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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 65958

Chapter 65958 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Braun, D.; Orban, M.; Orban, M.; Hagl, C.; Massberg, S.; Nabauer, M.; Hausleiter, Jörg., 2018:
Transcatheter Edge-to-Edge Repair for Severe Tricuspid Regurgitation Using the Triple-Orifice Technique Versus the Bicuspidalization Technique

Lee, H.Hee.; Oh, J.Suk.; Park, J.Myung.; Chun, H.Jong.; Kim, T.Ho.; Cheung, D.Young.; Lee, B-In.; Cho, Y-Seok.; Choi, M-Gyu., 2018:
Transcatheter embolization effectively controls acute lower gastrointestinal bleeding without localizing bleeding site prior to angiography

Ni, J-Yan.; Liu, S-Shan.; Sun, H-Liang.; Wang, W-Dong.; Zhong, Z-Long.; Hou, S-Nan.; Chen, Y-Ting.; Xu, L-Feng., 2018:
Transcatheter hepatic arterial infusion chemotherapy vs sorafenib in the treatment of patients with hepatocellular carcinoma of Barcelona Clinic Liver Cancer stage C: a meta-analysis of Asian population

Chakraborty, A.; Mendoza, C.; Infante, J.; Sandhu, S.K., 2018:
Transcatheter Intervention for Treatment of Coronary Stenosis After Unroofing of the Anomalous Left Coronary Artery

Tanner, R.E.; McCarthy, J.; Walsh, K.P.; Blake, G.; Casserly, I.P., 2018:
Transcatheter Mitral Valve-in-Ring Implantation

Sidhu, R.S.; Tyrrell, B.D.; Welsh, R.C.; Meyer, S.R.; Shanks, M.; Bainey, K.R., 2018:
Transcatheter Mitral Valve Intervention for Chronic Mitral Regurgitation: A Plethora of Different Technologies

Kohli, K.; Wei, Z.Alan.; Yoganathan, A.P.; Oshinski, J.N.; Leipsic, J.; Blanke, P., 2018:
Transcatheter Mitral Valve Planning and the Neo-LVOT: Utilization of Virtual Simulation Models and 3D Printing

Stone, G.W.; Lindenfeld, J.; Abraham, W.T.; Kar, S.; Lim, D.Scott.; Mishell, J.M.; Whisenant, B.; Grayburn, P.A.; Rinaldi, M.; Kapadia, S.R.; Rajagopal, V.; Sarembock, I.J.; Brieke, A.; Marx, S.O.; Cohen, D.J.; Weissman, N.J.; Mack, M.J., 2018:
Transcatheter Mitral-Valve Repair in Patients with Heart Failure

Taramasso, M.; Feldman, T.; Maisano, F., 2018:
Transcatheter mitral valve repair: review of the clinical evidence

Ayaon Albarrán, A.; Ramírez Valdiris, U.; Blázquez González, Jé.Antonio., 2018:
Transcatheter Mitral Valve Replacement in Massive Mitral Calcification

Cheung, A.; Webb, J.; Schaefer, U.; Moss, R.; Deuschl, F.G.; Conradi, L.; Denti, P.; Latib, A.; Kiaii, B.; Bagur, R.; Ferrari, E.; Moccetti, M.; Biasco, L.; Blanke, P.; Ben-Gal, Y.; Banai, S., 2018:
Transcatheter Mitral Valve Replacement in Patients With Previous Aortic Valve Replacement

Eng, M.H.; Wang, D.Dee., 2018:
Transcatheter Mitral Valve Therapy: Defining the Patient Who Will Benefit

Yu, C.Kwong-Man.; Cheung, Y-Fai., 2018:
Transcatheter occlusion of complex pulmonary arteriovenous malformations in a cyanotic child

Tanner, R.; Hassan, S.; Ryan, N.; Murphy, N.F.; Campbell, P.; Margey, R.; Walsh, K.; Byrne, R.; Blake, G.; Casserly, I.P., 2018:
Trans-catheter paravalvular leak closure: a single-centre experience

Wang, S.; Ouyang, W.; Liu, Y.; Zhang, F.; Guo, G.; Zhao, G.; Pan, X., 2018:
Transcatheter perimembranous ventricular septal defect closure under transthoracic echocardiographic guidance without fluoroscopy

Shahanavaz, S.; McElhinney, D.B., 2018:
Transcatheter pulmonary valve replacement: evolving indications and application

Sinha, S.; Aboulhosn, J.; Levi, D.S., 2018:
Transcatheter Pulmonary Valve Replacement in Congenital Heart Disease

Davidson, W.R.; Stefanescu Schmidt, A.C., 2018:
Transcatheter Pulmonic Valve Replacement: Progress and Pitfalls

De Rosa, R.; Silverio, A.; Baldi, C.; Di Maio, M.; Prota, C.; Radano, I.; Rey, J.; Herrmann, E.; Citro, R.; Piscione, F.; Galasso, G., 2018:
Transcatheter Repair of Functional Mitral Regurgitation in Heart Failure Patients - A Meta-Analysis of 23 Studies on MitraClip Implantation

Faletra, F.F.; Pedrazzini, G.; Züber, M.; Leo, L.Anna.; Paiocchi, V.; Maisano, F.; Denti, P.; Moccetti, T., 2018:
Transcatheter Repair of Severe Functional Tricuspid Insufficiency Using Mitraclip System: Transgastric Views Are the Key for an Effective Guide

Orban, M.; Hausleiter, Jörg., 2018:
Transcatheter treatment of functional mitral regurgitation after MITRA-FR and COAPT - Patient selection is most important

Grasso, C.; Popolo Rubbio, A.; Braun, D.; Hausleiter, Jörg.; Nickenig, G., 2018:
Transcatheter treatment of tricuspid regurgitation (focusing on current technologies)

Bechis, M.Z.; Rubenson, D.S.; Price, M.J., 2018:
Transcatheter Tricuspid and Mitral Valve Edge-to-Edge Repair: The Double Double Orifice

Hensey, M.; Alenezi, A.R.; Murdoch, D.J.; Sathananthan, J.; Weir-McCall, J.R.; Wood, D.; Blanke, P.; Webb, J., 2018:
Transcatheter Tricuspid Valve-in-Valve Replacement With Subsequent Bioprosthetic Valve Fracture to Optimize Hemodynamic Function

Gheorghe, L.; Swaans, M.; Denti, P.; Rensing, B.; Van der Heyden, J., 2018:
Transcatheter Tricuspid Valve Repair With a Novel Cinching System

Asmarats, L.; Dagenais, Fçois.; Bédard, E.; Pasian, S.; Hahn, R.T.; Navia, Jé.L.; Rodés-Cabau, J., 2018:
Transcatheter Tricuspid Valve Replacement for Treating Severe Tricuspid Regurgitation: Initial Experience With the NaviGate Bioprosthesis

Demir, O.M.; Regazzoli, D.; Mangieri, A.; Ancona, M.B.; Mitomo, S.; Weisz, G.; Colombo, A.; Latib, A., 2018:
Transcatheter Tricuspid Valve Replacement: Principles and Design

Murdoch, D.J.; Webb, J.G., 2018:
Transcatheter valve-in-valve implantation for degenerated surgical bioprostheses

