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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 66128

Chapter 66128 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Survey, Molecular Detection, and Characterization of Geminiviruses Associated with Cassava Mosaic Disease in Zambia
, Plant Disease 100(7): 1379-1387 (2016)

A New Rust Disease on Wild Coffee (Psychotria nervosa) Caused by Puccinia mysuruensis sp. nov
, Plant Disease 100(7): 1371-1378 (2016)

Pathotype Diversity of Phytophthora sojae in Eleven States in the United States
, Plant Disease 100(7): 1429-1437 (2016)

Association of Botryosphaeria Panicle and Shoot Blight of Pistachio with Injuries of Fruit Caused by Hemiptera Insects and Birds
, Plant Disease 100(7): 1405-1413 (2016)

Evaluation of Resistance to Leaf Scald by Quantitative PCR of Xanthomonas albilineans in Sugarcane
, Plant Disease 100(7): 1331-1338 (2016)

Seed Treatment with Ethanol Extract of Serratia marcescens is Compatible with Trichoderma Isolates for Control of Damping-off of Cucumber Caused by Pythium ultimum
, Plant Disease 100(7): 1278-1287 (2016)

A Method for Combining Isolates of Phytophthora sojae to Screen for Novel Sources of Resistance to Phytophthora Stem and Root Rot in Soybean
, Plant Disease 100(7): 1424-1428 (2016)

Genotypic Diversity and Resistance to Azoxystrobin of Cercospora beticola on Processing Table Beet in New York
, Plant Disease 100(7): 1466-1473 (2016)

Baseline Sensitivity of Botrytis cinerea to the Succinate Dehydrogenase Inhibitor Isopyrazam and Efficacy of this Fungicide
, Plant Disease 100(7): 1314-1320 (2016)

Angular Leaf Spot of Cucurbits is Associated With Genetically Diverse Pseudomonas syringae Strains
, Plant Disease 100(7): 1397-1404 (2016)

Persistence of Dothistroma septosporum on Abscised Pine Needles and its Implications for Disease Management
, Plant Disease 100(7): 1271-1277 (2016)

Identification of Meloidogyne Species from the Central Valley of Chile and Interaction with Stone Fruit Rootstocks
, Plant Disease 100(7): 1358-1363 (2016)

Molecular and Biochemical Characterization of Laboratory and Field Mutants of Botrytis cinerea Resistant to Fludioxonil
, Plant Disease 100(7): 1414-1423 (2016)

Isolates of Rhizoctonia solani Can Produce both Web Blight and Root Rot Symptoms in Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)
, Plant Disease 100(7): 1351-1357 (2016)

SNP-Based Differentiation of Phytophthora infestans Clonal Lineages Using Locked Nucleic Acid Probes and High-Resolution Melt Analysis
, Plant Disease 100(7): 1297-1306 (2016)

Fungicide and Cultivar Effects on Sudden Death Syndrome and Yield of Soybean
, Plant Disease 100(7): 1339-1350 (2016)

Time Course of Carbendazim Stimulation on Pathogenicity of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum Indicates a Direct Stimulation Mechanism
, Plant Disease 100(7): 1454-1459 (2016)

Neurodegenerative Dementias: Improving Brain Health to Decrease Risk
, Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences 31(1): A4 (2019 )

Pathogenesis of Bohle Iridovirus (Genus Ranavirus) in Experimentally Infected Juvenile Eastern Water Dragons ( Intellagama lesueurii lesueurii)
, Veterinary Pathology 56(3): 465-475 (2019)

Cultural, Chemical, and Alternative Control Strategies for Rhizopus Soft Rot of Sweetpotato
, Plant Disease 100(8): 1532-1540 (2016)

Detection of Dual Heterodera avenae Resistance plus Tolerance Traits in Spring Wheat
, Plant Disease 100(8): 1677-1685 (2016)

Seasonal Susceptibility of Grapevine Pruning Wounds and Cane Colonization in Catalonia, Spain Following Artificial Infection with Diplodia seriata and Phaeomoniella chlamydospora
, Plant Disease 100(8): 1651-1659 (2016)

Seasonal and Cross-Seasonal Timing of Fungicide Trunk Injections in Apple Trees to Optimize Management of Apple Scab
, Plant Disease 100(8): 1606-1616 (2016)

Morphological, Biometrical, Biochemical, and Molecular Characterization of the Coffee Root-Knot Nematode Meloidogyne megadora
, Plant Disease 100(8): 1725-1734 (2016)

Effect of Planting Date, Seed Treatment, and Cultivar on Plant Population, Sudden Death Syndrome, and Yield of Soybean
, Plant Disease 100(8): 1735-1743 (2016)

An Evaluation of the Flora Adjacent to Wine Grape Vineyards for the Presence of Alternative Host Plants of Grapevine red blotch-associated virus
, Plant Disease 100(8): 1571-1574 (2016)

Physiologic Specialization of Puccinia triticina on Wheat in the United States in 2014
, Plant Disease 100(8): 1768-1773 (2016)

Genotypes and Characteristics of Phenamacril-Resistant Mutants in Fusarium asiaticum
, Plant Disease 100(8): 1754-1761 (2016)

Rootstock Effects on Almond Leaf Scorch Disease Incidence and Severity
, Plant Disease 100(8): 1617-1621 (2016)

Use of Mycelium and Detached Leaves in Bioassays for Assessing Resistance to Boxwood Blight
, Plant Disease 100(8): 1622-1626 (2016)

Effect of Verticillium dahliae Soil Inoculum Levels on Spinach Seed Infection
, Plant Disease 100(8): 1564-1570 (2016)

Population Dynamics of Released Potato Psyllids and their Bacteriliferous Status in Relation to Zebra Chip Incidence in Caged Field Plots
, Plant Disease 100(8): 1762-1767 (2016)

Molecular Mapping of the Stripe Rust Resistance Gene Yr69 on Wheat Chromosome 2AS
, Plant Disease 100(8): 1717-1724 (2016)

Population Genetic Structure of QoI-Resistant Pestalotiopsis longiseta Isolates Causing Tea Gray Blight
, Plant Disease 100(8): 1686-1691 (2016)

Hop Powdery Mildew Control Through Alteration of Spring Pruning Practices
, Plant Disease 100(8): 1599-1605 (2016)

Rapid Quantification of Soilborne Pathogen Communities in Wheat-Based Long-Term Field Experiments
, Plant Disease 100(8): 1692-1708 (2016)

Blueberry necrotic ring blotch virus in Southern Highbush Blueberry: Insights into In Planta and In-Field Movement
, Plant Disease 100(8): 1575-1579 (2016)

Characterization of Beet curly top virus Strains Circulating in Beet Leafhoppers (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae) in Northeastern Oregon
, Plant Disease 100(8): 1586-1590 (2016)

Cercosporin From Pseudocercosporella capsellae and its Critical Role in White Leaf Spot Development
, Plant Disease 100(8): 1521-1531 (2016)

Molecular Characterization of the sdhB Gene and Baseline Sensitivity to Penthiopyrad, Fluopyram, and Benzovindiflupyr in Venturia inaequalis
, Plant Disease 100(8): 1709-1716 (2016)

Advances in the Interpretation of Tomographic Images as an Early Detection Method of Oil Palm Affected by Basal Stem Rot in Colombia
, Plant Disease 100(8): 1559-1563 (2016)

RT-PCR Differentiation, Molecular and Pathological Characterization of Andean and Ordinary Strains of Potato virus S in Potatoes in China
, Plant Disease 100(8): 1580-1585 (2016)

