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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Section 67

Section 67 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Fu, W.; Verma, D.; Burton, A.; Swaminathan, S., 2018:
Cellular RNA helicase DHX9 interacts with the essential EBV protein SM and restricts EBV lytic replication

Prabhu, M.P.Taraka.; Sarkar, N., 2018:
Quantum dots as promising theranostic tools against amyloidosis: A review

Golikov, V., 2018:
Assessment Of The Absorbed Doses In The Organs In Case Of Radiation Emergency With The Sealed Gamma-Sources

Surkan, P.J.; Strobino, D.M.; Mehra, S.; Shamim, A.Ahmed.; Rashid, M.; Wu, L.Shu-Fune.; Ali, H.; Ullah, B.; Labrique, A.B.; Klemm, R.D.W.; West, K.P.; Christian, P., 2018:
Unintended pregnancy is a risk factor for depressive symptoms among socio-economically disadvantaged women in rural Bangladesh

Okada, T.; Yoshitomi, H.; Harada, Y.; Ito, S.; Nakamura, T.; Adachi, T.; Nakashima, R.; Sugamori, T.; Endo, A.; Takahashi, N.; Tanabe, K., 2014:
Pneumococcal endocarditis complicating meningitis and arthritis in a previously healthy woman: A case report

Lei, C.; Chen, H.; MacDonald, A.H., 2018:
Ultrathin Films of Superconducting Metals as a Platform for Topological Superconductivity

Montagano, L.; Leroux, S.J.; Giroux, M-Andrée.; Lecomte, N., 2018:
The strength of ecological subsidies across ecosystems: a latitudinal gradient of direct and indirect impacts on food webs

Kouache, B.; Brada, M.; Saadi, A.; Fauconnier, M.Laure.; Lognay, G.; Heuskin, S., 2018:
Chemical Composition and Acaricidal Activity of Thymus algeriensis Essential Oil against Varroa destructor

Harada, M.; Jiang, M.; Terai, K.; Ebinuma, H.; Hiruta, N.; Schneider, W.J.; Sugo, N.; Nagao, T.; Bujo, H., 2018:
Levels of circulating soluble LR11, a regulator of smooth muscle cell migration, are highly associated with atherosclerotic plaques in patients with carotid artery stenosis

Adas, Z.Al.; Nypaver, T.J.; Shepard, A.D.; Weaver, M.R.; Ryan, J.T.; Huang, J.; Harriz, R.; Kabbani, L.S., 2018:
Survival after abdominal aortic aneurysm repair is affected by socioeconomic status

Coudert, L.H.; Gans, B.; Holzmeier, F.; Loison, J-C.; Garcia, G.A.; Alcaraz, C.; Lopes, A.; Röder, A., 2018:
Experimental and theoretical threshold photoelectron spectra of methylene

Mizukami, K.; Yoshida, H.; Nozawa, E.; Wada, K.; Ugawa, T., 2018:
Renoprotective effects of the novel prostaglandin EP4 receptor-selective antagonist ASP7657 in 5/6 nephrectomized chronic kidney disease rats

Feng, H.; Ge, Z.; Chen, W.; Wang, J.; Shen, D.; Jia, Y.; Qiao, H.; Ying, X.; Zhang, X.; Wang, M., 2018:
Carbonized Cow Dung as a High Performance and Low Cost Anode Material for Bioelectrochemical Systems

Arikan, I.; Tekin, Ömer.Faruk.; Erbas, Oğuzhan., 2018:
Relationship between sick building syndrome and indoor air quality among hospital staff

Kim, H.Soo.; Kim, Y.Hei.; Park, S.Bae., 2018:
A papilloma in a large cyst of the breast: A case report

Tesfaye, A.A.; Azmi, A.S.; Philip, P.A., 2018:
miRNA and Gene Expression in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma

Elfering, A.; Kottwitz, M.U.; Häfliger, E.; Celik, Z.; Grebner, S., 2018:
Interruptions, Unreasonable Tasks, and Quality-Threatening Time Pressure in Home Care: Linked to Attention Deficits and Slips, Trips, and Falls

Bacigalupo, A.; Oneto, R.; Schrezenmeier, H.; Hochsmann, B.; Dufour, C.; Kojima, S.; Zhu, X.; Chen, X.; Issaragrisil, S.; Chuncharunee, S.; Chul Jeong, D.; Giammarco, S.; Teresa Van Lint, M.; Zheng, Y.; Vallejo, C., 2018:
First line treatment of aplastic anemia with thymoglobuline in Europe and Asia: Outcome of 955 patients treated 2001-2012

Bowie, J.M.; Badiee, J.; Calvo, R.Y.; Sise, M.J.; Wessels, L.E.; Butler, W.J.; Dunne, C.E.; Sise, C.Beth.; Bansal, V., 2018:
Outcomes after Single-Look Trauma Laparotomy: A Large Population-Based Study

Orbach, H.; Rozen, N.; Rubin, G., 2018:
New technique for reduction of irreducible anterior glenohumeral shoulder dislocation

Torretta, S.; Pignataro, L.; Carioli, D.; Ibba, T.; Folino, F.; Rosazza, C.; Fattizzo, M.; Marchisio, P., 2018:
Phenotype Profiling and Allergy in Otitis-Prone Children

Sun, W.; Chatterjee, B.; Shern, J.F.; Patidar, R.; Song, Y.; Wang, Y.; Walker, R.L.; Pawel, B.R.; Linardic, C.M.; Houghton, P.; Hewitt, S.M.; Edelman, D.C.; Khan, J.; Meltzer, P.S.; Barr, F.G., 2018:
Relationship of DNA methylation to mutational changes and transcriptional organization in fusion-positive and fusion-negative rhabdomyosarcoma

Saruta, M., 2017:
Steroid therapy for inflammatory bowel disease

Logan, T.K.; Lynch, K.R., 2018:
Dangerous Liaisons: Examining the Connection of Stalking and Gun Threats Among Partner Abuse Victims

