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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 66139

Chapter 66139 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Placental extracts regulate melanin synthesis in normal human melanocytes with alterations of mitochondrial respiration
, Experimental Dermatology 28(Suppl. 1): 50-54 (2019)

Novel nanocapsule of α-lipoic acid reveals pigmentation improvement: α-Lipoic acid stimulates the proliferation and differentiation of keratinocyte in murine skin by topical application
, Experimental Dermatology 28(Suppl. 1): 55-63 (2019)

Facial distribution of squamous cell carcinoma in Japanese
, Experimental Dermatology 28(Suppl. 1): 72-74 (2019)

Mechanisms of repigmentation induced by photobiomodulation therapy in vitiligo
, Experimental Dermatology 28(Suppl. 1): 10-14 (2019)

Basic analysis of facial ageing: The relationship between the superficial musculoaponeurotic system and age
, Experimental Dermatology 28(Suppl. 1): 38-42 (2019)

Why so null? Methodologic necessities to advance endometriosis discovery
, Paediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology 33(1): 26-27 (2019)

Unit policies and breast milk feeding at discharge of very preterm infants: The EPIPAGE-2 cohort study
, Paediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology 33(1): 59-69 (2019)

Understanding country-specific determinants of stillbirth using household surveys: The case of Afghanistan
, Paediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology 33(1): 28-44 (2019)

Acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) experiences among COPD patients with comorbid gastrooesophageal reflux disease
, Journal of Clinical Nursing 28(9-10): 1925-1935 (2019)

The beginning of biological phosphorus removal
, Water Environment Research 91(4): 364 (2019)

Prevention of ochratoxin A-induced oxidative stress-mediated apoptotic processes and impairment of embryonic development in mouse blastocysts by liquiritigenin
, Environmental Toxicology 34(5): 573-584 (2019)

Origin and formation mechanism of salty water in Zuli River catchment of the Yellow River
, Water Environment Research 91(3): 222-238 (2019)

Vitamin D protects against particles-caused lung injury through induction of autophagy in an Nrf2-dependent manner
, Environmental Toxicology 34(5): 594-609 (2019)

Beyond OLED: Efficient Quantum Dot Light-Emitting Diodes for Display and Lighting Application
, Chemical Record 19(8): 1729-1752 (2019)

Paraquat affects the differentiation of neural stem cells and impairs the function of vascular endothelial cells: a study of molecular mechanism
, Environmental Toxicology 34(4): 548-555 (2019)

Assessing functional outcomes in head and neck surgical oncology
, Head and Neck 41(7): 2051-2057 (2019)

SH3-class Ras guanine nucleotide exchange factors are essential for Aspergillus fumigatus invasive growth
, Cellular Microbiology 21(6): E13013 (2019)

Full simulation of disinfection stage in a water recycling plant using low-cost, hybrid 3-dimensional computational fluid dynamics
, Water Environment Research 91(3): 177-184 (2019)

Formal Aza-Wacker Cyclization by Tandem Electrochemical Oxidation and Copper Catalysis
, Angewandte Chemie 58(14): 4700-4704 (2019)

Site-Specific Oxidation State Assignments of the Iron Atoms in the [4Fe:4S] 2+/1+/0 States of the Nitrogenase Fe-Protein
, Angewandte Chemie 58(12): 3894-3897 (2019)

Patterns of social determinants of health associated with drug use among women living with HIV in Canada: a latent class analysis
, Addiction 114(7): 1214-1224 (2019)

Unraveling the Correlation between Structures of Carbon Nanospheres Derived from Polymeric Spheres and Their Electrochemical Performance to Achieve High-Rate Supercapacitors
, Macromolecular Rapid Communications 40(17): E1800770 (2019)

Spatial characteristics and influencing factors of river pollution in China
, Water Environment Research 91(4): 351-363 (2019)

Klotho-beta and fibroblast growth factor 19 expression correlates with early recurrence of resectable hepatocellular carcinoma
, Liver International 39(9): 1682-1691 (2019)

Adhesion Anisotropy Substrate with Janus Micropillar Arrays Guides Cell Polarized Migration and Division Cycle
, Angewandte Chemie 58(13): 4308-4312 (2019)

NLRP3 inflammasome activation involved in LPS and coal tar pitch extract-induced malignant transformation of human bronchial epithelial cells
, Environmental Toxicology 34(5): 585-593 (2019)