Characterization of Rhizoctonia solani Associated with Black Scurf in Cyprus
, Plant Disease 100(8): 1591-1598 (2016)

Characterization of a Segregation Distortion Locus with Powdery Mildew Resistance in a Wheat-Thinopyrum intermedium Introgression Line WE99
, Plant Disease 100(8): 1541-1547 (2016)

Suppression of Powdery Mildews by UV-B: Application Frequency and Timing, Dose, Reflectance, and Automation
, Plant Disease 100(8): 1643-1650 (2016)

Race Characterization of Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici, the Cause of Wheat Stripe Rust, in Saskatchewan and Southern Alberta, Canada and Virulence Comparison with Races from the United States
, Plant Disease 100(8): 1744-1753 (2016)

Geographic Differentiation and Population Genetic Structure of Moniliophthora roreri in the Principal Cocoa Production Areas in Colombia
, Plant Disease 100(8): 1548-1558 (2016)

Overexpression of OsOSM1 Enhances Resistance to Rice Sheath Blight
, Plant Disease 100(8): 1634-1642 (2016)

Optimization and Application of a Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction Assay to Detect Diaporthe Species in Soybean Plant Tissue
, Plant Disease 100(8): 1669-1676 (2016)

A Multiplex Real-Time PCR Assay Differentiates Four Xanthomonas Species Associated with Bacterial Spot of Tomato
, Plant Disease 100(8): 1660-1668 (2016)

Natural products and their (semi-)synthetic forms in treatment of migraine: History and current status
, Current Medicinal Chemistry 2019: (2019)

Validity of visceral fat area measurement by bioelectrical impedance analysis in Japanese obese individuals
, Current Diabetes Reviews 2019: (2019)

Intron-specific Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms of Fat Mass and Obesity-Associated Gene in obese and overweight individuals of the Indian adult population- A pilot study
, Current Diabetes Reviews 2018: (2018)

The Association of Vitamin D Receptor Gene Polymorphism with Lung Cancer Risk: An Update Meta-analysis
, Combinatorial Chemistry and High Throughput Screening 21(10): 704-710 (2018)

Efficacy and Safety of Addition of Anti-PD1 to Chemotherapy in Treatment of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
, Combinatorial Chemistry and High Throughput Screening 21(10): 711-717 (2018)

New Mechanism of Amyloid Fibril Formation
, Current Protein and Peptide Science 20(6): 630-640 (2019)

Derivatives and Analogues of Resveratrol: Recent Advances in Structural Modification
, Mini Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry 19(10): 809-825 (2019)

Peptides as Potential Anticancer Agents
, Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry 19(17): 1491-1511 (2019)

Nanoparticle Therapy for Prostate Cancer: Overview and Perspectives
, Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry 19(1): 57-73 (2019)

Research Advances in the Use of Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors for Epigenetic Targeting of Cancer
, Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry 19(12): 995-1004 (2019)

Peptide Sequence-Dominated Enzyme-Responsive Nanoplatform for Anticancer Drug Delivery
, Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry 19(1): 74-97 (2019)

Cinnamaldehyde Analogs: Docking Based Optimization, COX-2 Inhibitory in vivo and in vitro Studies
, Current Drug Discovery Technologies 2019: (2019)

Therapeutic aspects of Squill; an evidence-based review
, Current Drug Discovery Technologies 2019: (2019)

The Role of Anthocyanins in Drug Discovery: Recent Developments
, Current Drug Discovery Technologies 2019: (2019)

Antimicrobial Activity of Agarwood Oil against Multiple-Drug-Resistant (MDR) Microbes of Clinical, Food and Environmental Origin
, Current Drug Discovery Technologies 2019: (2019)

Maternal and Fetal Outcomes in Iranian Patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: A Five-Year Retrospective Study of 60 Pregnancies
, Current Rheumatology Reviews 15(4): 321-328 (2019)

Synthesis of New Hydrazone Derivatives and Evaluation of their Efficacy as Proliferation Inhibitors in Human Cancer Cells
, Medicinal Chemistry ) 15(8): 903-910 (2019)

Synthesis, Anticancer Evaluation and Synergistic Effects with cisplatin of Novel Palladium Complexes: DNA, BSA Interactions and Molecular Docking Study
, Medicinal Chemistry ) 2019: (2019)

Allopurinol and loss of consciousness in a 78-old year man suffering from gout
, Infectious Disorders Drug Targets 2019: (2019)

Effect of Wild Lactobacillus buchneri Strains on the Fermentation Profile and Microbial Populations of Sugarcane Silage
, Recent Patents on Food Nutrition and Agriculture 2019: (2019)

Exposure risks and ineffectiveness of total release foggers (TRFs) used for cockroach control in residential settings
, Bmc Public Health 19(1): 96-96 (2019)

Mortality after inpatient treatment for diarrhea in children: a cohort study
, Bmc Medicine 17(1): 20 (2019)

A serious thrombotic event in a patient with immune thrombocytopenia requiring intravenous immunoglobulin: a case report
, Journal of Medical Case Reports 13(1): 25 (2019)

Staurosporine induces apoptosis in pancreatic carcinoma cells PaTu 8988t and Panc-1 via the intrinsic signaling pathway
, European Journal of Medical Research 24(1): 5 (2019)

Patient equity and respiratory syncytial virus Immunoprophylaxis
, Israel Journal of Health Policy Research 8(1): 15 (2019)

#OpenAccess: Free online, open-access crowdsource-reviewed publishing is the future; traditional peer-reviewed journals are on the way out
, Cjem 21(1): 11-14 (2019)

How do I rule out aortic dissection?
, Cjem 21(1): 34-36 (2019)

Indigenous health research in emergency medicine
, Cjem 21(1): 5-6 (2019)

Using single sex-specific high-sensitivity cardiac troponin cut-off values for ruling out myocardial infarction - Are we there yet?
, Cjem 21(1): 7-8 (2019)

Peak performance: Simulation and the nature of expertise in emergency medicine
, Cjem 21(1): 9-10 (2019)

Emergency toxicology: Timely antidotes and giving poisoned organs a second life
, Cjem 21(1): 3-4 (2019)

Saphenous vein harvesting techniques for coronary artery bypass grafting
, Ugeskrift for Laeger 181(3): (2019)

Workup and treatment of Eustachian tube dysfunction in adults
, Ugeskrift for Laeger 181(3): (2019)

Psychodynamic psychotherapy of patients with schizophrenia spectrum psychosis
, Ugeskrift for Laeger 181(3): (2019)

Staphylococcus aureus toxic shock syndrome originating from a split skin transplant
, Ugeskrift for Laeger 181(3): (2019)

Vaccination for meningococcal disease
, Ugeskrift for Laeger 181(3): (2019)

Medical screening of persons with diabetes mellitus before allowing recreative diving activity
, Ugeskrift for Laeger 181(3): (2019 )

Maintenance therapy for lupus nephritis with mycophenolate mofetil or azathioprine. A meta-analysis

, Clinical Nephrology 91(3): 172-179 (2019)

Impaired cognition in hemodialysis patients: The Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) and important clues for testing

, Clinical Nephrology 91(5): 275-283 (2019)

The importance of correct estimation of renal function for drug treatment in hospitalized elderly patients, especially women: A prospective observational study

, Clinical Nephrology 91(4): 254-264 (2019)

Familial interstitial nephritis: 42 years from case series to genetic diagnosis
, Clinical Nephrology 91(6): 386-388 (2019)