Otsuka, R.; Tange, C.; Tomida, M.; Nishita, Y.; Kato, Y.; Yuki, A.; Ando, F.; Shimokata, H.; Arai, H., 2018:
Dietary factors associated with the development of physical frailty in community-dwelling older adults

Riekkola, J.; Rutberg, S.; Lilja, M.; Isaksson, G., 2018 :
Healthcare professionals' perspective on how to promote older couples' participation in everyday life when using respite care

Rimmele, D.Leander.; Frey, B.M.; Cheng, B.; Schulz, R.; Krawinkel, L.A.; Bönstrup, M.; Braass, H.; Gerloff, C.; Thomalla, Götz., 2018:
Association of Extrapyramidal Tracts' Integrity With Performance in Fine Motor Skills After Stroke

Kiprian, D.; Czarkowska-Paczek, B.; Wyczalkowska-Tomasik, A.; Paczek, L., 2018:
Human cytomegalovirus and Epstein-Barr virus infections increase the risk of death in patients with head and neck cancers receiving radiotherapy or radiochemotherapy

Maurer, T.; van Leeuwen, F.W.B.; Schottelius, M.; Wester, H-Jürgen.; Eiber, M., 2018:
Entering the era of molecular-targeted precision surgery in recurrent prostate cancer

Deshpande, G.A.; Bawankule, P.K.; Raje, D.V.; Chakraborty, M., 2018:
Linear discriminant score for differentiating early primary open angle glaucoma from glaucoma suspects

Li, J.; Preinfalk, A.; Maulide, N., 2018:
Enantioselective Redox-Neutral Coupling of Aldehydes and Alkenes by an Iron-Catalyzed "Catch-Release" Tethering Approach

Dendle, C.; Stuart, R.L.; Mulley, W.R.; Polkinghorne, K.R.; Gan, P.Y.; Kanellis, J.; Ngui, J.; Laurie, K.; Thursky, K.; Leung, V.K.; Holdsworth, S.R., 2018:
Measurement of Humoral Immune Competence and the Risk of Sinopulmonary Infection in a Cohort of Kidney Transplant Recipients

Rice, M.B.; Li, W.; Wilker, E.H.; Gold, D.R.; Schwartz, J.; Zanobetti, A.; Koutrakis, P.; Kloog, I.; Washko, G.R.; O'Connor, G.T.; Mittleman, M.A., 2018:
Association of Outdoor Temperature with Lung Function in a Temperate Climate

Resnick, D.K., 2018:
Show me the evidence: Dealing with bias in the medical literature: NASS 2018 presidential address

Bendimerad-Mouttas, F.; Beghdad, M.Choukri.; El Haci, I.Abdelhamid.; Soualem, Z.; Belarbi, M.; Bekkara, F.Atik., 2018:
Bioactive compounds and antioxidant activity of Rhaponticum acaule (L.) DC

Caprettini, V.; Huang, J-An.; Moia, F.; Jacassi, A.; Gonano, C.Andrea.; Maccaferri, Nò.; Capozza, R.; Dipalo, M.; De Angelis, F., 2018:
Enhanced Raman Investigation of Cell Membrane and Intracellular Compounds by 3D Plasmonic Nanoelectrode Arrays

Palmer, J.C.; Blanchard, J.R.; Jones, J.; Bailey, E., 2018:
Attitudes of dental undergraduate students towards patient safety in a UK dental school

Wang, A.; Prieto, J.M.; Ward, E.; Bickler, S.; Henry, M.; Kling, K.; Thangarajah, H.; Ignacio, R., 2018:
Operative treatment for intussusception: Should an incidental appendectomy be performed?

Shen, D.H., 2018:
Several advances and significance of pathology of uterine body tumor

Drucker, A.M.; Li, W-Qing.; Savitz, D.A.; Weinstock, M.A.; Han, J.; Li, T.; Qureshi, A.A.; Cho, E., 2018:
Association Between Health Maintenance Practices and Skin Cancer Risk as a Possible Source of Detection Bias

Yang, H-Min.; Liu, P-Long.; Guo, Y., 2018:
Determinants of China's development assistance for health at the sub-national level of African countries (2006-2015)

Austin-Mattison, C., 2018:
Joining Forces: Establishing a Cardio-oncology Clinic

Boudreau, G.; Carli, Cédric.; Lamarche, C.; Rulleau, C.; Bonnaure, G.; Néron, S.; Delisle, J-Sébastien., 2018:
Leukoreduction system chambers are a reliable cellular source for the manufacturing of T-cell therapeutics

Fraïsse, C.; Puixeu Sala, G.; Vicoso, B., 2018:
Pleiotropy modulates the efficacy of selection in Drosophila melanogaster

Elshazly, A.; Khorshid, H.; Hanna, H.; Ali, A., 2018:
Effect of exercise training on heart rate recovery in patients post anterior myocardial infarction

Sarkisyan, V.A.; Kodentsova, V.M.; Bessonov, V.V.; Kochetkova, A.A., 2018:
Vitamin and antioxidant properties of tocopherols: characteristic of the molecular mechanisms of action

Li, J.; Xu, Z., 2018:
Compound tribo-electrostatic separation for recycling mixed plastic waste

Tokinobu, A.; Yorifuji, T.; Yamakawa, M.; Tsuda, T.; Doi, H., 2019:
Association of early daycare attendance with allergic disorders in children: a longitudinal national survey in Japan

Towner, J.E.; Piper, K.F.; Schoeniger, L.O.; Qureshi, S.H.; Li, Y.Michael., 2019:
Use of image-guided bone scalpel for resection of spine tumors: technical note

