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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 65918

Chapter 65918 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Significance of Medial Osteotomy on the Olfactory Function in Patients Who Underwent Septorhinoplasty
, Journal of Craniofacial Surgery 30(2): E106 (2019)

Significance of Multi-center Respiratory Surgery Perioperative Team Training Including Various Medical Staffs
, Masui. Japanese Journal of Anesthesiology 66(4): 463-469 (2017)

Significance of Multiple Acute Ischemic Lesions on Initial Diffusion-weighted Imaging in Stroke Patients and Relation of Toast Classification
, Annals of Indian Academy of Neurology 21(3): 197-202 (2018)

Significance of nailfold videocapillaroscopy in patients with idiopathic inflammatory myopathies
, Rheumatology 58(1): 120-130 (2019)

Significance of neck dissection for the treatment of clinically-evident medullary thyroid carcinomas: A systematic review
, Auris Nasus Larynx 46(3): 417-423 (2019)

Significance of neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NACT) in limb salvage treatment of osteosarcoma and its effect on GLS1 expression
, European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences 22(19): 6538-6544 (2018)

Significance of NF-kappaB signaling and PARP1 activity in the TNF-induced inhibition of PHEX gene expression in human osteoblasts
, Acta Biochimica Polonica 65(4): 573 (2018)

Significance of non-coding circular RNAs and micro RNAs in the pathogenesis of cardiovascular diseases
, Journal of Medical Genetics 55(11): 713-720 (2018)

Significance of Occult Hepatitis C Virus Infection in Liver Transplant Patients With Cryptogenic Cirrhosis
, Experimental and Clinical Transplantation 2018: (2018)

Significance of Opioid Receptors in the Cytoprotective Action of Chronic Hypoxia During Anoxia-Reoxygenation of Cardiomyocytes
, Rossiiskii Fiziologicheskii Zhurnal Imeni I.M. Sechenova 102(6): 688-697 (2016)

Significance of Perioperative Tests to Diagnose the Infection in Revision Total Shoulder Arthroplasty
, Archives of Bone and Joint Surgery 6(5): 359-364 (2018)

Significance of Postinfectious Irritable Bowel Syndrome?
, Gastroenterology 2018: (2018)

Significance of prediabetes as a nosological entity
, Biomedical Papers of the Medical Faculty of the University Palacky Olomouc Czechoslovakia 2018: (2018)

Significance of preoperative acute kidney injury in patients with acute type A aortic dissection
, Journal of the Formosan Medical Association 118(4): 815-820 (2019)

Significance of Provocative Perfusion Computed Tomography for Evaluation of Bow Hunter Syndrome
, World Neurosurgery 121: 1-3 (2019)

Significance of Pulmonary Hypertension in Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
, Current Problems in Cardiology 2018: (2018)

Significance of PYK2 level as a prognosis predictor in patients with colon adenocarcinoma after surgical resection
, Oncotargets and Therapy 11: 7625-7634 (2018)

Significance of re-biopsy of histological tumor samples in advanced non-small-cell lung cancer in clinical practice
, International Journal of Clinical Oncology 24(1): 41-45 ( 2019)

Significance of recumbent curvature in prediction of in-orthosis correction for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis
, Prosthetics and Orthotics International 43(2): 163-169 (2019)

Significance of reduced number of cigarettes smoked after release from smoke-free prisons
, Drug and Alcohol Dependence 194: 195-196 (2019)

Significance of retinol binding protein and prealbumin in neonatal nutritional evaluation
, Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 31(4(Special): 1613-1616 (2018)

Significance of Screening Tests and the Incidence of New Delhi Metallo-beta-lactamase-Producing Gram-negative Bacilli in the Surgery and Transplantation Wards of a Warsaw Medical Center During the Period From April 2014 to May 2017
, Transplantation Proceedings 50(7): 2159-2163 (2018)

Significance of somatic mutations on the prognosis of myelodysplastic syndromes
, Japanese Journal of Clinical Hematology 59(8): 1078-1085 (2018)