Voriconazole trough concentration and hepatotoxicity in patients with low serum albumin

, International Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics 57(3): 135-143 (2019)

A meta-analysis of the influence of UGT1A6 genetic polymorphisms on valproic acid pharmacokinetics

, International Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics 57(3): 144-151 (2019)

Improved state space model predictive fault-tolerant control for injection molding batch processes with partial actuator faults using GA optimization
, Isa Transactions 73: 147-153 (2018)

Leakage fault detection in Electro-Hydraulic Servo Systems using a nonlinear representation learning approach
, Isa Transactions 73: 154-164 (2018)

Optimal controller synthesis for second order time delay systems with at least one RHP pole
, Isa Transactions 73: 181-188 (2018)

Consensus statement on the use of acetaminophen/tramadol in patients with moderate-severe pain
, Semergen 45(1): 52-62 (2019)

Ultrasound-Guided Dorsal Penile Neurolysis for Malignant Priapism Pain Management
, Journal of Pain and Symptom Management 57(2): E4 (2019)

The many contributions of WW Mapleson to the British Journal of Anaesthesia
, British Journal of Anaesthesia 122(2): 159-162 (2019)

The clinical dilemma of managing patients who are on dual antiplatelet therapy and require major non-cardiac surgery
, British Journal of Anaesthesia 122(2): 162-164 (2019)

Coagulopathy, cryoprecipitate and CRYOSTAT-2: realising the potential of a nationwide trauma system for a national clinical trial
, British Journal of Anaesthesia 122(2): 164-169 (2019)

Prospective observational cohort study of the association between antiplatelet therapy, bleeding and thrombosis in patients with coronary stents undergoing noncardiac surgery
, British Journal of Anaesthesia 122(2): 170-179 (2019)

Preoperative systemic inflammation and perioperative myocardial injury: prospective observational multicentre cohort study of patients undergoing non-cardiac surgery
, British Journal of Anaesthesia 122(2): 180-187 (2019)

Cardiac vagal dysfunction and myocardial injury after non-cardiac surgery: a planned secondary analysis of the measurement of Exercise Tolerance before surgery study
, British Journal of Anaesthesia 122(2): 188-197 (2019)

Haemodynamic profiles of etomidate vs propofol for induction of anaesthesia: a randomised controlled trial in patients undergoing cardiac surgery
, British Journal of Anaesthesia 122(2): 198-205 (2019)

High postoperative portal venous flow pulsatility indicates right ventricular dysfunction and predicts complications in cardiac surgery patients
, British Journal of Anaesthesia 122(2): 206-214 (2019)

Predictors of perioperative complications in paediatric cranial vault reconstruction surgery: a multicentre observational study from the Pediatric Craniofacial Collaborative Group
, British Journal of Anaesthesia 122(2): 215-223 (2019)

South African Paediatric Surgical Outcomes Study: a 14-day prospective, observational cohort study of paediatric surgical patients
, British Journal of Anaesthesia 122(2): 224-232 (2019)

Prospective validation of a new airway management algorithm and predictive features of intubation difficulty
, British Journal of Anaesthesia 122(2): 245-254 (2019)

Evaluation of validity of the STOP-BANG questionnaire in major elective noncardiac surgery
, British Journal of Anaesthesia 122(2): 255-262 (2019)

Emergency cricothyroidotomy: an observational study to estimate optimal incision position and length
, British Journal of Anaesthesia 122(2): 263-268 (2019)

Recruitment manoeuvres dislodge mucus towards the distal airways in an experimental model of severe pneumonia
, British Journal of Anaesthesia 122(2): 269-276 (2019)

Tidal changes in PaO 2 and their relationship to cyclical lung recruitment/derecruitment in a porcine lung injury model
, British Journal of Anaesthesia 122(2): 277-285 (2019)

On being cancelled: a patient's perspective
, British Journal of Anaesthesia 122(2): E16 (2019)

Bedside local thrombolysis in patients with massive pulmonary embolism and no access to fluoroscopy: a new tool in the intensivist's arsenal?
, British Journal of Anaesthesia 122(2): E17 (2019)

Idarucizumab dosing in patients with excessive dabigatran body burden
, British Journal of Anaesthesia 122(2): E20 (2019)

Comparison of the TOF-Cuff ® monitor with electromyography and acceleromyography during recovery from neuromuscular block
, British Journal of Anaesthesia 122(2): E22 (2019)

Why we scan the barcodes of anaesthetic medications
, British Journal of Anaesthesia 122(2): E24 (2019)

Pressurised metered-dose inhaler for beta-2 agonist delivery during intraoperative bronchospasm: comparison of different administration methods
, British Journal of Anaesthesia 122(2): E26 (2019)

Comparison of two transverse airway ultrasonography techniques for speed and accuracy to localise the cricothyroid membrane in obese female volunteers
, British Journal of Anaesthesia 122(2): E28 (2019)

Safety of ventilation with an argon and oxygen gas mixture
, British Journal of Anaesthesia 122(2): E31 (2019)

Robot-Assisted Reach Training With an Active Assistant Protocol for Long-Term Upper Extremity Impairment Poststroke: A Randomized Controlled Trial
, Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 100(2): 213-219 (2019)

Effectiveness and Superiority of Rehabilitative Treatments in Enhancing Motor Recovery Within 6 Months Poststroke: A Systemic Review
, Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 100(2): 366-378 (2019)

The applicability of D, MTLD, and MATTR in Mandarin-speaking children
, Journal of Communication Disorders 77: 71-79 (2019)

Heart rate variability in the risk stratification of emergency department patients with chest pain
, American Journal of Emergency Medicine 37(2): 363-365 (2019)

Aortic dissection and aneurysm are hypertensive target organ damages and should be listed in the guidelines
, American Journal of Emergency Medicine 37(2): 365-366 (2019)

Penile fracture: Surgical vs. conservative treatment
, American Journal of Emergency Medicine 37(2): 366-367 (2019)

Validating the LUCAS® mechanical chest compression fit specifications
, American Journal of Emergency Medicine 37(2): 371-373 (2019)

Donor characteristics do not influence transfusion-related acute lung injury incidence in a secondary analysis of two case-control studies
, Transfusion Clinique et Biologique 26(1): 10-17 (2019)

Prognostic value of echocardiographic parameters in pediatric patients with Ebstein's anomaly
, International Journal of Cardiology 278: 76-83 (2019)

Infrarenal endovascular aneurysm repair with large device (34- to 36-mm) diameters is associated with higher risk of proximal fixation failure
, Journal of Vascular Surgery 69(2): 385-393 (2019)

Aneurysm sac failure to regress after endovascular aneurysm repair is associated with lower long-term survival
, Journal of Vascular Surgery 69(2): 414-422 (2019)

Occult type I or III endoleaks are a common cause of failure of type II endoleak treatment after endovascular aortic repair
, Journal of Vascular Surgery 69(2): 432-439 (2019)

High-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol and Hyponatremia: An Unsolved Gordian Knot
, American Journal of Medicine 132(2): E47 (2019)

A mechanized urease activity assay
, Enzyme and Microbial Technology 123: 1-7 (2019)

A simplified method to remove fusion tags from a xylanase of Bacillus sp. HBP8 with HRV 3C protease
, Enzyme and Microbial Technology 123: 15-20 (2019)

Protein engineering of Pseudomonas fluorescens peroxidase Dyp1B for oxidation of phenolic and polymeric lignin substrates
, Enzyme and Microbial Technology 123: 21-29 (2019)

