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A case of bilateral perinatal testicular torsion that presented with unilateral torsion; necessity of contralateral testis exploration

Pakmanesh, H.; Alinejad, M.

Turkish Journal of Urology 44(6): 511-514


ISSN/ISBN: 2149-3235
PMID: 30395797
Accession: 065674441

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Perinatal testicular torsion is a rare emergency in a neonate that prompts immediate attention. Bilateral testicular torsion is extremely rare. We report a case of bilateral torsion that presented with unilateral scrotal swelling but significant atrophy and dark discoloration of the contralateral testis that was secondary to asynchronous prenatal torsion. There is no consensus about exploration of the contralateral testis when exploring a case with unilateral testicular torsion. Nevertheless, findings in this case report indicate that bilateral exploration is mandatory in each case of perinatal testicular torsion to evaluate the condition of contralateral testis and fix it to prevent development of future torsion that may result in anorchia.

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