Significance of the detection of influenza and other respiratory viruses for antibiotic stewardship: Lessons from the post-pandemic period
, International Journal of Infectious Diseases 77: 53-56 (2018)

Significance of the intraindividual variability of HLA IgG antibodies in renal disease patients observed with different beadsets monitored with two different secondary antibodies on a Luminex platform
, Immunologic Research 66(5): 584-604 (2018)

Significance of urinary 11-dehydro-thromboxane B 2 in age-related diseases: Focus on atherothrombosis
, Ageing Research Reviews 48: 51-78 (2018)

Significances of spirometry and impulse oscillometry for detecting small airway disorders assessed with endobronchial optical coherence tomography in COPD
, International Journal of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease 13: 3031-3044 (2018)

Significance Testing and Multivariate Analysis of Datasets from Surface Plasmon Resonance and Surface Acoustic Wave Biosensors: Prediction and Assay Validation for Surface Binding of Large Analytes
, Sensors 18(10): (2018)

Significant allelic dropout phenomenon of Oncomine BRCA Research Assay on Ion Torrent S5
, Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine 57(6): E124 (2019)

Significant Association Between Coronary Artery Low-Attenuation Plaque Volume and Apnea-Hypopnea Index, But Not Muscle Sympathetic Nerve Activity, in Patients With Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome
, Circulation Journal 82(11): 2852-2860 (2018)

Significant Association Between Variant in SGCD and Age-Related Macular Degeneration
, Genes 9(10): (2018)

Significant Association of Aldosterone and Liver Fat Among HIV-Infected Individuals With Metabolic Dysregulation
, Journal of the Endocrine Society 2(10): 1147-1157 (2018)

Significant association of anti-platelet factor 4/heparin antibody with cardiovascular disease in hemodialysis patients: a longitudinal 7-year study
, International Urology and Nephrology 50(12): 2289-2297 (2018)

Significant association of IL-6-572G/C, IL-6-597G/A, and IL-6-174G/C polymorphisms and susceptibility to lumbar degenerative disease: A meta-analysis
, Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery 175: 40-46 (2018)

Significant association of long non-coding RNAs HOTAIR genetic polymorphisms with cancer recurrence and patient survival in patients with uterine cervical cancer
, International Journal of Medical Sciences 15(12): 1312-1319 (2018)

Significant benefits of new communication technology for time delay management in STEMI patients
, Plos one 13(11): E0205832 (2018)

Significant bleeding from Meckel's diverticulum after blunt abdominal trauma: a case report
, Journal of Medical Case Reports 12(1): 269 (2018)

Significant cephalad lead migration with use of externally powered spinal cord stimulator
, Bmj Case Reports 2018: (2018)

Significant changes in emergency department length of stay and case mix over eight years at a large Swedish University Hospital
, International Emergency Nursing 43: 50-55 (2019)

Significant Correlation between High-Risk HPV DNA in Semen and Impairment of Sperm Quality in Infertile Men
, International Journal of Fertility and Sterility 12(4): 306-309 (2019)

Significant cost savings and similar patient outcomes associated with early discharge following total knee arthroplasty
, Canadian Journal of Surgery. Journal Canadien de Chirurgie 62(1): 20-24 (2019)

Significant Delay in the Detection of Desaturation between Finger Transmittance and Earlobe Reflectance Oximetry Probes during Fiberoptic Bronchoscopy: Analysis of 104 Cases
, Lung 197(1): 67-72 (2019)

Significant Differences in Debris Captured by the Sentinel Dual-Filter Cerebral Embolic Protection During Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement Among Different Valve Types
, Jacc. Cardiovascular Interventions 11(17): 1683-1693 (2018)

Significant differences in maternal carotenoid provisioning and effects on offspring fitness in Chinook salmon colour morphs
, Journal of Evolutionary Biology 31(12): 1876-1893 (2018)

Significant Dimension Reduction of 3D Brain MRI using 3D Convolutional Autoencoders
, Conference Proceedings 2018: 5162-5165 (2018)

Significant drug-drug interaction between warfarin and nafcillin
, Therapeutic Advances in Drug Safety 9(11): 667-671 (2018)

