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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 65791

Chapter 65791 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Kraay, A.N.M.; Hayashi, M.A.L.; Hernandez-Ceron, N.; Spicknall, I.H.; Eisenberg, M.C.; Meza, R.; Eisenberg, J.N.S., 2018:
Fomite-mediated transmission as a sufficient pathway: a comparative analysis across three viral pathogens

He, Y.; He, H.; Liu, D.; Long, Y.; Su, L.; Cheng, W., 2018:
Fondaparinux in a critically Ill patient with heparin-induced thrombocytopenia: A case report

Baline, K.; Hali, F., 2018:
Fonsecaea pedrosoi-induced chromoblastomycosis: about a case

Schumacher, K.R.; SunkyungYu; Butts, R.; Castleberry, C.; Chen, S.; Edens, E.; Godown, J.; Johnson, J.; Kemna, M.; Lin, K.; Lowery, R.; Simpson, K.; West, S.; Wilmot, I.; Gossett, J.G., 2018:
Fontan-associated protein-losing enteropathy and post‒heart transplant outcomes: A multicenter study

Abdul, T.Y.; Schneider, A.E.; Cetta, F.; Driscoll, D.J., 2018:
Fontan Failure Secondary to Charcot-Marie-Tooth-Induced Phrenic Neuropathy

Steward, T.; Mestre-Bach, G.; Vintró-Alcaraz, C.; Lozano-Madrid, Mía.; Agüera, Z.; Fernández-Formoso, Jé.A.; Granero, R.; Jiménez-Murcia, S.; Vilarrasa, N.; García-Ruiz-de-Gordejuela, A.; Veciana de Las Heras, M.; Custal, N.; Virgili, N.; López-Urdiales, R.; Gearhardt, A.N.; Menchón, Jé.M.; Soriano-Mas, C.; Fernández-Aranda, F., 2018:
Food addiction and impaired executive functions in women with obesity

Guerrero Pérez, F.; Sánchez-González, Jéssica.; Sánchez, I.; Jiménez-Murcia, S.; Granero, R.; Simó-Servat, A.; Ruiz, A.; Virgili, N.; López-Urdiales, R.; Montserrat-Gil de Bernabe, Mónica.; Garrido, P.; Monseny, R.; García-Ruiz-de-Gordejuela, A.; Pujol-Gebelli, J.; Monasterio, C.; Salord, N.; Gearhardt, A.N.; Carlson, L.; Menchón, Jé.M.; Vilarrasa, N.; Fernández-Aranda, F., 2018:
Food addiction and preoperative weight loss achievement in patients seeking bariatric surgery

Fernandez-Aranda, F.; Karwautz, A.; Treasure, J., 2018:
Food addiction: A transdiagnostic construct of increasing interest

Guzzardi, M.Angela.; Garelli, S.; Agostini, A.; Filidei, E.; Fanelli, F.; Giorgetti, A.; Mezzullo, M.; Fucci, S.; Mazza, R.; Vicennati, V.; Iozzo, P.; Pagotto, U., 2018:
Food addiction distinguishes an overweight phenotype that can be reversed by low calorie diet

Borisenkov, M.F.; Tserne, T.A.; Bakutova, L.A., 2018:
Food addiction in Russian adolescents: Associations with age, sex, weight, and depression

Contreras-Rodriguez, O.; Burrows, T.; Pursey, K.M.; Stanwell, P.; Parkes, L.; Soriano-Mas, C.; Verdejo-Garcia, A., 2018:
Food addiction linked to changes in ventral striatum functional connectivity between fasting and satiety

Mechcatie, E.; Rosenberg, K., 2018:
Food Additives Pose Health Risks

Rial, M.J.; Sastre, J., 2018:
Food Allergies Caused by Allergenic Lipid Transfer Proteins: What Is behind the Geographic Restriction?

Willits, E.K.; Park, M.A.; Hartz, M.F.; Schleck, C.D.; Weaver, A.L.; Joshi, A.Y., 2018:
Food Allergy: A Comprehensive Population-Based Cohort Study

Dinakar, C.; Warady, B., 2016:
Food Allergy Care: "It Takes a Team"

Hidese, S.; Nogawa, S.; Saito, K.; Kunugi, H., 2018:
Food allergy is associated with depression and psychological distress: A web-based study in 11,876 Japanese

Cabrera-Chávez, F.; Rodríguez-Bellegarrigue, C.Ivonne.; Figueroa-Salcido, O.Gerardo.; Lopez-Gallardo, Jús.Aristeo.; Arámburo-Gálvez, Jús.Gilberto.; Vergara-Jiménez, M.de.Jesús.; Castro-Acosta, Mónica.Lizzette.; Sotelo-Cruz, N.; Gracia-Valenzuela, M.Hilda.; Ontiveros, Né., 2018:
Food Allergy Prevalence in Salvadoran Schoolchildren Estimated by Parent-Report

Zurcher, K.A.; Doctor, L.Jo.; Imig, G.L., 2018:
Food & Fitness: Lessons Learned for Funders

Choquette, E.M.; Ordaz, D.Luis.; Melioli, T.; Delage, B.; Chabrol, H.; Rodgers, R.; Thompson, J.Kevin., 2018:
Food and Alcohol Disturbance (FAD) in the U.S. and France: Nationality and gender effects and relations to drive for thinness and alcohol use

Vieux, F.; Privet, L.; Masset, G., 2018:
Food- and diet-based validations of a Nestlé Nutrient Profiling System for reformulation in two nationally representative surveys

Epstein, M., 2018:
Food and Drug Administration guidances on biosimilars: an update for the gastroenterologist

Tabor, E., 2015:
Food and Drug Administration Requirements for Clinical Studies in Pediatric Patients

Yang, Y.Tony.; Zettler, P.J., 2018:
Food and Drug Administration's regulatory shift on direct-to-consumer genetic tests for cancer risk

Kong, K.Ling.; Epstein, L.H.; Phillips, J.K.; Carr, K.A.; Paluch, R.A.; Gerard, K.S., 2018:
Food and non-food reinforcement among pregnant women

de Jager, I.; Giller, K.E.; Brouwer, I.D., 2018:
Food and nutrient gaps in rural Northern Ghana: Does production of smallholder farming households support adoption of food-based dietary guidelines?

Blumberg, R.; Feldman, C.; Murray, D.; Burnes, N.; Murawski, D., 2018:
Food and Nutrition Care in Long-Term Care Facilities: Examining the Perspectives of Frontline Workers

Mézière, A., 2018:
Food and nutrition liaison committees in healthcare facilities

Salmony, S.Earl., 2004:
Food and population growth

Goltstein, P.M.; Reinert, S.; Glas, A.; Bonhoeffer, T.; Hübener, M., 2018:
Food and water restriction lead to differential learning behaviors in a head-fixed two-choice visual discrimination task for mice

Horn, N.; Bhunia, A.K., 2018:
Food-Associated Stress Primes Foodborne Pathogens for the Gastrointestinal Phase of Infection

Creydt, M.; Hudzik, D.; Rurik, M.; Kohlbacher, O.; Fischer, M., 2018:
Food Authentication: Small Molecule Profiling as a Tool for the Geographic Discrimination of German White Asparagus

Nakajima, S., 2018:
Food aversion learning based on voluntary running in non-deprived rats: a technique for establishing aversive conditioning with minimized discomfort

Yung, T.K.C.; Kim, J.H.; Leung, S-Fai.; Yeung, R.M.W.; Poon, A.N.Y.; Au, E.W.C.; Lau, J.T.F., 2018:
Food Avoidance Beliefs and Behaviors Among Chinese Cancer Patients: Validation of a New Measurement Tool

Gilbert, C.; Morfitt, H., 2018:
Foodbanks: their use and how to access one

Aldakhil, A.Mohammed.; Nassani, A.A.; Abro, M.Moinuddin.Qazi.; Zaman, K., 2018 :
Food-beverage-tobacco consumption, smoking prevalence, and high-technology exports influenced healthcare sustainability agenda across the globe

Bantawa, K.; Rai, K.; Subba Limbu, D.; Khanal, H., 2018:
Food-borne bacterial pathogens in marketed raw meat of Dharan, eastern Nepal

Dziedzinska, R.; Vasickova, P.; Hrdy, J.; Slany, M.; Babak, V.; Moravkova, M., 2018:
Foodborne Bacterial, Viral, and Protozoan Pathogens in Field and Market Strawberries and Environment of Strawberry Farms

Scalfaro, C.; Auricchio, B.; De Medici, D.; Anniballi, F., 2018:
Foodborne botulism: an evolving public health challenge

Hernández-Porras, E.E.; Rosero-Torres, L.E.; Parra-Barrera, E.L.; Guerrero-Montilla, J.A.; Gómez-Rubio, A.L.; Moreno, J., 2018:
Foodborne disease outbreaks studied by molecular techniques

Marquez, L.; Koy, T.H.; Baker, C.R.; Graf, J.; Whaley, E.M.; Campbell, J.R., 2018:
Foodborne illness outbreak due to Staphylococcus aureus among hospital staff following Hurricane Harvey

Romero-Gil, Vónica.; Medina, E.; Garrido-Fernández, A.; Arroyo-López, F.Noé., 2018:
Foodborne Pathogen Survival in Commercial Aloreña de Málaga Table Olive Packaging

Koopmans, M.; von Bonsdorff, C.Henrik.; Vinjé, J.; de Medici, D.; Monroe, S., 2002:
Foodborne viruses

Iriondo-DeHond, M.; Miguel, E.; Del Castillo, Mía.Dolores., 2018:
Food Byproducts as Sustainable Ingredients for Innovative and Healthy Dairy Foods

Gomes-Neves, E.; Müller, A.; Correia, Aé.; Capas-Peneda, S.; Carvalho, Márcia.; Vieira, S.; Cardoso, M.Fonseca., 2018:
Food Chain Information: Data Quality and Usefulness in Meat Inspection in Portugal

Vilaro, M.J.; Colby, S.E.; Riggsbee, K.; Zhou, W.; Byrd-Bredbenner, C.; Olfert, M.D.; Barnett, T.E.; Horacek, T.; Sowers, M.; Mathews, A.E., 2018:
Food Choice Priorities Change Over Time and Predict Dietary Intake at the End of the First Year of College Among Students in the U.S

