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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 65676

Chapter 65676 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Patel, S.U.; Yum, K.; Kim, S.; Isola, L.M.; Scigliano, E.; Jakubowski, R.; Park, D., 2018:
A case of syngeneic graft-versus-host disease

Moore, J., 1801:
A Case of Synocha

Yasuo, K., 2018:
A case of syphilis presenting with prolonged etiology-unrevealed fever, accompanying activated partial thromboplastin time prolongation

Hinshelwood, J., 1895:
A Case of Syphilitic Chancre of the Eyelid

Guo, X.Y.; Shao, H.; Zhao, Y.Y., 2018:
A case of systemic lupus erythematosus in pregnancy complicated by pulmonary hypertension

Ueda, S.; Murakami, T.; Ogino, H.; Matsuura, M.; Tamaki, M.; Kishi, S.; Hann, M.; Toyoda, Y.; Nagai, K.; Bando, Y.; Abe, H.; Nishioka, Y.; Doi, T., 2018:
A Case of Systemic Sarcoidosis Presenting with Renal Involvement Caused by Various Sarcoidosis-associated Pathophysiological Conditions

Feng, J.; He, S.; Wang, H., 2018:
A Case of Takayasu Arteritis With the Ostium of Left Main Coronary Artery Obstructed by Prolapsed Thickened Ascending Aortic Intima

Ali, A.; Niazi, A.K.; Minko, P.; Saha, P.J.; Elliott, K.; Bhatnagar, N.; Ayad, S., 2018:
A Case of Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy After Local Anesthetic and Epinephrine Infiltration

Ito, H.; Uchida, M.; Sase, T.; Kushiro, Y.; Ikeda, T.; Takasuna, H.; Takumi, I.; Oshio, K.; Tanaka, Y., 2018:
A case of tandem stenoses at the proximal common and internal carotid arteries treated with transbrachial stenting: a case report

Gibson, P.Clark., 1826:
A Case of Tetanus and Locked Jaw

Leath, 1813:
A Case of Tetanus, from a Gun-Shot Wound, Treated Successfully with Laudanum and the Warm Bath

Harvey, G., 1823:
A Case of Tetanus, in Which Large Doses of Opium Were Successfully Used

Buchanan, R.M., 1891:
A Case of Tetanus in Which the Infection Was Traced to a Chronic Ulcer

Arnoldi, D., 1808:
A Case of Tetanus Successfully Treated with the Cold Affusion

Clark, H.E., 1879:
A Case of Tetanus Treated by Nerve Stretching

Lyall, A., 1938:
A Case of Tetanus Treated by Subcutaneous Injections of Magnesium Sulphate

Tracy, P., 1807:
A Case of Tetanus, Which Terminated in Recovery

Smith, J.Ferguson., 1931:
A Case of Thallium Poisoning

Machell, T., 1808 :
A Case of the Cancer of the Penis, Extirpated with Success

Nisbet, W., 1800:
A Case of the Cure of Cancer of Both Breasts, the One Ulcerated, the Other Schirrous

Redfearn, R., 1799:
A Case of the Diabetes Mellitus, Which Terminated in a Complete, and, as Far as Can Be Judged from Apparent Circumstances, a Permanent Cure, by Medicines, Abstracting Oxygen from the System, and a Diet Consisting Totally of Animal Matter

Blake, A., 1828:
A Case of the Foramen Ovale Found Not Closed on the Dissection of a Soldier, with Its Previous History, and Observations; as Reported to the Director General of the Army Medical Department, in December Last

Peiffer-Smadja, N.; Harent, S.; Messeca, C.; Lechapt-Zalcman, E.; Yazdanpanah, Y.; Joly, V., 2018:
A case of thoracic actinomycosis presenting as sudden paraplegia

Wagstaffe, M.F., 1803:
A Case of Thoracic Adhesions

Kishi, Y.; Ikeda, H., 2018:
A Case of Thumb Polydactyly which Ulnar Thumb Has No Active Motion in Ring Chromosome 4

Wang, G-Nan.; Chen, X-Feng.; Zhang, G.; Mei, Y.; Wang, Z.; Zhang, Q.; Zhang, J-Song., 2018:
A case of thyroid emergency with cardiac arrest supported by extracorporeal membrane oxygenation

Kageyama, K.; Kinoshita, N.; Daimon, M., 2018:
A Case of Thyrotoxicosis due to Simultaneous Occurrence of Subacute Thyroiditis and Graves' Disease

Yellowlees, D., 1928:
A Case of Tic

Hutchinson, B., 1821:
A Case of Tic Douloureux

Shen, G.; Su, M.; Liu, B.; Kuang, A., 2018:
A Case of Tophaceous Pseudogout on 18F-FDG PET/CT Imaging

Fleming, J.P., 1939:
A Case of Torsion of the Gall-Bladder

Ohtsuka, T.; Kurogouchi, Y., 2017:
A Case of Total Hip Arthroplasty with Massive Bleeding due to Metastatic Tumor

Kobayashi, T.; Sato, K.; Yamazaki, Y.; Ohyama, T.; Horiguchi, N.; Kakizaki, S.; Kusano, M.; Yamada, M.; Yokohama, A.; Okamoto, H., 2016:
A Case of Transfusion-transmitted Acute Hepatitis E

Bulleid, L.; Hughes, T.; Leach, P., 2018:
A case of transient thalamic dysphasia-considering the role of the thalamus in language

Deutsch, D., 1954:
A case of transvestism

Wapshaw, H., 1936:
A Case of Traumatic Aneurysm of the Palm

Dougall, J., 1885:
A Case of Traumatic Tetanus Successfully Treated with Calabar Bean

Lawrie, W.John., 1883:
A Case of Traumatic Tetanus Treated Unsuccessfully with Calabar Bean

Nakayama, Y.; Inoue, S.; Mimura, K.; Nakazawa, T.; Kimura, A.; Ohmori, M.; Matsuda, K.; Ichikawa, D. , 2018:
A Case of Triple Negative Breast Cancer Successfully Treated with S-1

Kelly, J.K., 1892:
A Case of Tubal Pregnancy

Goh, J.Lay.Kuan.; Chong, C.Yin.; Lim, S.Zhi.Rui.; Lim, K.Boon.Leong.; Tan, N.Woon.Hui., 2018:
A Case of Tuberculosis Spondylodiscitis With Paraspinal Abscess in a 2-Year-Old Child

Coley, W., 1802:
A Case of Tympanites, in an Infant, Relieved by the Operation of the Paracentesis

Kawarabayashi, R.; Morioka, T.; Emoto, M.; Kakutani, Y.; Miyabe, M.; Yamazaki, Y.; Fukumoto, S.; Ishimura, E.; Amano, R.; Hirakawa, K.; Inaba, M., 2018:
A Case of Type 2 Diabetes with Renal Failure and History of Preexisting Hyperglycemia Masked by Insulinoma

Cheung, F.Ho.Victor.; Mak, C.Chuen.Clarence.; Chu, W.Yin.; Fan, N.; Lui, K.Wing., 2018:
A case of type II Mirizzi syndrome treated by simple endoscopic means

Kouzy, R.; Alawieh, R.; Sukhon, F.; Temraz, S., 2018:
A Case of Typical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome in an Adult

Rizk, J.; Shehu, N.; Wolf, C.; Meierhofer, C., 2018:
A case of Uhl's anomaly presenting with ventricular tachycardia

Moore, J., 1800:
A Case of Ulceration in the Stomach

Crawford, A.Muir., 1924:
A Case of Ulcerative Endocarditis Terminating in the Appearance of Widespread Embolic Phenomena

Patterson, W. , 1801:
A Case of Uncommon Tumor

Yamazaki, H.; Shimizu, S.; Yoshida, T.; Suganuma, N.; Yamanaka, T.; Yamashita, T.; Rino, Y.; Masuda, M., 2018:
A case of undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcoma of the breast with lung and bone metastases

Hayashi, Y.; Takagi, M.; Kakihara, J.; Tatsumi, H.; Atsushi, D.; Yoshiyama, M., 2017:
A case of unexpected early battery depletion caused by lithium cluster formation in implantable cardioverter-defibrillator

Chessa, M.A.; Filippi, F.; Ferrara, F.; Patrizi, A.; Baraldi, C., 2018:
A case of unilateral inflamed plaques with comedones of the face

Kazama, S.; Hiramatsu, T.; Kuroda, K.; Hongo, K.; Watanabe, Y.; Tanaka, T.; Kuriki, K., 2018:
A case of unique endoscopic findings of intestinal endometriosis exposed to the mucosa: aggregation of papillary protruded bulges from the submucosal elevation of the rectum

Herath, K.; Contis, L.; Aggarwal, N.; Talabi, M.Birru., 2018:
A Case of Unremitting Fevers

Yoshioka, R.; Nagase, H.; Noguchi, K.; Hamabe, A.; Hirota, M.; Oshima, K.; Tanida, T.; Ogino, T.; Tomimaru, Y.; Kawase, T.; Noura, S.; Imamura, H.; Iwasawa, T.; Akagi, K.; Ando, H.; Tamura, H.; Adachi, S.; Dono, K., 2018:
A Case of Unresectable Advanced Gastric Neuroendocrine Cell Carcinoma Treated with Nivolumab

Kadoya, T., 2016:
A Case of Unruptured Dissecting Vertebral Artery Aneurysm with Monitoring Evoked Potentials of the Hypoglossal Nerve and the Vagus Nerve

Hasegawa, T.; Tabata, H.; Kagoshima, M., 2017:
A case of upper extremity deep vein thrombosis with long-term patency using pharmaco-mechanical catheter-directed thrombolysis in the acute phase

Iida, Y.; Yoshitake, A.; Shimizu, H., 2018:
A Case of Upper Limb Arterial Embolization from Aortic Arch Intimal Sarcoma

Sasahara, T.; Sasaki, H.; Yoshiyama, Y.; Kimura, S.; Egawa, S., 2018:
A Case of Urachal Carcinoma Treated with Laparoscopic Resection of Urachal Remnants with Partial Cystectomy that was Difficult to Diagnose Preoperatively by Transurethral Biopsy

Fleming, J.P., 1938:
A Case of Ureteritis Cystica

Yamamoto, S.; Yoshida, T.; Hashimoto, S.; Takada, S.; Sakurai, F.; Hori, Y.; Murata, Y.; Ono, S.; Yoshizawa, T.; Matsui, T.; Sato, K.; Mochida, J.; Yamaguchi, K.; Takahashi, S., 2017:
A Case of Ureterouterine Fistula After Caesarean Section

Nazer, I.Ibrahim.; Alhashmi, G.; Sharief, S.Nawfal.; Hefni, N.Abdullatif.; Ibrahim, A.; El-Desoky, S.M.; Alsayyad, A.Jalal.; Safdar, O.Yousef.; Kari, J.A., 2018:
A case of urinary bladder agenesis and bilateral ectopic ureters: a case report

Yoshizawa, H.; Kawai, S.; Hirota, Y.; Ueda, T.; Kuroda, M.; Fujii, T., 2018:
A case of uterine lymphangioleiomyomatosis in a young woman that was identified via peritonitis

Chapman, R.W., 1835:
A Case of Uterine Polypus Removed by the Ligature, in Which Dilatation of the Os Uteri Was Produced by the Administration of the Lobelia Inflata

Patel, E.; Kancharla, P.; Surapaneni, B.K.; Hennrick, K.; Goldfinger, M.; Kalavar, M., 2018:
A Case of Vanishing Metastatic Mass: Right Atrial Mass in the Setting of Primary Epithelioid Hemangioendothelioma of the Spine

Beyitler, İlke.; Kavukcu, S., 2016:
A Case of van Neck-Odelberg Disease and Intermittent Overuse Injury

Tokida, H.; Takeshima, S.; Takeshita, J.; Shimoe, Y.; Yamori, S.; Kuriyama, M., 2018:
A case of various illusion, and hallucination caused by occipital lobe infarction

Okura, S.; Igarashi, C.; Wakae-Morita, S.; Ichiko, T.; Ito, H.; Sugisaki, M.; Sato, T.; Kobayashi, K., 2018:
A case of venous malformation of the mandible

Kajiyama, T.; Hachiya, H.; Iesaka, Y., 2018:
A case of ventricular ectopy eliminated by catheter ablation: Diversity of the potentials on the left coronary cusp

Hayasaka, K.; Takigawa, M.; Takahashi, A.; Kuwahara, T.; Okubo, K.; Tanaka, Y.; Misawa, T.; Mizusawa, M.; Yamakami, Y.; Kojima, K.; Sagawa, Y.; Hishikari, K.; Yamao, K.; Nakashima, E.; Nakajima, J.; Kimura, S.; Takagi, K.; Hikita, H.; Isobe, M., 2017:
A case of ventricular fibrillation as a consequence of capecitabine-induced secondary QT prolongation: A case report

Smith, J.Ferguson., 1939:
A Case of Verruca Necrogenica

Comstock, J., 1808:
A Case of Very Singular Nervous Affection, Supposed to Have Been Occasioned by the Bite of a Tarantula

Komatsu, M.; Yamakuchi, H.; Okinaka, T.; Yaita, K.; Saeki, H., 2017:
A Case of Vibrio vulnificus Infection Improved with Conservative Treatment in Kagoshima

Pretty, W., 1823:
A Case of Visceral Disease, with an Enormous Hydatid, &c

Altman, K.; Shinohara, M., 2018:
A case of Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada disease as a sequela of drug reaction with eosinophilia and systemic symptoms