The efficacy of micro-insulated needle radiofrequency system for the treatment of lower eyelid fat bulging
, Journal der Deutschen Dermatologischen Gesellschaft 17(2): 149-156 (2019)

Aggregation-Induced Electrochemiluminescence of Carboranyl Carbazoles in Aqueous Media
, Angewandte Chemie 58(10): 3162-3166 (2019)

Thermopower Modulation Clarification of the Operating Mechanism in Wide Bandgap BaSnO 3 -SrSnO 3 Solid-Solution Based Thin Film Transistors
, Small 15(8): E1805394 (2019)

Development and organization of the zebrafish intestinal epithelial stem cell niche
, Developmental Dynamics 2019: (2019)

Lamellarly Stacking Porous N, P Co-Doped Mo 2 C/C Nanosheets as High Performance Anode for Lithium-Ion Batteries
, Small 15(8): E1805022 (2019)

Controlled Fabrication of Micropatterned Supramolecular Gels by Directed Self-Assembly of Small Molecular Gelators
, Small 15(8): E1804154 (2019)

Intramolecular Charge Transfer in Kekulé- and Non-Kekulé-Bridged Bis(triarylamine) Radical Cations: Missing Key Compounds in Organic Mixed-Valence Systems
, Chemistry An Asian Journal 14(10): 1692-1696 (2019)

Spatial modelling for low pathogenicity avian influenza virus at the interface of wild birds and backyard poultry
, Transboundary and Emerging Diseases 66(4): 1493-1505 (2019)

Anatomy of the Facial Fat Compartments and their Relevance in Aesthetic Surgery
, Journal der Deutschen Dermatologischen Gesellschaft 17(4): 399-413 (2019)

Degradable Nanoparticles Restore Lysosomal pH and Autophagic Flux in Lipotoxic Pancreatic Beta Cells
, Advanced Healthcare Materials 8(12): E1801511 (2019)

Mechanisms of Transport and Delivery of Vitamin A and Carotenoids to the Retinal Pigment Epithelium
, Molecular Nutrition and Food Research 63(15): E1801046 (2019)

A 3-Fluoro-4-hexylthiophene-Based Wide Bandgap Donor Polymer for 10.9% Efficiency Eco-Friendly Nonfullerene Organic Solar Cells
, Small 15(9): E1805321 (2019)

Improvement of Cu 2 ZnSn(S,Se) 4 Solar Cells by Adding N,N-Dimethylformamide to the Dimethyl Sulfoxide-Based Precursor Ink
, Chemsuschem 12(8): 1692-1699 (2019)

Regression of mucosal melanoma following intralesional talimogene laherparepvec (T-VEC) injection in combination with immunotherapy
, Journal der Deutschen Dermatologischen Gesellschaft 17(3): 321-323 (2019)

Migraine Headache: Diagnosis and Current and Emerging Preventive Treatments
, Primary Care Companion for Cns Disorders 20 Suppl E1: (2018)

Cardiomyoblasts Produced from Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Complex Therapy of Heart Radiation Damage
, Radiatsionnaia Biologiia Radioecologiia 57(1): 5-11 (2017)

Biological Dosimetry Technique for Estimation of Doses from Accidental Exposure to External γ-Rays
, Radiatsionnaia Biologiia Radioecologiia 57(1): 12-17 (2017)

The Problem of the Relationship of the Chromosome Aberration Frequency in Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes with the Risk of Disease Development Including after Irradiation
, Radiatsionnaia Biologiia Radioecologiia 57(1): 18-29 (2017)

Application of the EPR and FISH Methods to Dose Reconstruction for People Exposed in the Techa River Area
, Radiatsionnaia Biologiia Radioecologiia 57(1): 30-41 (2017)

Assessment of the Status of Effector and Regulatory Components of Immune System in Chelyabinsk Region Residents Exposed to Radiation Due to Residence in the Area Contaminated as a Result of the Radiation Accident at Mayak PA and in Their Offspring
, Radiatsionnaia Biologiia, Radioecologiia 57(1): 42-52 (2019)

Deletions in Mitochondrial DNA from the Peripheral Blood of Mayak PA Workers Exposed to Long-Term Ionizing Radiation
, Radiatsionnaia Biologiia Radioecologiia 57(1): 53-59 (2017)

Effects of Chronic Irradiation at Low Doses on Morphological Indicators of Reproductive System of Dysgenic Female Drosophila melanogaster
, Radiatsionnaia Biologiia Radioecologiia 57(1): 60-65 (2017)

