what MSK radiologists know and don't know about this phenomenon

Nwaeze, E.R.; Kermausuor, S.; Tameru, A.M., 2018:
Some new k -Riemann-Liouville fractional integral inequalities associated with the strongly η -quasiconvex functions with modulus μ ≥ 0

Anonymous, 2018:
Some New Local Anæsthetics

Mathis, Séphane.; Tazir, M.; Solé, G.; Magy, L.; Le Masson, G.; Couratier, P.; Ghorab, K.; Duval, F.; Lacoste, I.; Goizet, C.; Vallat, J-Michel., 2018:
Some new proposals for the classification of inherited myopathies

Twist, N.Stuart., 1911:
Some New Remedies in Use

Anonymous, 2018:
Some New Uses for X-Rays

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Non-Combatant Responsibilities

Matejíčka, L., 2018:
Some notes about one inequality with power functions

Woodhead, G.Sims., 1901:
Some Notes on Alcohol in Its Medical and Scientific Aspects

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Notes on an Everyday Problem

Bernstein, H-Gert.; Keilhoff, G.; Steiner, J., 2018 :
Some notes on citrulline in the CNS

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Notes on Common Skin Diseases

Popko, L., 2018:
Some Notes on Papyrus Ebers, Ancient Egyptian Treatments of Migraine, and a Crocodile on the Patient's Head

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Notes on Phthisis.-II: Hoarseness in Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Neve, A., 1894:
Some Notes on Surgical Economy in Hospitals

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Notes on the Brewers' Exhibition

Wallace, D., 1895:
Some Notes on the Surgery of the Bladder

Gordon, K., 1910:
Some Notes on the Treatment of Puerperal Septic Disease

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Noticeable Features

Rafiq, K.; Saify, Z.Saied.; Nesar, S.; Faiyaz, A.; Muhammad, I.Naeem., 2018:
Some novel piperidine analogues having strong alpha glucosidase inhibition

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Novel Relations in Human Pathology

Yapp, C.Seymour., 1919 :
Some Nurses' Problems

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Nursing Developments

Norman, W., 1819:
Some Observations and Cases, Shewing the Danger of Suppressing Accustomed Evacuations, or Rashly Interfering with Certain Periodical Affections of the System

Dickson, 1819:
Some Observations and Examples of Phlegmasia Dolens, in the Puerperal, Gravid, and Unimpregnated States; and Also in the Male

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Observations of Bird Life

Russell, J., 1824:
Some Observations on a Peculiar Affection to Which the Bones of the Cranium Are Liable

Owen, J.Lewis., 1928:
Some Observations on Blood Grouping

McGowan, J.P., 1941:
Some Observations on Calcium Requirement Standards

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Observations on Chorea

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Observations on Diseases of the Digestive Organs: Dyspepsia and the Nervous System

Lees, D., 1923:
Some Observations on Gonococcal Infection of the Fallopian Tubes and Ovaries

Burgess, W.L., 1924:
Some Observations on Maternal Mortality

Murray, E.Farquhar., 1930:
Some Observations on Puerperal Sepsis, with Special Reference to Its Occurrence in Maternity Hospitals

Carmichael, D., 1864:
Some Observations on Scrofula on the North-East Coast of Scotland

Biggart, J.H., 1935:
Some Observations on the Basophil Cells of the Human Hypophysis

Hall, I.Simson., 1929:
Some Observations on the Clinical and Bacteriological Aspects of Suppuration of the Lung

Wilson, J.A., 1932:
Some Observations on the Death-Rate from Tuberculosis in Glasgow

Foulis, J., 1899:
Some Observations on the Development of the Testicle

Parsons, H.Franklin., 1884:
Some Observations on the Etiology of Diphtheria

Parkes, L., 1897:
Some Observations on the Infectivity of Diphtheria, and on the Relation of Diphtheria Prevalence to School-Closure

Fahmy, E.Chalmers., 1936:
Some Observations on the Management of the Third Stage of Labour

Elder, G.; Hutchison, R., 1895 :
Some Observations on the Maternal and Fœtal Blood at Birth

Benson, W.T., 1938:
Some Observations on the Notifiable Streptococcal Infections

Douglas-Wilson, H., 1939:
Some Observations on the Practice of Medicine

Maclean, A., 1937:
Some Observations on the Treatment of Lupus

Brown, R.Dods., 1929:
Some Observations on the Treatment of Mental Diseases

Schlossmann, K., 1935:
Some Observations on the Variations of the Tuberculosis Virus

Low, R.Cranston., 1932:
Some Observations on Tuberculides

Williams, H., 1931:
Some Observations on Tuberculosis in the Hebrides, with Special Reference to Milk

Calwell, W., 1895:
Some Observations on Typhoid Fever

Philip, A.P.Wilson., 1818:
Some Observations Suggested by Mr. Cunningham's Case of Concussion of the Brain, Published in the February Number of the Medico-Chirurgical Journal

Bruce, L.C., 1900:
Some Observations upon the General Blood Pressure in Sleeplessness and Sleep

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Ocular Paralyses

Anonymous, 2018:
Some of "Ierne's" Questions Answered?

