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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 66011

Chapter 66011 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Coudert, L.H.; Gans, B.; Holzmeier, F.; Loison, J-C.; Garcia, G.A.; Alcaraz, C.; Lopes, A.; Röder, A., 2018:
Experimental and theoretical threshold photoelectron spectra of methylene

Neubrand, V.E.; Forte-Lago, I.; Caro, M.; Delgado, M., 2018:
The atypical RhoGTPase RhoE/Rnd3 is a key molecule to acquire a neuroprotective phenotype in microglia

Guo, R.; Zhang, X.; Zhu, X.; Liu, Z.; Xie, S., 2018:
Morphologic characteristics of severe basilar artery atherosclerotic stenosis on 3D high-resolution MRI

Ding, Y.Ling.; Fu, J.; Chen, J.; Mo, S.Fu.; Xu, S.; Lin, N.; Qin, P.; McGrath, E., 2018:
Molecular characterization and antimicrobial susceptibility of Staphylococcus aureus isolated from children with acute otitis media in Liuzhou, China

Yamamoto, H.; Hashimoto, T.; Kawamura, S.; Hiroe, M.; Yamashita, T.; Ando, Y.; Yokochi, T., 2018:
Hereditary cardiac amyloidosis associated with Pro24Ser transthyretin mutation: a case report

Balci-Hayta, B.; Talim, B.; Kale, G.; Dincer, P., 2018:
LARGE expression in different types of muscular dystrophies other than dystroglycanopathy

Li, J.; Hu, B.; Wang, T.; Huang, W.; Ma, C.; Zhao, Q.; Zhuo, L.; Zhang, T.; Jiang, Y., 2018:
C-Src confers resistance to mitotic stress through inhibition DMAP1/Bub3 complex formation in pancreatic cancer

Marci, R.; Mallozzi, M.; Di Benedetto, L.; Schimberni, M.; Mossa, S.; Soave, I.; Palomba, S.; Caserta, D., 2018 :
Radiations and female fertility

Gomella, L.G., 2018:
Before Ordering a Genetic Test Get to Know GINA

Boccon-Gibod, L., 2018:
Legends in Urology

Edwards, D.C.; Cahn, D.B.; Reddy, M.; Kivlin, D.; Malhotra, A.; Li, T.; Chen, D.Y.T.; Viterbo, R.; Uzzo, R.G.; Greenberg, R.E.; Smaldone, M.C.; Curcillo, P.; Kutikov, A., 2018:
Incisional hernia after cystectomy: incidence, risk factors and anthropometric predisposition

Mahran, A.; Bukavina, L.; Mishra, K.; Buzzy, C.; Fish, M.L.; Bobrow, A.; Ponsky, L., 2018:
Bladder irrigation after transurethral resection of superficial bladder cancer: a systematic review of the literature

Sternberg, K.M.; Pham, A.; Cisu, T.; Kildow, M.L.; Penniston, K.L., 2018:
Discharge materials provided to patients with kidney stones in the emergency department may be a source of misinformation

Broadwin, M.; Vanni, A.J., 2018:
Outcomes of a urethroplasty algorithm for fossa navicularis strictures

Doersch, K.M.; Machen, G.Luke.; Thai, K.H.; Sung, J.; El Tayeb, M.M., 2018:
Feasibility and clinical outcomes of ureteral stenting in the office procedural suite

Moses, R.A.; Vollstedt, A.J.; Pais, V.M., 2018:
"Allergic-like" reaction risk in patients undergoing non-intravenous contrast urography

Yamasaki, T.; Tamada, S.; Kato, M.; Otoshi, T.; Tanaka, H.; Iguchi, T.; Nakatani, T., 2018:
Near infrared fluorescence imaging system for laparoscopic partial nephrectomy

Sohlberg, E.; Sun, A.; Massoudi, R.; Prado, K.; Skinner, E., 2018:
Giant renal angiomyolipoma in a solitary kidney

Syed, A.; Leong, J.Yau.; Teplitsky, S.; Li, W.; Das, A., 2018:
Rectourethral fistula: a rare complication after HoLEP

Saitz, T.R.; Thomas, A.A., 2018:
Unilateral segmental dysplasia of the vas deferens

Khurana, J.; Ip, V.; Todd, G.; Sondekoppam, R.V., 2018:
How I do it: Surgically inserted transversus abdominis plane (TAP) catheters for flank incisions

Jeste, D.V., 2018:
Scientific Autobiography of a Professional Student and a Lifelong Learner

Dean, R.A.; Rouxel, T., 2018:
Host-Microbe Interactions: Fungi Vol 46

Mäser, P., 2018:
Host-Microbe Interactions: Parasitology Vol 46

Gardner, L.J.; Strunck, J.L.; Wu, Y.P.; Grossman, D., 2018:
Current controversies in early-stage melanoma: Questions on incidence, screening, and histologic regression

Klapperich, M.E.; Bowen, G.M.; Grossman, D., 2018:
Current controversies in early-stage melanoma: Questions on management and surveillance

Jakhar, D.; Grover, C., 2018:
Using a car phone holder for performing oculoscopy with a universal serial bus dermatoscope

