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Effects of the T-type calcium channel antagonist Z944 on paired associates learning and locomotor activity in rats treated with the NMDA receptor antagonist MK-801

Roebuck, A.J.; Marks, W.N.; Liu, M.C.; Tahir, N.B.; Zabder, N.K.; Snutch, T.P.; Howland, J.G.

Psychopharmacology 235(11): 3339-3350


ISSN/ISBN: 1432-2072
PMID: 30251162
DOI: 10.1007/s00213-018-5040-3
Accession: 065769260

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Currently available antipsychotics are unsatisfactory given their side effects and limited efficacy for the cognitive symptoms of schizophrenia. Many currently available drugs, such as haloperidol, are T-type calcium channel antagonists in addition to their well-established antagonism of dopamine D2 receptors. Thus, preclinical research into the effects of T-type calcium channel antagonists/blockers in behavioral assays related to schizophrenia may inform novel therapeutic strategies. We explored the effects of a recently developed highly selective T-type calcium channel antagonist, Z944 (2.5, 5.0, 10.0 mg/kg), on the MK-801 (0.15 mg/kg) model of acute psychosis. To examine the effects of Z944 on behaviors relevant to schizophrenia, we tested touchscreen-based paired associates learning given its relevance to the cognitive symptoms of the disorder and locomotor activity given its relevance to the positive symptoms. Acute treatment with Z944 failed to reverse the visuospatial associative memory impairments caused by MK-801 in paired associates learning. The highest dose of drug (10.0 mg/kg) given alone produced subtle impairments on paired associates learning. In contrast, Z944 (5.0 mg/kg) blocked the expected increase in locomotion following MK-801 treatment in a locomotor assay. These experiments provide support that Z944 may reduce behaviors relevant to positive symptoms of schizophrenia, although additional study of its effects on cognition is required. These findings and other research suggest T-type calcium channel antagonists may be an alternative to currently available antipsychotics with less serious side effects.

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