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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 65593

Chapter 65593 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Feeney, T.; Castillo-Angeles, M.; Scott, J.W.; Nitzschke, S.L.; Salim, A.; Haider, A.H.; Havens, J.M., 2018:
The independent effect of emergency general surgery on outcomes varies depending on case type: A NSQIP outcomes study

Attard, R.; Dingli, P.; Doggen, C.J.M.; Cassar, K.; Farrugia, R.; Bezzina Wettinger, S., 2018:
The independent effect of helicobacter pylori infection and elevated gastrin levels on the risk of myocardial infarction

Stembridge, M.; Ainslie, P.N.; Boulet, L.M.; Anholm, J.; Subedi, P.; Tymko, M.M.; Willie, C.K.; Cooper, S-Mark.; Shave, R., 2018:
The independent effects of hypovolaemia and pulmonary vasoconstriction on ventricular function and exercise capacity during acclimatisation to 3800 m

Abbott, W.; Brownlee, T.E.; Harper, L.D.; Naughton, R.J.; Clifford, T., 2018:
The independent effects of match location, match result and the quality of opposition on subjective wellbeing in under 23 soccer players: a case study

Baumdicker, F.; Huebner, A.M.I.; Pfaffelhuber, P., 2017:
The independent loss model with ordered insertions for the evolution of CRISPR spacers

Richards, T.; Glendenning, A.; Benson, D.; Alexander, S.; Thati, S., 2018:
The independent patient factors that affect length of stay following hip fractures

Cobran, E.K.; Merino, Y.; Roach, B.; Bigelow, S.M.; Godley, P.A., 2018:
The Independent Specialty Medical Advocate Model of Patient Navigation and Intermediate Health Outcomes in Newly Diagnosed Cancer Patients

DeMets, D., 2018:
The independent statistician model: How well is it working?

Gall, B.G.; Spivey, K.L.; Chapman, T.L.; Delph, R.J.; Brodie, E.D.; Wilson, J.S., 2018:
The indestructible insect: Velvet ants from across the United States avoid predation by representatives from all major tetrapod clades

Issa, V.Sarli., 2018:
The Indeterminate Form of Chagas Disease

Juckel, G.; Hoffmann, K., 2018:
The Indian Ayurveda medicine-a meaningful supplement to psychiatric treatment?

Anonymous, 2018:
The Indian Famine

Yeshwanth, H.M.; ChÉrot, F., 2018:
The Indian Hyalopeplini (Insecta, Heteroptera, Miridae, Mirinae): A preliminary review

Bharadwaj, A., 2016:
The Indian IVF saga: a contested history

Singh, H., 2018:
The Indian Lancet

Paswan, S.Kumar.; Gautam, A.; Verma, P.; Rao, C.Venkateswara.; Sidhu, O.Prakash.; Singh, A.Pratap.; Srivastava, S., 2017:
The Indian Magical Herb 'Sanjeevni' ( Selaginella bryopteris L.) - A Promising Anti-inflammatory Phytomedicine for the Treatment of Patients with Inflammatory Skin Diseases

Anonymous, 1903:
The Indian Medical Service

Anonymous, 2018:
The Indian Medical Service and the New Warrant

Kathayat, G.; Cheng, H.; Sinha, A.; Yi, L.; Li, X.; Zhang, H.; Li, H.; Ning, Y.; Edwards, R.Lawrence., 2017:
The Indian monsoon variability and civilization changes in the Indian subcontinent

Moore, W., 1888:
The Indian National Association for Supplying Female Medical Aid to the Women of India, and the Countess Dufferin's Fund

Parsons, J.Inglis., 1908:
The Indications and Contra-Indications for Curetting the Uterus

Lauthe, O.; Soubeyrand, M.; Babinet, A.; Dumaine, V.; Anract, P.; Biau, D.J., 2018:
The indications and donor-site morbidity of tibial cortical strut autografts in the management of defects in long bones

Anonymous, 2018:
The Indications for Infusion

Gang, W.; Wu, X.; Wang, F.; Wang, X., 2018:
The indications of acupuncture-moxibustion in China state-compiled textbooks

Esaulenko, I.E.; Zolotukhin, O.V.; Madykin, Y.Yu.; Anosova, Y.A.; Kochetov, M.V.; Avdeiev, A.I., 2018:
The Indices of Common and Early Detection of Urological Pathology as Criteria of Efficiency of Urological Care Rendering