UV-Modification of Free and Immobilized Trypsin
, Radiatsionnaia Biologiia Radioecologiia 57(1): 66-70 (2017)

Reaction of Reproductive System and Epididymal Spermatozoa .of Rats to Electromagnetic Radiation from Mobile Phone (1745 MHz) of Various Duration
, Radiatsionnaia Biologiia Radioecologiia 57(1): 71-76 (2017)

Current Activity Levels of Artificial Radionuclides in Water Facilities Located at the Semipalatinsk Test Site
, Radiatsionnaia Biologiia Radioecologiia 57(1): 77-85 (2017)

Spatial Distribution of ¹³⁷Cs in Soil of Spruce Forest in the Distant Zone of Chernobyl Fallout
, Radiatsionnaia Biologiia Radioecologiia 57(1): 86-97 (2017)

Assessment of Erythropoiesis Status in Roach (Rutilus rutilus) of the Radioactively Contaminated Techa River
, Radiatsionnaia Biologiia Radioecologiia 57(1): 98-107 (2017)

Se/S Ratio-Dependent Properties and Application of Gradient-Alloyed CdSe 1- x S x Quantum Dots: Shell-free Structure, Non-blinking Photoluminescence with Single-Exponential Decay, and Efficient QLEDs
, Acs Applied Materials and Interfaces 11(6): 6238-6247 (2019)

Nano- to Micro-Self-Aggregates of New Bisimidazole-Based Copoly(ionic liquid)s for Protecting Copper in Aqueous Sulfuric Acid Solution
, Acs Applied Materials and Interfaces 11(10): 10135-10145 (2019)

Scalable Manufacturing of Single Nanowire Devices Using Crack-Defined Shadow Mask Lithography
, Acs Applied Materials and Interfaces 11(8): 8217-8226 (2019)

Design and Construction of Functional Supramolecular Metalloprotein Assemblies
, Accounts of Chemical Research 52(2): 345-355 (2019)

Thermally Superstable Cellulosic-Nanorod-Reinforced Transparent Substrates Featuring Microscale Surface Patterns
, Acs Nano 13(2): 2015-2023 (2019)

Synthesis and Preliminary Evaluations of a Triazole-Cored Antagonist as a PET Imaging Probe ([ 18 F]N2B-0518) for GluN2B Subunit in the Brain
, Acs Chemical Neuroscience 10(5): 2263-2275 (2019)

Significant Stretchability Enhancement of a Crack-Based Strain Sensor Combined with High Sensitivity and Superior Durability for Motion Monitoring
, Acs Applied Materials and Interfaces 11(7): 7405-7414 (2019)

Intermolecular Acyl-Transfer Reactions in Molecular Crystals
, Accounts of Chemical Research 52(2): 437-446 (2019)

Three-Dimensional Printing of Biodegradable Piperazine-Based Polyurethane-Urea Scaffolds with Enhanced Osteogenesis for Bone Regeneration
, Acs Applied Materials and Interfaces 11(9): 9415-9424 (2019)

Percolation Effects in Electrolytically Gated WS 2 /Graphene Nano:Nano Composites
, Acs Applied Materials and Interfaces 11(8): 8545-8555 (2019)

Defect and Additional Active Sites on the Basal Plane of Manganese-Doped Molybdenum Diselenide for Effective Enzyme Immobilization: In Vitro and in Vivo Real-Time Analyses of Hydrogen Peroxide Sensing
, Acs Applied Materials and Interfaces 11(8): 7862-7871 (2019)

Tunable Emission of Bluish Zn-Cu-Ga-S Quantum Dots by Mn Doping and Their Electroluminescence
, Acs Applied Materials and Interfaces 11(8): 8250-8257 (2019)

Application of Integrated Bioelectrochemical-Wetland Systems for Future Sustainable Wastewater Treatment
, Environmental Science and Technology 53(4): 1741-1743 (2019)

Copper-Promoted Functionalization of Organic Molecules: from Biologically Relevant Cu/O 2 Model Systems to Organometallic Transformations
, Chemical Reviews 119(4): 2954-3031 (2019)

O 2 Economizer for Inhibiting Cell Respiration To Combat the Hypoxia Obstacle in Tumor Treatments
, Acs Nano 13(2): 1784-1794 (2019)

Evaluation of Predicted Protein-Protein Complexes by Binding Free Energy Simulations
, Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 15(3): 2071-2086 (2019)

Supramolecular Aggregate of Cadmium(II)-Based One-Dimensional Coordination Polymer for Device Fabrication and Sensor Application
, Inorganic Chemistry 58(4): 2686-2694 (2019)