An improved enzyme nanoparticles based amperometric pyruvate biosensor for detection of pyruvate in serum
, Enzyme and Microbial Technology 123: 30-38 (2019)

Comparison of two models of surface display of xylose reductase in the Saccharomyces cerevisiae cell wall
, Enzyme and Microbial Technology 123: 8-14 (2019)

Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Before Bladder-Sparing Chemoradiotherapy in Patients With Nonmetastatic Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancer
, Clinical Genitourinary Cancer 17(1): 38-45 (2019)

Role of Radiology in the Assessment of Skeletons from Archeological Sites
, Seminars in Ultrasound Ct and Mr 40(1): 12-17 (2019)

Imaging of Violence Against the Elderly and the Women
, Seminars in Ultrasound Ct and Mr 40(1): 18-24 (2019)

Gunshot Wounds: Ballistics and Imaging Findings
, Seminars in Ultrasound Ct and Mr 40(1): 25-35 (2019)

Occupational Lung Diseases: Underreported Diagnosis in Radiological Practice
, Seminars in Ultrasound Ct and Mr 40(1): 36-50 (2019)

Radiology of Mummies
, Seminars in Ultrasound Ct and Mr 40(1): 5-11 (2019)

Role of Imaging in the Assessment of Age Estimation
, Seminars in Ultrasound Ct and Mr 40(1): 51-55 (2019)

Virtopsy and Living Individuals Evaluation Using Computed Tomography in Forensic Diagnostic Imaging
, Seminars in Ultrasound Ct and Mr 40(1): 67-78 (2019)

Role of Postmortem CT in the Forensic Evaluation of Hemopericardium
, Seminars in Ultrasound Ct and Mr 40(1): 79-85 (2019)

Postmortem Imaging: An Update
, Seminars in Ultrasound Ct and Mr 40(1): 86-93 (2019)

Here's to 2019, with an expanded reputation of Annals of PRM
, Annals of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine 62(1): 1-2 (2019)

What Are You?
, Journal of Perianesthesia Nursing 34(1): 1-3 (2019)

Nurses Reduce Epidural-Related Urinary Retention and Postpartum Hemorrhages
, Journal of Perianesthesia Nursing 34(1): 206-210 (2019)

Expanding Perianesthesia Practice With Connected Care
, Journal of Perianesthesia Nursing 34(1): 211-215 (2019)

Postoperative Warming of Children With Hypothermia
, Journal of Perianesthesia Nursing 34(1): 216-217 (2019)

Nursing Integrity: A Moral Imperative
, Journal of Perianesthesia Nursing 34(1): 220-222 (2019)

Food Security for Everyone: An Academy Priority
, Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics 119(2): 191 (2019)

Assessment Practices for Dietetics Trainees: A Systematic Review
, Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics 119(2): 272-292.E23 (2019)

That which was lost
, Lancet. Psychiatry 6(2): 100-101 (2019)

These things go on: The Arbor
, Lancet. Psychiatry 6(2): 101-102 (2019)

Delivering the Thinking Healthy Programme for perinatal depression through peers: an individually randomised controlled trial in India
, Lancet. Psychiatry 6(2): 115-127 (2019)

Delivering the Thinking Healthy Programme for perinatal depression through volunteer peers: a cluster randomised controlled trial in Pakistan
, Lancet. Psychiatry 6(2): 128-139 (2019)

Task sharing: stopgap or end goal?
, Lancet. Psychiatry 6(2): 81 (2019)

Treatment for perinatal depression: movement towards scalability
, Lancet. Psychiatry 6(2): 83-85 (2019)

Therapeutic cannabis use in 2018: where do we stand?
, Lancet. Psychiatry 6(2): 88-89 (2019)

Self harm attempt in the older population of the UK
, Lancet. Psychiatry 6(2): 92 (2019)

Is it time to reevaluate prenatal mental health?
, Lancet. Psychiatry 6(2): 93 (2019)

Basaglia's impact
, Lancet. Psychiatry 6(2): 94-95 (2019)

Basaglia's impact
, Lancet. Psychiatry 6(2): 95-96 (2019)

Research round up
, Lancet. Psychiatry 6(2): 97 (2019)

Michael Rutter: pioneer in child psychiatry
, Lancet. Psychiatry 6(2): 98 (2019)

Yangon, Myanmar
, Lancet. Psychiatry 6(2): 99 (2019)

Effect size matters: a key neglected indicator of comparative trial quality
, Lancet. Psychiatry 6(2): E4 (2019)

NMR characterizing mixed wettability under intermediate-wet condition
, Magnetic Resonance Imaging 56: 156-160 (2019)

Comparing quantity of marine debris to loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta) nesting and non-nesting emergence activity on Jekyll Island, Georgia, USA
, Marine Pollution Bulletin 139: 1-5 (2019)

Quantification is more than counting: Actions required to accurately quantify and report isolated marine microplastics
, Marine Pollution Bulletin 139: 100-104 (2019)

Taking control of persistent solid waste pollution
, Marine Pollution Bulletin 139: 105-110 (2019)

Sterol biomarkers and fecal coliforms in a tropical estuary: Seasonal distribution and sources
, Marine Pollution Bulletin 139: 111-116 (2019)

A novel GIS-based tool for predicting coastal litter accumulation and optimising coastal cleanup actions
, Marine Pollution Bulletin 139: 117-126 (2019)

Microplastic ingestion by Atlantic chub mackerel (Scomber colias) in the Canary Islands coast
, Marine Pollution Bulletin 139: 127-135 (2019)

Effects and improvements of different reagents preservation methods on the determination of phosphate in seawater by phosphomolybdenum blue spectrophotometric method
, Marine Pollution Bulletin 139: 136-140 (2019)

Accumulation and distribution of marine debris on barrier islands across the northern Gulf of Mexico
, Marine Pollution Bulletin 139: 14-22 (2019)

Calcium carbonate unit realignment under acidification: A potential compensatory mechanism in an edible estuarine oyster
, Marine Pollution Bulletin 139: 141-149 (2019)

Examining derelict pot impacts on harvest in a commercial blue crab Callinectes sapidus fishery
, Marine Pollution Bulletin 139: 150-156 (2019)

Microplastic contamination in surface waters in Guanabara Bay, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
, Marine Pollution Bulletin 139: 157-162 (2019)

Quantity and spatial distribution of seafloor marine debris in the Moroccan Mediterranean Sea
, Marine Pollution Bulletin 139: 163-173 (2019)

Assessment of the organotin pollution in the coastal sediments of the Western Arabian Gulf, Saudi Arabia
, Marine Pollution Bulletin 139: 174-180 (2019)

Fungal communities in oil contaminated mangrove sediments - Who is in the mud?
, Marine Pollution Bulletin 139: 181-188 (2019)

Ficopomatus enigmaticus larval development assay: An application for toxicity assessment of marine sediments
, Marine Pollution Bulletin 139: 189-196 (2019)

First bloom event of the small dinoflagellate Prorocentrum shikokuense in the Mediterranean Sea: cryptogenic or introduced?
, Marine Pollution Bulletin 139: 197-204 (2019)

Initial environmental risk assessment of hazardous and noxious substances (HNS) spill accidents to mitigate its damages
, Marine Pollution Bulletin 139: 205-213 (2019)

Sinking velocity of sub-millimeter microplastic
, Marine Pollution Bulletin 139: 214-220 (2019)

Environmental implications of metal mobility in marine sediments receiving input from a torrent affected by mine discharge
, Marine Pollution Bulletin 139: 221-230 (2019)

