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The effects of nutrient restriction on mRNA expression of endogenous retroviruses, interferon-tau, and pregnancy-specific protein-B during the establishment of pregnancy in beef heifers

The effects of nutrient restriction on mRNA expression of endogenous retroviruses, interferon-tau, and pregnancy-specific protein-B during the establishment of pregnancy in beef heifers

Journal of Animal Science 96(3): 950-963

ISSN/ISBN: 0021-8812

PMID: 29401298

DOI: 10.1093/jas/skx001

We hypothesize that syncytin-Rum1, bovine endogenous retrovirus-K1 (BERV-K1), pregnancy-specific protein-B (PSP-B), and interferon-τ (IFN-τ) will be influenced by maternal nutrient restriction and be differentially expressed during key stages (day 16, 34, and 50) of the establishment of gestation when fed to meet industry standards. Commercial crossbred heifers (n = 49) were maintained on a total mixed ration and supplemented with dried distillers grains with solubles. All heifers were subjected to 5-d CO-Synch + CIDR estrus synchronization protocol. Non-pregnant, non-bred control (NP-NB) heifers (n = 6) were ovariohysterectomized on day 16, and the remaining heifers were AI to a single Angus sire (day of breeding = day 0). On the day of breeding, heifers were randomly assigned to dietary treatments. One half were assigned to control treatment (CON) targeted to gain 0.45 kg/d, and the remaining half were assigned to restricted treatment (RES), which received 60% of control diets. Heifers were subjected to ovariohysterectomy on day 16, 34, or 50 of gestation. Utero-placental tissues were obtained from the uterine horn ipsilateral (P) and contralateral (NP) to the corpus luteum and separated into maternal caruncle (CAR), maternal endometrium, inter-caruncle, (ICAR), and fetal membrane (FM). There were no interactions between stage of gestation and nutritional treatment for syncytin-Rum1 or PSP-B (P > 0.22). Expression of BERV-K1 was influenced by a treatment × stage of gestation interaction (P = 0.03) in NP-CAR. On day 50, heifers fed the CON diet had greater BERV-K1 expression compared with CON heifers on day 16 and 34 and RES heifers at all sampling time points. There was a treatment × stage of gestation interaction (P < 0.01) for IFN-τ in FM tissue. On 16 d, mRNA expression of IFN-τ was greater (P < 0.01) compared with day 34 and 50 for both CON and RES heifers, but RES FM had greater (P < 0.01) IFN-τ expression compared with CON FM. In P-CAR, PSP-B expression increased (P < 0.01) by 18 000-fold on day 50 compared with NP-NB heifers. In P-ICAR, expression of syncytin-Rum1 in P-ICAR was greater (P = 0.01) on day 16 with a 14.14-fold increase compared with relative expression on day 34 and 50; whereas, PSP-B was increased (P < 0.01) on day 34 and 50 compared with day 16. In conclusion, 40% nutrient restriction had limited influence on mRNA of ERVs, PSP-B, and IFN-τ but stage of gestation differences reinforced the importance of these genes during the establishment of pregnancy.

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