Tang, G.H.L.; Zaid, S.; Ahmad, H.; Undemir, C.; Lansman, S.L., 2018:
Transcatheter Valve Neo-Commissural Overlap With Coronary Orifices After Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement

Mader, T.; Ngai, J., 2018:
Transcatheter Valve Procedures and the Anesthesiologist

Lugiano, C.Ann., 2018:
Transcatheter valve repair for mitral regurgitation

Gales, J.; Krasuski, R.A.; Fleming, G.A., 2018:
Transcatheter Valve Replacement for Right-sided Valve Disease in Congenital Heart Patients

Ueshima, D.; Fovino, L.Nai.; D'Amico, G.; Brener, S.J.; Esposito, G.; Tarantini, G., 2018:
Transcatheter versus surgical aortic valve replacement in low- and intermediate-risk patients: an updated systematic review and meta-analysis

Chen, S.; Redfors, B.; Ben-Yehuda, O.; Crowley, A.; Greason, K.L.; Alu, M.C.; Finn, M.T.; Vahl, T.P.; Nazif, T.; Thourani, V.H.; Suri, R.M.; Svensson, L.; Webb, J.G.; Kodali, S.K.; Leon, M.B., 2018:
Transcatheter Versus Surgical Aortic Valve Replacement in Patients With Prior Cardiac Surgery in the Randomized PARTNER 2A Trial

Daily, J.A.; Tang, X.; Angtuaco, M.; Bolin, E.; Lang, S.M.; Collins, R.Thomas., 2018:
Transcatheter Versus Surgical Pulmonary Valve Replacement in Repaired Tetralogy of Fallot

Brescia, A.A.; Syrjamaki, J.D.; Regenbogen, S.E.; Paone, G.; Pruitt, A.L.; Shannon, F.L.; Boeve, T.J.; Patel, H.J.; Thompson, M.P.; Theurer, P.F.; Dupree, J.M.; Kim, K.M.; Prager, R.L.; Likosky, D.S., 2018:
Transcatheter Versus Surgical Aortic Valve Replacement Episode Payments and Relationship to Case Volume

Meeker-O'Connell, A.; Sam, L.M.; Bergamo, N.; Little, J.A., 2016:
TransCelerate's Clinical Quality Management System: From a Vision to a Conceptual Framework

Callery-D'Amico, S.; Sam, L.M.; Grey, T.H.; Greenwood, D.J., 2016:
TransCelerate's Clinical Quality Management System: Issue Management

Sun, P.; Li, Z.; Wang, J.; Gao, H.; Yang, X.; Wu, S.; Liu, D.; Chen, Q., 2018:
Transcellular delivery of messenger RNA payloads by a cationic supramolecular MOF platform

Buckley, S.T.; Bækdal, T.A.; Vegge, A.; Maarbjerg, S.J.; Pyke, C.; Ahnfelt-Rønne, J.; Madsen, K.G.; Schéele, S.G.; Alanentalo, T.; Kirk, R.K.; Pedersen, B.L.; Skyggebjerg, R.B.; Benie, A.J.; Strauss, H.M.; Wahlund, P-Olof.; Bjerregaard, S.; Farkas, Eébet.; Fekete, C.; Søndergaard, F.L.; Borregaard, J.; Hartoft-Nielsen, M-Louise.; Knudsen, L.Bjerre., 2018:
Transcellular stomach absorption of a derivatized glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonist

Lu, X.; Qi, X.; Yi, X.; Jian, Z.; Gao, T., 2018:
Transcellular traversal of the blood-brain barrier by the pathogenic Propionibacterium acnes

Barnes, V.Anthony., 2018:
Transcendental Meditation and treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder

Gasior, A.C.; Reck, C.; Lane, V.; Wood, R.J.; Patterson, J.; Strouse, R.; Lin, S.; Cooper, J.; Gregory Bates, D.; Levitt, M.A., 2018:
Transcending Dimensions: a Comparative Analysis of Cloaca Imaging in Advancing the Surgeon's Understanding of Complex Anatomy

Toktaş, O.; İliklerden, Ümit.; Yerlikaya, B.; Kotan, Çetin.; Batur, A., 2018:
Transcervical resection of two parathyroid adenomas located on the anterior mediastinum

Pigache, P.; Fontaine, C.; Ferri, J.; Raoul, G., 2018:
Transcervical styloidectomy in Eagle's syndrome

Belda-Sanchis, J.; Trujillo-Reyes, J.Carles.; Obiols, C.; Martínez-Téllez, E.; Call, S.; Serra-Mitjans, M.; Guarino, M.; Rami-Porta, Rón., 2018:
Transcervical videomediastino-thoracoscopy

Staurengo-Ferrari, L.; Ruiz-Miyazawa, K.W.; Pinho-Ribeiro, F.A.; Fattori, V.; Zaninelli, T.H.; Badaro-Garcia, S.; Borghi, S.M.; Carvalho, T.T.; Alves-Filho, J.C.; Cunha, T.M.; Cunha, F.Q.; Casagrande, R.; Verri, W.A., 2018:
Trans -Chalcone Attenuates Pain and Inflammation in Experimental Acute Gout Arthritis in Mice

Abou El-Ezz, D.; Maher, A.; Sallam, N.; El-Brairy, A.; Kenawy, S., 2018:
Trans-cinnamaldehyde Modulates Hippocampal Nrf2 Factor and Inhibits Amyloid Beta Aggregation in LPS-Induced Neuroinflammation Mouse Model

Xu, T.; Yan, Y.; Wang, H.; Chen, J., 2018:
Transclinoid-Transcavernous Approach to A Giant Cavernous Sinus Hemangioma: 2-Dimensional Operative Video

Altafulla, J.J.; Rai, R.; Shrager, S.; Voin, V.; Iwanaga, J.; Litvack, Z.; Loukas, M.; Tubbs, R.Shane., 2018:
Transclival Venous Circulation: Anatomic Study

Horovitz, B.; Giamarchi, T.; Le Doussal, P., 2018:
Transconducting Transition for a Dynamic Boundary Coupled to Several Luttinger Liquids

Aoki, S.; Nakase, K.; Hayashi, N.; Noguchi, N., 2018:
Transconjugation of erm(X) conferring high-level resistance of clindamycin for Cutibacterium acnes

Brückner, R., 1971:
Transconjunctival location and retraction of the inferior oblique muscle

Heinroth, K.M.; Unverzagt, S.; Mahnkopf, D.; Prondzinsky, R., 2018:
Transcoronary pacing : Reliability during myocardial ischemia and after implantation of a coronary stent

Nakamura, K.; Dean, L.S., 2018:
Transcoronary pacing threshold predicts myocardial scar: Novel first-step towards intraprocedural myocardial functional assessment

Caldieraro, M.A.; Cassano, P., 2018:
Transcranial and systemic photobiomodulation for major depressive disorder: A systematic review of efficacy, tolerability and biological mechanisms

Yilmaz, R.; Berg, D., 2018:
Transcranial B-Mode Sonography in Movement Disorders

Xiao, X.; Yu, X.; Zhang, Z.; Zhao, Y.; Jiang, Y.; Li, Z.; Yang, Y.; Zhu, C., 2018:
Transcranial brain atlas