PCDD/F and PCB levels in different tissues from dugongs (Dugong dugon) inhabiting the Queensland coastline
, Marine Pollution Bulletin 139: 23-31 (2019)

Microplastics are ubiquitous on California beaches and enter the coastal food web through consumption by Pacific mole crabs
, Marine Pollution Bulletin 139: 231-237 (2019)

Legacy and emerging pollutants in the Gulf of Gdańsk (southern Baltic Sea) - loads and distribution revisited
, Marine Pollution Bulletin 139: 238-255 (2019)

Emerging and traditional organic markers: Baseline study showing the influence of untraditional anthropogenic activities on coastal zones with multiple activities (Ceará coast, Northeast Brazil)
, Marine Pollution Bulletin 139: 256-262 (2019)

Bioaccumulation of organochlorine compounds in large, threatened elasmobranchs off northern New South Wales, Australia
, Marine Pollution Bulletin 139: 263-269 (2019)

Significantly decreasing harmful algal blooms in China seas in the early 21st century
, Marine Pollution Bulletin 139: 270-274 (2019)

Swatch-of-no-ground marine protected area for sharks, dolphins, porpoises and whales: Legal and institutional challenges
, Marine Pollution Bulletin 139: 275-281 (2019)

Influence of oceanographic and meteorological events on the quantity and quality of marine debris along an estuarine gradient
, Marine Pollution Bulletin 139: 282-298 (2019)

Fatty acids and elemental composition as biomarkers of Octopus vulgaris populations: Does origin matter?
, Marine Pollution Bulletin 139: 299-310 (2019)

A scalable dynamic characterisation approach for water quality management in semi-enclosed seas and archipelagos
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Origins of sediment organic matter and their contributions at three contrasting wetlands in a coastal semi-enclosed ecosystem
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Erythropoiesis-Stimulating Agents in the Management of Anemia in Chronic Kidney Disease or Cancer: A Historical Perspective
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Conopeptides [V11L;V16D]ArIB and RgIA4: Powerful Tools for the Identification of Novel Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors in Monocytes
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Antiplatelet and Antithrombotic Activity of a Traditional Medicine, Hwangryunhaedok-Tang
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The Prognostic and Therapeutic Value of PD-L1 in Glioma
, Frontiers in Pharmacology 9: 1503 (2018)

The Role of S1P and the Related Signaling Pathway in the Development of Tissue Fibrosis
, Frontiers in Pharmacology 9: 1504 (2018)

Contribution of Altered Endocannabinoid System to Overactive mTORC1 Signaling in Focal Cortical Dysplasia
, Frontiers in Pharmacology 9: 1508 (2018)

MiR-26 Induces Apoptosis and Inhibits Autophagy in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Cells by Suppressing TGF-β1-JNK Signaling Pathway
, Frontiers in Pharmacology 9: 1509 (2018)

Oral Cannabidiol Use in Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder to Treat Related Symptoms and Co-morbidities
, Frontiers in Pharmacology 9: 1521 (2018)

Zolpidem Activation of Alpha 1-Containing GABA A Receptors Selectively Inhibits High Frequency Action Potential Firing of Cortical Neurons
, Frontiers in Pharmacology 9: 1523 (2018)

Storax Protected Oxygen-Glucose Deprivation/Reoxygenation Induced Primary Astrocyte Injury by Inhibiting NF-κB Activation in vitro
, Frontiers in Pharmacology 9: 1527 (2018)

Phenotype-Driven Virtual Panel Is an Effective Method to Analyze WES Data of Neurological Disease
, Frontiers in Pharmacology 9: 1529 (2018)

A Cell-Based Metabonomics Approach to Investigate the Varied Influences of Chrysophanol-8-O-β-D-Glucoside With Different Concentrations on L-02 Cells
, Frontiers in Pharmacology 9: 1530 (2018)

Simultaneous Extraction and Determination of Compounds With Different Polarities From Platycladi Cacumen by AQ C 18 -Based Vortex-Homogenized Matrix Solid-Phase Dispersion With Ionic Liquid
, Frontiers in Pharmacology 9: 1532 (2018)

A Review of Resveratrol as a Potent Chemoprotective and Synergistic Agent in Cancer Chemotherapy
, Frontiers in Pharmacology 9: 1534 (2018)

Contribution of Nrf2 Modulation to the Mechanism of Action of Analgesic and Anti-inflammatory Drugs in Pre-clinical and Clinical Stages
, Frontiers in Pharmacology 9: 1536 (2018)

Involvement of NMDA-AKT-mTOR Signaling in Rapid Antidepressant-Like Activity of Chaihu-jia-Longgu-Muli-tang on Olfactory Bulbectomized Mice
, Frontiers in Pharmacology 9: 1537 (2018)

Is There a Threshold for Medication Adherence? Lessons Learnt From Electronic Monitoring of Drug Adherence
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Niclosamide Induces Cell Cycle Arrest in G1 Phase in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma Through Let-7d/CDC34 Axis
, Frontiers in Pharmacology 9: 1544 (2018)

Y 6 , an Epigallocatechin Gallate Derivative, Reverses ABCG2-Mediated Mitoxantrone Resistance
, Frontiers in Pharmacology 9: 1545 (2018)

A Novel Naphthoquinone-Coumarin Hybrid That Inhibits BCR-ABL1-STAT5 Oncogenic Pathway and Reduces Survival in Imatinib-Resistant Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia Cells
, Frontiers in Pharmacology 9: 1546 (2018)

Social Defeat Stress Decreases mRNA for Monoamine Oxidase A and Increases 5-HT Turnover in the Brain of Male Nile Tilapia ( Oreochromis niloticus )
, Frontiers in Pharmacology 9: 1549 (2018)

Inhibition of Soluble Epoxide Hydrolase for Renal Health
, Frontiers in Pharmacology 9: 1551 (2018)

MicroRNA-181a Functions as an Oncogene in Gastric Cancer by Targeting Caprin-1
, Frontiers in Pharmacology 9: 1565 (2018)

Microbial-Based Therapies in the Treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease - An Overview of Human Studies
, Frontiers in Pharmacology 9: 1571 (2018)

Photoplethysmography for Quantitative Assessment of Sympathetic Nerve Activity (SNA) During Cold Stress
, Frontiers in Physiology 9: 1863 (2018)

Mitochondria as a Target for Mitigating Sarcopenia
, Frontiers in Physiology 9: 1883 (2018)

In silico Assessment of Pharmacotherapy for Human Atrial Patho-Electrophysiology Associated With hERG-Linked Short QT Syndrome
, Frontiers in Physiology 9: 1888 (2018)

Environmental Pollutants Effect on Brown Adipose Tissue
, Frontiers in Physiology 9: 1891 (2018)

Action Potential Prolongation, β-Adrenergic Stimulation, and Angiotensin II as Co-factors in Sarcoplasmic Reticulum Instability
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Cisplatin-Membrane Interactions and Their Influence on Platinum Complexes Activity and Toxicity
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Reductions in Postprandial Plasma Allantoin Concentrations With Increasing Doses of Polyphenol Rich Curry Intake - A Randomized Crossover Trial
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Association Between Vitamin D Receptor Gene Polymorphisms and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Risk: A Meta-Analysis
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Adipokinetic Hormone Receptor Mediates Trehalose Homeostasis to Promote Vitellogenin Uptake by Oocytes in Nilaparvata lugens
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Induction of RNAi Core Machinery's Gene Expression by Exogenous dsRNA and the Effects of Pre-exposure to dsRNA on the Gene Silencing Efficiency in the Pea Aphid ( Acyrthosiphon pisum )
, Frontiers in Physiology 9: 1906 (2018)