Maia, K.M.; Souza, A.L.P.; Silva, A.M.; Souza-Jr, J.B.F.; Costa, L.L.M.; Brandão, F.Z.; Oliveira, M.F.; Comizzoli, P.; Silva, A.R., 2019:
Environmental effects on collared peccaries (Pecari tajacu) serum testosterone, testicular morphology, and semen quality in the Caatinga biome

Sane, M.Ramachandra.; Malukani, K.; Kulkarni, R.; Varun, A., 2019:
Fatal Iron Toxicity in an Adult: Clinical Profile and Review

Byun, G.; Song, H.C.; Kim, J.S., 2019:
Performance comparisons of array invariant and matched field processing using broadband ship noise and a tilted vertical array

Tadros, E.; Finney, N., 2019 :
Exploring the Utilization of Structural and Medical Family Therapy With an Incarcerated Mother Living With HIV

Velikonja, T.; Fett, A-Kathrin.; Velthorst, E., 2019:
Patterns of Nonsocial and Social Cognitive Functioning in Adults With Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Gajiwala, S.; Torgeson, A.; Garrido-Laguna, I.; Kinsey, C.; Lloyd, S., 2019:
Combination immunotherapy and radiation therapy strategies for pancreatic cancer-targeting multiple steps in the cancer immunity cycle

Lisboa, S.F.; Vila-Verde, C.; Rosa, J.; Uliana, D.L.; Stern, C.A.J.; Bertoglio, L.J.; Resstel, L.B.; Guimaraes, F.S., 2019:
Tempering aversive/traumatic memories with cannabinoids: a review of evidence from animal and human studies

Wang, X.; Li, J.; Wang, Z.; Deng, A., 2019:
Wound exudate CXCL6: a potential biomarker for wound healing of diabetic foot ulcers

Zhang, K.; Liu, C.; Li, S.; Fan, J., 2019:
A hydrophobic deep eutectic solvent based vortex-assisted liquid-liquid microextraction for the determination of formaldehyde from biological and indoor air samples by high performance liquid chromatography

Barbosa, R.M.; Souza, R.T.; Silveira, C.; Andrade, K.C.; Almeida, C.M.; Bortoleto, A.G.; Oliveira, P.F.; Cecatti, J.G., 2019:
Reference ranges for ultrasound measurements of fetal kidneys in a cohort of low-risk pregnant women

Ho, X.Liang.; Shao, H.; Ng, Y.Yie.; Ganguly, R.; Lu, Y.; Soo, H.Sen., 2019:
Visible Light Driven Hydrogen Evolution by Molecular Nickel Catalysts with Time-Resolved Spectroscopic and DFT Insights

Longhena, F.; Faustini, G.; Spillantini, M.Grazia.; Bellucci, A., 2019:
Living in Promiscuity: The Multiple Partners of Alpha-Synuclein at the Synapse in Physiology and Pathology

Sáez, T.; Toledo, F.; Sobrevia, L., 2019:
Impaired signalling pathways mediated by extracellular vesicles in diabesity

ALHaithloul, H.A.S.; Alotaibi, M.F.; Bin-Jumah, M.; Elgebaly, H.; Mahmoud, A.M., 2019:
Olea europaea leaf extract up-regulates Nrf2/ARE/HO-1 signaling and attenuates cyclophosphamide-induced oxidative stress, inflammation and apoptosis in rat kidney

Kim, H.Ju.; Kim, J.Hyun., 2019:
Concept Analysis of Tacit Nursing Knowledge

Guertler, D.; Moehring, A.; Krause, K.; Eck, S.; Batra, A.; Chenot, J-François.; Freyer-Adam, J.; Ulbricht, S.; Rumpf, H-Jürgen.; Bischof, G.; John, U.; Meyer, C., 2019:
Proactive multipurpose health risk screening in health care settings: Methods, design, and reach

Dong, J.; Im, Y.Ri.; Mann, J.P., 2019:
Insights into paediatric non-alcoholic fatty liver disease from genetic variants

Corral, E.; Sepulveda, W.; Ravera, F.; Muller, J.M.; Tapia, M.; Reascos, M.; Perez-Canto, G., 2019:
Use of plastic wound retractor at hysterotomy site in prenatal repair of myelomeningocele: a new technique

Stripoli, T.; Spadaro, S.; Di Mussi, R.; Volta, C.Alberto.; Trerotoli, P.; De Carlo, F.; Iannuzziello, R.; Sechi, F.; Pierucci, P.; Staffieri, F.; Bruno, F.; Camporota, L.; Grasso, S., 2019:
High-flow oxygen therapy in tracheostomized patients at high risk of weaning failure

Wang, J.; Khosrowabadi, R.; Ng, K.Kei.; Hong, Z.; Chong, J.Su.Xian.; Wang, Y.; Chen, C-Yin.; Hilal, S.; Venketasubramanian, N.; Wong, T.Yin.; Chen, C.Li-Hsian.; Ikram, M.Kamran.; Zhou, J., 2019:
Alterations in Brain Network Topology and Structural-Functional Connectome Coupling Relate to Cognitive Impairment

Libudzic-Nowak, A.Maria.; Cachat, F.; Pascual, M.; Chehade, H., 2019:
Darbepoetin Alfa in Young Infants With Renal Failure: Single Center Experience, a Case Series and Review of the Literature

Montell, D.J., 2019:
TRIMing Neural Connections with Ubiquitin

Schofer, N., 2019:
Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement in Oncology Patients: Does it Make Sense?