Robba, C.; Simonassi, F.; Ball, L.; Pelosi, P., 2018:
Transcranial color-coded duplex sonography for bedside monitoring of central nervous system infection as a consequence of decompressive craniectomy after traumatic brain injury

Terasawa, Y.; Arai, A.; Sakai, K.; Mitsumura, H.; Iguchi, Y., 2018:
Transcranial color-coded sonography findings of patients with reversible cerebral vasoconstriction syndromes

Naldi, A.; Lochner, P.; Canu, P.; Settembre, R.; Alessi, S.; Sanguigni, S., 2018:
Transcranial Color-Coded Sonography for Monitoring Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension

Esse Wilson, J.; Trumbo, M.C.; Wilson, J.Kevin.; Tesche, C.D., 2018:
Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) over right temporoparietal junction (rTPJ) for social cognition and social skills in adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

Silva, F.Rodrigues.da.; Mac-Kay, A.Paula.Machado.Goyano.; Chao, J.ChiiTyng.; Santos, M.Devido.Dos.; Gagliadi, R.José., 2018:
Transcranial direct current stimulation: a study on naming performance in aphasic individuals

Lum, J.A.G.; Mills, A.; Plumridge, J.M.A.; Sloan, N.P.; Clark, G.M.; Hedenius, M.; Enticott, P.G., 2018:
Transcranial direct current stimulation enhances retention of a second (but not first) order conditional visuo-motor sequence

Mariano, T.Y.; Burgess, F.W.; Bowker, M.; Kirschner, J.; Van't Wout-Frank, M.; Jones, R.N.; Halladay, C.W.; Stein, M.; Greenberg, B.D., 2018:
Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation for Affective Symptoms and Functioning in Chronic Low Back Pain: A Pilot Double-Blinded, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial

Lee, S.Hoon.; Im, J.Jamie.; Oh, J.Kyoung.; Choi, E.Kyoung.; Yoon, S.; Bikson, M.; Song, I-Uk.; Jeong, H.; Chung, Y-An., 2018:
Transcranial direct current stimulation for online gamers: A prospective single-arm feasibility study

Feng, W.; Kautz, S.A.; Schlaug, G.; Meinzer, C.; George, M.S.; Chhatbar, P.Y., 2018:
Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation for Poststroke Motor Recovery: Challenges and Opportunities

Rachid, F., 2018:
Transcranial direct current stimulation for the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder? A qualitative review of safety and efficacy

Yuan, T.; Yadollahpour, A.; Salgado-Ramírez, J.; Robles-Camarillo, D.; Ortega-Palacios, Río., 2018:
Transcranial direct current stimulation for the treatment of tinnitus: a review of clinical trials and mechanisms of action

Elsner, B.; Kugler, J.; Mehrholz, J., 2018:
Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) for upper limb rehabilitation after stroke: future directions

Castaño-Castaño, S.; Martinez-Navarrete, G.; Morales-Navas, M.; Fernadez-Jover, E.; Sanchez-Santed, F.; Nieto-Escámez, F., 2018:
Transcranial direct-current stimulation (tDCS) improves detection of simple bright stimuli by amblyopic Long Evans rats in the SLAG task and produces an increase of parvoalbumin labelled cells in visual cortices

Schülke, R.; Straube, B., 2018:
Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Improves Semantic Speech-Gesture Matching in Patients With Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorder

Lee, J.C.; Kenney-Jung, D.L.; Blacker, C.J.; Doruk Camsari, D.; Lewis, C.P., 2018:
Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation in Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Disorders

Osório, A.Alexandra.Caldas.; Brunoni, A.Russowsky., 2018:
Transcranial direct current stimulation in children with autism spectrum disorder: a systematic scoping review

Yu, T-Hsuan.; Wu, Y-Jen.; Chien, M-Er.; Hsu, K-Sen., 2018:
Transcranial direct current stimulation induces hippocampal metaplasticity mediated by brain-derived neurotrophic factor

de Souza Nicolau, E.; de Alvarenga, K.Augusto.Farias.; Tenza-Ferrer, H.; Nogueira, M.Carvalho.Alves.; Rezende, F.Donizete.; Nicolau, N.Ferreira.; Collodetti, Mélcar.; de Miranda, Débora.Marques.; Magno, L.Alexandre.Viana.; Romano-Silva, M.Aurélio., 2018:
Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) in Mice

Saleem, G.T.; Crasta, J.E.; Slomine, B.; Cantarero, G.Lucila.; Suskauer, S.J., 2018:
Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation in Pediatric Motor Disorders: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Lindenmayer, J.P.; Kulsa, M.Kirstie.C.; Sultana, T.; Kaur, A.; Yang, R.; Ljuri, I.; Parker, B.; Khan, A., 2018:
Transcranial direct-current stimulation in ultra-treatment-resistant schizophrenia

Kenney-Jung, D.L.; Blacker, C.J.; Camsari, D.Doruk.; Lee, J.C.; Lewis, C.P., 2018:
Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation: Mechanisms and Psychiatric Applications

de Oliveira, C.; de Freitas, J.Soares.; Macedo, I.Cristina.; Scarabelot, V.Leal.; Ströher, R.; Santos, D.Silva.; Souza, A.; Fregni, F.; Caumo, W.; Torres, I.L.S., 2018:
Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) modulates biometric and inflammatory parameters and anxiety-like behavior in obese rats

Rezaee, Z.; Dutta, A., 2018:
Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation of the Leg Motor Area - is it partly somatosensory?

Li, J.; Liu, X.; Yin, X.; Li, S.; Wang, P.; Niu, X.; Zhu, C., 2018:
Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation of the Right Lateral Prefrontal Cortex Changes a priori Normative Beliefs in Voluntary Cooperation

Hamilton, A.; Wakely, L.; Marquez, J., 2018:
Transcranial Direct-Current Stimulation on Motor Function in Pediatric Cerebral Palsy: A Systematic Review

Dalong, G.; Jiyuan, L.; Ying, Z.; Lei, Z.; Yanhong, H.; Yongcong, S., 2018:
Transcranial direct current stimulation reconstructs diminished thalamocortical connectivity during prolonged resting wakefulness: a resting-state fMRI pilot study

Scarabelot, V.L.; de Oliveira, C.; Medeiros, L.F.; de Macedo, I.C.; Cioato, S.G.; Adachi, L.Naomi.S.; Paz, A.Helena.; de Souza, A.; Caumo, W.; Torres, I.L.S., 2018:
Transcranial direct-current stimulation reduces nociceptive behaviour in an orofacial pain model

Nicolo, P.; Magnin, Cécile.; Pedrazzini, E.; Nguyen-Danse, A.; Guggisberg, A.G., 2018 :
Transcranial direct current stimulation reduces secondary white-matter degradation after stroke

Cummine, J.; Boliek, C.A.; McKibben, T.; Jaswal, A.; Joanisse, M.F., 2018:
Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) selectively modulates semantic information during reading

Fridriksson, J.; Basilakos, A.; Stark, B.C.; Rorden, C.; Elm, J.; Gottfried, M.; George, M.S.; Sen, S.; Bonilha, L., 2018:
Transcranial direct current stimulation to treat aphasia: Longitudinal analysis of a randomized controlled trial

Shaw, T.H.; Curby, T.W.; Satterfield, K.; Monfort, S.S.; Ramirez, R., 2018:
Transcranial Doppler sonography reveals sustained attention deficits in young adults diagnosed with ADHD

Palazzo, P.; Ingrand, P.; Agius, P.; Belhadj Chaidi, R.; Neau, J-Philippe., 2018:
Transcranial Doppler to detect right-to-left shunt in cryptogenic acute ischemic stroke

O'Brien, N.Fortier.; Mutatshi Taty, T.; Moore-Clingenpeel, M.; Bodi Mabiala, J.; Mbaka Pongo, J.; Ambitapio Musungufu, D.; Uchama, M.; Yotebieng, M., 2018:
Transcranial Doppler Ultrasonography Provides Insights into Neurovascular Changes in Children with Cerebral Malaria

Lavazza, A., 2018:
Transcranial electrical stimulation for human enhancement and the risk of inequality: Prohibition or compensation?