Rodriguez-Nava, G.; Patel, A.; Youssef, D.; Youngberg, G.A.; Gonzalez-Estrada, A., 2018:
A Case of Voriconazole-Induced Pseudoporphyria

Nusrat, M.; Tariq, M.Ali.; Aslam, S.; Zil-E-Ali, A.; Shahid, M.; Mahmood, S., 2018:
A Case of Waardenburg-Shah Syndrome Type 4 Presenting with Bilateral Homochromatic Blue Irises from Pakistan

Ishizaki, U.; Yoshinaga, K.; Nagashima, Y.; Sakai, S., 2018:
A Case of Waldenstrom Macroglobulinemia/Lymphoplasmacytic Lymphoma With Lung Lesion

Takemura, K.; Yoshimura, T.; Tei, S.; Yoshikawa, T., 2017:
A Case of Well-Differentiated Liposarcoma in the Right Scrotum, Diagnosed After Local Tumor Excision

Takech, K.; Inoue, K.; Suzuki, M.; Kawanishi, H.; Onishi, A.; Hirasaki, A., 2017:
A Case of Well Leg Compartment Syndrome after Robot-assisted Laparoscopic Prostatectomy

Lamb, J., 1801:
A Case of White Swelling Cured by Electricity

Korkmaz, Hüseyin.Anıl., 2018:
A case of Wolfram syndrome with chronic renal failure

Dong, H.; Wang, Y., 2018:
A case of yellow chromonychia and yellow skin induced by topical ascorbic acid

Lodha, S.; Das, L.; Ramchandani, G.das.; Bhansali, A., 2018:
A case of young diabetes and parasuicide

Glen, G., 1816:
A Case Proving the Deleterious Effects of the Agaricus Campanulatus, Which Was Mistaken for the Agaricus Campestris, or Champignon

Fisher, A.; Halalau, A., 2018:
A Case Report and Literature Review of Clostridium difficile Negative Antibiotic Associated Hemorrhagic Colitis Caused by Klebsiella oxytoca

Janda, A.; Jogendra, M.R.D., 2018:
A case report and literature review of daptomycin-induced liver injury

Miao, J.; Wei, X-Jing.; Liu, X-Mei.; Kang, Z-Xia.; Gao, Y-Lu.; Yu, X-Fan., 2018:
A case report: autosomal recessive Myotonia congenita caused by a novel splice mutation (c.1401 + 1G > A) in CLCN1 gene of a Chinese Han patient

Karadag, A.S.; Tekin, B.; Hurdogan, O.; Dagdelen, D.; Dogan, O.; Buyukbabani, N., 2018:
A case report demonstrating potential utility of topical imiquimod for cutaneous Rosai-Dorfman disease

Sakata, K.; Kijima, D.; Furuhashi, T.; Morita, K.; Abe, T., 2018:
A case report: Feasibility of a near infrared ray vision system (Photo dynamic eye®) for the postoperative ischemic complication of gallbladder carcinoma

Sindelar, B.D.; Patel, V.; Chowdhry, S.; Bailes, J.E., 2018:
A Case Report in Hemorrhagic Stroke: A Complex Disease Process and Requirement for a Multimodal Treatment Approach

Wang, K.; Lin, H.; Tu, H.; Xu, Q.; Xu, G., 2018:
A Case Report of 46, XX Sex Reversal Syndrome

Beydoun, A.Sam.; Ovalle, F.; Brannock, K.; Gobble, R.M., 2018:
A Case Report of a Breast Implant-Associated Plasmacytoma and Literature Review of Non-ALCL Breast Implant-Associated Neoplasms

Iqbal, S.; Khajinoori, M.; Mooney, B., 2018:
A case report of acalculous cholecystitis due to Salmonella paratyphi B

Garcia-Alva, R.; Bobadilla-Rosado, L.O.; Arzola, L.H.; Escobar-Preciado, M.; Anaya-Ayala, J.E.; Hinojosa, C.A., 2018:
A case report of a concomitant total thyroidectomy and carotid body tumor resection in a 43 year old female

Aloi, M.; Sinopoli, F.; Segura-Garcia, C., 2018:
A case report of an adult male patient with Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder treated with CBT

Mbaye, F., 2018:
A case report of an adult with bronchial mould infection complicated by purulent pleurisy

Lake, S.; Iwanaga, J.; Oskouian, R.J.; Loukas, M.; Tubbs, R.Shane., 2018:
A Case Report of an Enlarged Suboccipital Nerve with Cutaneous Branch

Awad, M.; Yaghoubian, S., 2018:
A Case Report of an Inadvertent Placement of Tracheostomy Tube Into the Pharynx After Emergency Tracheostomy: Management of a Failed Surgical Airway

Guadarrama-Ortíz, Pénides.; Choreño-Parra, Jé.Alberto.; Carnalla-Cortés, M.; Sánchez-Garibay, C.; Palacios-Zúñiga, U., 2018:
A case report of an intramedullary cervical teratoma in an adult patient with cervical spondylotic radiculopathy

Mor, L.T.; Holley, K., 2018:
A Case Report of Anticoagulation Management in Acquired Hemophilia Associated With Levofloxacin

Tang, X.; Chen, H.; Chen, C.; Xu, J., 2018:
A case report of a polytrauma patient with penetrating iron rods in thorax and head

Schwarzman, G.; Schwarzman, L.; MacGillis, K.; Chmell, S., 2018:
A Case Report of a Radial Nerve Palsy Following Uncomplicated Total Hip Arthroplasty

Bullen, A.; Lewin, J.; Cross, T.; Woolven, B., 2018:
A case report of a rare and challenging gangrenous splenic flexure volvulus in a pregnant patient

Chapman, D.Ryan.; Ho, R.Elliot.; Gangemi, A., 2018:
A case report of a rare, spontaneous external jugular vein aneurysm

Borgerink, Mël.Maria.Helena.; Weersma, R.Karel.; Visschedijk, M.Caroline., 2018:
A Case Report of a Young Adult With Progressive Bloody Diarrhea, Protein-Losing Enteropathy, and Extended Polyposis Coli

Novoselova, O.M.; Il'ves, A.G.; Savintseva, Z.I.; Prakhova, L.N.; Zaplakhova, O.V.; Bakhtiyarova, K.Z., 2018:
A case-report of Balo concentric sclerosis transformed into definite multiple sclerosis

Ng, R.L.; Azriyanti, A.Z., 2018:
A case report of benign transient hyperphosphatasaemia: What can we learn from this?

Aria, A.B.; Chen, L.; Huen, A.O., 2018:
A case report of bosutinib-induced interstitial granulomatous drug reaction in a patient with chronic myelogenous leukemia: a case report

Khorshidi, M.; Navid, S.; Azadi, D.; Shokri, D.; Shojaei, H., 2018:
A case report of brain abscess caused by Nocardia cyriacigeorgica in a diabetic patient

Shute, C., 2018:
A case report of branch retinal artery occlusion in a teenager due to hyperhomocysteinaemia; the interplay of genetic and nutritional defects

Asano, K.; Shimizu, E., 2018:
A Case Report of Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) for a Japanese Patient with Recurrent Depressive Disorder: The Importance of Layered Processes in CFT

Liu, R.; Tan, H-Jun.; Liu, J-Jia.; Song, Y-Zong., 2018:
A case report of congenital generalized lipodystrophy

Fan, J.; Fu, R.; Ren, F.; He, J.; Wang, S.; Gou, M., 2018:
A case report of CRB2 mutation identified in a Chinese boy with focal segmental glomerulosclerosis

Kurushina, O.V.; Myroshnikova, V.V.; Krivonozhkina, P.S., 2018:
A case report of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease

Deng, Y-Shuan.; Dong, C-Hui.; Liu, R.; Yang, X-Jie.; Hou, F-Yi.; Fan, Y., 2018:
A case report of debridement with internal fixation at stage I for the treatment of ankle joint open Logsplitter injury

Bopeththa, B.V.K.M.; Hemapriya, S.; Gayan Niranga, K.K.; Kotigala, D.S.K., 2018:
A case report of dengue haemorrhagic fever during the peripartum period: challenges in management and a case of vertical dengue transmission

Chan, E.; El-Banna, A., 2018:
A case report of epiploic appendagitis as a mimic of acute cholecystitis

Lavacchi, D.; Nobili, S.; Brugia, M.; Paderi, A.; Fancelli, S.; Caliman, E.; Vergoni, F.; Mini, E., 2018:
A case report of eyelid Merkel cell carcinoma occurring under treatment with nivolumab for a lung adenocarcinoma

Matsuzono, K.; Ozawa, T.; Yoshikawa, K.; Kusunoki, S.; Fujimoto, S., 2018:
A case report of Fisher syndrome with the detection of anti-GM3 and anti-GD1b IgG antibodies

Sobrino-García, M.; Gómez-Cardeñosa, Aída.; Moreno-Rodilla, E.; Muñoz-Bellido, F.J.; Lázaro-Sastre, M.; Dávila, I., 2018:
A case report of fixed drug eruption caused by several drugs because of cross-reactivity and co-sensitization

Iijima, Y.; Kobayashi, Y.; Uchida, Y.; Tsutsui, T.; Kakizaki, Y.; Naganuma, T.; Tsukamoto, K.; Oyama, T.; Miyashita, Y., 2018:
A case report of granulomatous polyangiitis complicated by tuberculous lymphadenitis

Yang, Z.R.; Sheng, Q.J.; Zhong, X.; Kong, B.B.; Ding, Y.; Dou, X.G., 2018:
A case report of hepatitis B virus reactivation in both anti-HBs/-HBc positive patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia after chemotherapy

Rohani, M.; Mohsenpour, B.; Ghasemi, A.; Esmaeili, S.; Karimi, M.; Neubauer, H.; Tomaso, H.; Mostafavi, E., 2018:
A case report of human tularemia from Iran

Raukar, N.; Palms, D.; Boyle, M.; Baird, J., 2018:
A Case Report of Impaired Driving Performance after a Concussion

Powell, K., 2018:
A case report of inadvertent intranasal submucosal injection of concentrated epinephrine with no long-term sequelae

Kurose, N.; Takenaka, M.; Yamashita, M.; Shimaguchi, C.; Nakano, M.; Britni, B.; Guo, X.; Futatsuya, C.; Shioya, A.; Yamada, S., 2018:
A case report of infantile cystic nephroblastoma

Muranushi, R.; Saito, H.; Matsumoto, A.; Kato, T.; Tanaka, N.; Nakazato, K.; Morinaga, N.; Shitara, Y.; Ishizaki, M.; Yoshida, T.; Aishima, S.; Shirabe, K., 2018:
A case report of intracholecystic papillary neoplasm of the gallbladder resembling a submucosal tumor

Yoon, Y.; Kim, K.; Yeom, S.Keu.; Lee, J.; Lee, Y., 2018:
A case report of intrahepatic bile duct confluence anomalies in VACTERL syndrome

Hidaka, T.; Chuman, H.; Nao-I, N., 2018:
A Case Report of Intravitreal Bevacizumab for Iris Metastasis of Small Cell Lung Carcinoma with Neovascular Glaucoma

Folyovich, Aás.; Varga, Vória.; Várallyay, Görgy.; Kozák, L.; Bakos, Mária.; Scheidl, E.; Béres-Molnár, K.Anna.; Kajdácsi, Z.; Bereczki, Dániel., 2018:
A case report of isolated distal upper extremity weakness due to cerebral metastasis involving the hand knob area

Ono, Y.; Aoyama, T.; Maezawa, Y.; Sato, T.; Hara, K.; Asari, M.; Morita, J.; Amano, S.; Sawazaki, S.; Numata, M.; Ohshima, T.; Yukawa, N.; Masuda, M.; Rino, Y., 2018:
A Case Report of Laparoscopy-Assisted Distal Gastrectomy for Early Gastric Cancer with Abortive Behçet Disease

Tkachenko, R.; Golovko, A.; Kuryk, O., 2018:
A case report of late local relapse of adrenocortical carcinoma 18 years after adrenalectomy

Gökçal, F.; Akdamar, F.; Çelenk, Yıldıray.; Akdemir, Zülküf., 2018:
A case report of left paraduodenal hernia diagnosed preoperatively and treated laparoscopically

Saladi, L.; Zaidi, B.; Toolsie, O.; Vakde, T.; Adrish, M., 2018:
A case report of Legionella and Mycoplasma pneumonia: Co-incidence or co-infection?