Anonymous, 2018:
Some of the Clinical Aspects of Pneumonia

Delépine, S., 1903:
Some of the Dangers of Boracic Acid and Formaldehyde as Food Preservatives

Anonymous, 2018:
Some of the Difficulties in the Diagnosis of Sarcoma of Bone

Anonymous, 2018:
Some of the Examination Questions

Klein, E., 1889:
Some of the Infectious Diseases Common to Man and the Lower Animals

Anonymous, 2018:
Some of the Less Frequently Recognised Affections of Joints

Mitchell, A., 1872:
Some of the Medico-Legal Relations of Insanity to Will-Making

Anonymous, 2018:
Some of the Newer Dermatological Remedies and Their Value

Anonymous, 2018:
Some of the Papers

Nicholson, H.Oliphant., 1906:
Some of the Physiological Changes in the Maternal Organism during Pregnancy and Their Significance

Carmichael, J., 1882:
Some of the Sequelæ of Acute Infectious Diseases in Children

Foulis, J., 1880:
Some of the Uses of Oil of Turpentine

DePew, R., 2018:
Some of Us Stay

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Older London Hospitals: How They Have Been Re-Created

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Omissions in the National Insurance Bill

Cronk, C., 2018:
Someone Loved

Mikolajczyk, A.E., 2017:
Someone's Son

Anonymous, 2016:
SOMEONE TO LEAN ON: TPAPN Advocates Give Back to Nurses in Recovery

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Orthopædic Principles Explained

Mercer, W., 1931:
Some Orthopædic Problems

Skjaervold, N.Kristian.; Knai, K.; Elvemo, N., 2018:
Some oscillatory phenomena of blood glucose regulation: An exploratory pilot study in pigs

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Outstanding Points in Clinical Medicine

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Pancreatic Lesions and Their Clinical Aspects

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Paralytic Deformities in Children

Shoveller, W., 1816:
Some Particulars of a Fever Which Prevailed among the Crew of His Majesty's Ship Montague, at Gibraltar, in the Months of January and February, 1816

Bertelloni, F.; Tosi, G.; Massi, P.; Fiorentini, L.; Parigi, M.; Cerri, D.; Ebani, V.Virginia., 2017:
Some pathogenic characters of paratyphoid Salmonella enterica strains isolated from poultry

Andia, I.; Maffulli, N., 2018:
Some patients (and some of us) respond better to some biological therapies: the as yet unsolved conundrum

Maiborodin, I.V.; Morozov, V.V.; Anikeev, A.A.; Maslov, R.V.; Figurenko, N.F.; Matveeva, V.A.; Maiborodina, V.I., 2018:
Some Peculiarities of Local Distribution of Multipotent Mesenchymal Stromal Cells after Their Injection into Intact Muscle Tissue in Experiment

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Penal Cases

Chen, J., 2018:
Some People May Need it, But Not Me, Not Now: Seeking Professional Help for Mental Health Problems in Urban China

Elwood, T.W., 2018:
Some Perspectives Regarding Journal Publishing

Sun, J.; Song, J.; Zhang, W.; Jing, F.; Xu, W.; Leng, P.; Quan, X.; Du, G.; Sui, Z., 2018:
Some pharmacokinetic parameters of salvianolic acid A following single-dose oral administration to rats

Lyon, D.Murray., 1926:
Some Pharmacological and Metabolic Actions of Certain Endocrine Products

Ramashia, S.E.; Gwata, E.T.; Meddows-Taylor, S.; Anyasi, T.A.; Jideani, A.I.O., 2018:
Some physical and functional properties of finger millet (Eleusine coracana) obtained in sub-Saharan Africa

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Physical Aspects of Cardiac Failure

Hancock, P.A., 2018:
Some Pitfalls in the Promises of Automated and Autonomous Vehicles

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Pitfalls of Practice

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Plans, Practical and Otherwise

Bidwell, L.A., 1899:
Some Plaster of Paris Splints

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Points about Head Injuries

Duncan, J.Matthews., 1875:
Some Points Ascertained in the Dissection of an Anencephalous Fœtus, with Preparation

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Points from Recent Circulars

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Points in Artificial Immunity

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Points in Invalid Feeding

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Points in the Choice of a Car

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Points in the Choice of a Car-II

Wells, S.Russell., 1909:
Some Points in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Disease of the Aortic Valves

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Points in the Diagnosis of Hip Disease in Children

Cappell, D.F., 1936:
Some Points in the Histological Diagnosis of Tuberculosis

Murray, E.Farquhar., 1932:
Some Points in the Investigation, Prognosis and Treatment of Tubal Conditions, with Special Reference to Insufflation and X-Ray Examination after Injection with Lipiodol

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Points in the Midwives Bill

Haultain, F.W.N., 1890 :
Some Points in the Morbid Anatomy of the Fallopian Tubes

Blacklock, J.W.S., 1936:
Some Points in the Pathology and Bacteriology of Tuberculosis in Children

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Points in the Pathology and Therapeutics of Digestion

Ranking, G.L., 1908:
Some Points in the Treatment of Chorea

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Points in the Treatment of Diabetes-I

Gordon, A.Knyvett., 1911:
Some Points in the Treatment of Diphtheritic Laryngeal Obstruction.-I

Gordon, A.Knyvett., 1911:
Some Points in the Treatment of Diphtheritic Laryngeal Obstruction.-II

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Points in the Treatment of Dyspepsia

Gordon, A.Knyvett., 1910:
Some Points in the Treatment of Enteric Fever

Gordon, A.Knyvett., 1911:
Some Points in the Treatment of Scarlet Fever

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Points in the Treatment of Scirrhus of the Breast

Anonymous, 2018 :
Some Points in Urine Examination

Giles, A.E., 1899:
Some Points of Preventive Treatment in the Diseases of Women

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Points of View of the Medical Profession

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Points on Alcoholism

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Points on the Modern Treatment of Syphilis

Fisher, T., 1911:
Some Points on Various Affections of the Lungs.-II

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Points to Be Borne in Mind

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Poor-Law Accounts

Haultain, W.F.Theodore., 1926:
Some Practical Aspects of Ante-Natal Care

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Practical Aspects of Bovine Tuberculosis

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Practical Notes

Haultain, F.W.N., 1910:
Some Practical Points in the Life-History of Uterine Fibromyomata

Barbour, A.H.Freeland., 1885:
Some Practical Points with Regard to the Membranes in the Third Stage of Labour

Gillespie, A.Lockhart., 1893:
Some Practical Results from the Chemical Examination of the Contents of the Healthy Stomach

Russell, W., 1893:
Some Practical Results of the Investigation of Cholera in Germany

Ayim-Aboagye, D.; Gordh, T., 2018:
Some practical treatment methods of dealing with pain disabilities in rural Ghana