Wilson, L.C.; Newins, A.R., 2018:
The Indirect Effect of Child Maltreatment Severity on Adult PTSD Symptoms through Anxiety Sensitivity

Banerjee, N.; Ironson, G.; Fitch, C.; Boroughs, M.S.; Safren, S.A.; Powell, A.; O'Cleirigh, C., 2018:
The Indirect Effect of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms on Current Alcohol Use Through Negative Cognitions in Sexual Minority Men

Wang, Y.; Liang, Y.; Fan, L.; Lin, K.; Xie, X.; Pan, J.; Zhou, H., 2018:
The Indirect Path From Mindful Parenting to Emotional Problems in Adolescents: The Role of Maternal Warmth and Adolescents' Mindfulness

Zhang, W.; He, W.; Peng, L-Cong.; Zhang, Y.; Cai, J-Wang.; Evans, R.F.L.; Zhang, X-Qun.; Cheng, Z-Hua., 2018:
The indispensable role of the transversal spin fluctuations mechanism in laser-induced demagnetization of Co/Pt multilayers with nanoscale magnetic domains

Draskovits, M.; Stanetty, C.; Baxendale, I.R.; Mihovilovic, M.D., 2018:
Indium- and Zinc-Mediated Acyloxyallylation of Protected and Unprotected Aldotetroses-Revealing a Pronounced Diastereodivergence and a Fundamental Difference in the Performance of the Mediating Metal

Schrans, D., 2018:
The Individual and the Collective: Sociological Influences on Lacan's Concept of the Relation Subject-Other

Anonymous, 2018:
The Individual and the Homestead

Zhang, P.; Sui, B.; Ren, L.; Yang, J.; Ma, X.; Li, Q.; Yang, D., 2018:
The Individualized Facelift Technique in Improving Facial Asymmetry for Asian Patients

de Jong, J.; Fokkink, R.; Olsder, G.Jan.; Schwab, A.L., 2018:
The individual time trial as an optimal control problem

Chen, C-Mei.; Chen, W-Ling.; Hung, C-Ting.; Lin, T-Hsien.; Chao, C-Ying.; Lin, C-Hsin.; Wu, Y-Ru.; Chang, K-Hsuan.; Yao, C-Fa.; Lee-Chen, G-Jen.; Su, M-Tsan.; Hsieh-Li, H.Mei., 2018:
The indole compound NC009-1 inhibits aggregation and promotes neurite outgrowth through enhancement of HSPB1 in SCA17 cells and ameliorates the behavioral deficits in SCA17 mice

Wang, B.; Niu, H.; Liu, B.; Hu, X.; Ren, Z., 2018:
The indoor-outdoor characteristics of water-soluble ion in PM 2.5 in Tianjin wintertime

Horwood, P.F.; McBryde, E.S.; Peniyamina, D.; Ritchie, S.A., 2018:
The Indo-Papuan conduit: a biosecurity challenge for Northern Australia

Khurana, D.; Pandian, J.; Sylaja, P.N.; Kaul, S.; Padma Srivastava, M.V.; Thakur, S.; Arora, D.; Thankachan, T.; Singhal, A.B., 2018:
The Indo-US Collaborative Stroke Registry and infrastructure development project

Felden, A.; Aurégan, J-Charles.; Badina, A.; Glorion, C.; Pannier, Séphanie., 2018:
The Induced Membrane Technique for Bone Defects of Critical Size After Infection in Children: A Report of 3 Consecutive Cases

Ouhara, K.; Munenaga, S.; Kajiya, M.; Takeda, K.; Matsuda, S.; Sato, Y.; Hamamoto, Y.; Iwata, T.; Yamasaki, S.; Akutagawa, K.; Mizuno, N.; Fujita, T.; Sugiyama, E.; Kurihara, H., 2018:
The induced RNA-binding protein, HuR, targets 3'-UTR region of IL-6 mRNA and enhances its stabilization in periodontitis

Nisha, A.R.; Hazilawati, H.; Mohd Azmi, M.L.; Noordin, M.M., 2018:
The induction of aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AHR) in immune organs of developing chicks by polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

Klar, R.M., 2018:
The Induction of Bone Formation: The Translation Enigma

Weis, V.M., 1991:
The Induction of Carbonic Anhydrase in the Symbiotic Sea Anemone Aiptasia pulchella