Changazi, S.Hussain.; Ghuman, G.Mujtaba.; Bashir, A.; Bhatti, S.; Iqbal, M.; Ismat, U., 2018:
A case report of Lipoblastoma: Presenting as a swelling in the nape of the neck of 14 years old girl

Li, W.Z.; Cai, F.Q.; Wu, C.L.; Peng, P.; Huang, J.A., 2018:
A case report of liver actinomycosis

Karunarathna, A.K.T.M.; Mendis, S.A.; Perera, W.P.D.P.; Patabendige, G.; Pallewatte, A.S.; Kulatunga, A., 2018:
A case report of melioidosis complicated by infective sacroiliitis in Sri Lanka

Sweid, A.; Noureldine, M.Hassan.A.; Nasser, S.; Badra, M.; Saikali, I., 2018:
A Case Report of Meningeal Hemangiopericytoma: A nine-year journey from the brain to the spine

Liu, A.; Feng, Y.; Chen, B.; Li, L.; Wu, D.; Qian, J.; Yang, A., 2018:
A case report of metastatic breast cancer initially presenting with esophageal dysphagia

Yoshimura, M.; Toriumi, T.; Nakata, M., 2017:
A Case Report of Mirror Syndrome after Fetoscopic Laser Photocoagulation for Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome

Shah, B.; Limbu, S., 2018:
A Case Report of Misdiagnosis of Psychotic Symptoms Predominant Wilson's Disease

Riccardi, Nò.; Cenderello, G.; Borroni, E.; Rutigliani, M.; Cirillo, D.Maria., 2018:
A case report of mucocutaneous tuberculosis after orthotopic liver transplantation: a challenging diagnosis

Patel, N.Rajendrakumar.; Patel, P.Anil., 2018:
A Case Report of Mucormycosis with Palatal Ulcer: A Rare Clinical Dilemma

Oba, S.; Türk, H.Şebnem., 2018:
A case report of multiple anesthesia for pediatric surgery: 80 anesthesia applications in a period of 6 years

Yuan, H.; Yang, Y.; Wang, W.; Cheng, Y., 2018:
A case report of neuroendocrine tumor (G3) at lower rectum with liver metastasis

Yang, J.; Zhao, S.Q., 2018:
A case report of papilloma of the eustachian tube with secretory otitis media

Negi, C.; Dash, H.Hara.; Singh, B., 2018:
A Case Report of Paravertebral Block: A Safe Alternative for Microdiscectomy in a Pregnant Patient

Ng, W.Ming.; Lee, W.Feng.; Cheah, S.Oon.; Chung, Y.Ee.Lynette.; Lee, C.Yu.; Lim, B.Leong., 2018:
Peri-mortem caesarean section after traumatic arrest: Crisis resource management

Okada, N.; Fujita, T.; Kanamori, J.; Sato, A.; Horikiri, Y.; Sato, T.; Fujiwara, H.; Daiko, H., 2018:
A case report of postoperative VRSA enteritis: Effective management of rifampicin for vancomycin resistant Staphylococcus aureus enteritis after esophagectomy and colon reconstruction

Grimmett, W.; Lee, J.; Doherty, J.; Cheung, B.; Chinthamuneedi, M., 2018:
A Case Report of Preeclampsia Causing Severe Hyponatremia: Rare or Rarely Reported?

Więsik-Szewczyk, E.; Jahnz-Różyk, K., 2018:
A case report of pregnancy in a patient with common variable immunodeficiency emphasizing the need for personalized immunoglobulin replacement

Zhang, D.; Zhang, C.; Guo, Q., 2018:
A Case Report of Primary Pulmonary Synovial Sarcoma with Postoperative Multiple Metastases Treated with Apatinib

Pinto, D.Steven.; Joseph, T.; George, A.; Hoisala, R.V., 2016:
A case report of racemose pattern of intracranial tuberculoma with brain stem and hypophyseal involvement developing paradoxically during treatment

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A case report of recurrent Merkel cell carcinoma with synchronous metastases to the heart and stomach

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A case report of renal papillary necrosis due to tuberculosis-CT urogram and static MR urogram findings

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A Case Report of Retroperitoneal Liposarcoma Resected Six Times for 16 Years

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A case report of rigidity and recurrent lower limb myoclonus: progressive encephalomyelitis rigidity and myoclonus syndrome, a chameleon

Chandrakumaran, A.; Bateman, H.R.; Qayyum, R., 2018:
A Case Report of Sarcoidosis Mimicking Vertebral Metastasis

Cohen, P.R., 2018:
A Case Report of Scrotal Rejuvenation: Laser Treatment of Angiokeratomas of the Scrotum

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A case report of scrub typhus complicated with myocarditis and rhabdomyolysis

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A case report of serotype W135 Neisseria meningitidis epiglottitis in the United States and review of twelve adult cases of meningococcal epiglottitis

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A Case Report of Severe Type B Lactic Acidosis Following First Dose of Nivolumab in a VHL-Mutated Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma

Daniel, W., 2018:
A Case Report of Spontaneous Second Toe Varus Deformity Correction after Hallux Valgus Deformity Correction by a Non-osteotomy Technique: Syndesmosis Procedure

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A case report of successful endovascular repair of a giant 15 cm diameter asymptomatic thoracic aortic aneurysm

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A Case Report of Suspected Malignant Hyperthermia: How Will the Diagnosis Affect a Patient's Insurability?

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A Case Report of Synchronous Prostate Cancer and Rectal Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor and its Management

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A case report of TB versus idiopathic granulomatous mastitis with erythema nodosum, reactive arthritis, cough, and headache

Lollo, V.M.; Faden, J.B., 2018:
A Case Report of the Oral Ingestion of Aripiprazole Long-Acting Injectable

Lim, C-Hak.; Yoo, J-Eun., 2018:
A case report of traditional Korean medicine treatments on uterine myoma with thyroid cancer

Joo, C.; Min, J-Won.; Noh, G.; Seo, J., 2018:
A case report of unexpected sudden cardiac death due to aortic rupture following laparoscopic appendectomy

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A case report of Villar's nodule in a woman without surgical history

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A Case Report on Acquired Tufted Angioma with Severe Pain after Healed Herpes Zoster

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A case report on cystic meningioma in cerebellopontine angle and recommendations for management

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A case report on Herlyn-Werner-Wunderlich syndrome with spontaneous abortion

Jahan, Y.; Rahman, A., 2018:
A case report on management of severe childhood pneumonia in low resource settings

Ping, Y.; Gu, H., 2018 :
A case report on middle cerebral artery aneurysm treated by rapid ventricular pacing: A CARE compliant case report

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A case report: Rectal endometriosis mimicking rectal cancer

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A case report SPECT study and theoretical rationale for the sequential administration of ibogaine and 5-MeO-DMT in the treatment of alcohol use disorder

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A case review of a patient experience of photopheresis using a peripherally inserted central catheter

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A case scenario study for the assessment of physician's behavior in the management of COPD: the WHY study

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A case series involving young children presenting with accidental ingestion of amphetamine based stimulants

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A Case Series of Acute Kidney Injury during Anti-tuberculosis Treatment

Jeung, S.; Kang, S-M.; Seo, Y.; Yu, H.; Baek, C.H.; Kim, H.; Yang, W.S.; Park, S-K., 2018:
A Case Series of Asymptomatic Hemodialysis Catheter-Related Right Atrial Thrombi That Are Incidentally Detected Prior to Kidney Transplantation

Khan, K.; Rodriguez, R.; Saeed, S.; Persaud, A.; Ahmed, L., 2018:
A Case series of candy cane limb syndrome after laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass

Alatassi, A.; Mulero, S.Fernández.; Massoud, N.; Alzayer, Z.; Mahmoud, A.Haroun., 2018:
A case series of different anesthesia approaches for single ventricular physiology patients in various stages of palliation underwent noncardiac procedures

Goldminz, A.M.; Scheinman, P.L., 2018:
A case series of dupilumab-treated allergic contact dermatitis patients

Sahyouni, R.; Moshtaghi, O.; Abouzari, M.; Le, P.; Birkenbeuel, J.; Cheung, D.; Lin, H.W.; Djalilian, H.R., 2018:
A Case Series of Granulomatosis With Polyangiitis Primarily Diagnosed by Otological Manifestations

Rangel, D.Moreira.; Nóbrega, P.Ribeiro.; Saraiva-Pereira, M.Luiza.; Jardim, L.Bannach.; Braga-Neto, P., 2018:
A case series of hereditary cerebellar ataxias in a highly consanguineous population from Northeast Brazil

Iuliano, A.; Tranfa, F.; Clemente, L.; Fossataro, F.; Strianese, D., 2018:
A case series of Merkel cell carcinoma of the eyelid: a rare entity often misdiagnosed

Serrano-Coll, Héctor.; Mieles, O.; Escorcia, C.; Díaz, A.; Beltrán, C.; Cardona-Castro, N., 2018:
A case series of pure neural leprosy in patients diagnosed in a specialized center for the control of Hansen's disease in Colombia

Mendoza-Azpur, G.; Gallo, P.; Mayta-Tovalino, F.; Alva, R.; Valdivia, E., 2018:
A Case Series of Vertical Ridge Augmentation Using a Nonresorbable Membrane: A Multicenter Study

Cardi, V.; Leppanen, J.; Mataix-Cols, D.; Campbell, I.C.; Treasure, J., 2018:
A case series to investigate food-related fear learning and extinction using in vivo food exposure in anorexia nervosa: A clinical application of the inhibitory learning framework

Middleton, G.S., 1894:
A Case Showing Some of the Phenomena Described in Mr. Jonathan Hutchinson's Articles on Acro-Pathology

Singh, G.; Gollapalli, R.; Blinder, A.; Gallo, F.; Patel, M., 2018:
A case study demonstrating the migration of diethyl phthalate from an ancillary component to the drug product

Dane, S.; Welcome, M.O., 2018:
A case study: Effects of foot reflexotherapy on ADHD symptoms and enuresis nocturia in a child with ADHD and enuresis nocturia

Crossman, S.; Ohde, A., 2018:
A case study exploring the effectiveness of an innovative "5Q Care Test" to determine whether patients with complex needs require health or social care

Senger, B.A.; Smith, D.W.; Bindler, R.C.; Hollinger, M.R., 2018:
A Case Study of a Child With Mitochondrial Disease

Quan, H.; Xu, Y.; Chen, Y.; Gao, L.; Chen, X., 2018:
A case study of an adaptive design for a clinical trial with 2 doses and 2 endpoints in a rare disease area

Wang, C-Ping.; Xing, X.; Liu, Y-Hsin.; Runov, A., 2018:
A Case Study of Connection Between Ground Magnetic Field Perturbations and Tail Current Sheet Bursty Flows at X = -60 R E

Tay, A.; Gudi, M.; Lim, T.Yong.Kuie.; Bing Cheng, W.; Tan, J.S.L.; Aw, M.Hua.; Yeo, Y.Ching., 2018:
A case study of gastric-type adenocarcinoma in situ of the uterine cervix

Rodrigues-Prause, A.; Sampaio, N.M.V.; Gurol, T.M.; Aguirre, G.M.; Sedam, H.N.C.; Chapman, M.J.; Malc, E.P.; Ajith, V.P.; Chakraborty, P.; Tizei, P.A.; Pereira, Gçalo.A.G.; Mieczkowski, P.A.; Nishant, K.T.; Argueso, J.Lucas., 2018:
A Case Study of Genomic Instability in an Industrial Strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Takahashi, R.H.; Chang, J.H.; Pang, J.; Liang, X.; Ma, S., 2018:
A Case Study of Overestimating Absorption and Circulating Metabolites Due to the Preferential Absorption of Radiolabeled Drug in a Mass Balance Study

Khan, K.; Charters, J.; Graham, T.L.; Nasriani, H.R.; Ndlovu, S.; Mai, J., 2018:
A Case Study of the Effects of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder on Operational Fire Service Personnel Within the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service

van der Westhuizen, D.; Claassen, N.; Viljoen, M., 2018:
A case study of two adolescent-parent pairs describing the association between vagal tone and social-emotional adjustment during a Positive Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Programme

Porter, M., 2018:
A case study of venous leg ulceration

Garg, P.; Eastwood, J.; Liaw, S-Teng.; Jalaludin, B.; Grace, R., 2018:
A case study of well child care visits at general practices in a region of disadvantage in Sydney

Moukarzel, S.; Mamas, C.; Warstadt, M.F.; Bode, L.; Farhat, A.; Abi Abboud, A.; Daly, A.J., 2018:
A case study on breastfeeding education in Lebanon's public medical school: exploring the potential role of social networks in medical education

Khalid, A.; Naz, M.Arooj., 2018:
A Case Study on the Effectiveness of Cognitive and Behavioural Approaches for Diabetic Patient with Cardiac Disease

Algin, E.; Asici, C.; Sogukpinar, H.; Akkurt, N., 2018:
A Case Study on the use of Seasonal Correction Factors for Indoor Radon Measurements

Zhao, X.Cathy.; Ho, L.; Bantz, D.L.; Hostetler, D.; Fang, L., 2018:
A Case Study to Address a Gap in the Device-to-Vial Interface Stopper Push-in by Chemo Spikes - An Overlooked Oncology Safety Risk

Sigfridsson, K.; Ulvinge, M-Louise.; Svensson, L.; Granath, A-Karin., 2018:
A case study where pharmaceutical salts were used to address the issue of low in vivo exposure

Kawabe, M.; Maekawa, R.; Tsuchiya, K.; Hideyama, T.; Shiio, Y., 2018:
A Case Suspected of CLIPPERS Syndrome with Cerebral White Matter Lesions

Kitakaze, H.; Matsushita, M.; Okada, K.; Minato, N.; Mori, N.; Yoshioka, T., 2017:
A Case that Ts-1+cddp Therapy Was Effective for Bladder Primary Signet Ring Cell Adenocarcinoma

Pears, 1802:
A Case Where the Vaccine Inoculation Was Supposed to Have Failed

Fox, D., 1827:
A Case Where Transfusion of Blood Was Successfully Employed after Uterine Hemorrhage

Hardman, E., 1801:
A Case, Which Proves the Advantage of Bringing on Premature Labour in a Distorted Patient

Kessi, M.; Peng, J.; Yang, L.; Duan, H.; Tang, Y.; Yin, F., 2018:
A Case With 4 de Novo Copy Number Variations With Clinical Features That Overlap 1q43q44 Microdeletion and 3q29 Microduplication Syndromes

