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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 65616

Chapter 65616 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Costabel, J.Pablo.; Burgos, L.María.; Trivi, M., 2017:
The Significance Of Troponin Elevation In Atrial Fibrillation

Lee, S.Jeong.; Kim, A.; Kim, Y.Keum.; Park, W.Young.; Kim, H.Sung.; Jo, H-Jae.; Oh, N.; Song, G.Am.; Park, D.Youn., 2018:
The significance of tumor budding in T1 colorectal carcinoma: the most reliable predictor of lymph node metastasis especially in endoscopically resected T1 colorectal carcinoma

Matsutani, S.; Shibutani, M.; Maeda, K.; Nagahara, H.; Fukuoka, T.; Nakao, S.; Hirakawa, K.; Ohira, M., 2018:
Significance of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes before and after neoadjuvant therapy for rectal cancer

Ye, L-Lin.; Wei, X-Shan.; Zhang, M.; Niu, Y-Ran.; Zhou, Q., 2018:
The Significance of Tumor Necrosis Factor Receptor Type II in CD8 + Regulatory T Cells and CD8 + Effector T Cells

Roxanis, I.; Colling, R.; Kartsonaki, C.; Green, A.R.; Rakha, E.A., 2018:
The significance of tumour microarchitectural features in breast cancer prognosis: a digital image analysis

Atesok, K.; Smith, W.; Jones, R.; Niemeier, T.; Manoharan, S.R.R.; McGwin, G.; Pittman, J.; Theiss, S., 2018:
The Significance of Upper Extremity Neuromonitoring Changes During Thoracolumbar Spine Surgery

Elsherbiny, A.; Mazeed, A.S.; Saied, S.; Grant, J.H., 2018:
The Significance of Uvula After Palatoplasty: A New Technique to Improve the Aesthetic Outcome

Pan, C-Long.; Lin, C-Hao.; Lin, Y-Ren.; Wen, H-Yu.; Wen, J-Chau., 2018:
The Significance of Witness Sensors for Mass Casualty Incidents and Epidemic Outbreaks

Kessemeier, F.; Stöckler, C.; Petermann, F.; Bassler, M.; Pfeiffer, W.; Kobelt, A., 2017:
The Significance of Work Motivation for Rehabilitation Success

Sabbagh, P.; Karkhah, A.; Nouri, H.Reza.; Javanian, M.; Ebrahimpour, S., 2018:
The significance role of regulatory T cells in the persistence of infections by intracellular bacteria

Lv, H.; Shang, P., 2018:
The significance, trafficking and determination of labile iron in cytosol, mitochondria and lysosomes

Ochi, M.; Miyamoto, S.; Terada, Y.; Furuhata, Y.; Awano, N.; Izumo, T.; Ikushima, S.; Bae, Y.; Kumasaka, T.; Kunito, H., 2018:
The Significant Antitumor Activity of Nivolumab in Lung Adenocarcinoma with Choriocarcinomatous Features

Lawrence, M.; Woods, J.; Pollard, C., 2018:
The significant influence of 'Big Food' over the design and implementation of the Health Star Rating system

Takamori, S.; Tagawa, T.; Toyokawa, G.; Ueo, H.; Shimokawa, M.; Kinoshita, F.; Matsubara, T.; Kozuma, Y.; Haratake, N.; Akamine, T.; Katsura, M.; Takada, K.; Hirai, F.; Shoji, F.; Okamoto, T.; Oda, Y.; Maehara, Y., 2018:
The significant influence of having children on the postoperative prognosis of patients with nonsmall cell lung cancer: A propensity score-matched analysis

Tan, Y.; Wu, H., 2017:
The significant prognostic value of circulating tumor cells in colorectal cancer: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Ni, Y.; Fang, J.; Zhu, L.; Jiang, H.; Liu, Y.; Miao, R.; Shao, C.; Shao, S., 2018:
The significant prognostic value of ZEB1-AS1 up-regulation in patients with cancer

Manta-Vogli, P.D.; Schulpis, K.H.; Dotsikas, Y.; Loukas, Y.L., 2018:
The significant role of amino acids during pregnancy: nutritional support

Weng, Y-M.; Ke, C-R.; Kong, J-Z.; Chen, H.; Hong, J-J.; Zhou, D-S., 2018:
The significant role of ATG5 in the maintenance of normal functions of Mc3T3-E1 osteoblast

Shuai, J.; Ge, B.; Mao, J.; Song, S.; Wang, Y.; Ren, Z., 2018:
Significant Role of Mg Stoichiometry in Designing High Thermoelectric Performance for Mg 3 (Sb,Bi) 2 -Based n-Type Zintls

Calhoun, A.J.K.; Mushet, D.M.; Alexander, L.C.; DeKeyser, E.S.; Fowler, L.; Lane, C.R.; Lang, M.W.; Rains, M.C.; Richter, S.C.; Walls, S.C., 2017:
The Significant Surface-Water Connectivity of "Geographically Isolated Wetlands"

Liu, J.; Jiang, S.; Yang, X.; Li, X.; Wang, N., 2018:
The Significant Value of Preoperative Prognostic Nutritional Index for Survival in Pancreatic Cancers: A Meta-analysis

Rotstein, H.; Czarnecki, D.B.; O'Brien, T.J.; Hanna, M.J.; Lyall, I., 1985:
The sign of Leser-Trélat

Anonymous, 2018:
The Sign of the Spinal Muscles in Pleurisy

Mahmood, F.; Gao, Z.; Bortman, J.M., 2018:
The Sign of Things to Come: Who Calls the Shots?

Fournier, M.A.; Dong, M.; Quitasol, M.N.; Weststrate, N.M.; Di Domenico, S.I., 2018:
The Signs and Significance of Personality Coherence in Personal Stories and Strivings

Echeverría, J., 2017 :
The silane-methane dimer revisited: more than a dispersion-bound system?