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Preachers and Subjects for Hospital Sunday

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Prescription Difficulties

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Prescriptions Discussed-I

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Prescriptions Discussed-II

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Prescriptions Discussed-III

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Prescriptions with Their Dispensing Difficulties.-II

Low, J.Spencer., 1900:
Some Preventive Measures Adopted in the Presidency of Madras during the Late Epidemic Prevalence of Plague in India

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Probationers Articulate

Kukhtyn, M.; Vichko, O.; Horyuk, Y.; Shved, O.; Novikov, V., 2018:
Some probiotic characteristics of a fermented milk product based on microbiota of "Tibetan kefir grains" cultivated in Ukrainian household

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Problems and Our Steps to Solve Them

Eeles, J., 1925:
Some Problems in the Bacteriology of Puerperal Sepsis

Brash, J.C., 1934:
Some Problems in the Growth and Developmental Mechanics of Bone

Percival, G.H., 1934:
Some Problems of Dermatitis

Lyon, D.M.; Gilchrist, A.R., 1928:
Some Problems of Rheumatic Infections

Whitehouse, B., 1927:
Some Problems of the Menstrual Function with Observations on the Relation of the Graafian Follicle and Corpus Luteum to Pathological Uterine Hæmorrhage

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Problems of To-Day

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Problems of To-Day: The Unmarried Mother

Anonymous, 2018 :
Some Problems Which Press

Olweus, D.; Limber, S.P., 2017:
Some problems with cyberbullying research

Rief, W.; Hofmann, S.G., 2018:
Some problems with non-inferiority tests in psychotherapy research: psychodynamic therapies as an example

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Prolegomena to a Philosophy of Medicine

Bedia, Şimşek.; Yasin, T., 2018:
Some Properties of Fresh and Ripened Traditional Akcakatik Cheese

Challa, A.; Danda, S.; Sagar, B.S.Daya.; Najman, L., 2018:
Some Properties of Interpolations Using Mathematical Morphology

Wiuf, C., 2018:
Some properties of the conditioned reconstructed process with Bernoulli sampling

Hardy, N., 1889:
Some Proposals for Contributions by Patients to Hospitals

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Provincial Hospital Chapels

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Public-Health Questions Discussed

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Public Health Reports

Cook, T.Alex., 1911:
Some Queer Definitions in Hospital Diet

Glannon, W., 2018:
Some questions about brain-based mind reading in forensic psychiatry

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Questions to Sir Napier Burnett

M'Bride, P., 1895:
Some Questions with Regard to the Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Treatment of Suppuration in Certain Osseous Cavities

M'Bride, P., 1892:
Some Questions with Regard to Tuberculosis of the Upper Air Passages

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Rarer Forms of Nephritis

Haultain, F.W.N., 1913:
Some Rare Uterine New Growths-Simple Papilloma of Corpus Uteri; Primary Tubercle of Cervix; Diffuse Nodular Fibrosis

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Rare Varieties

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Rays of Hope

White, M., 2018:
Some reasons to be cheerful - and one of them might be STPs

Kermack, W.O., 1942:
Some Recent Advances in Chemotherapy

Anonymous, 2018 :
Some Recent Advances in Physiology and Pathology

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Recent Innovations

Chalmers, A.K., 1907:
Some Recent Manifestations of Cerebro-Spinal Fever

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Recent Novelties in Diagnostic Technique

Smits, N.; Paap, M.C.S.; Böhnke, J.R., 2018:
Some recommendations for developing multidimensional computerized adaptive tests for patient-reported outcomes

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Records from Insurance Practice

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Red Cross Activities

Xue, J., 2017:
Some refinements of operator reverse AM-GM mean inequalities

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Reflections by an Ex-Patient

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Reflections on Boarding School Diet

Tang, J.L.; Li, L.M., 2018:
Some reflections on evidenced-based medicine, precision medicine, and big data-based research

D'Ottavio, A.Enrique., 2018 :
Some reflections on problem-based learning medical curriculum

Lees, A.J., 2018:
Some reflections on the lasting importance of James Parkinson's Essay on the Shaking Palsy

Fraser, J., 1939:
Some Reflections on the Pathogenesis and Treatment of Cancer of the Breast

McGowan, J.P., 1940:
Some Reflections on Two Recent Publications on Rickets

Anonymous, 1873:
Some Reforms in Surgical Statistics

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Relationships of Secondary Parotitis

Litton, C.D.; Perera, I.E.; Harteis, S.P.; Teacoach, K.A.; DeRosa, M.I.; Thomas, R.A.; Smith, A.C., 2018:
Some relevant parameters for assessing fire hazards of combustible mine materials using laboratory scale experiments

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Remarkable Figures and Facts

Daniels, N., 2018:
Some Remarks on Accontability for Reasonableness

Bramwell, J.P., 1860:
Some Remarks on a Certain Unusual Form of Arterial Obstruction

Steele, G., 1866:
Some Remarks on Cholera, with Reminiscences of the Epidemic of 1832

Fehling, 1902:
Some Remarks on Diagnostic Help in Gynæcology

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Remarks on Excision of the Knee-Joint

Engelmann, G., 1878:
Some Remarks on Fibrous Tumours of the Uterus

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Remarks on Hernia

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Remarks on Hernia: III. Bassini's Operation for Radical Cure of an Inguinal Hernia

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Remarks on Hernia: I. Inguinal Hernia

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Remarks on Hernia: II. The Diagnosis and Treatment of Inguinal Hernia

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Remarks on Hernia: IV. Irreducibility

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Remarks on Hernia: VI. The Operative Treatment of a Strangulated Hernia (continued)

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Remarks on Hernia: VI. The Treatment of a Strangulated Hernia

Wright, S.H., 1873:
Some Remarks on Insanity

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Remarks on Internal Derangements of the Knee

Greenwood, A., 1909:
Some Remarks on Mentally Deficient Children

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Remarks on Peri-Rectal Suppuration