Lammy, S.; Bhattacharya, J.; Dervin, J.; St George, E.Jerome., 2018:
Trans-Cranial Embolisation of a Complex Transverse Sigmoid Sinus Dural Arteriovenous Fistula by Direct Puncture of the Superior Sagittal Sinus

Lee, W.; Croce, P.; Margolin, R.W.; Cammalleri, A.; Yoon, K.; Yoo, S-Schik., 2018:
Transcranial focused ultrasound stimulation of motor cortical areas in freely-moving awake rats

Litscher, G., 2018:
Transcranial Laser Stimulation Research-A New Helmet and First Data from Near Infrared Spectroscopy

O'Keane, V., 2001:
Transcranial magnetic stimulation: an alternative physical treatment in depression

Dionísio, A.; Duarte, I.Catarina.; Patrício, M.; Castelo-Branco, M., 2018:
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation as an Intervention Tool to Recover from Language, Swallowing and Attentional Deficits after Stroke: A Systematic Review

Croarkin, P.E.; MacMaster, F.P., 2018:
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for Adolescent Depression

Kawamura, K.; Etoh, S.; Shimodozono, M., 2018:
Transcranial magnetic stimulation for diplopia in a patient with spinocerebellar ataxia type 6: a case report

Becker, J.Essary.; Shultz, E.K.B.; Maley, C.Todd., 2018:
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in Conditions Other than Major Depressive Disorder

Marron, E.M.; Viejo-Sobera, R.; Quintana, Mía.; Redolar-Ripoll, D.; Rodríguez, D.; Garolera, M., 2018:
Transcranial magnetic stimulation intervention in Alzheimer's disease: a research proposal for a randomized controlled trial

Jones, O.; Schindler, I.; Holle, H., 2018:
Transcranial magnetic stimulation over contralateral primary somatosensory cortex disrupts perception of itch intensity

Babiloni A, H.; De Beaumont, L.; Lavigne, G.J., 2018:
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: Potential Use in Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Sleep Bruxism

Motta, C.; Di Lorenzo, F.; Ponzo, V.; Pellicciari, M.Concetta.; Bonnì, S.; Picazio, S.; Mercuri, N.Biagio.; Caltagirone, C.; Martorana, A.; Koch, G., 2018:
Transcranial magnetic stimulation predicts cognitive decline in patients with Alzheimer's disease

Grasso, G.; Midiri, M.; Catalano, C.; Gagliardo, C., 2018:
Transcranial Magnetic Resonance-Guided Focused Ultrasound Surgery for Brain Tumor Ablation: Are We Ready for This Challenging Treatment?

Plog, B.A.; Mestre, H.; Olveda, G.E.; Sweeney, A.M.; Kenney, H.Mark.; Cove, A.; Dholakia, K.Y.; Tithof, J.; Nevins, T.D.; Lundgaard, I.; Du, T.; Kelley, D.H.; Nedergaard, M., 2018:
Transcranial optical imaging reveals a pathway for optimizing the delivery of immunotherapeutics to the brain

Cassano, P.; Petrie, S.R.; Mischoulon, D.; Cusin, C.; Katnani, H.; Yeung, A.; De Taboada, L.; Archibald, A.; Bui, E.; Baer, L.; Chang, T.; Chen, J.; Pedrelli, P.; Fisher, L.; Farabaugh, A.; Hamblin, M.R.; Alpert, J.E.; Fava, M.; Iosifescu, D.V., 2018:
Transcranial Photobiomodulation for the Treatment of Major Depressive Disorder. The ELATED-2 Pilot Trial

Prete, G.; Laeng, B.; Tommasi, L., 2018:
Transcranial random noise stimulation (tRNS) over prefrontal cortex does not influence the evaluation of facial emotions

Xue, Z.; Shi, J.; Dai, Y.; Dong, Y.; Zhang, Q.; Zhang, Y., 2018:
Transcranial Sonography Based Diagnosis Of Parkinson's Disease Via Cascaded Kernel RVFL

Niu, X.; Li, J.; Browne, G.J.; Li, D.; Cao, Q.; Liu, X.; Wang, G.; Wang, P., 2018:
Transcranial stimulation over right inferior frontal gyrus increases the weight given to private information during sequential decision making

Yang, F-Yi.; Chen, T-Tao., 2018:
Transcranial Ultrasound Improves Behavioral Performance via Anti-Neuroinflammation

Nápoles, A.María.; Stewart, A.L., 2018:
Transcreation: an implementation science framework for community-engaged behavioral interventions to reduce health disparities

Pang, L.; Li, Q.; Zhang, Y.; Deng, B.; Wu, F.; Wang, J.; Wu, K.; Ding, Y.; Yu, D., 2018:
Transcribed ultraconserved noncoding RNA uc.160 acts as a negative regulator in gastric cancer

Cluett, T.J.; Akman, G.; Reyes, A.; Kazak, L.; Mitchell, A.; Wood, S.R.; Spinazzola, A.; Spelbrink, J.N.; Holt, I.J., 2018:
Transcript availability dictates the balance between strand-asynchronous and strand-coupled mitochondrial DNA replication

Timmers, H.Th.Marc.; Tora, László., 2018:
Transcript Buffering: A Balancing Act between mRNA Synthesis and mRNA Degradation

Yang, J.; Li, B.; Shi, W.; Gong, Z.; Chen, L.; Hou, Z., 2018:
Transcriptional Activation of Anthocyanin Biosynthesis in Developing Fruit of Blueberries ( Vaccinium corymbosum L.) by Preharvest and Postharvest UV Irradiation

Junping, X.; Naing, A.Htay.; Kim, C.Kil., 2018:
Transcriptional activation of anthocyanin structural genes in Torenia 'Kauai Rose' via overexpression of anthocyanin regulatory transcription factors

Blanas, A.; Cornelissen, L.A.M.; Kotsias, M.; van der Horst, J.C.; van de Vrugt, H.J.; Kalay, H.; Spencer, D.I.R.; Kozak, R.P.; van Vliet, S.J., 2018:
Transcriptional activation of fucosyltransferase (FUT) genes using the CRISPR-dCas9-VPR technology reveals potent N-glycome alterations in colorectal cancer cells

Nie, Q.; Qiao, G.; Peng, L.; Wen, X., 2018:
Transcriptional activation of long terminal repeat retrotransposon sequences in the genome of pitaya under abiotic stress