Anonymous, 2018:
The Silence of the Insurance Commission

Yang, D.; Draganov, P.V., 2018:
The silence of the LAMS

Darzi, L.; Boshtam, M.; Shariati, L.; Kouhpayeh, S.; Gheibi, A.; Mirian, M.; Rahimmanesh, I.; Khanahmad, H.; Tabatabaiefar, M.Amin., 2017:
The silencing effect of miR-30a on ITGA4 gene expression in vitro : an approach for gene therapy

Berman, J.; Zorrilla-López, U.; Sandmann, G.; Capell, T.; Christou, P.; Zhu, C., 2018:
The Silencing of Carotenoid β-Hydroxylases by RNA Interference in Different Maize Genetic Backgrounds Increases the β-Carotene Content of the Endosperm

Jia, L.; Tian, Y.; Chen, Y.; Zhang, G., 2018:
The silencing of LncRNA-H19 decreases chemoresistance of human glioma cells to temozolomide by suppressing epithelial-mesenchymal transition via the Wnt/β-Catenin pathway

Zhu, Y.; Yi, Y.; Bai, B.; Li, L.; You, T.; Sun, W.; Yu, Y., 2018:
The silencing of replication protein A1 induced cell apoptosis via regulating Caspase 3

Sampson, K.; Hatton, T.; Brown, C., 2018:
The silent assassin: Business demand changes following disaster

Simons, A.M.W.; Houkes, I.; Koster, A.; Groffen, Dëlle.A.I.; Bosma, H., 2018:
The silent burden of stigmatisation: a qualitative study among Dutch people with a low socioeconomic position

Castro Narro, G.Elia.; Consuelo Sánchez, A.; Salazar Martínez, A.; Gamboa Domínguez, A.; Díaz Hernández, Héctor.Adrián.; Pineda de Paz, M.René.; Joanico Aguilar, R.; Suárez Flores, D., 2018:
The silent course of liver steatosis and fibrosis in an adult patient with Cholesteryl Ester Storage Disease

Bauer, J., 1997:
The silent disease

Berki, B., 2018:
The silent killer

Keros, T.; Jemeršić, L.; Toplak, I.; Prpić, J., 2018:
The silent spread of Porcine Bocavirus in Croatian pigs: should we be concerned?

Fujita, D.Minoru.; Salvador, F.Scassi.; Nali, L.Henrique.da.Silva., 2018:
The silent spread of West Nile virus in Brazil: non-human positive case in a beach tourist destination-Espirito Santo

Ellis, J.; Isenberg-Grzeda, E., 2018:
The silent struggles of survivorship in cancer

Martinsen, E.Håkonsen.; Weimand, B.M.; Pedersen, R.; Norvoll, R., 2017:
The silent world of young next of kin in mental healthcare

Palmer, J.M., 1985:
The silk and silk production system of the funnel-web mygalomorph spider Euagrus (Araneae, Dipluridae)

Hollén, L.; Greenwood, R.; Kandiyali, R.; Ingram, J.; Foy, C.; George, S.; Mulligan, S.; Spickett-Jones, F.; Booth, S.; Sack, A.; Emond, A.; Dunn, K.; Young, A., 2018:
The SILKIE (Skin graftIng Low friKtIon Environment) study: a non-randomised proof-of-concept and feasibility study on the impact of low-friction nursing environment on skin grafting success rates in adult and paediatric burns

Anonymous, 2018:
The Silly Season Again

Jakobs, M.; Klein, S.; Eigenbrod, T.; Unterberg, A.W.; Sakowitz, O.W., 2018:
The SiLuDrain Trial: a prospective randomized controlled trial comparing standard versus silver-impregnated lumbar drains

Rosso, C.; Baronnet, F.; Diaz, B.; Le Bouc, R.; Frasca Polara, G.; Moulton, E.Jr.; Deltour, S.; Leger, A.; Crozier, S.; Samson, Y., 2018:
The silver effect of admission glucose level on excellent outcome in thrombolysed stroke patients

Imperiale, M.J.; Howard, D.; Casadevall, A., 2018:
The Silver Lining in Gain-of-Function Experiments with Pathogens of Pandemic Potential

Barishansky, R.M., 2016:
The Silver Tsunami: Are you Ready? America's elderly population is exploding, and EMS services will have to reflect that

Kong, Y.; Liu, S.; Liu, X.; Ren, C.C., 2018:
The similarities and differences of mandarin open-set word recognition between cochlear implant children and normal hearing children

Dupont, M., 2018:
The Similarities Between the Target and the Intruder in Naturally Occurring Person Naming Errors: A Comparison Between Repeated and Single Naming Confusions

Zhao, X.; Gao, L.; Jin, P.; Cui, L., 2017:
The similar to RCD-one 1 protein SRO1 interacts with GPX3 and functions in plant tolerance of mercury stress

Yamamoto, S.; Ishida, T.; Misawa, K.; Ohira, M.; Yajima, F.; Higuchi, S.; Yamasaki, S.; Yoshimura, Y., 2018:
The simple method for predicting metabolic equivalents using heart rate in patients with cardiovascular disease

Margaritondo, G., 2018:
The simple physics of the bending magnet spectrum

Panzer, S.; Kennedy, D.; Wang, C.; Shea, C.H., 2017 :
The simplest acquisition protocol is sometimes the best protocol: performing and learning a 1:2 bimanual coordination task

Varshney, A.; Barkoudah, E., 2018:
The Simplest Explanation: Pancytopenia

Ryss, A.Yu., 2018:
The simplest "field" methods for extractin of nematodes from plants, wood, insects and soil, with additional description how to keep extracted nematodes alive for a long time

Wolber, N.; Paletz, L.; Robertson, B.; Steiner, N.; Nezhad, M.; Guerra, S., 2017:
The Simplest Idea Is the Best Idea

Plastow, R.; Hakim, Z.; Fehily, M.; Wall, A., 2016:
The simplest method to classify CAM lesions

Liao, T.; Kou, L.; Du, A.; Gu, Y.; Sun, Z., 2018:
Simplest MOF Units for Effective Photodriven Hydrogen Evolution Reaction

Hanke, F.; Pugh, C.J.; Kay, E.F.; Taylor, J.B.; Todd, S.M.; Robertson, C.M.; Slater, B.J.; Steiner, A., 2018:
The simplest supramolecular helix

Anonymous, 2018:
The Simple Treatment of Disease Deduced from the Methods of Expectancy and Revulsion

Anonymous, 2018:
The Simplification of Colour-Matching

Wang, Z.; Jin, L.; Yan, S.; Fu, Z., 2018:
The Simulation Experiment of Control System for Left Ventricular Assist Device

Rose, M.; Ellett, L.; Huddy, V.; Brown, G.P., 2018 :
The simulation heuristic, paranoia, and social anxiety in a non-clinical sample

Zhang, L.; Zhang, X.; Zhou, D.; Li, G.; Liu, P., 2018:
The simulative study of a new probe for the in vivo dielectric measurement of anisotropic tissue in radio frequency band

Moore, C.C.; Hubbard, J.; Morrow, M.T.; Barhight, L.R.; Lines, M.M.; Sallee, M.; Hyde, C.T., 2018:
The simultaneous assessment of and relations between children's sympathetic and parasympathetic psychophysiology and their reactive and proactive aggression

Lopez-Lopez, J.; Garay, J.; Wandurraga, E.; Camacho, P.A.; Higuera-Escalante, F.; Cohen, D.; Lopez-Jaramillo, P., 2018:
The simultaneous assessment of glycosylated hemoglobin, fasting plasma glucose and oral glucose tolerance test does not improve the detection of type 2 diabetes mellitus in Colombian adults

