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Investigations on the organic drift in North Swedish streams
Limitations of Using Microsoft Excel Version 2016 (MS Excel 2016) for Statistical Analysis for Medical Research
Phloem necrosis of coffee in Surinam
Anatomy of Mystus seenghala IV Nervous system
Integrated farming system for gardenland conditions of Coimbatore district - an over view
Tetrapleure (Tetrapleura tetraptera), an unknown African medicinal and spice plant
The origin and phylogenetic significance of the trochophoran larvae 2. evolutionary significance of the larvae of coelomate worms and mollusks
Comparison of rice bran and maize bran as feeds for growing and fattening pigs
Enterobacter amnigenus. An unusual human pathogen
Influence of Seriboost foliar application on leaf yield and leaf protein content in mulberry (Morus spp.), in relation to silkworm cocoon production
The identity of the lipstick mold of cultivated mushrooms agaricus bisporus
Advantages and disadvantages of bordeaux mixture and of lime-sulphur used on apples in the growing season
'Pan-sukh' disease of Rice in the Central Provinces
Geological age of the Ptilophyllum flora; a critical reassessment
Study of vitellogenesis in birds; physiological phases & role of folliculin in vitellogenesis
Evaluation of WCT coconut and Komadan coconut
Therapy for acne with saccharomyces boulardii
Evidence for Late Cretaceous N-S dextral shear in the west-central crystalline core, North Cascades, Washington
'Rajeshwari' - a high-yielding white seeded variety of sesame for Andhra Pradesh
Manufacture of Ricotta cheese from whey fortified with skim milk powder using different acidulants
Occurrence of Eutrichophilus mexicanus (Rudow, 1866) and Eutrichophilus lobatus (Ewing, 1936) (Phthiraptera: Trichodectidae) on Sphiggurus villosus (Cuvier, 1825) (Rodentia: Erethizontidae) in Rio de
Factors affecting fruitfulness in durian (Durio zibethinus Murr.). I. Flowering and pollination
Bronchial cuff pressure change caused by left-sided double-lumen endobronchial tube displacement
Some Biological Applications of Organometallic Compounds
The composition of pampas-grass (Cortaderia argentea.)

List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 66092

Chapter 66092 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Controlling femtosecond filament propagation using externally driven gas motion
, Optics Letters 44(2): 199-202 (2019)

Spontaneous generation of orbital angular momentum crystals using a monolithic Nd:YAG nonplanar ring laser
, Optics Letters 44(2): 203-206 (2019)

Large in-plane asymmetric spin angular shifts of a light beam near the critical angle
, Optics Letters 44(2): 207-210 (2019)

Uniform-loss cyclic arrayed waveguide grating router using a mode-field converter based on a slab coupler and auxiliary waveguides
, Optics Letters 44(2): 211-214 (2019)

Polarimetric nonregularity of evanescent waves
, Optics Letters 44(2): 215-218 (2019)

Nonlinear frequency conversion and manipulation of vector beams in a Sagnac loop
, Optics Letters 44(2): 219-222 (2019)

Coherent optical modulation of graphene based on coherent population oscillation
, Optics Letters 44(2): 223-226 (2019)

Simple calibrated nonlinear excitation regime two-line atomic fluorescence thermometry
, Optics Letters 44(2): 227-230 (2019)

Tunable Fano-like resonances in a bent single-mode waveguide-based Fabry-Perot resonator
, Optics Letters 44(2): 231-234 (2019 )

Generation of telecom-band correlated photon pairs in different spatial modes using few-mode fibers
, Optics Letters 44(2): 235-238 (2019)

Compact generation of a two-photon multipath Dicke state from a single χ (2) nonlinear photonic crystal
, Optics Letters 44(2): 239-242 (2019)

Multivariate analysis of x-ray scattering using a stochastic source
, Optics Letters 44(2): 243-246 (2019)

Low cryogenic mechanical loss composite silica thin film for low thermal noise dielectric mirror coatings
, Optics Letters 44(2): 247-250 (2019)

Tunable Fano resonance with a high slope rate in a microring-resonator-coupled Mach-Zehnder interferometer
, Optics Letters 44(2): 251-254 (2019)

2D optically controlled radio frequency orbital angular momentum beam steering system based on a dual-parallel Mach-Zehnder modulator
, Optics Letters 44(2): 255-258 (2019)

Characterization of high-harmonic emission from ZnO up to 11  eV pumped with a Cr:ZnS high-repetition-rate source
, Optics Letters 44(2): 259-262 (2019)

Stable high-reflection Be/Mg multilayer mirrors for solar astronomy at 30.4  nm
, Optics Letters 44(2): 263-266 (2019)

Anomalous interaction of spatial solitons in nematic liquid crystals
, Optics Letters 44(2): 267-270 (2019)

Hong-Ou-Mandel interference between independent III-V on silicon waveguide integrated lasers
, Optics Letters 44(2): 271-274 (2019)

Interference between independent photonic integrated devices for quantum key distribution
, Optics Letters 44(2): 275-278 (2019)

High-power, widely wavelength tunable, grating-free Raman fiber laser based on filtered feedback
, Optics Letters 44(2): 279-282 (2019)

10-million-elements-per-second printing of infrared-resonant plasmonic arrays by multiplexed laser pulses
, Optics Letters 44(2): 283-286 (2019)

Photonic flat-band laser
, Optics Letters 44(2): 287-290 (2019)

Coherently broadened, high-repetition-rate laser for stimulated Raman scattering-spectroscopic optical coherence tomography
, Optics Letters 44(2): 291-294 (2019)

Random Raman fiber laser based on a twin-core fiber with FBGs inscribed by femtosecond radiation
, Optics Letters 44(2): 295-298 (2019)

Temperature-insensitive waveguide sensor using a ring cascaded with a Mach-Zehnder interferometer
, Optics Letters 44(2): 299-302 (2019)

High-energy femtosecond pulse shaping, compression, and contrast enhancement using multicore fiber
, Optics Letters 44(2): 303-306 (2019)

Laser phase noise effect and reduction in self-homodyne optical OFDM transmission system
, Optics Letters 44(2): 307-310 (2019)

Meter-scale spatial-resolution-coherent Doppler wind lidar based on Golay coding
, Optics Letters 44(2): 311-314 (2019)

Third-harmonic generation modulation achieved through ground-state depletion
, Optics Letters 44(2): 315-318 (2019)

Dual-mode subwavelength trapping by plasmonic tweezers based on V-type nanoantennas
, Optics Letters 44(2): 319-322 (2019)

Tunable polarization-controlled perfect switching of transverse scattering
, Optics Letters 44(2): 323-326 (2019)

Exploring the DBR superlattice effect on the thermal performance of a VECSEL with the finite element method
, Optics Letters 44(2): 327-330 (2019)

Optically pumped Floquet states of magnetization in ferromagnets
, Optics Letters 44(2): 331-334 (2019)

Silicon nitride waveguide as a power delivery component for on-chip dielectric laser accelerators
, Optics Letters 44(2): 335-338 (2019)

