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Proximate composition and profiles of free amino acids, fatty acids, minerals and aroma compounds in Citrus natsudaidai peel

Matsuo, Y.; Miura, L.A.; Araki, T.; Yoshie-Stark, Y.

Food Chemistry 279: 356-363


ISSN/ISBN: 1873-7072
PMID: 30611501
DOI: 10.1016/j.foodchem.2018.11.146
Accession: 066061539

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Bulky hard peel of Citrus natsudaidai is discarded and not utilized enough in Japan. In this study, the nutritional composition and volatile components of three cultivars of C. natsudaidai peel were determined. Considering the proximate composition and minerals, C. natsudaidai peels showed good carbohydrate and potassium content. The peel color varied probably due to the difference of cultivars. C. natsudaidai peels were extracted and analyzed for free amino acids and for fatty acids and volatile compounds. The amount of free amino acids in the extracts was not enough to affect the taste of extracts. The proportion of individual fatty acid was not comparable to other plant oils, however, typical aroma compounds with citrusy smell were identified. C. natsudaidai extracts could contribute for the utilization as flavoring additives without affecting taste.

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