Jang, H-Na.; Back, S-Ki.; Sung, J-Ho.; Kang, Y-Suk.; Jurng, J.; Seo, Y-Chil., 2018:
The simultaneous capture of mercury and fine particles by hybrid filter with powder activated carbon injection

Leoni, V.; Petrovic, B.; Gianni, T.; Gatta, V.; Campadelli-Fiume, G., 2017:
Simultaneous Insertion of Two Ligands in gD for Cultivation of Oncolytic Herpes Simplex Viruses in Noncancer Cells and Retargeting to Cancer Receptors

Roex, M.C.J.; Hageman, L.; Heemskerk, M.T.; Veld, S.A.J.; van Liempt, E.; Kester, M.G.D.; Germeroth, L.; Stemberger, C.; Falkenburg, J.H.Frederik.; Jedema, I., 2018:
The simultaneous isolation of multiple high and low frequent T-cell populations from donor peripheral blood mononuclear cells using the major histocompatibility complex I-Streptamer isolation technology

Li, F.; Jin, H.; Xiao, J.; Yin, X.; Liu, X.; Li, D.; Huang, Q., 2018:
The simultaneous loading of catechin and quercetin on chitosan-based nanoparticles as effective antioxidant and antibacterial agent

Slepchenko, G.B.; Gindullina, T.M.; Gavrilova, M.A.; Auelbekova, A.Zh., 2018:
The Simultaneous Voltammetric Determination of Aflatoxins В 1 and М 1 on a Glassy-Carbon Electrode

Anonymous, 2018:
The Sincerity of Modern Medicine

Li, B.; Zhao, S.; Geng, R.; Huo, Z.; Zhang, H., 2018:
The Sineoculis Homeobox Homolog 1 (SIX1) Gene Regulates Paclitaxel Resistance by Affecting Reactive Oxygen Species and Autophagy in Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cell Line HepG2

Shoffel-Havakuk, H.; Lava, C.X.; Hapner, E.R.; O'Dell, K.; Reder, L.; Johns, M.M., 2018:
The Singer's and the Clinician's Perspective on Vitamin B 12 Treatment for Vocal Benefits

Toplak, M.; Wiedemann, G.; Ulićević, J.; Daniel, B.; Hoernstein, S.N.W.; Kothe, J.; Niederhauser, J.; Reski, R.; Winkler, A.; Macheroux, P., 2018:
The single berberine bridge enzyme homolog of Physcomitrella patens is a cellobiose oxidase

Wang, X.; Song, G.; Chen, G.; Guo, H.; Li, M.; Liang, J.; Bao, Y., 2018:
Single-Center Clinical Characteristics and Treatment Experience of Foramen Magnum Neurenteric Cyst: Report of 6 Cases and Brief Review of the Literature

Peabody, M.R.; O'Neill, T.R.; Eden, A.R.; Puffer, J.C., 2018:
The Single Graduate Medical Education (GME) Accreditation System Will Change the Future of the Family Medicine Workforce

Spurlock, D.R., 2018:
The Single-Group, Pre- and Posttest Design in Nursing Education Research: It's Time to Move on

Zhang, X.; Yu, Q.; Lv, D., 2018:
The single-incision versus multiple-incision video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery in the treatment of lung cancer: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Macdonald, B.; O'Neill, J.; Pollock, N.; Van Hooren, B., 2018:
The single-leg Roman chair hold is more effective than the Nordic hamstring curl in improving hamstring strength-endurance in Gaelic footballers with previous hamstring injury

Oriet, C.; Fitzgerald, R.J., 2018:
The single lineup paradigm: A new way to manipulate target presence in eyewitness identification experiments

Schwindling, F.Sebastian.; Raedel, M.; Passia, N.; Freitag-Wolf, S.; Wolfart, S.; Att, W.; Mundt, T.; Reissmann, D.; Ismail, F.; von Königsmark, V.; Kern, M., 2018:
The single mandibular implant study - Short-term effects of the loading protocol on Oral Health-related Quality of Life

Chen, Z.P.; Yan, Y.; Chen, C.J.; Li, M.; Chen, C.; Zhao, S.C.; Song, T.; Liu, T.; Zou, C.H.; Xu, Q.; Li, X., 2018:
The single nucleotide polymorphism rs700518 is an independent risk factor for metabolic syndrome and benign prostatic hyperplasia (MetS-BPH)

Zhu, X.; Kong, Q.; Xie, L.; Chen, Z.; Li, H.; Zhu, Z.; Huang, Y.; Lan, F.; Luo, H.; Zhan, J.; Ding, H.; Lei, J.; Xiao, Q.; Fu, W.; Fan, W.; Zhang, J.; Luo, H., 2018:
The single-nucleotide polymorphisms in CHD5 affect the prognosis of patients with hepatocellular carcinoma

Wang, Q-Song.; Xiao, H-Qiong.; Chen, H-Xian.; Liu, Y-Ping.; Ding, X-Dong., 2017:
The single nucleotide polymorphism site of aquaporin-4 gene in patients with neuromyelitis optica

Jankute, M.; Alderwick, L.J.; Moorey, A.R.; Joe, M.; Gurcha, S.S.; Eggeling, L.; Lowary, T.L.; Dell, A.; Pang, P-Choo.; Yang, T.; Haslam, S.; Besra, G.S., 2018:
The singular Corynebacterium glutamicum Emb arabinofuranosyltransferase polymerises the α(1 → 5) arabinan backbone in the early stages of cell wall arabinan biosynthesis

Torday, J.S., 2018:
The Singularity of nature

Schipper, H.M.; Song, W.; Tavitian, A.; Cressatti, M., 2018:
The sinister face of heme oxygenase-1 in brain aging and disease

Paratz, E.D.; Gutman, J.M.; Newcomb, A.E., 2018:
The Sinister Mammary Hematoma: Extreme Pacing Lead Perforation Into the Breast

Anonymous, 2018:
The Sin of Treating Symptoms

Hoggard, M.; Nocera, A.; Biswas, K.; Taylor, M.W.; Douglas, R.G.; Bleier, B.S., 2017:
The sinonasal microbiota, neural signaling, and depression in chronic rhinosinusitis

Anonymous, 2018:
The Sins of Teetotalers

Anonymous, 2018:
The Sins of the Binaural Stethescope

Ni, J.S.; Kompelli, A.R.; Nguyen, S.A.; Schlosser, R.J.; Clemmens, C.; Soler, Z.M., 2018:
The Sinus and Nasal Quality of Life Survey (SN-5) in the Management of Pediatric Chronic Rhinosinusitis: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Lyon, D.Murray., 1924:
The Sippy Treatment of Peptic Ulcers

Gladstone, W.E., 1895:
The Sir Andrew Clark Memorial

Schiff, D.; Wen, P.Y., 2018:
The siren song of bevacizumab: swan song or clarion call?