Gomes, C.J.; Centuori, S.M.; Harman, M.W.; Putnam, C.W.; Wolgemuth, C.W.; Martinez, J.D., 2018:
The induction of endoreduplication and polyploidy by elevated expression of 14-3-3γ

Halfmann, P.; Hill-Batorski, L.; Kawaoka, Y., 2018:
The Induction of IL-1β Secretion Through the NLRP3 Inflammasome During Ebola Virus Infection

Nicholson, H.Oliphant., 1922:
The Induction of Premature Labour in Cases of Disproportion

Kong, Y.; Song, Z.; Wang, S.; Xia, Z.; Liu, Q., 2018:
The Inductive Effect in Nitridosilicates and Oxysilicates and Its Effects on 5d Energy Levels of Ce 3

Iida, K.; Proctor, R.N., 2018:
'The industry must be inconspicuous': Japan Tobacco's corruption of science and health policy via the Smoking Research Foundation

Anonymous, 2018:
The Inebriates Act

Anonymous, 2018:
The Inebriates Acts, 1897-1900

Anonymous, 2018:
The Inebriates Bill

Fiorentino, N.; Gleichgerrcht, E.; Roca, Mía.; Cetkovich, M.; Manes, F.; Torralva, T., 2013:
The INECO Frontal Screening tool differentiates behavioral variant - frontotemporal dementia (bv-FTD) from major depression

Fraser, T.R., 1903:
The Inefficacy of Di-Sodic-Methyl-Arsenate (Arrhénal) as a Therapeutic Agent

Anonymous, 2018:
The Inefficient Cook-From a Matron's Point of View

Chernew, M.E.; Frakt, A.B., 2018:
The Inevitable Math behind Entitlement Reform

Samuel, N., 2018:
The Inevitable Rendezvous With Mortality

Balon, R., 2018:
The inexplicable rise of medication prices

Anonymous, 2018:
The "Infamy" of Advertising

Anonymous, 2018:
The Infancy of Christ

Anonymous, 2018:
The Infant at Birth

McDonald, N.M.; Perdue, K.L., 2018:
The infant brain in the social world: Moving toward interactive social neuroscience with functional near-infrared spectroscopy

Reijman, S.; Foster, S.; Duschinsky, R., 2018:
The infant disorganised attachment classification: "Patterning within the disturbance of coherence"

Monroy, C.D.; Meyer, M.; Schröer, L.; Gerson, S.A.; Hunnius, S., 2017:
The infant motor system predicts actions based on visual statistical learning

Cowett, R.M.; Schwartz, R., 1982:
The infant of the diabetic mother

Anonymous, 2018:
The Infant Orphan Asylum, Wanstead

Anonymous, 2018:
The Infants' Hospital, Denning Road, Hampstead

Anonymous, 2018:
The Infected Air from Small-Pox Hospitals

Liu, H.; Wang, X.; Qi, H.; Wang, Q.; Chen, Y.; Li, Q.; Zhang, Y.; Qiu, L.; Fontana, J.Elise.; Zhang, B.; Wang, W.; Xie, Y., 2017:
The infection and impact of Azorhizobium caulinodans ORS571 on wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Anonymous, 2018:
The Infection of Phthisis

Liu, X.; Chen, N.; Gao, X.; Zhang, Y.; Li, X.; Zhang, Y.; Bing, X.; Huang, H.; Zhang, X., 2018:
The infection of red seabream iridovirus in mandarin fish (Siniperca chuatsi) and the host immune related gene expression profiles

Symes, J.O., 1896:
The Infection of Scarlet Fever

Guijarro, Jé.A.; García-Torrico, A.I.; Cascales, Dée.; Méndez, J., 2018:
The Infection Process of Yersinia ruckeri : Reviewing the Pieces of the Jigsaw Puzzle

Huang, P.; Lyons, M.; O'Sullivan, M., 2018:
The Infection Rate of Metal-on-Metal Total Hip Replacement Is Higher When Compared to Other Bearing Surfaces as Documented by the Australian Orthopaedic Association National Joint Replacement Registry

Farooqui, S.M.; Youness, H., 2018:
The Infection Returns: A Case of Pulmonary Sporotrichosis Relapse after Chemotherapy

Willemsen, I.; Kluytmans, J., 2018:
The infection risk scan (IRIS): standardization and transparency in infection control and antimicrobial use

David, O.; Fruchtman, Y.; Sergienko, R.; Kapelushnik, J.; Leibovitz, E., 2018:
The Infectious and Noninfectious Etiology, Clinical Picture and Outcome of Neutropenia in Immunocompetent Hospitalized Children

