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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 65956

Chapter 65956 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Novi, G.; Gastaldi, M.; Franciotta, D.; Pesce, G.; Benedetti, L.; Uccelli, A., 2018:
Tocilizumab in MOG-antibody spectrum disorder: a case report

Lee, Y.Ho., 2018:
Tocilizumab in patients with adult-onset Still's disease refractory to glucocorticoid treatment

Kaneko, Y.; Kameda, H.; Ikeda, K.; Ishii, T.; Murakami, K.; Takamatsu, H.; Tanaka, Y.; Abe, T.; Takeuchi, T., 2018:
Tocilizumab in patients with adult-onset still's disease refractory to glucocorticoid treatment: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled phase III trial

Randell, R.L.; Adams, A.V.; Van Mater, H., 2018:
Tocilizumab in Refractory Autoimmune Encephalitis: A Series of Pediatric Cases

Roszkiewicz, J.; Orczyk, K.; Smolewska, Eżbieta., 2018:
Tocilizumab in the treatment of systemic-onset juvenile idiopathic arthritis - single-centre experience

Jun, J-Sun.; Lee, S-Tae.; Kim, R.; Chu, K.; Lee, S.Kun., 2018:
Tocilizumab treatment for new onset refractory status epilepticus

Krusche, M.; Ruffer, N.; Kötter, I., 2018:
Tocilizumab treatment in refractory polyarteritis nodosa: a case report and review of the literature

Pereira-de-Morais, Lís.; Silva, A.de.Alencar.; da Silva, R.Evaristo.Rodrigues.; Costa, R.Henrique.Sousa.da.; Monteiro, Álefe.Brito.; Barbosa, C.Rodrigues.Dos.Santos.; Amorim, Tís.de.Souza.; de Menezes, I.Rose.Alencar.; Kerntopf, M.Regina.; Barbosa, R., 2018 :
Tocolytic activity of the Lippia alba essential oil and its major constituents, citral and limonene, on the isolated uterus of rats

Blayer, Y.; Shaiman, L.; Levi, H.; Kagan, I.; Melnikov, S., 2018:
To command is to serve: Senior leadership and policy-making predict hospital ward functioning in emergency

Wu, L-Zhu.; Lei, T.; Zhou, C.; Wei, X-Zhu.; Yang, B.; Chen, B.; Tung, C-Ho., 2018:
To Construct Cyclobutanes by Multicomponent Cascade Reactions in Homogeneous Solution via Visible Light Catalysis

Sanford-Opatz, L.; Woodward, D.; O'Reilly, C.; Brooks, E.; Limbert, C., 2018:
To contemplate or not to contemplate evaluating a preliminary intervention proposal in an outpatient setting: the contemplation therapy group

Birnie, D.H., 2018:
To continue or minimally interrupt direct oral anticoagulants around ablation for atrial fibrillation: that is the question

Carraro, U.; Gava, K.; Baba, A.; Marcante, A.; Piccione, F., 2018:
To Contrast and Reverse Skeletal Muscle Atrophy by Full-Body In-Bed Gym, a Mandatory Lifestyle for Older Olds and Borderline Mobility-Impaired Persons

Muripiti, V.; Brijesh, L.; Rachamalla, H.Krishnareddy.; Marepally, S.Kumar.; Banerjee, R.; Patri, S.V., 2018:
α-Tocopherol-ascorbic acid hybrid antioxidant based cationic amphiphile for gene delivery: Design, synthesis and transfection

Ikeda, S.; Nomura, S.; Hanzawa, F.; Takahashi, S.; Oda, H.; Fujiwara, Y.; Uchida, T., 2018:
α-Tocopherol Intake Decreases Phylloquinone Concentration in Bone but Does Not Affect Bone Metabolism in Rats

Qu, Y.; Tang, J.; Liu, L.; Song, L.; Chen, S.; Gao, Y., 2018:
α-Tocopherol liposome loaded chitosan hydrogel to suppress oxidative stress injury in cardiomyocytes

Caddeo, C.; Manca, M.Letizia.; Peris, Jè.Esteban.; Usach, I.; Diez-Sales, O.; Matos, M.; Fernàndez-Busquets, X.; Fadda, A.Maria.; Manconi, M., 2018:
Tocopherol-loaded transfersomes: In vitro antioxidant activity and efficacy in skin regeneration

Tanaka-Yachi, R.; Shirasaki, M.; Otsu, R.; Takahashi-Muto, C.; Inoue, H.; Aoki, Y.; Koike, T.; Kiyose, C., 2018:
δ-Tocopherol promotes thermogenic gene expression via PGC-1α upregulation in 3T3-L1 cells

Kimura, Y.; Asa, M.; Urano, Y.; Saito, Y.; Nishikawa, K.; Noguchi, N., 2018:
Tocopherol suppresses 24(S)-hydroxycholesterol-induced cell death via inhibition of CaMKII phosphorylation

Sánchez-Rodríguez, C.; Palao-Suay, R.; Rodrigáñez, L.; Aguilar, Mía.Rosa.; Martín-Saldaña, S.; San Román, J.; Sanz-Fernández, R., 2018:
α-Tocopheryl Succinate-Based Polymeric Nanoparticles for the Treatment of Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Walker, J., 1808:
To Correspondents of the London Vaccine Institution

Wan Nasri, W.Nurzulaikha.; Makpol, S.; Mazlan, M.; Tooyama, I.; Wan Zurinah Wan Ngah, W.Zurinah.; Damanhuri, H.Ahmad., 2018:
Tocotrienol Rich Fraction Supplementation Modulate Brain Hippocampal Gene Expression in APPswe/PS1dE9 Alzheimer's Disease Mouse Model

Abd Aziz, N.Azean.Anis.; Chatterjee, A.; Chatterjee, R.; Durairajanayagam, D., 2018:
Tocotrienol-rich fraction supplementation prevents foetal loss in females mated with corticosterone-treated male Sprague-Dawley rats

Tan, S.May.Quinn.; Chiew, Y.; Ahmad, B.; Kadir, K.Abdul., 2018:
Tocotrienol-Rich Vitamin E from Palm Oil (Tocovid) and Its Effects in Diabetes and Diabetic Nephropathy: A Pilot Phase II Clinical Trial

Ameratunga, M.; Kipps, E.; Okines, A.F.C.; Lopez, J.S., 2018 :
To Cycle or Fight-CDK4/6 Inhibitors at the Crossroads of Anticancer Immunity

Gómez Sánchez, J.; Rubio López, Jé.; Pérez Cabrera, B.; Mirón Pozo, B., 2018:
Todani Ic cystic dilatation of the bile duct

Weaver, R.J.; Valentin, J-Pierre., 2018:
Today's challenges to de-risk and predict drug safety in human "Mind-the-gap"

Castellucci, M., 2016:
Today's specia : IT How tech-enabled food service can make patients happier and save money

Franchin, L.; Savazzi, F.; Neira-Gutierrez, I.Cristina.; Surian, L., 2018:
Toddlers map the word 'good' to helping agents, but not to fair distributors

Konishi, H.; Karsten, A.; Vallotton, C.D., 2018:
Toddlers' use of Gesture and Speech in Service of Emotion Regulation During Distressing Routines

Kloeden, B.; Craven, J., 2016:
Toddler with a tarnished tongue

Campos, C.M.; Lemos, P.A., 2018:
To Defer or Not Defer? The Challenges of Physiology in Acute Coronary Syndromes

Pui, C-Hon., 2018:
To delay or not to delay, that is the question for patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia who do not receive prophylactic cranial irradiation

Gilbert, J.; Boag, J., 2018:
'To die, to sleep' - assisted dying legislation in Victoria: A case study

Taneja, E.; Sehgal, P.; Greenlee, A.; Frank, A.A., 2018:
To Dodge or Disclose: a Faculty Development Workshop to Promote Discussion of Racial/Ethnic Minority Trainee Cultural Identity

Jenkinson, J., 1809:
To Dr. Adams

Baillie, M., 1804:
To Dr. Batty

Langslow, R., 1802:
To Dr. Bradley

Hall, J., 1816:
To Dr. Dickson, Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians. Edinburgh, and Physician to the Fleet

Primrose, J., 1801:
To Dr. Haighton

Upton, J., 1807:
To Dr. Willan

Deng, T.; Huang, Y.; Weng, K.; Lin, S.; Li, Y.; Shi, G.; Chen, Y.; Huang, J.; Liu, D.; Ma, W.; Songyang, Z., 2018:
TOE1 acts as a 3' exonuclease for telomerase RNA and regulates telomere maintenance

Lin, J., 2018:
To Eat or Not to Eat: Does Delaying Oral Feeding Decrease Anastomotic Leaks?

Arrigoni, E.; Chee, M.J.S.; Fuller, P.M., 2018:
To eat or to sleep: That is a lateral hypothalamic question

Lockshin, M.D., 2018:
To eat the elephant

Liu, Z.; Wang, Y.; Wang, X.; Liu, W.; Dai, Y.; Yu, P.; Liao, Z.; Ping, Y.; Tao, Z., 2018:
Toehold integrated molecular beacon system for a versatile non-enzymatic application

El-Komy, M.; Hafez, V.; Hay, R.Abdel.; Mehaney, D.; Hafez, I., 2018:
Toenail concentrations of zinc, selenium and nickel in patients with chronic recurrent warts: A pilot two-group comparative study

Perry, L., 2018:
Toenail Examination Reveals Unmet Care Needs

Daftary, A.; Mitchell, E.M.H.; Reid, M.J.A.; Fekadu, E.; Goosby, E., 2018:
To End TB, First-Ever High-Level Meeting on Tuberculosis Must Address Stigma

Wallace, A.D.; Wendt, G.A.; Barcellos, L.F.; de Smith, A.J.; Walsh, K.M.; Metayer, C.; Costello, J.F.; Wiemels, J.L.; Francis, S.S., 2018:
To ERV Is Human: A Phenotype-Wide Scan Linking Polymorphic Human Endogenous Retrovirus-K Insertions to Complex Phenotypes

Sunita, B.S.; Sen, A.; Suhag, V., 2018:
To evaluate immunoreactivity of cyclooxygenase-2 in cases of endometrial carcinoma and correlate it with expression of p53 and vascular endothelial growth factor

Riaz, A.; Daniyal, M.; Ghauri, M.Ishaq.; Alam, H.; Zaidi, S.Faisal.; Usmanghani, K.; Wang, W., 2018:
To evaluate the efficacy and safety of CartiNovex plus tablet in osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis

Kumar, M.; Verma, R.; Bansal, M.; Singh, S.; Rehan, S.; Kumar, V.; Simran, D., 2018:
To Evaluate the Severity, Distribution of Occlusal Tooth Wear and its Correlation with Bite Force in Young North Indian Adults

Young, S., 1806:
To Everard Home, Esq

Valagussa, G.; Trentin, L.; Signori, A.; Grossi, E., 2018:
Toe Walking Assessment in Autism Spectrum Disorder Subjects: A Systematic Review

Tavakolpour, S., 2018:
Tofacitinib as the potent treatment for refractory pemphigus: A possible alternative treatment for pemphigus

Paschos, P.; Katsoula, A.; Giouleme, O.; Sarigianni, M.; Liakos, A.; Athanasiadou, E.; Bekiari, E.; Tsapas, A., 2018:
Tofacitinib for induction of remission in ulcerative colitis: systematic review and meta-analysis

Craiglow, B.G.; King, B.A., 2018:
Tofacitinib for the treatment of alopecia areata in preadolescent children

Yang, C.C.; Khanna, T.; Sallee, B.; Christiano, A.M.; Bordone, L.A., 2018:
Tofacitinib for the treatment of lichen planopilaris: A case series

Kochar, B.; Herfarth, N.; Mamie, Céline.; Navarini, A.A.; Scharl, M.; Herfarth, H.H., 2018:
Tofacitinib for the Treatment of Pyoderma Gangrenosum

Fernández-Clotet, Aès.; Castro-Poceiro, Jús.; Panés, Ján., 2018:
Tofacitinib for the treatment of ulcerative colitis