Ávila-Flores, A.; Arranz-Nicolás, J.; Mérida, I., 2018:
Transcriptional Activity of FOXO Transcription Factors Measured by Luciferase Assays

Ma, Y.; Li, L.; Tian, H.; Lu, M.; Megharaj, M.; He, W., 2018:
Transcriptional analysis of the laccase-like gene from Burkholderia cepacia BNS and expression in Escherichia coli

Au-Yeung, N.; Horvath, C.M., 2018:
Transcriptional and chromatin regulation in interferon and innate antiviral gene expression

Peeters, J.G.C.; Picavet, L.W.; Coenen, S.G.J.M.; Mauthe, M.; Vervoort, S.J.; Mocholi, E.; de Heus, C.; Klumperman, J.; Vastert, S.J.; Reggiori, F.; Coffer, P.J.; Mokry, M.; van Loosdregt, J., 2018:
Transcriptional and epigenetic profiling of nutrient-deprived cells to identify novel regulators of autophagy

Laribee, R.Nicholas., 2018:
Transcriptional and Epigenetic Regulation by the Mechanistic Target of Rapamycin Complex 1 Pathway

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Transcriptional Regulation of the Huntingtin Gene

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Transcription factor Tbx18 induces the differentiation of c-kit + canine mesenchymal stem cells (cMSCs) into SAN-like pacemaker cells in a co-culture model in vitro

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Transcriptome analysis of Arabidopsis thaliana treated with green leaf volatiles: possible role of green leaf volatiles as self-made damage-associated molecular patterns

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Transcriptome Analysis of a Spray Drying-Resistant Subpopulation Reveals a Zinc-Dependent Mechanism for Robustness in L. lactis SK11

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Transcriptome analysis of callus from melon

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Transcriptome Analysis of Cardiac Hypertrophic Growth in MYBPC3 -Null Mice Suggests Early Responders in Hypertrophic Remodeling

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Transcriptome analysis of differential expressed genes in hepatopancreas of Procambarus clarkii challenged with peptidoglycan

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Transcriptome analysis of differentially expressed genes involved in innate immunity following Bacillus thuringiensis challenge in Bombyx mori larvae

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Transcriptome Analysis of Gene Expression Patterns Potentially Associated with Premature Senescence in Nicotiana tabacum L

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Transcriptome analysis of growth heterosis in pearl oyster Pinctada fucata martensii

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Transcriptome Analysis of Long Non-Coding RNA in the Bovine Mammary Gland Following Dietary Supplementation with Linseed Oil and Safflower Oil

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Transcriptome analysis of Macrobrachium rosenbergii intestines under the white spot syndrome virus and poly (I:C) challenges

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Transcriptome analysis of Nicotiana benthamiana infected by Tobacco curly shoot virus

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Transcriptome Analysis of Novosphingobium pentaromativorans US6-1 Reveals the Rsh Regulon and Potential Molecular Mechanisms of N -acyl-l-homoserine Lactone Accumulation

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Transcriptome analysis of the midgut gland of the brown shrimp Crangon crangon indicates high polymorphism in digestive enzymes

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Transcriptome analysis provides insights into differentially expressed genes and long noncoding RNAs involved in sex-related differences in Amur sturgeon (Acipenser schrenckii)

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Transcriptome Analysis Provides Insights into the Markers of Resting and LPS-Activated Macrophages in Grass Carp ( Ctenopharyngodon idella )

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Transcriptome analysis provides novel insights into high-soil-moisture-elevated susceptibility to Ralstonia solanacearum infection in ginger (Zingiber officinale Roscoe cv. Southwest)

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Transcriptome analysis revealed pivotal transporters involved in the reduction of cadmium accumulation in pak choi (Brassica chinensis L.) by exogenous hydrogen-rich water

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Transcriptome analysis reveals crucial genes involved in the biosynthesis of nervonic acid in woody Malania oleifera oilseeds

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Transcriptome analysis reveals the mechanism of the effect of flower tea Coreopsis tinctoria on hepatic insulin resistance

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Transcriptome and gene expression analysis of docosahexaenoic acid producer Schizochytrium sp. under different oxygen supply conditions

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Transcriptome and metabolome analysis of Pichia stipitis to three representative lignocellulosic inhibitors

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Transcriptome and miRNAs analyses enhance our understanding of the evolutionary advantages of polyploidy

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Transcriptome and proteome analyses of the molecular mechanisms associated with coix seed nutritional quality in the process of breeding

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Transcriptome and Proteome of Fish-Pathogenic Streptococcus agalactiae Are Modulated by Temperature

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Transcriptome and Resistance-Related Genes Analysis of Botrytis cinerea B05.10 Strain to Different Selective Pressures of Cyprodinil and Fenhexamid

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Transcriptome Profile Analysis Reveals an Estrogen Induced LncRNA Associated with Lipid Metabolism and Carcass Traits in Chickens (Gallus Gallus)

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Transcriptome Profiles Reveal the Crucial Roles of Auxin and Cytokinin in the "Shoot Branching" of Cremastra appendiculata

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Transcriptome Profiling and Characterization of Drought-Tolerant Potato Plant ( Solanum tuberosum L.)

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Transcriptome profiling and identification of the functional genes involved in berry development and ripening in Vitis vinifera

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Transcriptome profiling in blood before and after hepatitis B vaccination shows significant differences in gene expression between responders and non-responders

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Transcriptome-wide identification, functional characterization, and expression analysis of two novel invertebrate-type Toll-like receptors from disk abalone (Haliotis discus discus)

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Transcriptomic Alterations in Lung Adenocarcinoma Unveil New Mechanisms Targeted by the TBX2 Subfamily of Tumor Suppressor Genes

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Transcriptomic Analyses of Phytoplasmas

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Transcriptomic Analysis for Differentially Expressed Genes in Ovarian Follicle Activation in the Zebrafish

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Transcriptomic analysis of Campylobacter jejuni grown in a medium containing serine as the main energy source

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Transcriptomic analysis of crustacean neuropeptide signaling during the moult cycle in the green shore crab, Carcinus maenas

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Transcriptomic analysis of epigenetic modification genes in the termite Reticulitermes speratus

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Transcriptomic Analysis of Histone Methyltransferase Setd7 Knockdown and Phenethyl Isothiocyanate in Human Prostate Cancer Cells

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Transcriptomic analysis of immunoglobulin novel antigen receptor (IgNAR) heavy chain constant domains of brownbanded bamboo shark (Chiloscyllium punctatum)

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Transcriptomic analysis of interactions between Hyphantria cunea larvae and nucleopolyhedrovirus

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Transcriptomic analysis of male and female Schistosoma mekongi adult worms

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Transcriptomic analysis of Momordica charantia polysaccharide on streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats

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Transcriptomic Analysis of Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia coli FORC_035 Reveals the Essential Role of Iron Acquisition for Survival in Canola Sprouts and Water Dropwort

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Transcriptomic analysis of the oviduct of pigs during the peri-conceptional period

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Transcriptomic analysis of the salivary gland of medicinal leech Hirudo nipponia

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Transcriptomic Analysis Reveals Sex-Dependent Expression Patterns in the Basolateral Amygdala of Dominant and Subordinate Animals After Acute Social Conflict