Luke, T.D., 1905:
Some Remarks on Post-Anæsthetic Sickness: Its Cause and Treatment

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Remarks on Puerperal Sapræmia

Miller, J.W., 1906:
Some Remarks on the Diagnosis and Complications of Diphtheria

Simpson, W.J., 1904:
Some Remarks on the Epidemiology of Plague

Milton, J.L., 1873:
Some Remarks on the History and Origin of Syphilis

Milton, J.L., 1872:
Some Remarks on the Pathology and Treatment of Acne

Retzius, A., 1858:
Some Remarks on the Proper Design of the Semilunar Lines of Douglas. With Three Illustrations

Myrtle, J.Young., 1862:
Some Remarks on the Treatment of Scalds and Burns

Dartnall, H.J., 1984:
Some reminiscences

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Reminiscences of St. Bartholomew's

Brewis, N.T., 1904:
Some Renal Cases

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Reports of the Work of 1919

Cagney, J., 1897:
Some Resources in the Diagnosis of Nervous Diseases

Turner, D., 1909:
Some Results of Electrolytic Treatment and of Röntgen-Ray Diagnosis

Yang, C.; Ren, Y., 2018:
Some results of Heron mean and Young's inequalities

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Risks of Middle Age

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Sanatorium Topics

Mackness, G.Owen.C., 1888:
Some Scarlatiniform Rashes Occurring during the Puerperium

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Scientific Aspects of Insanity: I. Brain Tissue

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Scientific Aspects of Insanity: II. Brain and Spinal Cord

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Scientific Aspects of Insanity: III. Nerve Tissue

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Scientific Aspects of Insanity: IV. Consciousness and Mind

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Scientific Aspects of Insanity: IX. Attention Due to Maniacs

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Scientific Aspects of Insanity: IX. Mania

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Scientific Aspects of Insanity: V. Causes of Insanity

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Scientific Aspects of Insanity: VI. Early Stages

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Scientific Aspects of Insanity: VIII. The Care and Treatment of Melancholia

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Scientific Aspects of Insanity: VII. Melancholia

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Scientific Aspects of Insanity: XI. Epileptics

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Scientific Aspects of Insanity: XII. General Paralysis

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Scientific Aspects of Insanity: XIII. Dementia

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Scientific Aspects of Insanity: XIV. Secondary Dementia

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Scientific Aspects of Insanity: X. Monomania

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Scientific Aspects of Insanity: XVIII. Climacteric Insanity

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Scientific Aspects of Insanity: XVII. The Insanities of the Puerperal State

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Scientific Aspects of Insanity: XVI. The Insanities of the Various Periods of Life

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Scientific Aspects of Insanity: XV. Secondary Dementia

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Scotch Asylums

Oliver, J., 1898:
Some Selected Cases of Amenorrhœa with Gross Lesion

Meachen, G.Norman., 1911:
Some Selected Skin Cases

Tomlinson, S., 2018:
Some seriously fishy research puts holes in movement barriers

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Serious Modes of Onset in Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Gopalan, S.T.; Velou, A., 1964:
Some Serum Enzymes in Vitiligo

Miller, A.G., 1893:
Some Simple Uses of Carbolic Acid

Miller, A.G., 1893:
Some Simple Uses of Carbolic Acid. I

Miller, A.G., 1894:
Some Simple Uses of Carbolic Acid. II

Swiontkowski, M.; Resnick, L., 2013:
Some Skin Abnormalities Around Metal Implants Are Not Serious

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Smaller Hospitals and the Wounded

Bourne, A.William., 1939:
Some Social Aspects of Abortion

Alazzeh, A.Y.; AlShammari, E.M.; Smadi, M.M.; Azzeh, F.S.; AlShammari, B.T.; Epuru, S.; Banu, S.; Bano, R.; Sulaiman, S.; Alcantara, J.C.; Ashraf, S.A.; Qiblawi, S., 2018:
Some Socioeconomic Factors and Lifestyle Habits Influencing the Prevalence of Obesity among Adolescent Male Students in the Hail Region of Saudi Arabia

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Special Aneurysms

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Special Features of Importance

Dragović, T.; Marinković, D.; Kiković, Sša.; Pejović, J.; Hajduković, Z., 2018:
Some specificities in the management of hyperglycemia in patients with diabetic kidney disease

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Spinal Cord Lesions: II. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Spinal Cord Lesions.-III: Insular, Multiple, or Disseminate Sclerosis

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Spinal Cord Lesions: I. Primary Spastic and Ataxic Paraplegia

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Spinal Cord Lesions.-IV: Syringomyelia

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Spinal Cord Lesions.-V

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Spinal Cord Lesions.-VI: Compression Paraplegia

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Spinal Cord Lesions: VII. Hereditary Ataxy (Friedreich's Disease)

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Staff Nurses' Views

Halliday, J.L., 1926:
Some Statistical Aspects of Tuberculous Meningitis

Mitchell, A., 1866:
Some Statistics of Idiocy

Sookwong, P.; Mahatheeranont, S., 2018:
Some Strategies for Utilization of Rice Bran Functional Lipids and Phytochemicals

Hatanaka, M., 2018:
Some structural aspects of ammeline - Keto preference and dimerization

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Surgical Complications of Typhoid Fever

Asciutto, E.K.; Pochapsky, T.C., 2018:
Some Surprising Implications of NMR-directed Simulations of Substrate Recognition and Binding by Cytochrome P450 cam (CYP101A1)

Palestro, J.J.; Weichart, E.; Sederberg, P.B.; Turner, B.M., 2018:
Some task demands induce collapsing bounds: Evidence from a behavioral analysis

Broncel, A.; Bocian, R.; Kłos-Wojtczak, P.; Konopacki, J., 2018:
Some technical issues of vagal nerve stimulation. An approach using a hippocampal formation theta rhythm