Najenson, A.C.; Bianchi, M.; Courreges, A.P.; Rodriguez, M.R.; Casco, Víctor.H.; Vatta, M.S.; Bianciotti, L.G., 2019:
The exocrine pancreas is an extracardiac source of atrial natriuretic peptide

Carroll, A.J.; Huffman, M.D.; Zhao, L.; Jacobs, D.R.; Stewart, J.C.; Kiefe, C.I.; Liu, K.; Hitsman, B., 2019:
Evaluating longitudinal associations between depressive symptoms, smoking, and biomarkers of cardiovascular disease in the CARDIA study

Qiao, P.; Wu, J.; Li, H.; Xu, Y.; Sun, B.; Ren, L.; Pan, K.; Wang, L.; Zhou, W., 2019:
Improved charge separation of NiS nanoparticles modified defect-engineered black TiO2 hollow nanotubes for boosting solar-driven photocatalytic H2 evolution

Li, S.; Xie, F., 2019:
Population pharmacokinetics and simulations of imipenem in critically ill patients undergoing continuous renal replacement therapy

Contreras, Z.A.; Heck, J.E.; Lee, P-Chen.; Cui, X.; Hobel, C.J.; Janzen, C.; Lurmann, F.; Ritz, B., 2019:
Prenatal air pollution exposure, smoking, and uterine vascular resistance

Keemink, J.; Mårtensson, E.; Bergström, C.A.S., 2019:
A lipolysis-permeation setup for simultaneous study of digestion and absorption in vitro

Meeuwsen, J.A.L.; de Vries, J.J.; van Duijvenvoorde, A.; van der Velden, S.; van der Laan, S.W.; van Koeverden, I.D.; van de Weg, S.M.; de Borst, G.J.; de Winther, M.P.J.; Kuiper, J.; Pasterkamp, G.; Hoefer, I.E.; de Jager, S.C.A., 2019:
Circulating CD14+CD16- classical monocytes do not associate with a vulnerable plaque phenotype, and do not predict secondary events in severe atherosclerotic patients

Watanabe, K.; Hikichi, T.; Nakamura, J.; Hashimoto, M.; Takagi, T.; Suzuki, R.; Sugimoto, M.; Konno, N.; Takasumi, M.; Sato, Y.; Irie, H.; Kimura, T.; Kenjo, A.; Marubashi, S.; Obara, K.; Ohira, H., 2019:
Successful Endoscopic Closure Using Polyglycolic Acid Sheets with Fibrin Glue for Nonhealing Duodenal Ulcer with Perforation after Proton Beam Therapy of Liver Tumor

Saleem, H.; Malik, S.Haider.; Mehdi, S.Raza., 2019:
Massive Haemorrhage In Patient After Repair Of Post Esophagectomy Diaphragmatic Hernia And A Loading Dose Of Clopidogrel

Kis, Aás.; Hamar, Éva.; Tholt, G.; Bán, R.; Havelda, Z., 2019:
Creating highly efficient resistance against Wheat dwarf virus in barley by employing CRISPR/Cas9 system

Chrobok, M.; Dahlberg, C.I.M.; Sayitoglu, E.Canan.; Beljanski, V.; Nahi, H.; Gilljam, M.; Stellan, B.; Sutlu, T.; Duru, A.Doganay.; Alici, E., 2019:
Functional Assessment for Clinical Use of Serum-Free Adapted NK-92 Cells

Xiong, C.; Liu, M.; Zhu, X.; Tang, A., 2019:
A General One-Pot Approach to Synthesize Binary and Ternary Metal Sulfide Nanocrystals

Wei, Z-Gang.; Wei, F-Xian.; Shao, Z-Wei.; Su, G-Hong.; Qi, X-Ping.; Zhang, Y-Cheng., 2019:
Lowering hepatic venous pressure agent carvedilol versus variceal banding ligation for clinical outcomes of cirrhotic portal hypertension

Usui, R.; Yabe, D.; Seino, Y., 2019:
Twincretin as a potential therapeutic for the management of type 2 diabetes with obesity

Zhou, J.; Xu, J.; Zhang, L.; Liu, S.; Ma, Y.; Wen, X.; Hao, J.; Li, Z.; Ni, Y.; Li, X.; Zhou, F.; Li, Q.; Wang, F.; Wang, X.; Si, Y.; Zhang, P.; Liu, C.; Bartolomei, M.; Tang, F.; Liu, B.; Yu, J.; Lan, Y., 2019:
Combined Single-Cell Profiling of lncRNAs and Functional Screening Reveals that H19 Is Pivotal for Embryonic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Development

Xu, G.; Jiao, L.; Liu, J.; Shi, Z.; Zeng, C.; Liu, Y., 2019 :
Understanding urban expansion combining macro patterns and micro dynamics in three Southeast Asian megacities

Karabinos, A., 2019:
Intermediate filament (IF) proteins IFA-1 and IFB-1 represent a basic heteropolymeric IF cytoskeleton of nematodes: A molecular phylogeny of nematode IFs

Bradfield, Z.; Hauck, Y.; Kelly, M.; Duggan, R., 2019:
"It's what midwifery is all about": Western Australian midwives' experiences of being 'with woman' during labour and birth in the known midwife model

Ross, G.A.; Ashenburg, N.G.; Wynn, W.David.; McCarthy, J.J.; Clendening, A.M.; Presley, B.C.; Kubalak, S.W.; Barnes, R.M., 2019:
Intra-Articular Catheter Placement: A Novel Approach for Simulating Ankle Effusions in Cadaver Models

Wahlstrand, J.K.; Jhajj, N.; Milchberg, H.M., 2019:
Controlling femtosecond filament propagation using externally driven gas motion

Mulongo, M.; Oberlin, A.M.; Firnhaber, C.; Goeieman, B.; Ramotshela, S.; Michelow, P.; Jordaan, S.; Chibwesha, C.J., 2019:
A two-step quality-improvement intervention to address Pap smear quality at public health facilities in South Africa

Buote, R.; Asghari, S.; Aubrey-Bassler, K.; Knight, J.C.; Lukewich, J., 2019:
Primary health care services for patients with chronic disease in Newfoundland and Labrador: a descriptive analysis

Gosselin Boucher, V.; Colmegna, I.; Gemme, C.; Labbe, S.; Pelaez, S.; Lavoie, K.L., 2019:
Interventions to improve vaccine acceptance among rheumatoid arthritis patients: a systematic review