Significant Effect of Acupressure in Elevating Blood Stem Cell Factor During Chemotherapy in Patients With Gynecologic Cancer
, Journal of Nursing Research 26(6): 411-419 (2018)

Significant effect of Mg-pressure-controlled annealing: non-stoichiometry and thermoelectric properties of Mg 2-δ Si 1-x Sb x
, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 20(40): 25939-25950 (2018)

Significant effects of exposure to relatively low level ozone on daily mortality in 17 cities from three Eastern Asian Countries
, Environmental Research 168: 80-84 (2019)

Significant Enhancement of Absorption and Luminescence Dissymmetry Factors in the Far-Red Region: A Zinc(II) Homoleptic Helicate Formed by a Pair of Achiral Dipyrromethene Ligands
, Chemistry 24(63): 16889-16894 (2018)

Significant enhancement of conductance of a hybrid layered molybdate semiconductor by light or heat
, Chemical Communications 54(100): 14077-14080 (2018)

Significant enhancement of direct electric communication across enzyme-electrode interface via nano-patterning of synthetic glucose dehydrogenase on spatially tunable gold nanoparticle (AuNP)-modified electrode
, Biosensors and Bioelectronics 126: 170-177 (2019)

Significant Enhancement of Hydrogen-Sensing Properties of ZnO Nanofibers through NiO Loading
, Nanomaterials 8(11): (2018)

Significant hemolysis is not required for thrombosis in paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria
, Haematologica 104(3): E94 (2019)

Significant HONO formation by the photolysis of nitrates in the presence of humic acids
, Environmental Pollution 243(Pt A): 679-686 (2018)

Significant hyperopic shift in a patient with extreme myopia following severe hypotonia caused by glaucoma filtering surgery
, European Journal of Ophthalmology 29(1): Np6 (2019)

Significant impact of new oral therapies against HCV on the waiting list for liver transplantation in Spain
, Journal of Hepatology 69(4): 966-968 (2018)

Significant increase in serum hCG levels following methotrexate therapy is associated with lower treatment success rates in ectopic pregnancy patients
, European Journal of Obstetrics Gynecology and Reproductive Biology 231: 188-191 (2018)

Significant increase of pathogen detection rate by dry arthroscopic biopsies at suspected low-grade infection following total knee arthroplasty: a prospective observational study
, Archives of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery 138(11): 1583-1590 (2018)

Significant induction of soluble TNFR2 compared with TNFR1 in serum samples of HIV patients with or without antiretroviral medication
, Infectious Disorders Drug Targets 2018: (2018)

Significant joint-destructive association of HLA-DRB1*04:05 independent of DAS28 in rheumatoid arthritis
, Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases 78(2): 284-286 (2019)

Significantly depleted 15 N in suspended particulate organic matter indicating a strong influence of sewage loading in Daya Bay, China
, Science of the Total Environment 650(Pt 1): 759-768 (2019)

Significantly different contact patterns between Aβ40 and Aβ42 monomers involving the N-terminal region
, Chemical Biology and Drug Design 94(3): 1615-1625 (2019)

Significantly enhanced infrared absorption of graphene photodetector under surface-plasmonic coupling and polariton interference
, Optics Express 26(23): 30862-30872 (2018)

Significantly enhanced magnetoresistance in monolayer WTe 2 via heterojunction engineering: a first-principles study
, Nanoscale 10(47): 22231-22236 (2018)

Significantly increased amino acid accumulation in a novel albino branch of the tea plant (Camellia sinensis)
, Planta 249(2): 363-376 (2019)

Significantly lower CYP2D6 metabolism measured as the O/N-desmethylvenlafaxine metabolic ratio in carriers of CYP2D6*41 versus CYP2D6*9 or CYP2D6*10: a study on therapeutic drug monitoring data from 1003 genotyped Scandinavian patients
, British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 85(1): 194-201 (2019)

Significantly lower serum and hair magnesium levels in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder than controls: A systematic review and meta-analysis
, Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology and Biological Psychiatry 90: 134-141 (2019)