Stencel, A.; Wloch-Salamon, D.M., 2018:
Some theoretical insights into the hologenome theory of evolution and the role of microbes in speciation

Yurttas, L.; Demir, B.; Ciftci, G.Akalin., 2018:
Some Thiazole Derivatives Combined With Different Heterocycles : Cytotoxicity Evaluation And Apoptosis Inducing Studies

Anonymous, 2018:
Something about Eyes

Anonymous, 2018:
Something about "Germs." The Views of Professor Charteris of the Glasgow University

Anonymous, 2018:
Something about Leprosy

Anonymous, 2018:
Something Attempted: A Retrospect

McConnell, A.; Bonnin, R.; Bellis, W., 2018:
Something fishy going on

Redfern, R.; Micham, J.; Daniels, R.; Childers, S., 2018:
Something in the Water: Hospital Responds to Water Crisis

Sousa Escandón, A., 2018:
Something is changing in the diagnosis and treatment of non-muscle invasive bladder cancers (NMIBC)

Crane, L.; Adams, F.; Harper, G.; Welch, J.; Pellicano, E., 2018:
'Something needs to change': Mental health experiences of young autistic adults in England

Ryan, A.J., 1982:
Something New for '82

Anonymous, 2018:
Something New in Medicine

Dannemann, M.; Racimo, F., 2018:
Something old, something borrowed: admixture and adaptation in human evolution

Liew, S.M., 2018:
Something old, something new

Donato, K.M.; León-Pérez, G.; Wallston, K.A.; Kripalani, S., 2018 :
Something Old, Something New: When Gender Matters in the Relationship between Social Support and Health

Petrova, M.; Barclay, S., 2018:
Something's awry (again) in the debate on patient data sharing

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Things Training-Schools Have Done

McDougall, E.; O'Connor, M.; Howell, J., 2018:
"Something that happens at home and stays at home": An exploration of the lived experience of young carers in Western Australia

Antonucci, E., 2018:
Something to drink? A personalized approach to fluids in sepsis

Carter, S.P.; Osborne, L.J.; Renshaw, K.D.; Allen, E.S.; Loew, B.A.; Markman, H.J.; Stanley, S.M., 2018:
Something to talk about: Topics of conversation between romantic partners during military deployments

Madias, J.E., 2018:
Some thoughts about concomitant transient global amnesia and takotsubo syndrome

Fröhlich, T., 2018:
Some thoughts about the terms "centre" and "inside," in relation to the concept of person-centredness

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Thoughts for Nurses

O'Mahony, S., 2018:
Some thoughts on compassion inspired by Sir Thomas Legge

Brawley, O.W., 2018:
Some Thoughts on Exposure to the World Trade Center Wreckage and Cancer

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Thoughts on Public Funerals: A Famous Scientific Surgeon and a Great General Practitioner

Wang, Y.; Zhen, H., 2018:
Some Thoughts on Risk Prevention of Endoscopic Instruments

Richards, A., 2018:
Some Thoughts on Self-Disclosure

Gagliardi, J.P.; Rudd, M.J., 2018:
Sometimes determination and compromise thwart success: lessons learned from an effort to study copying and pasting in the electronic medical record

Corazza, M.; Amendolagine, G.; Musmeci, D.; Forconi, R.; Borghi, A., 2018:
Sometimes even Dr Google is wrong: An unusual contact dermatitis caused by benzoyl peroxide

Gurule, F.Sevy., 2017:
Sometimes, I'd rather play poker

Powell, S.K., 2018:
Sometimes "Improvement" is Not Enough: The Jimmo Settlement

Mezrich, J.L., 2018:
Sometimes less is more - Data acquisition and its impact on liability

Zhao, L.; Zhu, B.; Wang, J.; Brauth, S.E.; Tang, Y.; Cui, J., 2017:
Sometimes noise is beneficial: stream noise informs vocal communication in the little torrent frog Amolops torrentis

O'Brien, J.E., 2018:
"Sometimes, Somebody Just Needs Somebody - Anybody - to Care:" The power of interpersonal relationships in the lives of domestic minor sex trafficking survivors

Gupta, V.; Sorrell, V.L., 2017:
Sometimes You Have to Tilt Your Head and Strain to Take a Picture of the Truth

Kim, J-Soo.; Corn, J.E., 2018:
Sometimes you're the scooper, and sometimes you get scooped: How to turn both into something good

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Trade Unionists on Doctors

Paton, E.Percy., 1899:
Some Ulcers of the Tongue

Van Vuren, J.H.J.; Soley, J.T., 1990:
Some ultrastructural observations of leydig and sertoli cells in the testis of Tilapia rendalli following induced testicular recrudescence

West, J.B., 2018:
Some Unanticipated Consequences of Early Cardiac Catheterization. Insights into Pulmonary Pathophysiology

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Undescribed Symptoms of Angina Pectoris

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Unfounded Statements at Liverpool

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Unpleasant Truths about Food and Luxuries

Edington, G.H., 1910:
Some Untoward Consequences of Phimosis and of Circumcision

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Unusual Complications of Measles

Oliver, T., 1909:
Some Unusual Features of Lead Poisoning

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Unusual Swellings of the Abdominal Parietes

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Unutilized Resources of Civilisation

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Urgently Needed Reforms

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Uses of Antimony

Gillman, M.S., 2018:
Some utilities to help produce Rich Text Files from Stata

Wang, R., 2018:
Some Valuable Issues Regarding the Surgery for Lung Cancer Combined with COPD and the Postoperative Recurrence Risk

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Valuable Notes for Practitioners

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Varieties and Their Treatment

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Varieties of Acute Intestinal Obstruction

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Views on the Present Crisis

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Ward Sisters and Staff Nurses Protest

Anonymous, 2018:
Some War Problems in Food: II. Meat Rations for the Staff

Anonymous, 2018:
Some War Problems in Food: The Bread Ration

Hussain, A.; Ajaib, A., 2018:
Some weighted inequalities for Hausdorff operators and commutators