Yuan, X.; Amarnath Praphakar, R.; Munusamy, M.A.; Alarfaj, A.A.; Suresh Kumar, S.; Rajan, M., 2018:
Mucoadhesive guargum hydrogel inter-connected chitosan-g-polycaprolactone micelles for rifampicin delivery

Kansandee, W.; Moonmangmee, D.; Moonmangmee, S.; Itsaranuwat, P., 2018:
Characterization and Bifidobacterium sp. growth stimulation of exopolysaccharide produced by Enterococcus faecalis EJRM152 isolated from human breast milk

Khanjanzadeh, H.; Behrooz, R.; Bahramifar, N.; Pinkl, S.; Gindl-Altmutter, W., 2018:
Application of surface chemical functionalized cellulose nanocrystals to improve the performance of UF adhesives used in wood based composites - MDF type

Xu, Y.; Zhu, W.; Wang, T.; Jin, L.; Liu, T.; Li, X.; Guan, Z.; Jiang, Z.; Meng, X.; Wang, J.; Guo, Y., 2018:
Low molecule weight fucoidan mitigates atherosclerosis in ApoE (-/-) mouse model through activating multiple signal pathway

Wang, X.; Guo, Y.; Qiu, L.; Wang, X.; Li, T.; Han, L.; Ouyang, H.; Xu, W.; Chu, K., 2018:
Preparation and evaluation of carboxymethyl chitosan-rhein polymeric micelles with synergistic antitumor effect for oral delivery of paclitaxel

Ramachandran, B.; Chakraborty, S.; Kannan, R.; Dixit, M.; Muthuvijayan, V., 2018:
Immobilization of hyaluronic acid from Lactococcus lactis on polyethylene terephthalate for improved biocompatibility and drug release

Liu, W.; Liu, S.; Liu, T.; Liu, T.; Zhang, J.; Liu, H., 2018:
Eco-friendly post-consumer cotton waste recycling for regenerated cellulose fibers

Xie, S-Zi.; Liu, B.; Ye, H-Yu.; Li, Q-Ming.; Pan, L-Hua.; Zha, X-Qiang.; Liu, J.; Duan, J.; Luo, J-Ping., 2018:
Dendrobium huoshanense polysaccharide regionally regulates intestinal mucosal barrier function and intestinal microbiota in mice

Li, J.; Shen, B.; Nie, S.; Duan, Z.; Chen, K., 2018:
A combination of selenium and polysaccharides: Promising therapeutic potential

Fuchs, P.; Zhang, K., 2018:
Efficient synthesis of organosoluble 6-azido-6-deoxy-2,3-O-trimethylsilyl cellulose for click reactions

Chen, Y-Yong.; Xue, Y-Ting., 2018:
Optimization of microwave assisted extraction, chemical characterization and antitumor activities of polysaccharides from porphyra haitanensis

Morais, E.S.; Silva, N.H.C.S.; Sintra, Tânia.E.; Santos, Sónia.A.O.; Neves, B.Miguel.; Almeida, I.F.; Costa, P.C.; Correia-Sá, Iês.; Ventura, Sónia.P.M.; Silvestre, A.J.D.; Freire, M.G.; Freire, C.S.R., 2018:
Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nanostructured cellulose membranes loaded with phenolic-based ionic liquids for cutaneous application

Zaccaron, S.; Potthast, A.; Henniges, U.; Draxler, J.; Prohaska, T.; McGuiggan, P., 2018:
The disastrous copper. Comparing extraction and chelation treatments to face the threat of copper-containing inks on cellulose

Fuentes, C.; Saari, H.; Choi, J.; Lee, S.; Sjöö, M.; Wahlgren, M.; Nilsson, L., 2018:
Characterization of non-solvent precipitated starch using asymmetrical flow field-flow fractionation coupled with multiple detectors

Bercea, M.; Biliuta, G.; Avadanei, M.; Baron, R.Ioana.; Butnaru, M.; Coseri, S., 2018:
Self-healing hydrogels of oxidized pullulan and poly(vinyl alcohol)

Sayyed, A.J.; Mohite, L.V.; Deshmukh, N.A.; Pinjari, D.V., 2018:
Structural characterization of cellulose pulp in aqueous NMMO solution under the process conditions of lyocell slurry

Ma, F.; Pang, X.; Tang, B., 2018:
Alginate/chondroitin sulfate based hybrid hydrogel with different molecular weight and its capacity to regulate chondrocytes activity

Cuevas, A.; Campos, B.B.; Romero, R.; Algarra, M.; Vázquez, Mª.I.; Benavente, J., 2018:
Eco-friendly modification of a regenerated cellulose based film by silicon, carbon and N-doped carbon quantum dots

Gao, D.; Zhang, Y.; Lyu, B.; Wang, P.; Ma, J., 2018:
Nanocomposite based on poly(acrylic acid) / attapulgite towards flame retardant of cotton fabrics

Liu, Y.; Li, B.; Zhang, K.; Li, J.; Hou, H., 2018:
Novel hard capsule prepared by tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) scale gelatin and konjac glucomannan: Characterization, and in vitro dissolution

Leelayuwapan, H.; Ruchirawat, S.; Boonyarattanakalin, S., 2018:
Rapid synthesis and immunogenicity of mycobacterial (1→5)-α-d-arabinofuranan