Selenium-Containing Protein From Selenium-Enriched Spirulina platensis Attenuates Cisplatin-Induced Apoptosis in MC3T3-E1 Mouse Preosteoblast by Inhibiting Mitochondrial Dysfunction and ROS-Mediated Oxidative Damage
, Frontiers in Physiology 9: 1907 (2018)

Regulation of Adaptive Thermogenesis and Browning by Prebiotics and Postbiotics
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RNA Interference in Insects: Protecting Beneficials and Controlling Pests
, Frontiers in Physiology 9: 1912 (2018)

High Fat Diet Increases Circulating Endocannabinoids Accompanied by Increased Synthesis Enzymes in Adipose Tissue
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Chronic Cold Stress Alters the Skin Mucus Interactome in a Temperate Fish Model
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Self-Reported Fatigue After Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Is Not Associated With Performance Fatigability During a Sustained Maximal Contraction
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Features of Neural Network Formation and Their Functions in Primary Hippocampal Cultures in the Context of Chronic TrkB Receptor System Influence
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Skeletal Muscle Atrophy in Simulated Microgravity Might Be Triggered by Immune-Related microRNAs
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Renal Hemodynamics During Sympathetic Activation Following Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise
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Angiotensin-(1-7) Receptor Mas in Hemodynamic and Thermoregulatory Dysfunction After High-Level Spinal Cord Injury in Mice: A Pilot Study
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Modulation of Bladder Wall Micromotions Alters Intravesical Pressure Activity in the Isolated Bladder
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UHPLC-QTOFMS-Based Metabolomic Analysis of the Hippocampus in Hypoxia Preconditioned Mouse
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Food Ingredients Involved in White-to-Brown Adipose Tissue Conversion and in Calorie Burning
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Maintained Hydration Status After a 24-h Winter Mountain Running Race Under Extremely Cold Conditions
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Antipsychotic Drug Responsiveness and Dopamine Receptor Signaling; Old Players and New Prospects
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Stop Turning a Blind Eye: Tobacco Smoking Among Egyptian Patients With Schizophrenia
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Mitochondria, Microglia, and the Immune System-How Are They Linked in Affective Disorders?
, Frontiers in Psychiatry 9: 739 (2018)

The Effect of Insomnia on Cortical Excitability in Patients With Generalized Anxiety Disorder
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Physical Exercise in Major Depression: Reducing the Mortality Gap While Improving Clinical Outcomes
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Personality Profile and Clinical Correlates of Patients With Substance Use Disorder With and Without Comorbid Depression Under Treatment
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Parental Risk for Suicide and Attachment Patterns Among Adolescents With Borderline Personality Disorder. A Clinical-Based Study
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Item-Score Reliability as a Selection Tool in Test Construction
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Distributed Learning in the Classroom: Effects of Rereading Schedules Depend on Time of Test
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Lateralized Affective Word Priming and Gender Effect
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Dyadic Coping and Its Underlying Neuroendocrine Mechanisms - Implications for Stress Regulation
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Measuring the Frequency of Inner-Experience Characteristics by Self-Report: The Nevada Inner Experience Questionnaire
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Free Will, Determinism, and Epiphenomenalism
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The Impact of Mixed Emotions on Creativity in Negotiation: An Interpersonal Perspective
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Psychosocial and Neurocognitive Factors Associated With Hepatitis C - Implications for Future Health and Wellbeing
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Primary Study Quality in Psychological Meta-Analyses: An Empirical Assessment of Recent Practice
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Neurobiological Sex Differences in Developmental Dyslexia
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Differential Outcomes Training Ameliorates Visual Memory Impairments in Patients With Alzheimer's Disease: A Pilot Study
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Sophisticated Deception in Junior Middle School Students: An ERP Study
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Transcendent and Transcendental Time Perspective Inventory
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Maternal Self-Construal, Maternal Socialization of Emotions and Child Emotion Regulation in a Sample of Romanian Mother-Toddler Dyads
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How Live Music Moves Us: Head Movement Differences in Audiences to Live Versus Recorded Music
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Motor Skills as Moderators of Core Symptoms in Autism Spectrum Disorders: Preliminary Data From an Exploratory Analysis With Artificial Neural Networks
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Ambient Lights Influence Perception and Decision-Making
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Self-Transcendence in Mountaineering and BASE Jumping
, Frontiers in Psychology 9: 2686 (2018)

The Impact of Autistic Traits on Self-Recognition of Body Movements
, Frontiers in Psychology 9: 2687 (2018)

Training and Competition Load Monitoring and Analysis of Women's Amateur Basketball by Playing Position: Approach Study
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The Development of Motor and Pre-literacy Skills by a Physical Education Program in Preschool Children: A Non-randomized Pilot Trial
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Entrepreneurial Passion and Personality: The Case of Academic Entrepreneurship
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Scene Buildup From Latent Memory Representations Across Eye Movements
, Frontiers in Psychology 9: 2701 (2018)

Evidence That Frame of Reference Effects Can Reduce Socially Prescribed Perfectionism
, Frontiers in Psychology 9: 2703 (2018)

Perceived Organizational Support and Workplace Conflict: The Mediating Role of Failure-Related Trust
, Frontiers in Psychology 9: 2704 (2018)

Deconstructing Procedural Memory: Different Learning Trajectories and Consolidation of Sequence and Statistical Learning
, Frontiers in Psychology 9: 2708 (2018)

An Evaluation of Overall Goodness-of-Fit Tests for the Rasch Model
, Frontiers in Psychology 9: 2710 (2018)

Electrophysiological Characteristics in Depressive Personality Disorder: An Event-Related Potential Study
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The Relationship Between PSG and Morning/Evening Emotional Parameters in Patients With Insomnia Disorder and Good Sleepers
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Psychosocial Suicide Prevention Interventions in the Elderly: A Mini-Review of the Literature
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A Descriptive Mixed-Methods Analysis of Sexual Behavior and Knowledge in Very Young Children Assessed for Sexual Abuse: The ASAC Study
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Teachers' Interpersonal Style in Physical Education: Exploring Patterns of Students' Self-Determined Motivation and Enjoyment of Physical Activity in a Longitudinal Study
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Assessing Mental Illness Stigma: A Complex Issue
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Distraction Modulates Self-Referential Effects in the Processing of Monetary and Social Rewards
, Frontiers in Psychology 9: 2723 (2018)

Kinematic Analysis of Pianists' Expressive Performances of Romantic Excerpts: Applications for Enhanced Pedagogical Approaches
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Sensation Seeking, Deviant Peer Affiliation, and Internet Gaming Addiction Among Chinese Adolescents: The Moderating Effect of Parental Knowledge
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Age of Onset and Dominance in the Choice of Subject Anaphoric Devices: Comparing Natives and Near-Natives of Two Null-Subject Languages
, Frontiers in Psychology 9: 2729 (2018)

Risks for Child Cognitive Development in Rural Contexts
, Frontiers in Psychology 9: 2735 (2018)

Using Personal Values to Understand the Motivational Basis of Amity Goal Orientation
, Frontiers in Psychology 9: 2736 (2018)

Observational Learning in Low-Functioning Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Behavioral and Neuroimaging Study
, Frontiers in Psychology 9: 2737 (2018)

The Cost of Prospective Memory in Children: The Role of Cue Focality
, Frontiers in Psychology 9: 2738 (2018)