Butler, A.E.; Copnell, B.; Hall, H., 2018:
"Some were certainly better than others" - Bereaved parents' judgements of healthcare providers in the paediatric intensive care unit: A grounded theory study

Au, D.Ks., 2018:
Somewhere between no-blame culture and treating medical errors as crimes

Petrusak, J.; Perry, T.E.; Hassevoort, L., 2017:
Somewhere to be permanent for a minute: Time and space perceptions of older adult men experiencing chronic homelessness in Detroit

Huang, L-Guo.; Yin, L.; Wang, Y-Li.; Lin, X-Li., 2018:
Some Wilker and Cusa type inequalities for generalized trigonometric and hyperbolic functions

Hergott, L.J., 2018:
Some Years Having Passed Since I Lost You

Anonymous, 2018:
Some Zander Machines Described and Illustrated

Pourquié, O., 2018:
Somite formation in the chicken embryo

Anonymous, 2018:

Munro, W., 1879:

Richet, C., 1876:
Somnambulism Artificially Produced: Journ. de l'Anant., etc., 1875

Takahashi, S.; Kapás, L.; Fang, J.; Krueger, J.M., 2018:
Somnogenic relationships between tumor necrosis factor and interleukin-1

Pettigrew, M., 2018:
Somnophilia and Sexual Abuse through the Administration of GHB and GBL

Kumar, A.; Sevilla, M.D., 2017:
SOMO-HOMO Level Inversion in Biologically Important Radicals

Saleh, N., 2018:
So much not known about Muslim nurses in Canada

Bombil, I.; Louw, L.; Mitchell, C.; Mahlobo, F.; Muganza, R.A.; Madima, N.R., 2018:
Sonar guided focused parathyroidectomy under cervical block

Dyer, C., 2018:
"Son" at risk of inheriting of cancer can test DNA of dead man who might be his father

Hassan, M.O.; Saleh, A.M.; AbdElgawad, H., 2018:
Sonchus oleraceus Residue Improves Nutritive and Health-Promoting Value of Common Bean ( Phaseolus vulgaris L.): A Metabolic Study

Cholewiak, D.M.; Cerchio, S.; Jacobsen, J.K.; Urbán-R, J.; Clark, C.W., 2018:
Songbird dynamics under the sea: acoustic interactions between humpback whales suggest song mediates male interactions

Anonymous, 2018:
Song Birds as a Source of Tuberculosis

McMahon, T., 2018:
Song for a Soldier

Warth, M.; Kessler, J.; van Kampen, J.; Ditzen, B.; Bardenheuer, H.J., 2018:
'Song of Life': music therapy in terminally ill patients with cancer

Soha, J.A., 2018:
Song ontogeny in Nuttall's white-crowned sparrows tutored with individual phrases

Gridley, T.; Silva, M.F.P.; Wilkinson, C.; Seakamela, S.M.; Elwen, S.H., 2018:
Song recorded near a super-group of humpback whales on a mid-latitude feeding ground off South Africa

Roelens, J., 2018:
Songs of Sodom: Singing About the Unmentionable Vice in the Early Modern Low Countries

Cianetti, S.; Abraha, I.; Pagano, S.; Lupatelli, E.; Lombardo, G., 2018:
Sonic and ultrasonic oscillating devices for the management of pain and dental fear in children or adolescents that require caries removal: a systematic review

Zhang, P.; Zhao, F.; Long, P.; Wang, Y.; Yue, Y.; Liu, X.; Feng, Y.; Li, R.; Hu, W.; Li, Y.; Feng, W., 2018:
Sonication-assisted liquid-phase exfoliated α-GeTe: a two-dimensional material with high Fe 3+ sensitivity

Sethi, J.; Oksman, K.; Illikainen, M.; Sirviö, J.Antti., 2018:
Sonication-assisted surface modification method to expedite the water removal from cellulose nanofibers for use in nanopapers and paper making

Mousavi, S.A.; Montazerozohori, M.; Masoudiasl, A.; Mahmoudi, G.; White, J.M., 2018:
Sonication-assisted synthesis of a new cationic zinc nitrate complex with a tetradentate Schiff base ligand: Crystal structure, Hirshfeld surface analysis and investigation of different parameters influence on morphological properties

Prinz, V.; Bayerl, S.; Renz, N.; Trampuz, A.; Vajkoczy, P.; Finger, T., 2018:
Sonication Improves Pathogen Detection in Ventriculoperitoneal Shunt-Associated Infections

Arrigo, R.; Teresi, R.; Gambarotti, C.; Parisi, F.; Lazzara, G.; Dintcheva, N.Tzankova., 2018:
Sonication-Induced Modification of Carbon Nanotubes: Effect on the Rheological and Thermo-Oxidative Behaviour of Polymer-Based Nanocomposites

Sebastian, S.; Malhotra, R.; Sreenivas, V.; Kapil, A.; Chaudhry, R.; Dhawan, B., 2018:
Sonication of orthopaedic implants: A valuable technique for diagnosis of prosthetic joint infections

Li, X.; Wang, X.; Xie, C.; Zhu, J.; Meng, Y.; Chen, Y.; Li, Y.; Jiang, Y.; Yang, X.; Wang, S.; Chen, J.; Zhang, Q.; Geng, S.; Wu, J.; Zhong, C.; Zhao, Y., 2018:
Sonic hedgehog and Wnt/β-catenin pathways mediate curcumin inhibition of breast cancer stem cells

Finco, I.; Lerario, A.M.; Hammer, G.D., 2017:
Sonic Hedgehog and WNT Signaling Promote Adrenal Gland Regeneration in Male Mice

Song, N.; Wang, H.; Gu, T.; Qi, J.; Yang, J.; Qiu, Y.; Chen, Q.; Zou, Y.; Chen, Y.; Hu, Q.; Ma, X.; Zhao, T.; Feng, Z., 2018:
Sonic hedgehog-c-Jun N-terminal kinase-zinc finger protein Gli1 signaling protects against high glucose concentration-induced reactive oxygen species generation in human fibroblasts