Significantly prolonged PT and APTT could indicate a wide spectrum of clinical manifestations in three patients with plasma cell disorders
, International Journal of Laboratory Hematology 41(1): E23 (2019)

Significant Medical and Surgical Morbidity in Perianal Crohn's Disease: Results from a Territory-Wide Study
, Journal of Crohn's and Colitis 12(12): 1392-1398 (2018)

Significant Nationwide Variability in the Costs and Hospital Mortality Rates of Autologous Stem Cell Transplantation for Multiple Myeloma: An Analysis of the Nationwide Inpatient Sample Database
, Biology of Blood and Marrow Transplantation 25(1): 41-46 (2019)

Significant orbital and intracranial complications from balloon sinus dilation as a stand-alone and powered dissector-assisted procedure
, Laryngoscope 128(11): 2455-2459 (2018)

Significant others' experience of hospitalized patients' transfer to home: A systematic review and meta-synthesis
, Zeitschrift für Evidenz Fortbildung und Qualitat Im Gesundheitswesen 139: 1-9 (2018)

Significant predictors of mathematical literacy for top-tiered countries/economies, Canada, and the United States on PISA 2012: Case for the sparse regression model
, British Journal of Educational Psychology 89(4): 726-749 (2019)

Significant predictors of medically diagnosed chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in patients with preserved ratio impaired spirometry: a 3-year cohort study
, Respiratory Research 19(1): 185 (2018)

Significant predictors of overall survival in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma after surgical resection
, Plos one 13(9): E0202650 (2018)

Significant reduction in air pollutant emissions from household cooking stoves by replacing raw solid fuels with their carbonized products
, Science of the Total Environment 650(Pt 1): 653-660 (2019)

Significant Reduction of Pulmonary Embolism in Orthopaedic Trauma Patients
, Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma 33(2): 78-81 (2019)

Significant reductions in tertiary hospital encounters and less travel for families after implementation of Paediatric Care Coordination in Australia
, Bmc Health Services Research 18(1): 751 (2018)

Significant Risk of Graft-versus-Host Disease with Exposure to Checkpoint Inhibitors before and after Allogeneic Transplantation
, Biology of Blood and Marrow Transplantation 25(1): 94-99 (2019)

Significant sensitivity enhancement in Hadamard transform high-performance liquid chromatography by application of long modulation sequences constructed from lower order sequences
, Journal of Chromatography. a 1575: 34-39 (2018)

Significant Sensitivity Improvement for Camera-Based Lateral Flow Immunoassay Readers
, Sensors 18(11): (2018)

Significant Spike-Specific IgG and Neutralizing Antibodies in Mice Induced by a Novel Chimeric Virus-Like Particle Vaccine Candidate for Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus
, Virologica Sinica 33(5): 453-455 (2018)

Significant structural relaxations of excited [n]cycloparaphenylene dications (n = 5-9)
, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 20(46): 29207-29211 (2018)

Significant thrombocytopenia with sodium valproate in an adult patient with alcohol dependence
, Indian Journal of Psychiatry 60(2): 252-253 (2018)

Significant variability in surgeons' preferred correction maneuvers and instrumentation strategies when planning adolescent idiopathic scoliosis surgery
, Scoliosis and Spinal Disorders 13: 21 (2018)

Signing Off..
, Professional Case Management 23(6): 345-346 (2018)

Signing with the Face: Emotional Expression in Narrative Production in Deaf Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
, Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders 49(1): 294-306 (2019)

Sign reversal of magnetoresistance and inverse spin Hall effect in doped conducting polymers
, Journal of Physics. Condensed Matter 30(48): 484003 (2018)

Signs and Artifacts in Amyloid PET
, Radiographics 38(7): 2123-2133 (2018)

Signs and symptoms, evaluation, and management of genitourinary tract consequences of premature ovarian insufficiency
, Przeglad Menopauzalny 17(3): 131-134 (2018)

Signs and symptoms of acromegaly at diagnosis: the physician's and the patient's perspectives in the ACRO-POLIS study
, Endocrine 63(1): 120-129 (2019)