Joshi, V.; Pancharatna, K., 2018:
Food colorant Sunset Yellow (E110) intervenes developmental profile of zebrafish (Danio rerio)

Frutos, M.J.; Valero-Cases, E.; Rincon-Frutos, L., 2018:
Food components with potential to be used in the therapeutic approach of mental diseases

Fsadni, C.; Fsadni, P.; Montefort, S.; Fava, S., 2018:
Food consumption and the risk of childhood allergy

Zulkifli, A.Nadrah.; Zakeri, H.Ahamad.; Azmi, W.Afzan., 2018:
Food Consumption, Developmental Time, and Protein Profile of the Digestive System of the Red Palm Weevil, Rhynchophorus ferrugineus (Coleptera: Dryophthoridae) Larvae Reared on Three Different Diets

Roess, A.A.; Jacquier, E.F.; Catellier, D.J.; Carvalho, R.; Lutes, A.C.; Anater, A.S.; Dietz, W.H., 2018:
Food Consumption Patterns of Infants and Toddlers: Findings from the Feeding Infants and Toddlers Study (FITS) 2016

Blau, L.E.; Orloff, N.C.; Flammer, A.; Slatch, C.; Hormes, J.M., 2018:
Food craving frequency mediates the relationship between emotional eating and excess weight gain in pregnancy

Meule, A.; Küppers, C.; Harms, L.; Friederich, H-Christoph.; Schmidt, U.; Blechert, J.; Brockmeyer, T., 2018:
Food cue-induced craving in individuals with bulimia nervosa and binge-eating disorder

Ukleja-Sokołowska, N.; Zacniewski, R.; Gawrońska-Ukleja, E.; Żbikowska-Gotz, M.; Lis, K.; Sokołowski, Łukasz.; Adamczak, Rł.; Bartuzi, Z., 2018:
Food-dependent, exercise-induced anaphylaxis in a patient allergic to peach

Chakrabarti, S.; Guha, S.; Majumder, K., 2018:
Food-Derived Bioactive Peptides in Human Health: Challenges and Opportunities

Link, J.; Thon, C.; Schanze, D.; Steponaitiene, R.; Kupcinskas, J.; Zenker, M.; Canbay, A.; Malfertheiner, P.; Link, A., 2018:
Food-Derived Xeno-microRNAs: Influence of Diet and Detectability in Gastrointestinal Tract-Proof-of-Principle Study

Bles, O.; Deneubourg, J-Louis.; Nicolis, S.C., 2018:
Food dissemination in ants: Robustness of the trophallactic network against resource quality

Schmidt, L.E.; Dalhoff, K., 2002:
Food-drug interactions

Laar, A.K.; Lartey, M.Y.; Ankomah, A.; Okyerefo, M.P.K.; Ampah, E.A.; Letsa, D.P.; Nortey, P.A.; Kwara, A., 2018:
Food elimination, food substitution, and nutrient supplementation among ARV-exposed HIV-positive persons in southern Ghana

Spoer, B.R.; Cantor, J.H.; Rummo, P.E.; Elbel, B.D., 2018:
Food environment does not predict self-reported SSB consumption in New York City: A cross sectional study

Costa, B.Vieira.de.Lima.; Freitas, Pícia.Pinheiro.de.; Menezes, M.Carvalho.de.; Guimarães, L.Morelli.Ferraz.; Ferreira, L.de.Fátima.; Alves, M.Dos.Santos.Costa.; Lopes, A.Cristine.Souza., 2018:
Food environment: validation of a method for measurement and characterization in the territory with the Health Academy Program

Rojas-Downing, M.Melissa.; Nejadhashemi, A.Pouyan.; Elahi, B.; Cassida, K.A.; Daneshvar, F.; Hernandez-Suarez, J.Sebastian.; Abouali, M.; Herman, M.R.; Dawood Al Masraf, S.Anwer.; Harrigan, T., 2018:
Food Footprint as a Measure of Sustainability for Grazing Dairy Farms

Morrow, B.M.; Norman, V., 2018:
Food for Thought-Pediatric Critical Illness and Feeding Outcomes

Dakic, T.; Jevdjovic, T.; Lakic, I.; Djurasevic, S.F.; Djordjevic, J.; Vujovic, P., 2018:
Food For Thought: Short-Term Fasting Upregulates Glucose Transporters in Neurons and Endothelial Cells, But Not in Astrocytes

Cartín-Rojas, A., 2018:
Food fraud and adulteration: a challenge for the foresight of Veterinary Services

Drabova, L.; Alvarez-Rivera, G.; Suchanova, M.; Schusterova, D.; Pulkrabova, J.; Tomaniova, M.; Kocourek, V.; Chevallier, O.; Elliott, C.; Hajslova, J., 2018:
Food fraud in oregano: Pesticide residues as adulteration markers

Chen, Y.; Qi, M.; Xu, M.; Huan, H.; Shao, W.; Yang, Y., 2018:
Food-grade gene transformation system constructed in Lactobacillus plantarum using a GlmS-encoding selection marker

Kim, H-Jung.; Choi, H-Neul.; Yim, J-Eun., 2018:
Food Habits, Dietary Intake, and Body Composition in Children with Cerebral Palsy

Wang, Y.; Fang, S.; Liu, C.; Zhu, F.; Kerr, D.A.; Boushey, C.J.; Delp, E.J., 2016:
Food Image Analysis: the Big Data Problem you can Eat!

Anagnostou, K., 2018:
Food immunotherapy for children with food allergies: state of the art and science

Lenz, C.J.; Leggett, C.; Katzka, D.A.; Larson, J.J.; Enders, F.T.; Alexander, J.A., 2018:
Food impaction: etiology over 35 years and association with eosinophilic esophagitis

Seghers, M.; Degryse, H.; D'hooge, P.; Bracke, P., 2015:
Food Impaction in a 9-Year-Old Boy

Worm, M.; Scherer, K.; Köhli-Wiesner, A.; Ruëff, F.; Mahler, V.; Lange, L.; Treudler, R.; Rietschel, E.; Szepfalusi, Z.; Lang, R.; Rabe, U.; Reese, T.; Schwerk, N.; Beyer, K.; Hompes, S.; Bircher, A.; Przybilla, B.; Hawranek, T.; Hansen, G.; Friedrichs, F.; Merk, H.; Tenbrock, K.; Lehmann, S.; Gerstlauer, M.; Kleine-Tebbe, J.; Niggemann, B.; Dickel, H.; Bücheler, M.; Bieber, T.; Hanfland, J.; Schmitt-Grohe, S.; Vlajnic, D.; Heckmann, V.; Nemat, K.; Schäkel, K.; Nordwig, A.; Schuster, A.; Sch, 2017:
Food-induced anaphylaxis and cofactors - data from the anaphylaxis registry

Pouessel, G.; Turner, P.J.; Worm, M.; Cardona, Vòria.; Deschildre, A.; Beaudouin, E.; Renaudin, J-Marie.; Demoly, P.; Tanno, L.K., 2018:
Food-induced fatal anaphylaxis: From epidemiological data to general prevention strategies

Fabbri, A.; Holland, T.J.; Bero, L.A., 2018:
Food industry sponsorship of academic research: investigating commercial bias in the research agenda

Moradi, S.; Mirzababaei, A.; Dadfarma, A.; Rezaei, S.; Mohammadi, H.; Jannat, B.; Mirzaei, K., 2018:
Food insecurity and adult weight abnormality risk: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Mendy, V.L.; Vargas, R.; Cannon-Smith, G.; Payton, M.; Enkhmaa, B.; Zhang, L., 2018:
Food Insecurity and Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors among Mississippi Adults

Cohen, R.Silliman.; Moore, J.L.; Barron, C.E., 2018:
Food Insecurity and Child Maltreatment: A Quality Improvement Project

Heflin, C.M.; Altman, C.E.; Rodriguez, L.L., 2018:
Food insecurity and disability in the United States

Oakley, A.R.; Nikolaus, C.J.; Ellison, B.; Nickols-Richardson, S.M., 2018:
Food insecurity and food preparation equipment in US households: exploratory results from a cross-sectional questionnaire

Pérez, W.; Contreras, M.; Peña, R.; Zelaya, E.; Persson, L-Åke.; Källestål, C., 2018:
Food insecurity and self-rated health in rural Nicaraguan women of reproductive age: a cross-sectional study

Cassidy, D.A.; Ivers, L.C., 2018:
Food Insecurity and Tuberculosis: Policy Urgently Needs To Play Catch-Up

Cuy Castellanos, D.; Holcomb, J., 2018:
Food insecurity, financial priority, and nutrition literacy of university students at a mid-size private university

Berkowitz, S.A.; Seligman, H.K.; Meigs, J.B.; Basu, S., 2018:
Food insecurity, healthcare utilization, and high cost: a longitudinal cohort study

Patil, S.Prakash.; Craven, K.; Kolasa, K., 2018:
Food Insecurity: How You Can Help Your Patients

Grammatikopoulou, M.G.; Gkiouras, K.; Theodoridis, X.; Tsisimiri, M.; Markaki, A.G.; Chourdakis, M.; Goulis, D.G., 2018:
Food insecurity increases the risk of malnutrition among community-dwelling older adults

Altman, E.A.; Ritchie, L.D.; Frongillo, E.A.; Madsen, K.A., 2018:
Food Insecurity Is Associated with Body Dissatisfaction among Children in California

Poll, K.L.; Holben, D.H.; Valliant, M.; Joung, H-Woo.David., 2018:
Food insecurity is associated with disordered eating behaviors in NCAA division 1 male collegiate athletes

Leddy, A.M.; Roque, A.; Sheira, L.A.; Frongillo, E.A.; Landay, A.L.; Adedimeji, A.A.; Wilson, T.E.; Merenstein, D.; Wentz, E.; Adimora, A.A.; Ofotokun, I.; Metsch, L.; Cohen, M.H.; Tien, P.C.; Turan, J.; Turan, B.; Weiser, S.D., 2018:
Food insecurity is associated with inflammation among women living with HIV

Stinson, E.J.; Votruba, S.B.; Venti, C.; Perez, M.; Krakoff, J.; Gluck, M.E., 2018:
Food Insecurity is Associated with Maladaptive Eating Behaviors and Objectively Measured Overeating