Placzek, M.; Briscoe, J., 2018:
Sonic hedgehog in vertebrate neural tube development

Roelink, H., 2018:
Sonic Hedgehog Is a Member of the Hh/DD-Peptidase Family That Spans the Eukaryotic and Bacterial Domains of Life

Peng, J.; Fabre, P.J.; Dolique, T.; Swikert, S.M.; Kermasson, Lëtitia.; Shimogori, T.; Charron, Fédéric., 2018:
Sonic Hedgehog Is a Remotely Produced Cue that Controls Axon Guidance Trans-axonally at a Midline Choice Point

Xie, J.; Zhao, T.; Liu, Y., 2017:
Sonic hedgehog regulates the pathfinding of descending serotonergic axons in hindbrain in collaboration with Wnt5a and secreted frizzled-related protein 1

Yang, C.; Li, X.; Li, Q.; Li, H.; Qiao, L.; Guo, Z.; Lin, J., 2017:
Sonic Hedgehog Regulation of the Neural Precursor Cell Fate During Chicken Optic Tectum Development

Seppala, M.; Fraser, G.J.; Birjandi, A.A.; Xavier, G.M.; Cobourne, M.T., 2018:
Sonic Hedgehog Signaling and Development of the Dentition

Liu, S.; Yao, J-Li.; Wan, X-Xin.; Song, Z-Jing.; Miao, S.; Zhao, Y.; Wang, X-Li.; Liu, Y-Peng., 2018:
Sonic hedgehog signaling in spinal cord contributes to morphine-induced hyperalgesia and tolerance through upregulating brain-derived neurotrophic factor expression

Lee, S.; Jin, J-Xue.; Taweechaipaisankul, A.; Kim, G.A.; Ahn, C.; Lee, B.Chun., 2017:
Sonic hedgehog signaling mediates resveratrol to improve maturation of pig oocytes in vitro and subsequent preimplantation embryo development

Zhang, H.; Feng, S.; Liu, J., 2016 :
Sonic hedgehog signaling pathway and stress injury

Chen, C.; Breslin, M.B.; Lan, M.S., 2018:
Sonic hedgehog signaling pathway promotes INSM1 transcription factor in neuroendocrine lung cancer

Yabut, O.R.; Pleasure, S.J., 2018:
Sonic Hedgehog Signaling Rises to the Surface: Emerging Roles in Neocortical Development

Chen, G.; Yan, M.; Li, R.Rong.; Chen, W.Tao., 2018:
Sonic Hedgehog Signalling Activation Contributes to ALCAM Over-Expression and Poor Clinical Outcome in Patients with Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Park, S.; Kim, H.; Kim, K.; Roh, S., 2018:
Sonic hedgehog signalling regulates the self-renewal and proliferation of skin-derived precursor cells in mice

Serafin, S.; Geronazzo, M.; Erkut, C.; Nilsson, N.C.; Nordahl, R., 2018:
Sonic Interactions in Virtual Reality: State of the Art, Current Challenges, and Future Directions

Zuñiga, N.R.; Stoeckli, E.T., 2017:
Sonic -'Jack-of-All-Trades' in Neural Circuit Formation

Griffiths, A.G.F.; Kemp, K.M.; Matthews, K.; Garrett, J.K.; Griffiths, D.J., 2017:
Sonic Kayaks: Environmental monitoring and experimental music by citizens

Abbaszadeh, H.; Souslov, A.; Paulose, J.; Schomerus, H.; Vitelli, V., 2017:
Sonic Landau Levels and Synthetic Gauge Fields in Mechanical Metamaterials

Cosentino, S.; Iwasaki, W., 2018:
SonicParanoid: fast, accurate, and easy orthology inference

Kedzierska, K.Z.; Gerber, L.; Cagnazzi, D.; Krützen, M.; Ratan, A.; Kistler, L., 2018:
SONiCS: PCR stutter noise correction in genome-scale microsatellites

Al Mamun Bhuyan, A.; Sahu, I.; Cao, H.; Lang, F., 2018:
Sonidegib, a Novel Inhibitor of Suicidal Erythrocyte Death

Anonymous, 2018:
Sonidegib for basal cell carcinoma

Debashi, M.; Vickers, P., 2018:
Sonification of network traffic flow for monitoring and situational awareness

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Sonocatalysis of the magnetic recyclable layered perovskite oxides

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Sonocatalytic degradation of carbamazepine and diclofenac in the presence of graphene oxides in aqueous solution

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Sonocatalytic degradation of rhodamine B in presence of CdS

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Sonocatalytic performance of magnetically separable CuS/CoFe 2 O 4 nanohybrid for efficient degradation of organic dyes

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Sonochemical degradation of endocrine-disrupting organochlorine pesticide Dicofol: Investigations on the transformation pathways of dechlorination and the influencing operating parameters

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Sonochemical degradation of triclosan in water in a multifrequency reactor

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Sonochemical fabrication of reduction-responsive magnetic starch-based microcapsules

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Sonochemically Assembled Photoluminescent Copper-Modified Graphene Oxide Microspheres

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Sonochemically synthesized blue fluorescent functionalized graphene oxide as a drug delivery system

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Sonochemical preparation of gold nanoparticles for sensitive colorimetric determination of nereistoxin insecticides in environmental samples

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Sonochemical reduction of Cr(VI) in air in the presence of organic additives: What are the involved mechanistic pathways?

