Left inferior frontal cortex can compensate the inhibitory functions of right inferior frontal cortex and pre-supplementary motor area

Gavazzi, G.; Lenge, M.; Bartolini, E.; Bianchi, A.; Agovi, H.; Mugnai, F.; Guerrini, R.; Giordano, F.; Viggiano, M.Pia.; Mascalchi, M.

Journal of neuropsychology 13(3): 503-508


ISSN/ISBN: 1748-6645
PMID: 30156753
DOI: 10.1111/jnp.12170
Accession: 065830971

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Right-IFG and pre-SMA are associated with inhibitory responses. We used functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging to explore whether the contralateral homotopic regions can functionally replace them. An adolescent, with an extensive traumatic lesion of the right cerebral hemisphere having occurred 5 years earlier, performed a motor response inhibition task (Go/Nogo), which was properly accomplished and associated to activations in the left-IFC, precuneus and occipital cortex. Such functional remodelling is in line with the theory of 'near equipotentiality' of the cerebral hemispheres.