Lee, A.M.; Scharf, R.J.; DeBoer, M.D., 2018:
Food insecurity is associated with prediabetes and dietary differences in U.S. adults aged 20-39

Sweetland, A.Claire.; Norcini Pala, A.; Mootz, J.; Kao, J.Chien-Wen.; Carlson, C.; Oquendo, M.A.; Cheng, B.; Belkin, G.; Wainberg, M., 2018:
Food insecurity, mental distress and suicidal ideation in rural Africa: Evidence from Nigeria, Uganda and Ghana

Goldman-Hasbun, J.; Nosova, E.; DeBeck, K.; Dahlby, L.; Kerr, T., 2018:
Food insufficiency is associated with depression among street-involved youth in a Canadian setting

Gil-Toro, D.; Giraldo-Giraldo, N.A.; Estrada-Restrepo, A., 2017:
Food intake and its relation with socioeconomic factors in an older adults group

Gabriel da Silva, Lícia.Barbosa.; Rosado, E.Lopes.; de Carvalho Padilha, P.; Dias, J.Rebelo.; Moreira, Tá.Marques.; de Paula, T.Pereira.; de Barros, D.Cavalcante.; Saunders, Cáudia., 2018:
Food intake of women with gestational diabetes mellitus, in accordance with two methods of dietary guidance: a randomised controlled clinical trial

Gobato, R.Cristina.; Cazzo, E.; Baltieri, Lícia.; Modena, Débora.Aparecida.Oliveira.; Chaim, E.Adami., 2018:
Food Intolerance 1 Year After Banded Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass

Coucke, F., 2018:
Food intolerance in patients with manifest autoimmunity. Observational study

Gillis, C.; Martin, L.; Gill, M.; Gilmour, L.; Nelson, G.; Gramlich, L., 2018:
Food Is Medicine: A Qualitative Analysis of Patient and Institutional Barriers to Successful Surgical Nutrition Practices in an Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Setting

Khanna, S.K., 2018:
Food knowledge, loss aversion, and complementary feeding

Zahir, M.; Fogliano, V.; Capuano, E., 2018:
Food matrix and processing modulate in vitro protein digestibility in soybeans

Stafford, L.D., 2018:
Food neophobia, autistic traits, and body mass index: a broader behavioral constellation?

Bird, J.Andrew., 2018:
Food OIT is Superior to Food Avoidance

Daggett, J.M.; Brown, V.J.; Brennan, C.H., 2018:
Food or friends? What motivates zebrafish (Danio rerio) performing a visual discrimination

Zielińska, D.; Kolożyn-Krajewska, D., 2018:
Food-Origin Lactic Acid Bacteria May Exhibit Probiotic Properties: Review

Adise, S.; Geier, C.F.; Roberts, N.J.; White, C.N.; Keller, K.L., 2018:
Food or money? Children's brains respond differently to rewards regardless of weight status

Brandt, C.; Nolte, H.; Henschke, S.; Engström Ruud, L.; Awazawa, M.; Morgan, D.A.; Gabel, P.; Sprenger, H-Georg.; Hess, M.E.; Günther, S.; Langer, T.; Rahmouni, K.; Fenselau, H.; Krüger, M.; Brüning, J.C., 2018:
Food Perception Primes Hepatic ER Homeostasis via Melanocortin-Dependent Control of mTOR Activation

Perez-Leon, S.; Pesantes, M.Amalia.; Aya Pastrana, N.; Raman, S.; Miranda, J.; Suggs, L.Suzanne., 2018:
Food Perceptions and Dietary Changes for Chronic Condition Management in Rural Peru: Insights for Health Promotion

Kaplan, R.E.W.; Webster, A.K.; Chitrakar, R.; Dent, J.A.; Baugh, L.Ryan., 2018:
Food perception without ingestion leads to metabolic changes and irreversible developmental arrest in C. elegans

Rodríguez-Caravaca, G.; Hijas-Gómez, A.I.; Tejedor-Alonso, M.Á.; Del-Moral-Luque, J.A.; Delgado-Iribarren, A.; Valverde-Cánovas, Jé.F.; Gil-de-Miguel, Ángel., 2018:
Food poisoning caused by scombroids: A case-control study

Rao, A.; Range, F.; Kadletz, K.; Kotrschal, K.; Marshall-Pescini, S., 2018:
Food preferences of similarly raised and kept captive dogs and wolves

Russell, J.B., 1894:
Food-Preservatives in Relation to the Provisions of the Food and Drugs Acts

Kim, T.H.; Park, Y.; Myung, J.; Han, E., 2018:
Food price trends in South Korea through time series analysis

Gautam, S.; Tripathi, J., 2018:
Food Processing by Irradiation—–An effective technology for food safety and security

Jones, J.Miller., 2018:
Food processing: criteria for dietary guidance and public health?

Díaz, J.J.; Espín, B.; Segarra, O.; Domínguez-Ortega, G.; Blasco-Alonso, J.; Cano, B.; Rayo, A.; Moreno, A., 2018:
Food Protein-Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome: Data from a Multicenter Retrospective Study in Spain

Wang, K.Y.; Lee, J.; Cianferoni, A.; Ruffner, M.A.; Dean, A.; Molleston, J.M.; Pawlowski, N.A.; Heimall, J.; Saltzman, R.W.; Ram, G.S.; Fiedler, J.; Gober, L.M.; Spergel, J.M.; Brown-Whitehorn, T.F., 2018:
Food Protein-Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome Food Challenges: Experience from a Large Referral Center

Pelly, F.; Parker-Simmons, S., 2018:
Food Provision at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games: Expert Review and Future Recommendations

Ambikapathi, R.; Rothstein, J.D.; Yori, P.Peñataro.; Olortegui, M.Paredes.; Lee, G.; Kosek, M.N.; Caulfield, L.E., 2018:
Food purchase patterns indicative of household food access insecurity, children's dietary diversity and intake, and nutritional status using a newly developed and validated tool in the Peruvian Amazon

Chriqui, J.F.; Schermbeck, R.M.; Leider, J., 2018:
Food Purchasing and Preparation at Child Day Care Centers Participating in the Child and Adult Care Food Program in the United States, 2017

Gentile, C.; Di Gregorio, E.; Di Stefano, V.; Mannino, G.; Perrone, A.; Avellone, G.; Sortino, G.; Inglese, P.; Farina, V., 2018:
Food quality and nutraceutical value of nine cultivars of mango (Mangifera indica L.) fruits grown in Mediterranean subtropical environment

Weterings, M.J.A.; Moonen, S.; Prins, H.H.T.; van Wieren, S.E.; van Langevelde, F., 2018:
Food quality and quantity are more important in explaining foraging of an intermediate-sized mammalian herbivore than predation risk or competition

Mazocco, L.; Akutsu, R.De.Cássia.Coelho.Almeida.; Botelho, R.Braz.Assunção.; Da Silva, I.Cristina.Rodrigues.; Adjafre, R.; Zandonadi, R.Puppin., 2018:
Food Rating Scale in Food Services: From Development to Assessment of a Strategy for Consumer Healthier Choices

Weinberger, T.; Rowland, J.C.; Nowak-Węgrzyn, A., 2018:
Food Reintroduction Rates Following Negative Oral Food Challenges To Peanut And Hazelnut: A Survey Study

Brytek-Matera, A.; Czepczor-Bernat, K.; Olejniczak, D., 2018:
Food-related behaviours among individuals with overweight/obesity and normal body weight

Gardner, C.D.; Hauser, M.E., 2017 :
Food Revolution

Basari, N.; Ramli, S.Najiah.; Mohd Khairi, N.'Aina.Syakirah., 2018:
Food Reward and Distance Influence the Foraging Pattern of Stingless Bee, Heterotrigona itama

Scquizzato, T.; Landoni, G.; Forti, A., 2018:
Food-riders may improve the chain of survival in out-of-hospital cardiac arrests by delivering CPR and AEDs

Hermann, C.A.; Duerkop, A.; Baeumner, A.J., 2018:
Food Safety Analysis Enabled through Biological and Synthetic Materials: A Critical Review of Current Trends

Kasozi, K.Iceland.; Natabo, P.Candy.; Namubiru, S.; Tayebwa, D.Stuart.; Tamale, A.; Bamaiyi, P.H., 2018:
Food Safety Analysis of Milk and Beef in Southwestern Uganda

Mishra, G.Kumar.; Barfidokht, A.; Tehrani, F.; Mishra, R.Kumar., 2018:
Food Safety Analysis Using Electrochemical Biosensors

de Souza, C.Valdejane.Silva.; de Azevedo, P.Roberto.Medeiros.; Seabra, L.Mont'Alverne.Jucá., 2018:
Food safety in Brazilian popular public restaurants: Food handlers' knowledge and practices

Ayaz, W.O.; Priyadarshini, A.; Jaiswal, A.K., 2018:
Food Safety Knowledge and Practices among Saudi Mothers

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Foods and Drinks Available from Urban Food Pantries: Nutritional Quality by Item Type, Sourcing, and Distribution Method

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Food with influence in the sexual and reproductive health

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Foot & Ankle International Achieves Highest Journal Impact Factor Ever

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Foot and Ankle Injuries in Soccer

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Football to eyeball: thinking out of the box to create an ophthalmic talent pool in difficult geographies

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For 60 years, ACMPE provides knowledge and community to members

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For a Correct Application of the CD Exciton Chirality Method: The Case of Laucysteinamide A

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Foraging dynamics are associated with social status and context in mouse social hierarchies

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Foramen Magnum Chordoid Meningioma in a 22-Year-old Female

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For a model of efficiency and high-quality care, look at the performance of rural hospitals

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For a Model of Self-Citation Governance in Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiologia

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For a More Reliable Measure of Wrist Blood Pressure Using Smartwatch

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For a public policy of surveillance of suicidal behavior

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Forbearance With Bronchoscopy: A Review of Gratuitous Indications

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For Better Neuropsychiatric Outcomes, Minimize Benzodiazepines

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For Better or for Worse? Later Diagnoses of Autism Spectrum Disorder in Some Younger Siblings of Already Diagnosed Children

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For Better or Worse, We Are All Connected: Contemplating the Stark Reality of Social Media