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Transcriptomic and Expression Analysis of the Salivary Glands in Brown Planthoppers, Nilaparvata lugens (Hemiptera: Delphacidae)

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Transcriptomic and proteomic insight into the mechanism of cyclooctasulfur- versus thiosulfate-oxidation by the chemolithoautotroph Sulfurimonas denitrificans

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Transcriptomic Approaches for Studying Quorum Sensing in Vibrio cholerae

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Transcriptomic evidence for distinct mechanisms underlying abscission deficiency in the Arabidopsis mutants haesa/haesa-like 2 and nevershed

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Transcriptomic, Functional, and Network Analyses Reveal Novel Genes Involved in the Interaction Between Caenorhabditis elegans and Stenotrophomonas maltophilia

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Transcriptomic Insights Into the Growth Phase- and Sugar-Associated Changes in the Exopolysaccharide Production of a High EPS-Producing Streptococcus thermophilus ASCC 1275

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Transcriptomic insights on the virulence-controlling CsrA, BadR, RpoN, and RpoS regulatory networks in the Lyme disease spirochete

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Transcriptomic microarray profiling of peripheral CD4+ T cells from asthmatic patients

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Transcriptomic Plasticity in the Arthropod Generalist Tetranychus urticae Upon Long-Term Acclimation to Different Host Plants

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Transcriptomic profile analysis of brain microvascular pericytes in spontaneously hypertensive rats by RNA-Seq

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Transcriptomic profiles of striped snakehead cells (SSN-1) infected with snakehead vesiculovirus (SHVV) identifying IFI35 as a positive factor for SHVV replication

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Transcriptomic Profiling and Gene Disruption Revealed that Two Genes Related to PUFAs/DHA Biosynthesis May be Essential for Cell Growth of Aurantiochytrium sp

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Transcriptomic Profiling During Myogenesis

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Transcriptomic Profiling of MDA-MB-231 Cells Exposed to Boswellia Serrata and 3-O-Acetyl-B-Boswellic Acid; ER/UPR Mediated Programmed Cell Death

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Transcriptomics analysis reveals candidate genes and pathways for susceptibility or resistance to Singapore grouper iridovirus in orange-spotted grouper (Epinephelus coioides)

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Transcriptomics and Fitness Data Reveal Adaptive Plasticity of Thermal Tolerance in Oysters Inhabiting Different Tidal Zones

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Transcriptomics and metabonomics of the anti-aging properties of total flavones of Epimedium in relation to lipid metabolism

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Transcriptomics and proteomics analyses of anti-cancer mechanisms of TR35-An active fraction from Xinjiang Bactrian camel milk in esophageal carcinoma cell

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Transcriptomics and single-cell RNA-sequencing

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Transcriptomics-Based Identification of Aquaporin Diversity in the House Dust Mite Dermatophagoides farinae (Acariformes: Pyroglyphidae)

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Transcriptomic Signature of Right Ventricular Failure in Experimental Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension: Deep Sequencing Demonstrates Mitochondrial, Fibrotic, Inflammatory and Angiogenic Abnormalities

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Transcript Profiling of MRSA Biofilms Treated with a Halogenated Phenazine Eradicating Agent: A Platform for Defining Cellular Targets and Pathways Critical to Biofilm Survival

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Transcultural Adaptation and Validation of the Spanish Bristol Foot Score (BFS-S)

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Transcultural adaptation to Portuguese of the Mind Excessively Wandering Scale (MEWS) for evaluation of thought activity

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Transcultural Nursing: Current Trends in Theoretical Works

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Transcutaneous Bilirubin for Screening of Significant Jaundice in Very Preterm Neonates

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Transcutaneous bilirubin nomogram for Taiwanese newborns - A single center study

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Transcutaneous bilirubin nomogram for the first 144 hours in Thai neonates

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Transcutaneous Carbon Dioxide Treatment Is Capable of Reducing Peripheral Vascular Resistance in Hypertensive Patients

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Transcutaneous Columellar Strut for Correcting Caudal Nasal Septal Deviation

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Transcutaneous electrical acupoint stimulation for prevention of postoperative delirium in geriatric patients with silent lacunar infarction: a preliminary study

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Transcutaneous Electrical Acupoint Stimulation Improves Immunological Function During the Perioperative Period in Patients With Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Undergoing Video-Assisted Thoracic Surgical Lobectomy

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Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) for Pain Management During Labor

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Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) in the Emergency Department for Pain Relief: A Preliminary Study of Feasibility and Efficacy

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Transcutaneous oxygen measurement in humans using a paramagnetic skin adhesive film

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Transcutaneous Puncture of an Undeflatable Coronary Angioplasty Balloon Catheter

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trans-Cyclooctenes as Halolactonization Catalysts

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Transcytosis Assay for Transport of Glycosphingolipids across MDCK-II Cells

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Transdentinal cytotoxicity and macrophage phenotype of a novel quaternary ammonium silane cavity disinfectant

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Transdermal Nicotine for the Treatment of Mood and Cognitive Symptoms in Nonsmokers With Late-Life Depression

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Transdermal sampling of vitamin D 3 and 25-hydroxyvitamin D 3

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Transdifferentiation: do transition states lie on the path of development?

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Transdifferentiation of human adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells into oligodendrocyte progenitor cells

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Transdifferentiation of Muscle Satellite Cells to Adipose Cells Using CRISPR/Cas9-Mediated Targeting of MyoD

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Transepithelial transport across the blood–testis barrier

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Transfection efficiency and cytotoxicity of polyethyleneimine-coated magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles in rooster sperm cells

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Transfemoral PCI skill: Use it or lose it.….But #RadialFirst

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Transference and new records in Neoibidionini (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae)

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Transfer-Free, Large-Scale Growth of High-Quality Graphene on Insulating Substrate by Physical Contact of Copper Foil

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Transfer Function Between Intracranial Pressure and Aortic Blood Pressure and Carotid Blood Flow

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Transfer Functions of a Spinal Cord Stimulation System in Mixed Media and Homogeneous Media for Estimation of RF Heating during MRI Scans

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Transfer learning approach for fall detection with the FARSEEING real-world dataset and simulated falls

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Transfer learning based histopathologic image classification for breast cancer detection

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Transfer learning for classification of cardiovascular tissues in histological images

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Transfer Learning for Soil Spectroscopy Based on Convolutional Neural Networks and Its Application in Soil Clay Content Mapping Using Hyperspectral Imagery

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Transfer Learning Over Time and Position in Wearable Myoelectric Control Systems

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Transfer of Enteric Viruses Adenovirus and Coxsackievirus and Bacteriophage MS2 from Liquid to Human Skin

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Transfer of episodic self-referential memory across amnesic identities in dissociative identity disorder using the Autobiographical Implicit Association Test

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Transfer of gastrocnemius muscle flap for postoperative infection with patellar internal fixation

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Transfer of stem rust resistance gene SrB from Thinopyrum ponticum into wheat and development of a closely linked PCR-based marker

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Transfer of the triceps brachii to the finger and thumb extensors: Anatomical study and report on one case

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Transfer Recurrent Feature Learning for Endomicroscopy Image Recognition

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Transferred PMN-PT Thick Film on Conductive Silver Epoxy