Turner, A.K.; Wages, R.K.; Nadeau, K.; Edison, L.; Prince, P.F.; Doss, E.R.; Drenzek, C.; O'Neal, P., 2018:
The Infectious Disease Network (IDN): Development and Use for Evaluation of Potential Ebola Cases in Georgia

Anonymous, 2018:
The Infectious Diseases Reports

Wang, I.M.; Ackerman, J.M., 2018:
The Infectiousness of Crowds: Crowding Experiences Are Amplified by Pathogen Threats

Farrar, R., 1906:
The Infectivity of Cerebro Spinal Fever

Anonymous, 2018:
The Infectivity of Enteric Fever

Yuasa, M., 2017:
The Inference of Friendly Communicative Atmosphere Created by Geometric Shapes

Brüniche-Olsen, A.; Westerman, R.; Kazmierczyk, Z.; Vertyankin, V.V.; Godard-Codding, C.; Bickham, J.W.; DeWoody, J.Andrew., 2018:
The inference of gray whale (Eschrichtius robustus) historical population attributes from whole-genome sequences

Oba, T.; Koyano, M.; Hasegawa, J.; Takita, H.; Arakaki, T.; Nakamura, M.; Sekizawa, A., 2018:
The inferior vena cava diameter is a useful ultrasound finding for predicting postpartum blood loss

Anonymous, 2018:
The Infinitely Small

Penner, M.; Davis, W.Hodges.; Wing, K.; Bemenderfer, T.; Waly, F.; Anderson, R.B., 2018:
The Infinity Total Ankle System: Early Clinical Results With 2- to 4-Year Follow-up

Anonymous, 2018:
The Infirmary and Signs of Change

Anonymous, 2018:
The Infirmary Branch and Its Attractions for the Newly Qualified

Anonymous, 2018:
The Infirmary Medical Superintendents' Society

Anonymous, 2018:
The Infirmary Question at Manchester

Anonymous, 2018:
The Infirmities of Genius, Illustrated by the Habits and Constitutions of Men of Literature and Genius

Street, W., 1916:
The Inflammability of Flannelette: An Ex Parte Statement

Schneider, K.S.; Groß, C.J.; Dreier, R.F.; Saller, B.S.; Mishra, R.; Gorka, O.; Heilig, R.; Meunier, E.; Dick, M.S.; Ćiković, T.; Sodenkamp, J.; Médard, G.; Naumann, R.; Ruland, Jürgen.; Kuster, B.; Broz, P.; Groß, O., 2017:
The Inflammasome Drives GSDMD-Independent Secondary Pyroptosis and IL-1 Release in the Absence of Caspase-1 Protease Activity

Robinson, K.M.; Ramanan, K.; Clay, M.E.; McHugh, K.J.; Pilewski, M.J.; Nickolich, K.L.; Corey, C.; Shiva, S.; Wang, J.; Muzumdar, R.; Alcorn, J.F., 2018:
The inflammasome potentiates influenza/Staphylococcus aureus superinfection in mice

Ramachandran, R.A.; Lupfer, C.; Zaki, H., 2018:
The Inflammasome: Regulation of Nitric Oxide and Antimicrobial Host Defence

Palazon-Riquelme, P.; Lopez-Castejon, G., 2018:
The inflammasomes, immune guardians at defence barriers

Mantovani, A., 2018:
The inflammation - cancer connection

Marsh, L.M.; Jandl, K.; Grünig, G.; Foris, V.; Bashir, M.; Ghanim, B.; Klepetko, W.; Olschewski, H.; Olschewski, A.; Kwapiszewska, G., 2018:
The inflammatory cell landscape in the lungs of patients with idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension

Kokiko-Cochran, O.N.; Godbout, J.P., 2018:
The Inflammatory Continuum of Traumatic Brain Injury and Alzheimer's Disease

Echizen, K.; Oshima, H.; Nakayama, M.; Oshima, M., 2018:
The inflammatory microenvironment that promotes gastrointestinal cancer development and invasion

Svajdova, S.; Mazurova, L.; Brozmanova, M., 2018:
The inflammatory molecule sphingosine-1-phosphate is not effective to evoke or sensitize cough in naïve guinea pigs