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Forbidden insanity: the systematic denial of mental health issues from a state-run psychiatry

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Forbidden triads and creative success in jazz: the Miles Davis factor

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Force detection, center of pressure tracking, and energy harvesting from a piezoelectric knee implant

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Forced Labor in Surgical and Healthcare Supply Chains

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Forced Recycling of AMA1-based Genome-Editing Plasmid Allows for Efficient Multiple Gene Deletion/Integration in The Industrial Filamentous Fungus Aspergillus oryzae

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Forced Separation of Children From Parents: Another Consideration

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Force Increase in a Repetitive Motor Task Inducing Motor Fatigue

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Force-induced retro-click reaction of triazoles competes with adjacent single-bond rupture

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Force localization modes in dynamic epithelial colonies

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Force measurement metrics for simulated elbow arthroscopy training

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Force Prediction for Incremental Forming of Polymer Sheets

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Forces behind form

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Forces on Nascent Polypeptides during Membrane Insertion and Translocation via the Sec Translocon

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Force Spectroscopy and Beyond: Innovations and Opportunities

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Forces Shaping the Conditions of Our Lives

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Force Steadiness During a Cognitively Challenging Motor Task Is Predicted by Executive Function in Older Adults

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Force-Velocity Characteristics, Muscle Strength, and Flexibility in Female Recreational Marathon Runners

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Force-Velocity-Power Profiling During Weighted Vest Sprinting in Soccer

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Forcing Single-Column Models Using High-Resolution Model Simulations

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Forcing the 'lazy' protons to work

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For Debate: The Significance of Etiologic Diagnosis in Neonates with Overgrowth Syndromes. Lesson Learned from the Simpson-Golabi-Behmel Syndrome

Sancar, F., 2018:
For Difficult-to-Model Brain Diseases, Brain Organoids Come to the Rescue

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Forearm Compartment Syndrome Concomitant with Pseudoaneurysm of the Anterior Interosseous Artery after Minor Penetrating Injury

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Forearm Metastases as Unsuspected First Manifestations of Lung Adenocarcinoma

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Forearm predominant para-infectious myositis

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Forearm wearable resistance effects on sprint kinematics and kinetics

Rothäusler, E.; Rugiu, L.; Jormalainen, V., 2018:
Forecast climate change conditions sustain growth and physiology but hamper reproduction in range-margin populations of a foundation rockweed species

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Forecast for 2018 Legislative Session

Jackson, K., 2016:
Forecast for 99th General Assembly

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Forecasting and foreclosing futures: The temporal dissonance of advance care directives

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Forecasting Future Trends in Obesity across Europe: The Value of Improving Surveillance

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Forecasting hand, foot, and mouth disease in Shenzhen based on daily level clinical data and multiple environmental factors

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Forecasting incidence of dengue and selecting best method for prevention

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Forecasting of oil-spill trajectories by using SCHISM and X-band radar

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Forecasting Participants in the All Women Count! Mammography Program

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Forecasting role of genetic markers in outlining features of pneumoconiosis course in post-contact period

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Forecasting Short-Term Traffic Flow by Fuzzy Wavelet Neural Network with Parameters Optimized by Biogeography-Based Optimization Algorithm

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Forecasting the care needs of the older population in England over the next 20 years: estimates from the Population Ageing and Care Simulation (PACSim) modelling study

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Forecasting the incidence of salmonellosis in seniors in Canada: A trend analysis and the potential impact of the demographic shift

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Forecasting the spatiotemporal variability of soil CO 2 emissions in sugarcane areas in southeastern Brazil using artificial neural networks

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Forecasting tournaments, epistemic humility and attitude depolarization

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Forecast or Fall: Prediction's Importance to Postural Control

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Forecast post-dialysis blood pressure in hemodialysis patients with intradialytic hypertension

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Forefoot transverse arch height asymmetry is associated with foot injuries in athletes participating in college track events

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Foreign bodies in the ear, nose, and throat in Japan: association with sociocultural and geographical conditions

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Foreign Bodies of the Ear, Nose and Throat

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Foreign body

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Foreign body: A sewing needle migrating from the gastrointestinal tract to pancreas

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Foreign Body Granuloma After Cranial Surgery: A Systematic Review of Reported Cases

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Foreign body granulomas following cranial neurosurgical procedures

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Foreign body granuloma treatment with 22-MHz ultrasound-guided corticoid infiltration

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Foreign Body in Air-Passages; Tracheotomy; Pneumothorax; Recovery

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Foreign body ingestion and food impaction in adults: better to scope than to wait

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Foreign Body in the Air Passages for Five Months

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Foreign body in the iris

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Foreign-Body Reaction to Bioabsorbable Plate and Screw in Craniofacial Surgery

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Foreign language reduces the longevity of the repetition-based truth effect

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Foreign ventures help academic systems boost brand, revenue

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Forensic (F)ACT: a study exploring indication, risk assessment and recidivism

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Forensic age diagnostics by magnetic resonance imaging of the proximal humeral epiphysis

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Forensic age estimation for pelvic X-ray images using deep learning

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Forensic Analysis on 52 Medical Malpractice Cases of Cardiac Death

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Forensic application of comet assay: an emerging technique

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Forensic DNA Analysis

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Forensic DNA retention: Public perspective studies in the United Kingdom and around the world

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Forensic entomology

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Forensic expertise as a tool for criminalistics prognostication

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Forensic features for Yunnan Lisu ethnic minority and phylogenetic structure exploration among 26 Chinese populations

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Forensic genetics

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Forensic human identification with targeted microbiome markers using nearest neighbor classification

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Forensic imaging

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Forensic Performance Analysis of Load-Limiting Devices in Automotive Seat Belt Retractors

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Forensic personal identification utilizing part-to-part comparison of CT-derived 3D lumbar models

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Forensic psychiatric assessment process and outcome in state patients in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

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Forensic psychiatry in Kuwait - characterization of forensic psychiatry patients evaluated over year duration in the only available forensic psychiatry unit

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Forensic science needs both the 'hedgehog' and the 'fox'

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Forensic Sciences Research: from dream to reality

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Forensic Science UK - We need solutions, let's hear them

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Forensic use of the genomic relationship matrix to validate and discover livestock pedigrees

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Forequarter Amputation, Thoracic Resection, and Reconstruction on Giant Ulcer Due to Locally Advanced Oncological Disease

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Foresight over hindsight: Mandatory publication of clinical research protocols prior to conduct

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Foreskin reconstruction at the time of single-stage hypospadias repair: is it a safe procedure?

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Forestalling the Epidemics of Parkinson's Disease Through Plant-Based Remedies

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Forest diversity effects on insect herbivores: do leaf traits matter?

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Forest Walking Affects Autonomic Nervous Activity: A Population-Based Study

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Forever, Chinatown

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Forever young: Neoteny, neurogenesis and a critique of critical periods in olfaction

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For Every Season, There Is a Purpose

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Foreward: Outpatient antimicrobial stewardship

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Forget-me-some: General versus special purpose models in a hierarchical probabilistic task

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Forgiveness and cognitive control - Provoking revenge via theta-burst-stimulation of the DLPFC

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Forgiveness and friendship protect adolescent victims of bullying from emotional maladjustment

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Forgiveness and Identification

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Forgiveness and Moral Development

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Forgiveness, Representative Judgement and Love of the World: Exploring the Political Significance of Forgiveness in the Context of Transitional Justice and Reconciliation Debates

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Forgotten, but not forgiven: facing immunization challenges in the 21 st century

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Forgotten fatty acids-Surface properties supply conclusive evidence for including carotenoic acids

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Forgotten giants: new Anaxyelidae (Hymenoptera) from the Jurassic of Karatau

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Forgotten no more

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Forgotten No More: A Focused Update on the Right Ventricle in Cardiovascular Disease

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Forgotten, silent, and overruled: Hearing the voice of the nursing home patient

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For Grandparents' Sake: the Relationship between Grandparenting Involvement and Psychological Well-Being

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For how long do denervated muscles in children retain the ability to regenerate?: Restoration of elbow flexion and shoulder function by partial nerve transfer in a child with long-standing poliomyelitis-like paralysis

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For Intestinal Homeostasis, You Are What You Eat

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Forkhead box C1 boosts triple-negative breast cancer metastasis through activating the transcription of chemokine receptor-4

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Forkhead Box O3 promotes cell proliferation and inhibits myotube differentiation in chicken myoblast cells

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Forkhead box protein A1 confers resistance to transforming growth factor-β-induced apoptosis in breast cancer cells through inhibition of Smad3 nuclear translocation

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Fork pausing allows centromere DNA loop formation and kinetochore assembly

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Fork Truck Free and New Materials Handling Innovations

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Formación y competencias de la matrona competencias de la matron

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Formal Bimolecular [2 + 2 + 2] Cycloaddition Strategy for the Synthesis of Pyridines: Intramolecular Propargylic Ene Reaction/Aza Diels-Alder Reaction Cascades

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Formaldehyde in electronic cigarettes and in heat-not-burn products: let's make the point

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Formaldehyde interacts with RNA rather than DNA: Accumulation of formaldehyde by the RNA-inorganic hybrid material

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Formaldehyde-mediated peptide coupling for the titration of epitope-specific antibody in an ELISA format

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Formal Education and Migration Aspirations in Ethiopia

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Formal home care use in Canada

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Formalisation and subordination: a contingency theory approach to optimising primary care teams

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Formal language assessment in low-educated healthy subjects

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Formal Leaders' Perceptions of Informal Leaders

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Formal reductive addition of acetonitrile to aldehydes and ketones

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Formal representation of ambulatory assessment protocols in HTML5 for human readability and computer execution

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Formal Synthesis of (+)-Phomactin A

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Formal Thought Disorders-Historical Roots

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Formal Total Synthesis of Hybocarpone Enabled by Visible-Light-Promoted Benzannulation

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Formal Training for Ethical Dilemmas in Global Health

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Formal Versus Informal Judgments: Faculty Experiences With Entrustment in Graduate Medical Education

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Formamide Adsorption at the Amorphous Silica Surface: A Combined Experimental and Computational Approach

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Formamidinium Lead Bromide (FAPbBr 3 ) Perovskite Microcrystals for Sensitive and Fast Photodetectors

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Formamidinium Nitroformate: An Insensitive RDX Alternative