Signs and Symptoms of Hypoparathyroidism
, Endocrinology and Metabolism Clinics of North America 47(4): 759-770 (2018)

Signs of adaptation to trace metal contamination in a common urban bird
, Science of the Total Environment 650(Pt 1): 679-686 (2019)

Signs of anhedonia and destructive changes in the ventral tegmental area of the midbrain in the model of the preclinical Parkinson's disease stage in experiment
, Zhurnal Nevrologii i Psikhiatrii Imeni S.S. Korsakova 118(9): 61-67 (2018)

Signs of attachment disorders and social functioning among early adolescents with a history of institutional care
, Child Abuse and Neglect 88: 96-106 (2019)

Signs of Dehydration in Nursing Home Residents
, Journal of the American Medical Directors Association 19(12): 1124-1128 (2018)

SIGNS OF HOPE: Quality efforts may be narrowing disparities
, Hospitals and Health Networks 89(3): 19 (2015)

Signs of social inequality in information seeking and evaluation of information among young women with breast cancer - results of a cohort study
, Zeitschrift für Evidenz Fortbildung und Qualitat Im Gesundheitswesen 139: 10-16 (2018)

Signs predicting early growth of intracerebral haemorrhage in computer tomography without enhancement and mortality
, Revista de Neurologia 67(7): 242-248 (2018)

Signs, symptoms and diagnosis of necrotizing fasciitis experienced by survivors and family: a qualitative Nordic multi-center study
, Bmc Infectious Diseases 18(1): 429 (2018)

Sign-tracking is an expectancy-mediated behavior that relies on prediction error mechanisms
, Learning and Memory 25(10): 550-563 (2018)

Sigumjang (fermented barley bran) water-soluble extracts inhibit the expression of adipogenic and lipogenic regulators in 3T3-L1 adipocytes
, Food Science and Biotechnology 25(6): 1727-1735 (2016)

Siji Antiviral Mixture Protects against CA16 Induced Brain Injury through Inhibiting PERK/STAT3/NF- κ B Pathway
, Biomed Research International 2018: 8475463 (2018)

Sijunzi Decoction Promote the Repair of Intestinal Epithelial Cell Injury via Activating TLR-2/My D88 Signaling Pathway
, Zhong Yao Cai 39(9): 2081-2085 (2016)

Sika deer (Cervus nippon) velvet antler extract attenuates prostate cancer in xenograft model
, Bioscience Biotechnology and Biochemistry 83(2): 348-356 (2019)

SIKE of black carp is a substrate of TBK1 and suppresses TBK1-mediated antiviral signaling
, Developmental and Comparative Immunology 90: 157-164 (2019)

SIKVAV-Modified Chitosan Hydrogel as a Skin Substitutes for Wound Closure in Mice
, Molecules 23(10): (2018)

SIL1 deficiency causes degenerative changes of peripheral nerves and neuromuscular junctions in fish, mice and human
, Neurobiology of Disease 124: 218-229 (2019)

SILAC-MS Profiling of Reconstituted Human Chromatin Platforms for the Study of Transcription and RNA Regulation
, Journal of Proteome Research 17(10): 3475-3484 (2018)

SILAR deposited iron phosphate as a bifunctional electrocatalyst for efficient water splitting
, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 534: 350-356 (2019)

Sildenafil 25 mg ODT + Collagenase Clostridium hystoliticum vs Collagenase Clostridium hystoliticum Alone for the Management of Peyronie's Disease: A Matched-Pair Comparison Analysis
, Journal of Sexual Medicine 15(10): 1472-1477 (2018)

Sildenafil crosses the placenta at therapeutic levels in a dually perfused human cotyledon model
, American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology 219(6): 619.E1-619.E10 (2018)

Sildenafil for the treatment of preeclampsia, an update: should we still be enthusiastic?
, Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation 34(11): 1819-1826 (2019)

Sildenafil improves vascular endothelial function in patients with cystic fibrosis
, American Journal of Physiology. Heart and Circulatory Physiology 315(5): H1486 (2018)

Sildenafil in the Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction in Parkinson's Disease
, Movement Disorders Clinical Practice 4(3): 412-415 (2017)

