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The Association Between Self-Regulation and Daily Sports Activities in a Nationally Representative Sample of Older Adults. Findings From the German Ageing Survey

Hajek, Aé.; König, H-Helmut.

Frontiers in Physiology 9: 1763


ISSN/ISBN: 1664-042X
PMID: 30564148
DOI: 10.3389/fphys.2018.01763
Accession: 066019634

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There is a large body of literature about the determinants of exercising regularly in older adults. However, to date, there is limited evidence showing that self-regulation is associated with exercising regularly. Existing studies are mostly restricted to rather specific or small samples. Thus, the purpose of this study was to examine whether self-regulation is associated with daily sports activities among older adults. For the current study, cross-sectional data were used from the German Ageing Survey (n = 7,757), a nationally representative sample of community-dwelling individuals aged 40 and over in Germany. Logistic regression analysis showed that daily sports activities is positively associated with self-regulation [OR: 1.32 (95%-CI: 1.11-1.58)]. The present study highlights the importance of an association between daily sports activities and self-regulation. Knowledge about this association is useful in addressing cases where older adults exercise less than daily.

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