Heczko, D.; Kamińska, E.; Minecka, A.; Tarnacka, M.; Waliłko, P.; Kasprzycka, A.; Kamiński, K.; Paluch, M., 2018:
Studies on the molecular dynamics of acetylated oligosaccharides of different topologies (linear versus cyclic)

Tyagi, P.; Lucia, L.A.; Hubbe, M.A.; Pal, L., 2018:
Nanocellulose-based multilayer barrier coatings for gas, oil, and grease resistance

Yue, Y.; Wang, X.; Han, J.; Yu, L.; Chen, J.; Wu, Q.; Jiang, J., 2018:
Effects of nanocellulose on sodium alginate/polyacrylamide hydrogel: Mechanical properties and adsorption-desorption capacities

Ni, X.; Cheng, W.; Huan, S.; Wang, D.; Han, G., 2018:
Electrospun cellulose nanocrystals/poly(methyl methacrylate) composite nanofibers: Morphology, thermal and mechanical properties

de C M Miranda, R.; Neta, J.Vilanova.; Romanholo Ferreira, L.Fernando.; Gomes, W.Alves.; do Nascimento, C.Soares.; de B Gomes, E.; Mattedi, S.; Soares, C.M.F.; Lima, Álvaro.S., 2018:
Pineapple crown delignification using low-cost ionic liquid based on ethanolamine and organic acids

Sun, F.; Zhang, P.; Liu, Y.; Lu, C.; Qiu, Y.; Mu, H.; Duan, J., 2018:
A photo-controlled hyaluronan-based drug delivery nanosystem for cancer therapy

Pang, J.; Wang, X.; Li, L.; Wu, M.; Jiang, J.; Ji, Z.; Yu, S.; Yu, H.; Zhang, X., 2018:
Tough and conductive bio-based artificial nacre via synergistic effect between water-soluble cellulose acetate and graphene

Fu, X.; Liang, Y.; Wu, R.; Shen, J.; Chen, Z.; Chen, Y.; Wang, Y.; Xia, Y., 2018:
Conductive core-sheath calcium alginate/graphene composite fibers with polymeric ionic liquids as an intermediate

Pachuau, L.; Dutta, R.Subhra.; Hauzel, L.; Devi, T.Bidyapati.; Deka, D., 2018:
Evaluation of novel microcrystalline cellulose from Ensete glaucum (Roxb.) Cheesman biomass as sustainable drug delivery biomaterial

Huang, F.; Liu, H.; Zhang, R.; Dong, L.; Liu, L.; Ma, Y.; Jia, X.; Wang, G.; Zhang, M., 2018:
Physicochemical properties and prebiotic activities of polysaccharides from longan pulp based on different extraction techniques

Moghaddam, R.Hafezi.; Dadfarnia, S.; Shabani, A.Mohammad.Haji.; Tavakol, M., 2018:
Synthesis of composite hydrogel of glutamic acid, gum tragacanth, and anionic polyacrylamide by electron beam irradiation for uranium (VI) removal from aqueous samples: Equilibrium, kinetics, and thermodynamic studies

Zepon, K.Modolon.; Martins, M.Modolon.; Marques, M.Souza.; Heckler, J.Maia.; Dal Pont Morisso, F.; Moreira, M.Griebeler.; Ziulkoski, A.Luiza.; Kanis, L.Alberto., 2018:
Smart wound dressing based on κ-carrageenan/locust bean gum/cranberry extract for monitoring bacterial infections

Szwengiel, A.; Nkongha, G.Lydia., 2018:
Influence of acid depolymerization parameters on levan molar mass distribution and its utilization by bacteria

Faralli, A.; Shekarforoush, E.; Ajalloueian, F.; Mendes, A.C.; Chronakis, I.S., 2018:
In vitro permeability enhancement of curcumin across Caco-2 cells monolayers using electrospun xanthan-chitosan nanofibers

Hajji, M.; Hamdi, M.; Sellimi, S.; Ksouda, G.; Laouer, H.; Li, S.; Nasri, M., 2018:
Structural characterization, antioxidant and antibacterial activities of a novel polysaccharide from Periploca laevigata root barks

Moro Cantu-Jungles, T.; do Nascimento, Górgia.Erdmman.; Zhang, X.; Iacomini, M.; Cordeiro, L.M.C.; Hamaker, B.R., 2018:
Soluble xyloglucan generates bigger bacterial community shifts than pectic polymers during in vitro fecal fermentation

Pan, Y.; Liu, L.; Zhang, Y.; Song, L.; Hu, Y.; Jiang, S.; Zhao, H., 2018:
Effect of genipin crosslinked layer-by-layer self-assembled coating on the thermal stability, flammability and wash durability of cotton fabric

Yuan, X.; Zheng, J.; Ren, L.; Jiao, S.; Feng, C.; Du, Y.; Liu, H., 2018:
Enteromorpha prolifera oligomers relieve pancreatic injury in streptozotocin (STZ)-induced diabetic mice

Liu, Y.; Jiang, Y.; Zhu, J.; Huang, J.; Zhang, H., 2018:
Inhibition of bacterial adhesion and biofilm formation of sulfonated chitosan against Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Zhang, Q.; Zhang, W.; Geng, C.; Xue, Z.; Xia, Y.; Qin, Y.; Zhang, G., 2018:
Study on the preparation and flame retardant properties of an eco-friendly potassium-calcium carrageenan fiber