Simon, B.; Harrer, D.C.; Schuler-Thurner, B.; Schaft, N.; Schuler, G.; Dörrie, J.; Uslu, U., 2018:
The siRNA-mediated downregulation of PD-1 alone or simultaneously with CTLA-4 shows enhanced in vitro CAR-T-cell functionality for further clinical development towards the potential use in immunotherapy of melanoma

Pachernegg, S.; Eilebrecht, S.; Eilebrecht, E.; Schöneborn, H.; Neumann, S.; Benecke, A.G.; Hollmann, M., 2018:
The siRNA-mediated knockdown of GluN3A in 46C-derived neural stem cells affects mRNA expression levels of neural genes, including known iGluR interactors

Zhao, T.; Xu, Y.; Ren, S.; Liang, C.; Zhou, X.; Wu, J., 2018:
The siRNA silencing of DcR3 expression induces Fas ligand-mediated apoptosis in HepG2 cells

Anonymous, 2018:
The Sir Titus Salt Hospital

Spoto, B.; Ntounousi, E.; Testa, A.; Liakopoulos, V.; D'Arrigo, G.; Tripepi, G.; Parlongo, R.M.; Sanguedolce, M.C.; Mallamaci, F.; Zoccali, C., 2018:
The sirtuin1 gene associates with left ventricular myocardial hypertrophy and remodeling in two chronic kidney disease cohorts: a longitudinal study

Sethi, K.; Shareef, N.; Bloom, S., 2018:
The Sister Mary Joseph nodule

Anonymous, 2018:
The Sisters' Hospital, St. Alban's

Sandler, D.P.; Hodgson, M.Elizabeth.; Deming-Halverson, S.L.; Juras, P.S.; D'Aloisio, A.A.; Suarez, L.M.; Kleeberger, C.A.; Shore, D.L.; DeRoo, L.A.; Taylor, J.A.; Weinberg, C.R., 2018:
The Sister Study Cohort: Baseline Methods and Participant Characteristics

Anonymous, 2018:
The Sister-Tutor as an Aid to Economy

Wang, L.; Liu, Z.; Dai, S.; Yan, J.; Wise, M.J., 2017:
The Sit-and-Wait Hypothesis in Bacterial Pathogens: A Theoretical Study of Durability and Virulence

Jørgensen, M.; Grönbeck, H., 2018:
The Site-Assembly Determines Catalytic Activity of Nanoparticles

Gal, A.; Burchell, R.K.; Worth, A.J.; Lopez-Villallobos, N.; Marshall, J.C.; MacNeill, A.L., 2018:
The Site of Bone Marrow Acquisition Affects the Myeloid to Erythroid Ratio in Apparently Healthy Dogs

Mosley, P.E.; Smith, D.; Coyne, T.; Silburn, P.; Breakspear, M.; Perry, A., 2018:
The site of stimulation moderates neuropsychiatric symptoms after subthalamic deep brain stimulation for Parkinson's disease

Hanson, C.A., 1918:
The Site of St. Mark's Hospital

Anonymous, 2018:
The Sites of Mental Hospitals

Dario-Meyer, A.; Sangare, S.; Dumas Laussinotte, A., 2018:
The sitting position during peripheral venipunctures in young children, a practice to develop

Srivastava, S., 2018:
The sitting position for Neurosurgery: A bane or a boon

Byrskog, U.; Hussein, I.Hashi.; Yusuf, F.Mohamed.; Egal, J.Ali.; Erlandsson, K., 2018:
The situation for female survivors of non-partner sexual violence: A focused enquiry of Somali young women's views, knowledge and opinions

Albert-Lőrincz, Cád., 2018:
The situation of pediatric patients' rights in the Transylvanian healthcare

Nyberger, K.; Jumbam, D.T.; Dahm, J.; Maongezi, S.; Makuwani, A.; Kapologwe, N.A.; Nguhuni, B.; Mukhopadhay, S.; Iverson, K.R.; Maina, E.; Kisakye, S.; Mwai, P.; Hellar, A.; Barash, D.; Reynolds, C.; Meara, J.G.; Citron, I., 2018:
The Situation of Safe Surgery and Anaesthesia in Tanzania: A Systematic Review

Somodi, I.; Vadkerti, Á.; Těšitel, J., 2018:
Thesium linophyllon parasitizes and suppresses expansive Calamagrostis epigejos

Swanstrom, A.E.; Del Prete, G.Q.; Deleage, C.; Elser, S.E.; Lackner, A.A.; Hoxie, J.A., 2017:
The SIV Envelope Glycoprotein, Viral Tropism, and Pathogenesis: Novel Insights from Nonhuman Primate Models of AIDS

Ibrani, D.; Molacavage, S., 2018:
The Six-Hour Window: How the Community Hospital Nursery Can Optimize Outcomes of the Infant with Suspected Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy

Lucke, J.A.; van der Mast, R.C.; de Gelder, J.; Heim, N.; de Groot, B.; Mooijaart, S.P.; Blauw, G.J., 2018:
The Six-Item Cognitive Impairment Test Is Associated with Adverse Outcomes in Acutely Hospitalized Older Patients: A Prospective Cohort Study

Ingram, E.; Golick, D., 2018:
The Six-Legged Subject: A Survey of Secondary Science Teachers' Incorporation of Insects into U.S. Life Science Instruction

Anonymous, 2018:
The Sixpenny Doctor

Lan, Z.; Xu, F.; Zhao, F.; Li, H., 2018:
The Six-Step Lower Blepharoplasty: Using Fractionated Fat to Enhance Blending of the Lid-Cheek Junction

Peters, C.J.; Gilchrist, J.M.; Tien, J.; Bethel, N.P.; Qi, L.; Chen, T.; Wang, L.; Jan, Y.Nung.; Grabe, M.; Jan, L.Y., 2018:
The Sixth Transmembrane Segment Is a Major Gating Component of the TMEM16A Calcium-Activated Chloride Channel

Cummings, M.J.; Goldberg, E.; Mwaka, S.; Kabajaasi, O.; Vittinghoff, E.; Katamba, A.; Cattamanchi, A.; Kenya-Mugisha, N.; Davis, J.L.; Jacob, S.T., 2018:
The sixth vital sign: HIV status assessment and severe illness triage in Uganda

Robertson, R., 2018:
The six types of rationing faced by NHS patients

Zeng, C.; Feng, Y.; Wang, W.; Zhou, F.; Liao, F.; Liu, Y.; Feng, S., 2018:
The size-dependent apoptotic effect of titanium dioxide nanoparticles on endothelial cells by the intracellular pathway

Wang, W.; Pan, Y.; Zhang, W.; Liu, X.; Li, L., 2018:
The size effect to O 2- -Ce 4+ charge transfer emission and band gap structure of Sr 2 CeO 4