Enhancing protein fluorescence detection through hierarchical biometallic surface structuring
, Optics Letters 44(2): 339-342 (2019)

Robustness of quantum Fourier transform interferometry
, Optics Letters 44(2): 343-346 (2019)

Large aperture, highly uniform narrow bandpass Fabry-Perot filter using photosensitive As 2 S 3 thin films
, Optics Letters 44(2): 351-354 (2019)

Femtometer displacement resolution with phase-insensitive Doppler sensing
, Optics Letters 44(2): 355-358 (2019)

Low-noise millimeter-wave synthesis from a dual-wavelength fiber Brillouin cavity
, Optics Letters 44(2): 359-362 (2019)

Discrete refraction and reflection in temporal lattice heterostructures
, Optics Letters 44(2): 363-366 (2019)

Demonstration of a two-line Kr PLIF thermometry technique for gaseous combustion applications
, Optics Letters 44(2): 367-370 (2019)

Demonstration of stimulated photon echo isolation using interferometric cancellation
, Optics Letters 44(2): 371-374 (2019)

Compact localized states of open scattering media: a graph decomposition approach for an ab initio design
, Optics Letters 44(2): 375-378 (2019)

Real-time random grating sensor array for quasi-distributed sensing based on wavelength-to-time mapping and time-division multiplexing
, Optics Letters 44(2): 379-382 (2019)

Mid IR hollow core fiber gas laser emitting at 4.6  μm
, Optics Letters 44(2): 383-386 (2019)

Square wave excitability in quantum dot lasers under optical injection
, Optics Letters 44(2): 347-350 (2019)

Integral imaging-based 2D/3D convertible display system by using holographic optical element and polymer dispersed liquid crystal
, Optics Letters 44(2): 387-390 (2019)

Volumetric two-photon microscopy with a non-diffracting Airy beam
, Optics Letters 44(2): 391-394 (2019)

Ultrafast Dy 3+ :fluoride fiber laser beyond 3 μm
, Optics Letters 44(2): 395-398 (2019)

Linear polarization distinguishing metalens in visible wavelength
, Optics Letters 44(2): 399-402 (2019)

Experimental demonstration of a flexible-grid 1×2 wavelength-selective switch based on silicon microring resonators
, Optics Letters 44(2): 403-406 (2019)

Broadband integrated racetrack ring resonators for long-wave infrared photonics
, Optics Letters 44(2): 407-410 (2019)

Thermo-optic control of the longitudinal radiation angle in a silicon-based optical phased array
, Optics Letters 44(2): 411-414 (2019)

Electro-optic THz dual-comb architecture for high-resolution, absolute spectroscopy
, Optics Letters 44(2): 415-418 (2019)

Additivity of integral optical cross sections for a fixed tenuous multi-particle group
, Optics Letters 44(2): 419-422 (2019)

Optimized laser-written ZBLAN fiber Bragg gratings with high reflectivity and low loss
, Optics Letters 44(2): 423-426 (2019)

Pancharatnam-Berry phase shaping for control of the transverse enhancement of focusing
, Optics Letters 44(2): 427-430 (2019)

Generalized nonlinear Snell's law at χ (2) modulated nonlinear metasurfaces: anomalous nonlinear refraction and reflection
, Optics Letters 44(2): 431-434 (2019)

Apodization profile amplification of silicon integrated Bragg gratings through lateral phase delays
, Optics Letters 44(2): 435-438 (2019)

Compact, silicon-on-insulator, series-cascaded, contradirectional-coupling-based filters with >50  dB adjacent channel isolation
, Optics Letters 44(2): 439-442 (2019)

All-optical OFDM demultiplexing with optical partial Fourier transform and coherent sampling
, Optics Letters 44(2): 443-446 (2019)

Photon-pair source working in a silicon-based detector wavelength range using tapered micro/nanofibers
, Optics Letters 44(2): 447-450 (2019)

Ternary chalcogenide Ta 2 NiS 5 as a saturable absorber for a 1.9  μm passively Q-switched bulk laser
, Optics Letters 44(2): 451-454 (2019)

High-performance Ho:YAG single-crystal fiber laser in-band pumped by a Tm-doped all-fiber laser
, Optics Letters 44(2): 455-458 (2019)

Twist-direction-dependent orbital angular momentum generator based on inflation-assisted helical photonic crystal fiber
, Optics Letters 44(2): 459-462 (2019)

On-chip colloidal quantum dot devices with a CMOS compatible architecture for near-infrared light sensing
, Optics Letters 44(2): 463-466 (2019)

Building trans-philicity (trans-effect/trans-influence) ladders for octahedral complexes by using an NMR probe
, Dalton Transactions 48(5): 1814-1822 (2019)

Rare metal-ion metathesis of a tetrahedral Zn(ii) core of a noncentrosymmetric (3,4)-connected 3D MOF
, Dalton Transactions 48(6): 1950-1954 (2019)

Effective gene delivery of shBMP-9 using polyethyleneimine-based core-shell nanoparticles in an animal model of insulin resistance
, Nanoscale 11(4): 2008-2016 (2019)

Platelet-derived nanovesicles for hemostasis without release of pro-inflammatory cytokines
, Biomaterials Science 7(3): 856-859 (2019)

Multicolor-tunable up-conversion emissions of Yb 3+ ,Er 3+ /Ho 3+ co-doped Ba 3 Lu 2 Zn 5 O 11 : crystal structure, luminescence and energy transfer properties
, Dalton Transactions 48(9): 2917-2925 (2019)

Preparation of high-yield and ultra-pure Au 25 nanoclusters: towards their implementation in real-world applications
, Nanoscale 11(4): 1988-1994 (2019)

Programmable soft robotics based on nano-textured thermo-responsive actuators
, Nanoscale 11(4): 2065-2070 (2019)

Remarkably enhanced direct dissolution of plutonium oxide in task-specific ionic liquid: insights from electrochemical and theoretical investigations
, Chemical Communications 55(10): 1474-1477 (2019)

Epitaxial growth of dual-color-emitting organic heterostructures via binary solvent synergism driven sequential crystallization
, Nanoscale 11(15): 7111-7116 (2019)

A tungsten nitride-based degradable nanoplatform for dual-modal image-guided combinatorial chemo-photothermal therapy of tumors
, Nanoscale 11(4): 2027-2036 (2019)

Influence of surface chemistry on optical, chemical and electronic properties of blue luminescent carbon dots
, Nanoscale 11(4): 2056-2064 (2019)

Amphiphilic diblock copolymer-mediated structure control in nanoporous germanium-based thin films
, Nanoscale 11(4): 2048-2055 (2019)

Filiform corrosion as a pressure-driven delamination process
, Soft Matter 15(4): 803-812 (2019)

An ultra-stretchable, highly sensitive and biocompatible capacitive strain sensor from an ionic nanocomposite for on-skin monitoring
, Nanoscale 11(4): 1570-1578 (2019)