Criado-Gonzalez, M.; Fernandez-Gutierrez, M.; San Roman, J.; Mijangos, C.; Hernández, R., 2018:
Local and controlled release of tamoxifen from multi (layer-by-layer) alginate/chitosan complex systems

Chen, Y.; Qiu, H.; Dong, M.; Cheng, B.; Jin, Y.; Tong, Z.; Li, P.; Li, S.; Yang, Z., 2018:
Preparation of hydroxylated lecithin complexed iodine/carboxymethyl chitosan/sodium alginate composite membrane by microwave drying and its applications in infected burn wound treatment

Hou, G.; Chen, X.; Li, J.; Ye, Z.; Zong, S.; Ye, M., 2018:
Physicochemical properties, immunostimulatory activity of the Lachnum polysaccharide and polysaccharide-dipeptide conjugates

Rubio-Elizalde, I.; Bernáldez-Sarabia, J.; Moreno-Ulloa, A.; Vilanova, C.; Juárez, P.; Licea-Navarro, A.; Castro-Ceseña, A.B., 2018:
Scaffolds based on alginate-PEG methyl ether methacrylate-Moringa oleifera-Aloe vera for wound healing applications

Hu, W.; Liu, M.; Yang, X.; Zhang, C.; Zhou, H.; Xie, W.; Fan, L.; Nie, M., 2018:
Modification of chitosan grafted with collagen peptide by enzyme crosslinking

Shipovskaya, A.B.; Shmakov, S.L.; Gegel, N.O., 2018:
Optical activity anisotropy of chitosan-based films

Bourmaud, A.; Siniscalco, D.; Foucat, Lïc.; Goudenhooft, C.; Falourd, X.; Pontoire, B.; Arnould, O.; Beaugrand, J.; Baley, C., 2018:
Evolution of flax cell wall ultrastructure and mechanical properties during the retting step

Ru, G.; Wu, S.; Yan, X.; Liu, B.; Gong, P.; Wang, L.; Feng, J., 2018:
Inverse solubility of chitin/chitosan in aqueous alkali solvents at low temperature

Wei, L.; Li, Q.; Chen, Y.; Zhang, J.; Mi, Y.; Dong, F.; Lei, C.; Guo, Z., 2018:
Enhanced antioxidant and antifungal activity of chitosan derivatives bearing 6-O-imidazole-based quaternary ammonium salts

Zhang, S.; Zhou, G.; Zhang, X.; Chen, D.; Liu, J.; Liu, X., 2018:
Establishment of highly sensitive analytical method for chondroitin sulfate by flow injection chemiluminescence

Jones, D.S.; Yu, T.; Andrews, G.P., 2018:
A statistical determination of the contribution of viscoelasticity of aqueous carbohydrate polymer networks to drug release

Baek, J.; Wahid-Pedro, F.; Kim, K.; Kim, K.; Tam, K.Chiu., 2018:
Phosphorylated-CNC/modified-chitosan nanocomplexes for the stabilization of Pickering emulsions

Liu, P.; Li, Y.; Shang, X.; Xie, F., 2018:
Starch-zinc complex and its reinforcement effect on starch-based materials

Malyarenko, O.S.; Usoltseva, R.V.; Zvyagintseva, T.N.; Ermakova, S.P., 2018:
Laminaran from brown alga Dictyota dichotoma and its sulfated derivative as radioprotectors and radiosensitizers in melanoma therapy

Sajjad, W.; Khan, T.; Ul-Islam, M.; Khan, R.; Hussain, Z.; Khalid, A.; Wahid, F., 2018:
Development of modified montmorillonite-bacterial cellulose nanocomposites as a novel substitute for burn skin and tissue regeneration

Sun, H.; Li, C.; Ni, Y.; Yao, L.; Jiang, H.; Ren, X.; Fu, Y.; Zhao, C., 2018:
Ultrasonic/microwave-assisted extraction of polysaccharides from Camptotheca acuminata fruits and its antitumor activity

Salehi, E.; Emam-Djomeh, Z.; Askari, G.; Fathi, M., 2018:
Opuntia ficus indica fruit gum: Extraction, characterization, antioxidant activity and functional properties

Takara, E.A.; Vega-Hissi, E.G.; Garro-Martinez, J.C.; Marchese, Jé.; Ochoa, N.A., 2018:
About endothermic sorption of tyrosine on chitosan films

Rodriguez-Canto, W.; Chel-Guerrero, L.; Fernandez, V.V.A.; Aguilar-Vega, M., 2018:
Delonix regia galactomannan hydrolysates: Rheological behavior and physicochemical characterization

Wenwen, Y.; Tao, K.; Gidley, M.J.; Fox, G.P.; Gilbert, R.G., 2018:
Molecular brewing: Molecular structural effects involved in barley malting and mashing

Abral, H.; Hartono, A.; Hafizulhaq, F.; Handayani, D.; Sugiarti, E.; Pradipta, O., 2018:
Characterization of PVA/cassava starch biocomposites fabricated with and without sonication using bacterial cellulose fiber loadings

