Single injection ion-exclusion/cation-exchange chromatography for simultaneous determination of organic/inorganic anions, inorganic cations, and ethanol in beer samples

Kozaki, D.; Tanihata, S.; Yamamoto, A.; Nakatani, N.; Mori, M.; Tanaka, K.

Food Chemistry 274: 679-685


ISSN/ISBN: 1873-7072
PMID: 30372994
DOI: 10.1016/j.foodchem.2018.09.027
Accession: 065918183

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Multicomponent simultaneous analysis is important for management programs, which are required in beer industries because the beer constituents measure by combining several methods in the present. In response to a requirement, our research group developed single sample injection ion chromatography systems, which comprise ion-exclusion/cation-exchange chromatography (IEC/CEC) and post-column derivatization and show promise for simultaneously determining concentrations of organic and inorganic species and alcohol commonly found in beer. Optimal chromatographic resolutions for determining 17 different species in beer samples by IEC/CEC were obtained on a H+-formed weakly acidic cation-exchange resin column with an eluent comprising 2 mM phthalic acid and 1 mM 18-crown-6. Consequently, the usefulness of developed method for monitoring beer samples was demonstrated in terms of beneficial information such as dependency of K+ concentration on the malt amount, influences of organic anion concentrations on different types of bottling methods, and validation of ethanol concentrations displayed in the ingredient table.