Surface-engineered vanadium nitride nanosheets for an imaging-guided photothermal/photodynamic platform of cancer treatment
, Nanoscale 11(4): 1968-1977 (2019)

Recent advances in transition metal-catalyzed C(sp 2 )-H nitration
, Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry 17(6): 1351-1361 (2019)

Optical absorption spectroscopy in hybrid systems of plasmons and excitons
, Nanoscale 11(4): 2037-2047 (2019)

A nanofluidic device for real-time visualization of DNA-protein interactions on the single DNA molecule level
, Nanoscale 11(4): 2071-2078 (2019)

In vitro cytotoxicity of a library of BODIPY-anthracene and -pyrene dyads for application in photodynamic therapy
, Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences: Official Journal of the European Photochemistry Association and the European Society for Photobiology 18(2): 495-504 (2019)

Deep learning for FTIR histology: leveraging spatial and spectral features with convolutional neural networks
, Analyst 144(5): 1642-1653 (2019)

Ultra-sensitive graphene-bismuth telluride nano-wire hybrids for infrared detection
, Nanoscale 11(4): 1579-1586 (2019)

Tailoring of structural and photoluminescence emissions by Mn and Cu co-doping in 2D nanostructures of ZnS for the visualization of latent fingerprints and generation of white light
, Nanoscale 11(4): 2017-2026 (2019)

Tailoring adhesion of anionic surfaces using cationic PISA-latexes - towards tough nanocellulose materials in the wet state
, Nanoscale 11(10): 4287-4302 (2019)

Diverse outcomes of CO 2 fixation using alkali metal amides including formation of a heterobimetallic lithium-sodium carbamato-anhydride via lithium-sodium bis-hexamethyldisilazide
, Chemical Communications 55(10): 1478-1481 (2019)

Tailored Ag-Cu-Mg multielemental nanoparticles for wide-spectrum antibacterial coating
, Nanoscale 11(4): 1626-1635 (2019)

Flexible thermoelectric generators with inkjet-printed bismuth telluride nanowires and liquid metal contacts
, Nanoscale 11(12): 5222-5230 (2019)

Thermoelectric terahertz photodetectors based on selenium-doped black phosphorus flakes
, Nanoscale 11(4): 1995-2002 (2019)

Nanoparticle-based drug delivery via RBC-hitchhiking for the inhibition of lung metastases growth
, Nanoscale 11(4): 1636-1646 (2019)

Spy vs. spy: selecting the best reporter for 19 F NMR competition experiments
, Chemical Communications 55(10): 1482-1485 (2019)

Highly stable enhanced near-infrared amplified spontaneous emission in solution-processed perovskite films by employing polymer and gold nanorods
, Nanoscale 11(4): 1959-1967 (2019)

Membrane potential drives direct translocation of cell-penetrating peptides
, Nanoscale 11(4): 1949-1958 (2019)

Enhancing the photocatalytic properties of PbS QD solids: the ligand exchange approach
, Nanoscale 11(4): 1978-1987 (2019)

The irony of chirality - unveiling the distinct mechanistic binding and activities of 1-(3-(4-amino-5-(7-methoxy-5-methylbenzo[b]thiophen-2-yl)-7H-pyrrolo[2,3-d]pyrimidin-7-yl)pyrrolidin-1-yl)prop-2-en-1-one enantiomers as irreversible covalent FGFR4 inhibitors
, Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry 17(5): 1176-1190 (2019)

Resonant spin wave excitation in magnetoplasmonic bilayers using short laser pulses
, Nanoscale 11(4): 2003-2007 (2019)

Enantioselective synthesis of (R)-2-cubylglycine including unprecedented rhodium mediated C-H insertion of cubane
, Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry 17(5): 1067-1070 (2019)

Fast upconversion super-resolution microscopy with 10 μs per pixel dwell times
, Nanoscale 11(4): 1563-1569 (2019)

Site-selective growth of Ag nanoparticles controlled by localized surface plasmon resonance of nanobowl arrays
, Nanoscale 11(14): 6576-6583 (2019)

Systemic Levels of Interleukin-6 Correlate With Progression Rate of Geographic Atrophy Secondary to Age-Related Macular Degeneration
, IOVS Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science 60(1): 202-208 (2019)

Potential Benefits of Early Aggressive Treatment in Multiple Sclerosis
, JAMA Neurology 76(3): 254-256 (2019)

Comparison of Sales Income and Research and Development Costs for FDA-Approved Cancer Drugs Sold by Originator Drug Companies
, JAMA Network Open 2(1): E186875 (2019)

IDWeek Fosters Innovation in Infectious Disease Care
, JAMA 321(2): 137 (2019)

Manipulating the Microbiome With Fecal Transplantation to Treat Ulcerative Colitis
, JAMA 321(2): 151-152 (2019)

Stem Cell Transplantation to Treat Multiple Sclerosis
, JAMA 321(2): 153-155 (2019)

Medicaid as a Safeguard for Financial Health
, JAMA 321(2): 135-136 (2019)

Serum Creatinine Levels Before, During, and After Pregnancy
, JAMA 321(2): 205-207 (2019)

Advantages and Disadvantages of Direct Primary Care
, JAMA 321(2): 207 (2019)

Advantages and Disadvantages of Direct Primary Care
, JAMA 321(2): 207-208 (2019)

Association of Initial Disease-Modifying Therapy With Later Conversion to Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis
, JAMA 321(2): 175-187 (2019)

Effect of Fecal Microbiota Transplantation on 8-Week Remission in Patients With Ulcerative Colitis: A Randomized Clinical Trial
, JAMA 321(2): 156-164 (2019)

Effect of Nonmyeloablative Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation vs Continued Disease-Modifying Therapy on Disease Progression in Patients With Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis: A Randomized Clinical Trial
, JAMA 321(2): 165-174 (2019)

Am I Allergic to Penicillin?
, JAMA 321(2): 216 (2019)

At the Line in the Sand, On the Bridge in the Rain, On the Borders That Do Not Exist
, JAMA 321(2): 210-210 (2019)

The Unicorn
, JAMA 321(2): 149-150 (2019)

Evaluation and Management of Penicillin Allergy: A Review
, JAMA 321(2): 188-199 (2019)

Tickborne Diseases Increasing
, JAMA 321(2): 138 (2019)

Daily physical activity during the nine compulsory school years improves academic school results in boys but not girls - a prospective controlled intervention study
, Lakartidningen 116 (2019)

Swedish emergency physicians can safely sedate patients with propofol prior to cardioversion
, Lakartidningen 116 (2019)

Abuse in healthcare - lessons learned during two decades of research
, Lakartidningen 116 (2019)

How to assess the need for new specialists?
, Lakartidningen 116 (2019)

Body orientation contributes to modelling the effects of gravity for target interception in humans
, Journal of Physiology 597(7): 2021-2043 (2019)

A multicentre, randomized, split face and/or neck comparison of 308-nm excimer laser and 0·1% tacrolimus ointment for stable vitiligo plus intramuscular slow-releasing betamethasone for active vitiligo
, British Journal of Dermatology 181(1): 210-211 (2019)