Qiao, C.; Ma, X.; Zhang, J.; Yao, J., 2018:
Effect of hydration on water state, glass transition dynamics and crystalline structure in chitosan films

Chen, H-Bing.; Li, X-Lei.; Chen, M-Jun.; He, Y-Rong.; Zhao, H-Bo., 2018:
Self-cross-linked melamine-formaldehyde-pectin aerogel with excellent water resistance and flame retardancy

Chen, J-Huan.; Liu, J-Gang.; Su, Y-Qun.; Xu, Z-Hong.; Li, M-Can.; Ying, R-Feng.; Wu, J-Quan., 2018:
Preparation and properties of microfibrillated cellulose with different carboxyethyl content

Narh, C.; Charles, F.; Mensah, A.; Qufu, W., 2018:
Synthesis of highly stable bacterial cellulosic pocket for drug storage

Luo, X.; Liu, L.; Wang, L.; Liu, X.; Cai, Y., 2018:
Facile synthesis and low concentration tylosin adsorption performance of chitosan/cellulose nanocomposite microspheres

Quiñones, J.Pérez.; Mardare, C.Cela.; Hassel, A.Walter.; Brüggemann, O., 2018:
Testosterone- and vitamin-grafted cellulose ethers for sustained release of camptothecin

Pfeifer, A.; Heinze, T., 2018:
Synthesis of pyridine-free xylan sulfates

Zhou, Z.; Chen, T.; Mei, N.; Li, B.; Xu, Z.; Wang, L.; Wang, X.; Tang, S., 2018:
LED 209 conjugated chitosan as a selective antimicrobial and potential anti-adhesion material

Lu, K-Ying.; Lin, Y-Chen.; Lu, H-Tsung.; Ho, Y-Cheng.; Weng, S-Chun.; Tsai, M-Lang.; Mi, F-Long., 2018:
A novel injectable in situ forming gel based on carboxymethyl hexanoyl chitosan/hyaluronic acid polymer blending for sustained release of berberine

Boulven, M.; Quintard, G.; Cottaz, A.; Joly, C.; Charlot, Aélia.; Fleury, E., 2018:
Homogeneous acylation of Cellulose diacetate: Towards bioplastics with tuneable thermal and water transport properties

Xue, C.; Wilson, L.D., 2018:
A structural study of self-assembled chitosan-based sponge materials

Das, M.; Solanki, A.; Joshi, A.; Devkar, R.; Seshadri, S.; Thakore, S., 2018:
β-cyclodextrin based dual-responsive multifunctional nanotheranostics for cancer cell targeting and dual drug delivery

Hu, W-Wen.; Lin, C-Hsien.; Hong, Z-Jie., 2018:
The enrichment of cancer stem cells using composite alginate/polycaprolactone nanofibers

Yan, J.; Meng, Y.; Zhang, M.; Zhou, X.; Cheng, H.; Sun, L.; Zhou, Y., 2018:
A 3-O-methylated heterogalactan from Pleurotus eryngii activates macrophages

Li, G.; Chai, K.; Zhou, L.; Tong, Z.; Ji, H., 2018:
Easy fabrication of aromatic-rich cellulose-urethane polymer for preferential adsorption of acetophenone over 1-phenylethanol

Area, M.R.; Rico, M.; Montero, Bén.; Barral, L.; Bouza, R.; López, Jín.; Ramírez, C., 2018:
Corn starch plasticized with isosorbide and filled with microcrystalline cellulose: Processing and characterization

Zhao, J.; Ding, L.; Sui, X.; Mao, Z.; Xu, H.; Zhong, Y.; Zhang, L.; Chen, Z.; Wang, B., 2018 :
Bio-based polymer colorants from nonaqueous reactive dyeing of regenerated cellulose for plastics and textiles

Skwierczyńska, Młgorzata.; Runowski, M.; Kulpiński, P.; Lis, S., 2018:
Modification of cellulose fibers with inorganic luminescent nanoparticles based on lanthanide(III) ions

Zazzali, I.; Aguirre Calvo, T.Rocio.; Pizones Ruíz-Henestrosa, Víctor.Manuel.; Santagapita, P.R.; Perullini, M., 2018:
Effects of pH, extrusion tip size and storage protocol on the structural properties of Ca(II)-alginate beads

Mazerolles, T.; Heuzey, M.C.; Soliman, M.; Martens, H.; Kleppinger, R.; Huneault, M.A., 2018:
Development of co-continuous morphology in blends of thermoplastic starch and low-density polyethylene

Zhang, L.; Lyu, S.; Zhang, Q.; Wu, Y.; Melcher, C.; Chmely, S.C.; Chen, Z.; Wang, S., 2018:
Dual-emitting film with cellulose nanocrystal-assisted carbon dots grafted SrAl2O4, Eu2+, Dy3+ phosphors for temperature sensing

Karmakar, M.; Mondal, H.; Mahapatra, M.; Chattopadhyay, P.Kanti.; Chatterjee, S.; Singha, N.Ranjan., 2018:
Pectin-grafted terpolymer superadsorbent via N-H activated strategic protrusion of monomer for removals of Cd(II), Hg(II), and Pb(II)