Pérez-Benito, L.; Henry, A.; Matsoukas, M-Timotheos.; Lopez, L.; Pulido, D.; Royo, M.; Cordomí, A.; Tresadern, G.; Pardo, L., 2018:
The size matters? A computational tool to design bivalent ligands

Sidhu, M.; Tate, D.J.; Desomer, L.; Brown, G.; Hourigan, L.F.; Lee, E.Y.T.; Moss, A.; Raftopoulos, S.; Singh, R.; Williams, S.J.; Zanati, S.; Burgess, N.; Bourke, M.J., 2018:
The size, morphology, site, and access score predicts critical outcomes of endoscopic mucosal resection in the colon

Palanca, M.; Brodano Barbanti, G.; Cristofolini, L., 2018:
The Size of Simulated Lytic Metastases Affects the Strain Distribution on the Anterior Surface of the Vertebra

Kagaya, S.; Ojima, Y.; Aoki, S.; Sato, H.; Nagasawa, T., 2018:
The size of the renal artery orifice contributes to laterality of acute renal infarction

Bayramoğlu, Aıf.; Kurt, E., 2018:
The size of the study population: Correspondance related "Measurement of blood lactate, D-dimer, and activated prothrombin time improves prediction of in-hospital mortality in adults blunt trauma"

Wang, B.; Zhang, J.; Chen, C.; Xu, G.; Qin, X.; Hong, Y.; Bose, D.D.; Qiu, F.; Zou, Z., 2018:
The size of zinc oxide nanoparticles controls its toxicity through impairing autophagic flux in A549 lung epithelial cells

Vasileiou, K.; Vysloužil, J.; Pavelková, M.; Vysloužil, J.; Kubová, Křina., 2018:
The size-reduced Eudragit® RS microparticles prepared by solvent evaporation method - monitoring the effect of selected variables on tested parameters

Hinrichs, D.; Himstedt, R.; Dorfs, D., 2018:
The size-selective interaction of key and lock nanocrystals driven by depletion attraction at the nanoscale

Wilmot, L.; Liebenson, C., 2018:
The Skater Squat

Woltering, J.M.; Holzem, M.; Schneider, R.F.; Nanos, V.; Meyer, A., 2018:
The skeletal ontogeny of Astatotilapia burtoni - a direct-developing model system for the evolution and development of the teleost body plan

Bird, I.M.; Kim, S.H.; Schweppe, D.K.; Caetano-Lopes, J.; Robling, A.G.; Charles, J.F.; Gygi, S.P.; Warman, M.L.; Smits, P.J., 2017:
The skeletal phenotype of achondrogenesis type 1A is caused exclusively by cartilage defects

Rowbotham, S.K.; Blau, S.; Hislop-Jambrich, J., 2018:
The skeletal trauma resulting from a fatal B.A.S.E jump: A case study showing the impact of landing feet-first under extreme vertical deceleration

Preventza, O.; Orozco-Sevilla, V.; Coselli, J.S., 2018:
The skeleton elephant trunk: A technique looking for an indication

Sellés, P.; Ávila, V.; Martínez, Tás.; Ysla, L., 2018:
The skills related to the early reading acquisition in Spain and Peru

Sequeira, J.H., 2018:
The Skin

Anonymous, 2018:
The Skin Affections Met with in Bright's Disease

Komitova, R.T.; Boykinova, O.B.; Stoyanova, N.S., 2018:
The Skin and the Eye - Herpes Zoster Ophthalmicus in a Healthy 18-month-old Toddler

Lowe, A.J.; Leung, D.Y.M.; Tang, M.L.K.; Su, J.C.; Allen, K.J., 2018:
The skin as a target for prevention of the atopic march

Eckhart, L.; Zeeuwen, P.L.J.M., 2018:
The skin barrier: Epidermis vs environment

Ianiri, G.; Heitman, J.; Scheynius, A., 2018:
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The Skin Department: Its Object, Staffing, and Cost

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The Skin in Spring-Time

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The Skin in Winter

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The Skinny on Fats in Wound Healing

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The Skinny on Fat Trm Cells

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The Skin(ny) on Regenerating the Largest Organ to Save a Patient's Life

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The skin prick test

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The Skull in Osteosclerotic Anæmia

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The Skull of Epidolops ameghinoi from the Early Eocene Itaboraí Fauna, Southeastern Brazil, and the Affinities of the Extinct Marsupialiform Order Polydolopimorphia

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The skull of the gerrhonotine lizard Elgaria panamintina (Squamata: Anguidae)

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The Sky has No Limits!

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The sky is not the limit!

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The SLAM family receptors: Potential therapeutic targets for inflammatory and autoimmune diseases

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The slavery hypertension hypothesis

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The Sleeping Sickness Bureau

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The Sleep of Schoolboys

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The SlFSR gene controls fruit shelf-life in tomato

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The sliding set-point: how insulin and diet interact to explain the obesity epidemic (and how to fix it)

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The Slippery Slope of Child Feeding Practices in India

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The Slippery Slope of Legalization of Physician-Assisted Suicide

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The slit lamp as videography console : Video article

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The Slovak Republic needs to improve health of the population

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The Slow Down Program: A mixed methods pilot study of a mindfulness-based stress management and nutrition education program for mothers

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The Slow Evolution of Blood Pressure Monitoring: But Wait, Not So Fast!

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The slowing pace of life expectancy gains since 1950

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The slow light and dark oscillation of the clinical electro-oculogram

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Slowly Signaling G Protein-Biased CB 2 Cannabinoid Receptor Agonist LY2828360 Suppresses Neuropathic Pain with Sustained Efficacy and Attenuates Morphine Tolerance and Dependence

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The Slow March toward Rapid Phenotypic Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing: Are We There Yet?

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The slow path to 24 hour attending coverage: The time is nigh. Clinical, operational, competitive and legal imperatives

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The small airway epithelium as a target for the adverse pulmonary effects of silver nanoparticle inhalation

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The small bowel "aneurysm"

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The Small Bowel Video Capsule Endoscopy - Ten Years Experience in Latvia

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The small dense LDL particle/large buoyant LDL particle ratio is associated with glucose metabolic status in pregnancy

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The smaller heparin fragments bind non-specifically through the IAPP sequence: An in silico study

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The smaller, the worse?