Hifny, M.A., 2019:
The Popliteal Keystone Island Flap for Management of Contracture around Knee Joint: A Report of Two Cases

Shao, B.; Banu, M.A.; Carroll, J.J.; Meyers, P.M.; Lavine, S.D.; Feldstein, N.A.; Anderson, R.C.E. , 2019:
Cerebral Vasospasm after Open Fenestration of an Arachnoid Cyst in a 4-Year-Old Boy: Case Report and Review of the Literature

AnlaŞ, Sİnan., 2019:
A new species and additional records of the microphthalmous Lathrobium species of Turkey (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Paederinae)

Pagnoux, C.; Nair, P.; Xi, Y.; Khalidi, N.A.; Carette, S.; Cuthbertson, D.; Grayson, P.C.; Koening, C.L.; Langford, C.A.; McAlear, C.A.; Moreland, L.W.; Monach, P.A.; Seo, P.; Specks, U.; Sreih, A.G.; Ytterberg, S.R.; Tyrrell, P.N.; Merkel, P.A., 2019:
Serum cytokine and chemokine levels in patients with eosinophilic granulomatosis with polyangiitis, hypereosinophilic syndrome, or eosinophilic asthma

Pidgorskyi, V.S.; Ianieva, O.D.; Fomina, M.O.; Tkachenko, K.S.; Stoyan, V.S., 2016:
Ethanol Production From Starch By Yeasts Isolated From Crops And Dairy Products

Matuszewski, S.; Mądra-Bielewicz, A., 2019:
Post-mortem interval estimation based on insect evidence in a quasi-indoor habitat

Janyacharoen, T.; Yonglitthipagon, P.; Nakmareong, S.; Katiyajan, N.; Auvichayapat, P.; Sawanyawisuth, K., 2019:
Effects of the applied ancient boxing exercise on leg strength and quality of life in patients with osteoarthritis

Giuliani, F.; Baudat, J., 2019:
Guideline for behaviors problems in adults with intellectual disabilities

Löwe, R.; Hanemann, T.; Hofmann, A., 2019:
Polymerizable Ionic Liquids for Solid-State Polymer Electrolytes

Fontaine, F., 2019:
Inclusive education for learners with disabilities: the role of the European Union

Niese, S.; Quodbach, J., 2019:
Formulation development of a continuously manufactured orodispersible film containing warfarin sodium for individualized dosing

Cibula, D.; Slama, J.; Kocian, R.; Nanka, O., 2019:
Modified rectus abdominis myoperitoneal flap for pelvic floor reconstruction

Guo, Z-Zhen.; Chang, K.; Wei, X., 2019:
Intraocular pressure fluctuation and the risk of glaucomatous damage deterioration: a Meta-analysis

Ashe, S.; Yadav, S., 2019:
Maintenance of Rhodopsin levels in Drosophila photoreceptor and phototransduction requires Protein Kinase D

Lei, X.; Yang, Y.; Shan, G.; Pan, Y.; Cheng, B., 2019:
Preparation of ADM/PRP freeze-dried dressing and effect of mice full-thickness skin defect model

Gao, K.; Zhang, Y-Gang.; Wang, Z.; Ding, H., 2019:
Recent development on the [5+2] cycloadditions and their application in natural product synthesis

Dai, T.; Chen, J.; McClements, D.Julian.; Hu, P.; Ye, X.; Liu, C.; Li, T., 2019:
Protein-polyphenol interactions enhance the antioxidant capacity of phenolics: analysis of rice glutelin-procyanidin dimer interactions

Belin, S.; Ornaghi, F.; Shackleford, G'Ghjacumu.; Wang, J.; Scapin, C.; Lopez-Anido, C.; Silvestri, N.; Robertson, N.; Williamson, C.; Ishii, A.; Taveggia, C.; Svaren, J.; Bansal, R.; Schwab, M.H.; Nave, K.; Fratta, P.; D'Antonio, M.; Poitelon, Y.; Feltri, M.Laura.; Wrabetz, L., 2019:
Neuregulin 1 type III improves peripheral nerve myelination in a mouse model of congenital hypomyelinating neuropathy

Wang, B.; Kang, H.Y.; Su, M.L.; Lai, K.K.; Wang, Y., 2019:
A case report of acute left main coronary artery obstruction during transcatheter aortic valve implantation procedure

Amoateng, P.; Quansah, E.; Karikari, T.K.; Asase, A.; Osei-Safo, D.; Kukuia, K.Kwami.Edem.; Amponsah, I.Kingsley.; Nyarko, A.K., 2019 :
Medicinal Plants Used in the Treatment of Mental and Neurological Disorders in Ghana

Zuo, Z.; Liu, Z.; Yuan, K.; Wang, Y.; Dong, K., 2019:
Effects and mechanism of the long-snake moxibustion on ankylosing spondylitis based on Th17/Treg/Th1 immune imbalance

Ritter, C.D.; Häggqvist, S.; Sääksjärvi, I.; Karlsson, D.; Muasya, M.; Nilsson, R.Henrik.; Antonelli, A., 2019:
Biodiversity assessments in the 21st century: The potential of insect traps to complement environmental samples for estimating eukaryotic and prokaryotic diversity using high-throughput DNA metabarcoding

Harrison, S., 2019:
Chaplaincy: a rich profession with genuine value

Berman, D.M.; Ruiz, P.; Blandino-Rosano, M.; Bernal-Mizrachi, E.; Kenyon, N.S., 2019:
Steroid-Free Immune Suppression Impairs Glycemic Control in a Healthy Cynomolgus Monkey

Weisner, C.; Campbell, C.I.; Altschuler, A.; Yarborough, B.Jo.H.; Lapham, G.T.; Binswanger, I.A.; Hechter, R.C.; Ahmedani, B.K.; Haller, I.V.; Sterling, S.A.; McCarty, D.; Satre, D.D.; Kline-Simon, A.H., 2019:
Factors associated with Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) alcohol and other drug measure performance in 2014-2015