Sildenafil Reduces the Risk of Thromboembolic Events in HeartMate II Patients with Low-Level Hemolysis and Significantly Improves the Pulmonary Circulation
, International Heart Journal 59(6): 1227-1236 (2018)

Sildenafil Use in Children with Pulmonary Hypertension
, Journal of Pediatrics 205: 29-34.E1 (2019)

Silence from healthcare CEOs on AHCA politics is deafening
, Modern Healthcare 47(22): 8 (2017)

Silence is golden: A mixed methods investigation of silence in one case of psychodynamic psychotherapy
, PsychoTherapy 56(4): 577-587 (2019)

Silence of α1-Antitrypsin Inhibits Migration and Proliferation of Triple Negative Breast Cancer Cells
, Medical Science Monitor 24: 6851-6860 (2018)

Silence of lncRNA UCA1 Represses the Growth and Tube Formation of Human Microvascular Endothelial Cells Through miR-195
, Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry 49(4): 1499-1511 (2018)

Silence of Stomatin-Like Protein 2 Represses Migration and Invasion Ability of Human Liver Cancer Cells via Inhibiting the Nuclear Factor Kappa B (NF-κB) Pathway
, Medical Science Monitor 24: 7625-7632 (2018)

"Silence! The body is speaking" - a correlational study of personality, perfectionism, and self-compassion as risk and protective factors for psychosomatic symptoms distress
, Psychology Health and Medicine 24(2): 229-240 (2019)

Silence to voice
, British Journal of Community Nursing 23(11): 529 (2018)

Silencing astrocyte elevated gene-1 attenuates lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammation and mucosal barrier injury in NCM460 cells by suppressing the activation of NLRP3 inflammasome
, Cell Biology International 43(1): 56-64 (2019)

Silencing Bmi1 expression suppresses cancer stemness and enhances chemosensitivity in endometrial cancer cells
, Biomedicine and PharmacoTherapy 108: 584-589 (2018)

Silencing brain catalase expression reduces ethanol intake in developmentally-lead-exposed rats
, Neurotoxicology 70: 180-186 (2019)

Silencing BRIT1 Facilitates the Abilities of Invasiveness and Migration in Trophoblast Cells
, Medical Science Monitor 24: 7451-7458 (2018)

Silencing circular RNA UVRAG inhibits bladder cancer growth and metastasis by targeting the microRNA-223/fibroblast growth factor receptor 2 axis
, Cancer Science 110(1): 99-106 (2019)

Silencing efficiency of dsRNA fragments targeting Fusarium graminearum TRI6 and patterns of small interfering RNA associated with reduced virulence and mycotoxin production
, Plos one 13(8): E0202798 (2018)

Silencing ELMO3 Inhibits the Growth, Invasion, and Metastasis of Gastric Cancer
, Biomed Research International 2018: 3764032 (2018)

Silencing FOXC1 inhibits growth and migration of human oral squamous cell carcinoma cells
, Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine 16(4): 3369-3376 (2018)

Silencing human epidermal growth factor receptor-3 radiosensitizes human luminal A breast cancer cells
, Cancer Science 109(12): 3774-3782 (2018)

Silencing of ADAM33 restrains proliferation and induces apoptosis of airway smooth muscle cells in ovalbumin-induced asthma model
, Journal of Cellular Biochemistry 2018: (2018)

Silencing of Astrocyte elevated gene-1 (AEG-1) inhibits proliferation, migration, and invasiveness, and promotes apoptosis in pancreatic cancer cells
, Biochemistry and Cell Biology 97(2): 165-175 (2019)

Silencing of cadherin-17 enhances apoptosis and inhibits autophagy in colorectal cancer cells
, Biomedicine and PharmacoTherapy 108: 331-337 (2018)

Silencing of caveolin-1 in fibroblasts as opposed to epithelial tumor cells results in increased tumor growth rate and chemoresistance in a human pancreatic cancer model
, International Journal of Oncology 54(2): 537-549 (2019)