The More Similar, the Healthier: The Effect of Perceived Parent-Child Facial Resemblance on Parental Physical Health
, Frontiers in Psychology 9: 2739 (2018)

Attention and Working Memory Biases to Black and Asian Faces During Intergroup Contexts
, Frontiers in Psychology 9: 2743 (2018)

Emotion Regulation in Rescue Workers: Differential Relationship With Perceived Work-Related Stress and Stress-Related Symptoms
, Frontiers in Psychology 9: 2744 (2018)

Attention Improves During Physical Exercise in Individuals With ADHD
, Frontiers in Psychology 9: 2747 (2018)

The Interaction Between Phonological and Semantic Processing in Reading Chinese Characters
, Frontiers in Psychology 9: 2748 (2018)

Interactivity: A Potential Determinant of Learning by Preparing to Teach and Teaching
, Frontiers in Psychology 9: 2755 (2018)

Multi-Scale Coordination of Distinctive Movement Patterns During Embodied Interaction Between Adults With High-Functioning Autism and Neurotypicals
, Frontiers in Psychology 9: 2760 (2018)

Visual Field Advantage: Redefined by Training?
, Frontiers in Psychology 9: 2764 (2018)

Negative Association Between Allopregnanolone and Cerebral Serotonin Transporter Binding in Healthy Women of Fertile Age
, Frontiers in Psychology 9: 2767 (2018)

Psychopathology Factors That Affect the Relationship Between Body Size and Body Dissatisfaction and the Relationship Between Body Dissatisfaction and Eating Pathology
, Frontiers in Psychology 9: 2768 (2018)

Introducing Temporal Theory to the Field of Sport Psychology: Toward a Conceptual Model of Time Perspectives in Athletes' Functioning
, Frontiers in Psychology 9: 2772 (2018)

Differences in Attitudes Toward Reading: A Survey of Pupils in Grades 5 to 8
, Frontiers in Psychology 9: 2773 (2018)

Detecting Lies via a Theme-Selection Strategy
, Frontiers in Psychology 9: 2775 (2018)

Atypical Frontotemporal Connectivity of Cognitive Empathy in Male Adolescents With Conduct Disorder
, Frontiers in Psychology 9: 2778 (2018)

Prosocial Behavior and Friendship Quality as Moderators of the Association Between Anxious Withdrawal and Peer Experiences in Portuguese Young Adolescents
, Frontiers in Psychology 9: 2783 (2018)

Neuroinflammation and Cytokines in Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS): A Critical Review of Research Methods
, Frontiers in Neurology 9: 1033 (2018)

The Games for Older Adults Active Life (GOAL) Project for People With Mild Cognitive Impairment and Vascular Cognitive Impairment: A Study Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial
, Frontiers in Neurology 9: 1040 (2018)

Role of Decompressive Craniectomy in Ischemic Stroke
, Frontiers in Neurology 9: 1119 (2018)

Activation of Bilateral Secondary Somatosensory Cortex With Right Hand Touch Stimulation: A Meta-Analysis of Functional Neuroimaging Studies
, Frontiers in Neurology 9: 1129 (2018)

Revisiting the Relationship Between Internal Focus and Balance Control in Young and Older Adults
, Frontiers in Neurology 9: 1131 (2018)

Hippocampus and Insula Are Targets in Epileptic Patients With Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase Antibodies
, Frontiers in Neurology 9: 1143 (2018)

The Effect of Disease Modifying Therapies on Disability Progression in Multiple Sclerosis: A Systematic Overview of Meta-Analyses
, Frontiers in Neurology 9: 1150 (2018)

Quantitative EEG and Verbal Fluency in DBS Patients: Comparison of Stimulator-On and -Off Conditions
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Temporal Course of Cerebral Autoregulation in Patients With Narcolepsy Type 1: Two Case Reports
, Frontiers in Neurology 9: 1155 (2018)

Strength or Motor Control: What Matters in High-Functioning Stroke?
, Frontiers in Neurology 9: 1160 (2018)

Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase ( MTHFR ) C677T Polymorphism and Subacute Combined Degeneration: Revealing a Genetic Predisposition
, Frontiers in Neurology 9: 1162 (2018)

Altered Resting Functional Connectivity Is Related to Cognitive Outcome in Males With Moderate-Severe Traumatic Brain Injury
, Frontiers in Neurology 9: 1163 (2018)

Central Nervous System Involvement in ANCA-Associated Vasculitis: What Neurologists Need to Know
, Frontiers in Neurology 9: 1166 (2018)

Chorea-Acanthocytosis Presenting as Autosomal Recessive Epilepsy in a Family With a Novel VPS13A Mutation
, Frontiers in Neurology 9: 1168 (2018)

Genetic Analysis of PICK1 Gene in Alzheimer's Disease: A Study for Finding a New Gene Target
, Frontiers in Neurology 9: 1169 (2018)

Gadolinium-Enhanced Extracranial MRA Prior to Mechanical Thrombectomy Is Not Associated With an Improved Procedure Speed
, Frontiers in Neurology 9: 1171 (2018)

Vascular, Cognitive, and Psychomental Survey on Elderly Recycling Volunteers in Northern Taiwan
, Frontiers in Neurology 9: 1176 (2018)

Prediction of Conversion From Amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment to Alzheimer's Disease Based on the Brain Structural Connectome
, Frontiers in Neurology 9: 1178 (2018)

Prior Antithrombotic Therapy Is Associated With Cerebral Microbleeds in Ischemic Stroke Patients With Atrial Fibrillation and/or Rheumatic Heart Disease
, Frontiers in Neurology 9: 1184 (2018)

Vertigo Induced During Coitus
, Frontiers in Neurology 9: 1187 (2018)

Metabolism Disrupting Chemicals and Alteration of Neuroendocrine Circuits Controlling Food Intake and Energy Metabolism
, Frontiers in Endocrinology 9: 766 (2018)

Changes in Blood microRNA Expression and Early Metabolic Responsiveness 21 Days Following Bariatric Surgery
, Frontiers in Endocrinology 9: 773 (2018)

Estrogen Signaling in ERα-Negative Breast Cancer: ERβ and GPER
, Frontiers in Endocrinology 9: 781 (2018)

Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals Interfere With Leydig Cell Hormone Pathways During Testicular Descent in Idiopathic Cryptorchidism
, Frontiers in Endocrinology 9: 786 (2018)

Hallmarks of Aging: An Autophagic Perspective
, Frontiers in Endocrinology 9: 790 (2018)

Characterization of Non-hormone Expressing Endocrine Cells in Fetal and Infant Human Pancreas
, Frontiers in Endocrinology 9: 791 (2018)

Elevated Serum Growth Differentiation Factor 15 Levels in Hyperthyroid Patients
, Frontiers in Endocrinology 9: 793 (2018)

Osteocalcin-A Versatile Bone-Derived Hormone
, Frontiers in Endocrinology 9: 794 (2018)

Increased Risk of Thyroid Dysfunction Among Patients With Rheumatoid Arthritis
, Frontiers in Endocrinology 9: 799 (2018)

Lipid Oxidation Assessed by Indirect Calorimetry Predicts Metabolic Syndrome and Type 2 Diabetes
, Frontiers in Endocrinology 9: 806 (2018)

Influence of Lactobacillus plantarum P-8 on Fermented Milk Flavor and Storage Stability
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3133 (2018)

Anti-microfouling Activity of Glycomyces sediminimaris UTMC 2460 on Dominant Fouling Bacteria of Iran Marine Habitats
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3148 (2018)