Furuya, M.Yashiro.; Asano, T.; Sumichika, Y.; Sato, S.; Kobayashi, H.; Watanabe, H.; Suzuki, E.; Kozuru, H.; Yatsuhashi, H.; Koga, T.; Ohira, H.; Sekine, H.; Kawakami, A.; Migita, K., 2018:
Tofacitinib inhibits granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor-induced NLRP3 inflammasome activation in human neutrophils

Panés, J.; Vermeire, Séverine.; Lindsay, J.O.; Sands, B.E.; Su, C.; Friedman, G.; Zhang, H.; Yarlas, A.; Bayliss, M.; Maher, S.; Cappelleri, J.C.; Bushmakin, A.G.; Rubin, D.T., 2018:
Tofacitinib in Patients with Ulcerative Colitis: Health-Related Quality of Life in Phase 3 Randomised Controlled Induction and Maintenance Studies

Nakamura, Y.; Suzuki, T.; Yamazaki, H.; Kato, H., 2018:
Tofacitinib Versus Non-Tumor Necrosis Factor Biologics for Patients With Active Rheumatoid Arthritis

Al-Balhan, E.; Khabbache, H.; Laaziz, A.; Watfa, A.; Mhamdi, A.; Del Puente, G.; Bragazzi, N.Luigi., 2018:
To fast or not to fast during the month of Ramadan? A comprehensive survey on religious beliefs and practices among Moroccan diabetic patients

Kuehn, B.M., 2018:
To Fight Burnout, Cardiologists Look to Change Health System

Grundner, C., 2018:
To fight tuberculosis, fund basic research

Startek, J.B.; Voets, T.; Talavera, K., 2018:
To flourish or perish: evolutionary TRiPs into the sensory biology of plant-herbivore interactions

Takata, N.; Tanida, S.; Nakae, S.; Shiraki, K.; Tozuka, Y.; Ishigai, M., 2018:
Tofogliflozin Salt Cocrystals with Sodium Acetate and Potassium Acetate

de Bruijn, G-Jan., 2018:
To frame or not to frame? Effects of message framing and risk priming on mouth rinse use and intention in an adult population-based sample

Gao, R.L., 2018:
To further improve the diagnosis and treatment of stable coronary artery disease

Simpson, L.J.; Tzima, E., 2018:
To Fuse or Not to Fuse

Radji, R.; Adjonou, K.; Quashie, M-Luce.Akossiwoa.; Sodjinou, K.Edjèdu.; Pando, F.; Kokou, K., 2018 :
Togo National Herbarium database

Ogbeide, S.A.; Landoll, R.R.; Nielsen, M.K.; Kanzler, K.E., 2018:
To go or not go: Patient preference in seeking specialty mental health versus behavioral consultation within the primary care behavioral health consultation model

Prabhuswamy, M., 2018:
To go or not to go: School refusal and its clinical correlates

Greene, G.H.; Dong, X., 2018:
To grow and to defend

Silk, J.B.; Roberts, E.R.; Städele, V.; Strum, S.C., 2018:
To grunt or not to grunt: Factors governing call production in female olive baboons, Papio anubis

Bettex, Q.; Jaloux, C.; Abellan Lopez, M.; Casanova, D.; Bertrand, B.; Philandrianos, C., 2018:
To harvest a SIEA flap instead of a DIEP flap in breast reconstruction: A technical note

Christie, T., 1803:
To His Excellency the Honourable Frederic North, Governor of Ceylon, &c. &c. &c

Chauhan, V.Singh.; Nautiyal, S.; Garg, R.; Chauhan, K.S., 2018:
To identify predictors of relapse in cases of alcohol dependence syndrome in relation to life events

Naz, F.; Mirza, W.Akhter.; Hashmani, N.; Sayani, R., 2018:
To identify the features differentiating peritoneal tuberculosis from carcinomatosis on CT scan abdomen taking omental biopsy as a gold standard

MacLennan, A., 1926:
To Illustrate a Nail in the Hip for Fourteen Years

Langeveld, A.R.J.; Rustenburg, C.M.E.; Hoozemans, M.J.M.; Burger, B.J.; Meuffels, D.E., 2018:
To Improve Your Surgical Drilling Skills, Make Use of Your Index Fingers

Solberg, B.; Dahl, Tørn., 2018:
To inform or not to inform?

O'Brien, C.; Kok, H.Kuan.; Kelly, B.; Kumamaru, K.; Sahadevan, A.; Lane, S.; Buckley, O., 2018:
To investigate dose reduction and comparability of standard dose CT vs Ultra low dose CT in evaluating pulmonary emphysema

Vijay Parshuram, R.; Kumar, R.; Bhatt, M.Lal.Brahma.; Singh, R.; Parmar, D.; Gaur, J.; Kishan, D.; Saha, M.; Roopali; Katepogu, P.; Senthamizh, P.; Katiyar, T., 2018:
To investigate the affiliation of XRCC-1 Gene Arg194Trp polymorphism in alcohol and tobacco substance users and loco-regionally progressed Laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma

Rich, M.W., 2018:
To Invest or Divest - Tough Choices in the Wake of VEST

Flegel, K.; Stanbrook, M.B., 2018:
To keep patients with COPD out of hospital, look beyond the lungs

Keroack, C.D.; Elsworth, B.; Duraisingh, M.T., 2018:
To kill a piroplasm: genetic technologies to advance drug discovery and target identification in Babesia

Petrone, P.; Brunetti, A.; Niola, M.; Di Lorenzo, P.; Borrelli, L.; Buccelli, C.; Graziano, V., 2018:
To kill or be killed: the coup de grâce for a warrior after multiple sword wounds

Rettig, E.M.; Fakhry, C.; Nathan, C-Ann.O., 2018:
To kiss or not to kiss in the era of the human papillomavirus-associated head and neck cancer "epidemic"?

Tonge, J.E.; Atack, M.; Crosbie, P.A.; Barber, P.V.; Booton, R.; Colligan, D., 2018:
"To know or not to know…?" Push and pull in ever smokers lung screening uptake decision-making intentions

Sipper, M.; Urbanowicz, R.J.; Moore, J.H., 2018:
To know the objective is not (necessarily) to know the objective function

Tan, A.W.; Leung, P.; Patil, U.P., 2018:
Tokyo-1 Mutation: Hereditary Spherocytosis in a Hispanic Newborn Presenting as Early Onset Severe Hyperbilirubinemia

Strasberg, S.M., 2018:
Tokyo Guidelines for the Diagnosis of Acute Cholecystitis

Enderby, C.Y.; Burger, C., 2018:
Tolerability and clinical efficacy of inhaled treprostinil in patients with group 1 pulmonary arterial hypertension

Santibanez, M.; Lesch, C.A.; Lin, L.; Berger, K., 2018:
Tolerability and effectiveness of 4-factor prothrombin complex concentrate (4F-PCC) for warfarin and non-warfarin reversals

Thouvenin, M-Dominique.; Bacquey, A.; Nocera, Térèse.; Rossi, A.Beatris., 2018:
Tolerability and efficacy of a medical device repairing emollient cream in adults with chronic hand dermatitis

Enrique, E.; de Rojas, D.Hernández-Fernandez.; Alba, P.; Flores, I.; Colomer, N.; Andreu, C.; Gómez-Fernández, Mía.Cruz.; Landeta, A.; Asturias, J.Antonio.; Martínez, A.; Madariaga-Goirigolzarri, Bña., 2018:
Tolerability and positive efficacy results after subcutaneous immunotherapy with Parietaria judaica depot extract

Wiernicka, A.; Matuszczyk, Młgorzata.; Szlagatys-Sidorkiewicz, A.; Landowski, P.; Toporowska-Kowalska, E.; Gębora-Kowalska, B.; Popińska, K.; Sibilska, M.; Grzybowska-Chlebowczyk, U.; Więcek, S.; Hapyn, E.; Blimke-Kozieł, K.; Kierkuś, Jław., 2018:
Tolerability and safety of early enteral nutrition in children after percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy placement: A multicentre randomised controlled trial

Abou-Khalil, B.; Klein, P.; Shah, A.; Ryvlin, P.; Specchio, L.M.; Gama, H.; Rocha, F.; Blum, D.; Grinnell, T.; Cheng, H.; Jung, J., 2018:
Tolerability of adjunctive eslicarbazepine acetate according to concomitant lamotrigine or carbamazepine use: A subgroup analysis of three phase III trials in adults with focal (partial-onset) seizures

Domingo, P.; Mateo, Mª.Gracia.; Gutierrez, Mª.Del.Mar.; Vidal, F., 2018:
Tolerability of Current Antiretroviral Single-Tablet Regimens

Gracia-Bara, M.Teresa.; Moreno, E.; Laffond, E.; Muñoz-Bellido, F.; Lázaro, M.; Macías, E.; de Arriba, S.; Campanón, V.; Sobrino, M.; Dávila, I., 2018:
Tolerability of iobitridol in patients with non-immediate hypersensitivity reactions to iodinated contrast media

DiPippo, A.J.; Rausch, C.R.; Kontoyiannis, D.P., 2018:
Tolerability of isavuconazole after posaconazole toxicity in leukaemia patients

Hiramoto, L.L.; Tedesco-Silva, H.; Medina-Pestana, J.O.; Felipe, C.R., 2018:
Tolerability of mycophenolate sodium in renal transplant recipients

Al-Ahmad, M.; Nurkic, J.; Maher, A.; Arifhodzic, N.; Jusufovic, E., 2018:
Tolerability of Omalizumab in Asthma as a Major Compliance Factor: 10-Year Follow Up

Graham, G.G.; Scott, K.F.; Day, R.O., 2005:
Tolerability of paracetamol

Alvarez, N.A., 2005:
Tolerability of treatments for postherpetic neuralgia

Li, Y.; Li, L.; Liu, J.; Zhang, D-Wei.; Zhao, F.; Wang, L.; Mahemure, A.; Xie, R.; Lei, S.; Cai, W.; Wang, X.; Shu, Z.; Chen, X.; Wang, H.; Wang, F-Sheng., 2018 :
Tolerable and curable treatment in HIV/HCV co-infected patients using anti-HCV direct antiviral agents: a real-world observation in China

Mangion, C.M., 2018:
'Tolerable Intolerance': Protestantism, Sectarianism and Voluntary Hospitals in Late-nineteenth-century London

Jiang, L.; Wang, L.; Zhang, L.; Tian, C., 2018:
Tolerance and accumulation of lithium in Apocynum pictum Schrenk

Sheldon, I.Martin.; Cronin, J.G.; Bromfield, J.J., 2018:
Tolerance and Innate Immunity Shape the Development of Postpartum Uterine Disease and the Impact of Endometritis in Dairy Cattle

Gery, I.; Caspi, R.R., 2018:
Tolerance Induction in Relation to the Eye

Xin, J-Pan.; Zhang, Y.; Tian, R-Nan., 2018:
Tolerance mechanism of Triarrhena sacchariflora (Maxim.) Nakai. seedlings to lead and cadmium: Translocation, subcellular distribution, chemical forms and variations in leaf ultrastructure

Waki, M.; Abe, K.; Yasuda, T.; Fukumoto, Y., 2018:
Tolerance of anammox reactor packed with zeolite to partial supply of nitrite or ammonium using purified livestock wastewater

Salisbury, A-Marie.; Woo, K.; Sarkar, S.; Schultz, G.; Malone, M.; Mayer, D.O.; Percival, S.L., 2018:
Tolerance of Biofilms to Antimicrobials and Significance to Antibiotic Resistance in Wounds

Moran, C.A.; Currie, D.; Keegan, J.D.; Knox, A., 2018:
Tolerance of Broilers to Dietary Supplementation with High Levels of the DHA-Rich Microalga, Aurantiochytrium Limacinum : Effects on Health and Productivity

Gronroos, E.; López-García, C., 2018:
Tolerance of Chromosomal Instability in Cancer: Mechanisms and Therapeutic Opportunities

Shakeel, F.; Newkirk, M.; Altoubah, T.; Martinez, D.; Amankwah, E.K., 2018:
Tolerance of Hydrolyzed Liquid Protein Fortified Human Milk and Effect on Growth in Premature Infants