Silencing of cyt-c4 led to decrease of biofilm formation in Aeromonas hydrophila
, Bioscience Biotechnology and Biochemistry 83(2): 221-232 (2019)

Silencing of FOXO6 inhibits the proliferation, invasion, and glycolysis in colorectal cancer cells
, Journal of Cellular Biochemistry 120(3): 3853-3860 (2019)

Silencing of FTS increases radiosensitivity by blocking radiation-induced Notch1 activation and spheroid formation in cervical cancer cells
, International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 126: 1318-1325 (2019)

Silencing of HDAC6 as a therapeutic target in chronic lymphocytic leukemia
, Blood Advances 2(21): 3012-3024 (2018)

Silencing of heart and neural crest derivatives expressed transcript 2 attenuates transforming growth factor-β1-enhanced apoptosis of human bronchial epithelial cells
, Oncology Letters 16(4): 4997-5005 (2018)

Silencing of high-affinity insulin-reactive B lymphocytes by anergy and impact of the NOD genetic background in mice
, Diabetologia 61(12): 2621-2632 (2018)

Silencing of Hypoglossal Motoneurons Leads to Sleep Disordered Breathing in Lean Mice
, Frontiers in Neurology 9: 962 (2018)

Silencing of LncRNA steroid receptor RNA activator attenuates polycystic ovary syndrome in mice
, Biochimie 157: 48-56 (2019)

Silencing of long noncoding RNA MEG3 enhances cerebral protection of dexmedetomidine against hypoxic-ischemic brain damage in neonatal mice by binding to miR-129-5p
, Journal of Cellular Biochemistry 2018: (2018)

Silencing of microRNA-375 affects immune function in mice with liver failure by upregulating astrocyte elevated gene-1 through reducing apoptosis of Kupffer cells
, Journal of Cellular Biochemistry 120(1): 253-263 (2019)

Silencing of NOD2 protects against diabetic cardiomyopathy in a murine diabetes model
, International Journal of Molecular Medicine 42(6): 3017-3026 (2018)

Silencing of pantothenate kinase 2 reduces endothelial cell angiogenesis
, Molecular Medicine Reports 18(5): 4739-4746 (2018)

Silencing of perilipin by short hairpin RNA inhibits proliferation and induces apoptosis in liposarcoma cells
, Molecular Medicine Reports 18(5): 4571-4576 (2018)

Silencing of PMEL attenuates melanization via activating lysosomes and degradation of tyrosinase by lysosomes
, Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 503(4): 2536-2542 (2018)

Silencing of PRR11 suppresses cell proliferation and induces autophagy in NSCLC cells
, Genes and Diseases 5(2): 158-166 (2018)

Silencing of retrotransposon-derived imprinted gene RTL1 is the main cause for postimplantational failures in mammalian cloning
, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 115(47): E11071 (2018)

Silencing of rhomboid domain containing 1 to inhibit the metastasis of human breast cancer cells in vitro
, Iranian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences 21(11): 1161-1166 (2018)

Silencing of sucrose hydrolase causes nymph mortality and disturbs adult osmotic homeostasis in Diaphorina citri (Hemiptera: Liviidae)
, Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 101: 131-143 (2018)

Silencing of the nucleocytoplasmic shuttling protein karyopherin a2 promotes cell-cycle arrest and apoptosis in glioblastoma multiforme
, Oncotarget 9(71): 33471-33481 (2018)

Silencing of the transcriptional factor ZEB1 alters the steroidogenic pathway, and increases the concentration of testosterone and DHT in DU145 cells
, Oncology Reports 41(2): 1275-1283 (2019)

Silencing of the Wheat Protein Phosphatase 2A Catalytic Subunit TaPP2Ac Enhances Host Resistance to the Necrotrophic Pathogen Rhizoctonia cerealis
, Frontiers in Plant Science 9: 1437 (2018)

Silencing of TRPM8 inhibits aggressive tumor phenotypes and enhances gemcitabine sensitivity in pancreatic cancer
, Pancreatology 18(8): 935-944 (2018)

Silencing of Xeroderma Pigmentosum Group D Gene Promotes Hepatoma Cell Growth by Reducing P53 Expression
, Medical Science Monitor 24: 8015-8021 (2018)