Uzar, T.; Turkmen, I.; Menekse, E.Berber.; Dirican, A.; Ekaterina, P.; Ozkaya, S., 2018:
A case with iatrogenic pneumothorax due to deep dry needling

Conroy, W.E.; Watson, J., 2017:
ACA's fate will affect community health centers Repealing the Affordable Care Act would create repercussions for a significant component of Minnesota's health care safety net

Grijalva-Eternod, C.S.; Jelle, M.; Haghparast-Bidgoli, H.; Colbourn, T.; Golden, K.; King, S.; Cox, C.L.; Morrison, J.; Skordis-Worrall, J.; Fottrell, E.; Seal, A.J., 2018:
A cash-based intervention and the risk of acute malnutrition in children aged 6-59 months living in internally displaced persons camps in Mogadishu, Somalia: A non-randomised cluster trial

Hu, D.; Chen, Z.; Sheng, Z.; Gao, D.; Yan, F.; Ma, T.; Zheng, H.; Hong, M., 2018:
A catalase-loaded hierarchical zeolite as an implantable nanocapsule for ultrasound-guided oxygen self-sufficient photodynamic therapy against pancreatic cancer

Griffiths, D.J., 2018:
A catalogue of hidden momenta

Kumar, R.; Chaudhary, S.; Kumar, R.; Upadhyay, P.; Sahal, D.; Sharma, U., 2018:
Catalyst and Additive-Free Diastereoselective 1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition of Quinolinium Imides with Olefins, Maleimides, and Benzynes: Direct Access to Fused N,N'-Heterocycles with Promising Activity against a Drug-Resistant Malaria Parasite

Nadai, M.; Doria, F.; Scalabrin, M.; Pirota, V.; Grande, V.; Bergamaschi, G.; Amendola, V.; Winnerdy, F.Richtia.; Phan, A.Tuân.; Richter, S.N.; Freccero, M., 2018:
A Catalytic and Selective Scissoring Molecular Tool for Quadruplex Nucleic Acids

Yun, W.; Li, F.; Liu, X.; Li, N.; Chen, L.; Yang, L., 2018:
A catalytic cleavage strategy for fluorometric determination of Hg(II) based on the use of a Mg(II)-dependent split DNAzyme and hairpins conjugated to gold nanoparticles

Neuhaus, J.D.; Bauer, A.; Pinto, A.; Maulide, N., 2018:
A Catalytic Cross-Olefination of Diazo Compounds with Sulfoxonium Ylides

Matsumoto, T.; Sasamoto, K.; Hirano, R.; Oisaki, K.; Kanai, M., 2018:
A catalytic one-step synthesis of peptide thioacids: the synthesis of leuprorelin via iterative peptide-fragment coupling reactions

Yıldırım, O.; Gul, M.; Inci, S.; Aktaş, H.; Dogan, Pınar.; Bozkır, A.; İzgü, İbrahim.; Karataş, R., 2018:
A catastrophic nightmare of the interventional cardiologist: Iatrogenic left main artery dissection and longitudinal stent deformation

Allan, C.; Kosar, M.; Burr, C.V.; Mackay, C.Logan.; Duncan, R.R.; Hulme, A.N., 2018:
A Catch-and-Release Approach to Selective Modification of Accessible Tyrosine Residues

Hohlweg, W.; Wagner, G.E.; Hofbauer, H.F.; Sarkleti, F.; Setz, M.; Gubensäk, N.; Lichtenegger, S.; Falsone, S.Fabio.; Wolinski, H.; Kosol, S.; Oostenbrink, C.; Kohlwein, S.D.; Zangger, K., 2018:
A cation-π interaction in a transmembrane helix of vacuolar ATPase retains the proton transporting arginine in a hydrophobic environment

Wassenaar, E.; O'Melia, A.Marie.; Mehler, P.S., 2018:
A causality dilemma: ARFID, malnutrition, psychosis, and hypomagnesemia

Jha, J.C.; Ho, F.; Dan, C.; Jandeleit-Dahm, K., 2018:
A causal link between oxidative stress and inflammation in cardiovascular and renal complications of diabetes

Dammann, O.; Chui, K.; Blumer, A., 2018:
A Causally Naïve and Rigid Population Model of Disease Occurrence Given Two Non-Independent Risk Factors

Smyth, H.; Byrne, D.; Hayden, D.; Eoin, K.; Murphy, S., 2018:
A cause of recurrent strokes: carotid webs detected by CT angiogram

Parke, E.C.; Calcott, B.; O'Malley, M.A., 2018:
A cautionary note for claims about the microbiome's impact on the "self"

Cencic, R.; Pelletier, J., 2018:
A cautionary note on the use of cap analogue affinity resins

Antiochos, P.; Harbaoui, B.; Muller, O.; Schläpfer, Jürg., 2018:
A cautionary tale of carotid sinus massage for narrow QRS tachycardia

Kannan, S.; Shivakumar, K.G., 2018:
A Cautionary Tale of Hypophysitis - Recognising the "sinister Radiological Pattern"

Heck, D.W., 2018:
A caveat on the Savage-Dickey density ratio: The case of computing Bayes factors for regression parameters

Tang, Y.; He, C.; Imler, G.H.; Parrish, D.A.; Shreeve, J'ne.M., 2018:
A C-C bonded 5,6-fused bicyclic energetic molecule: exploring an advanced energetic compound with improved performance

Roccia, E.; Vidya Shankar, R.; Neji, R.; Cruz, Gão.; Munoz, C.; Botnar, Ré.; Goh, V.; Prieto, C.; Dregely, I., 2018:
Accelerated 3D T 2 mapping with dictionary-based matching for prostate imaging

Pace, J.; Ghinea, N.; Kerridge, I.; Lipworth, W., 2017:
Accelerated Access to Medicines: An Ethical Analysis

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Accelerated accumulation of retinal α-synuclein (pSer129) and tau, neuroinflammation, and autophagic dysregulation in a seeded mouse model of Parkinson's disease

Lin, C.; Zhao, Y.; Zhang, H.; Xie, S.; Li, Y-Fei.; Li, X.; Jiang, Z.; Liu, Z-Pan., 2018:
Accelerated active phase transformation of NiO powered by Pt single atoms for enhanced oxygen evolution reaction

Santhanam, P.; Wilson, S.H.; Oakes, T.R.; Weaver, L.K., 2018:
Accelerated age-related cortical thinning in mild traumatic brain injury

Yang, W.Ho.; Heithoff, D.M.; Aziz, P.V.; Haslund-Gourley, B.; Westman, J.S.; Narisawa, S.; Pinkerton, A.B.; Millán, Jé.Luis.; Nizet, V.; Mahan, M.J.; Marth, J.D., 2018:
Accelerated Aging and Clearance of Host Anti-inflammatory Enzymes by Discrete Pathogens Fuels Sepsis

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Accelerated aging in perinatally HIV-infected children: clinical manifestations and pathogenetic mechanisms

Liu, J.; Li, Y.; Wang, W.; Tan, J.; Liu, C., 2018:
Accelerated and high-quality Fourier ptychographic method using a double truncated Wirtinger criteria

Hamczyk, M.R.; Andrés, V., 2018:
Accelerated atherosclerosis in HGPS

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Accelerated Barocycler Lysis and Extraction Sample Preparation for Clinical Proteomics by Mass Spectrometry

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Accelerated Bioprocess Development of Endopolygalacturonase-Production with Saccharomyces cerevisiae Using Multivariate Prediction in a 48 Mini-Bioreactor Automated Platform

Serre, D.; Salleron, J.; Husson, M.; Leroux, Aès.; Gilson, P.; Merlin, J-Louis.; Geoffrois, L.; Harlé, A., 2018:
Accelerated BRAF mutation analysis using a fully automated PCR platform improves the management of patients with metastatic melanoma

Dutt, S.; Atallah, M.B.; Minamida, Y.; Filatenkov, A.; Jensen, K.P.; Iliopoulou, B.P.; Tamosiuniene, R.; Waters, J.; Engleman, E.G.; Strober, S., 2018:
Accelerated, but not conventional, radiotherapy of murine B-cell lymphoma induces potent T cell-mediated remissions

Hintermayr, V.A.; Polavarapu, L.; Urban, A.S.; Feldmann, J., 2018:
Accelerated Carrier Relaxation through Reduced Coulomb Screening in Two-Dimensional Halide Perovskite Nanoplatelets

Li, P.; Jia, X.; Pan, X.; Shao, Y.; Mei, Y., 2018 :
Accelerated Computation of Free Energy Profile at ab Initio Quantum Mechanical/Molecular Mechanics Accuracy via a Semi-Empirical Reference Potential. I. Weighted Thermodynamics Perturbation

Ghosh, S.; Chatterjee, A.; Bhattacharya, S., 2018:
Accelerated Construction of Kinetic Network Model of Biomolecules Using Steered Molecular Dynamics

Xu, W.; Yu, F.; Yang, L.; Zhang, B.; Hou, B.; Li, Y., 2018:
Accelerated corrosion of 316L stainless steel in simulated body fluids in the presence of H 2 O 2 and albumin

Jang, S-Hwan.; Kim, D.; Park, Y-Lae., 2018:
Accelerated Curing and Enhanced Material Properties of Conductive Polymer Nanocomposites by Joule Heating

Bush, D.S.; Siegel, J.P.; Berenbaum, M.R., 2018:
Accelerated Development and Toxin Tolerance of the Navel Orangeworm Amyelois transitella (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) in the Presence of Aspergillus flavus

Novack, T.A.; Kurowicki, J.; Issa, K.; Pierce, T.P.; Festa, A.; McInerney, V.K.; Scillia, A.J., 2018:
Accelerated Discharge Following Total Knee Arthroplasty May Be Safe in a Teaching Institution

Gao, X.; Colicino, E.; Shen, J.; Just, A.C.; Nwanaji-Enwerem, J.C.; Coull, B.; Lin, X.; Vokonas, P.; Zheng, Y.; Hou, L.; Schwartz, J.; Baccarelli, A.A., 2018:
Accelerated DNA methylation age and the use of antihypertensive medication among older adults

Xiao, F-Hui.; Chen, X-Qiong.; He, Y-Han.; Kong, Q-Peng., 2018:
Accelerated DNA methylation changes in middle-aged men define sexual dimorphism in human lifespans

Bull, S.E.; Seung, D.; Chanez, C.; Mehta, D.; Kuon, J-Elias.; Truernit, E.; Hochmuth, A.; Zurkirchen, I.; Zeeman, S.C.; Gruissem, W.; Vanderschuren, Hé., 2018:
Accelerated ex situ breeding of GBSS - and PTST1 -edited cassava for modified starch

Naresh, N.K.; Haji-Valizadeh, H.; Aouad, P.J.; Barrett, M.J.; Chow, K.; Ragin, A.B.; Collins, J.D.; Carr, J.C.; Lee, D.C.; Kim, D., 2018:
Accelerated, first-pass cardiac perfusion pulse sequence with radial k-space sampling, compressed sensing, and k-space weighted image contrast reconstruction tailored for visual analysis and quantification of myocardial blood flow

Haji-Valizadeh, H.; Collins, J.D.; Aouad, P.J.; Serhal, A.M.; Lindley, M.D.; Pang, J.; Naresh, N.K.; Carr, J.C.; Kim, D., 2018:
Accelerated, free-breathing, noncontrast, electrocardiograph-triggered, thoracic MR angiography with stack-of-stars k-space sampling and GRASP reconstruction

Lee, J.; Park, S.; Hohng, S., 2018:
Accelerated FRET-PAINT microscopy

Yang, C.; Xue, J.; An, N.; Huang, X-Jie.; Wu, Z-Hong.; Ye, L.; Li, Z-Hang.; Wang, S-Jun.; Pan, Q-Jun.; Liang, D.; Liu, H-Feng., 2018:
Accelerated Glomerular Cell Senescence in Experimental Lupus Nephritis

Akbaba, S.; Lang, K.; Held, T.; Bulut, O.Cem.; Mattke, M.; Uhl, M.; Jensen, A.; Plinkert, P.; Rieken, S.; Herfarth, K.; Debus, J.; Adeberg, S., 2018:
Accelerated Hypofractionated Active Raster-Scanned Carbon Ion Radiotherapy (CIRT) for Laryngeal Malignancies: Feasibility and Safety

Hammer, L.; Laufer, M.; Dotan, Z.; Leibowitz-Amit, R.; Berger, R.; Felder, S.; Weiss, I.; Lawrence, Y.Richard.; Symon, Z., 2018:
Accelerated Hypofractionated Radiation Therapy for Elderly Frail Bladder Cancer Patients Unfit for Surgery or Chemotherapy

Karasawa, K.; Hayakawa, S.; Machitori, Y.; Shibata, Y.; Ogawa, H.; Ito, K.; Shimizuguchi, T.; Kawamoto, T.; Nihei, K., 2018:
Accelerated Hypofractionated Radiotherapy Versus Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy for the Treatment of Stage I Nonsmall Cell Lung Cancer-A Single Institution Experience With Long-Term Follow-Up

Arseneau, J-René.; Gautreau, C.; Boston, L.; Goguen, M.L.; Laflamme, M., 2018:
Accelerated ISAV replication detection by cell culture methods combined with time-monitoring RT-qPCR

Kono, N.; Tomita, M.; Arakawa, K., 2018:
Accelerated Laboratory Evolution Reveals the Influence of Replication on the GC Skew in Escherichia coli