Marbach, H.; Vizcay-Barrena, G.; Memarzadeh, K.; Otter, J.A.; Pathak, S.; Allaker, R.P.; Harvey, R.D.; Edgeworth, J.D., 2018:
Tolerance of MRSA ST239-TW to chlorhexidine-based decolonization: Evidence for keratinocyte invasion as a mechanism of biocide evasion

Miyazawa, Y.; Ikegami, M.; Chen, H-Wei.; Ohshima, T.; Imaizumi, M.; Hirose, K.; Miyasaka, T., 2018:
Tolerance of Perovskite Solar Cell to High-Energy Particle Irradiations in Space Environment

Davidson, E.R.; Snider, M.J.; Bartsch, K.; Hirsch, A.; Li, J.; Larry, J., 2018:
Tolerance of Proprotein Convertase Subtilisin/Kexin type 9 (PCSK9) Inhibitors in Patients With Self-Reported Statin Intolerance

Ismaiel, M.M.S.; Said, A.A., 2018:
Tolerance of Pseudochlorella pringsheimii to Cd and Pb stress: Role of antioxidants and biochemical contents in metal detoxification

Ayesa, S.A.; Chukwuka, K.S.; Odeyemi, O.O., 2018:
Tolerance of Tithonia diversifolia and Chromolaena odorata in heavy metal simulated-polluted soils and three selected dumpsites

Boukhris, A.; Laffont-Schwob, I.; Folzer, Hélène.; Rabier, J.; Mezghani, I.; Salducci, M-Dominique.; Tatoni, T.; Chaieb, M., 2018:
Tolerance strategies of two Mediterranean native xerophytes under fluoride pollution in Tunisia

Guo, L.; Guo, D.; Yin, W.; Hou, X., 2018:
Tolerance strategies revealed in tree peony ( Paeonia suffruticosa ; Paeoniaceae) ecotypes differentially adapted to desiccation

Rugiu, L.; Manninen, I.; Rothäusler, E.; Jormalainen, V., 2018:
Tolerance to climate change of the clonally reproducing endemic Baltic seaweed, Fucus radicans: is phenotypic plasticity enough?

Ahmed, I.Mosaddek.; Nadira, U.Aktari.; Qiu, C-Wei.; Cao, F.; Zhang, G.; Holford, P.; Wu, F., 2018:
Tolerance to Drought, Low pH and Al Combined Stress in Tibetan Wild Barley Is Associated with Improvement of ATPase and Modulation of Antioxidant Defense System

Bogdziewicz, M.; Espelta, J.Maria.; Bonal, R., 2018:
Tolerance to seed predation mediated by seed size increases at lower latitudes in a Mediterranean oak

Taketsuru, H.; Kaneko, T., 2018:
Tolerance to vitrification of rat embryos at various developmental stages

Guymer, R.H.; Markey, C.M.; McAllister, I.L.; Gillies, M.C.; Hunyor, A.P.; Arnold, J.J., 2018:
Tolerating Subretinal Fluid in Neovascular Age-Related Macular Degeneration Treated With Ranibizumab Using a Treat and Extend Regimen: FLUID Study 24 Month Results

Olive, A.J.; Sassetti, C.M., 2018:
Tolerating the Unwelcome Guest; How the Host Withstands Persistent Mycobacterium tuberculosis

McKay, J.E.; St John, F.A.V.; Harihar, A.; Martyr, D.; Leader-Williams, N.; Milliyanawati, B.; Agustin, I.; Anggriawan, Y.; Karlina; Kartika, E.; Mangunjaya, F.; Struebig, M.J.; Linkie, M., 2018:
Tolerating tigers: Gaining local and spiritual perspectives on human-tiger interactions in Sumatra through rural community interviews

Mosanya, C.H.; Isaacs, J.D., 2018:
Tolerising cellular therapies: what is their promise for autoimmune disease?

Jia, L.; Lu, J.; Zhou, Y.; Tao, Y.; Xu, H.; Zheng, W.; Zhao, J.; Liang, G.; Xu, L., 2018:
Tolerogenic dendritic cells induced the enrichment of CD4 + Foxp3 + regulatory T cells via TGF-β in mesenteric lymph nodes of murine LPS-induced tolerance model

Dubreil, C.; Sainte Catherine, O.; Lalatonne, Y.; Journé, Cément.; Ou, P.; van Endert, P.; Motte, L., 2018:
Tolerogenic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles in Type 1 Diabetes: Biodistribution and Pharmacokinetics Studies in Nonobese Diabetic Mice

Tongtawee, T.; Simawaranon, T.; Wattanawongdon, W.; Dechsukhum, C.; Leeanansaksiri, W., 2018:
Toll-like receptor 2 and 4 polymorphisms associated with Helicobacter pylori susceptibility and gastric cancer

Lanki, M.A.; Seppänen, H.E.; Mustonen, H.K.; Böckelman, C.; Juuti, A.T.; Hagström, J.K.; Haglund, C.H., 2018:
Toll-like receptor 2 and Toll-like receptor 4 predict favorable prognosis in local pancreatic cancer

Zhao, J.; Xue, Y.; Pan, Y.; Yao, A.; Wang, G.; Li, D.; Wang, T.; Zhao, S.; Hou, Y., 2018:
Toll-like receptor 3 agonist poly I:C reinforces the potency of cytotoxic chemotherapy via the TLR3-UNC93B1-IFN-β signaling axis in paclitaxel-resistant colon cancer

Farkas, D.; Thompson, A.A.Roger.; Bhagwani, A.R.; Hultman, S.; Ji, H.; Kotha, N.; Farr, G.; Arnold, N.D.; Braithwaite, A.; Casbolt, H.; Cole, J.E.; Sabroe, I.; Monaco, C.; Cool, C.D.; Goncharova, E.A.; Lawrie, A.; Farkas, L., 2018:
Toll-like Receptor 3 is a Therapeutic Target for Pulmonary Hypertension

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Toluidine blue staining for cell and tissue biology applications

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Tom of Finland

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Tom Pollard, father of life science policy advocacy

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To Mr. Potts

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To My Mother in Surgery

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Tony and Me

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Too Big a Step? Medicine Urges CMS to Reverse New Step Therapy Policy

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Too Early to Cut Transportation Benefits From Medicaid Enrollees

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Too Early to Jump Ship on Whole Blood for Hemorrhagic Trauma?

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Too expensive to treat? Non-treatment decisions at the margins of viability

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Tool for simulating the focusing of arbitrary vector beams in free-space and stratified media

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Toolkit addresses community needs

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Tool making cockatoos adjust the lengths but not the widths of their tools to function

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Tool Run-Out Measurement in Micro Milling

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Tools and Resources for Metabolomics Research Community: A 2017-2018 update

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Tools for Low-Dimensional Chemistry

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Tools for Managing Feline Problem Behaviors: Pheromone therapy

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Tools For Managing Feline Problem Behaviours: Environmental and behavioural modification

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Tools for Managing Feline Problem Behaviours: Owner understanding and involvement

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Tools for Managing Feline Problem Behaviours Psychoactive medications

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Tools for Rapid High-Resolution Behavioral Phenotyping of Automatically Isolated Drosophila

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Tools to Face Burnout in Nursing: Social Support, Resilience and Coping Strategies

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Tools to improve reporting of patient-oriented research

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Tools to Improve Scientific Research

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Tools to Upgrade Facilities for All: How to Improve Business Dealing with Tourism

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Too many medication alerts: How alarm frequency affects providers

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'Too many patients equate costs with quality'

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Too much medicine: not enough trust?

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'Too much money is going into correctional costs for people with untreated mental illness'

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Too much nephrology? The CKD epidemic is real and concerning. A CON view

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Too much nephrology? The CKD epidemic is real and concerning. A PRO view

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Too much of a good thing? Overdiagnosis, or overestimating risk in preventive genomic screening

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Too Much Pressure at the Bedside..

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Too old to stop smoking?

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Too picky for my taste? The effect of the gluten-free dietary restriction on impressions of romantic partners

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Tooth Ache to Leprosy! Importance of Revisiting Diagnosis

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Topical Wound Medications

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Topics 2017 in Bronchial Asthma

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Topics and strateges for clinical managements of coagulation in critically ill patients

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TOPII and chromosome movement help remove interlocks between entangled chromosomes during meiosis

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Topiramate for the Treatment of Dually Dependent on Opiates and Cocaine: A Single-center Placebo-controlled Trial

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Topochemical pyrolytic synthesis of quasi-Mxene hybrids via ionic liquid-iron phthalocyanine as a self-template

Zhang, Q.; Zhou, Y.; Xu, F.; Lin, H.; Yan, Y.; Rui, K.; Zhang, C.; Wang, Q.; Ma, Z.; Zhang, Y.; Huang, K.; Zhu, J.; Huang, W., 2018:
Topochemical Synthesis of 2D Carbon Hybrids through Self-Boosting Catalytic Carbonization of a Metal-Polymer Framework

Xiao, X.; Wang, H.; Urbankowski, P.; Gogotsi, Y., 2018:
Topochemical synthesis of 2D materials

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Topographical alterations render bacterial biofilms susceptible to chemical and mechanical stress

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Topographical Disorientation in Patients with Brain Impairment

Moro, A.; Abe, S.; Yokomizo, N.; Kobayashi, Y.; Ono, T.; Takeda, T., 2018:
Topographical distribution of neurovascular canals and foramens in the mandible: avoiding complications resulting from their injury during oral surgical procedures

Poletti, S.C.; Hausold, J.; Herrmann, A.; Witt, M.; Hummel, T., 2018:
Topographical distribution of trigeminal receptor expression in the nasal cavity

Marrella, A.; Giannoni, P.; Pulsoni, I.; Quarto, R.; Raiteri, R.; Scaglione, S., 2018:
Topographical Features of Graphene-Oxide-Functionalized Substrates Modulate Cancer and Healthy Cell Adhesion Based on the Cell Tissue of Origin

Lee, M.Suk.; Lee, D.Hyun.; Jeon, J.; Oh, S.Heang.; Yang, H.Seok., 2018:
Topographically Defined, Biodegradable Nanopatterned Patches to Regulate Cell Fate and Acceleration of Bone Regeneration

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Topographical Pathology of Kendal and Its Neighbourhood

Brissenden, J.A.; Tobyne, S.M.; Osher, D.E.; Levin, E.J.; Halko, M.A.; Somers, D.C., 2018:
Topographic Cortico-cerebellar Networks Revealed by Visual Attention and Working Memory

Nassisi, M.; Baghdasaryan, E.; Tepelus, T.; Asanad, S.; Borrelli, E.; Sadda, S.R., 2018:
Topographic distribution of choriocapillaris flow deficits in healthy eyes

Klimczak, C.; Kling, C.L.; Byrne, P.K., 2018:
Topographic Expressions of Large Thrust Faults on Mars

O'Neill, Søren.; Larsen, J.Brinch.; Nim, C.; Arendt-Nielsen, L., 2018:
Topographic mapping of pain sensitivity of the lower back - a comparison of healthy controls and patients with chronic non-specific low back pain

Abbate, C., 2018:
Topographic Markers Drive Proteinopathies to Selection of Target Brain Areas at Onset in Neurodegenerative Dementias

Urita, A.; Cvetanovich, G.L.; Madden, B.T.; Verma, N.N.; Inoue, N.; Cole, B.J.; Yanke, A.B., 2018:
Topographic Matching of Osteochondral Allograft Transplantation Using Lateral Femoral Condyle for the Treatment of Medial Femoral Condyle Lesions: A Computer-Simulated Model Study

Koç, M.; Tekin, K., 2018:
Topography and Higher Order Corneal Aberrations of the Fellow Eye in Unilateral Keratoconus

Kong, J-Jian.; Yang, J.; Cai, W., 2018:
Topography controls post-fire changes in soil properties in a Chinese boreal forest

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Topography design in model membranes: Where biology meets physics

Zhou, Y.; Tang, Y.; Yang, Y.; Hu, S., 2018:
Topography Measurement of Large-Range Microstructures through Advanced Fourier-Transform Method and Phase Stitching in Scanning Broadband Light Interferometry

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Topography of a Visuomotor Transformation

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Topography of cancer-associated immune cells in human solid tumors