Chemical Approaches to Carbon-Based Metal-Free Catalysts
, Advanced Materials 31(13): E1804863 (2019)

Siyaphambili protocol: An evaluation of randomized, nurse-led adaptive HIV treatment interventions for cisgender female sex workers living with HIV in Durban, South Africa
, Research in Nursing and Health 42(2): 107-118 (2019)

Troubling stereotypes: South African elite disability athletes and the paradox of (self-)representation
, Journal of Community Psychology 47(4): 819-832 (2019)

Alcohol-Related Liver Disease: Areas of Consensus, Unmet Needs and Opportunities for Further Study
, Hepatology 69(5): 2271-2283 (2019)

Recent Advances on Controlled Synthesis and Engineering of Hollow Alloyed Nanotubes for Electrocatalysis
, Advanced Materials 31(38): E1803503 (2019)

Influence of weak groups on polyelectrolyte mobilities
, Electrophoresis 40(5): 799-809 (2019)

Enhanced Light-Driven Hydrogen-Production Activity Induced by Accelerated Interfacial Charge Transfer in Donor-Acceptor Conjugated Polymers/TiO 2 Hybrid
, Chemistry 25(13): 3362-3368 (2019)

Four maternal characteristics determine the 12-month course of chronic severe postpartum depressive symptoms
, Depression and Anxiety 36(4): 375-383 (2019)

Light-Driven Continuous Twist Movements of Microribbons
, Small 15(7): E1804102 (2019)

Tamoxifen induces toxicity, causes autophagy, and partially reverses dexamethasone resistance in Jurkat T cells
, Journal of Leukocyte Biology 105(5): 983-998 (2019)

Priority areas for conservation of Old World vultures
, Conservation Biology: the Journal of the Society for Conservation Biology 33(5): 1056-1065 (2019)

Treatment of obesity in older persons-A systematic review
, Obesity Reviews: An Official Journal of the International Association for the Study of Obesity 20(4): 588-598 (2019)

Pathways to Abortion at a Tertiary Care Hospital: Examining Obesity and Delays
, Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health 51(1): 35-41 (2019)

Enhancing Light Emission in Interface Engineered Spin-OLEDs through Spin-Polarized Injection at High Voltages
, Advanced Materials 31(10): E1806817 (2019)

Extracellular CIRP (eCIRP) and inflammation
, Journal of Leukocyte Biology 106(1): 133-146 (2019)

Comparison of an Er: YAG laser osteotome versus a conventional drill for the use in osteo- odonto-keratoprosthesis (OOKP)
, Lasers in Surgery and Medicine 51(6): 531-537 (2019)

Halogen-Dependent Surface Confinement Governs Selective Alkane Functionalization to Olefins
, Angewandte Chemie 58(18): 5877-5881 (2019)

Toward Precise Manipulation of DNA-Protein Hybrid Nanoarchitectures
, Small 15(26): E1804044 (2019)

Improved MR thermometry for laser interstitial thermotherapy
, Lasers in Surgery and Medicine 51(3): 286-300 (2019)

Vitamin D Protects Against Alcohol-Induced Liver Cell Injury Within an NRF2-ALDH2 Feedback Loop
, Molecular Nutrition and Food Research 63(6): E1801014 (2019)

A Strategy toward New Low-Dimensional Hybrid Halide Perovskites with Anionic Spacers
, Small 15(6): E1804152 (2019)

Zwitterionic Functionalizable Scaffolds with Gyroid Pore Architecture for Tissue Engineering
, Macromolecular Bioscience 19(4): E1800403 (2019)

Exohedral Addition Chemistry of the Fullerenide Anions C 60 2- and C 60 ⋅
, Chemistry 25(20): 5186-5201 (2019)

Polypeptidic Micelles Stabilized with Sodium Alginate Enhance the Activity of Encapsulated Bedaquiline
, Macromolecular Bioscience 19(4): E1800397 (2019)

Targeting NKG2A to elucidate natural killer cell ontogenesis and to develop novel immune-therapeutic strategies in cancer therapy
, Journal of Leukocyte Biology 105(6): 1243-1251 (2019)

A-H…σ Hydrogen Bonds: Dihydrogen and Cycloalkanes as Proton Acceptors
, Chemphyschem: a European Journal of Chemical Physics and Physical Chemistry 20(4): 565-574 (2019)

In Vivo Chemoselective Photoacoustic Imaging of Copper(II) in Plant and Animal Subjects
, Small 15(6): E1803866 (2019)

Megakaryocytes as immune cells
, Journal of Leukocyte Biology 105(6): 1111-1121 (2019)

Unique 1D Cd 1- x Zn x [email protected] 2 /NiO x Nanohybrids: Highly Efficient Visible-Light-Driven Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution via Integrated Structural Regulation
, Small 15(29): E1804115 (2019)

Phase 1 clinical study to assess the safety of a novel drug delivery system providing long-term topical steroid therapy for chronic rhinosinusitis
, International Forum of Allergy and Rhinology 9(4): 378-387 (2019 )

Synthesis and Characterization of a Pentiptycene-Derived Dual Oligoparaphenylene Nanohoop
, Angewandte Chemie 58(12): 3943-3947 (2019)

Squaraine Dyes: Interaction with Bovine Serum Albumin to Investigate Supramolecular Adducts with Aggregation-Induced Emission (AIE) Properties
, Chemistry An Asian Journal 14(6): 896-903 (2019)

Towards Green Synthesis and Processing of Organic Solar Cells
, Chemical Record 19(6): 1039-1049 (2019)

Synthesis of Plasmonic Group-4 Nitride Nanocrystals by Solid-State Metathesis
, Angewandte Chemie 58(10): 3147-3150 (2019)

Fading Mechanisms and Voltage Hysteresis in FeF 2 -NiF 2 Solid Solution Cathodes for Lithium and Lithium-Ion Batteries
, Small 15(6): E1804670 (2019)

Dinorcassane Diterpenoid from Boesenbergia rotunda Rhizomes Collected in Lower Myanmar
, Chemistry and Biodiversity 16(4): E1800657 (2019)

Magnet Patterned Superparamagnetic Fe 3 O 4 /Au Core-Shell Nanoplasmonic Sensing Array for Label-Free High Throughput Cytokine Immunoassay
, Advanced Healthcare Materials 8(4): E1801478 (2019)

Nebulised hypertonic saline in children with bronchiolitis admitted to the paediatric intensive care unit: A retrospective study
, Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health 55(9): 1125-1132 (2019)

Photopolymerized Micelle-Laden Hydrogels Can Simultaneously Form and Encapsulate Nanocrystals to Improve Drug Substance Solubility and Expedite Drug Product Design
, Small 15(6): E1803372 (2019)

Adenoid cystic carcinoma of the sinonasal tract: a review of the national cancer database
, International Forum of Allergy and Rhinology 9(4): 427-434 (2019)