Rescifina, A.; Surdo, E.; Cardile, V.; Avola, R.; Eleonora Graziano, A.Carol.; Stancanelli, R.; Tommasini, S.; Pistarà, V.; Ventura, C.Anna., 2018:
Gemcitabine anticancer activity enhancement by water soluble celecoxib/sulfobutyl ether-β-cyclodextrin inclusion complex

Shatalov, A.A., 2018:
Highly efficient hydrolysis of plant hemicelluloses by mixed-addenda Keggin-type (Mo-V-P)-heteropolyacids in diluted aqueous solution

Guo, T.; Song, J.; Jin, Y.; Sun, Z.; Li, L., 2018:
Thermally stable and green cellulose-based composites strengthened by styrene-co-acrylate latex for lithium-ion battery separators

Xu, L.; Lu, Y.; Cong, Y.; Zhang, P.; Han, J.; Song, G.; Wang, G.; Chen, K., 2018:
Polysaccharide produced by Bacillus subtilis using burdock oligofructose as carbon source

Guerrero, P.; Muxika, A.; Zarandona, I.; de la Caba, K., 2018:
Crosslinking of chitosan films processed by compression molding

Zhang, S.; He, Y.; Yin, Y.; Jiang, G., 2018:
Fabrication of innovative thermoplastic starch bio-elastomer to achieve high toughness poly(butylene succinate) composites

Wang, J.; Liu, M.; Duan, C.; Sun, J.; Xu, Y., 2018:
Preparation and characterization of cellulose-based adsorbent and its application in heavy metal ions removal

Massoudinejad, M.; Rasoulzadeh, H.; Ghaderpoori, M., 2018:
Magnetic chitosan nanocomposite: Fabrication, properties, and optimization for adsorptive removal of crystal violet from aqueous solutions

Goel, A.; Meher, M.Kumar.; Gupta, P.; Gulati, K.; Pruthi, V.; Poluri, K.Mohan., 2018:
Microwave assisted κ-carrageenan capped silver nanocomposites for eradication of bacterial biofilms

Faria, M.; Vilela, C.; Silvestre, A.J.D.; Deepa, B.; Resnik, M.; Freire, C.S.R.; Cordeiro, N., 2018:
Physicochemical surface properties of bacterial cellulose/polymethacrylate nanocomposites: an approach by inverse gas chromatography

Goswami, M.; Das, A.Moni., 2018:
Synthesis and characterization of a biodegradable Cellulose acetate-montmorillonite composite for effective adsorption of Eosin Y

Chen, X.; Li, P.; Kang, Y.; Zeng, X.; Xie, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Wang, Y.; Xie, T., 2018:
Preparation of temperature-sensitive Xanthan/NIPA hydrogel using citric acid as crosslinking agent for bisphenol A adsorption

Su, G.; Wang, T.; Zhang, T.; Yang, H-Xia.; Yu, S-Shan.; Dai, W-Long.; Mi, S-Hua., 2018:
Urinary 8-iso-prostaglandin F2α as a risk marker for the vulnerability of culprit plaque in diabetic patients with stable coronary artery disease

Mentoor, I.; Engelbrecht, A-M.; Nell, T., 2018:
Fatty acids: Adiposity and breast cancer chemotherapy, a bad synergy?

Tressou, J.; Buaud, B.; Simon, Nëmie.; Pasteau, Séphane.; Guesnet, P., 2018:
Very low inadequate dietary intakes of essential n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) in pregnant and lactating French women: The INCA2 survey

Berliner, D.; Mattern, S.; Wellige, M.; Malsch, C.; Güder, Gülmisal.; Brenner, S.; Morbach, C.; Deubner, N.; Breunig, M.; Kiefl, R.; Angermann, C.E.; Ertl, G.; von Schacky, C.; Störk, S., 2018:
The omega-3 index in patients with heart failure: A prospective cohort study

Videla, L.A.; Vargas, R.; Valenzuela, R.; Muñoz, P.; Corbari, A.; Hernandez-Rodas, Mía.C., 2018:
Combined administration of docosahexaenoic acid and thyroid hormone synergistically enhances rat liver levels of resolvins RvD1 and RvD2

Spector, A.A.; Kim, H-Yong., 2018:
Emergence of omega-3 fatty acids in biomedical research

Chanda, D.; Neumann, D.; Glatz, J.F.C., 2018:
The endocannabinoid system: Overview of an emerging multi-faceted therapeutic target

Nandi, A.; Wadhwani, N.; Joshi, S.R., 2018:
Vitamin D deficiency influences fatty acid metabolism

Guimarães, J.; Bargut, T.Cristina.Lonzetti.; Mandarim-de-Lacerda, C.Alberto.; Aguila, M.Barbosa., 2018:
Medium-chain triglyceride reinforce the hepatic damage caused by fructose intake in mice

Xue, Y.; Fu, G., 2018:
A modified accident analysis and investigation model for the general aviation industry: Emphasizing on human and organizational factors

Ghodrati, N.; Yiu, T.Wing.; Wilkinson, S., 2018:
Unintended consequences of management strategies for improving labor productivity in construction industry

Al-Bayati, A.Jalil.; York, D.Daniel., 2018:
Fatal injuries among Hispanic workers in the U.S. construction industry: Findings from FACE investigation reports