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The smallest biggest theropod dinosaur: a tiny pedal ungual of a juvenile Spinosaurus from the Cretaceous of Morocco

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The Smallest Form Factor UWB Antenna with Quintuple Rejection Bands for IoT Applications Utilizing RSRR and RCSRR

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The smallest known species of Afrotropical Scolytoplatypus Schaufuss (Curculionidae, Scolytinae) - with unique features and an isolated phylogenetic position

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The small G protein Arl8 contributes to lysosomal function and long-range axonal transport in Drosophila

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The small GTPase ARF-1.2 is a regulator of unicellular tube formation in Caenorhabditis elegans

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The small GTPase RAB-35 defines a third pathway that is required for the recognition and degradation of apoptotic cells

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The small GTPase RAB37 functions as an organizer for autophagosome biogenesis

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The small heat shock protein Hsp27 binds α-synuclein fibrils, preventing elongation and cytotoxicity

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The small heat shock proteins, especially HspB4 and HspB5 are promising protectants in neurodegenerative diseases

Anonymous, 2018:
The Small Hospitals and the Funds

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The Small Intestine Converts Dietary Fructose into Glucose and Organic Acids

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The small molecule CS1 inhibits mitosis and sister chromatid resolution in HeLa cells

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The small molecule ISRIB rescues the stability and activity of Vanishing White Matter Disease eIF2B mutant complexes

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The small molecule STF-62247 induces apoptotic and autophagic cell death in leukemic cells

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The small peptide world in long noncoding RNAs

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The Small-Pox Epidemic at Dewsbury

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The Smallpox Outbreak

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The Small-Pox Panic

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The Small Regulatory RNA Spot42 Inhibits Indole Biosynthesis to Negatively Regulate the Locus of Enterocyte Effacement of Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli

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The small RNA complement of adult Schistosoma haematobium

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The Small RNA ncS35 Regulates Growth in Burkholderia cenocepacia J2315

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The Small RNA RyhB Is a Regulator of Cytochrome Expression in Shewanella oneidensis

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The small stellated dodecahedron code and friends

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The small things can matter

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The small vesicular culprits: the investigation of extracellular vesicles as new targets for cancer treatment

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The Small World of Global Otolaryngology

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The smart approach: feasibility of lentigo maligna superficial margin assessment with hand-held reflectance confocal microscopy technology

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The Smart Nutrition and Conditioning for Kids (SNACK) Program: An Approach to Increasing Nutrition Knowledge of Second-Grade Students

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The smartphone camera as a potential method for transcutaneous bilirubin measurement

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The smartphone in the memory clinic: A study of patient and care partner's utilisation habits

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The SMART Study, a Mobile Health and Citizen Science Methodological Platform for Active Living Surveillance, Integrated Knowledge Translation, and Policy Interventions: Longitudinal Study

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The SMC5/6 complex interacts with the papillomavirus E2 protein and influences maintenance of viral episomal DNA

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The Smc5/6 complex regulates the yeast Mph1 helicase at RNA-DNA hybrid-mediated DNA damage

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The Sm-core mediates the retention of partially-assembled spliceosomal snRNPs in Cajal bodies until their full maturation

Anonymous, 2018:
The Smegma Bacillus and Urinary Tuberculosis

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The Smell of Diabetes

Dugbartey, G.J., 2018:
The smell of renal protection against chronic kidney disease: Hydrogen sulfide offers a potential stinky remedy

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Smell of Stress: Identification of Induced Biochemical Pathways Affecting the Volatile Composition and Flavor Quality of Crops

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The smile: a challenge in the treatment of class III

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The smile and dento-facial orthopaedics

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The Smile-Seeking Hypothesis: How Immediate Affective Reactions Motivate and Reward Gift Giving

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The smiling scan technique: Facially driven guided surgery and prosthetics

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The Smokefree 2025 goal: an opportunity for the new government

Anonymous, 2018:
The Smoke Nuisance

Anonymous, 2018:
The Smoke Pall

Anonymous, 2018:
The Smoke We Breathe

Anonymous, 2018:
The Smoking Habit

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The SMS, Phone, and medical Examination sports injury surveillance system is a feasible and valid approach to measuring handball exposure, injury occurrence, and consequences in elite youth sport

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The SMYD3 VNTR 3/3 polymorphism confers an increased risk and poor prognosis of hepatocellular carcinoma in a Chinese population

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The Smyd Family of Methyltransferases: Role in Cardiac and Skeletal Muscle Physiology and Pathology

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The snail Biomphalaria glabrata as a model to interrogate the molecular basis of complex human diseases

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The snakebite problem and antivenom crisis from a health-economic perspective

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The SNARC effect is not a unitary phenomenon

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The SNOOZE project: the impact of night shifts on junior doctors' reaction times

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The snowball effect of RNA binding protein dysfunction in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

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The snow leopard's questionable comeback

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The snow tire illusion: Different levels of perceptual assimilation across a single stimulus configuration

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The SNP43 (G/A) polymorphism in CAPN10 gene confers an increased risk of cognitive impairment in cerebral small vessel disease

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The SNPcurator: literature mining of enriched SNP-disease associations

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The SNP g.4667G>A at 3'-UTR of IFNG gene is associated with susceptibility to bovine tuberculosis in Mediterranean water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)

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The SNP rs10911021 is associated with oxidative stress in coronary heart disease patients from Pakistan

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The SNP rs4252548 (R112H) which is associated with reduced human height compromises the stability of IL-11

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The SNP Rs915014 in MTHFR Regulated by MiRNA Associates with Atherosclerosis

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The SnRK1 Kinase as Central Mediator of Energy Signaling between Different Organelles

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The So-Called Aggressive Digital Papillary Adenocarcinoma Is Epithelial-Myoepithelial Carcinoma

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The So-Called Epidemics of Seamen, More Particularly with Reference to Fevers

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The So-called Garrè's Osteomyelitis of Jaws and the Pivotal Utility of Computed Tomography Scan

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The So-Called Lunacy "Scandals"

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The So-Called Parkinsonian Syndrome with Special Reference to Epidemic Encephalitis

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The So-Called "Protective Effect" of Preeclampsia on Perinatal Brain Damage

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The social and environmental determinants of mental health

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The social and physical benefits of the Lindsay Leg Clubs

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The Social and Spatial Ecology of Dengue Presence and Burden during an Outbreak in Guayaquil, Ecuador, 2012

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The social aspect of Leg Clubs and how that aids healing

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The Social Aspects of Illness

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The social aspects of medicine

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The Solution to the Waste Problem

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The South African Military Nursing Service

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The Southern Territorial Hospital, Portsmouth

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The South London Hospital for Women

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The Southwark Guardians and Guy's Hospital: Report by the Distribution Committee of King Edward's Hospital Fund

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The Spa Physician

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The Sparrow by Asher Svidensky

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The Spas of England, &c

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The Spas of Germany

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The Spas of Homburg

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The spastic hip in children and adolescents

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The Speaker and the Hospitals

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The Special Examination of Mental Defectives

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The Specialist

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The Specialist and the Practitioner

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The special relativity of noninvasive biomarkers for acute rejection

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The Special Wards for Wounded Soldiers

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The "specific" liability regime for blood products

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The Specter of the Primitive

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The Speech Clinic at St. Thomas's Hospital: The Case for General Adoption

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The Speech of Souls

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The Speed of Publication

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The SPEED score: give it some time

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The SPEED score in the emergency department: not so fast!