Meléndez, G.C.; Jordan, J.H.; D'Agostino, R.B.; Lesnefsky, E.J.; Hundley, W.Gregory., 2018:
Accelerated Left Ventricular Interstitial Collagen Deposition After Receiving Doxorubicin in Hypertension

Song, J-Won.; Hirao, K., 2018:
Accelerated long-range corrected exchange functional using a two-gaussian operator combined with one-parameter progressive correlation functional [LC-BOP(2Gau)

Bratke, G.; Rau, R.; Weiss, K.; Kabbasch, C.; Sircar, K.; Morelli, J.N.; Persigehl, T.; Maintz, D.; Giese, D.; Haneder, S., 2018:
Accelerated MRI of the Lumbar Spine Using Compressed Sensing: Quality and Efficiency

Cernych, M.; Baranauskiene, N.; Vitkauskiene, A.; Satas, A.; Brazaitis, M., 2018:
Accelerated muscle contractility and decreased muscle steadiness following sauna recovery do not induce greater neuromuscular fatigability during sustained submaximal contractions

Wood, M.E.; Griebel, P.; Huizenga, M.L.; Lockwood, S.; Hansen, C.; Potter, A.; Cashman, N.; Mapletoft, J.W.; Napper, S., 2018:
Accelerated onset of chronic wasting disease in elk (Cervus canadensis) vaccinated with a PrP Sc -specific vaccine and housed in a prion contaminated environment

Feng, M.; Jinadatha, C.; McDonald, T.J.; Sharma, V.K., 2018:
Accelerated Oxidation of Organic Contaminants by Ferrate(VI): The Overlooked Role of Reducing Additives

Pohanková, D.; Sirák, I.; Jandík, P.; Kašaova, L.; Grepl, J.; Motyčka, P.; Asqar, A.; Paluska, P.; Ninger, Vír.; Bydžovská, I.; Kopecky, V.; Petera, Jří., 2018:
Accelerated partial breast irradiation with perioperative multicatheter interstitial brachytherapy-A feasibility study

Farrimond, B.; Fleming, J.J.; Mathieu, M., 2017:
Accelerated Pathways Work-Now What? A Survey of Payers in the United States

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Accelerated podocyte detachment early after kidney transplantation is related to long-term allograft loss of function

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Accelerating Cementite Precipitation during the Non-Isothermal Process by Applying Tensile Stress in GCr15 Bearing Steel

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Accelerating Convolutional Neural Networks by Removing Interspatial and Interkernel Redundancies

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Accelerating deep learning with memcomputing

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Accelerating MCMC algorithms

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Accelerating multi-slice spatiotemporally encoded MRI with simultaneous echo refocusing

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Accelerating Photofunctional Molecule Discovery with Artificial Intelligence

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Accelerating Soybean Breeding in a CO2-Supplemented Growth Chamber

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Accelerating the Deployment of Anaerobic Digestion to Meet Zero Waste Goals

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Accelerating the Development of Second-Order False Belief Reasoning: A Training Study With Different Feedback Methods

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Accelerating the estimation of 3D spatially resolved T 2 distributions

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Accelerating the Photocatalytic Degradation of Green Dye Pollutants by Using a New Coating Technique for Carbon Nanotubes with Nanolayered Structures and Nanocomposites

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Acceleration and Speed Performance of Brazilian Elite Soccer Players of Different Age-Categories

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Acceleration of 3D DOSY NMR by Spatial Encoding of the Chemical Shift

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Acceleration of Bone Defect Healing and Regeneration by Low-Intensity Ultrasound Radiation Force in a Rat Tibial Model

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Acceleration of cancer science with genome editing and related technologies

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Acceleration of DNA melting kinetics using alternating electric fields

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Acceleration of Enzymatic Degradation of Poly(ethylene terephthalate) by Surface Coating with Anionic Surfactants

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Acceleration of Fracture Healing in Experimental Model: Platelet-Rich Fibrin or Hyaluronic Acid?

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Acceleration of nano-surface and molecular-orientation limited (nSMOL) proteolysis with acidified reduction pretreatment for quantification of Tocilizumab

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Acceleration of vessel-selective dynamic MR Angiography by pseudocontinuous arterial spin labeling in combination with Acquisition of ConTRol and labEled images in the Same Shot (ACTRESS)

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Acceleration Sensitivity in Bulk-Extensional Mode, Silicon-Based MEMS Oscillators

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Accelerometer based Active Snore Detection for Behavioral Modification

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Accelerometer-Based Assessment of Intestinal Peristalsis: Toward Miniaturized Low-Power Solutions for Intestinal Implants

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Accelerometer-Based Detection of Food Intake in Free-living Individuals

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Accelerometric Trunk Sensors to Detect Changes of Body Positions in Immobile Patients

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Acceptability and Feasibility of a Disease-specific Patient Portal in Adolescents With Sickle Cell Disease

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Acceptability and feasibility of recruitment and data collection in a field study of hospital nurses' handoffs using mobile devices

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Acceptability and Use of Evidence-Based Practices for Firearm Storage in Pediatric Primary Care

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Acceptability, effectiveness and safety of a Renew ® anal insert in patients who have undergone restorative proctocolectomy with ileal pouch-anal anastomosis

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Acceptability of a Dyadic Tai Chi Intervention for Older People Living With Dementia and Their Informal Carers

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Acceptability of a Pilot Intervention of Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision and HIV Education for Street-Connected Youth in Western Kenya

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Acceptability of Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Free-Living Healthy Individuals: Implications for the Use of Wearable Biosensors in Diet and Physical Activity Research

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Acceptability of internet-based interventions for depression in Indonesia

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Acceptability of Mobile Health Technology for Promoting Fluid Consumption in Patients With Nephrolithiasis

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Acceptability of Mobile Phone-Based Nurse-Delivered Counseling Intervention to Improve HIV Treatment Adherence and Self-Care Behaviors Among HIV-Positive Women in India

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Acceptability of Naloxone Dispensing Among Pharmacists

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Acceptability of Patient-Reported Outcome and Experience Measures for Hepatitis C Treatment Among People Who Use Drugs

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Acceptability of Peanut Skins as a Natural Antioxidant in Flavored Coated Peanuts

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Acceptability of pharmacotherapy for hazardous alcohol use among men who have sex with men: Findings from a qualitative study

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Acceptability of potential interventions to increase firearm safety among patients in VA mental health treatment

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Acceptability of prison-based take-home naloxone programmes among a cohort of incarcerated men with a history of regular injecting drug use

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Acceptability of purified fish-protein powder in pre-school and school age children

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Acceptability of the dengue vaccination among parents in urban poor communities of Quezon City, Philippines before and after vaccine suspension

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Acceptability of Violence Against Women Among the Roma Population in Spain

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Acceptability to patients, carers and clinicians of an mHealth platform for the management of Parkinson's disease (PD_Manager): study protocol for a pilot randomised controlled trial

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Acceptable-by-design QSARs to predict the dietary biomagnification of organic chemicals in fish

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Acceptable care or exceptional care; people with intellectual disabilities accessing general hospital services

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Acceptable Limitations on Paramedic Duty to Treat During Disaster: A Qualitative Exploration

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Acceptable Postvoid Residual Urine Volume after Vaginal Delivery and Its Association with Various Obstetric Parameters

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Acceptable quality of life and low disease activity achievable among transition phase patients with rheumatic disease

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Acceptable Success Rate in Patients With Periprosthetic Knee Joint Infection Treated With Debridement, Antibiotics, and Implant Retention

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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Reduces Psychological Stress in Patients With Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

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Acceptance of a new non-invasive fetal monitoring system and attitude for telemedicine approaches in obstetrics: a case-control study

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Acceptance of Cervical Cancer Screening and its Correlates Among Women of a Peri-Urban High-Density Residential Area in Ndola, Zambia

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Acceptance of Donor Eggs, Donor Sperms, or Donor Embryos in Indian Infertile Couples

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Acceptance of pharmaceutical cannabis substitution by cannabis using patients with schizophrenia

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Acceptance of the Chest Pain Unit Certification Process: Current Status in Germany

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Acceptance of Vascularized Composite Allotransplantation (Face and Hand Transplant) in Singapore

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Accepting the avoidable death: The philosophy of limiting intensive care

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Acceptorless Dehydrogenative Coupling Using Ammonia: Direct Synthesis of N-Heteroaromatics from Diols Catalyzed by Ruthenium

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Access and benefit sharing--The perspective of basic research

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Access and closure management of large bore femoral arterial access

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Access and Health System Impact of an Early Intervention Treatment Program for Emerging Adults with Mood and Anxiety Disorders

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Access and utilisation of reproductive, maternal, neonatal and child health services among women who inject drugs in coastal Kenya: Findings from a qualitative study

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Access-Based Services for the Base of the Pyramid

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Access block to psychiatric inpatient admission: Implications for national mental health service planning

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Accessibility and feasibility of using technology to support mindfulness practice, reduce stress and promote long term mental health

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Accessibility from the Cytoplasm Is Critical for ssrA Tag-Mediated Degradation of Integral Membrane Proteins by ClpXP Protease

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Accessibility of the pores in highly porous alumina films synthesized via sequential infiltration synthesis

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Accessibility to and Quality of Human Eye Tissue for Research: A Cross-Sectional Survey of ARVO Members

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Accessibility to Electroconvulsive Therapy in Hungary

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Accessibility to the treatment of hypertension in the family health strategy

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Accessible Diagnostic Methods to Differentiate between Epidermolysis Bullosa Acquisita and Other Subepidermal Autoimmune Bullous Diseases

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Accessible mathematics videos for non-disabled students in primary education

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Accessible Personal Ultrasound Training Simulator

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Accessing 4-oxy-substituted isoquinolinones via C-H activation and regioselective migratory insertion with electronically biased ynol ethers

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Accessing and Recruiting a Community-Based Sample of Men of Mexican Origin to Explore Intimate Partner Violence

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Accessing α-Arylated Nitriles via BF 3 ·OEt 2 Catalyzed Cyanation of para-Quinone Methides Using tert-Butyl Isocyanide as a Cyanide Source

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Accessing Green Spaces Within a Healthcare Setting: A Mixed Studies Review of Barriers and Facilitators

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Accessing health care: Experiences of South Asian ethnic minority women in Hong Kong

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Accessing knowledge of the 'here and now': a new technique for capturing electromagnetic markers of orientation processing

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Accessing the elite figured world of science

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Accessing your Quality Payment Program feedback reports

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Access to assistive technology in two Southern African countries

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Access to Care

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Access to Orthopaedic Care

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Access to PCSK9 Inhibitors

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Access to Specialists and Emergency Department Visits in Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A Population-Based Study

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Access to surgery is not an election priority

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Access to the Medical Home Among Children With and Without Special Health Care Needs

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Access to the talar dome surface with different surgical approaches

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Access to veterinary care for low-income Canadians

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Accidental Arterial Sticks: Signs and Actions

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Accidental external rotation of distal interlock jig in retrograde femoral nailing can lead to more prominent screws

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Accidental hypothermia

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Accidental Ingestion of an Implant Screwdriver: A Case Report and Literature Review

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Accidental ingestion of smokeless tabacco products

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Accidentally catching of the catfish Lophiosilurus alexandri (Steindachner, 1876) larvae in aquariums with different colors

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Accidental Poisoning with Bichromate of Potash

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Accidental similarity

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Accidental Strangulation While Playing with Hammock in a Child

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Accidental vs New Food Allergy Reactions in a Pediatric Emergency Department

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Accident or crime? About the meaning of face injuries inflicted by blunt force

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Accident risk of road and weather conditions on different road types

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Acción Solidaria: propping up HIV treatment in Venezuela

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Acclimation of Arabidopsis thaliana to low temperature protects against damage of photosystem II caused by exposure to UV-B radiation at 9 °C

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Accommodating exogenous variable and decision rule heterogeneity in discrete choice models: Application to bicyclist route choice

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Accommodative esotropia and Brown syndrome in a girl with recessive geleophysic dysplasia

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Accomplishments and challenges

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Accomplishments and challenges in stem cell imaging in vivo

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AC Conductivity and Dielectric Properties of (1- x )(0.94Bi 0.5 Na 0.5 TiO₃-0.06BaTiO₃)- x Ta Lead Free Ceramics

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Accordion operation for the bone transport in treating tibial bone defect

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Accouchement Forcé by Modern Methods, with Special Reference to the Use of Bossi's and Frommer's Dilators, and Dührssen's Incisions of the Cervix

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Accountable Care Organizations and Occupational Therapy

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Account, by Dr George Mossman, of Epileptic Fits Being Arrested by Extending the Jaws, and Keeping the Teeth Asunder

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Accounting embodied economic potential of healthcare waste recycling-a case study from Pakistan

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Accounting for All Costs in the Total Cost of Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-Cell Immunotherapy

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Accounting for attention in sequential sampling models of decision making

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Accounting for Bacterial Overlap Between Raw Water Communities and Contaminating Sources Improves the Accuracy of Signature-Based Microbial Source Tracking

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Accounting for context: Social enterprises and meaningful employment for people with mental illness

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Accounting for effects of system dynamics to improve accuracy of emissions reported in e-cig vaping machines

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Accounting for employee health: The productivity cost of leading health risks

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Accounting for environmental and observer effects in estimating abundance of southern bluefin tuna from aerial survey data

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Accounting for intraspecific diversity when examining relationships between non-native species and functional diversity

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Accounting for residence-time in blood rheology models: do we really need non-Newtonian blood flow modelling in large arteries?