Dozza, M.; Hubbard, M.; Schwab, A.L., 2018:
Cycling safety

Wang, H.; Schwebel, D.C.; Tan, D.; Shi, L.; Miao, L., 2018:
Gender differences in children's pedestrian behaviors: Developmental effects

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Radial or tangential

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CONSERVE Your Energy and Resources

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Volume and the Ever Increasing Standard of Quality Heart Valve Care

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Three-Dimensional Aortic Model to Create a Fenestrated Stent Graft for the Urgent Treatment of a Paravisceral Penetrating Aortic Ulcer

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A New Concern: Persistent Coronary Artery Compression After Balloon Testing During Transcatheter Pulmonary Valve Replacement

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Surrogacy and ethics in women with cancer

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Unilateral oral, pharyngeal and laryngeal vesicles

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Synchronous neuroendocrine tumor and signet-ring cell carcinoma in the stomach

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Is it time to reconsider the principles of pancreatic cancer surgery?

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A large-volume academic center retrospective audit of the temporal evolution of immediate breast reconstruction protocols and the effect on breast prosthetic infection

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Profiling of 54 plasma glycoproteins by label-free targeted LC-MS/MS

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Proteoglycan-substrate gel zymography for the detection of chondroitin sulfate-degrading enzymes

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Direct contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance lymphangiography in the diagnosis of persistent occult chylous effusion leak after thoracic duct embolization

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Impact of degree of stenosis in May-Thurner syndrome on iliac vein stenting

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Nasal respiration is necessary for the generation of γ oscillation in the olfactory bulb

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Selectively identify a3Na/K-ATPase expressing cells

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Age-related changes in neural coding of envelope cues: peripheral declines and central compensation

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Risk factors for admission after shoulder arthroscopy

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PFO and Cryptogenic Stroke: When Should It be Closed?

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Disruption of por1 gene in Candida utilis improves co-production of S-adenosylmethionine and glutathione

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Amino acid residue L112 in the ACTH receptor plays a key role in ACTH or α-MSH selectivity

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National Study of Ocular Hospitalizations in Medicare Beneficiaries

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Live imaging reveals hub cell assembly and compaction dynamics during morphogenesis of the Drosophila testis niche

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TTC7A: Steward of Intestinal Health

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Palatal augmentation prosthesis (PAP) can improve swallowing function for the patients in rehabilitation hospital

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ng inputs that may arise from the field Decision tool for climate disasters and infectious disease at sub-national level in India: Ensuring a paradigm shift in health planning from prevalence to vulnerability

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One for All and All for One: Moving Toward A Single Payer for Heart Transplant

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Engineering of the citrate exporter protein enables high citric acid production in Aspergillus niger

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Standard and viscoelastic mechanical properties of respiratory system compartments in dogs: effect of volume, posture, and shape

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Reproducibility of Diaphragmatic Thickness Measured by M-mode Ultrasonography in Healthy Volunteers

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Proteomics turns functional

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Improving In Vitro Photodynamic Therapy through the Development of a Novel Iron Chelating Aminolaevulinic Acid Prodrug

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LEEP/Cone combined with photodynamic therapy for successful treatment of high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion

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Hydrothermal pretreatment of source separated organics for enhanced solubilization and biomethane recovery

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Biotransformation of bakery industry sludge into valuable product using vermicomposting

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Lipidomic analysis reveals the efficiency of Eclipta prostrata on diet-induced nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in rats

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Cryptic Diversity: a Long-lasting Issue for Diatomologists

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Recent preparative applications of redox enzymes

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Phospholipase A2 products predict the hematopoietic support capacity of horse serum

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Self-assembling and biological properties of single-chain dicationic pyridinium-based surfactants

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Hybridization induced fluorescence enhanced DNA-Ag nanocluster/aptamer probe for detection of prostate-specific antigen

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DNA based method for determining source country of the short beaked echidna (Tachyglossus aculeatus) in the illegal wildlife trade

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Fibril bending stiffness of 3D collagen matrices instructs spreading and clustering of invasive and non-invasive breast cancer cells

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Compound stutter in D2S1338 and D12S391

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Mechanical regulation of genome architecture and cell-fate decisions

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Best practices for teaching pharmacology to undergraduate nursing students: A systematic review of the literature

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Home students' experiences of intercultural learning: A qualitative descriptive design

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Time course of microglia activation and brain and blood cytokine/chemokine levels following chronic ethanol exposure and protracted withdrawal in rats

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Relationship among Cervical Spine Degeneration, Head and Neck postures, and Myofascial Pain in Masticatory and Cervical Muscles in Elderly with Temporomandibular Disorder

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Auspicious or suspicious - Does religiosity really promote elder well-being? Examining the belief-as-benefit effect among older Japanese

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Long-term disability in neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder with a history of myelitis is associated with age at onset, delay in diagnosis/preventive treatment, MRI lesion length and presence of symptomatic brain lesions

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Combination of OPSY and PhD-PHIP results in enhanced sensitivity in PHIP

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Ultra-short echo time imaging with multiple echo refocusing for porous media T2 mapping

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Lumbar erector spinae plane catheter via a thoracic approach for iliac crest autograft in a pediatric patient

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Combined erector spinae plane and interscalene brachial plexus block for surgical anesthesia of scapula fracture