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The Spending of Half a Million of Money

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The Spending Power after NFIB: New Direction, or Medicaid Exception?

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The Sphagnum-Moss Gatherers

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The Sphere of Institutional Treatment: III. Medical Attendance on a Collectivist Basis

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The Sphere of Institutional Treatment: II. The Collier in His Brick Box

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The Sphere of Institutional Treatment: The "Wretched Life" of Pit Doctors

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The spinal NR2BR/ERK2 pathway as a target for the central sensitization of collagen-induced arthritis pain

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Spin-Component-Scaled ΔMP2 Parametrization: Toward a Simple and Reliable Method for Ionization Energies

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The Spindle: Integrating Architecture and Mechanics across Scales

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The Spine painDETECT questionnaire: Development and validation of a screening tool for neuropathic pain caused by spinal disorders

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The Spine-Tinker: Prescription for Devil's Punch

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The Spirit Bottle

Anonymous, 2018:
The Spirit of Charity and Its Origin

Anonymous, 2018:
The Spirit of Co-Operation

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The Spirit of Leisure and the Spirit of Work : Some Aspects of a Modern "Religio Medici"

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The Spirit of Sacrifice and Service

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The Spiritual Event of Serious Illness

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The Spirochete Brachyspira pilosicoli, Enteric Pathogen of Animals and Humans

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The Spleen as an Optimal Site for Islet Transplantation and a Source of Mesenchymal Stem Cells

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The Spoken Word and the Printed Page

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The Spontaneous Disappearance of Malignant Growths

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The Sport Expert's Attention Superiority on Skill-related Scene Dynamic by the Activation of left Medial Frontal Gyrus: An ERP and LORETA Study

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The Sportsman's Kidney

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The sprained ankle

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The Spread of Cancer

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The Spread of Cholera by Personal Communication, as Seen in the Crimean Campaign

Anonymous, 2018:
The Spread of Disease by Civilisation

Anonymous, 2018:
The Spread of Infection from Small-Pox Hospitals

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The spread of Kalmia angustifolia on black spruce forest cutovers contributes to the spatial heterogeneity of soil resources

Anonymous, 2018:
The Spread of Plague by Fleas

Anonymous, 2018:
The Spread of Poliomyelitis in America

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The spread of true and false news online

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The Spread of Tuberculous Infection in the Child, and Its Relation to Disease in the Adult

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The Spring of Systems Biology-Driven Breeding

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The Spritztube: a new revolution in extraglottic airway devices

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The sp 2 -iminosugar glycolipid 1-dodecylsulfonyl-5N,6O-oxomethylidenenojirimycin (DSO 2 -ONJ) as selective anti-inflammatory agent by modulation of hemeoxygenase-1 in Bv.2 microglial cells and retinal explants

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The Squamoid Cells in Biphasic Squamoid Alveolar Renal Carcinoma Present Cytophagocytosis (Not Emperipolesis) of Apoptotic Neutrophilic Granulocytes

Anonymous, 2018:
The Squandering of Posthumous Gifts to Charity

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The "Squeeze," an Interesting Case of Mask Barotrauma

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The SSAI fully supports the suspension of hydroxyethyl-starch solutions commissioned by the European Medicines Agency

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The S Sign: A New Radiographic Tool to Aid in the Diagnosis of Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis

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The S 2 to S 3 transition for water oxidation in PSII (photosystem II), revisited

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The Stabilising Effect of the Anterior Oblique Ligament to Prevent Directional Subluxation at the Trapeziometacarpal Joint of the Thumb: A Biomechanical Cadaveric Study

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Stability and Antimicrobial Activity of Nisin-Loaded Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles: A Game-Changer in the War against Maleficent Microbes

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The stability of chlorinated, brominated, and iodinated haloacetamides in drinking water

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The Stability of Medicinal Plant microRNAs in the Herb Preparation Process

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The Stability of Stochastic Coupled Systems With Time-Varying Coupling and General Topology Structure

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The Stability Paradox: Why Expansion of Women's Education Has Not Delayed Early Union Formation or Childbearing in Latin America

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The Stabilizing Function of Superficial Shoulder Muscles Changes Between Single-Plane Elevation and Reaching Tasks

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The Stabilizing Influences of Linking Set Size and Model-Data Fit in Sparse Rater-Mediated Assessment Networks

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The stable actin core of mechanosensory stereocilia features continuous turnover of actin cross-linkers

Anonymous, 2018:
The Stable Door and the Stolen Steed

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The Staff at Gravesend Hospital

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The Staff of Bermondsey Hospital

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The staining of clothing by sunscreens: A pilot study

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The Staining of Mast Cells: A Historical Overview

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The Stakeholder Model of voice research: Acknowledging barriers to human rights of all stakeholders in a communicative exchange

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The Stake of Professional Reputation

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The Stalinon affair

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The Standard Account of Moral Distress and Why We Should Keep It

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The Standard Deviation of Differential Index as an innovation diagnostic tool based on kinematic parameters for objective assessment of a upper limb motion pathology

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The Standard Genetic Code can Evolve from a Two-Letter GC Code Without Information Loss or Costly Reassignments

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The Standard Genetic Code Facilitates Exploration of the Space of Functional Nucleotide Sequences

Anonymous, 2018:
The Standardisation of Digitalis Preparations

Anonymous, 2018:
The Standardisation of Sera

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The Standardised Mensendieck Test as a tool for evaluation of movement quality in patients with nonspecific chronic low back pain

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The standardization of China dental technology of advanced vocational and technical education (draft)

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The standardization of diagnosis and treatment of peripheral vertigo

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The Standardization of Diagnostic Criteria for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD): Implications for Research, Clinical Practice and Population Health

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The Standardization Study of Data Communication and Storage for Rehabilitation Devices

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The Standard of Mental Administration: Sir Thomas Clouston's Theories and Practice

Anonymous, 2018:
The Standard of Preliminary Education

Anonymous, 2018:
The Standard Opaque Meal for X-Ray Examination: The Cheapness of Barium Sulphate

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The Standard Output: A Tool-Agnostic Modeling Storage Format

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The Standartization of Teaching Practical Skills in Medical University

Anonymous, 2018:
The Standing of the Profession

Anonymous, 2018:
The St. Andrew's Association's Work

Anonymous, 2018:
The St. Andrew's Institute

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The Stanmore Nursing Assessment of Psychological Status (SNAPS): not just for spinal cord injury rehabilitation?