Silencing or not silencing p63 in cardiac fibroblast, risks and benefits
, Journal of Thoracic Disease 10(10): 5648-5651 (2018)

Silencing SOCS3 Markedly Deteriorates Spondyloarthritis in Mice Induced by Minicircle DNA Expressing IL23
, Frontiers in Immunology 9: 2641 (2018)

Silencing the CSF-1 Axis Using Nanoparticle Encapsulated siRNA Mitigates Viral and Autoimmune Myocarditis
, Frontiers in Immunology 9: 2303 (2018)

Silencing the expression of copine-III enhances the sensitivity of hepatocellular carcinoma cells to the molecular targeted agent sorafenib
, Cancer Management and Research 10: 3057-3067 (2018)

Silencing the expression of MTDH increases the radiation sensitivity of SKOV3 ovarian cancer cells and reduces their proliferation and metastasis
, International Journal of Oncology 53(5): 2180-2190 (2018)

Silencing the FOLR2 Gene Inhibits Cell Proliferation and Increases Apoptosis in the NCI-H1650 Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Cell Line via Inhibition of AKT/Mammalian Target of Rapamycin (mTOR)/Ribosomal Protein S6 Kinase 1 (S6K1) Signaling
, Medical Science Monitor 24: 8064-8073 (2018)

Silencing the second harmonic generation from plasmonic nanodimers: A comprehensive discussion
, Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology 9: 2674-2683 (2018)

Silent Aortic Dissection after the Heimlich Maneuver: A Case Report
, Journal of Emergency Medicine 56(2): 210-212 (2019)

Silent atrial fibrillation in patients with an implantable cardioverter defibrillator and coronary artery disease (INDICO AF) trial: study rationale and design
, Netherlands Heart Journal 26(12): 628-633 (2018)

Silent cardiac tumor with neurological manifestations
, Journal of Cardiology Cases 15(4): 132-135 (2017)

Silent cerebral infarction: supply and demand
, Blood 132(16): 1632-1634 (2018)

Silent Cerebral Infarctions with Reduced, Mid-Range and Preserved Ejection Fraction in Patients with Heart Failure
, Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiologia 111(3): 419-422 (2018)

Silent gonadotroph pituitary neuroendocrine tumor in a patient with tuberous sclerosis complex: evaluation of a possible molecular link
, Endocrinology Diabetes and Metabolism Case Reports 2018: (2018)

Silent Information Regulator 1 Negatively Regulates Atherosclerotic Angiogenesis via Mammalian Target of Rapamycin Complex 1 Signaling Pathway
, American Journal of the Medical Sciences 356(2): 168-176 (2018)

Silent ischemic brain lesions detected by multi-slice computed tomography are associated with subclinical atrial fibrillation in patients with cardiac resynchronization therapy
, Postepy W Kardiologii Interwencyjnej 14(3): 285-290 (2018)

Silent Learning
, Current Biology 28(21): 3508-3515.E5 (2018)

Silent lesions on MRI imaging - Shifting goal posts for treatment decisions in multiple sclerosis
, Multiple Sclerosis 24(12): 1569-1577 (2018)

SilentMutations (SIM): A tool for analyzing long-range RNA-RNA interactions in viral genomes and structured RNAs
, Virus Research 260: 135-141 (2019)

Silent myocardial infarction and risk of heart failure: Current evidence and gaps in knowledge
, Trends in Cardiovascular Medicine 29(4): 239-244 (2019)

Silentscope - new method of diagnosis and treatment of patients with salivary stone disease. The border need to use
, Stomatologiia 97(4): 28-30 (2018)

Silent Space
, JAMA 320(11): 1105-1106 (2018)

Silent Synapse Unsilencing in Hippocampal CA1 Neurons for Associative Fear Memory Storage
, Cerebral Cortex 29(10): 4067-4076 (2019)

Silent T 2 * and T 2 encoding using ZTE combined with BURST
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Simple changes of individual studies can improve the reproducibility of the biomedical scientific process as a whole
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