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Formate cross-feeding and cooperative metabolic interactions revealed by transcriptomics in co-cultures of acetogenic and amylolytic human colonic bacteria

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Formate-nitrite transporters carrying nonprotonatable amide amino acids instead of a central histidine maintain pH-dependent transport

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Formate Promotes Shigella Intercellular Spread and Virulence Gene Expression

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Formation, Alkylation, and Hydrolysis of Chiral Nonracemic N-Amino Cyclic Carbamate Hydrazones: An Approach to the Enantioselective α-Alkylation of Ketones

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Formation and activation induction of primordial follicles using granulosa and cumulus cells conditioned media

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Formation and Aggregation of Lead Phosphate Particles: Implications for Lead Immobilization in Water Supply Systems

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Formation and characterization of nano- and microstructures of twinned cubic boron nitride

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Formation and characterization of self-assembled bovine serum albumin nanoparticles as chrysin delivery systems

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Formation and degradation of large extrusion bodies in Tetrahymena thermophila: The role of intramacronuclear microtubules in chromatin segregation

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Formation and Destruction of SiS in Space

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Formation and dynamics of the aggregates of cholesteric double-twist cylinders

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Formation and emission of hydrogen chloride in indoor air

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Formation and evaluation of casein-gum arabic coacervates via pH-dependent complexation using fast acidification

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Formation and function of nucleoprotamines

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Formation and optical properties of brown carbon from small α-dicarbonyls and amines

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Formation and performance of self-forming dynamic membrane (SFDM) in membrane bioreactor (MBR) for treating low-strength wastewater

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Formation and phenotypic characterization of CD49a, CD49b and CD103 expressing CD8 T cell populations in human metastatic melanoma

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Formation and Properties of the Trichloroberyllate Ion

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Formation and Reactivity of an Aluminabenzene Ligand at Pentadienyl-Supported Rare-Earth-Metals

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Formation and risk assessment of trihalomethanes through different tea brewing habits

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Formation and Stability of Core-Shell Nanofibers by Electrospinning of Gel-Like Corn Oil-in-Water Emulsions Stabilized by Gelatin

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Formation and stability of NOM-Mn(III) colloids in aquatic environments

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Formation and stability of water clusters at the molybdenum disulfide interface: a molecular dynamics simulation investigation

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Formation-containment control of networked Euler-Lagrange systems: An event-triggered framework

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Formation, distribution, and speciation of DBPs (THMs, HAAs, ClO 2 - ,andClO 3 - ) during treatment of different source water with chlorine and chlorine dioxide

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Formation kinetics of disinfection byproducts in algal-laden water during chlorination: A new insight into evaluating disinfection formation risk

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Formation Mechanism and Cohesive Energy Analysis of Metal-Coated Graphene Nanocomposites Using In-Situ Co-Reduction Method

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Formation Mechanisms of InGaAs Nanowires Produced by a Solid-Source Two-Step Chemical Vapor Deposition

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Formation of 53BP1 foci and ATM activation under oxidative stress is facilitated by RNA:DNA hybrids and loss of ATM-53BP1 expression promotes photoreceptor cell survival in mice

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Formation of a Bile Salt-Drug Hydrogel to Predict Human Intestinal Absorption

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Formation of Ag/AgCl Nanoparticles in the Matrix of the Exopolysaccharide of a Diazotrophic Strain Azotobacter chroococcum XU1

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Formation of a left atrial thrombus during percutaneous mitral valve edge-to-edge repair induced by acute reduction of mitral regurgitation

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Formation of allysine in β-lactoglobulin and myofibrillar proteins by glyoxal and methylglyoxal: Impact on water-holding capacity and in vitro digestibility

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Formation of Aminochrome Leads to Cardiac Dysfunction and Sudden Cardiac Death

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Formation of α- and β-Cembratriene-Diols in Tobacco ( Nicotiana tabacum L.) Is Regulated by Jasmonate-Signaling Components via Manipulating Multiple Cembranoid Synthetic Genes

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Formation of aqueous and alcoholic adducts of curcumin during its extraction

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Formation of Aqueous Biphasic Systems with an Ionic Liquid Induced by Metallic Salts: Nanoscopic Views from Molecular Dynamics Simulations

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Formation of a Thin Continuous GaSb Film on Si(001) by Solid Phase Epitaxy

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Formation of a toxic quinoneimine metabolite from diclofenac: a quantum chemical study

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Formation of biofilm on various implant abutment materials

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Formation of Blood Droplets: Influence of the Plasma Proteins

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Formation of Branched and Chained Alginate Microfibers Using Theta-Glass Capillaries

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Formation of by-products during chemical interesterification of lipids. Detection and characterization of dialkyl ketones by non-aqueous reversed-phase liquid chromatography-high resolution mass spectrometry and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry

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Formation of cluster crystals in an ultra-soft potential model on a spherical surface

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Formation of CO 2 bubbles in epoxy resin coatings: A DFT study

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Formation of Colloidal Copper Indium Sulfide Nanosheets by Two-Dimensional Self-Organization

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Formation of desiccation crack patterns in electric fields: a review

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Formation of disinfection by-products during chlorination of organic matter from phoenix tree leaves and Chlorella vulgaris

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Formation of disinfection byproducts from sulfamethoxazole during sodium hypochlorite disinfection of marine culture water

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Formation of Enormously Strongly Bound Anionic Clusters Predicted in Binary Superacids

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Formation of environmentally persistent free radicals during the transformation of anthracene in different soils: Roles of soil characteristics and ambient conditions

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Formation of essential oil containing microparticles comprising a hydrogenated vegetable oil matrix and characterisation thereof

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Formation of ethyl carbamate in Goji wines: Effect of Goji fruit composition

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Formation of field-reversed configuration using an in-vessel odd-parity rotating magnetic field antenna in a linear device

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Formation of flavorant-propylene Glycol Adducts With Novel Toxicological Properties in Chemically Unstable E-Cigarette Liquids

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Formation of gold nanoparticles in a free-standing ionic liquid triggered by heat and electron irradiation

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Formation of heterocyclic aromatic amines in relation to pork quality and heat treatment parameters

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Formation of Heterotypic Amyloids: α-Synuclein in Co-Aggregation

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Formation of Hierarchical Co 9 S 8 @ZnIn 2 S 4 Heterostructured Cages as an Efficient Photocatalyst for Hydrogen Evolution

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Formation of high aspect ratio wrinkles and ridges on elastic bilayers with small thickness contrast

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Formation of high-quality vortex laser beams with different orbital angular momenta in the laser resonator

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Formation of Hypoxanthine Tetrad by Reaction with Sodium Chloride: From Planar to Stereo

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Formation of Icephobic Surface with Micron-Scaled Hydrophobic Heterogeneity on Polyurethane Aerospace Coating

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Formation of intramuscular connective tissue network in fish: first insight from the rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

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Formation of iodinated trihalomethanes and haloacetic acids from aromatic iodinated disinfection byproducts during chloramination

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Formation of iodinated trihalomethanes during chlorination of amino acid in waters

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Formation of iron plaque in the roots of Spartina alterniflora and its effect on the immobilization of wastewater-borne pollutants

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Formation of lead ferrites for immobilizing hazardous lead into iron-rich ceramic matrix

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Formation of lipid vesicles in situ utilizing the thiol-Michael reaction

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Formation of metabolic syndrome as a risk factor of circulatory diseases in drivers

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Formation of Microbubbles for Targeted Ultrasound Contrast Imaging: Practical Translation Considerations

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Formation of Multicomponent Size-Sorted Assembly Patterns by Tunable Templated Dewetting

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Formation of multilayer through layer-by-layer assembly of starch-based polyanion with divalent metal ion

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Formation of n- and p-type regions in individual Si/SiO 2 core/shell nanowires by ion beam doping

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Formation of Nb(C,N) Carbonitride in Cast Austenitic Heat-Resistant Steel during Directional Solidification under Different Withdraw Rates

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Formation of neoarteries with optimal remodeling using rapidly degrading textile vascular grafts

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Formation of NiFe 2 O 4 /Expanded Graphite Nanocomposites with Superior Lithium Storage Properties

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Formation of N-nitrosamines by micelle-catalysed nitrosation of aliphatic secondary amines

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Formation of Non-Natural α,α-Disubstituted Amino Esters via Catalytic Michael Addition

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Formation of odorous and hazardous by-products from the chlorination of amino acids

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Formation of Oriented Polar Crystals in Bulk Poly(vinylidene fluoride)/High-Aspect-Ratio Organoclay Nanocomposites

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Formation of particle of bismuth-indium alloys and particle diameter by ultrasonic cavitation

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Formation of Pectobacterium carotovorum biofilms depending of the carbon source

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Formation of perfluorocarboxylic acids from photodegradation of tetrahydroperfluorocarboxylic acids in water

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Formation of Phenolic Compounds from d-Galacturonic Acid

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Formation of phenotypic lineages in Salmonella enterica by a pleiotropic fimbrial switch

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Formation of polyhedral vesicle gels from catanionic mixtures of hydrogenated and perfluorinated surfactants: effect of fluoro-carbon alkyl chain lengths

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Formation of Proton Motive Force Under Low-Aeration Alkaline Conditions in Alkaliphilic Bacteria

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Formation of Quality of Care Network in India: Challenges and Way Forward

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Formation of radioactive waste in Estonian water treatment plants

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Formation of Si Hollow Structures as Promising Anode Materials through Reduction of Silica in AlCl 3 -NaCl Molten Salt

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Formation of silver nanoparticles by human gut microbiota

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Formation of Single Nanopores with Diameters of 20-50 nm in Silicon Nitride Membranes Using Laser-Assisted Controlled Breakdown

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Formation of size-controllable tumour spheroids using a microfluidic pillar array (μFPA) device

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Formation of soy protein isolate-carrageenan complex coacervates for improved viability of Bifidobacterium longum during pasteurization and in vitro digestion

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Formation of struvite from agricultural wastewaters and its reuse on farmlands: Status and hindrances to closing the nutrient loop

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Formation of Subwavelength Periodic Triangular Arrays on Tungsten through Double-Pulsed Femtosecond Laser Irradiation

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Formation of the pits with taste buds at the lingual root in the striped dolphin, Stenella coeruleoalba