" Candidatus Thermonerobacter thiotrophicus," A Non-phototrophic Member of the Bacteroidetes/Chlorobi With Dissimilatory Sulfur Metabolism in Hot Spring Mat Communities
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3159 (2018)

Phenotypic Prediction: Linking in vitro Virulence to the Genomics of 59 Salmonella enterica Strains
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3182 (2018)

Potential Role of Accessory Domains in Polyproteins Encoded by Retrotransposons in Anti-viral Defense of Host Cells
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3193 (2018)

Avian Intestinal Mucus Modulates Campylobacter jejuni Gene Expression in a Host-Specific Manner
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3215 (2018)

Comparative Genomics of Aeromonas hydrophila Secretion Systems and Mutational Analysis of hcp1 and vgrG1 Genes From T6SS
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IFITM Genes, Variants, and Their Roles in the Control and Pathogenesis of Viral Infections
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3228 (2018)

Anaerobic Process for Bioenergy Recovery From Dairy Waste: Meta-Analysis and Enumeration of Microbial Community Related to Intermediates Production
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3229 (2018)

Functional Characterization of a Magnesium Transporter of Root Endophytic Fungus Piriformospora indica
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3231 (2018)

A Novel Bacteriophage Lysin-Human Defensin Fusion Protein Is Effective in Treatment of Clostridioides difficile Infection in Mice
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3234 (2018)

First Viruses Infecting the Marine Diatom Guinardia delicatula
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3235 (2018)

Screening for Fusarium Antagonistic Bacteria From Contrasting Niches Designated the Endophyte Bacillus halotolerans as Plant Warden Against Fusarium
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3236 (2018)

Extreme Osmotolerance and Halotolerance in Food-Relevant Yeasts and the Role of Glycerol-Dependent Cell Individuality
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3238 (2018)

A Fungal World: Could the Gut Mycobiome Be Involved in Neurological Disease?
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3249 (2018)

Effects of Attenuated S. agalactiae Strain YM001 on Intestinal Microbiota of Tilapia Are Recoverable
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3251 (2018)

Variations in Soil Bacterial Composition and Diversity in Newly Formed Coastal Wetlands
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3256 (2018)

Picoeukaryotic Diversity And Activity in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean Based on rDNA and rRNA High-Throughput Sequencing
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3259 (2018)

Role of Probiotics in Mycoplasma pneumoniae Pneumonia in Children: A Short-Term Pilot Project
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3261 (2018)

Draft Genome Analysis Offers Insights Into the Mechanism by Which Streptomyces chartreusis WZS021 Increases Drought Tolerance in Sugarcane
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3262 (2018)

Host Specificity and Spatial Distribution Preference of Three Pseudomonas Isolates
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3263 (2018)

Hydrogenotrophic Microbial Reduction of Oxyanions With the Membrane Biofilm Reactor
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3268 (2018)

The Microbiome Stress Project: Toward a Global Meta-Analysis of Environmental Stressors and Their Effects on Microbial Communities
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3272 (2018)

Current State of the Diagnosis of Invasive Pulmonary Aspergillosis in Lung Transplantation
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3273 (2018)

Metabolic Profiling of Pleurotus tuoliensis During Mycelium Physiological Maturation and Exploration on a Potential Indicator of Mycelial Maturation
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3274 (2018)

The Influence of Bt Maize Cultivation on Communities of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi Revealed by MiSeq Sequencing
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3275 (2018)

Ameliorating the Metabolic Burden of the Co-expression of Secreted Fungal Cellulases in a High Lipid-Accumulating Yarrowia lipolytica Strain by Medium C/N Ratio and a Chemical Chaperone
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3276 (2018)

Two-Component Signal Transduction Systems: A Major Strategy for Connecting Input Stimuli to Biofilm Formation
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3279 (2018)

Elucidating the Immune-Related Mechanisms by Which Probiotic Strain Lactobacillus casei BL23 Displays Anti-tumoral Properties
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3281 (2018)

High-Throughput Sequence Analyses of Bacterial Communities and Multi-Mycotoxin Profiling During Processing of Different Formulations of Kunu , a Traditional Fermented Beverage
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3282 (2018)

Seaweed Loads Cause Stronger Bacterial Community Shifts in Coastal Lagoon Sediments Than Nutrient Loads
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3283 (2018)

Key Players and Individualists of Cyclic-di-GMP Signaling in Burkholderia cenocepacia
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3286 (2018)

Sulfur Oxidation in the Acidophilic Autotrophic Acidithiobacillus spp
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3290 (2018)

Maintenance of S. aureus in Co-culture With P. aeruginosa While Growing as Biofilms
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3291 (2018)

Fermentation Products of Paenibacillus bovis sp. nov. BD3526 Alleviates the Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in GK Rats
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3292 (2018)

Respiratory Virus Infections in Hematopoietic Cell Transplant Recipients
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3294 (2018)

Metagenomic Evidence for a Methylocystis Species Capable of Bioremediation of Diverse Heavy Metals
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3297 (2018)

Diversity and Function of Capsular Polysaccharide in Acinetobacter baumannii
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3301 (2018)

A Novel Phage PD-6A3, and Its Endolysin Ply6A3, With Extended Lytic Activity Against Acinetobacter baumannii
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3302 (2018)

Enteropathogens: Tuning Their Gene Expression for Hassle-Free Survival
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3303 (2018)

Quorum Sensing System of Ruegeria mobilis Rm01 Controls Lipase and Biofilm Formation
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3304 (2018)

Addressing Research Needs in the Field of Plant Virus Ecology by Defining Knowledge Gaps and Developing Wild Dicot Study Systems
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3305 (2018)

Perspectives of Phage Therapy in Non-bacterial Infections
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3306 (2018)

Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus Non-structural Protein 6 Induces Apoptosis in Rabbit Kidney Cells
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3308 (2018)

Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus ST80 Induce Lower Cytokine Production by Monocytes as Compared to Other Sequence Types
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3310 (2018)

Low Phenotypic Penetrance and Technological Impact of Yeast [ GAR + ] Prion-Like Elements on Winemaking
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3311 (2018)

Identification, Functional Characterization, and Regulon Prediction of the Zinc Uptake Regulator ( zur ) of Bacillus anthracis - An Insight Into the Zinc Homeostasis of the Pathogen
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3314 (2018)

The Critical Role of Genome Maintenance Proteins in Immune Evasion During Gammaherpesvirus Latency
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3315 (2018)

Novel Pyoverdine Inhibitors Mitigate Pseudomonas aeruginosa Pathogenesis
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3317 (2018)

Exploiting the Oral Microbiome to Prevent Tooth Decay: Has Evolution Already Provided the Best Tools?
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3323 (2018)

Reducing Quorum Sensing-Mediated Virulence Factor Expression and Biofilm Formation in Hafnia alvei by Using the Potential Quorum Sensing Inhibitor L-Carvone
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3324 (2018)

Expansion and Diversification of MFS Transporters in Kluyveromyces marxianus
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3330 (2018)

Origin of the Mobile Di-Hydro-Pteroate Synthase Gene Determining Sulfonamide Resistance in Clinical Isolates
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3332 (2018)

The Burkholderia Type VI Secretion System 5: Composition, Regulation and Role in Virulence
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3339 (2018)

Vertical Stratification of Sediment Microbial Communities Along Geochemical Gradients of a Subterranean Estuary Located at the Gloucester Beach of Virginia, United States
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3343 (2018)

The Microbiome of an Active Meat Curing Brine
, Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 3346 (2018)

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