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Topography of Dopamine Transporter Availability in the Cerebellar Variant of Multiple System Atrophy

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Topoisomerase 1B poisons: Over a half-century of drug leads, clinical candidates, and serendipitous discoveries

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Topoisomerases I and III inhibit R-loop formation to prevent unregulated replication in the chromosomal Ter region of Escherichia coli

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Topokaryotyping demonstrates single cell variability and stress dependent variations in nuclear envelope associated domains

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Topological alternate centrality measure capturing drug targets in the network of MAPK pathways

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Topological Characterization of Rigid-Nonrigid Transition across the Frenkel Line

Wang, Y.; Ombao, H.; Chung, M.K., 2018:
Topological Data Analysis of Single-Trial Electroencephalographic Signals

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Topological Defects in Anisotropic Driven Open Systems

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Topological Insulator-Based van der Waals Heterostructures for Effective Control of Massless and Massive Dirac Fermions

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Topological Insulators versus Topological Dirac Semimetals in Honeycomb Compounds

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Topological in vitro loading of the budding yeast cohesin ring onto DNA

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Topological linkage disequilibrium calculated from coalescent genealogies

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Topological localization in out-of-equilibrium dissipative systems

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Topologically close-packed characteristic of amorphous tantalum

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Topological order, emergent gauge fields, and Fermi surface reconstruction

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Topological Pattern Recognition of Severe Alzheimer's Disease via Regularized Supervised Learning of EEG Complexity

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Topological Phases in Cove-Edged and Chevron Graphene Nanoribbons: Geometric Structures, [Formula: see text] 2 Invariants, and Junction States

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Topological Phase Transition and Z_{2} Index for S=1 Quantum Spin Chains

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Topological principles and developmental algorithms might refine diffusion tractography

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Topological Properties of Gapped Graphene Nanoribbons with Spatial Symmetries

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Topological protection of biphoton states

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Topological quantum computation based on chiral Majorana fermions

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Topological Ring Currents and Bond Currents in Some Neutral and Anionic Altans and Iterated Altans of Corannulene and Coronene

Dickens, T.K.; Mallion, R.B., 2018:
Topological Ring-Currents and Clar Sextets in Fully Benzenoid Hydrocarbons. II. Large Structures Containing More than 18 Rings

Dickens, T.K.; Mallion, R.B., 2018:
Topological Ring-Currents and Clar Sextets in Fully Benzenoid Hydrocarbons I. Structures with Fewer than 18 Rings

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Topological Sensitivity in the Recognition of Disoriented Figures

Xu, C.; Balents, L., 2018:
Topological Superconductivity in Twisted Multilayer Graphene

Ezawa, M., 2018:
Topological Switch between Second-Order Topological Insulators and Topological Crystalline Insulators

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Topological Transition in Spontaneously Formed Cellulosic Liquid-Crystalline Microspheres in a w/o Emulsion

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Topological Transitions Induced by Antiferromagnetism in a Thin-Film Topological Insulator

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Topological vulnerability of power grids to disasters: Bounds, adversarial attacks and reinforcement

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Topology and Geometry of Spin Origami

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Topology-dependent hydrocarbon transformations in the methanol-to-hydrocarbons reaction studied by operando UV-Raman spectroscopy

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Topology independent structural matching discovers novel templates for protein interfaces

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Topology of brain functional connectivity networks in posttraumatic stress disorder

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Topology of One-Dimensional Quantum Systems Out of Equilibrium

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Topology of Psoriasis in Routine Care - Results from a High-resolution Analysis in 2,009 Patients

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Topology of the Structural Social Brain Network in Typical Adults

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Topology Optimization of Passive Micromixers Based on Lagrangian Mapping Method

Zhu, D.; Zhan, W.; Wu, F.; Simeone, A., 2018:
Topology Optimization of Spatially Compliant Mechanisms with an Isomorphic Matrix of a 3-UPC Type Parallel Prototype Manipulator

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Topology-Reset Execution: Repeatable Postcyclization Recyclization of Cyclic Polymers

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Topotactic Transformations in an Icosahedral Nanocrystal to Form Efficient Water-Splitting Catalysts

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Topotecan monotherapy for the treatment of relapsed small cell lung cancer in elderly patients: A retrospective analysis

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Topotecan prevents hypoxia-induced pulmonary arterial hypertension and inhibits hypoxia-inducible factor-1α and TRPC channels

Xiang, Y.; Halin, J.; Fan, Z.; Hu, S.; Wang, M.; Qiu, L.; Zhang, Z.; Mattjus, P.; Zhang, Y., 2018:
Topovectorial mechanisms control the juxtamembrane proteolytic processing of Nrf1 to remove its N-terminal polypeptides during maturation of the CNC-bZIP factor

Hart, R., 2018:
Topping Phenomenon with Recurrent Spinal Stenosis and Epidural Fibrosis Prevented with Oxidized Cellulose - a Case Report

Grad, R.; Ebell, M.H., 2018:
Top POEMs of 2017 Consistent with the Principles of the Choosing Wisely Campaign

Teschke, R., 2018:
Top-ranking drugs out of 3312 drug-induced liver injury cases evaluated by the Roussel Uclaf Causality Assessment Method

Abbasi, J., 2018:
To Prevent Cardiovascular Disease, Pay Attention to Pregnancy Complications

Kuehn, B.M., 2018:
To Prevent Suicides and Promote Physician Well-Being, Institutions Turn to Early Intervention

Bidargaddi, N.; Almirall, D.; Murphy, S.; Nahum-Shani, I.; Kovalcik, M.; Pituch, T.; Maaieh, H.; Strecher, V., 2018:
To Prompt or Not to Prompt? A Microrandomized Trial of Time-Varying Push Notifications to Increase Proximal Engagement With a Mobile Health App

Zhang, P., 2018:
To properly evaluate the genetic testing results

Kusuma, G.D.; Barabadi, M.; Tan, J.L.; Morton, D.A.V.; Frith, J.E.; Lim, R., 2018:
To Protect and to Preserve: Novel Preservation Strategies for Extracellular Vesicles

Mulnaes, D.; Gohlke, H., 2018:
TopScore: Using Deep Neural Networks and Large Diverse Data Sets for Accurate Protein Model Quality Assessment

Bisquert, J., 2018:
Top Selected Papers in the Physical Chemistry of Energy Materials 2016-2017

Ribeiro, R.Almeida.; Giannini, T.Cristina.; Gastauer, M.; Awade, M.; Siqueira, Jé.Oswaldo., 2018:
Topsoil application during the rehabilitation of a manganese tailing dam increases plant taxonomic, phylogenetic and functional diversity

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Top Ten Facts You Should Know about "Alpha-gal, the Newly Described Delayed Red Meat Allergy

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Top-ten infections in onco-hematological patients (2015-2017)

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Top-ten papers in fungal infection (2015-2017)

Dietl, B.; Calbo, E., 2018:
Top-ten papers in Infection Control (2015-2017)

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Top Ten Tips for Palliative Care Clinicians Caring for Heart Failure Patients

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Top Ten Tips Palliative Care Clinicians Should Know About Caring for Children

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Top Ten Tips Palliative Care Clinicians Should Know About Parkinson's Disease and Related Disorders

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Top Tips to Protect Your Home against Seasonal Storms

Simon, C.S.; Hadjantonakis, A-Katerina., 2018:
Top to Tail: Anterior-Posterior Patterning Precedes Regional Nervous System Identity

Bonnes, S.L.; Mundi, M.S.; Hurt, R.T.; Salonen, B.R., 2018:
To Pull or Not to Pull: Salvaging Central Line Catheters in Home Parenteral Nutrition

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Tor1a gene in GABApre interneurons: The new player in the "impaired inhibition" game of dystonia?

Chen, G-Hong.; Liu, M-Jung.; Xiong, Y.; Sheen, J.; Wu, S-Hsing., 2018:
TOR and RPS6 transmit light signals to enhance protein translation in deetiolating Arabidopsis seedlings

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TOR-autophagy branch signaling via Imp1 dictates plant-microbe biotrophic interface longevity

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TORC1 signaling regulates DNA replication via DNA replication protein levels

Singh, A.; Chowdhury, D.; Gupta, A.; Meena, R.Chand.; Chakrabarti, A., 2018:
TORC1-signalling is down-regulated in Saccharomyces cerevisiae hsp30Δ cells by SNF1-dependent mechanisms

Juwita, T.; Melyani Puspitasari, I.; Levita, J., 2018:
Torch Ginger (<I>Etlingera elatior</I>): A Review on its Botanical Aspects, Phytoconstituents and Pharmacological Activities

França, T.F.A.; Monserrat, Jé.M., 2018:
To Read More Papers, or to Read Papers Better? A Crucial Point for the Reproducibility Crisis

Milyavsky, M.; Webber, D.; Fernandez, J.Renee.; Kruglanski, A.W.; Goldenberg, A.; Suri, G.; Gross, J.J., 2018:
To reappraise or not to reappraise? Emotion regulation choice and cognitive energetics

de la Cuesta Benjumea, C.; López Gracia, M.Virtudes.; Arredondo González, C.Patricia., 2018:
To recuperate and preserve the relative: Family caregivers strategies to manage mental health crisis

Freelance, C.B., 2018:
To Regulate or Not to Regulate? The Future of Animal Ethics in Experimental Research with Insects

Tsatsos, M.; Athanasiadis, I.; Ziakas, N., 2018:
To remove or not to remove (the AC-IOL)? This is the question

Widmann, B.; Steffen, T.; Tarantino, I., 2018:
To resect or not to resect, better yet, who to resect? That is the question after polypectomy of malignant polyps

Gelsomino, F.; Spallanzani, A.; Orsi, G.; Caputo, F.; Santini, C.; Cascinu, S., 2018:
To resect or not to resect: The hamletic dilemma of primary tumor resection in patients with asymptomatic stage IV colorectal cancer

Yang, Q.; Tufts, C.; Ungar, L.; Guntuku, S.; Merchant, R., 2018:
To Retweet or Not to Retweet: Understanding What Features of Cardiovascular Tweets Influence Their Retransmission

Sahu, P.Kumar.; Kolay, S.; Annagiri, S., 2018:
To reunite or not: A study of artificially fragmented Diacamma indicum ant colonies

Perez, S.; Thielhelm, T.P.; Cohen, M.G., 2018:
To revascularize or not before transcatheter aortic valve implantation?

Kern, H.; Gargiulo, P.; Pond, A.; Albertin, G.; Marcante, A.; Carraro, U., 2018:
To Reverse Atrophy of Human Muscles in Complete SCI Lower Motor Neuron Denervation by Home-Based Functional Electrical Stimulation

Allard, K.; Zetterberg, M., 2018:
Toric IOL implantation in a patient with keratoconus and previous penetrating keratoplasty: a case report and review of literature

Thakre, R.; Patil, P.S., 2018:
To Ride or Not to Ride?