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Formation of therapeutic phage cocktail and endolysin to highly multi-drug resistant Acinetobacter baumannii : in vitro and in vivo study

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Formation of Toxic Oligomeric Assemblies of RNA-binding Protein: Musashi in Alzheimer's disease

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Formation of trihalomethanes in swimming pool waters using sodium dichloroisocyanurate as an alternative disinfectant

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Formation of Water Molecule Bridges Governs Water Sorption Mechanisms in Soil Organic Matter

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Formation of Whey Protein Isolate (WPI)-Maltodextrin Conjugates in Fibers Produced by Needleless Electrospinning

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Formation of Zn-Al layered double hydroxides (LDH) during the interaction of ZnO nanoparticles (NPs) with γ-Al 2 O 3

Jia, X.; Wu, X.; Liu, B., 2018:
Formation of ZnCo 2 O 4 @MnO 2 core-shell electrode materials for hybrid supercapacitor

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Formation, Structural Variety, and Impact of Antiphase Boundaries on Li Diffusion in LiCoO 2 Thin-Film Cathodes

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Formative evaluation of a training intervention for community health workers in South Africa: A before and after study

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Formative, multimethod case studies of learn to quit, an acceptance and commitment therapy smoking cessation app designed for people with serious mental illness

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Formative peer assessment in healthcare education programmes: protocol for a scoping review

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Formative research implications on design of a randomized controlled trial for oral health promotion in children

Leirbakk, M.J.; Torper, J.; Engebretsen, E.; Opsahl, J.Neerland.; Zeanah, P.; Magnus, J.H., 2018:
Formative research in the development of a salutogenic early intervention home visiting program integrated in public child health service in a multiethnic population in Norway

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Form determination of optical surfaces by measuring the spatial coherence function using shearing interferometry

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Formed elements of the blood of the fresh water mussel, Lamellidens corrianus

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Former Preterm Lambs have Persistent Alveolar Simplification at 2 and 5 Months Corrected Postnatal Age

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Form Follows Function?

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Forming a Kanyakla: A qualitative study to develop a novel social support intervention for adolescents living with HIV

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Forming Quality Analysis on the Cold Roll Forming C-channel Steel

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Formin Homology 2 Domain Containing 3 (FHOD3) Is a Genetic Basis for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

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Formin-like 3 regulates RhoC/FAK pathway and actin assembly to promote cell invasion in colorectal carcinoma

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Formin Proteins FHOD1 and INF2 in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer: Association With Basal Markers and Functional Activities

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Formins Emerge as a Cause of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: New Genes for Thick Hearts

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Formononetin and biochanin A protects against ritonavir induced hepatotoxicity via modulation of NfκB/pAkt signaling molecules

Li, T.; Zhong, Y.; Tang, T.; Luo, J.; Cui, H.; Fan, R.; Wang, Y.; Wang, D., 2018:
Formononetin induces vasorelaxation in rat thoracic aorta via regulation of the PI3K/PTEN/Akt signaling pathway

Huang, Z.; Liu, Y.; Huang, X., 2018:
Formononetin may protect aged hearts from ischemia/reperfusion damage by enhancing autophagic degradation

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Forms of Prosocial Behaviors are Differentially Linked to Social Goals and Peer Status in Adolescents

Li, Q.; Jia, Y.; Burris, W.R.; Bridges, P.J.; Matthews, J.C., 2018 :
Forms of selenium in vitamin-mineral mixes differentially affect the expression of genes responsible for prolactin, ACTH, and α-MSH synthesis and mitochondrial dysfunction in pituitaries of steers grazing endophyte-infected tall fescue

Zhao, H.D.; Zhao, S.M.; Chen, Y.X.; Li, C.T., 2018:
Formula Derivation for the Probability Distribution of IBS Score in Unrelated Individual Pairs

Galloway, S.M., 2018:
Formula for Improving Safety Culture

Chen, I-Cheng.; Lin, T-Hsien.; Hsieh, Y-Hsuan.; Chao, C-Ying.; Wu, Y-Ru.; Chang, K-Hsuan.; Lee, M-Chung.; Lee-Chen, G-Jen.; Chen, C-Mei., 2018:
Formulated Chinese Medicine Shaoyao Gancao Tang Reduces Tau Aggregation and Exerts Neuroprotection through Anti-Oxidation and Anti-Inflammation

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Formulating an Ethics Agenda for Drug Development, Regulation, and Utilization

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Formulating Inhalable Dry Powders Using Two-Fluid and Three-Fluid Nozzle Spray Drying

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Formulation and application of a biosurfactant from Bacillus methylotrophicus as collector in the flotation of oily water in industrial environment

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Formulation and biopharmaceutical evaluation of supersaturatable self-nanoemulsifying drug delivery systems containing silymarin

Khan, M.; Nadhman, A.; Sehgal, S.Arslan.; Siraj, S.; Yasinzai, M.Masoom., 2018:
Formulation and Characterization of a Self-Emulsifying Drug Delivery system (SEDDS) of Curcumin for the Topical Application in Cutaneous and Mucocutaneous Leishmaniasis

Hassan, D.H.; Abdelmonem, R.; Abdellatif, M.M., 2018:
Formulation and Characterization of Carvedilol Leciplex for Glaucoma Treatment: In-Vitro, Ex-Vivo and In-Vivo Study

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Formulation and characterization of Genistein-loaded nanostructured lipid carriers: Pharmacokinetic, Biodistribution and In vitro cytotoxicity studies

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Formulation and characterization of hydrogel based on pectin and brea gum

Jin, M.; Lian, F.; Xia, R.; Wang, Z., 2018:
Formulation and durability of a geopolymer based on metakaolin/tannery sludge

Lv, X.; Yin, J.; Yang, X.; Liu, S.; Sun, K., 2018:
Formulation and Efficacy of Liposome-encapsulated Afatinib for Therapy of Non-small Cell Lung Cancer

Afsharzadeh, M.; Abnous, K.; Yazdian-Robati, R.; Ataranzadeh, A.; Ramezani, M.; Hashemi, M., 2018:
Formulation and evaluation of anticancer and antiangiogenesis efficiency of PLA-PEG nanoparticles loaded with galbanic acid in C26 colon carcinoma, in vitro and in vivo

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Formulation and evaluation of carrier-free dry powder inhaler containing sildenafil

Bhatia, M.; Saini, M., 2018:
Formulation and evaluation of curcumin microsponges for oral and topical drug delivery

M S Hussein, A.; M Hussein, M.; Salama, M.F.; M Hamed, I.; Aly Fouda, K.; Mohamed, R.S., 2018:
Formulation and Evaluation of Functional Cookies for Improving Health of Primary School Children

Qureshi, M.; Aqil, M.; Imam, S.Sarim.; Ahad, A.; Sultana, Y., 2018:
Formulation and evaluation of neuroactive drug loaded chitosan nanoparticle for nose to brain delivery: In-vitro characterization and In-vivo behavior study

Sharma, A.; Puri, V.; Kakkar, V.; Singh, I., 2018:
Formulation and Evaluation of Silymarin-Loaded Chitosan-Montmorilloite Microbeads for the Potential Treatment of Gastric Ulcers

Ansari, H.; Singh, P., 2018:
Formulation and in-vivo Evaluation of Novel Topical Gel of Lopinavir for Targeting HIV

Zhou, Q.Tony.; Li, T., 2018:
Formulation and Manufacturing of Solid Dosage Forms

Deshkar, S.Shekhar.; Bhalerao, S.Gangadhar.; Jadhav, M.Shivaji.; Shirolkar, S.Vasudeo., 2018:
Formulation and Optimization of Topical Solid Lipid Nanoparticles Based Gel of Dapsone Using Design of Experiment

Zhao, F.; Dave, V.S.; Mar, M.Z.; Perri, J.R., 2018:
Formulation and Stability Study of Eslicarbazepine Acetate Oral Suspensions for Extemporaneous Compounding

Barradas, Tís.Nogueira.; Senna, J.Perdiz.; Cardoso, S.Araujo.; de Holanda E Silva, K.Gyselle.; Elias Mansur, C.R., 2018:
Formulation characterization and in vitro drug release of hydrogel-thickened nanoemulsions for topical delivery of 8-methoxypsoralen

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Formulation, characterization, and in vitro/in vivo studies of capsaicin-loaded albumin nanoparticles

Wei, Q.; Yang, Q.; Wang, Q.; Sun, C.; Zhu, Y.; Niu, Y.; Yu, J.; Xu, X., 2018:
Formulation, Characterization, and Pharmacokinetic Studies of 6-Gingerol-Loaded Nanostructured Lipid Carriers

Shahzad, A.; Khan, A.; Afzal, Z.; Umer, M.Farooq.; Khan, J.; Khan, G.Majid., 2018:
Formulation development and characterization of cefazolin nanoparticles-loaded cross-linked films of sodium alginate and pectin as wound dressings

Salem, H.F.; Kharshoum, R.M.; Sayed, O.M.; Abdel Hakim, L.F., 2018:
Formulation development of self-nanoemulsifying drug delivery system of celecoxib for the management of oral cavity inflammation

McFall, H.; Sarabu, S.; Shankar, V.; Bandari, S.; Murthy, S.Narasimha.; Kolter, K.; Langley, N.; Kim, D.Wuk.; Repka, M.A., 2018:
Formulation of aripiprazole-loaded pH-modulated solid dispersions via hot-melt extrusion technology: In vitro and in vivo studies

Oro, C.E.D.; Rigo, D.; Gaio, I.; Valduga, E.; Paliga, M.; Silva, M.F.; Vedovatto, F.; Zabot, G.L.; Tres, M.V., 2018:
Formulation of chicken sausages with broiler blood proteins and dye

Rojas, Víria.Maeda.; Marconi, L.Felipe.da.Costa.Baptista.; Guimarães-Inácio, A.; Leimann, F.Vitória.; Tanamati, A.; Gozzo, Ângela.Maria.; Fuchs, R.Hernandez.Barros.; Barreiro, M.Filomena.; Barros, L.; Ferreira, I.C.F.R.; Tanamati, A.Aparecida.Coelho.; Gonçalves, O.Hess., 2018:
Formulation of mayonnaises containing PUFAs by the addition of microencapsulated chia seeds, pumpkin seeds and baru oils