Clark, I.A.; Vissel, B., 2018:
The Inflammatory Nature of Post-surgical Delirium Predicts Benefit of Agents With Anti-TNF Effects, Such as Dexmedetomidine

Ba, L.; Du, J.T.; Cai, S.Y.; Li, J.; Zhou, P.; Liu, Y.F., 2016:
The inflammatory pattern and the characteristics of mucous remodeling in different immune type of nasal polyps

Assmann, K.E.; Adjibade, M.; Shivappa, N.; Hébert, J.R.; Wirth, M.D.; Touvier, M.; Akbaraly, T.; Hercberg, S.; Galan, P.; Julia, C.; Kesse-Guyot, E., 2018:
The Inflammatory Potential of the Diet at Midlife Is Associated with Later Healthy Aging in French Adults

Inagaki, A.; Motegi, M.; Sato, Y.; Hattori, H.; Murakami, S., 2018:
The inflammatory pseudotumor presenting periodic acid-Schiff-positive inclusions with acute unilateral facial nerve palsy

Manallack, D.T.; Yuriev, E.; Chalmers, D.K., 2018:
The influence and manipulation of acid/base properties in drug discovery

Zheng, Q.; Tang, Y.; Hu, P-Yi.; Liu, D.; Zhang, D.; Yue, P.; Guo, Y.; Yang, M., 2017:
The influence and mechanism of ligustilide, senkyunolide I, and senkyunolide A on echinacoside transport through MDCK-MDR1 cells as blood-brain barrier in vitro model

Li, W.L.; Ji, G.H.; Zhang, X.Z.; Yu, H.Y., 2018:
The influence and mechanisms of purple sweet potato anthocyanins on the growth of bladder cancer BIU87 cell

Wang, X.; Jing, F.; Wang, C.; Tian, L.; Liu, H.; Fang, L.; Zhou, W.; Lei, H.; Zhou, Y., 2016:
The influence for success rate of warm acupuncture for tube baby of infertility patients with kidney yang deficiency:a randomized controlled trial

Carvalho, V.Amarante.; Ferreira do Prado Moreira, P.; Périgo Nascimento, N.Alessandra.; Bertolini, A.Andrade.; Aragão, L.; Cendoroglo, M.Seabra., 2018:
The influence of 25-hydroxyvitamin D and High-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol on BIA Resistance results and aging on BIA Reactance results in elderly people

Vilaça, J.; Leite, M.; Correia-Pinto, J.; Högemann, G.; Costa, Pício.; Leão, P., 2018:
The Influence of 3D in Single-port Laparoscopy Surgery: An Experimental Study

Kawczyk-Krupka, A.; Latos, W.; Oleś, P.; Czuba, Z.P.; Latos, M.; Krupka, M.; Pengyun, H.; Xu, C.; Cieślar, G.; Sieroń, A., 2018:
The influence of 5-aminolevulinic photodynamic therapy on colon cancer cell interleukin secretion in hypoxia-like condition in vitro

Nakhaei, E.; Nowroozi, A.; Ravari, F., 2018:
The influence of 5-fluorouracil anticancer drug on the DNA base pairs; a quantum chemical study

Zou, Y.; Wang, W.; Jin, H.; Nie, X.; Xu, J.; Liu, Y.; Kang, J., 2017:
The influence of 5-HT 1A receptors in the dorsal raphé nucleus on genioglossus activity

Moszak, Młgorzata.; Klupczyńska, A.; Kanikowska, A.; Kokot, Z.; Zawada, A.; Grzymisławska, Młgorzata.; Grzymisławski, M., 2018:
The influence of a 3-week body mass reduction program on the metabolic parameters and free amino acid profiles in adult Polish people with obesity

Li, X.; Jiang, L.; Sun, S.; Li, W.; Li, X.; Miao, Z.; Zhao, Z.; Ma, N., 2018:
The influence of ABCB1 and P2Y12 genetic variants on clinical outcomes in Chinese intracranial artery stenosis patients

Yi, X.; Liu, Y-Hui.; Zhou, X-Fu.; Wang, Y-Jiang.; Deng, J.; Liu, J.; He, H-Bo.; Xu, Z-Qiang., 2018:
The Influence of Abdominal and Ectopic Fat Accumulation on Carotid Intima-Media Thickness: A Chongqing Study

Wang, X.; Yao, Y.; Zhu, X., 2018:
The influence of aberrant expression of GLI1/p-S6K on colorectal cancer