Wu, Y.; Wu, Z.; Chu, H.; Li, J.; Ngo, H.Hao.; Guo, W.; Zhang, N.; Zhang, H., 2019:
Comparison study on the performance of two different gas-permeable membranes used in a membrane-aerated biofilm reactor

Luo, X-Tong.; Cai, B-Dong.; Jiang, H-Peng.; Xiao, H-Ming.; Yuan, B-Feng.; Feng, Y-Qi., 2019:
Sensitive analysis of trehalose-6-phosphate and related sugar phosphates in plant tissues by chemical derivatization combined with hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry

Gohain, A.; Sarma, R.Kumar.; Debnath, R.; Saikia, J.; Singh, B.Pratap.; Sarmah, R.; Saikia, R., 2019:
Phylogenetic affiliation and antimicrobial effects of endophytic actinobacteria associated with medicinal plants: prevalence of polyketide synthase type II in antimicrobial strains

Kitcharoensakkul, M.; Kau, A.L.; Bacharier, L.B.; Goss, C.W.; Beigelman, A., 2019:
Using only a subset of pneumococcal serotypes is reliable for the diagnosis of specific antibody deficiency in children: a proof-of-concept study

Baig, M.Zeeshan.; Kavakli, M., 2019:
Connectivity Analysis Using Functional Brain Networks to Evaluate Cognitive Activity during 3D Modelling

Ohi, M.; Toiyama, Y.; Omura, Y.; Ichikawa, T.; Yasuda, H.; Okugawa, Y.; Fujikawa, H.; Okita, Y.; Yoshiyama, S.; Hiro, J.; Araki, T.; Kusunoki, M., 2019:
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Past and "pastism" in the history of psychiatry

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Thermo- and Photo-Responsive Actuator with Free-standing Carbon Nitride Film

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Gutenberg's Spirit in Today's World

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Texture Classification in Extreme Scale Variations using GANet

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Identifying mutations in epilepsy genes: Impact on treatment selection

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Complete Mueller matrix from a partial polarimetry experiment: the nine-element case

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Boolean model of growth signaling, cell cycle and apoptosis predicts the molecular mechanism of aberrant cell cycle progression driven by hyperactive PI3K

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"Warning" to postoperative complications when using hemostatic agents!

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Arthroscopic Capsular Release for Idiopathic Adhesive Capsulitis

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Fluorescence quantification of intracellular materials at the single-cell level by an integrated dual-well array microfluidic device

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An international exchange observership at Yale University: A Ugandan physician experience

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Application of Lactobacillus as Adjunct Cultures in Wheat Dough Fermentation

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Surface engineering of spongy bacterial cellulose via constructing crossed groove/column micropattern by low-energy CO 2 laser photolithography toward scar-free wound healing

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Sex Differences in the Behavioral and Synaptic Consequences of a Single in vivo Exposure to the Synthetic Cannabimimetic WIN55,212-2 at Puberty and Adulthood

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Customized Three-Dimensional (3D)-Printed Prosthetic Devices for Wounded Warriors

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Imaging in the diagnosis of ulnar nerve pathologies-a neoteric approach

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Effect of impact direction on the cushion property of mouthguards: a finite element analysis

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Dysregulation of the splicing machinery is associated to the development of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

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Diagnostic yield of magnetic resonance imaging and intraoperative frozen section in the determination of deep myometrial invasion in endometrial cancer

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Chest drain and thoracotomy for chest trauma

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Professionalising the humour out of nursing students

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Crop Pollen Development under Drought: From the Phenotype to the Mechanism

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Surgical Approaches to Myasthenia Gravis: Perspective of Anatomy and Radicality in Surgery

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Current Concepts in Concussion: Initial Evaluation and Management

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Knowledge Of Practicing Physicians About Their Legal Obligations When Caring For Patients With Disability

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Additive Manufacturing of Geopolymers Modified with Microalgal Biomass Biofiller from Wastewater Treatment Plants

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Abnormal sub-pathways competitively regulated by lncRNAs contribute to postmenopausal osteoporosis

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Recent Advances in Scaffold Design and Material for Vascularized Tissue-Engineered Bone Regeneration

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Exercise-Based Rehabilitation to Improve Exercise Capacity and Quality of Life in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

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"Incentive hope" and the nature of impulsivity in low-socioeconomic-status individuals

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Shared mechanisms underlying the location-, word- and arrow-based Simon effects

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Screening and management of thyroid dysfunction in preterm infants

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Advances in automated tongue diagnosis techniques

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Response to multivariate ordinal probit analysis in the skeletal assessment of sex (Konigsberg and Frankenberg)

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GPAT2 is required for piRNA biogenesis, transposon silencing, and maintenance of spermatogonia in mice

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Paediatrician who downloaded videos of child abuse is given suspended sentence

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Determination of daptomycin in human plasma and breast milk by UPLC/MS-MS

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Chromosomal Evolution in the Amolops mantzorum Species Group (Ranidae; Anura) Narrated by Repetitive DNAs

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Perivascular Hyaluronidase With Alteplase as Treatment for Hyaluronic Acid Thrombosis

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Phagocyte chase behaviours: discrimination between Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria by amoebae

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A Novel Method for Deposition of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes onto Poly(p-Phenylene Terephthalamide) Fibers to Enhance Interfacial Adhesion with Rubber Matrix

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Critical Care PGY-2 Graduate Perceptions and Practices Regarding Residency Project Publication

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Your Brain on Comics: A Cognitive Model of Visual Narrative Comprehension

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Inflammatory bowel disease and mycobacteria: how much can we trust isoniazid prophylaxis during antitumor necrosis factor therapy?

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Effect of Perfluoroalkyl Endgroups on the Interactions of Tri-Block Copolymers with Monofluorinated F-DPPC Monolayers

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The evolution of early-life effects on social behaviour-why should social adversity carry over to the future?