Conducting a Reproducible Mendelian Randomization Analysis Using the R Analytic Statistical Environment
, Current Protocols in Human Genetics 101(1): E82 (2019)

The pathogenesis of tuberculous meningitis
, Journal of Leukocyte Biology 105(2): 267-280 (2019)

NIR-Induced Disintegration of CuS-Loaded Nanogels for Improved Tumor Penetration and Enhanced Anticancer Therapy
, Macromolecular Bioscience 19(4): E1800416 (2019)

Construction of Antibacterial N-Halamine Polymer Nanomaterials Capable of Bacterial Membrane Disruption for Efficient Anti-Infective Wound Therapy
, Macromolecular Bioscience 19(4): E1800453 (2019)

One-Step Labeling of Collagen Hydrogels with Polydopamine and Manganese Porphyrin for Non-Invasive Scaffold Tracking on Magnetic Resonance Imaging
, Macromolecular Bioscience 19(4): E1800330 (2019)

A Self-Assembled ATP Probe for Melanoma Cell Imaging
, Chemistry 25(14): 3501-3504 (2019)

Housing Gnotobiotic Mice in Conventional Animal Facilities
, Current Protocols in Mouse Biology 9(1): E59 (2019)

Native Chemical Ligation of Peptides and Proteins
, Current Protocols in Chemical Biology 11(1): E61 (2019)

Synthesis and Characterization of Oxazaborinin Phosphonate for Blue OLED Emitter Applications
, Chemphyschem: a European Journal of Chemical Physics and Physical Chemistry 20(5): 665-671 (2019)

Oxidative Epigallocatechin Gallate Coating on Polymeric Substrates for Bone Tissue Regeneration
, Macromolecular Bioscience 19(4): E1800392 (2019)

A General Method to Ultrathin Bimetal-MOF Nanosheets Arrays via In Situ Transformation of Layered Double Hydroxides Arrays
, Small 15(6): E1804761 (2019)

Nitric Oxide Therapy for Diabetic Wound Healing
, Advanced Healthcare Materials 8(12): E1801210 (2019)

Holo-Lactoferrin Modified Liposome for Relieving Tumor Hypoxia and Enhancing Radiochemotherapy of Cancer
, Small 15(6): E1803703 (2019)

How Accountable Care Organizations Use Population Segmentation to Care for High-Need, High-Cost Patients
, Issue Brief 2019: 1-17 (2019)

State Strategies for Establishing Connections to Health Care for Justice-Involved Populations: The Central Role of Medicaid
, Issue Brief 2019: 1-12 (2019)

'Let's stop complaining about social determinants of health, and let's fix them'
, Modern Healthcare 47(10): 30-31 (2017)

Using Empowered CMAs and Nursing Staff to Improve Team-based Care
, Family Practice Management 26(1): 17-22 (2019)

High-Maintenance Patients
, Family Practice Management 26(1): 36 (2019)

Protecting Adolescent Patient Privacy: Four Key Questions
, Family Practice Management 26(1): 7-10 (2019)

The 2019 Medicare Documentation, Coding, and Payment Update
, Family Practice Management 26(1): 23-28 (2019)

Tools for Better Dementia Care
, Family Practice Management 26(1): 11-16 (2019)

Mass Spectrometry Imaging of Brain Cholesterol and Metabolites with Trifluoroacetic Acid-Enhanced Desorption Electrospray Ionization
, Analytical Chemistry 91(4): 2719-2726 (2019)

Crystal Structures of Fumarate Hydratases from Leishmania major in a Complex with Inhibitor 2-Thiomalate
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M-ary pulse position modulation performance in strong atmospheric turbulence
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Coherency and differential Mueller matrices for polarizing media
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Weighted least-squares phase-unwrapping algorithm based on the orientation coherence for discontinuous optical phase patterns
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Chromatic aberration of plane-symmetric optical systems
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Simulation of grating compressor misalignment tolerances and mitigation strategies for chirped-pulse-amplification systems of varying bandwidths and beam sizes
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Pulsed upconversion imaging of mid-infrared supercontinuum light using an electronically synchronized pump laser
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Versatile photoacoustic spectrometer based on a mid-infrared pulsed optical parametric oscillator
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Spectral, spatial, and survivability evaluation of a flash-dried plasma-etched nanotube spray coating
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Measurement of mid-frequency wavefront error for large optical components with ptychography
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High-precision grating period measurement
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The Macek and Davis experiment revisited: a large ring laser interferometer operating on the 2s 2 → 2p 4 transition of neon
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Rotation double prisms steered by noncircular gear pairs to scan specified nonlinear trajectories
, Applied Optics 58(2): 283-290 (2019)