Rybak, A.Stanisław.; Gąbka, M., 2018:
The influence of abiotic factors on the bloom-forming alga Ulva flexuosa (Ulvaceae, Chlorophyta): possibilities for the control of the green tides in freshwater ecosystems

Viviani, D.A.; Böttjer, D.; Letelier, R.M.; Church, M.J., 2018:
The influence of abrupt increases in seawater pCO2 on plankton productivity in the subtropical North Pacific Ocean

Stub, S.Østby.; Thorshaug, K.; Rørvik, P.Martin.; Norby, T.; Vøllestad, E., 2018:
The influence of acceptor and donor doping on the protonic surface conduction of TiO 2

Corrêa, Jão.Éderson.; Turrioni, Jão.Batista.; de Paiva, A.Paulo.; Paes, V.de.Carvalho.; Balestrassi, P.Paulo.; Papandrea, P.José.; Gonçalves, E.Daniel.de.Carvalho., 2018:
The Influence of Accreditation on the Sustainability of Organizations with the Brazilian Accreditation Methodology

Chiurliza, B.; Joiner, T.E., 2018:
The Influence of Acetaminophen and Observational Conditioning on the Acquired Capability for Suicide

Luczkiewicz, P.; Daszkiewicz, K.; Witkowski, W.; Chróścielewski, J.; Ferenc, T.; Baczkowski, B., 2018:
The influence of a change in the meniscus cross-sectional shape on the medio-lateral translation of the knee joint and meniscal extrusion

Anonymous, 1931:
The Influence of Acid-Forming and Base-Forming Diets

Wójciak, K.M.; Kęska, P.; Okoń, A.; Solska, Eżbieta.; Libera, J.; Dolatowski, Z.J., 2018:
The influence of acid whey on the antioxidant peptides generated to reduce oxidation and improve colour stability in uncured roast beef

Yakimovskii, A.F.; Shantyr, I.I.; Vlasenko, M.A.; Yakovleva, M.V.; Kryzanovskaia, S.Yu., 2018:
The influence of acizolum to bioelements content in rat's blood plasma, parenchimal organs and brain

Thet, M.Me.; Aung, T.; Diamond-Smith, N.; Sudhinaraset, M., 2018:
The influence of a community-level breast-feeding promotion intervention programme on breast-feeding practices in Myanmar

Kc, R.P.; Kunter, M.; Mak, V., 2018:
The influence of a competition on noncompetitors

Sloan, R.A.; Kim, Y.; Sahasranaman, A.; Müller-Riemenschneider, F.; Biddle, S.J.H.; Finkelstein, E.A., 2018:
The influence of a consumer-wearable activity tracker on sedentary time and prolonged sedentary bouts: secondary analysis of a randomized controlled trial

Dogge, M.; Gayet, S.; Custers, R.; Aarts, H., 2018:
The influence of action-effect anticipation on bistable perception: differences between onset rivalry and ambiguous motion

Anonymous, 2018:
The Influence of Acute Diseases upon Insanity

Peters, J.C.; Marker, R.; Pan, Z.; Breen, J.Anne.; Hill, J.O., 2018:
The Influence of Adding Spices to Reduced Sugar Foods on Overall Liking

Osińska, A.N.; Begier-Krasińska, B.; Rzymski, P.; Krasińska, A.; Tykarski, A.; Krasiński, Z., 2018:
The influence of adding tomato extract and acetylsalicylic acid to hypotensive therapy on the daily blood pressure profiles of patients with arterial hypertension and high cardiovascular risk

Lachowicz, S.; Oszmiański, J., 2018:
The influence of addition of cranberrybush juice to pear juice on chemical composition and antioxidant properties

Gwarda, Rław.Ł.; Dzido, T.H., 2018:
The influence of addition of ion-pairing acid and organic modifier of the mobile phase on retention and migration of peptides in pressurized planar electrochromatography system with octadecyl silica-based adsorbent

Huang, P.; Zhang, E.; Chen, M., 2018:
The influence of a demographic change on social relationships among male golden snub-nosed monkeys (Rhinopithecus roxellana)

Minakina, L.N.; Goldapel, E.G.; Usov, L.A., 2018:
The influence of adenosine receptor ligands and hypoxic preconditioning on the metabolism of the brain tissue in the experiment

Endriyani, L.; Chien, C-Hui.; Huang, X-Yi.; Chieh-Yu, L., 2018:
The influence of adherence to antipsychotics medication on the quality of life among patients with schizophrenia in Indonesia