Accurate Prediction of Hyperfine Coupling Tensors for Main Group Elements Using a Unitary Group Based Rigorously Spin-Adapted Coupled-Cluster Theory
, Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 15(3): 1572-1592 (2019)

Bifunctional Mononuclear Dysprosium Complexes: Single-Ion Magnet Behaviors and Antitumor Activities
, Inorganic Chemistry 58(4): 2286-2298 (2019)

A Pilot-Scale Field Study: In Situ Treatment of PCB-Impacted Sediments with Bioamended Activated Carbon
, Environmental Science and Technology 53(5): 2626-2634 (2019)

Facile and Cost-Effective Approach for Copper Recovery from Waste Printed Circuit Boards via a Sequential Mechanochemical/Leaching/Recrystallization Process
, Environmental Science and Technology 53(5): 2748-2757 (2019)

Synthesis, Structures, and Magnetic Properties of Two Coordination Assemblies of Mn(III) Single Molecule Magnets Bridged via Photochromic Diarylethene Ligands
, Inorganic Chemistry 58(4): 2307-2314 (2019)

Quantum Yields and N 2 O Formation from Photolysis of Solid Films of Neonicotinoids
, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 67(6): 1638-1646 (2019)

Evaluation of Enhanced Ozone-Biologically Active Filtration Treatment for the Removal of 1,4-Dioxane and Disinfection Byproduct Precursors from Wastewater Effluent
, Environmental Science and Technology 53(5): 2720-2730 (2019)

Forging Ru-C sp 2 Bonds in Paddlewheel Complexes Using the Lithium-Halogen Exchange Reaction
, Inorganic Chemistry 58(4): 2618-2626 (2019)

Possible Intermediacy of Cyclopropane Complexes in the Isomerization of Aliphatic Amine Radical Cations
, Journal of Physical Chemistry. a 123(8): 1548-1557 (2019)

Propiolic Acid in Solid Nitrogen: NIR- and UV-Induced cis → trans Isomerization and Matrix-Site-Dependent trans → cis Tunneling
, Journal of Physical Chemistry. a 123(8): 1581-1593 (2019)

OH-Initiated Oxidation of Imidazoles in Tropospheric Aqueous-Phase Chemistry
, Journal of Physical Chemistry. a 123(8): 1505-1513 (2019)

Hydration Energies of Iron Hydroxide Cation: A Guided Ion Beam and Theoretical Investigation
, Journal of Physical Chemistry. a 123(8): 1675-1688 (2019)

Ag(I)-Fesulphos-Catalyzed Enantioselective Synthesis of 3-Silylproline Derivatives
, Journal of Organic Chemistry 84(5): 2404-2414 (2019)

Ground-State Pd Anions React with H 2 Much Faster than the Excited Pd Anions
, Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 10(4): 702-706 (2019)

Controlling the Kinetics of Self-Reproducing Micelles by Catalyst Compartmentalization in a Biphasic System
, Journal of Organic Chemistry 84(5): 2741-2755 (2019)

Solvent-Free Michaelis-Arbuzov Rearrangement under Flow Conditions
, Journal of Organic Chemistry 84(5): 2619-2625 (2019)

Experimental and Computational Study of the Group 1 Metal Cation Chelates with Lysine: Bond Dissociation Energies, Structures, and Structural Trends
, Journal of Physical Chemistry. B 123(9): 1983-1997 (2019)

Developing Biologics Tablets: The Effects of Compression on the Structure and Stability of Bovine Serum Albumin and Lysozyme
, Molecular Pharmaceutics 16(3): 1119-1131 (2019)

Therapeutic Potential of Plasma Proteins Derived from Umbilical Cord Blood for Acute Liver Failure
, Molecular Pharmaceutics 16(3): 1092-1104 (2019)

Doxorubicin and Anti-PD-L1 Antibody Conjugated Gold Nanoparticles for Colorectal Cancer Photochemotherapy
, Molecular Pharmaceutics 16(3): 1184-1199 (2019)

Ferroelectric Analog Synaptic Transistors
, Nano Letters 19(3): 2044-2050 (2019)

Cooper Pair Density of Bi 2 Sr 2 CaCu 2 O 8+ x in Atomic scale at 4.2 K
, Nano Letters 19(2): 1112-1117 (2019)

Three-Dimensional Graphene Field-Effect Transistors as High-Performance Photodetectors
, Nano Letters 19(3): 1494-1503 (2019)