Panagopoulos, D.; Themistocleous, M.; Mitsios, A.; Sfakianos, G., 2018:
Torkildsen shunt as a salvage procedure for an infant with post-hemorrhagic hydrocephalus

Zhang, Z.; Shang, X-Ke.; Mao, B-Ni.; Li, J.; Chen, G., 2018:
Torn discoid lateral meniscus is associated with increased medial meniscal extrusion and worse articular cartilage status in older patients

Stella, S.Frosi.; Lindsay, T.F.; Tan, K.T., 2018:
Toronto PowerWire fenestration technique to access false lumen branches in fenestrated endovascular aneurysm repair for chronic type B dissection

Shiotari, A.; Odani, T.; Sugimoto, Y., 2018:
Torque-Induced Change in Configuration of a Single NO Molecule on Cu(110)

Martelli, F.; Macera, L.; Spezia, P.Giorgio.; Medici, C.; Pistello, M.; Guasti, D.; Romagnoli, P.; Maggi, F.; Giannecchini, S., 2018:
Torquetenovirus detection in exosomes enriched vesicles circulating in human plasma samples

Ruiz, P.; Martínez-Picola, M.; Santana, M.; Muñoz, J.; Pérez-Del-Pulgar, Sía.; Koutsoudakis, G.; Sastre, L.; Colmenero, J.; Crespo, G.; Navasa, M., 2018:
Torque Teno Virus is associated with the state of immune suppression early after liver transplantation

Giacconi, R.; Maggi, F.; Macera, L.; Pistello, M.; Provinciali, M.; Giannecchini, S.; Martelli, F.; Spezia, P.Giorgio.; Mariani, E.; Galeazzi, R.; Costarelli, L.; Iovino, L.; Galimberti, S.; Nisi, L.; Piacenza, F.; Malavolta, M., 2018:
Torquetenovirus (TTV) load is associated with mortality in Italian elderly subjects

Focosi, D.; Maggi, F., 2018:
Torque teno virus monitoring in transplantation: The quest for standardization

Teng, A.E.; Share, M.; Hsu, J.J.; Rettinger, S.R.; Garon, E.; Goldman, J.; Yang, E.H.; Tung, R., 2018:
Torsades de pointes with pseudo-T wave alternans during rociletinib therapy: A novel manifestation of a rare side effect

Viteri, O.A.; Alrais, M.A.; Pedroza, C.; Hutchinson, M.; Chauhan, S.P.; Blackwell, S.C.; Sibai, B.M., 2018 :
Torsemide for Prevention of Persistent Postpartum Hypertension in Women With Preeclampsia: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Shah, P.; Patel, H.; Mithawala, P.; Doshi, R., 2018:
Torsemide versus furosemide in heart failure patients: A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

Serrano, J.B.; Martins, F.; Pereira, Cátia.D.; van Pelt, A.M.M.; da Cruz E Silva, O.A.B.; Rebelo, S., 2018:
TorsinA Is Functionally Associated with Spermatogenesis

Cianca, J.; Dy, R.; Chiou-Tan, F.Y.; John, J.; Taber, K.H., 2018:
Torsional Anatomy of the Lower Limb: The Appearance of Anatomy in Hemispastic Position

Somboon, T.; Saparpakorn, P.; Hannongbua, S., 2018:
Torsional flexibility of undecorated catechol diether compound as potent NNRTI targeting HIV-1 reverse transcriptase

Blugan, G.; Mata-Osoro, G.; Fecht, S.; Janczak-Rusch, J.; Kuebler, J., 2018:
Torsional shear strength of steel joined with high performance aerospace adhesives at cryogenic and elevated temperatures

Orellana, W.; Stephens, S.L.; Pringle, W.C.; Groner, P.; Novick, S.E.; Cooke, S.A., 2018:
Torsional splitting and the four-fold barrier to internal rotation: The rotational spectra of vinylsulfur pentafluoride

Mittag, U.; Kriechbaumer, A.; Rittweger, Jörn., 2018:
Torsion - an underestimated form shaping entity in bone adaptation?

Harb, A.; Levi, M.; Kozato, A.; Akelina, Y.; Strauch, R.J., 2018:
Torsion Does Not Affect Early Vein Graft Patency in the Rat Femoral Artery Model

Yuan, S.; Chen, W.; Liu, J.; Liu, Y.; Wang, B.; Zheng, Y., 2018:
Torsion-induced vortex switching and skyrmion-like state in ferroelectric nanodisks

Wakui, N.; Miyoshi, A.; Kamei, Y.; Hara, T.; Fujishiro, A.; Kanao, S.; Naoi, H.; Otsuka, H.; Nagamatsu, M.; Yokoi, T., 2018:
Torsion of Normal Adnexa in a 31-year-old Woman: A Case Report and Literature Review

Hurtig, J.; Gkekas, I.; Näsvall, P., 2018:
Torsion of wandering spleen - unusual cause to acute abdominal pain in pediatric patients

Khan, D.B.; Khandwala, K.; Abbasi, S-Un-Nisa.; Khan, S.D.; Raza, R., 2018:
Torsion of Wandering Spleen with Infarction

Dyer, T.; Dancey, P.; Martin, J.; Shah, S., 2018:
Torticollis as Presentation for Atypical Kawasaki Disease Complicated by Giant Coronary Artery Aneurysms

Konstantonis, D.; Brenner, R.; Karamolegkou, M.; Vasileiou, D., 2018:
Torturous path of an elastic gap band: Interdisciplinary approach to orthodontic treatment for a young patient who lost both maxillary central incisors after do-it-yourself treatment

Bossard, A.; Kaneko, K., 2018:
Torus Pairwise Disjoint-Path Routing

Pyle, R.L.; Greene, B.D.; Copus, J.M.; Randall, J.E., 2018:
Tosanoidesannepatrice , a new basslet from deep coral reefs in Micronesia (Perciformes, Percoidei, Serranidae)

Pinheiro, H.T.; Rocha, C.; Rocha, L.A., 2018:
Tosanoidesaphrodite , a new species from mesophotic coral ecosystems of St. Paul's Rocks, Mid Atlantic Ridge (Perciformes, Serranidae, Anthiadinae)

Stylianos, S., 2018:
To save a child's spleen: 50 years from Toronto to ATOMAC

Marshall, R.S.; Vierstra, R.D., 2018:
To save or degrade: balancing proteasome homeostasis to maximize cell survival

Dynel, M., 2018:
To Say the Least: Where Deceptively Withholding Information Ends and Lying Begins

Kauffman, J.D.; Litz, C.N.; Thiel, S.A.; Nguyen, A.Thy.H.; Carey, A.; Danielson, P.D.; Chandler, N.M., 2018:
To Scan or Not to Scan: Overutilization of Computed Tomography for Minor Head Injury at a Pediatric Trauma Center

Ehling, S.; Butler, A.; Thi, S.; Ghashghaei, H.Troy.; Bäumer, W., 2018:
To scratch an itch: Establishing a mouse model to determine active brain areas involved in acute histaminergic itch

Smits, P.C., 2018:
To screen and treat silent ischemia: A tough dilemma

Kristoffersson, E.; Diderichsen, S.; Verdonk, P.; Lagro-Janssen, T.; Hamberg, K.; Andersson, J., 2018:
To select or be selected - gendered experiences in clinical training affect medical students' specialty preferences

Tian, S.; Wang, C.; Chang, H.H., 2018:
To select relevant features for longitudinal gene expression data by extending a pathway analysis method

Schell, C.; Godinho, A.; Kushnir, V.; Cunningham, J.A., 2018:
To send or not to send: weighing the costs and benefits of mailing an advance letter to participants before a telephone survey

Haider, R.Silvanus.; Godbole, A.; Hoffmann, C., 2018:
To sense or not to sense-new insights from GPCR-based and arrestin-based biosensors

Wlodarczyk, J.R.; Thomas, A.S.; Schroll, R.; Campion, E.M.; Croyle, C.; Menaker, J.; Bradley, M.; Harvin, J.A.; Collum, M.L.; Cho, J.; Seamon, M.J.; Leonard, J.; Tiller, M.; Inaba, K.; Moore, M.M., 2018:
To shunt or not to shunt in combined orthopedic and vascular extremity trauma

Taylor, 1808:
To S. Strowger

Burke, C.R.; Atluri, P., 2018:
To STABILISE or not: Is the additive time of additive benefit?

Deshpande, T.D.; Singh, Y.R.G.; Patil, S.; Joshi, Y.M.; Sharma, A., 2018:
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Total extraperitoneal (TEP) management of mesh erosion into bladder following transabdominal preperitoneal inguinal hernia repair (TAPP)

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Totally Thorascopic Closure of the Left Atrial Appendage

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Totally Waterborne, Nonfluorinated, Mechanically Robust, and Self-Healing Superhydrophobic Coatings for Actual Anti-Icing

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Total Pancreatectomy with Autologous Islet Cell Transplantation

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Total parenteral nutrition in the pleural space

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Total Parenteral Nutrition Lipid Emulsion Pleural and Pericardial Effusions May Present Similar Chylothorax with Milky White Chest Tube Output after Tracheoesophageal Fistula Repair

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Total Parenteral Nutrition Standardization and Electronic Ordering to Reduce Errors: a Quality Improvement Initiative

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Total pharyngolaryngectomy in the elderly: The impact of age on postoperative complications and oncologic and functional outcomes

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Total phenolic and flavonoid contents and antihypertensive effect of the crude extract and fractions of Calamintha vulgaris

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Total Phenolic Contents and Antioxidant Potential of Herbs Used for Medical and Culinary Purposes

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Total polyphenol intake, polyphenol subtypes and incidence of cardiovascular disease: The SUN cohort study

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Total replacement of corn silage with sorghum silage improves milk fatty acid profile and antioxidant capacity of Holstein dairy cows

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Total revascularization of the lower limb in a patient with multifocal atherosclerosis and critical ischaemia

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Total RNA Extraction from Tardigrades

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Total saponins from the leaves of Panax notoginseng inhibit depression on mouse chronic unpredictable mild stress model by regulating circRNA expression

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Total Saponins of Aralia Elata (Miq) Seem Alleviate Calcium Homeostasis Imbalance and Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress-Related Apoptosis Induced by Myocardial Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury

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Total Scapulectomy and Shoulder Reconstruction Using a Scapular Prosthesis and Constrained Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty

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Total Serum Cholesterol and Pancreatic Cancer: A Nested Case-Control Study

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Total Shoulder Arthroplasty in the Athlete and Active Individual

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Total Sleep Time Interacts With Age to Predict Cognitive Performance Among Adults

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Total soy saponins improve the antioxidant capacity of the myocardium and exercise ability in exhausted rats

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Total Spiking Probability Edges: A Cross-Correlation based Method for Effective Connectivity Estimation of Cortical Spiking Neurons

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Total spondylectomy for Enneking stage III giant cell tumor of the mobile spine

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Total Syntheses of Aromatic Abietane Diterpenoids Utilizing Advances in the Pummerer Rearrangement

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Total Syntheses of Asperchalasines A-E

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Total Syntheses of Bisdehydroneostemoninine and Bisdehydrostemoninine by Catalytic Carbonylative Spirolactonization

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Total Synthesis and Absolute Stereochemical Assignment of Microgrewiapine A and Its Stereoisomers

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Total Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of 19-Hydroxysarmentogenin-3 -O-α-l-rhamnoside, Trewianin, and Their Aglycons

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Total Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Cell Adhesion Inhibitors Peribysin A and B: Structural Revision of Peribysin B

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Total Synthesis, Biological Evaluation, and Target Identification of Rare Abies Sesquiterpenoids

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Total Synthesis of an Atropisomer of the Schisandra Triterpenoid Schiglautone A

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Total Synthesis of Anti-tuberculosis Natural Products Ilamycins E 1 and F

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Total synthesis of (±)-antroquinonol

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Total Synthesis of (+)-Aplykurodinone-1

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Total synthesis of aristolactam alkaloids via synergistic C-H bond activation and dehydro-Diels-Alder reactions

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Total Synthesis of Asperphenins A and B

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Total Synthesis of Callyspongiolide, Part 2 The Ynoate Metathesis / cis-Reduction Strategy

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Total Synthesis of Chaetoglobin A via Catalytic, Atroposelective Oxidative Phenol Coupling

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Total synthesis of (±)-chondrosterin I using a desymmetric aldol reaction

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Total Synthesis of Complex Biosynthetic Late-Stage Intermediates and Bioconversion by a Tailoring Enzyme from Jerangolid Biosynthesis

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Total Synthesis of (-)-Cylindrocyclophane F: A Yardstick for Probing New Catalytic C-C Bond-Forming Methodologies

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Total Synthesis of Divergolides E and H

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Total Synthesis of Emmyguyacins A and B, Potential Fusion Inhibitors of Influenza Virus

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Total Synthesis of epi-Trichosetin

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Total Synthesis of (-)-Laulimalide

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Total Synthesis of (-)-Mitrephorone A

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Total Synthesis of (-)-Mucosin and Revision of Structure

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Total Synthesis of Norsampsones A and B, Garcinielliptones N and O, and Hyperscabrin A

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Total Synthesis of Notoryne

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Total Synthesis of (+)-Prunustatin A: Utility of Organotrifluoroborate-Mediated Prenylation and Shiina MNBA Esterification and Macrolactonization To Avoid a Competing Thorpe-Ingold Effect Accelerated Transesterification