Adelantado-Renau, M.; Beltran-Valls, M.Reyes.; Esteban-Cornejo, I.; Martínez-Vizcaíno, V.; Santaliestra-Pasías, A.María.; Moliner-Urdiales, D., 2018:
The influence of adherence to the Mediterranean diet on academic performance is mediated by sleep quality in adolescents

Meneses, J.Azevedo.de.; Trugilho, L.de.Araújo.; Lima, S.de.Aguiar.; Freitas, A.Carneiro.Ferreira.; Melo, H.Saldanha.; Ferreira, Mê.Rocha.; Velarde, L.Guillermo.Coca.; Brandão, F.Zandonadi.; Rocha, G.de.Souza.; Boaventura, G.Teles., 2017:
The influence of a diet based on flaxseed, an omega-3 source, during different developmental periods, on the blood pressure of rats submitted to stress

Yoo, I.Dong.; Lee, S.Mi.; Lee, J.Won.; Oh, J.Eun.; Cho, Y.Jin.; Shin, H.Sik., 2017:
The influence of adipose tissue volume can significantly affect the metabolic activity of reference organs in 18 F-FDG PET/CT studies of a normal healthy population

Sargeant, J.A.; Aithal, G.P.; Takamura, T.; Misu, H.; Takayama, H.; Douglas, J.A.; Turner, M.C.; Stensel, D.J.; Nimmo, M.A.; Webb, D.R.; Yates, T.; King, J.A., 2017:
The influence of adiposity and acute exercise on circulating hepatokines in normal-weight and overweight/obese men

Kircelli, A.; Cansever, T.; Yılmaz, C., 2018:
The influence of adjunctive caudal epidural steroid injection on the therapeutic effect of transforaminal epidural steroid injection

Schultz, C.L.; Alderfer, M.A.; Lindell, R.B.; McClain, Z.; Zelley, K.; Nichols, K.E.; Ford, C.A., 2018:
The Influence of Adolescence on Parents' Perspectives of Testing and Discussing Inherited Cancer Predisposition

Silva, C.P.; Horton, W.J.; Caruso, M.J.; Sebastian, A.; Klein, L.C.; Albert, I.; Kamens, H.M., 2018:
The influence of adolescent nicotine exposure on ethanol intake and brain gene expression

Fatmawati, A.; Nur Rachmawati, I.; Budiati, T., 2018:
The influence of adolescent postpartum women's psychosocial condition on mother-infant bonding

Quiroga, E.; Pinto-Carral, A.; García, Iías.; Molina, A.J.; Fernández-Villa, T.; Martín, V., 2018:
The Influence of Adolescents' Social Networks on Alcohol Consumption: A Descriptive Study of Spanish Adolescents Using Social Network Analysis

Ross, A.Miner.; Lee, C.S.; Lutsep, H.; Clark, W.M., 2018:
The Influence of β-Adrenergic Receptor Kinase-1 on Stroke-induced Immunodeficiency Syndrome

Salna, M.; Takeda, K.; Kurlansky, P.; Ikegami, H.; Fan, L.; Han, J.; Stein, S.; Topkara, V.; Yuzefpolskaya, M.; Colombo, P.C.; Karmpaliotis, D.; Naka, Y.; Kirtane, A.J.; Garan, A.R.; Takayama, H., 2018:
The influence of advanced age on venous-arterial extracorporeal membrane oxygenation outcomes

Senft, N.; Hamel, L.M.; Penner, L.A.; Harper, F.W.K.; Albrecht, T.L.; Foster, T.; Eggly, S., 2018:
The influence of affective behavior on impression formation in interactions between black cancer patients and their oncologists

Estrada, M.; Eroy-Reveles, A.; Matsui, J., 2018:
The Influence of Affirming Kindness and Community on Broadening Participation in STEM Career Pathways

Li, X.; Liu, X.; Chen, Y., 2018:
The influence of a first-order antedependence model and hyperparameters in BayesCπ for genomic prediction

Wright, A.; Moss, P.; Dennis, D.M.; Harrold, M.; Levy, S.; Furness, A.L.; Reubenson, A., 2018:
The influence of a full-time, immersive simulation-based clinical placement on physiotherapy student confidence during the transition to clinical practice

Sanghani-Kerai, A.; Osagie-Clouard, L.; Blunn, G.; Coathup, M., 2018 :
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The Influence of One Disease upon Another

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