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Transfer Representation Learning using Inception-V3 for the Detection of Masses in Mammography

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Transferrin and folic acid co-modified bufalin-loaded nanoliposomes: preparation, characterization, and application in anticancer activity

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Transferrin/aptamer conjugated mesoporous ruthenium nanosystem for redox-controlled and targeted chemo-photodynamic therapy of glioma

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Transferring information without distortion

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Transferring the Motor Branch of the Opponens Pollicis to the Terminal Division of the Deep Branch of the Ulnar Nerve for Pinch Reconstruction

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Transferrin receptor 1 is a supplementary receptor that assists transmissible gastroenteritis virus entry into porcine intestinal epithelium

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Transfer RNA-derived fragments as potential exosome tRNA-derived fragment biomarkers for osteoporosis

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Transfer RNA Modification Enzymes from Thermophiles and Their Modified Nucleosides in tRNA

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Transfersomes as versatile and flexible nano-vesicular carriers in skin cancer therapy: the state of the art

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Transfer Time After Acceptance to a Level I Trauma Center

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TransFlow: a modular framework for assembling and assessing accurate de novo transcriptomes in non-model organisms

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Transforaminal Endoscopic Decompression of the Lumbar Spine for Stable Isthmic Spondylolisthesis as the Least Invasive Surgical Treatment Using the YESS Surgery Technique

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Transforaminal Interbody Debridement and Fusion to Manage Postdiscectomy Discitis in Lumbar Spine

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Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion (TLIF)

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Transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion with expandable cages: Radiological and clinical results of banana-shaped and straight implants

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Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion With Local Bone Graft Alone for Single-Level Isthmic Spondylolisthesis

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Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion With Viable Allograft: 75 Consecutive Cases at 12-Month Follow-up

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Transformational change - the stuff of education

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Transformational change towards gender equality: An autobiographical reflection on resistance during participatory action research

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Transformational leadership and ethical leadership: their significance in the mental healthcare system

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Transformational-taking time to care

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Transformation of acetaminophen in natural surface water and the change of aquatic microbes

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Transformation of AgCl Particles under Conditions Typical of Natural Waters: Implications for Oxidant Generation

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Transformation of Ammonia in Wetland Sediments for Treatment of Mining Wastewater

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Transformation of healthcare requires physician leaders steeped in business skills

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Transformation of nad7 into the nuclear genome rescues the slow growth3 mutant in Arabidopsis

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Transformation of novel polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) as co-contaminants during biopile remediation of petroleum hydrocarbons

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Transformation of Old Concepts for a New Era of Cancer Immunotherapy: Cytokine Therapy and Cancer Vaccines as Combination Partners of PD1/PD-L1 Inhibitors

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Transformation of Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis: Squamous Cell Carcinoma in a Pregnant Teen

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Transformation of the chemical composition of surface waters in the area of the exploited Lomonosov diamond deposit (NW Russia)

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Transformations of ferrates(iv,v,vi) in liquids: Mössbauer spectroscopy of frozen solutions

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Transformations to reduce the effect of particle size in mid-infrared spectra of biomass

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Transformative capacity and local action for urban sustainability

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Transformative elements of intercultural education for Japanese nursing students

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Transformative journeys in childhood-onset disability with the AACPDM

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Transformative or Functional Justice? Examining the Role of Health Care Institutions in Responding to Violence Against Women in India

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Transformative Supramolecular Vesicles Based on Acid-Degradable Acyclic Cucurbit[n]uril and Prodrug for Promoted Tumoral-Cell Uptake

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"Transformed" Fe 3 S 4 tetragonal nanosheets: a high-efficiency and body-clearable agent for magnetic resonance imaging guided photothermal and chemodynamic synergistic therapy

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Transforming clients into experts-by-experience: A pilot in client participation in Dutch long-term elderly care homes inspectorate supervision

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Transforming Computational Drug Discovery with Machine Learning and AI

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Transforming Diabetes Care Through Artificial Intelligence: The Future Is Here

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Transforming End-of-Life Care by Implementing a Patient-Centered Care Model: Findings From an Action Research Project

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Transforming Excellence in Academic Medicine

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Transforming Growth Factor β1 (TGF-β1)-Stimulated Integrin-Linked Kinase (ILK) Regulates Migration and Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition (EMT) of Human Lens Epithelial Cells via Nuclear Factor κB (NF-κB)

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Transforming growth factor-beta 1 (TGF-β1) induces the differentiation of rainbow trout ( Oncorhynchus mykiss ) cardiac fibroblasts into myofibroblasts

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Transforming growth factor-beta down-regulates sGC subunit expression in pulmonary artery smooth muscle cells via MEK and ERK signaling

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Transforming Growth Factor-β-Induced Cell Plasticity in Liver Fibrosis and Hepatocarcinogenesis

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Transforming health policy through machine learning

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Transforming Perianesthesia Clinical Practice Through Dissemination and Implementation Science

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Transforming soil phosphorus fertility management strategies to support the delivery of multiple ecosystem services from agricultural systems

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Transforming STEM Education through Collaborative Leadership at Historically Black Colleges and Universities

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Transforming the Higher Education Experience of Students with Disabilities Through Innovative System Design and Accessible Data Visualisation

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Transforming the landscape

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Transforming the landscape of liver disease in the UK

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Transforming the systematic review service: a team-based model to support the educational needs of researchers

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Transforming the workplace environment to prevent non-communicable chronic diseases: participatory action research in a South African power plant

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Transforming traditional shadowing: engaging millennial learners through the active apprenticeship

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Trans -free margarine fat produced using enzymatic interesterification of rice bran oil and hard palm stearin

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Trans-Frontal Five-Fluorouracil (TraFFF): a novel technique for the application of adjuvant topical chemotherapeutic agents in sinonasal adenocarcinoma

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Transfusion-associated graft-versus-host disease reexamined: potential for improved prevention using a universally applied intervention

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Transfusion Makeovers by Thromboelastometry-Does It Work for Everyone?

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Transfusion medicine history illustrated: evacuation, resuscitation and transfusion near "The The Front," First World War

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Transfusion Medicine in Obstetrics

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Transfusion of patients with autoimmune hemolytic anemia

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Transfusion of Platelets Loaded With Recombinant ADAMTS13 (A Disintegrin and Metalloprotease With Thrombospondin Type 1 Repeats-13) Is Efficacious for Inhibiting Arterial Thrombosis Associated With Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura

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Transfusion practice in neonates

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Transfusion Support of Minority Patients: Extended Antigen Donor Typing and Recruitment of Minority Blood Donors

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Transfusion-Transmitted Babesiosis

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Transgelin as a potential target in the reversibility of pulmonary arterial hypertension secondary to congenital heart disease

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Transgender Adolescent Suicide Behavior

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Transgender Dependent Adolescents in the U.S. Military Health Care System: Demographics, Treatments Sought, and Health Care Service Utilization

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Transgender health and its current omission from medical school curriculum: medical students' perspective

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Transgender Students: Advocacy, Care, and Support Opportunities for School Nurses

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Transgene and islet cell delivery systems using nano-sized carriers for the treatment of diabetes mellitus

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Transgene Pyramiding of Salt Responsive Protein 3-1 ( SaSRP3-1 ) and SaVHAc1 From Spartina alterniflora L. Enhances Salt Tolerance in Rice