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Total Synthesis of (+)-Pyrenolide D

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Total Synthesis of Repraesentin F and Configuration Reassignment by a Gold(I)-Catalyzed Cyclization Cascade

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Total synthesis of sesterterpenoids

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Total Synthesis of Suillusin

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Total Synthesis of the Highly N -Methylated Peptides Carmabin A and Dragomabin

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Total Synthesis of the Ortho-Hydroxylated Protoberberines (S)-Govaniadine, (S)-Caseamine and (S)-Clarkeanidine via a Solvent-directed Pictet-Spengler reaction

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Total synthesis of the potent anti-inflammatory natural product solomonamide A along with structural revision and biological activity evaluation

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Total Synthesis of the Proposed Structure of Mycobactin J

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Total Synthesis of Trisaccharide Repeating Unit of O-Specific Polysaccharide of Pseudomonas fluorescens BIM B-582

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Total Synthesis of Violaceoid A and (-)- and (+)-Violaceoid B

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Total Synthesis of (+)-Viridianol, a Marine-Derived Sesquiterpene Embodying the Decahydrocyclobuta[ d]indene Framework

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Total Synthesis of Xanthoangelol B and Its Various Fragments: Toward Inhibition of Virulence Factor Production of Staphylococcus aureus

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Total synthesis, structural revision and biological evaluation of γ-elemene-type sesquiterpenes

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Total talar replacement with a novel 3D printed modular prosthesis for tumors

Yang, D.; Zhou, Y.; Wang, W., 2018:
Total thoracoscopic high-position sleeve lobectomy of the right upper lobe of the lung

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Total Thumb Carpometacarpal Joint Arthroplasty: A Retrospective Functional Study of 28 MOOVIS Prostheses

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Total thyroidectomy (Tx) versus thionamides (antithyroid drugs) in patients with moderate-to-severe Graves' ophthalmopathy - a 1-year follow-up: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

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Total thyroidectomy's association with survival in papillary thyroid cancers and the high proportion of total thyroidectomy in low-risk patients: Analysis of Korean nationwide data

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Total tiroidectomy in patient with McArdle's syndrome: Anesthetic management

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Total tooth loss without denture wear is a risk indicator for difficulty eating among older adults with intellectual disabilities

Fang, X.; Zhang, W.; Yu, Z.; Liu, H.; Xiong, Y.; Zhou, Y.; Tu, C.; Song, L.; Duan, H., 2018:
Total ulna replacement with a 3D-printed custom-made prosthesis after en bloc tumor resection: A case report

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Total vaginal length: Does it matter for assessing uterine prolapse?

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Total versus subtotal parathyroidectomy for secondary hyperparathyroidism

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Total virtual workflow in CAD-CAM bony reconstruction with a single step free fibular graft and immediate dental implants

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Total Worker Health: A Small Business Leader Perspective

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To Test or Not to Test?

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To test or not to test? A framework for counselling patients on preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy (PGT-A)

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To the edge of cell death and back

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To the Edge of the Urban Landscape: Homelessness and the Politics of Care

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To the Next Step of Endoscopic Surgery

Yeatman, J.C., 1815:
To the Proprietors of the London Medical and Physical Journal

Duncan, A., 1804:
To the Readers of the Annals of Medicine

Gnezdilov, V.M., 2018:
To the revision of the genus Thionia Stål (Hemiptera, Fulgoroidea, Issidae), with description of new genera and new subtribe

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To Thine Own Self Be True: A First Step Toward Learning How Anesthesiologists Deal With Adversity in the Operating Room

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To Tie or Not to Tie: A Systematic Review of Postaxial Polydactyly and Outcomes of Suture Ligation Versus Surgical Excision

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To transfuse or not to transfuse? Jehovah's Witnesses and postoperative hemorrhage in pediatric otolaryngology

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To transfuse or not transfuse: an intensive appraisal of red blood cell transfusions in the ICU

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To Treat or Not to Treat? A Postmastectomy Question

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To Treat, or Not to Treat, That is the Question: Biomarker-guided Adjuvant Chemotherapy for Stage II and III Gastric Cancer

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To treat or not to treat: The minimally symptomatic EoE patient

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To trust, or not to trust? Individual differences in physiological reactivity predict trust under acute stress

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TotShots: An Innovative Pediatric Free Clinic Providing High Patient Satisfaction to the Underserved

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To Tweet or Not to Tweet-Social Media in Radiological Practice

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Touch-actuated microneedle array patch for closed-loop transdermal drug delivery

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Touch DNA: The effect of the deposition pressure on the quality of latent fingermarks and STR profiles

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Touch imprint cytology on endoscopic ultrasound fine-needle biopsy provides comparable sample quality and diagnostic yield to standard eus-fna specimens in the evaluation of solid pancreatic lesions

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Touch-induced pupil size reflects stimulus intensity, not subjective pleasantness

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Touching beliefs: Using touchscreen technology to elicit subjective expectations in survey research

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Touching the Sky: Coccinellids (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) at High Altitudes in South America

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Touch targeting C-tactile afferent fibers has a unique physiological pattern: A combined electrodermal and facial electromyography study

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Toughening of Poly(L-lactide) with Blends of Poly( ε -caprolactone- co -L-lactide) in the Presence of Chain Extender

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Tough, sticky and remoldable hydrophobic association hydrogel regulated by polysaccharide and sodium dodecyl sulfate as emulsifiers

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Tough, Stimuli-Responsive, and Biocompatible Hydrogels with Very High Water Content

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To understand or not to understand: This is the problem

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Tourette Syndrome

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Tourism research from its inception to present day: Subject area, geography, and gender distributions

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Tourniquet and adrenaline use in hypospadias surgery: a survey on the current practice in Turkey

Saad, F., 2018:
Tout le poids d'un nom, ou faut-il renommer notre spécialité?

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Toward 7T breast MRI clinical study: safety assessment using simulation of heterogeneous breast models in RF exposure

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Toward a Common Framework for the Design of Soft Robotic Manipulators with Fluidic Actuation

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Toward a Common Terminology for the Gyri and Sulci of the Human Cerebral Cortex

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Toward a Common Understanding of Diet-Exercise Strategies to Manipulate Fuel Availability for Training and Competition Preparation in Endurance Sport

Lunny, C.; Brennan, S.E.; McDonald, S.; McKenzie, J.E., 2018 :
Toward a comprehensive evidence map of overview of systematic review methods: paper 2-risk of bias assessment; synthesis, presentation and summary of the findings; and assessment of the certainty of the evidence

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Toward a Consensus on Centralization in Surgery

Bradley, K.L.; Goetz, T.; Viswanathan, S., 2018:
Toward a Contemporary Definition of Health

Sun, B.; Yang, D.; Lam, D.; Zhang, T.; Dvergsten, T.; Bradley, J.; Mutic, S.; Zhao, T., 2018:
Toward adaptive proton therapy guided with a mobile helical CT scanner

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Toward a global health approach: lessons from the HIV and Ebola epidemics

Van den Bempt, M.; Liebregts, J.; Maal, T.; Bergé, S.; Xi, T., 2018:
Toward a higher accuracy in orthognathic surgery by using intraoperative computer navigation, 3D surgical guides, and/or customized osteosynthesis plates: A systematic review

Thathachary, S.V.; Ashkenazi, S., 2018:
Toward a highly sensitive polymer waveguide fiber Fabry-Pérot ultrasound detector

Chappell, A.S., 2018:
Toward a Lifestyle Medicine Approach to Illness Anxiety Disorder (Formerly Hypochondriasis)

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Toward Alignment in the Reporting of Economic Evaluations of Diagnostic Tests and Biomarkers: The AGREEDT Checklist

Lee, H.; Kim, E.; Lee, Y.; Kim, H.; Lee, J.; Kim, M.; Yoo, H-Jun.; Yoo, S., 2018:
Toward all-day wearable health monitoring: An ultralow-power, reflective organic pulse oximetry sensing patch

Yuan, Z.; Duan, Y.; Liu, T.; Zhang, H.; Li, X., 2018:
Toward a Low-Cost Alkaline Zinc-Iron Flow Battery with a Polybenzimidazole Custom Membrane for Stationary Energy Storage

Flynn, K.J.; Mitra, A.; Bode, A., 2018:
Toward a mechanistic understanding of trophic structure: inferences from simulating stable isotope ratios

Krueger, F.; Meyer-Lindenberg, A., 2018:
Toward a Model of Interpersonal Trust Drawn from Neuroscience, Psychology, and Economics

Coleman, J., 2018:
Toward a More Perfect Match: Improving the Residency Application Process

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Toward a more scientific science

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Toward a motor signature in autism: Studies from human-machine interaction

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Toward analyzing and synthesizing previous research in early prediction of cardiac arrest using machine learning based on a multi-layered integrative framework

Dorrance, K.A.; Robbins, D.A.; Kimsey, L.; LaRochelle, J.S.; Durning, S., 2018:
Toward a National Conversation on Health: Disruptive Intervention and the Transformation from Health Care to Health

Dorrance, K.A.; Phillips, A.A., 2018:
Toward a National Conversation on Health: The Transformative Power of Deregulated Markets and Market-Driven Innovation

Bylemans, J.; Gleeson, D.M.; Hardy, C.M.; Furlan, E., 2018:
Toward an ecoregion scale evaluation of eDNA metabarcoding primers: A case study for the freshwater fish biodiversity of the Murray-Darling Basin (Australia)

Ford, J.D.; Spinazzola, J.; van der Kolk, B.; Grasso, D.J., 2018:
Toward an Empirically Based Developmental Trauma Disorder Diagnosis for Children: Factor Structure, Item Characteristics, Reliability, and Validity of the Developmental Trauma Disorder Semi-Structured Interview

Bongiovanni, I.; Newton, C., 2018:
Toward an Epidemiology of Safety and Security Risks: An Organizational Vulnerability Assessment in International Airports

Fernández, J.Siham., 2018:
Toward an Ethical Reflective Practice of a Theory in the Flesh: Embodied Subjectivities in a Youth Participatory Action Research Mural Project

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Toward a new treatment planning approach accounting for in vivo proton range verification

Dubljević, V., 2018:
Toward an Improved Multi-Criteria Drug Harm Assessment Process and Evidence-Based Drug Policies

Willcox, B.K.; Robson, A.J.; Howlett, B.G.; Rader, R., 2018:
Toward an integrated approach to crop production and pollination ecology through the application of remote sensing

Ledgerwood, A.; Eastwick, P.W.; Smith, L.K., 2018:
Toward an Integrative Framework for Studying Human Evaluation: Attitudes Toward Objects and Attributes

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Toward an understanding of the increase in enzymatic hydrolysis by mechanical refining

Burger, W.A.C.; Sexton, P.M.; Christopoulos, A.; Thal, D.M., 2018:
Toward an understanding of the structural basis of allostery in muscarinic acetylcholine receptors

Tsai, F.D.; Haddad, R.I., 2018:
Toward a Personalized Approach in the Treatment of Salivary Ductal Carcinoma

Rad, M.Salari.; Martingano, A.Jane.; Ginges, J., 2018:
Toward a psychology of Homo sapiens : Making psychological science more representative of the human population

Kirchhoff, A.; Bügel, U.; Santamaria, E.; Reimeier, F.; Röpert, D.; Tebbje, A.; Güntsch, A.; Chaves, F.; Steinke, K-Heinz.; Berendsohn, W., 2018:
Toward a service-based workflow for automated information extraction from herbarium specimens

Brown, S., 2018:
Toward a Unification of the Arts

Karatekin, E., 2018:
Toward a unified picture of the exocytotic fusion pore

Marinkovic, M.; Block, T.J.; Kondraske, G., 2018:
Toward a unified "quality" framework for cell-based therapies

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Toward a Universal Structural and Energetic Model for Prokaryotic Promoters

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Toward Automated Identification of Glycan Branching Patterns Using Multistage Mass Spectrometry with Intelligent Precursor Selection

Chen, Y.; Villanueva-Meyer, J.E.; Morrison, M.A.; Lupo, J.M., 2018:
Toward Automatic Detection of Radiation-Induced Cerebral Microbleeds Using a 3D Deep Residual Network