Sundararajan, B.; Moola, A.Kumar.; Vivek, K.; Kumari, B.D.Ranjitha., 2018:
Formulation of nanoemulsion from leaves essential oil of Ocimum basilicum L. and its antibacterial, antioxidant and larvicidal activities (Culex quinquefasciatus)

Thanki, K.; Blum, K.G.; Thakur, A.; Rose, F.; Foged, C., 2018:
Formulation of RNA interference-based drugs for pulmonary delivery: challenges and opportunities

Mittal, P.; Vardhan, H.; Ajmal, G.; Bonde, G.Vasant.; Kapoor, R.; Mittal, A.; Mishra, B., 2018:
Formulation, Optimization, Heamocompatibility and pharmacokinetic evaluation of PLGA Nanoparticles containing Paclitaxel

Pansara, C.; Chan, W.Yee.; Parikh, A.; Trott, D.J.; Mehta, T.; Mishra, R.; Garg, S., 2018:
Formulation Optimization of Chitosan-Stabilized Silver Nanoparticles Using In Vitro Antimicrobial Assay

Pindiprolu, S.Kiran.S.S.; Chintamaneni, P.Kumar.; Krishnamurthy, P.T.; Ratna Sree Ganapathineedi, K., 2018:
Formulation-optimization of solid lipid nanocarrier system of STAT3 inhibitor to improve its activity in triple negative breast cancer cells

Hörmann, T.R.; Jäger, N.; Funke, A.; Mürb, R-K.; Khinast, J.G.; Paudel, A., 2018:
Formulation performance and processability window for manufacturing a dual-polymer amorphous solid dispersion via hot-melt extrusion and strand pelletization

Berrazaga, I.; Mession, J.L.; Laleg, K.; Salles, J.; Guillet, C.; Patrac, V.; Giraudet, C.; Le Bacquer, O.; Boirie, Y.; Micard, V.; Husson, F.; Saurel, R.; Walrand, S., 2018:
Formulation, process conditions, and biological evaluation of dairy mixed gels containing fava bean and milk proteins: Effect on protein retention in growing young rats

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Formylglycine-generating enzymes for site-specific bioconjugation

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Formyl-methionine as an N-degron of a eukaryotic N-end rule pathway

Zhang, H.; Wang, D.; Gong, P.; Lin, A.; Zhang, Y.; Ye, R.D.; Yu, Y., 2018:
Formyl Peptide Receptor 2 Deficiency Improves Cognition and Attenuates Tau Hyperphosphorylation and Astrogliosis in a Mouse Model of Alzheimer's Disease

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Formyl-Peptide Receptors in Infection, Inflammation, and Cancer

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For Smoking Cessation, E-Cigarette Flavors Aren't Required

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For the Little Queers: Imagining Queerness in "New" Queer Children's Literature

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Fortuitous discovery of a Stafne bone cavity in the Cone Beam CT sialography

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Forty-year follow-up of a breast reconstruction procedure

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Forty years on from Alma Ata: present and future of Primary Health Care research

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Forum on China-Africa Cooperation: what it means for health

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Foruncular myiasis. A biting tumor

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Forward and backward recall of serial actions: Exploring the temporal dynamics of working memory for instruction

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Forward arm extension as a cue for gait initiation in Parkinson's patients

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Forward Brillouin scattering acoustic impedance sensor using thin polyimide-coated fiber

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Forward dynamic optimization of handle path and muscle activity for handle based isokinetic wheelchair propulsion: A simulation study

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Forward Genetics Approach Reveals a Mutation in bHLH Transcription Factor-Encoding Gene as the Best Candidate for the Root Hairless Phenotype in Barley

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Forward Genetics by Genome Sequencing Uncovers the Central Role of the Aspergillus niger goxB Locus in Hydrogen Peroxide Induced Glucose Oxidase Expression

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Forwarding Molecular Design of Heterogeneous Catalysts

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Forward osmosis remediation of high salinity Permian Basin produced water from unconventional oil and gas development

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Forward osmosis system analysis for optimum design and operating conditions

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Forward osmosis treatment of effluents from dairy and automobile industry - results from short-term experiments to show general applicability

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Forward projection matrix derivation through Monte-Carlo ray-tracing of KSTAR infra-red imaging video bolometer (IRVB)

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Forward-viewing echoendoscope versus standard echoendoscope for endoscopic ultrasound-guided tissue acquisition of solid lesions: a randomized, multicenter study

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For whom the bell tolled

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For Whom the Cell Tolls? Intratumoral Treatment Links Innate and Adaptive Immunity

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Fosfomycin for management of persistent female lower urinary tract infection

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Fosfomycin tromethamine inhibits the expressions of TNF-α, IL-8 and IL-6 in the prostate tissue of rats with chronic bacterial prostatitis

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Fossil Atmospheres: a case study of citizen science in question-driven palaeontological research

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Fossils reveal the complex evolutionary history of the mammalian regionalized spine

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Fostamatinib in chronic immune thrombocytopenia: a profile of its use in the USA

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Foster Caregiver Experience of Pediatric Hospital-to-Home Transitions: A Qualitative Analysis

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Foster care, syndemic health disparities and associations with HIV/STI diagnoses among young adult substance users

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Fostering advances to neuropsychological assessment based on the Research Domain Criteria: the bridge between cognitive functioning and physiology

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Fostering a healthcare sector quality and safety culture

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Fostering Choice Awareness for Shared Decision Making: A Secondary Analysis of Video-Recorded Clinical Encounters

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Fostering Clinical-Research Partnerships to Advance Physiotherapy Practice: The Role of an Innovative Neuro-Rehabilitation Clinic

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Fostering Innovation in Symptom Management among Hemodialysis Patients: Paths Forward for Insomnia, Muscle Cramps, and Fatigue

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Fostering leadership through the changing practice of the emergency nurse practitioner specialty

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Fostering medical students' lifelong learning skills with a dashboard, coaching and learning planning

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Fostering positive weight-related conversations between health care professionals, children, and families: Development of a knowledge translation Casebook and evaluation protocol

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Fostering quality experiences: Qualitative perspectives from program members and providers in a community-based exercise program for adults with physical disabilities

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Fostering the conduct of ethical and equitable research practices: the imperative for integrated knowledge translation in research conducted by and with indigenous community members

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Fostering the Understanding of Positive Test Results

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Fostering Today What is Needed Tomorrow: Investigating Students' Interest in Science

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'Fostering transformative learning, self-reflexivity and medical citizenship through guided tours of disadvantaged neighborhoods'

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Fostering trust in healthcare: Participants' experiences, views, and concerns about the 100,000 genomes project

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Fouling Mitigation and Wastewater Treatment Enhancement through the Application of an Electro Moving Bed Membrane Bioreactor (eMB-MBR)

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Fouling-Release Properties of Dendritic Polyglycerols against Marine Diatoms

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Fouling-resistant and Self-cleaning Aliphatic Polyketone Membrane for Sustainable Oil-Water Emulsion Separation

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Fouling resistant functional blend membrane for removal of organic matter and heavy metal ions

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Foul or No Foul? Effects of Permitted Fouls on the Defence Performance in Team Handball

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Foundations in the Netherlands: Toward a Diversified Social Model?

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Foundations of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry

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Foundations of data-driven medicinal chemistry

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Foundations of Practice

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Foundation species enhance food web complexity through non-trophic facilitation

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Founders of Indian Neurosciences: Professor Vijay Shanker Dave-The inspiring initiator of neurosurgery in Uttar Pradesh

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Founders Series Interview with Dr. Dorothy Racinski-Gregory

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Four Approaches for Determining Composite Scores for the Measurement of Transition in Cancer Scale

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Four Cases of Aneurism of the Arch of the Aorta, and a Case of Diaphragmatic Hernia

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Four Cases of Bone Transplantation

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Four cases of excimer laser coronary atherectomy guided by optical coherence tomography

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Four Cases of Facial Paralysis Successfully Treated with Electricity

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Four Cases of Fracture of the Larynx

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Four Cases of Gonorrhœal Arthritis Treated by Vaccine Therapy

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Four cases of Mobius syndrome

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Four Cases of Poisoning by the Berries of Coriaria Myrtifolia

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Four Channel Multivariate Coherence Training: Development and Evidence in Support of a New Form of Neurofeedback

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Four compartment method as an efficacious and simplified technique for autologous non-cultured epidermal cell suspension preparation in vitiligo surgery: A randomized, active-controlled study

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Four-component acyloxy-trifluoromethylation of arylalkenes mediated by a photoredox catalyst

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Four-Component Domino Synthesis of Pyrazolo[3,4- h]quinoline-3-carbonitriles: "Turn-Off" Fluorescent Chemosensor for Fe 3+ Ions

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Four-component relativistic range-separated density-functional theory: Short-range exchange local-density approximation

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Four-coordinate triarylborane synthesis via cascade B-Cl/C-B cross-metathesis and C-H bond borylation

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Four decades' dynamics of coastal blue carbon storage driven by land use/land cover transformation under natural and anthropogenic processes in the Yellow River Delta, China

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Four decades of water quality change in the upper San Francisco Estuary

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Four-dimensional calibration turntable of the motional Stark effect diagnostic on EAST

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Four-dimensional CT Analysis of Wrist Kinematics during Radioulnar Deviation

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Four-dimensional flow magnetic resonance imaging analysis before and after thoracic endovascular aortic repair of chronic type B aortic dissection

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Four-dimensional Flow MRI as a Marker for Risk Stratification of Gastroesophageal Varices in Patients with Liver Cirrhosis

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Four-dimensional magnetic resonance evaluation of valve preservation: Keep those studies flowing

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Four-dimensional Plan Optimization for the Treatment of Lung Tumors Using Pencil-beam Scanning Proton Radiotherapy

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Four drug-sensitive subunits are required for maximal effect of a voltage sensor-targeted KCNQ opener

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Four Es of caring in contemporary nursing: Exploring novice to experienced nurses

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Four Evidence-Based Communication Strategies to Enhance Patient Care

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Four flavonoid glycosyltransferases present in tea overexpressed in model plants Arabidopsis thaliana and Nicotiana tabacum for functional identification

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Four Hitherto Unpublished Cases of Inversion of the Uterus Occurring in Consulting Practice of the Late Dr. James Wilson, Glasgow