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Accounting for stimulus and participant effects in event-related potential analyses to increase the replicability of studies

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Accounting for the environment as an economic asset: global progress and realizing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

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Accounting for the Occlusion Effect with Insert Earphones

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Accounting for the uncounted: Physical and affective distress in individuals dropping out of oral naltrexone treatment for opioid use disorder

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Accounting for Two Forms of Hypoxia for Predicting Tumour Control Probability in Radiotherapy: An In Silico Study

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Accounting for What Matters to Patients in the G-DRG System: A Stakeholder's Perspective on Integrating Functioning Information

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Account of a Calculus in the Urethra, Formed upon a Brass Ring

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Account of a Case in Which a Child Was Expelled from the Womb after Interment of the Mother

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Account of a Case, in Which a Tumor in the Spermatic Chord Was Complicated with Symptoms so Strongly Resembling Those of Incarcerated Bubonocele, as to Lead to an Operation, by Which the True Nature of the Disease Was Ascertained

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Account of a Case in Which Cæsarean Section Was Performed

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Account of a Case in Which the Anus Was Wanting, Successfully Cured

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Account of a Case in Which the Cæsarean Section Had Been Performed Four Times with Successful Issue in the Same Woman

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Account of a Case in Which the Cæsarean Section Was Performed, with Remarks on the Peculiar Sources of Danger Attendant on the Operation

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Account of a Case in Which Two Fœtuses Were United at the Sternum, with Only One Liver and One Common Heart

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Account of a Case of Choleroid Affection, Produced by the Poison of Muscles

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Account of a Case of Chronic Hydrencephalus, with the Appearances on Dissection, and Observations on Obliteration of the Sutures in These Circumstances

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Account of a Case of Fistula Lachrymalis; with Reflections on the Different Modes of Operating in That Disease

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Account of a Case of Fracture of the Neck of the Femur, in Which a Bony Reunion Had Taken Place within the Capsular Ligament

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Account of a Case of Hermaphrodism

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Account of a Case of Hysteria, in Which Nearly All the Spasmodic Diseases Were Successively and Repeatedly Simulated

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Account of a Case of Obstruction of the Intestinal Canal

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Account of a Case of Poisoning with Corrosive Sublimate

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Account of a Case of Pulmonary Consumption, in Which Nearly the Whole of the Right Lung Was Converted into an Immense Vomica, Attended with Universal Adhesion, and Partial Absorption of the Pleural Sac

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Account of a Case of Suicidal Poisoning by Means of Concentrated Sulphuric Acid

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Account of a Case of Trismatic Tetanus, Produced by the Passage of Large, Rough, and Angular Pieces of Clay from the Intestinal Canal into the Vagina, and Cured by Tobacco Injections

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Account of a Circular Saw, and of a New Form of Bone Nippers

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Account of a Contagious Fever, Which Appeared in the 88th Regiment, in Jersey, in July 1797

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Account of a Cæsarean Operation through the Vagina, Successfully Performed

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Account of a Deception with Respect to Vaccine Inoculation

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Account of a Diseased Testicle, Successfully Removed at an Advanced Stage

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Account of a Few Cases of Beri-Beri Treated in the Glasgow Western Infirmary

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Account of a Fleshy Tumor, for Which the Carotid Artery Was Tied

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Account of a Fresh Supply of Vaccine Virus from the Cow

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Account of a Hernia of the Brain

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Account of a Male Monster with Two Heads

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Account of a Man Who Lives upon Large Quantities of Raw Flesh, in a Letter from Dr. Johnston, Commissioner of Sick and Wounded Seamen, to Dr. Blane

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Account of a Method Employed in Bengal, for the Cure of the Cutaneous Disease, Commonly Known by the Name of Ring-Worms, the Herpes Serpigo of Sauvages, by Means of Cassunda Vinegar

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Account of a Mineral Spring at Dudley, in Worcestershire

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Account of an Abscess of the Liver, Terminating Favorably by Evacuation through the Lungs

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Account of an Epidemic Attack of Indian Cholera of Spontaneous Origin

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Account of an Epidemic of Small-Pox in Jamaica in 1851-2

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Account of a New Poultice

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Account of an Extraordinary Case of Disease in the Stomach; with the Dissection of the Body after Death

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Account of an Extraordinary Cure of a Wound of the Intestines

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Account of an Indian Remedy for the Tape-Worm

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Account of an Individual Who Swallowed a Drachm of Powdered Cantharides

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Account of an Instance of Malformation in Some of the Bones of the Skeleton

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Account of an Instance of Molluscum Chronicum

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Account of an Instance of Occlusion and Obstruction of the Cavity of the Vena Portæ. With Remarks on Its Probable Causes and Its Effects

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Account of Ann Fooks's Case of Ischuria and Vomiting of Urine

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Account of Ann Moor

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Account of an Operation for the Extraction of a Polypus from the Nose

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Account of an Organic Disease of the Heart

Nacquart, M., 1809:
Account of an Organic Injury of the Intestines, Which Produced the Symptoms of Pulmonary Consumption, with the Appearances of the Body on Dissection

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Account of a Peculiar Kind of Leech, Swallowed and Stopped in Different Parts of the Throat

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Account of a Peculiar Pathological Development of Tesselated Epithelium in the Urinary Canaliculi

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Account of a Peculiar Sort of Tumour Observed on the Heads of New-Born Infants

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Account of a Peculiar Structure of the Membrane Lining the Urethra

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Account of a Profitable Method of Obtaining Phosphoric Acid

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Account of a Remarkable Case, in Which a Considerable Part of a Female Body Was Converted into Fatty Matter

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Account of a Remarkable Case of Suicide from the Presence of a Large Iron Key in the Œsophagus, with Remarks

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Account of a Remarkable Hæmorrhagic Disposition, Existing in Many Individuals of the Same Family

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Account of a Singular Calculous Degeneration of the Scrotum, for Which the Whole of That Part Was Successfully Removed

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Account of a Singular Case, in Which a Young Woman Was Cured of Loss of Speech by Burning with Moxa

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Account of a Singular Distribution of the Venous System

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Account of a Singularly Fatal Epidemic among Cats

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Account of a Singular Rheumatic Affection, of an Intermittent Type

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Account of a Species of Cynanche Laryngea, Which Prevailed at Kelso, and Proved Fatal to a Number of the Younger Part of the Community

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Account of a Successful Operation for a Congenital Division of the Velum of the Palate and the Uvula

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Account of Diseases of the Eye, as They Prevail in Some Parts of India; with the Results of the Operations for Their Removal

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Account of Several Cases of Carditis: With Remarks

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Account of Several Cases of Secondary Small-Pox, Which Have Recently Occurred in the Military Hospitals of Edinburgh Castle

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Account of Singular Effects of the Peruvian Bark

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Account of Some Cases and Dissections

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Account of Some Curiosities in Natural History

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Account of Some New Experiments on the Sensibility of the Skin, by Dr Weber, Professor of Anatomy at Leipzig

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Account of Some Trials Made to Facilitate the Removal of Stones from the Urinary Bladder-Extrusion with the Fingers-Landing-Net

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Account of the Benefit Derived from the Use of Arsenic in the Hooping-Cough

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Account of the Benefit Derived from Vaccine Inoculation, in Combating a Singular Disease of the Right Arm

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Account of the Diseases Admitted into the Liverpool Dispensary

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Account of the Diseases of the Sick Landed at Plymouth from Corunna

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Account of the Dissection of a Morbid Body

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Account of the Effects of the Piper Cubeba in Curing Gonorrhœa

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Account of the Effects Produced on the Human Body by the Internal Use of the Nitrous Acid, and of the Benefit Derived from It in the Cure of Diseases

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Account of the Efficacy of Copious Blood-Letting in a Wound of the Lungs, &c

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Account of the Efficacy of Yeast in Typhus Fever

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Account of the Employment of Very Large Quantities of the Ærugo Æris, Exhibited Internally to Horses, with a View to the Cure of Glanders

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Account of the Epidemic Cholera of Kendal

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Account of the Epidemic Cholera of Newburn in January and February 1832

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Account of the Epidemic Dysentery Which Prevailed among the Dutch Troops at the Cape of Good Hope, in 1804 and 1805, &c

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Account of the Epidemic Fever Which Prevailed in Trinidad in 1817

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Account of the Fatal Accident Which Happened in the Leadhills Company's Mines

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Account of the Febrile and Eruptive Epidemics Prevalent in the Island of Jamaica between 1821 and 1832

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Account of the Good Effects, in the Cure of Diseases, Obtained in Bengal, from the Use of the Toon-Tree Bark

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Account of the Intermittent Fever, as It Prevailed among a Native Gang at the Island of Erromanga, One of the New Hebrides Group

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Account of the Medical Effects of Electricity

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Account of the Oc-Kow, a Chinese Remedy for Complaints of the Breast

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Account of the Poisonous Effects of the Decoction of Certain Plants

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Account of the Progress of Asiatic Cholera, as It Appeared on the Confines of Europe and Asia, and Eventually Proceeded to Moscow

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Account of the Progress of the Jennerian Inoculation upon the Continent, Contained in a Letter from Dr. Friese, of Breslaw, to Mr. Ring, of London

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Account of the Rise, Progress, and Treatment, of a Fever in the Neighbourhood of Ipswich

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Account of the Second Watch of the Reputed Fasting-Woman

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Account of the State of the Arteries, in a Case of Double Iliac Aneurism, in Which Both External Iliac Arteries Had Been Secured by Ligature

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Account of the Typhus Fever, and Fatal Epidemic Variola and Varioloid Disease, That Prevailed in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in the Summer of 1827 and Winters of 1827-8

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Account of the Use of an Instrument for Cutting the Cornea, in the Operation of Extracting a Cataract

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Account of Three Cases of Carditis: With Remarks

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Account of Two Cases of Diabetes Mellitus, with Remarks

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Account of Two Cases of Division of the Symphysis Pubis, Performed by Dr. Manchini, of Naples

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Account of Two Cases of Gonorrhœa Relieved by Calomel and Opium

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Account of Two Cases of Phthisis, Attended with Peculiar Circumstances

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Account of Two Cases of Stone in the Bladder, in Which the Operation of Lithotripsy Was Successfully Performed

Henry, 1825:
Account of Two Cases of Tic Douloureux, Cured by the External Use of the Atropa Belladonna

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Account of Unusual Conformations of Some Muscles and Vessels

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Accreditation and Assessment: The Basics for Nuclear Medicine Educators

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Accreditation for Special Operations

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Accumulating Evidence for Dance/Movement Therapy in Cancer Care

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Accuracy Assessment of Semi-Automatic Measuring Techniques Applied to Displacement Control in Self-Balanced Pile Capacity Testing Appliance

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Accuracy Evaluation of Dense Matching Techniques for Casting Part Dimensional Verification

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Accuracy of 0/1-hour algorithm for diagnosis of MI in the elderly: mono-dimensional optimization of troponin cut-offs for individual confounders or precision medicine?

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Accuracy of mucosa supported guided dental implant surgery

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Accuracy of online discussion forums on common childhood ailments

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Accuracy of self-reported heights and weights in a predominately low-income, diverse population living in the USA

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Accuracy of the Demirjian and Willems methods of dental age estimation for children from central southern China

Gorskaya, A.V.; Antosyuk, O.N.; Ermakova, O.S.; Mukhametzyanova, A.S.H.; Kochkina, K.N., 2018:
Accuracy of the First Stage of Hepatotoxicity Testing with the Use of Drosophila melanogaster Test System

Parmar, J.; Gulati, Y.; Vora, M.; Patel, B.; Mohan, C., 2018:
Accuracy of the kissing sign on lumbar spine MRI in cases of axillary disc herniation and the surgical correlation: an Indian multi-center study

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Accuracy of the Liver Imaging Reporting and Data System in Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Image Analysis of Hepatocellular Carcinoma or Overall Malignancy-A Systematic Review

de Moraes, P.; Fagundes, I.; Cardone, J.Moraes.; Gil, B.Chamun.; Kulzer, A.Stefani.Silva.; Hadi, R.Abdel.; Manfro, R.Ceratti.; Jobim, L.Fernando., 2018:
Accuracy of the median channel shift in the flow cytometry for predicting complement dependent cytotoxicity crossmatching in kidney transplant candidates

Puig, I.; López-Cerón, Mía.; Arnau, A.; Rosiñol, Òria.; Cuatrecasas, M.; Herreros-de-Tejada, A.; Ferrández, Ángel.; Serra-Burriel, M.; Nogales, Óscar.; Vida, F.; de Castro, L.; López-Vicente, J.; Vega, P.; Álvarez-González, M.A.; González-Santiago, Jús.; Hernández-Conde, M.; Díez-Redondo, P.; Sánchez, L.Rivero.; Gimeno-García, A.Z.; Burgos, A.; García-Alonso, F.Javier.; Bustamante-Balén, M.; Martínez-Bauer, E.; Peñas, B.; Pellise, M.; Muñoz, G.; Peligros, I.; Tardio Baiges,, 2018:
Accuracy of the Narrow-Band Imaging International Colorectal Endoscopic Classification System in Identification of Deep Invasion in Colorectal Polyps

Jafree, D.J.; Zakrzewska, J.M.; Bhatia, S.; Venda Nova, C., 2018:
Accuracy of the painDETECT screening questionnaire for detection of neuropathic components in hospital-based patients with orofacial pain: a prospective cohort study

Chang, C-Chou.H.; Bryce, C.L.; Shneider, B.L.; Yabes, J.G.; Ren, Y.; Zenarosa, G.L.; Tomko, H.; Donnell, D.M.; Squires, R.H.; Roberts, M.S., 2018:
Accuracy of the Pediatric End-stage Liver Disease Score in Estimating Pretransplant Mortality Among Pediatric Liver Transplant Candidates

Mulongo Mbarambara, P.; Bangwa Bulase, A.; Muhumu Mututa, P.; Kyambikwa Bisangamo, C., 2018:
Accuracy of the rapid diagnostic test for malaria among pregnant women in the Kitutu Health Zone in eastern RD Congo

Støve, M.Pallisgaard.; Haucke, E.; Nymann, M.Lysbeck.; Sigurdsson, T.; Larsen, B.Tine., 2018:
Accuracy of the wearable activity tracker Garmin Forerunner 235 for the assessment of heart rate during rest and activity

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Accuracy of the WHO praziquantel dose pole for large-scale community treatment of urogenital schistosomiasis in northern Mozambique: Is it time for an update?