Adamou, M.; Antoniou, G.; Greasidou, E.; Lagani, V.; Charonyktakis, P.; Tsamardinos, I.; Doyle, M., 2018:
Toward Automatic Risk Assessment to Support Suicide Prevention

Rush, A.John.; South, C.C.; Jha, M.K.; Grannemann, B.D.; Trivedi, M.H., 2018:
Toward a very brief quality of life enjoyment and Satisfaction Questionnaire

Wang, T.; Jin, H.; Li, J.; Wei, Y., 2018:
Toward barrier free contact to MoSe 2 /WSe 2 heterojunctions using two-dimensional metal electrodes

Penteado, B.Elias.; Paiva, P.Maria.Pereira.; Morettin-Zupelari, M.; Isotani, S.; Ferrari, D.Viviane., 2018:
Toward Better Outcomes in Audiology Distance Education: An Educational Data Mining Approach

Shapiro, M.; Shapiro, A.; Raz, E.; Becske, T.; Riina, H.; Nelson, P.K., 2018:
Toward Better Understanding of Flow Diversion in Bifurcation Aneurysms

Schneck, K.; Tham, L.San.; Ertekin, A.; Reviriego, J., 2018:
Toward Better Understanding of Insulin Therapy by Translation of a PK-PD Model to Visualize Insulin and Glucose Action Profiles

Frönicke, L.; Bronner, D.N.; Byndloss, M.X.; McLaughlin, B.; Bäumler, A.J.; Westermann, A.J., 2018:
Toward Cell Type-Specific In Vivo Dual RNA-Seq

Romero-Rodríguez, Mía.Cristina.; Jorrín-Novo, Jús.V.; Castillejo, Mía.Angeles., 2018:
Toward characterizing germination and early growth in the non-orthodox forest tree species Quercus ilex through complementary gel and gel-free proteomic analysis of embryo and seedlings

Brelsford, C.; Martin, T.; Hand, J.; Bettencourt, Lís.M.A., 2018:
Toward cities without slums: Topology and the spatial evolution of neighborhoods

Wang, J.; Puel, J-Luc., 2018:
Toward Cochlear Therapies

Ojha, P.Kumar.; Kar, S.; Roy, K.; Leszczynski, J., 2018:
Toward comprehension of multiple human cells uptake of engineered nano metal oxides: quantitative inter cell line uptake specificity (QICLUS) modeling

Daher, B.; Hannibal, B.; Portney, K.E.; Mohtar, R.H., 2018:
Toward creating an environment of cooperation between water, energy, and food stakeholders in San Antonio

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Toward digitally controlled catalyst architectures: Hierarchical nanoporous gold via 3D printing

Polasek, T.M.; Rayner, C.R.; Peck, R.W.; Rowland, A.; Kimko, H.; Rostami-Hodjegan, A., 2018:
Toward Dynamic Prescribing Information: Codevelopment of Companion Model-Informed Precision Dosing Tools in Drug Development

Diamant, Z.; Brusselle, G.; Russell, R.E., 2018:
Toward effective prescription of inhaled corticosteroids in chronic airway disease

Dewa, C.S.; Hoch, J.S.; Nieuwenhuijsen, K.; Parikh, S.V.; Sluiter, J.K., 2018:
Toward Effective Work Accommodations for Depression: Examining the Relationship between Different Combinations of Depression Symptoms and Work Productivity Losses

Li, Z.; Zhang, X.; Liu, C.; Guo, J.; Cui, H.; Shen, L.; Guo, W., 2018:
Toward Efficient Carbon-Dots-Based Electron-Extraction Layer Through Surface Charge Engineering

Liao, S.; He, Q.; Yang, L.; Liu, S.; Zhang, Z.; Guidoin, R.; Fu, Q.; Xie, X., 2018:
Toward endothelialization via vascular endothelial growth factor immobilization on cell-repelling functional polyurethanes

Grancha, T.; Ferrando-Soria, Jús.; Proserpio, D.M.; Armentano, D.; Pardo, E., 2018:
Toward Engineering Chiral Rodlike Metal-Organic Frameworks with Rare Topologies

Huang, Y.; Tang, Z.; Liu, Z.; Wei, J.; Hu, H.; Zhi, C., 2018:
Toward Enhancing Wearability and Fashion of Wearable Supercapacitor with Modified Polyurethane Artificial Leather Electrolyte

Jensen, C., 2018:
Toward evidence-based anti-human trafficking policy: a rapid review of CSE rehabilitation and evaluation of Indian legislation

Yoo, Y.Kyoung.; Lee, J.; Kim, H.; Hwang, K.Seon.; Yoon, D.Sung.; Lee, J.Hoon., 2018:
Toward Exosome-Based Neuronal Diagnostic Devices

Sugiyama, H.; Toyota, T., 2018:
Toward Experimental Evolution with Giant Vesicles

Schlegel, J.; Hoffmann, J.; Röll, D.; Müller, B.; Günther, S.; Zhang, W.; Janise, A.; Vössing, C.; Fühler, B.; Neidhardt, J.; Khanna, H.; Lorenz, B.; Stieger, K., 2018:
Toward genome editing in X-linked RP-development of a mouse model with specific treatment relevant features

Fantke, P.; Aurisano, Nó.; Bare, J.; Backhaus, T.; Bulle, Cécile.; Chapman, P.M.; De Zwart, D.; Dwyer, R.; Ernstoff, A.; Golsteijn, L.; Holmquist, H.; Jolliet, O.; McKone, T.E.; Owsianiak, Młaj.; Peijnenburg, W.; Posthuma, L.; Roos, S.; Saouter, E.; Schowanek, D.; van Straalen, N.M.; Vijver, M.G.; Hauschild, M., 2018:
Toward harmonizing ecotoxicity characterization in life cycle impact assessment

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Toward High Areal Energy and Power Density Electrode for Li-Ion Batteries via Optimized 3D Printing Approach

Jia, Y.; Gong, X.; Peng, P.; Wang, Z.; Tian, Z.; Ren, L.; Fu, Y.; Zhang, H., 2016:
Toward High Carrier Mobility and Low Contact Resistance: Laser Cleaning of PMMA Residues on Graphene Surfaces

Rzagalinski, I.; Kovačević, B.; Hainz, N.; Meier, C.; Tschernig, T.; Volmer, D.A., 2018:
Toward Higher Sensitivity in Quantitative MALDI Imaging Mass Spectrometry of CNS Drugs Using a Nonpolar Matrix

Forouhi, S.; Dehghani, R.; Ghafar-Zadeh, E., 2018:
Toward High Throughput Core-CBCM CMOS Capacitive Sensors for Life Science Applications: A Novel Current-Mode for High Dynamic Range Circuitry

Meulstee, J.W.; Nijsink, J.; Schreurs, R.; Verhamme, L.M.; Xi, T.; Delye, H.H.K.; Borstlap, W.A.; Maal, T.J.J., 2018:
Toward Holographic-Guided Surgery

Gill, M.E.; Peters, A.H.F.M., 2018:
Toward human egg-like cells in vitro

Chung, H-Na.; Rodriguez, S.D.; Gonzales, K.K.; Vulcan, J.; Cordova, J.J.; Mitra, S.; Adams, C.G.; Moses-Gonzales, N.; Tam, N.; Cluck, J.W.; Attardo, G.M.; Hansen, I.A., 2018:
Toward Implementation of Mosquito Sterile Insect Technique: The Effect of Storage Conditions on Survival of Male Aedes aegypti Mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) During Transport

Elzoghby, A.O.; Freag, M.S., 2018:
Toward improving drug delivery research in Egypt: Cancer Nanotechnology Research Laboratory (CNRL) as a role model

Imfeld, Gël.; Besaury, L.; Maucourt, B.; Donadello, Séphanie.; Baran, N.; Vuilleumier, Séphane., 2018:
Toward Integrative Bacterial Monitoring of Metolachlor Toxicity in Groundwater

Du Toit, E.; Olivera, S.; Topper, K.; van de Venter, R.; Williams, M.; Ventres, W., 2018:
Toward interprofessional service-learning and social accountability in health: One South African University's process-oriented-participatory journey

Rizzetto, S.; Csikász-Nagy, A., 2018:
Toward Large-Scale Computational Prediction of Protein Complexes

Mistek, E.; Fikiet, M.A.; Khandasammy, S.R.; Lednev, I.K., 2018:
Toward Locard's Exchange Principle: Recent Developments in Forensic Trace Evidence Analysis

Knechtle, S.J., 2018:
Toward Long-term Livers

Chopra, N.; Nicholson-Smith, C.O.; Shahbazi, M.; Malthaner, R.; Patel, R.V., 2018:
Toward Lung Tumor Localization based on Strain Variability of Lung Surface during Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery

Deng, B.; Liu, Z.; Peng, H., 2018:
Toward Mass Production of CVD Graphene Films

Wang, R.; Wang, J.; Chen, S.; Jiang, C.; Bao, W.; Su, Y.; Tan, G.; Wu, F., 2018:
Toward Mechanically Stable Silicon-Based Anodes Using Si/SiO x @C Hierarchical Structures with Well-Controlled Internal Buffer Voids

Bickel, W.K.; Stein, J.S.; Moody, L.N.; Snider, S.E.; Mellis, A.M.; Quisenberry, A.J., 2017:
Toward Narrative Theory: Interventions for Reinforcer Pathology in Health Behavior

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Toward New Classification Criteria for Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis: First Steps, Pediatric Rheumatology International Trials Organization International Consensus

Yang, Y.; Fletcher, K.; Whitehead, R.; Murray, G., 2018:
Toward New Therapeutic Mechanisms in Bipolar Disorder: Analog Investigation of Self-Compassion and Nonattachment to Self

Wang, H.; Totaro, M.; Beccai, L., 2018:
Toward Perceptive Soft Robots: Progress and Challenges

Rea, M.S.; Bullough, J.D., 2016:
Toward Performance Specifications for Flashing Warning Beacons

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Toward population specific and personalized treatment of Helicobacter pylori infection

Wettersten, N.; Maisel, A.S.; Cruz, D.N., 2018:
Toward Precision Medicine in the Cardiorenal Syndrome

Davis, M.Elizabeth.; Bossert, D.; Manne, M., 2018:
Toward Precision Medicine: Promising Areas of Research in Glioma

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Toward predictive modeling of catheter-based pulmonary valve replacement into native right ventricular outflow tracts

Herbst, M.F.; Dreuw, A.; Avery, J.Emil., 2018:
Toward quantum-chemical method development for arbitrary basis functions

Ofori-Okai, B.K.; Descamps, A.; Lu, J.; Seipp, L.E.; Weinmann, A.; Glenzer, S.H.; Chen, Z., 2018:
Toward quasi-DC conductivity of warm dense matter measured by single-shot terahertz spectroscopy

Zhang, J.; Li, H.; Kuang, Q.; Xie, Z., 2018:
Toward Rationally Designing Surface Structures of Micro- and Nanocrystallites: Role of Supersaturation

Kiselev, V.G.; Muravyev, N.V.; Monogarov, K.A.; Gribanov, P.S.; Asachenko, A.F.; Fomenkov, I.V.; Goldsmith, C.Franklin.; Pivkina, A.N.; Gritsan, N.P., 2018:
Toward reliable characterization of energetic materials: interplay of theory and thermal analysis in the study of the thermal stability of tetranitroacetimidic acid (TNAA)

Li, K.; Ding, Z.; Li, S.; Fu, Y., 2018:
Toward Resolution-Invariant Person Reidentification via Projective Dictionary Learning

Huang, R.; Kissling, G.P.; Kashtiban, R.; Noori, Y.J.; Cicvarić, K.; Zhang, W.; Hector, A.L.; Beanland, R.; Smith, D.C.; Reid, G.; Bartlett, P.N.; de Groot, C.H.Kees., 2018:
Towards a 3D GeSbTe phase change memory with integrated selector by non-aqueous electrodeposition

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Toward a better assessment of perceived social influence: The relative role of significant others on young athletes

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Towards a better recording of microtubule cytoskeletal spatial organization and dynamics in plant cells

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Towards a better understanding of anesthesia emergence mechanisms: Research and clinical implications