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Four hundred shades of brown: Higher level phylogeny of the problematic Euptychiina (Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae, Satyrinae) based on hybrid enrichment data

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Fourier conjugate adaptive optics for deep-tissue large field of view imaging

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Fourier rainbow holography

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Fourier spectrometer built by a permanent magnet cylinder falling uniformly in a conductive tube

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Fourier-Transform Infrared Imaging Spectroscopy and Laser Ablation -ICPMS New Vistas for Biochemical Analyses of Ischemic Stroke in Rat Brain

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Fourier transform infrared spectra of cells on glass coverslips. A further step in spectral pathology

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Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy based spectral biomarkers of metastasized breast cancer progression

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Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy: unlocking fundamentals and prospects for bacterial strain typing

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Fourier Transform Microwave Spectra of the Nitrogen Molecule-Ethylene Sulfide and Nitrogen Molecule-Dimethyl Sulfide Complexes

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Fourier transform near-infrared and mid-infrared spectroscopy as efficient tools for rapid screening of deoxynivalenol contamination in wheat bran

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Four-Layer Stent Sandwich for Recurrent In-Stent Occlusion of the Right Coronary Artery: "The Four Musketeers" Fighting for Coronary Flow

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Four long noncoding RNAs as potential prognostic biomarkers for hepatocellular carcinoma

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Four-miRNA signature to identify asbestos-related lung malignancies

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Four model variants within a continuous forensic DNA mixture interpretation framework: Effects on evidential inference and reporting

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Four new Amynthas and Metaphire earthworm species from nine provinces in southern China

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Four new antitumor metabolites isolated from a mutant 3-f-31 strain derived from Penicillium purpurogenum G59

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Four new C 19 -diterpenoid alkaloids from Aconitum hemsleyanum var. circinatum

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Four new C-benzyl flavonoids from the fruit of Uvaria cherrevensis

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Four new choanoflagellate species from extreme saline environments: Indication for isolation-driven speciation exemplified by highly adapted Craspedida from salt flats in the Atacama Desert (Northern Chile)

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Four new compounds from Dendrobium devonianum

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Four new Megaselia species (Diptera: Phoridae) from aanimal carcasses in Bangi, Malaysia

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Four new Ophiostoma species associated with hardwood-infesting bark beetles in Norway and Poland

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Four new species and new synonymy in Stenocerus Schoenherr, 1826 (Coleoptera, Anthribidae, Anthribinae, Stenocerini)

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Four new species and one new subspecies of Arctiinae (Lepidoptera: Erebidae) from the Tambopata river, Madre de Dios, Peru

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Four new species of dactylogyrids (Monogenea: Dactylogyridae) parasitic on gills of labrid and sparid fishes from Southeastern Pacific Ocean off Peru

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Four new species of giant pill-millipedes from Vietnam (Sphaerotheriida, Zephroniidae)

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Four new species of Hexactinellida (Porifera) and a name replacement from the NE Pacific

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Four new species of Magelona (Annelida: Magelonidae) from Easter Island, Guam and Hawaii

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Four new species of Paranaitis Southern, 1914 (Phyllodocidae, Annelida) from southern and southeastern Brazil

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Four new species of Pselaphodes Westwood (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Pselaphinae) from Thailand, Laos, and China

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Four new species of the digger wasp genus Ammophila W. Kirby, 1798 (Hymenoptera, Sphecidae) from Central Asia

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Four new species of the genus Eudarcia Clemens, 1880 (Lepidoptera: Meessiidae) from Crimea

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Four new species of the leafhopper genus Riseveinus Li (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Evacanthinae) from China and Thailand

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Four new species of the spider genus Leclercera Deeleman-Reinhold (Araneae, Ochyroceratidae) from Nepal

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Four new species of tribe Coelidiini (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Coelidiinae) from the Afrotropical Region

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Four new Tuber species added to the Rufum group from China based on morphological and molecular evidence

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Fournier gangrene

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Fournier gangrene: an historical reappraisal

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Fournier gangrene due to Rhizobium Radiobacter

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Fournier's gangrene caused by penetration of a rectal cancer followed by neoadjuvant chemotherapy

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Fournier's gangrene: not as lethal as previously thought? A case series

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Fournier's Gangrene of the Penis following a Human Bite Wound

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Fournier's gangrene: outcome analysis and prognostic factors

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Four Non-functional FUT1 Alleles Were Identified in Seven Chinese Individuals with Para-Bombay Phenotypes

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Four novel sesquiterpenoids with their anti-Alzheimer's disease activity from Nardostachys chinensis

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Four novel silenced RHCE

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Four-octyl itaconate activates Keap1-Nrf2 signaling to protect neuronal cells from hydrogen peroxide

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Four Questions to Shape Performance: Which behavior would make the biggest difference in yielding the results you need?

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Fourteen-month-old infants track the language comprehension of communicative partners

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Foveal microstructure and visual outcomes of myopic macular hole surgery with or without the inverted internal limiting membrane flap technique

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Foveal microvascular anomalies on optical coherence tomography angiography and the correlation with foveal thickness and visual acuity in retinopathy of prematurity

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FOXA2 gene mutation in a patient with congenital complex pituitary hormone deficiency

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FOXC2 promotes epithelial-mesenchymal transition and cisplatin resistance of non-small cell lung cancer cells

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FOXD2-AS1 correlates with the malignant status and regulates cell proliferation, migration, and invasion in cutaneous melanoma

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Foxes ( Vulpes vulpes ) as sentinels for parasitic zoonoses, Toxoplasma gondii and Trichinella nativa, in the northeastern Canadian Arctic

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FOXF2 differentially regulates expression of metabolic genes in non-cancerous and cancerous breast epithelial cells

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FOXF2 inhibits proliferation, migration, and invasion of Hela cells by regulating Wnt signaling pathway

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Foxf2 plays a dual role during transforming growth factor beta-induced epithelial to mesenchymal transition by promoting apoptosis yet enabling cell junction dissolution and migration

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FoxG1 facilitates proliferation and inhibits differentiation by downregulating FoxO/Smad signaling in glioblastoma

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FOXG1 Orchestrates Neocortical Organization and Cortico-Cortical Connections

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FOXL2 and DMRT1L Are Yin and Yang Genes for Determining Timing of Sex Differentiation in the Bivalve Mollusk Patinopecten yessoensis

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FOXM1c promotes oesophageal cancer metastasis by transcriptionally regulating IRF1 expression

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Foxm1 is a critical driver of TGF-β-induced EndMT in endothelial cells through Smad2/3 and binds to the Snail promoter

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FoxM1 Promotes Cell Proliferation, Invasion, and Stem Cell Properties in Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma

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FoxN1-dependent thymic epithelial cells promote T-cell leukemia development

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FOXN3 is downregulated in osteosarcoma and transcriptionally regulates SIRT6, and suppresses migration and invasion in osteosarcoma

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FOXO1 associated with sensitivity to chemotherapy drugs and glial-mesenchymal transition in glioma

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FOXO1 Deletion Reverses the Effect of Diabetic-Induced Impaired Fracture Healing

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FoxO1-miRNA interacting networks as potential targets for mitochondrial diseases

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FoxO1 Suppresses Kaposi's Sarcoma-Associated Herpesvirus Lytic Replication and Controls Viral Latency

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Foxp2 loss of function increases striatal direct pathway inhibition via increased GABA release

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FoxP3 and IDO in Canine Melanocytic Tumors

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Foxp3 expression in induced regulatory T cells is stabilized by C/EBP in inflammatory environments

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Foxp3 Molecular Dynamics in Treg in Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis

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foxr1 is a novel maternal-effect gene in fish that is required for early embryonic success

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FOXRED1 silencing in mice: a possible animal model for Leigh syndrome

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Fox sightings in a city are related to certain land use classes and sociodemographics: results from a citizen science project

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FPGA implementation of deep-learning recurrent neural networks with sub-millisecond real-time latency for BCI-decoding of large-scale neural sensors (104 nodes)

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Food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome: Increased prevalence of this great unknown-results of the PREVALE study

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FPR1 mediates the tumorigenicity of human cervical cancer cells

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FPwatch: Facility-based Survey Data for Family Planning Market Analysis in Five FP2020-focus Countries

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FR4-Based Electromagnetic Scanning Micromirror Integrated with Angle Sensor

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FRA1 mediates the activation of keratinocytes: Implications for the development of psoriatic plaques

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Fra-2 Expression in Osteoblasts Regulates Systemic Inflammation and Lung Injury through Osteopontin

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Fra-2 is a novel candidate drug target expressed in the podocytes of lupus nephritis

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Fra2 Overexpression in Mice Leads to Non-allergic Asthma Development in an IL-13 Dependent Manner

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FRAC: Fringing-RF-field-activated dc-to-pulse converter for low-energy ion beams

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FracKfinder: A MATLAB Toolbox for Computing Three-Dimensional Hydraulic Conductivity Tensors for Fractured Porous Media

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Fracking and risky behaviors: Evidence from Pennsylvania

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Fractal Analysis of BOLD Time Series in a Network Associated With Waiting Impulsivity

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Fractal analysis of low attenuation clusters on computed tomography in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

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Fractal complexity of daily physical activity patterns differs with age over the lifespan and is associated with mortality in older adults

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Fractal dimension in the evaluation of different treatments of muscular injury in rats

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Fractal dimensions and branching characteristics of placental chorionic surface arteries

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Fractalis: a scalable open-source service for platform-independent interactive visual analysis of biomedical data

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Fractalkine/CX3CR1 is involved in the cross-talk between neuron and glia in neurological diseases

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Fractal properties and morphological investigation of Nano hydrochlorothiazide is used to treat hypertension

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Fractal superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors with reduced polarization sensitivity

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Fractional Ablative CO2 Laser Followed by Topical Application of Sodium Stibogluconate for Treatment of Active Cutaneous Leishmaniasis: A Randomized Controlled Trial

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Fractional Contribution of Wildland Firefighters' Personal Protective Equipment on Physiological Strain

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Fractional dosing of yellow fever vaccine during shortages: perspective from Canada

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Fractional Excitonic Insulator

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Fractional excretion of magnesium and kidney function parameters in nondiabetic chronic kidney disease

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