Magneto-optical imaging feature extraction of micro-gap weld joint under nonuniform magnetic field excitation
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Optimization of the optical particle counter for online particle measurement in high-pressure gas
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Optical design of a compact multispectral LED light source with high irradiance and uniformity
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Spectropolarimetric measurement based on a fast-axis-adjustable photoelastic modulator
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Degenerate four-wave mixing for measurement of magnetic field using a nanoparticles-doped highly nonlinear photonic crystal fiber
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Influence of altitude on aero-optic imaging quality degradation of the hemispherical optical dome
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Transmission line method for the simulation of fiber Bragg gratings
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Compound period grating coupler for double beam generation and steering
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Large-coverage underwater visible light communication system based on blue LED employing equal gain combining with integrated PIN array reception
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Multi-step phase aberration compensation method based on optimal principal component analysis and subsampling for digital holographic microscopy
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Multiple just-noticeable-difference-based no-reference stereoscopic image quality assessment
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Entanglement in ladder-plus-Y double quantum dot structure via entropy
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Highly sensitive polarimetric camera (B-BOP) for the SPICA mission
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Characterizing vortex beams from a spatial light modulator with collinear phase-shifting holography
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Liquid-crystal based Fabry-Perot interferometer displacement sensor
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Tapered tellurite step-index optical fiber for coherent near-to-mid-IR supercontinuum generation: experiment and modeling
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Dispersion compensation by a liquid lens (DisCoBALL)
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Direct phase unwrapping method based on a local third-order polynomial fit
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Non-hot-image-plane intense fringe from double scatterers in an intense laser beam through cascaded Kerr medium disks
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Structure parameter of anisotropic atmospheric turbulence expressed in terms of anisotropic factors and oceanic turbulence parameters
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Quantitative determination of tantalum and niobium in tantalum-niobium ore using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy
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Subdivision of Brillouin gain spectrum to improve the spatial resolution of a BOTDA system
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Improving reconstruction of speckle correlation imaging by using a modified phase retrieval algorithm with the number of nonzero-pixels constraint
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Lithium ion detection in liquid with low detection limit by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy
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Multiband circular dichroism from bilayer rotational F4 nanostructure arrays
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Different measures of speckle and coherence at the output of a multimode optical fiber
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Color induction in equiluminant flashed stimuli
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Underwater optical communication performance under the influence of the eddy diffusivity ratio
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High-order spherical harmonics-nodal collocation scheme for the numerical solution of the time-dependent radiative transfer equation
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How anisotropy of CIELAB color space affects the separation effect: an experimental study
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Effect of underwater suspended particles on the transmission characteristics of polarized lasers
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As-projective-as-possible bias correction for illumination estimation algorithms
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Metamodeling of high-contrast-index gratings for color reproduction
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Deep spectral reflectance and illuminant estimation from self-interreflections
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Spherical sampling methods for the calculation of metamer mismatch volumes
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Nonparaxial propagation of vector vortex beams diffracted by a circular aperture
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Extension of the span and optimization of the optical "magic carpet": generation of a wide quasi-nondiffracting light sheet
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Imaging with two skew ideal lenses
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Orbital angular momentum of an elliptic beam after an elliptic spiral phase plate
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A high dynamic range optical detector for measuring single photons and bright light
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30 GHz heterogeneously integrated capacitive InP-on-Si Mach-Zehnder modulators
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C-band PAM-4 signal transmission using soft-output MLSE and LDPC code
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Generation and probing of 3D helical lattices with tunable helix pitch and interface
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Theoretical simulation on exciplex pumped Rb vapor laser
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Real-time experimental demonstration of DSP-enabled soft-ROADMs with multi-level flexible add/drop functions for cloud access networks
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Dual-band vortex beam generation with different OAM modes using single-layer metasurface
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High beam quality and high peak power Yb:YAG/Cr:YAG microchip laser
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2/3 octave Si/SiO 2 infrared dispersive mirrors open new horizons in ultrafast multilayer optics
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Characterization of microresonator-geometry-deformation for cavity optomechanics
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Inter-core crosstalk in weakly coupled MCFs with arbitrary core layout and the effect of bending and twisting on the coupling coefficient
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Integer and fractional electromagnetically induced Talbot effects in a ladder-type coherent atomic system
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Design method for compact, achromatic, high-performance, solid catadioptric system (SoCatS), from visible to IR
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High spectral purity electromagnetically induced transparency-based microwave optoelectronic oscillator with a quasi-cylindrical microcavity
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Experimental quantification of the free-carrier effect in silicon waveguides at extended wavelengths
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Programmable pulse shaping for time-gated amplifiers
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X-ray zoom lens allows for energy scans in X-ray microscopy
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Highly efficient thulium-doped high-power laser fibers fabricated by MCVD
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Wideband sub-THz half-wave plate using 3D-printed low-index metagratings with superwavelength lattice
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Ultraprecision machining of microlens arrays with integrated on-machine surface metrology
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Achromatic complex holograms for laser mode conversion
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Deep learning wavefront sensing
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High-sensitivity refractive index and temperature sensor based on cascaded dual-wavelength fiber laser and SNHNS interferometer
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Effect of pad elastic modulus on polishing-induced subsurface damages distribution and laser-induced damage performance of fused silica optics
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Two-dimensional hexagonal boron nitride nanosheet as the planar-alignment agent in a liquid crystal-based electro-optic device
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27 dB gain III-V-on-silicon semiconductor optical amplifier with > 17 dBm output power
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Analytical method for metal-insulator-metal surface plasmon polaritons waveguide networks
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Tunable surface plasmon-polaritons based on quantum coherence
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Investigating surface morphology of Ag-AgCl thin film by scattering pattern at normal and oblique incident angles
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General model for phase shifting profilometry with an object in motion
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2-μm double-pulse single-frequency Tm:fiber laser pumped Ho:YLF laser for a space-borne CO 2 lidar
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Terahertz transmission imaging of inhomogeneous polymer multilayers: theory and experiment
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Joint estimation of unknown radiometric data, gain, and offset from thermal images
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Comparative study of sampling moiré and windowed Fourier transform techniques for demodulation of a single-fringe pattern
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Tunable optical transmission of magnetic microsphere colloids
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Theoretical ranging performance model that considers laser pointing errors for laser ranging systems in detecting diffusely reflecting targets
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Cascaded on-chip phonon shield for membrane microresonators
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High-resolution 3D light fluence mapping for heterogeneous scattering media by localized sampling
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Design and realization of a wide field of view infrared scanning system with an integrated micro-electromechanical system mirror
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Fiber-optic simultaneous distributed monitoring of strain and temperature for an aircraft wing during flight
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Fiber optic surface-plasmon-resonance-based highly sensitive arsenic sensor prepared using α-Fe 2 O 3 /SnO 2 core-shell nanostructure with optimized probe parameters
, Applied Optics 57(36): 10466-10473 (2018)

Wide tuning range and high OSNR self-seeded multi-wavelength Brillouin-erbium fiber laser based on a Lyot filter
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Bi-fiber quasi-axis probe for photonic Doppler velocimetry for shock physics experiments
, Applied Optics 57(36): 10480-10484 (2018)

Fiber-coupled LWIR hyperspectral sensor suite for non-contact component surface temperature measurements
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Simple derivative-free method of zero extraction by phase-based enclosure for determination of complex propagation constants in planar multilayer waveguides
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Multidispersed bubble-size measurements by interferometric particle imaging at scattering angles of 90° and 45°
, Applied Optics 57(36): 10496-10504 (2018)

Strong coupling of metamaterial resonances to intersubband transitions of quantum dots for enhanced second-harmonic generation
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Mesoporous plasmonic nanocomposites based on Au/Ag-TiO 2 aerogels as SERS substrates
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Experiments on laser cleaning of sooted optical windows
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All-fiber polarization-division multiplexing to mode-division multiplexing conversion for hybrid optical networks
, Applied Optics 57(36): 10528-10533 (2018)

Controllable switch of a transmittance signal via polarization combination manipulation
, Applied Optics 57(36): 10534-10540 (2018)

Three-dimensional displacement measurement of self-oscillating gel using digital holographic microscopy
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Inline integration of offset MMF-capillary-MMF structure as a portable and compact fiber-optic surface-enhanced Raman scattering microfluidic chip
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Polarization-sensitive femtosecond mid-infrared spectrometer with a tunable Fabry-Perot filter and chirped-pulse upconversion
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Improving collection efficiency in two-photon endoscopy with reflective waveguiding
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Optical fibers with open side channel by wet etching
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Model and experimental validation of a unidirectional phase modulator
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Chaos synchronization and communication in closed-loop semiconductor lasers subject to common chaotic phase-modulated feedback
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Micro-fluorescence lifetime and spectral imaging of ytterbium doped laser materials
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Noise-induced temporal regularity and signal amplification in an optomechanical system with parametric instability
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Tailoring anisotropic perfect absorption in monolayer black phosphorus by critical coupling at terahertz frequencies
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Single-pixel phase and fluorescence microscope
, Optics Express 26(25): 32451-32462 (2018)

SMS2D designs as starting points for lens optimization
, Optics Express 26(25): 32463-32474 (2018)

High-performance source of spectrally pure, polarization entangled photon pairs based on hybrid integrated-bulk optics
, Optics Express 26(25): 32475-32490 (2018)