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In-hospital and mid-term outcomes in patients reoperated on due to bleeding following coronary artery surgery (from the KROK Registry)

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Raynaud Phenomenon of the Nipple: An Under-Recognized Condition

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Association between Regular Electronic Nicotine Product Use and Self-reported Periodontal Disease Status: Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health Survey

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Terlipressin versus norepinephrine to prevent milrinone-induced systemic vascular hypotension in cardiac surgery patient with pulmonary hypertension

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A "Multi-Heavy-Atom" Approach Toward Biphotonic Photosensitizers With Improved Singlet Oxygen Generation Properties

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Ex-ante online risk assessment for building emergency evacuation through multimedia data

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Global benchmarking of children's exposure to television advertising of unhealthy foods and beverages across 22 countries

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Pinned, locked, pushed, and pulled traveling waves in structured environments

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National Suicide Strategy

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A Multisystemic Approach to the Prevention and Treatment of Child Abuse and Neglect

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Role of Spleen Stiffness Measurement by 2D-Shear Wave Elastography in Ruling Out the Presence of High-Risk Varices in Cirrhotic Patients

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Justice or Injustice: a History and Critique of the New York State Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs

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The Polyphenol-Rich Extract from Psiloxylon mauritianum, an Endemic Medicinal Plant from Reunion Island, Inhibits the Early Stages of Dengue and Zika Virus Infection

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The new treatments for hepatitis C virus: An advanced practice provider's perspective

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Neuronal Activity in Non-LNv Clock Cells Is Required to Produce Free-Running Rest:Activity Rhythms in Drosophila

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Lymphedema Impact and Prevalence International Study: The Canadian Data

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Types and unitary representations of reductive p -adic groups

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Folated pH-degradable nanogels for the simultaneous delivery of docetaxel and an IDO1-inhibitor in enhancing cancer chemo-immunotherapy

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A Performance Improvement Project in Antibiotic Administration for Open Fractures

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The Roles of Nanomaterials in Conventional and Emerging Technologies for Heavy Metal Removal: A State-of-the-Art Review

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Lifestyle Behavior and Mental Health in Early Adolescence

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Predicting outcomes in lower gastrointestinal bleeding: more work ahead

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Role and mechanism of the regulation of nuclear factor-κB by heparin binding-epidermal growth factor-like growth factor in the induction of paclitaxel resistance of ovarian cancer

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Management of stroke and pregnancy

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Benefits of Peer Mentoring in Prelicensure Nursing Education: A Dual Perspective

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The psycho-periodic cube

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Research imperative

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Synergistic Effect of Low Molecular Weight Polyethylenimine and Polyethylene Glycol Components in Dynamic Nonviral Vector Structure, Toxicity, and Transfection Efficiency

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MicroRNA-125a suppresses intestinal mucosal inflammation through targeting ETS-1 in patients with inflammatory bowel diseases

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Self-assembly of droplets in three-dimensional microchannels

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Symmetry, Rigidity, and Allosteric Signaling: From Monomeric Proteins to Molecular Machines

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Biodegradation of decabromodiphenyl ether (BDE-209) using a novel microbial consortium GY1: Cells viability, pathway, toxicity assessment, and microbial function prediction

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Assessment and patient selection process for a pain management programme: a case study in specialty care

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Disproportionate functional mitral regurgitation: a new therapeutic target in patients with heart failure and a reduced ejection fraction

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Tracking with recency assays to control the epidemic: real-time HIV surveillance and public health response

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Intracellular Aluminium in Inflammatory and Glial Cells in Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy: A Case Report

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EZH2 Is Essential for Fate Determination in the Mammalian Isthmic Area

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Generation of Human Stem Cell-Derived Pancreatic Organoids (POs) for Regenerative Medicine

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Mortality in Adults with Cystic Fibrosis Requiring Mechanical Ventilation: Cross-Sectional Analysis of Nationwide Events

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Increasing Risks for Armed Conflict: Climate Change, Food and Water Insecurity, and Forced Displacement

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Classification of the Immune Composition in the Tumor Infiltrate

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The transmission dynamic of Madariaga Virus by bayesian phylogenetic analysis: Molecular surveillance of an emergent pathogen

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A new level of complexity in parasite-host interaction: The role of extracellular vesicles

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Over- and under-diagnosis in asthma

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Regulation of regulatory T cells in cancer

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Lithium dendrite-free plating/stripping: a new synergistic lithium ion solvation structure effect for reliable lithium-sulfur full batteries

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Development and validation of a geometrically personalized finite element model of the lower ligamentous cervical spine for clinical applications

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Efficacy of Subconjunctival Injection of Bevacizumab in Regressing Corneal Neovascularisation

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Distribution and asymptotic behavior of the phylogenetic transfer distance

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Dendritic cell NLRC4 regulates influenza A virus-specific CD4 T cell responses through FasL expression

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Relationship between Serum Adalimumab Levels and Clinical Outcome in the Treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

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Obesity-Related Epigenetic Changes After Bariatric Surgery

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Flower cells of tropical descent: a challenging case of adult T-cell leukemia/lymphoma

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Chaos in a ring circuit

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Development and Interlaboratory Validation of Two Fast UPLC-MS-MS Methods Determining Urinary Bisphenols, Parabens and Phthalates

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Cold-induced cutaneous vasoconstriction in humans: Function, dysfunction and the distinctly counterproductive

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Single-stage repair of thoracic aortic aneurysm and spinal cord compression

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Retinal Surgery in Ambulatory Surgery Centers versus Hospital Outpatient Departments

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Ultrafast optical pulse shaping using dielectric metasurfaces

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Cytological and histochemical evaluations reveal roles of the cotyledonary petiole in the germination and seedling development of Mauritia flexuosa (Arecaceae)