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The Stapedial Artery in the Mongolian Gerbil (Meriones unguiculatus)

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The Stapes Prosthesis: Past, Present, and Future

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The starch nanocrystal filled biodegradable poly(ε-caprolactone) composite membrane with highly improved properties

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The Starch Utilization System Assembles around Stationary Starch-Binding Proteins

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The STAR Data Reporting Guidelines for Clinical High Altitude Research

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The STARflo glaucoma implant: preliminary 12 months results

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The "Star" on Vivisection

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The Starr County Border Health Initiative: Focus Groups on Diabetes Prevention in Mexican Americans

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The starry sky liver: multiple biliary hamartomas on MR cholangiopancreatography

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The start of a human life program

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The start of a new wave: Developments in proteasome inhibition in multiple myeloma

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The start of the Abiogenesis: Preservation of homochirality in proteins as a necessary and sufficient condition for the establishment of the metabolism

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The STAT3 Target Gene TNFRSF1A Modulates the NF-κB Pathway in Breast Cancer Cells

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The State and Challenges of Anode Materials Based on Conversion Reactions for Sodium Storage

Anonymous, 2018:
The State and Nursing Education

Anonymous, 2018:
The State and the Malingerer

Anonymous, 2018:
The State and the Shop

Anonymous, 2018:
The State Control of Research

Anonymous, 2018:
The State Doctor and the Home

Anonymous, 2018:
The State Endowment of Motherhood

Anonymous, 2018:
The State in Relation to Chronic Disease

Anonymous, 2018:
The State Medical Treatment of School Children

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The state medical virology is in

Anonymous, 2018:
The Statement Issued by the Central Committee for State Registration in London: The Committee's Attitude Defined

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The state of bisphenol research in the lesser developed countries of the EU: a mini-review

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The state of care in a community setting

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The state of care in England: time for a post-match analysis

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The State of Cellular Adoptive Immunotherapy for Neuroblastoma and Other Pediatric Solid Tumors

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The State of Diabetes in Kansas: A Community Centered Approach to the Treatment of Diverse Populations

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The State of Emergency Child and Adolescent Psychiatry: Raising the Bar

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The State of Health in Texas

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The state of health services partnering with consumers: evidence from an online survey of Australian health services

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The state of immunity in pregnancies complicated by intrauterine infection of the fetus

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The state of knowledge about the relationship between 5-HTTLPR, stress, and depression

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The State of Long Non-Coding RNA Biology

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The state of mental health care in Pakistan

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The state of municipal solid waste management in Israel

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The state of nurse leader wellness: Results of the Nursing Management Wellness Survey

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The state of nursing

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The State of Phylogenetic Analysis: Narrow Visions and Simple Answers-Examples from the Diptera (flies)

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The state of preoperative pediatric services in England

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The State of Prophylactic Mesh Augmentation

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The state of research on the genetics of autism spectrum disorder: methodological, clinical and conceptual progress

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State of Robotic Mastoidectomy: Literature Review

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The State of Sex Research in MFT and Family Studies Literature: A Seventeen-Year Content Analysis

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The state of sexual health services at U.S. Colleges and Universities

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The State of Software for Evolutionary Biology

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The State of Technology in Craniosynostosis

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The state of the antivaccine movement in the United States: A focused examination of nonmedical exemptions in states and counties

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The State of the Art in Azaborine Chemistry: New Synthetic Methods and Applications

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The state of the art in the development of a panel of biomarkers for the early detection of lung cancer

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The State of the Art of Hybrid RANS/LES Modeling for the Simulation of Turbulent Flows

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The State-of-the-Art of Interventional Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Part 1

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The State-of-the-Art of Interventional Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Part 2

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The state of the art of preimplantation genetic testing in ART

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The state of the art of the minimally invasive thoracic surgery in Italy

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The state of the art on treatment of Crohn's disease

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The state of the art research findings on the relationship between chronic periodontitis and Alzheimer's disease: a review

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The State of the Circulatory System in Incurably Deaf Children

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The State of the Science on Clinical Evaluation in Nursing Education

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The State of the Science on Integrating Palliative Care in Heart Failure

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The state of the serotonin system in the patients presenting with chronic polypous rhinosinusitis

Anonymous, 2018:
The State of the Streets

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The State of the Summer: a Review of Child Summer Weight Gain and Efforts to Prevent It

Anonymous, 2018:
The State of the Tuberculosis Service

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The state of the union is strong: A review of ASM's 6th conference on Cell-cell Communication in Bacteria

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The state of ultrasound technology in the diagnosis and treatment of liver diseases now and in the future

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The state of uniportal video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery in North America: a survey of thoracic surgeons

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The State of Vascular Bed, Parenchyma and Perfusion of Lungs in Chronic Thromboembolic Pulmonary Hypertension According to Data of Subtraction Pulmonary Angiography

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The State Registration of Nurses

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The State's obligation to regulate and monitor private health care facilities: the Alyne da Silva Pimentel and the Dzebniauri cases

Anonymous, 2018:
The State Treatment of Venereal Diseases: The New Regulations

Anonymous, 2018:
The Static Method in X Ray Work

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The Statistical Curriculum Within Randomized Controlled Trials in Critical Illness

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The statistical joys-and added complications-of twin studies

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The statistical mechanics of human weight change

Anonymous, 2018:
The Statistical Report for 1914

Anonymous, 2018:
The Statistical Report of King Edward's Fund

Anonymous, 2018:
The Statistical Report of King Edward's Hospital Fund

Anonymous, 2018:
The Statistical Report of King Edward's Hospital Fund-III

Anonymous, 2018:
The Statistical Report of King Edward's Hospital Fund. IV

Anonymous, 2018:
The Statistics of 109 Metropolitan Hospitals for 1916

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The status and predictors of hypertension preventive nutritional behaviors in adolescents based on the constructs of the Theory of Planned Behavior

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The Status-Health Paradox: Organizational Context, Stress Exposure, and Well-being in the Legal Profession

Anonymous, 2018:
The Status Lymphaticus

Anonymous, 2018:
The Status of Assistant Medical Officers in Mental Hospitals

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The status of cryptococcosis in Latin America

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The status of Demodex cornei: description of the species and developmental stages, and data on demodecid mites in the domestic dog Canis lupus familiaris

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The Status of End-of-Life Care in the United States: The Glass Is Half Full

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The status of ethics in Swedish health care management: a qualitative study

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The Status of Genetic Screening in Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

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The status of health promotion in Botswana

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The status of hepatitis B control in the African region

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The Status of Hospital Domestic Service

Anonymous, 2018:
The Status of Institutional Dispensers

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The status of Iranian hospital pharmacies according to age-friendly pharmacies criteria

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The Status of Setaria viridis Transformation: Agrobacterium -Mediated to Floral Dip

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The status of laboratory testing for the diagnosis of HIV infection

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The status of licensed pharmacy workforce in Saudi Arabia: a 2030 economic vision perspective

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The Status of Musculoskeletal Disorders and Its Influence on the Working Ability of Oil Workers in Xinjiang, China

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The Status of Nitric Oxide and its Backup, Heme Oxygenase 1, in Thromboangiitis Obliterans

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