Zeller, S.; Guichet, D.; Kontogiorgos, E.; Nagy, W.W., 2018:
Accuracy of three digital workflows for implant abutment and crown fabrication using a digital measuring technique

Oh, K.Chul.; Lee, B.; Park, Y-Bum.; Moon, H.Seok., 2018:
Accuracy of Three Digitization Methods for the Dental Arch with Various Tooth Preparation Designs: An In Vitro Study

Park, H-Yeon.; Lee, J-Seo.; Cho, J-Hyoung.; Hwang, H-Shik.; Lee, K-Min., 2018:
Accuracy of three-dimensional cephalograms generated using a biplanar imaging system

Elshebiny, T.; Morcos, S.; Mohammad, A.; Quereshy, F.; Valiathan, M., 2018:
Accuracy of Three-Dimensional Soft Tissue Prediction in Orthognathic Cases Using Dolphin Three-Dimensional Software

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Accuracy of Tissue and Sonication Fluid Sampling for the Diagnosis of Fracture-Related Infection: A Systematic Review and Critical Appraisal

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Accuracy of traditional and formant acoustic measurements in the evaluation of vocal quality

Mugele, H.; Plummer, A.; Baritello, O.; Towe, M.; Brecht, P.; Mayer, F., 2018:
Accuracy of training recommendations based on a treadmill multistage incremental exercise test

Bhalla, A.K.; Khemani, R.G.; Hotz, J.C.; Morzov, R.P.; Newth, C.Jl., 2018:
Accuracy of Transcutaneous Carbon Dioxide Levels in Comparison to Arterial Carbon Dioxide Levels in Critically Ill Children

Koevoets, E.W.; Schmand, B.; Geurtsen, G.J., 2018:
Accuracy of Two Cognitive Screening Tools to Detect Mild Cognitive Impairment in Parkinson's Disease

Rodak, O.; Dzimira, Sław.; Podolak, A.; Płóciennik, Mł.; Niżański, W., 2018 :
Accuracy of ultrasonography and fine-needle aspiration cytology in the diagnosis of prostate diseases in dogs

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Accuracy of ultrasonography-guided fine needle aspiration cytology and significance of non-diagnostic cytology in the preoperative detection of thyroid malignancy

Derian, A.; Amundson, J.; Abi-Aad, K.; Vasquez-Duarte, R.; Johnson-Greene, D., 2018:
Accuracy of ultrasound-guided versus palpation-based carpometacarpal joint injections: A randomized pilot study in cadavers

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Accuracy of urinary symptoms and urine microscopy in diagnosing urinary tract infection in women

Reunthip, S.; Eamudomkarn, C.; Techasen, A.; Wangboon, C.; Sithithaworn, J.; Bethony, J.M.; Itoh, M.; Sithithaworn, P., 2018:
Accuracy of Urine and Serum Assays for the Diagnosis of Strongyloidiasis by Three Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay Protocols

Huang, H-Ming.; Jan, M-Ling., 2018:
Accuracy of using high-energy prompt gamma to verify proton beam range with a Compton camera: A Monte Carlo simulation study

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Accuracy of Valproic Acid Concentration Correction Based on Serum Albumin

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Accuracy of Visual Assessment of Dopamine Transporter Imaging in Early Parkinsonism

Gray, M.F.; Nilsson, M., 2018:
Accuracy, Repeatability, and Limitations for Determination of Chemical Activities from Vapor Pressure Osmometry

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Accuracy, Safety, and Reliability of Novel Phase I Designs-Letter

Hartman, J.D.; Beran, G.J.O., 2018:
Accurate 13-C and 15-N molecular crystal chemical shielding tensors from fragment-based electronic structure theory

Tang, F.Hay.; Chan, J.L.C.; Chan, B.K.L., 2018:
Accurate Age Determination for Adolescents Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Hand and Wrist with an Artificial Neural Network-Based Approach

Togninalli, M.; Roqueiro, D.; Borgwardt, K.M., 2018:
Accurate and adaptive imputation of summary statistics in mixed-ethnicity cohorts

Liu, X.; Peng, L.; Zhang, J.Z.H., 2018:
Accurate and Efficient Calculation of Protein-Protein Binding Free Energy-Interaction Entropy with Residue Type-Specific Dielectric Constants

Wu, H.; Luijten, E., 2018:
Accurate and efficient numerical simulation of dielectrically anisotropic particles

Boyle, J.J.; Soepriatna, A.; Damen, F.; Rowe, R.A.; Pless, R.B.; Kovacs, A.; Goergen, C.J.; Thomopoulos, S.; Genin, G.M., 2018:
Regularization-Free Strain Mapping in Three Dimensions, With Application to Cardiac Ultrasound

McKechnie, W.S.; Tugcu, N.; Kandula, S., 2018:
Accurate and Rapid Protein Concentration Measurement of In-Process, High Concentration Protein Pools

Keung, E.Z.; Roland, C.L., 2018:
Accurate and Reproducible Diagnosis of Canine Soft Tissue Sarcoma Using Mass Spectrometry: A Step in the Right Direction

Arai, H.; Kawakubo, M.; Sanui, K.; Nishimura, H.; Kadokami, T., 2018:
Accurate and robust systolic myocardial T 1 mapping using saturation recovery with individualized delay time: comparison with diastolic T 1 mapping

Malmberg, E.Delsing.; Rehammar, A.; Pereira, M.B.; Abrahamsson, J.; Samuelsson, T.; Ståhlman, S.; Asp, J.; Tierens, A.; Palmqvist, L.; Kristiansson, E.; Fogelstrand, L., 2018:
Accurate and Sensitive Analysis of Minimal Residual Disease in Acute Myeloid Leukemia Using Deep Sequencing of Single Nucleotide Variations

Unutkan, Tğçe.; Koyuncu, İkbal.; Diker, C.; Fırat, M.; Büyükpınar, Çağdaş.; Bakırdere, S., 2018:
Accurate and Sensitive Analytical Strategy for the Determination of Antimony: Hydrogen Assisted T-Shaped Slotted Quartz Tube-Atom Trap-Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry

Öztürk Er, E.; Özbek, B.; Bakırdere, S., 2018:
Accurate and sensitive determination of sildenafil, tadalafil, vardenafil, and avanafil in illicit erectile dysfunction medications and human urine by LC with quadrupole-TOF-MS/MS and their behaviors in simulated gastric conditions

Li, J.; Lu, N.; Tao, Y.; Duan, M.; Qiao, Y.; Xu, Y.; Ge, Q.; Bi, C.; Fu, J.; Tu, J.; Lu, Z., 2018:
Accurate and sensitive single-cell-level detection of copy number variations by micro-channel multiple displacement amplification (μcMDA)

Spinelli, M.G., 2018:
Accurate Assessment of Risk of Major Malformations in Infants With First-Trimester Exposure to Quetiapine

Zhu, S.; Niu, Z.; Xue, Q.; Wang, H.; Xie, X.; Ding, X., 2018:
Accurate authentication of Dendrobium officinale and its closely related species by comparative analysis of complete plastomes

Vongpatanasin, W., 2018:
Accurate Blood Pressure in the Office

Aldeghi, M.; de Groot, B.L.; Gapsys, V., 2018 :
Accurate Calculation of Free Energy Changes upon Amino Acid Mutation

Baranowska-Łączkowska, A.; Fernández, B., 2018:
Accurate calculation of optically induced birefringences in chiral systems using efficient polarized basis sets

Chen, W.; Deng, Y.; Russell, E.; Wu, Y.; Abel, R.; Wang, L., 2018:
Accurate Calculation of Relative Binding Free Energies between Ligands with Different Net Charges

Li, J-Lun.; Cong, S-Lin., 2018:
Accurate calculations of weakly bound state energy and scattering length near magnetically tuned Feshbach resonance using the separable potential method

Zhang, Y.; Liu, T.; Huang, Y.; Teng, D.; Bian, Y.; Wu, Y.; Rivenson, Y.; Feizi, A.; Ozcan, A., 2018:
Accurate color imaging of pathology slides using holography and absorbance spectrum estimation of histochemical stains

Allali, N.; Urbanova, V.; Etienne, M.; Devaux, X.; Mallet, M.; Vigolo, B.; Adjizian, J-Joseph.; Ewels, C.P.; Oberg, S.; Soldatov, A.V.; McRae, E.; Fort, Y.; Dossot, M.; Mamane, V., 2018:
Accurate control of the covalent functionalization of single-walled carbon nanotubes for the electro-enzymatically controlled oxidation of biomolecules

Li, K.; Wang, X-Rui.; Guo, B-Tao.; Zhang, W-Guo.; Yuan, H.; Wu, X-Xiong.; Zhao, C., 2018:
Accurate deduction of infrared imaging features of subpixel targets based on the conversion of radiation fields of measured area targets

Grant, G.D.; Kedziora, K.M.; Limas, J.C.; Cook, J.Gowen.; Purvis, J.E., 2018:
Accurate delineation of cell cycle phase transitions in living cells with PIP-FUCCI

Hartl, Fšek.; Bakker, M.J.; Santos, V.F.; Costa, P.J.; Calhorda, M.José., 2018:
Accurate Description of Low-Lying Excited States in a Series of Photoreactive Clusters [Os 3 (CO) 10 (α-diimine)] by DFT Calculations

Pan, W.; Lonardi, S., 2018:
Accurate Detection of Chimeric Contigs via Bionano Optical Maps

Yomo, S.; Tsutsumi, K.; Yako, T.; Sato, H.; Hashimoto, T.; Oguchi, K., 2018:
Accurate Detection of Tumor Infiltration by 11 C-Methionine Positron Emission Tomography in a Patient with Central Nervous System Intravascular Lymphoma: A Case Report

Chourashiya, M.; Sharma, R.; Andersen, S.Ma., 2018:
Accurate Determination of Catalyst Loading on Glassy Carbon Disk and Its Impact on Thin Film Rotating Disk Electrode for Oxygen Reduction Reaction

Quast, R.Benjamin.; Fatemi, F.; Kranendonk, M.; Margeat, E.; Truan, G., 2018:
Accurate Determination of Human CPR Conformational Equilibrium by smFRET using Dual Orthogonal Non-Canonical Amino Acid Labeling

Han, M.; Zhao, G.; Zhu, Y., 2018:
Accurate determination of low-symmetry Bravais unit cells by EBSD

Yan, N.; Chai, X-Sheng., 2018:
Accurate determination of melting Point of industrial grade alkyl ketene dimer wax by a simple and automated headspace gas chromatographic technique

Wakelin, E.A.; Tran, L.; Twiggs, J.G.; Theodore, W.; Roe, J.P.; Solomon, M.I.; Fritsch, B.A.; Miles, B.P., 2018:
Accurate determination of post-operative 3D component positioning in total knee arthroplasty: the AURORA protocol

Sagredo, F.; Burke, K., 2018:
Accurate double excitations from ensemble density functional calculations

Xu, C.; Ai, D.; Suo, S.; Chen, X.; Yan, Y.; Cao, Y.; Sun, N.; Chen, W.; McDermott, J.; Zhang, S.; Zeng, Y.; Han, J-Dong.Jackie., 2018:
Accurate Drug Repositioning through Non-tissue-Specific Core Signatures from Cancer Transcriptomes

Tang, R.; Fu, X.; Ning, C., 2018:
Accurate electron affinity of Ti and fine structures of its anions

Sun, B.; Zhou, L.; Xiao, W.; Zhao, X.; Zhang, W.; Li, W., 2018:
Accurate empathy of romantic partners increases pain ratings but promotes recovery

Zhang, Q.; Shi, Y.; Zhou, H.; Gregori, G.; Chu, Z.; Zheng, F.; Motulsky, E.H.; de Sisternes, L.; Durbin, M.; Rosenfeld, P.J.; Wang, R.K., 2018:
Accurate estimation of choriocapillaris flow deficits beyond normal intercapillary spacing with swept source OCT angiography

Asai, M.; Zhao, D.; Kumar, S.K., 2018:
Accurate estimation of the polymer coverage of hairy nanoparticles

Li, X.; Wang, X.; Chen, M., 2018:
Accurate extraction of outermost biological characteristic curves in tooth preparations with fuzzy regions

Yang, X.; Niu, X.; Liu, Z.; Zhao, Y.; Zhang, G.; Liang, W.; Li, W.Jung., 2017:
Accurate Extraction of the Self-Rotational Speed for Cells in an Electrokinetics Force Field by an Image Matching Algorithm