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Inactivation of yellow fever virus in plasma after treatment with methylene blue and visible light and in platelet concentrates following treatment with ultraviolet C light

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Computed Radiography and Dosimetry: Some Practical Tips for Dose Optimization Procedures

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Improved chromatic confocal displacement-sensor based on a spatial-bandpass-filter and an X-shaped fiber-coupler

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Antinociceptive effects of new pyrazoles compounds mediated by the ASIC-1α channel, TRPV-1 and μMOR receptors

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Detection of buffalo milk adulteration with cow milk by capillary electrophoresis analysis

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6-Bromoindirubin-3'-Oxime (6BIO) Suppresses the mTOR Pathway, Promotes Autophagy, and Exerts Anti-aging Effects in Rodent Liver

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The Future of Virtual Care Services: A Payor's Perspective

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Left ventricular reconstruction with endocardectomy

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Signs and Symptoms in Congenital Myopathies

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Cholangioscopy-guided retrieval basket and snare for the removal of biliary stones and retained prostheses

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Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis versus Multifocal Motor Neuropathy: Utility of MR Neurography

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Use of traditional and complementary medicine for musculoskeletal diseases

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Recurrence of cutaneous Mycobacterium chelonae infection: A case report

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Lewis acidic alkaline earth metal complexes with a perfluorinated diphenylamide ligand

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Antiphospholipid Antibodies: Cognitive and Motor Decline, Neuroimaging and Neuropathology

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Suppression of the RAC1/MLK3/p38 Signaling Pathway by β-Elemene Alleviates Sepsis-Associated Encephalopathy in Mice

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High-frequency ultrasonography a new quantitative method in evaluation of skin lymphomas-First comparative study in relation to histopathology

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Feel the fear and use it to express yourself

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De Novo Assembly and Comparative Transcriptome Profiling of Anser anser and Anser cygnoides Geese Species' Embryonic Skin Feather Follicles

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Electric sector policy, technological change, and U.S. emissions reductions goals: Results from the EMF 32 model intercomparison project

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Efficacy of Octolig chromatography as a means of removal of aqueous antibiotics given to premature babies

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Safety and efficacy of herbal medicine for acute intracerebral hemorrhage (CRRICH): a multicentre randomised controlled trial

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Pseudomonas aeruginosa-derived pyocyanin reduces adipocyte differentiation, body weight, and fat mass as mechanisms contributing to septic cachexia

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Syntaphilin Is a Novel Biphasic Biomarker of Aggressive Prostate Cancer and a Metastasis Predictor

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Oncolytic Viruses and Immune Checkpoint Inhibition: The Best of Both Worlds

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Implementation of the FLORET UTE sequence for lung imaging

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Proximal versus total gastrectomy for proximal early gastric cancer: A systematic review and meta-analysis

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Early Experience With Sacubitril/Valsartan in Adult Patients With Congenital Heart Disease

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Seroprevalence of dengue virus among children presenting with febrile illness in some public health facilities in Cameroon

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Low-Dose Computed Tomography With Two- and Three-Dimensional Postprocessing as an Alternative to Plain Radiography for Intrathecal Catheter Visualization: A Phantom Pilot Study

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Implementing screening interventions in community pharmacy to promote interprofessional coordination of primary care - A mixed methods evaluation

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Borrmann Type IV Gastric Cancer: Focus on the Role of Gastrectomy

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Heterogeneity of ROS levels in antibiotic-exposed mycobacterial subpopulations confers differential susceptibility

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Blastomere movement post first cell division correlates with embryonic compaction and subsequent blastocyst formation

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Allelic Switching of DLX5 , GRB10 , and SVOPL during Colorectal Cancer Tumorigenesis

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Gender differences in the associations between relationship status, social support, and wellbeing

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Gene-Environment Correlation in Humans: Lessons from Psychology for Quantitative Genetics

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Helicobacter pylori genotypes among Belarus patients with gastroduodenal disorders and their association with clinical outcome

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Discovery of Novel Pyrido-pyridazinone Derivatives as FER Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors with Antitumor Activity

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Hypofractionated radiotherapy in nine dogs with unresectable solitary lung adenocarcinoma

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Mental Health Before and After Retirement-Assessing the Relevance of Psychosocial Working Conditions: The Whitehall II Prospective Study of British Civil Servants

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Parvovirus B19 Infection as a Rare Cause of Fulminant Liver Failure: A Case Report

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Decitabine treatment for an unusual case of atypical chronic myeloid leukemia (aCML) with a concomitant chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL)

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The Effect of Educational Strategies Targeted for Nurses on Pain Assessment and Management in Children: An Integrative Review

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Mirtazapine decreased induction and expression of cocaine + nicotine-induced locomotor sensitization in rats

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Associations of Anemia With Outcomes in Patients With Spontaneous Intracerebral Hemorrhage: A Meta-Analysis

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You Can but Should You? Alternatives When Embolic Protection Is Difficult in Carotid Stenting

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Comparison of Imported European and US Infant Formulas: Labeling, Nutrient and Safety Concerns

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A Low-Cost Smart Sensor Network for Catchment Monitoring

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Modern contraceptives in sub-Saharan African countries

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Diffuse aortoiliac occlusion with formation of extensive collateral circulation in Takayasu's arteritis

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Improving the accuracy of flux balance analysis through the implementation of carbon availability constraints for intracellular reactions

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Talazoparib Loaded Solid Lipid Nanoparticles: Preparation, Characterization and Evaluation the Therapeutic Efficacy In Vitro

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Prevalence and Correlates of Psychiatric Disorders in a National Survey of Iranian Children and Adolescents

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Using wearables to assess bradykinesia and rigidity in patients with Parkinson's disease: a focused, narrative review of the literature

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Direct measurement of fight or flight behavior in a beetle reveals individual variation and the influence of parasitism

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Needs assessment for sexual health services development in a small European Union member state

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Bekifft am Steuer Grenzwerte fehlen

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