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Sonochemistry-Assembled Stimuli-Responsive Polymer Microcapsules for Drug Delivery

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Sonochemistry of silicon hydrides

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Sonocrystallization of conjugated polymers with ultrasound fields

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Sonocrystallization of Interesterified Soybean Oil: Effect of Saturation Level and Supercooling

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Sonocrystallization of poly(3-hexylthiophene) in a marginal solvent

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Sonodynamic therapy (SDT): a novel strategy for cancer nanotheranostics

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Sonodynamic therapy-assisted immunotherapy: A novel modality for cancer treatment

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Sonodynamic therapy improves anti‑tumor immune effect by increasing the infiltration of CD8+ T cells and altering tumor blood vessels in murine B16F10 melanoma xenograft

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Sonodynamic Therapy Mediated by Emodin Induces the Oxidation of Microtubules to Facilitate the Sonodynamic Effect

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Sonoelastographic Features of the Patellar Ligament in Clinically Normal Dogs

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Sonographer Career Development

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Sonographic Accuracy as a Novel Tool for Point-of-care Ultrasound Competency Assessment

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Sonographically Detected Transligamentous Median Nerve Branch

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Sonographically indeterminate scrotal masses: how MRI helps in characterization

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Sonographic and CT imaging features of intestinal perforation from a pill and packing: A case report

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Sonographic and radiographic findings of posterior tibial tendon dysfunction: a practical step forward

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Sonographic appearance of endometrial osseous metaplasia

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Sonographic Appearance of Soft Tissue Lipomas

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Sonographic Appearance of Testicular Adrenal Rest Tumour in a Patient with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

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Sonographic assessment of optic nerve and ophthalmic vessels in patients with idiopathic intracranial hypertension

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Sonographic assessment of swallowing in irradiated nasopharyngeal carcinoma patients

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Sonographic assessment of the anal sphincter after obstetric anal sphincter injury (OASI) using transperineal ultrasound (TPUS)

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Sonographic assessment of the subscapularis after reverse shoulder arthroplasty: impact of tendon integrity on shoulder function

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Sonographic assistance in the process of internal jugular vein catheterization

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Sonographic-Assisted Catheter-Positioning in Intracerebral Hemorrhage

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Sonographic Changes After Ultrasound-Guided Release of the Transverse Carpal Ligament: A Case Report

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Sonographic Demonstration of Intracranial Hemorrhage in a Fetus with Hydrops Fetalis due to Rh Alloimmunization after Intrauterine Intravascular Transfusion: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

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Sonographic Development of the Pericallosal Vascularization in the First and Early Second Trimester of Pregnancy

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Sonographic diagnosis of four water beads causing small-bowel obstruction in an 18-month-old boy

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Sonographic diagnosis of hypertrophic pyloric stenosis

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Sonographic Diagnosis of Meningoencephalitis in Newborns and Infants

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Sonographic diagnosis of proximal median nerve entrapment due to an arteriovenous graft in a hemodialysis patient

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Sonographic diameter of optic nerve sheath in differentiation of ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes; a diagnostic accuracy study

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Sonographic early findings in a case of bladder schistosomiasis

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Sonographic Evaluation and Monitoring of Pneumoperitoneum After Air Enema Reduction for Intussusception

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Sonographic evaluation of Achilles tendon healing in tenotomies for congenital clubfoot and Ponsetis treatment. A 12-week follow-up

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Sonographic evaluation of adrenal size in neonates (23 to 41 weeks of gestation)

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Sliding sign in third-trimester sonographic evaluation of intra-abdominal adhesions in women undergoing repeat Cesarean section: a novel technique

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Sonographic evaluation of kidney echogenicity and morphology among HIV sero-positive adults at Lagos University Teaching Hospital

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Sonographic Evaluation of Liver Hemodynamic Indices in Overweight and Obese Dogs

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Sonographic evaluation of peripheral nerve pathology in the emergency setting

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Sonographic evaluation of renal parameters in individuals with essential hypertension and correlation with normotensives

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Sonographic evaluation of salivary glands in juvenile Sjögren's syndrome

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Sonographic Evaluation of Some Abdominal Organs in Sickle Cell Disease Patients in a Tertiary Health Institution in Northeastern Nigeria

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Sonographic Evaluation of Superficial Peroneal Nerve Abnormalities

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Sonographic Evaluation of the Anterolateral Ligament of the Knee: A Cadaveric Study

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Sonographic Evaluation of the Posterior Interosseous Nerve in a Patient With Wrist Drop

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Sonographic evaluation of uncommonly assessed upper extremity peripheral nerves: anatomy, technique, and clinical syndromes

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Sonographic features of invasive ductal breast carcinomas predictive of malignancy grade

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Sonographic features of papillary thyroid microcarcinoma predicting high-volume central neck lymph node metastasis

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Sonographic features of peritoneal lymphomatosis in 4 cats

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Sonographic Features of Small (< 4 cm) Renal Tumors With Low Signal Intensity on T2-Weighted MR Images: Differentiating Minimal-Fat Angiomyolipoma From Renal Cell Carcinoma

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Sonographic imaging of physiological ovaries in the dog

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Sonographic Presentation of Metastases to the Thyroid Gland: A Case Series

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Sonographic quantification of the forearm muscles in relation with handgrip strength

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Sonographic visualization of nipple blood flow can help differentiate Paget disease from benign eczematous nipple lesions

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Sonography and Computed Tomography in Diagnosing Acute Appendicitis

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Sonography of the optic nerve sheath diameter before and after microsurgical closure of a dural CSF fistula in patients with spontaneous intracranial hypotension - a consecutive cohort study

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Sono-photodynamic modality for cancer treatment using bio-degradable bio-conjugated sonnelux nanocomposite in tumor-bearing mice: Activated cancer therapy using light and ultrasound

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Sonoprecipitation dispersion of ZnO nanoparticles over graphene oxide used in photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue in aqueous solution: Influence of irradiation time and power

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Sonority's Effect as a Surface Cue on Lexical Speech Perception of Children With Cochlear Implants

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Sonosensitive MRI Nanosystems as Cancer Theranostics: A Recent Update

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Son Preference and Family Limitation in Pakistan: A Parity- and Contraceptive Method-Specific Analysis

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Sons may be bad for maternal health at older age. New evidence for costs of reproduction in humans

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