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Study of the bioaccumulation of tinzaparin in renally impaired patients when given at prophylactic doses - The STRIP study

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Impact of environmental pollution on trace elements in vegetables and associated potential risk to human health in industrial town Mandi-gobindgarh (India)

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Bioaccumulation and morphological traits in a multi-generation test with two Daphnia species exposed to lead

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Association between short-term exposure to particulate matter air pollution and cause-specific mortality in Changzhou, China

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Evaluation of pedestrian crossing behavior and safety at uncontrolled mid-block crosswalks with different numbers of lanes in China

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Non canonical genetic material

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White spot syndrome virus infection activates Caspase 1-mediated cell death in crustacean

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"It's about bloody time": Perceptions of people who use drugs regarding drug law reform

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Distinct microbially induced concrete corrosion at the tidal region of reinforced concrete sewers

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Characterization of CDOM in saline and freshwater lakes across China using spectroscopic analysis

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Innate T cells in the intensive care unit

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Intercellular adhesion molecule 1 antibody-mediated mesoporous drug delivery system for targeted treatment of triple-negative breast cancer

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Meaning in life buffers the association between clinical anxiety and global maladjustment in participants with common mental disorders on sick leave

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Genetic variability in the serotoninergic system and age of onset in anorexia nervosa and obsessive-compulsive disorder

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Post-migration treatment targets associated with reductions in depression and PTSD among survivors of torture seeking asylum in the USA

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Cognitive mechanisms of alexithymia in schizophrenia: Investigating the role of basic neurocognitive functioning and cognitive biases

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The roles of cognitive avoidance, rumination and negative affect in the association between abusive supervision in the workplace and non-clinical paranoia in a sample of workers working in France

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Media coverage of celebrity suicide caused by depression and increase in the number of people who seek depression treatment

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Protective effects of Nigella sativa oil against carboplatin-induced liver damage in rats

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Manilkara zapota (L.) P. Royen leaf water extract triggered apoptosis and activated caspase-dependent pathway in HT-29 human colorectal cancer cell line

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Fiend and friend in the renin angiotensin system: An insight on acute kidney injury

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Duchenne muscular dystrophy: Focus on arachidonic acid metabolites

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Exploration of the optimal dose of HOE-642 for the protection of neuronal mitochondrial function after cardiac arrest in rats

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Long noncoding RNA CRNDE promotes non-small cell lung cancer progression via sponging microRNA-338-3p

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A taxonomy of duties to report child sexual abuse: Legal developments offer new ways to facilitate disclosure

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Exchanges of nitrogen and phosphorus across the sediment-water interface influenced by the external suspended particulate matter and the residual matter after dredging

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Synthesis, structure activity relationship and in vitro anti-influenza virus activity of novel polyphenol-pentacyclic triterpene conjugates

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Yield of peripheral sodium channels gene screening in pure small fibre neuropathy

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Diffuse cavitary benign metastasising leiomyoma of the lung

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Growth/differentiation factor 15 causes TGFβ-activated kinase 1-dependent muscle atrophy in pulmonary arterial hypertension

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Lymphogranuloma venereum presenting as an ulcer on the tongue

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A serine in the first transmembrane domain of the human E3 ubiquitin ligase MARCH9 is critical for down-regulation of its protein substrates

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It's time to treat exercise in pregnancy as therapy

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Mapping Oat Crown Rust Resistance Gene Pc45 Confirms Association with PcKM

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Metformin Affects Heme Function as a Possible Mechanism of Action

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Value of Color Doppler Ultrasound Assessment of Sacroiliac Joints in Patients with Inflammatory Low Back Pain

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PsAID12 Provisionally Endorsed at OMERACT 2018 as Core Outcome Measure to Assess Psoriatic Arthritis-specific Health-related Quality of Life in Clinical Trials

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Occupational cannabis exposure and allergy risks

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Chronic GI bleeding in a middle-aged woman

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Rates and characteristics of postcolonoscopy colorectal cancer in the Swedish IBD population: what are the differences from a non-IBD population?

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Illicit cigarette trade in Metropolitan Santiago de Chile

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Cohort effects of tobacco control policy: evidence to support a tobacco-free norm through smoke-free policy

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Perceptions of health and healthcare in ex-Army residents of Tameside: a pilot qualitative study

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Work absence due to compensable RTCs in Victoria, Australia

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Evidence for Weak Selective Constraint on Human Gene Expression

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Nucleosome Positioning by an Evolutionarily Conserved Chromatin Remodeler Prevents Aberrant DNA Methylation in Neurospora

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Medical education reform in China

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Unintended consequences of the electronic medical record on physicians in training and their mentors

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How are you hoping to die?

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Childbearing and maternity leave in residency: determinants and well-being outcomes

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Clinically applicable delineation of the pallidal sensorimotor region in patients with advanced Parkinson's disease: study of probabilistic and deterministic tractography

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The caroticoclinoid foramen in fetal and infantile orbitosphenoid, presphenoid, and sphenoid bones: developmental and neurosurgical considerations

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Advancing towards Better Cooperation for Better Sarcoma Prognoses

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Making the Best of Available Options for Optimal Sarcoma Treatment

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A Rocambolesque Metafiction

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