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Genetic diversity and population structure of Lychnis wilfordii (Caryophyllaceae) with newly developed 17 microsatellite markers

Kim, B.; Nakamura, K.; Tamura, S.; Lee, B.Y.; Kwak, M.

Genes and Genomics 41(4): 381-387


ISSN/ISBN: 2092-9293
PMID: 30506123
DOI: 10.1007/s13258-018-0759-0
Accession: 065794779

Lychnis wilfordii (Regel) Maxim. is a perennial plant designated as an endangered species by the Korean government because of rapid reduction in its population size. Thus, a population genetic study of this species is needed to establish the strategy for management and conservation based on scientific evidences. The goals of this study were to develop useful microsatellite markers for L. wilfordii and to understand current genetic status of L. wilfordii in Korean peninsula. Seventeen microsatellite markers were identified using next-generation sequencing and bioinformatic analysis and then analyzed genetic diversity in one hundred forty-five individuals from Korea (KI1, KI2, and KP), China (CX, CF) and Russia (RP). Analysis of molecular variance (AMOVA), principal coordinates analysis (PCoA) and STRUCTURE results consistently showed discontinuity among L. wilfordii populations. AMOVA showed that the percentage of variation among populations was 53%, which was higher than the variation within populations (19%). PCoA showed that the populations were divided into three genetic clusters, (1) Chinese (CX, CF), (2) Russian (RP) populations and Korean populations (KI1, KI2) excluding KP, and (3) the KP population. In particular, KP, the most southern population on the Korean peninsula, showed significantly lower observed and expected heterozygosity, number of effective alleles, and Shannon index (I) than those of KI1 and KI2. L. wilfordii showed high differentiation between populations with low genetic diversity within populations. Among Korean populations, KP is likely to be affected by genetic drift due to small population size, low genetic diversity and limited gene flow.

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