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Towards a better understanding of dry binder functionality

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Towards a better understanding of postprandial hyperglycemic episodes in people with diabetes: impact on daily functioning

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Towards a better understanding of starch-monoglyceride-protein interactions

Dunn, K.E.; Trefzer, M.A.; Johnson, S.; Tyrrell, A.M., 2018:
Towards a Bioelectronic Computer: A Theoretical Study of a Multi-Layer Biomolecular Computing System That Can Process Electronic Inputs

De Brouwer, M.; Ongenae, F.; Bonte, P.; De Turck, F., 2018:
Towards a Cascading Reasoning Framework to Support Responsive Ambient-Intelligent Healthcare Interventions

Rekik, N.; Salman, S.; Farooq, U.; Nakajima, T.; Wojcik, M.J.; Blaise, P., 2018:
Towards accurate infrared spectral density of weak H-bonds in absence of relaxation mechanisms

Son, J.; Park, S.Jun.; Jung, K-Hwan., 2018:
Towards Accurate Segmentation of Retinal Vessels and the Optic Disc in Fundoscopic Images with Generative Adversarial Networks

Shuai, B.; Ding, H.; Liu, T.; Wang, G.; Jiang, X., 2018:
Towards Achieving Robust Low-level and High-level Scene Parsing

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Towards achieving the fast-track targets and ending the epidemic of HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia: Successes and challenges

Du, P.; Rick, S.W.; Kumar, R., 2018:
Towards a coarse-grained model of the peptoid backbone: the case of N,N-dimethylacetamide

Goulet, D.R.; Watson, M.J.; Tam, S.H.; Zwolak, A.; Chiu, M.L.; Atkins, W.M.; Nath, A., 2018:
Toward a Combinatorial Approach for the Prediction of IgG Half-Life and Clearance

Houldin, E.; Fang, Z.; Ray, L.B.; Owen, A.M.; Fogel, S.M., 2018:
Towards a Complete Taxonomy of Resting State Networks Across Wakefulness and Sleep: An Assessment of Spatially Distinct Resting State Networks Using Independent Component Analysis

Debnath, T.; Ash, T.; Sarkar, S.; Das, A.Kr., 2018:
Towards a comprehensive understanding of the Si(100)-2×1 surface termination through hydrogen passivation using methylamine and methanol: a theoretical approach

Alcasena, Fín.J.; Ager, A.A.; Bailey, J.D.; Pineda, N.; Vega-García, C., 2018:
Towards a comprehensive wildfire management strategy for Mediterranean areas: Framework development and implementation in Catalonia, Spain

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Towards a cysticercosis-free tropical resort island: A historical overview of taeniasis/cysticercosis in Bali

Jonsson, O.; Slaug, Börn.; Mårtensson, K.; Hansson, A.; Schmidt, S.M.; Iwarsson, S., 2018:
Towards a Decision Support System for Improved Accessibility in Multi-Family Housing: Co-Design of an Application for Environmental Barrier Inventory

Joneidy, S.; Burke, M., 2018:
Towards a deeper understanding of meaningful use in electronic health records

Hofer, T.S.; Wiedemair, M.J., 2018:
Towards a dissociative SPC-like water model II. The impact of Lennard-Jones and Buckingham non-coulombic forces

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Towards adulthood with a solitary kidney

van den Heuvel, E.; Murphy, J.L.; Appleton, K.M., 2018:
Towards a Food-Based Intervention to Increase Protein Intakes in Older Adults: Challenges to and Facilitators of Egg Consumption

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Towards a global monitoring system for implementing the Rio Political Declaration on Social Determinants of Health: developing a core set of indicators for government action on the social determinants of health to improve health equity

Huang, X-Chen.; Su, J-Hui.; Ouyang, J-Xiu.; Ouyang, S.; Zhou, C-Hua.; Wu, X-Ping., 2018:
Towards a global phylogeny of freshwater mussels (Bivalvia: Unionida): Species delimitation of Chinese taxa, mitochondrial phylogenomics, and diversification patterns

Mehravar, S.; Ballard, N.; Veloso, A.; Tomovska, R.; Asua, Jé.M., 2018:
Toward a Green Synthesis of Polyurethane/(Meth)acrylic Dispersions through Control of Colloidal Characteristics

Doss, W.; Hermez, J.; Atta, H.; Jabbour, J., 2018:
Towards a hepatitis-free Egypt: is this achievable?

Brack, W.; Escher, B.I.; Müller, E.; Schmitt-Jansen, M.; Schulze, T.; Slobodnik, J.; Hollert, H., 2018:
Towards a holistic and solution-oriented monitoring of chemical status of European water bodies: how to support the EU strategy for a non-toxic environment?

Shi, R.B.; Qiu, J.; Maida, V., 2018:
Towards algorithm-enabled home wound monitoring with smartphone photography: A hue-saturation-value colour space thresholding technique for wound content tracking

Weyer, K.; Falzon, D.; Jaramillo, E., 2018:
Towards all-oral and shorter treatment regimens for drug-resistant tuberculosis

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Towards a modular decision support system for radiomics: A case study on rectal cancer

Berg, A.; Kukharenko, O.; Scheffner, M.; Peter, C., 2018:
Towards a molecular basis of ubiquitin signaling: A dual-scale simulation study of ubiquitin dimers

Kobayashi, S.D.; DeLeo, R.R., 2018:
Towards a monoclonal antibody-based therapy for prevention and treatment of Staphylococcus aureus infections

Porra, R.J.; Scheer, H., 2018:
Towards a more accurate future for chlorophyll a and b determinations: the inaccuracies of Daniel Arnon's assay

Rydeman, B.; Eftring, Håkan.; Hedvall, P-Olof., 2018:
Towards a More Inclusive University - Supporting Teachers Through Universal Design for Learning

Hendriks, B.; Vandenberghe, A.Marie-Josée.Aimé.; Peeters, L.; Roelens, K.; Keygnaert, I., 2018:
Towards a more integrated and gender-sensitive care delivery for victims of sexual assault: key findings and recommendations from the Belgian sexual assault care centre feasibility study

Zhu, Y-Hang.; Qu, F., 2018:
Towards a multidimensional scientific approach to improve clinical practices for infertility treatment

Guzman, L.Melissa.; Germain, R.M.; Forbes, C.; Straus, S.; O'Connor, M.I.; Gravel, D.; Srivastava, D.S.; Thompson, P.L., 2018:
Towards a multi-trophic extension of metacommunity ecology

Wang, Y.; Nakhleh, L., 2018:
Towards an accurate and efficient heuristic for species/gene tree co-estimation

Angeletti, F.; Chatzigiannakis, I.; Vitaletti, A., 2018:
Towards an Architecture to Guarantee Both Data Privacy and Utility in the First Phases of Digital Clinical Trials

Varnava, G.; Demosthenous, P.; Koulaouzidis, A.; Georgiou, J., 2018:
Towards an ASIC-based Fluoroscopic Capsule for the Early Cancer Detection in the Small Intestine

Shaddick, G.; Ranzi, A.; Thomas, M.L.; Aguirre-Perez, R.; Dunbar Bekker-Nielsen, M.; Parmagnani, F.; Martuzzi, M., 2018:
Towards an assessment of the health impact of industrially contaminated sites: waste landfills in Europe

Hellmers, S.; Izadpanah, B.; Dasenbrock, L.; Diekmann, R.; Bauer, Jürgen.M.; Hein, A.; Fudickar, S., 2018:
Towards an Automated Unsupervised Mobility Assessment for Older People Based on Inertial TUG Measurements

Di Giusto, B.; Lavallee, J.P.; Yu, T-Yi., 2018:
Towards an East Asian model of climate change awareness: A questionnaire study among university students in Taiwan

Keppel, G.; Ottaviani, G.; Harrison, S.; Wardell-Johnson, G.W.; Marcantonio, M.; Mucina, L., 2018:
Towards an eco-evolutionary understanding of endemism hotspots and refugia

Adam, Véronique.; Yang, T.; Nowack, B., 2018:
Towards An Ecotoxicological Risk Assessment of Microplastics: Comparison of Available Hazard and Exposure Data in Freshwaters

Navaz, A.Nujum.; Serhani, M.Adel.; Al-Qirim, N.; Gergely, M., 2018:
Towards an efficient and Energy-Aware mobile big health data architecture

Trejo, L.A.; Barrera-Animas, A.Yair., 2018:
Towards an Efficient One-Class Classifier for Mobile Devices and Wearable Sensors on the Context of Personal Risk Detection

Been, L.E.; Gibbons, A.B.; Meisel, R.L., 2018:
Towards a neurobiology of female aggression

Yet, B.; Marsh, W.; Morrissey, D., 2018:
Towards an Evidence-Based Decision Support Tool for Management of Musculoskeletal Conditions

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Towards an Evidence-Based Recommendation for a Balanced Breakfast-A Proposal from the International Breakfast Research Initiative

Nardi, A.E., 2018:
Towards an Evolutionary View of Bipolar Disorders

Mateo, J.; Carles, J., 2018:
Towards a New Classification for Metastatic Prostate Cancer

Chandra, P.S.; Chand, P., 2018:
Towards a new era for mental health

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Towards a new set of classification criteria for PFAPA syndrome

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Towards an harmonization of diagnosis by NGS of neuromuscular diseases - Actions of the Molecular Genetics sub-group of FILNEMUS

Johnson, D.G.; Borkholder, D.A., 2016:
Towards an Implantable, Low Flow Micropump That Uses No Power in the Blocked-Flow State

van der Poel, H.G.; Grivas, N., 2018:
Towards an individualized approach for predicting post-prostatectomy urinary incontinence: the role of nerve preservation and urethral stump length

Adalsteinsdottir, S.A.; Magnusdottir, O.K.; Halldorsson, T.I.; Birgisdottir, B.E., 2018:
Towards an Individualized Nutrition Treatment: Role of the Gastrointestinal Microbiome in the Interplay Between Diet and Obesity

Green, S.M.; Turner, D.; Baldwin, J.A.; Walsh-Buhi, E.R.; Vamos, C.A.; Dagne, G.; Marhefka, S.L., 2018:
Towards an Information Motivation and Behavioral Skills Model for New Sex Partners: Results of a Study of Condom Use as an HIV Prevention Method for Emerging Adults Who Met Partners on Dating and Sex-Seeking Platforms or Offline

Singla, S.; Bansal, D.; Misra, A.; Raheja, G., 2018:
Towards an integrated framework for air quality monitoring and exposure estimation-a review

Roux, A.; Zanello, M.; Pallud, J., 2018:
Towards an integrated functional and epileptological approach in the management of meningioangiomatosis

Brooks, J.M.; Huck, G.; Iwanaga, K.; Chan, F.; Wu, J-Rung.; Finnicum, C.A.; Brinck, E.A.; Estala-Gutierrez, V.Y., 2018:
Towards an integration of the health promotion models of self-determination theory and theory of planned behavior among people with chronic pain

F Wong, K.; A A Massar, S.; Chee, M.W.L.; Lim, J., 2018:
Towards an Objective Measure of Mindfulness: Replicating and Extending the Features of the Breath-Counting Task

Kucewicz, J.C.; Salcido, D.D.; Adedipe, A.A.; Truong, K.; Nichol, G.; Mourad, P.D., 2018:
Towards a Non-Invasive Cardiac Arrest Monitor: an in vivo pilot study

Nowak, M.R.; Choe, Y., 2018:
Towards An Open-Source Framework For The Analysis Of Cerebrovasculature Structure

van der Wilk, B.Jan.; Eyck, B.M.; Spaander, M.C.W.; Valkema, R.; Lagarde, S.M.; Wijnhoven, B.P.L.; van Lanschot, J.Jan.B., 2018:
Towards an Organ-Sparing Approach for Locally Advanced Esophageal Cancer

Matseketsa, G.; Chibememe, G.; Muboko, N.; Gandiwa, E.; Takarinda, K., 2018:
Towards an Understanding of Conservation-Based Costs, Benefits, and Attitudes of Local People Living Adjacent to Save Valley Conservancy, Zimbabwe

Südhof, T.C., 2018:
Towards an Understanding of Synapse Formation

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