ELM-MHC: An Improved MHC Identification Method with Extreme Learning Machine Algorithm
, Journal of Proteome Research 18(3): 1392-1401 (2019)

Preparation of Heterocycles via Visible-Light-Driven Aerobic Selenation of Olefins with Diselenides
, Organic Letters 21(4): 885-889 (2019)

Regiocontrolled Heptafluoroisopropylation of Aromatic Halides by Copper(I) Carboxylates with Heptafluoroisopropyl-Zinc Reagents
, Organic Letters 21(4): 1093-1097 (2019)

Synthesis of 3-(Methylsulfonyl)benzo[ b]thiophenes from Methyl(2-alkynylphenyl)sulfanes and Sodium Metabisulfite via a Radical Relay Strategy
, Organic Letters 21(4): 1156-1160 (2019)

Thermal Shock Synthesis of Metal Nanoclusters within On-the-Fly Graphene Particles
, Langmuir 35(9): 3413-3420 (2019)

Semisynthesis of an Anticancer DPAGT1 Inhibitor from a Muraymycin Biosynthetic Intermediate
, Organic Letters 21(4): 876-879 (2019)

A Prospective Analysis of Patients With Anterior Versus Posterior Shoulder Instability: A Matched Cohort Examination and Surgical Outcome Analysis of 200 Patients
, American Journal of Sports Medicine 47(3): 682-687 (2019)

Inadequacy of typical physiological experimental protocols for investigating consequences of stochastic weather events emerging from global warming
, American Journal of Physiology. Regulatory Integrative and Comparative Physiology 316(4): R318 (2019)

Unexpected effect of insulin on glucose disposal explains glucose intolerance of rainbow trout
, American Journal of Physiology. Regulatory Integrative and Comparative Physiology 316(4): R387 (2019)

Predictors of Reduced Survival for Adult-diagnosed Cystic Fibrosis: Older Age at Diagnosis, a Substitute for Older Age?
, Annals of the American Thoracic Society 16(5): 644 (2019)

Spatially selective myosin regulatory light chain regulation is absent in dedifferentiated vascular smooth muscle cells but is partially induced by fibronectin and Klf4
, American Journal of Physiology. Cell Physiology 316(4): C509 (2019)

Tumoral microvesicle-activated glycometabolic reprogramming in fibroblasts promotes the progression of oral squamous cell carcinoma
, Faseb Journal 33(4): 5690-5703 (2019)

Expression patterns of endothelial permeability pathways in the development of the blood-retinal barrier in mice
, Faseb Journal 33(4): 5320-5333 (2019)

Formulation development and in vitro evaluation of gentamicin sulfate-loaded PLGA nanoparticles based film for the treatment of surgical site infection by Box-Behnken design
, Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy 45(5): 805-818 (2019)

Augmentation of Extinction and Inhibitory Learning in Anxiety and Trauma-Related Disorders
, Annual Review of Clinical Psychology 15: 257-284 (2019)

RapidFire BLAZE-Mode Is Boosting ESI-MS Toward High-Throughput-Screening
, Slas Technology 24(4): 386-393 (2019)

MiR-22 and miR-214 targeting BCL9L inhibit proliferation, metastasis, and epithelial-mesenchymal transition by down-regulating Wnt signaling in colon cancer
, Faseb Journal 33(4): 5411-5424 (2019)

Design of Microplate-Compatible Illumination Panels for a Semiautomated Benchtop Pipetting System
, Slas Technology 24(4): 399-407 (2019)

Added value of diffusion-weighted imaging for evaluation of extramural venous invasion in patients with primary rectal cancer
, British Journal of Radiology 92(1096): 20180821 ( 2019)

CRISPR-Based Tools in Immunity
, Annual Review of Immunology 37: 571-597 (2019)

Using T Cell Receptor Repertoires to Understand the Principles of Adaptive Immune Recognition
, Annual Review of Immunology 37: 547-570 (2019)

The Complexity of Compliance in Sample Management: A Review of Key Issues Impacting Small-Molecule and Biological Sample Management in Early Drug Discovery
, Slas Technology 24(3): 269-281 (2019)

Solid lipid nanoparticles for targeted delivery of triclosan into skin for infection prevention
, Journal of Microencapsulation 35(7-8): 695-704 (2018)

Doxapram stimulates respiratory activity through distinct activation of neurons in the nucleus hypoglossus and the pre-Bötzinger complex
, Journal of Neurophysiology 121(4): 1102-1110 (2019)