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Transgenerational Epigenetic Inheritance

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Transgenerational Epigenetic Inheritance Is Negatively Regulated by the HERI-1 Chromodomain Protein

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Transgenerational impaired spermatogenesis with sperm H19 and Gtl2 hypomethylation induced by the endocrine disruptor p,p'-DDE

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Transgenerational inheritance of behavioral and metabolic effects of paternal exposure to traumatic stress in early postnatal life: evidence in the 4th generation

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Transgenerational lipid-reducing activity of benzylisoquinoline alkaloids in Caenorhabditis elegans

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Transgenerational plasticity and antiviral immunity in the Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas) against Ostreid herpesvirus 1 (OsHV-1)

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Transgenerational thyroid endocrine disruption induced by bisphenol S affects the early development of zebrafish offspring

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Transgenerational transmission of maternal stimulatory experience in domesticated birds

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Transgenerational transmission of small for gestational age

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Transgene Recombineering in Bacterial Artificial Chromosomes

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Transgenic and Genome Editing Approaches for Modifying Plant Oils

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Transgenic expression of a ratiometric autophagy probe specifically in neurons enables the interrogation of brain autophagy in vivo

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Transgenic Expression of chit42 gene from Metarhizium anisopliae in Trichoderma harzianum Enhances Antagonistic Activity against Botrytis cinerea

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Transgenic expression of cyclooxygenase-2 in pancreatic acinar cells induces chronic pancreatitis

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Transgenic lysyl oxidase homolog 1 overexpression in the mouse eye results in the formation and release of protein aggregates

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Transgenic mice with a tandem duplication of the Necdin gene overexpress Necdin

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Transgenic Mouse Reporter to Study Muc5b In Vivo

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Transgenic Nicotiana tabacum seeds expressing the Mycobacterium tuberculosis Alanine- and Proline-rich antigen

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Transgenic overexpression of active HDAC4 in the heart attenuates cardiac function and exacerbates remodeling in infarcted myocardium

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Transgenic short-QT syndrome 1 rabbits mimic the human disease phenotype with QT/action potential duration shortening in the atria and ventricles and increased ventricular tachycardia/ventricular fibrillation inducibility

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Transgenic zebrafish models reveal distinct molecular mechanisms for cataract-linked αA-crystallin mutants

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Trans-α-glucosylation of stevioside by the mutant glucansucrase enzyme Gtf180-ΔN-Q1140E improves its taste profile

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Trans health needs better inpatient services too

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trans-Hydrogenation, gem-Hydrogenation, and trans-Hydrometalation of Alkynes: An Interim Report on an Unorthodox Reactivity Paradigm

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Transience and hierarchy: ending the doctor-nurse game

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Transient acute kidney injury after cardiac surgery does not independently affect postoperative outcomes

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Transient and Sustained Control Mechanisms Supporting Novel Instructed Behavior

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Transient Aspects and Ultrafast Dynamical Processes of Amplified Spontaneous Emission in Conjugated Polymers

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Transient Convolutional Imaging

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Transient cooling episodes during Cretaceous Oceanic Anoxic Events with special reference to OAE 1a (Early Aptian)

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Transient Diffusion-weighted Imaging Hyperintensity of the Cerebellar Cortex in Paraneoplastic Cerebellar Degeneration

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Transient dispersion of an initial point pollutant concentration in wetland flows

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Transient electrohydrodynamics of a liquid drop in AC electric fields

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Transient elevation of squamous cell carcinoma antigen levels with influenza virus infection

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Transient erythema after alcohol consumption; a side effect of tacrolimus

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Transient-Evoked Otoacoustic Emissions Reflect Audiometric Patterns of Age-Related Hearing Loss

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Transient exposure of methylparaben to zebrafish (Danio rerio) embryos altered cortisol level, acetylcholinesterase activity and induced anxiety-like behaviour

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Transient Expression in Nicotiana Benthamiana Leaves for Triterpene Production at a Preparative Scale

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Transient Expression of Interleukin-21 in the Second Hit of Acute Pancreatitis May Potentiate Immune Paresis in Severe Acute Pancreatitis

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Transient expression of intron-containing transgenes generates non-spliced aberrant pre-mRNAs that are processed into siRNAs

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Transient Expression of Recombinant Membrane-eGFP Fusion Proteins in HEK293 Cells

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Transient extreme spindles in a young child with anti-NMDAR encephalitis: A case report

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Transient femoral nerve neuropathy secondary to haematoma after medial thigh lift

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Transient femoral nerve palsy in spica cast treatment for developmental dysplasia of the hip

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Transient Gene Expression in Suspension HEK293-EBNA1 Cells

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Transient Generalized Chorea in Influenza A Encephalopathy

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Transient genetic transformation of Mougeotia scalaris (Zygnematophyceae) mediated by the endogenous α-tubulin1 promoter

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Transient Glass Formation around a Quadrupolar Photoexcited Dye in a Strongly H-Bonding Liquid Observed by Transient 2D-IR Spectroscopy

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Transient Hemorrhagic Demyelination Following Insect Bite

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Transient hepatitis B immunity passively acquired from transfusion of packed red blood cells

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Transient increased tumescence of the glans penis during penile erection after endovenous ablation of the great saphenous vein

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Transient Inversion of the "T" Wave in Electrocardiograms in Cases of Acute Rheumatism with Cardiac Complications

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Transient Ischemic Attack: Limits and challenges of early management

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Transient Lesion of the Splenium of the Corpus Callosum after Acute Ischemic Stroke: A Report of Two Cases

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Transient Magnetothermal Neuronal Silencing Using the Chloride Channel Anoctamin 1 (TMEM16A)

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Transient modification of lin28b expression - Permanent effects on zebrafish growth

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Transient osteoporosis of the hip

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Transient photoreception in the hindbrain is permissive to the life history transition of hatching in Atlantic halibut

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Transient ST-segment myocardial infarction: a new category of high risk acute coronary syndrome?

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Transient systolic anterior motion with junctional rhythm after mitral valve repair in the intensive care unit

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Transient Topographical Dynamics of the Electroencephalogram Predict Brain Connectivity and Behavioural Responsiveness During Drowsiness

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Transient Transformation Using Particle Bombardment for Gene Expression Analysis

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Transient vibration imaging with time-resolved synthetic holographic confocal microscopy

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Transient visual loss: Transient lesion in the splenium of the corpus callosum

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Transional syndrome: from West to Lennox-Gastaut syndromes

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Transitional care and empowerment of the older adult

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Transitional Care: Methods and Processes for Transitioning Older Adults With Cancer in a Postacute Setting

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Transitional care: the missing link

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Transitional Urology

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Transition and transfer of the patient with paediatric-onset lupus: a practical approach for paediatric and adult rheumatology practices

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Transition between tangential and co-axial liquid crystalline honeycombs in the self-assembly of Y-shaped bolapolyphiles

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Transition medicine

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Transition to immediate open access publishing under Plan S will be smooth, promise backers

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Transition to open access

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Translating Evidence into Practice

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Translating Science Into Business Innovation: The Case of Open Food and Nutrition Data Hackathons

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Translating Temporal Interference Brain Stimulation to Treat Neurological and Psychiatric Conditions

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