Photonics-based reconfigurable multi-band linearly frequency-modulated signal generation
, Optics Express 26(25): 32491-32499 (2018)

GeSn heterostructure micro-disk laser operating at 230 K
, Optics Express 26(25): 32500-32508 (2018)

Snapshot hyperspectral imaging via spectral basis multiplexing in Fourier domain
, Optics Express 26(25): 32509-32521 (2018)

Experimental study of performance enhanced IM/DD transmissions combining 4D Trellis coded modulation with precoding
, Optics Express 26(25): 32522-32531 (2018)

Simultaneous measurement and reconstruction tailoring for quantitative phase imaging
, Optics Express 26(25): 32532-32553 (2018)

Characterization of surface-states in a hollow core photonic crystal fiber
, Optics Express 26(25): 32554-32564 (2018)

Model-driven convolution neural network for inverse lithography
, Optics Express 26(25): 32565-32584 (2018)

Tunable self-focusing and self-defocusing effects in a triple quantum dot via the tunnel-enhanced cross-Kerr nonlinearity
, Optics Express 26(25): 32585-32598 (2018)

Enhancing strain dynamic range of slope-assisted BOTDA by manipulating Brillouin gain spectrum shape
, Optics Express 26(25): 32599-32607 (2018)

Rapid on-site recalibration for binocular vision galvanometric laser scanning system
, Optics Express 26(25): 32608-32623 (2018)

Engineering scattering patterns with asymmetric dielectric nanorods
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High quality terahertz glass wave plates
, Optics Express 26(25): 32631-32639 (2018)

Image flickering-free polymer stabilized fringe field switching liquid crystal display
, Optics Express 26(25): 32640-32651 (2018)

All-fiber narrow-linewidth ring laser with continuous and large tuning range based on microsphere resonator and fiber Bragg grating
, Optics Express 26(25): 32652-32661 (2018)

Tapless and topology agnostic calibration solution for silicon photonic switches
, Optics Express 26(25): 32662-32674 (2018)

Sideband generation of coupled-cavity terahertz semiconductor lasers under active radio frequency modulation
, Optics Express 26(25): 32675-32690 (2018)

Photonic-layer encryption and steganography over IM/DD communication system
, Optics Express 26(25): 32691-32703 (2018)

Optimization of photonic crystal nanocavities based on deep learning
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Demonstration of 2.5 J, 10 Hz, nanosecond laser beam combination system based on non-collinear Brillouin amplification
, Optics Express 26(25): 32717-32727 (2018)

Construction, characteristics, and constraints of accelerating beams based on caustic design
, Optics Express 26(25): 32728-32738 (2018)

Enhanced diffraction efficiency of two-dimensional phase gratings
, Optics Express 26(25): 32739-32742 (2018)

A nonlinear measurement method of polarization aberration in immersion projection optics by spectrum analysis of aerial image
, Optics Express 26(25): 32743-32756 (2018)

Enhancing the performance of THz quasi time-domain spectroscopy systems by low duty cycle laser operation
, Optics Express 26(25): 32758-32764 (2018)

Equalization performance and complexity analysis of dynamic deep neural networks in long haul transmission systems
, Optics Express 26(25): 32765-32776 (2018)

Transverse mode-switchable fiber laser based on a photonic lantern
, Optics Express 26(25): 32777-32787 (2018)

A post-processing-free single-photon random number generator with ultra-low latency
, Optics Express 26(25): 32788-32801 (2018)

Integrated holographic waveguide display system with a common optical path for visible and infrared light
, Optics Express 26(25): 32802-32811 (2018)

Surface third and fifth harmonic generation at crystalline Si for non-invasive inspection of Si wafer's inter-layer defects
, Optics Express 26(25): 32812-32823 (2018)

Optical inversions of the water column based on glider measurements
, Optics Express 26(25): 32824-32838 (2018)

Vortex laser from anti-resonant ring coupled cavities
, Optics Express 26(25): 32839-32846 (2018)

Unsupervised solution for in-line holography phase retrieval using Bayesian inference
, Optics Express 26(25): 32847-32865 (2018)

Design of a 2 diopter holographic progressive lens
, Optics Express 26(25): 32866-32877 (2018)

Optimal reordering of measurements for photonic quantum tomography
, Optics Express 26(25): 32878-32887 (2018)

Quantitative differential phase contrast (DPC) microscopy with computational aberration correction
, Optics Express 26(25): 32888-32899 (2018)

Double-crossed polarization transient grating for distinction and characterization of coherences
, Optics Express 26(25): 32900-32907 (2018)

Simple technique of determining the fibre diameter during etching
, Optics Express 26(25): 32908-32917 (2018)

Asymmetric light diffraction of two-dimensional electromagnetically induced grating with PT symmetry in asymmetric double quantum wells
, Optics Express 26(25): 32918-32930 (2018)

Multi-spectral frequency selective mid-infrared microbolometers
, Optics Express 26(25): 32931-32940 (2018)

Effective dielectric function of laser-pumped anatase nanoparticles: influence of free carriers trapping and depletion of valence band
, Optics Express 26(25): 32941-32957 (2018)

Narrow-linewidth swept laser phase reconstruction and noise measurement technology and its applications
, Optics Express 26(25): 32958-32970 (2018)

Control of soliton self-frequency shift dynamics via Airy soliton interaction
, Optics Express 26(25): 32971-32980 (2018)

Modal analysis of metallic screen with finite conductivity perforated by array of subwavelength rectangular flared holes
, Optics Express 26(25): 32981-33004 (2018)

On-chip silicon mode blocking filter employing subwavelength-grating based contra-directional coupler
, Optics Express 26(25): 33005-33012 (2018)

162-inch 3D light field display based on aspheric lens array and holographic functional screen
, Optics Express 26(25): 33013-33021 (2018)

Impact of near-ρτ symmetry on exciting solitons and interactions based on a complex Ginzburg-Landau model
, Optics Express 26(25): 33022-33034 (2018)

Measuring topological charge of partially coherent elegant Laguerre-Gaussian beam
, Optics Express 26(25): 33035-33043 (2018)

Label-free rapid identification of tumor cells and blood cells with silver film SERS substrate
, Optics Express 26(25): 33044-33056 (2018)

Realization of a scalable Laguerre-Gaussian mode sorter based on a robust radial mode sorter
, Optics Express 26(25): 33057-33065 (2018)

Bidirectional image transmission through physically thick scattering media using digital optical phase conjugation
, Optics Express 26(25): 33066-33079 (2018)

Super-sensitive angular displacement estimation via an SU(1,1)-SU(2) hybrid interferometer
, Optics Express 26(25): 33080-33090 (2018)

Analysis on the longitudinal field strength formed by tightly-focused radially-polarized femtosecond petawatt laser pulse
, Optics Express 26(25): 33091-33107 (2018)

Very high external quantum efficiency and wall-plug efficiency 527 nm InGaN green LEDs by MOCVD
, Optics Express 26(25): 33108-33115 (2018)

Dynamic evolution of pulsating solitons in a dissipative system with the gain saturation effect
, Optics Express 26(25): 33116-33128 (2018)