Age-related reweighting of visual and vestibular cues for vertical perception
, Journal of Neurophysiology 121(4): 1279-1288 (2019)

Comparison of Radiation Dose and Image Quality of Contrast-Enhanced Dual-Source CT of the Chest: Single-Versus Dual-Energy and Second-Versus Third-Generation Technology
, Ajr. American Journal of Roentgenology 212(4): 741-747 (2019)

New Job, New Challenges: Life After Radiology Training
, Ajr. American Journal of Roentgenology 212(3): 483-489 (2019)

Safety and Image Quality of 1.5-T Endorectal Coil Multiparametric MRI of the Prostate or Prostatectomy Fossa for Patients With Pacemaker or Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator
, Ajr. American Journal of Roentgenology 212(4): 815-822 (2019)

Ulnar Collateral Ligament Insertional Injuries in Pediatric Overhead Athletes: Are MRI Findings Predictive of Symptoms or Need for Surgery?
, Ajr. American Journal of Roentgenology 212(4): 867-873 (2019)

Detection of Hyperacute Reactions of Desacetylvinblastine Monohydrazide in a Xenograft Model Using Intravoxel Incoherent Motion DWI and R2* Mapping
, Ajr. American Journal of Roentgenology 212(4): 717-726 (2019)

Automatic Disease Annotation From Radiology Reports Using Artificial Intelligence Implemented by a Recurrent Neural Network
, Ajr. American Journal of Roentgenology 212(4): 734-740 (2019)

Percutaneous Ultrasound-Guided Intervention for Upper Extremity Neural and Perineural Abnormalities: A Retrospective Review of 242 Cases
, Ajr. American Journal of Roentgenology 212(3): W73 (2019)

Neurointerventional Radiology for the Aspiring Radiology Resident: Current State of the Field and Future Directions
, Ajr. American Journal of Roentgenology 2019: 1-6 (2019)

The Importance of Evaluating Health Disparities Research
, American Journal of Public Health 109(S1): S34 (2019)

Methodological Approaches to Understanding Causes of Health Disparities
, American Journal of Public Health 109(S1): S28 (2019)

Racism and the Life Course: Taking Time Seriously
, American Journal of Public Health 109(S1): S43 (2019)

Novel Approaches to Advance Minority Health and Health Disparities Research
, American Journal of Public Health 109(S1): S8 (2019)

Behavioral Interventions Using Consumer Information Technology as Tools to Advance Health Equity
, American Journal of Public Health 109(S1): S79 (2019)

Structural Interventions to Reduce and Eliminate Health Disparities
, American Journal of Public Health 109(S1): S72 (2019)

Science Visioning to Advance the Next Generation of Health Disparities Research
, American Journal of Public Health 109(S1): S11 (2019)

Advancing Health Services Research to Eliminate Health Care Disparities
, American Journal of Public Health 109(S1): S64 (2019)

Life Course Approaches to the Causes of Health Disparities
, American Journal of Public Health 109(S1): S48 (2019)

Building the Evidence Base to Inform Planned Intervention Adaptations by Practitioners Serving Health Disparity Populations
, American Journal of Public Health 109(S1): S94 (2019)

An AJPH Supplement Toward a Unified Research Approach for Minority Health and Health Disparities
, American Journal of Public Health 109(S1): S6 (2019)

The National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities Research Framework
, American Journal of Public Health 109(S1): S16 (2019)

Harmonizing Health Disparities Measurement
, American Journal of Public Health 109(S1): S25 (2019)

Social Determinants of Health: Future Directions for Health Disparities Research
, American Journal of Public Health 109(S1): S70 (2019)

Sideways Progress in Intervention Research Is Not Sufficient to Eliminate Health Disparities
, American Journal of Public Health 109(S1): S102 (2019)

Designing and Assessing Multilevel Interventions to Improve Minority Health and Reduce Health Disparities
, American Journal of Public Health 109(S1): S86 (2019)

Cross-Cutting Themes to Advance the Science of Minority Health and Health Disparities
, American Journal of Public Health 109(S1): S21 (2019)

From the Outside In: Biological Mechanisms Linking Social and Environmental Exposures to Chronic Disease and to Health Disparities
, American Journal of Public Health 109(S1): S56 (2019)

Science Visioning in Minority Health and Health Disparities
, American Journal of Public Health 109(S1): S5 (2019)

Translational Health Disparities Research in a Data-Rich World
, American Journal of Public Health 109(S1): S41 (2019)