Schneider, M.; Janas, G.; Lugauer, F.; Hoppe, E.; Nickel, D.; Dale, B.M.; Kiefer, B.; Maier, A.; Bashir, M.R., 2018:
Accurate fatty acid composition estimation of adipose tissue in the abdomen based on bipolar multi-echo MRI

Jun, S.; Park, J.Gu.; Seo, Y., 2018:
Accurate FDG PET tumor segmentation using the peritumoral halo layer method: a study in patients with esophageal squamous cell carcinoma

Kovacs, J.A.; Galkin, V.E.; Wriggers, W., 2018:
Accurate flexible refinement of atomic models against medium-resolution cryo-EM maps using damped dynamics

Requist, R.; Gross, E.K.U., 2018:
Accurate Formula for the Macroscopic Polarization of Strongly Correlated Materials

Hace, Aš.; Čurkovič, M., 2018:
Accurate FPGA-Based Velocity Measurement with an Incremental Encoder by a Fast Generalized Divisionless MT-Type Algorithm

Kim, H.; Leconte, N.; Chittari, B.L.; Watanabe, K.; Taniguchi, T.; MacDonald, A.H.; Jung, J.; Jung, S., 2018:
Accurate Gap Determination in Monolayer and Bilayer Graphene/ h-BN Moiré Superlattices

Zhang, I.Ying.; Wu, J.; Xu, X., 2018:
Accurate heats of formation of polycyclic saturated hydrocarbons predicted by using the XYG3 type of doubly hybrid functionals

Baran, J.; Chen, Z.; Sforazzini, F.; Ferris, N.; Jamadar, S.; Schmitt, B.; Faul, D.; Shah, N.Jon.; Cholewa, M.; Egan, G.F., 2018:
Accurate hybrid template-based and MR-based attenuation correction using UTE images for simultaneous PET/MR brain imaging applications

Lawrence, A.L.; Batovska, J.; Webb, C.E.; Lynch, S.E.; Blacket, M.J.; Šlapeta, J.; Parola, P.; Laroche, M., 2018:
Accurate identification of Australian mosquitoes using protein profiling

Doktorova, M.; Weinstein, H., 2018:
Accurate In Silico Modeling of Asymmetric Bilayers Based on Biophysical Principles

Li, M.; Zhao, Y.; Zhang, P., 2018:
Accurate iterative FBP reconstruction method for material decomposition of dual energy CT

Chung, M.; Lee, J.; Chung, J.Wook.; Shin, Y-Gil., 2018:
Accurate liver vessel segmentation via active contour model with dense vessel candidates

Tovaruela-Carrión, N.; Becerro-de-Bengoa-Vallejo, R.; Losa-Iglesias, M.Elena.; Palomo-López, P.; Munuera-Martínez, P.Vicente.; Pérez-García, S.; López-López, D., 2018:
Accurately Determining Proper Shoe Size in Patients With Rheumatoid Arthritis

Bhowmik-Stoker, M.; Scholl, L.; Khlopas, A.; Sultan, A.A.; Sodhi, N.; Moskal, J.T.; Mont, M.A.; Teeny, S.M., 2018:
Accurately Predicting Total Knee Component Size without Preoperative Radiographs

Biggins, J.D.; Thompson, J.E.; Birkhead, T.R., 2018:
Accurately quantifying the shape of birds' eggs

Khoong, E.C.; Cherian, R.; Rivadeneira, N.A.; Gourley, G.; Yazdany, J.; Amarnath, A.; Schillinger, D.; Sarkar, U., 2018:
Accurate Measurement In California's Safety-Net Health Systems Has Gaps And Barriers

Ceponis, J.; Swerdloff, R.; Leung, A.; Hull, L.; Bai, F.; Longstreth, J.; Dudley, R.; Danoff, T.; Wang, C., 2018:
Accurate measurement of androgen after androgen esters: problems created by ex vivo esterase effects and LC-MS/MS interference

Anada, S.; Yamamoto, K.; Sasaki, H.; Shibata, N.; Matsumoto, M.; Hori, Y.; Kinugawa, K.; Imamura, A.; Hirayama, T., 2018:
Accurate measurement of electric potentials in biased GaAs compound semiconductors by phase-shifting electron holography

Löfgren, L.; Pehrsson, S.; Hägglund, G.; Tjellström, H.; Nylander, S., 2018:
Accurate measurement of endogenous adenosine in human blood

Gasparyan, H.; Mariner, D.; Wright, C.; Nicol, J.; Murphy, J.; Liu, C.; Proctor, C., 2018:
Accurate measurement of main aerosol constituents from heated tobacco products (HTPs): Implications for a fundamentally different aerosol

Zhang, L.; Chen, C.; Mow, W.Ho., 2018:
Accurate Modelling and Efficient Estimation of the Print-Capture Channel with Application in Barcoding

Dupont, A-Laurence.; Réau, D.; Bégin, P.; Paris-Lacombe, S.; Tétreault, J.; Mortha, Gérard., 2018:
Accurate molar masses of cellulose for the determination of degradation rates in complex paper samples

Li, X.; Chen, H.; Liu, F.; Chen, Y.; Zhang, H.; Wang, Z., 2018:
Accurate Monitoring of Renal Injury State through in Vivo Magnetic Resonance Imaging with Ferric Coordination Polymer Nanodots

Daoud, M.I.; Shtaiyat, A.; Zayadeen, A.R.; Alazrai, R., 2018:
Accurate Needle Localization Using Two-Dimensional Power Doppler and B-Mode Ultrasound Image Analyses: A Feasibility Study

Lacombe-Barrios, J.; Gómez, F.; Perez, N.; Barrionuevo, E.; Doña, I.; Fernández Tahia, D.; Mayorga, C.; Torres, M.J.; Moreno, E.; Gador, B.; Salas, M., 2018:
Accurate of the diagnosis of allergy reactions at the Emergency Department

Chen, G.; Han, Q.; Liu, H.; Zhang, H.; Jiang, Z.; Feng, N.; Chang, F., 2018:
Accurate Osteotomy for the Treatment of a Rare Case of Postaxial Polydactyly of the Foot That Originated From a Deformed Calcaneus Using a 3D-Printed Guiding Plate

Zhang, L.; Gao, S.; Meng, Q.; Pan, J.; Song, Y., 2018:
Accurate potential energy surface of H 2 S + ( X 2 A ″) via extrapolation to the complete basis set limit and its use in dynamics study of S + ( D 2 ) + H 2 ( X</mml:m

Lozano-Berges, G.; Matute-Llorente, Ángel.; Gómez-Bruton, A.; González-Agüero, A.; Vicente-Rodríguez, Gán.; Casajús, Jé.A., 2018:
Accurate Prediction Equation to Assess Body Fat in Male and Female Adolescent Football Players

Van Steenkiste, T.; Ruyssinck, J.; De Baets, L.; Decruyenaere, J.; De Turck, F.; Ongenae, F.; Dhaene, T., 2018:
Accurate prediction of blood culture outcome in the intensive care unit using long short-term memory neural networks

Huang, J.; Li, Z.; Liang, W.; Chen, B.; Hu, J.; Yang, W., 2018:
Accurate Prediction of Initial Busulfan Exposure Using a Test Dose With 2- and 6-Hour Blood Sampling in Adult Patients Receiving a Twice-Daily Intravenous Busulfan-Based Conditioning Regimen

Zhan, Z-Hui.; You, Z-Hong.; Li, L-Ping.; Zhou, Y.; Yi, H-Cheng., 2018:
Accurate Prediction of ncRNA-Protein Interactions From the Integration of Sequence and Evolutionary Information

Wang, K.; Sun, M.; Cui, D.; Shen, T.; Wu, A.; Xu, X., 2018:
Accurate prediction of nuclear magnetic resonance shielding constants: An extension of the focal-point analysis method for magnetic parameter calculations (FPA-M) with improved efficiency

Deng, L.; Wang, J.; Xiao, Y.; Wang, Z.; Liu, H., 2018:
Accurate prediction of protein-lncRNA interactions by diffusion and HeteSim features across heterogeneous network

Hao, H.; Shee, J.; Upadhyay, S.; Ataca, C.; Jordan, K.D.; Rubenstein, B.M., 2018:
Accurate Predictions of Electron Binding Energies of Dipole-Bound Anions via Quantum Monte Carlo Methods

Pont, J.; Souvignet, A.; Campos, L.; Plesa, A.; Bulabois, Bénédicte.; Pernollet, M.; Raskovalova, T.; Dumestre-Perard, C.; Cesbron, J-Yves.; Jacob, M-Christine., 2018:
Accurate quantification of fourteen normal bone marrow cell subsets in infants to the elderly by flow cytometry

Lv, Y.; Fu, J.; Jia, Q.; Che, D.; Lin, Y.; Han, S.; He, L., 2018:
Accurate quantification of β-hexosaminidase released from laboratory of allergic diseases 2 cells via liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry method

Lee, H.Hee.L.; Heo, C.Eun.; Seo, N.; Yun, S.Gyu.; An, H.Joo.; Kim, H.I., 2018:
Accurate Quantification of N-Glycolylneuraminic Acid in Therapeutic Proteins Using Supramolecular Mass Spectrometry

Zelba, H.; Bochem, J.; Pawelec, G.; Garbe, C.; Wistuba-Hamprecht, K.; Weide, B., 2018:
Accurate quantification of T-cells expressing PD-1 in patients on anti-PD-1 immunotherapy

Zimmer, C.; Leuba, S.I.; Cohen, T.; Yaesoubi, R., 2018:
Accurate quantification of uncertainty in epidemic parameter estimates and predictions using stochastic compartmental models

Murakami, T.; Frankcombe, T.J., 2018:
Accurate quantum molecular dynamics for multidimensional systems by the basis expansion leaping multi-configuration Gaussian (BEL MCG) method

Iqbal, Z.; Luo, D.; Henry, P.; Kazemifar, S.; Rozario, T.; Yan, Y.; Westover, K.; Lu, W.; Nguyen, D.; Long, T.; Wang, J.; Choy, H.; Jiang, S., 2018:
Accurate real time localization tracking in a clinical environment using Bluetooth Low Energy and deep learning

Qiao, K.; Zhang, C.; Wang, L.; Chen, J.; Zeng, L.; Tong, L.; Yan, B., 2018:
Accurate Reconstruction of Image Stimuli From Human Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Based on the Decoding Model With Capsule Network Architecture

Palmqvist, S.; Insel, P.S.; Zetterberg, H.; Blennow, K.; Brix, B.; Stomrud, E.; Mattsson, N.; Hansson, O., 2018:
Accurate risk estimation of β-amyloid positivity to identify prodromal Alzheimer's disease: Cross-validation study of practical algorithms

Doménech, Jé.L.; Schlemmer, S.; Asvany, O., 2018:
Accurate Rotational Rest Frequencies for Ammonium Ion Isotopologues

Si, H.W.; Wang, B.; Dong, J.W.; Wang, L.J., 2018:
Accurate self-calibrated fiber transfer delay measurement

Hanson, J.; Paliwal, K.; Zhou, Y., 2018:
Accurate Single-Sequence Prediction of Protein Intrinsic Disorder by an Ensemble of Deep Recurrent and Convolutional Architectures

Yue, H.; Yu, Y.; Chen, W.; Wu, X., 2018:
Accurate three dimensional body scanning system based on structured light

Hedges, S.Blair.; Tao, Q.; Walker, M.; Kumar, S., 2018:
Accurate timetrees require accurate calibrations

Holmstrom, E.D.; Holla, A.; Zheng, W.; Nettels, D.; Best, R.B.; Schuler, B., 2018:
Accurate Transfer Efficiencies, Distance Distributions, and Ensembles of Unfolded and Intrinsically Disordered Proteins From Single-Molecule FRET

Huang, H.; Deng, J.; Lan, Y.; Yang, A.; Deng, X.; Wen, S.; Zhang, H.; Zhang, Y., 2018:
Accurate Weed Mapping and Prescription Map Generation Based on Fully Convolutional Networks Using UAV Imagery

Cui, C.; Su, M.; Lin, Y.; Lai, L., 2018:
A CD300c-Fc Fusion Protein Inhibits T Cell Immunity

Gvozdev, D.A.; Maksimov, E.G.; Strakhovskaya, M.G.; Moysenovich, A.M.; Ramonova, A.A.; Moisenovich, M.M.; Goryachev, S.N.; Paschenko, V.Z.; Rubin, A.B., 2018:
A CdSe/ZnS quantum dot-based platform for the delivery of aluminum phthalocyanines to bacterial cells

Soler, M.Jose.; Batlle, M.; Riera, M.; Campos, Bña.; Ortiz-Perez, Jé.Tomás.; Anguiano, L.; Roca-Ho, H.; Farrero, M.; Mont, L.; Pascual, J.; Perez-Villa, F., 2018:
ACE2 and ACE in acute and chronic rejection after human heart transplantation

Zhang, M.; Gao, Y.; Yu, G.; Zhao, W.; Jin, F., 2018:
ACE-2/ANG1-7 ameliorates ER stress-induced apoptosis in seawater aspiration-induced acute lung injury

Alenina, N.; Bader, M., 2018:
ACE2 in Brain Physiology and Pathophysiology: Evidence from Transgenic Animal Models

Liu, C.; Li, Y.; Guan, T.; Lai, Y.; Shen, Y.; Zeyaweiding, A.; Zhao, H.; Li, F.; Maimaiti, T., 2018:
ACE2 polymorphisms associated with cardiovascular risk in Uygurs with type 2 diabetes mellitus

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