Robust universal photonic quantum gates operable with imperfect processes involved in diamond nitrogen-vacancy centers inside low-Q single-sided cavities
, Optics Express 26(25): 33129-33141 (2018)

Quasi-phase matched second harmonic generation in periodically poled Rb-doped KTiOPO 4 ridge waveguide
, Optics Express 26(25): 33142-33147 (2018)

Polarizing beam splitter integrated onto an optical fiber facet
, Optics Express 26(25): 33148-33157 (2018)

Depth-based dynamic lightness adjustment power-saving algorithm for AMOLED in head-mounted display
, Optics Express 26(25): 33158-33165 (2018)

Three-dimensional localization microscopy using deep learning
, Optics Express 26(25): 33166-33179 (2018)

Silicon slot fin waveguide on bonded double-SOI for a low-power accumulation modulator fabricated by an anisotropic wet etching technique
, Optics Express 26(25): 33180-33191 (2018)

Fourier domain rotational anisotropy-second harmonic generation
, Optics Express 26(25): 33192-33204 (2018)

Nearly complete survival of an entangled biphoton through bound states in continuum in disordered photonic lattices
, Optics Express 26(25): 33205-33214 (2018)

Engineering surface lattice resonance of elliptical gold nanodisk array for enhanced strain sensing
, Optics Express 26(25): 33215-33225 (2018)

Titanium dioxide nanoparticle modified plasmonic interface for enhanced refractometric and biomolecular sensing
, Optics Express 26(25): 33226-33237 (2018)

Attosecond chirp compensation in water window by plasma dispersion
, Optics Express 26(25): 33238-33244 (2018)

Fabrication of hybrid Fabry-Pérot microcavity using two-photon lithography for single-photon sources
, Optics Express 26(25): 33245-33252 (2018)

Conductive polymer for ultra-broadband, wide-angle, and polarization-insensitive metamaterial perfect absorber
, Optics Express 26(25): 33253-33262 (2018)

Generalization of Wolf effect of light on arbitrary two-dimensional surface of revolution
, Optics Express 26(25): 33263-33277 (2018)

Automated calibration of multi-camera-projector structured light systems for volumetric high-speed 3D surface reconstructions
, Optics Express 26(25): 33278-33304 (2018)

Plane-by-plane femtosecond laser inscription of first-order fiber Bragg gratings in fluoride glass fiber for in situ monitoring of lasing evolution
, Optics Express 26(25): 33305-33313 (2018)

Global field-of-view imaging model and parameter optimization for high dynamic star tracker
, Optics Express 26(25): 33314-33332 (2018)

Optimal transmission modes under atmosphere turbulence with transmitter/receiver aperture size constraint
, Optics Express 26(25): 33333-33348 (2018)

On-chip polarization beam splitter design for optical coherence tomography
, Optics Express 26(25): 33349-33355 (2018)

Fabrication of large micro-structured high-numerical-aperture optofluidic compound eyes with tunable angle of view
, Optics Express 26(25): 33356-33365 (2018)

Generation of 87 Rb resonant bright two-mode squeezed light with four-wave mixing
, Optics Express 26(25): 33366-33375 (2018)

Channel cloning by multi-mode phase-sensitive parametric mixer
, Optics Express 26(25): 33376-33386 (2018)

Spatio-spectral characterization of broadband fields using multispectral imaging
, Optics Express 26(25): 33387-33399 (2018)

Steering electron correlation time by elliptically polarized femtosecond laser pulses
, Optics Express 26(25): 33400-33408 (2018)

Investigation of temporal dynamics due to stimulated Brillouin scattering using statistical correlation in a narrow-linewidth cw high power fiber amplifier
, Optics Express 26(25): 33409-33417 (2018)

Equalization scheme of C-band PAM4 signal for optical amplified 50-Gb/s PON
, Optics Express 26(25): 33418-33427 (2018)

Mid-infrared Fourier-domain optical coherence tomography with a pyroelectric linear array
, Optics Express 26(25): 33428-33439 (2018)

Carrier-envelope phase-dependent molecular high-order harmonic generation from H2+ in a multi-cycle regime
, Optics Express 26(25): 33440-33452 (2018)

Multiple harmonics control of edge pseudomagnetoplasmons in strained grapheme
, Optics Express 26(25): 33453-33462 (2018)

On-chip passive optical diode with low-power consumption
, Optics Express 26(25): 33463-33472 (2018)

Lasing threshold of thresholdless and non-thresholdless metal-semiconductor nanolasers
, Optics Express 26(25): 33473-33483 (2018)

Three-wavelength cavity-enhanced albedometer for measuring wavelength-dependent optical properties and single-scattering albedo of aerosols
, Optics Express 26(25): 33484-33500 (2018)

Multiplexing of anti-resonant reflecting optical waveguides for temperature sensing based on quartz capillary
, Optics Express 26(25): 33501-33509 (2018)

In vivo hemodynamic visualization of berberine-induced effect on the cerebral cortex of a mouse by photoacoustic tomography
, Applied Optics 58(1): 1-8 (2019)

Graphene surface plasmon off-axis superlens based on tilted one-dimensional Si/SiO 2 gratings
, Applied Optics 58(1): 15-20 (2019)

Investigation of the thermo stability of aluminum thin-film filters with protective MoSi 2 cap layers
, Applied Optics 58(1): 21-28 (2019)

Alignment mark optimization for improving signal-to-noise ratio of wafer alignment signal
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Auto-correction method for improving temperature stability in a long-range Raman fiber temperature sensor
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Measuring spatial coherence by using a lateral shearing interferometry
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Research on an adaptive filter for the Mie lidar signal
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Color holographic display using single chip LCOS
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Microstructured light guiding plate for single-sided light emission as light source for room illumination
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Total internal reflection shell for light-emitting diode bulbs
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Tunable defect modes of one-dimensional photonic crystals containing a Dirac semimetal-based metamaterial defect layer
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Nine-sector three-stage Fresnel lens concentrator
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Double square rings with different dimensions produce multiple absorption bands
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Using a proxy state to improve the accuracy of truncated hyperpolarizability calculations
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Photonic crystal waveguides as sources of counterpropagating factorizable biphoton states
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Second- and third-order nonlinear wavelength conversion in an all-optically poled Si 3 N 4 waveguide
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Broadband quarter-wave birefringent meta-mirrors for generating sub-diffraction vector fields
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High-Q tellurium-oxide-coated silicon nitride microring resonators
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Fano-resonant silicon photonic crystal slab for efficient third-harmonic generation
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Synthesis of Stokes vortices
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1886-nm mode-locked and wavelength tunable Tm-doped CaF 2 lasers
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High-speed, low-cost, pulsed-laser-diode-based second-generation desktop photoacoustic tomography system
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High-color-purity, angle-invariant, and bidirectional structural colors based on higher-order resonances
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Mode-selective image upconversion
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High-resolution remote spectroscopy and plasma dynamics induced with UV filaments
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