High-Parameter Single-Cell Analysis
, Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry 12(1): 411-430 (2019)

Imaging and Analytics on the Helium Ion Microscope
, Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry 12(1): 523-543 (2019)

Solving the Structure and Dynamics of Metal Nanoparticles by Combining X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure Spectroscopy and Atomistic Structure Simulations
, Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry 12(1): 501-522 (2019)

Separation Phenomena in Tailored Micro- and Nanofluidic Environments
, Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry 12(1): 475-500 (2019)

Ankle Lateral Ligament Augmentation Versus the Modified Broström-Gould Procedure: A 5-Year Randomized Controlled Trial
, American Journal of Sports Medicine 47(3): 659-666 (2019)

Temporal cueing enhances neuronal and behavioral discrimination performance in rat whisker system
, Journal of Neurophysiology 121(3): 1048-1058 (2019)

The neural basis of motion sickness
, Journal of Neurophysiology 121(3): 973-982 (2019)

Processing of object motion and self-motion in the lateral subdivision of the medial superior temporal area in macaques
, Journal of Neurophysiology 121(4): 1207-1221 (2019)

National Trends in Hospitalizations for Stroke Associated With Infective Endocarditis and Opioid Use Between 1993 and 2015
, Stroke 50(3): 577-582 (2019)

Effects of tonic muscle pain on fusimotor control of human muscle spindles during isometric ankle dorsiflexion
, Journal of Neurophysiology 121(4): 1143-1149 (2019)

A method of quantifying centrosomes at the single-cell level in human normal and cancer tissue
, Molecular Biology of the Cell 30(7): 811-819 (2019)

The adaptor protein melanophilin regulates dynamic myosin-Va:cargo interaction and dendrite development in melanocytes
, Molecular Biology of the Cell 30(6): 742-752 (2019)

Similarity Grouping as Feature-Based Selection
, Psychological Science 30(3): 376-385 (2019)

Next-Generation Ecological Immunology
, Physiological and Biochemical Zoology 92(2): 177-188 (2019)

Neuronal Development of Hearing and Language: Cochlear Implants and Critical Periods
, Annual Review of Neuroscience 42: 47-65 (2019)

Genes Involved in the Development and Physiology of Both the Peripheral and Central Auditory Systems
, Annual Review of Neuroscience 42: 67-86 (2019)

A Motor Theory of Sleep-Wake Control: Arousal-Action Circuit
, Annual Review of Neuroscience 42: 27-46 (2019)

Adrenergic agonist induces rhythmic firing in quiescent cardiac preganglionic neurons in nucleus ambiguous via activation of intrinsic membrane excitability
, Journal of Neurophysiology 121(4): 1266-1278 (2019)

The Dangerous Flavors of E-Cigarettes
, New England Journal of Medicine 380(7): 679-680 (2019)

A Randomized Trial of E-Cigarettes versus Nicotine-Replacement Therapy
, New England Journal of Medicine 380(7): 629-637 (2019)

No Free Lunch - What Price Plan S for Scientific Publishing?
, New England Journal of Medicine 380(12): 1181-1185 (2019)

Role of astroglia in diet-induced central neuroplasticity
, Journal of Neurophysiology 121(4): 1195-1206 (2019)

PRMT7 methylates eukaryotic translation initiation factor 2α and regulates its role in stress granule formation
, Molecular Biology of the Cell 30(6): 778-793 (2019)

The phospholipid flippase DnfD localizes to late Golgi and is involved in asexual differentiation in Aspergillus nidulans
, Mycologia 111(1): 13-25 (2019)

Theta/delta coupling across cortical laminae contributes to semantic cognition
, Journal of Neurophysiology 121(4): 1150-1161 (2019 )

Linear Polyethylenimine-DNA Nanoconstruct for Corneal Gene Delivery
, Journal of Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics 35(1): 23-31 (2019)

PI3K/mTOR inhibition potentiates and extends palbociclib activity in anaplastic thyroid cancer
, Endocrine-Related Cancer 26(4): 425-436 (2019)

Nodal promotes the malignancy of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) cells via activation of NF-κB/IL-6 signals
, Biological Chemistry 400(6): 777-785 (2019)

MCT1, MCT4 and CD147 expression and 3-bromopyruvate toxicity in colorectal cancer cells are modulated by the extracellular conditions
, Biological Chemistry 400(6): 787-799 (2019)

Therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) of 5-fluorouracil (5-FU): new preanalytic aspects
, Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine 57(7): 1012-1016 (2019)

Methodological issues are important in cannabinoids determination in bronchoalveolar lavage
, Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine 57(4): E41 (2019)

Carney complex due to a novel pathogenic variant in the PRKAR1A gene - a case report
, Journal of Pediatric Endocrinology and Metabolism 32(2): 197-202 (2019)

One-year treatment with gonadotropin-releasing hormone analogues does not affect body mass index, insulin sensitivity or lipid profile in girls with central precocious puberty
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Influence of Temperature and Humidity on the Viability of Ophiognomonia clavigignenti-juglandacearum Conidia
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Soil Inoculum Production, Survival, and Infectivity of the Boxwood Blight Pathogen, Calonectria pseudonaviculata
, Plant Disease 99(12): 1689-1694 (2015)

Characterization, Virulence, Epidemiology, and Management of Anthracnose in Celery
, Plant Disease 99(12): 1832-1840 (2015)

Identification and Characterization of Three Monilinia Species from Plum in China
, Plant Disease 99(12): 1775-1783 (2015)

Susceptibility of Greenhouse Ornamentals to Phytophthora capsici and P. tropicalis
, Plant Disease 99(12): 1808-1815 (2015)

Biological and Molecular Characterization of Five Phomopsis Species Associated with Pear Shoot Canker in China
, Plant Disease 99(12): 1704-1712 (2015)

Characterization of Botryosphaeriaceae Species as Causal Agents of Trunk Diseases on Grapevines
, Plant Disease 99(12): 1678-1688 (2015)

Bacterial Wilt of Dry-Edible Beans in the Central High Plains of the U.S.: Past, Present, and Future
, Plant Disease 99(12): 1665-1677 (2015)

Fitness and Competitive Ability of Alternaria alternata Field Isolates with Resistance to SDHI, QoI, and MBC Fungicides
, Plant Disease 99(12): 1744-1750 (2015)

Nondefoliating and Defoliating Strains from Cotton Correlate with Races 1 and 2 of Verticillium dahliae
, Plant Disease 99(12): 1713-1720 (2015)

Sensitivity of Potato Cultivars to Potato mop-top virus-Induced Tuber Necrosis
, Plant Disease 99(6): 788-796 (2015)

The Trentepohliales (Ulvophyceae, Chlorophyta): An Unusual Algal Order and its Novel Plant Pathogen-Cephaleuros
, Plant Disease 99(6): 740-753 (2015)

Potato spindle tuber viroid: Stability on Common Surfaces and Inactivation With Disinfectants
, Plant Disease 99(6): 770-775 (2015)

Baseline Sensitivity of Didymella bryoniae to Cyprodinil and Fludioxonil and Field Efficacy of these Fungicides Against Isolates Resistant to Pyraclostrobin and Boscalid
, Plant Disease 99(6): 815-822 (2015)

Resistance in Colletotrichum siamense From Peach and Blueberry to Thiophanate-Methyl and Azoxystrobin
, Plant Disease 99(6): 806-814 (2015)

Multilocus Sequence Analysis Reveals Genetic Diversity in Xanthomonads Associated With Poinsettia Production
, Plant Disease 99(6): 874-882 (2015)

Study of Phylogenetic Relationships Among Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. dianthi Isolates: Confirmation of Intrarace Diversity and Development of a Practical Tool for Simple Population Analyses
, Plant Disease 99(6): 780-787 (2015)

Resistance to Plasmodiophora brassicae in Brassica rapa and Brassica juncea genotypes From China
, Plant Disease 99(6): 776-779 (2015)

Evaluation of Methods to Quantify Populations of Rhizoctonia in Soil
, Plant Disease 99(6): 836-841 (2015)

Investigation of the Colletotrichum gloeosporioides Species Complex Causing Peach Anthracnose in South Carolina
, Plant Disease 99(6): 797-805 (2015)

Relationships of Preharvest Weather Conditions and Soil Factors to Susceptibility of Sweetpotato to Postharvest Decay Caused by Rhizopus stolonifer and Dickeya dadantii
, Plant Disease 99(6): 848-857 (2015)

Pre- and Postinfection Activity of Fungicides in Control of Hop Downy Mildew
, Plant Disease 99(6): 858-865 (2015)

Spread Potential of Binucleate Rhizoctonia from Nursery Propagation Floors to Trays Containing Azalea Stem Cuttings and Sanitary Control Options
, Plant Disease 99(6): 842-847 (2015)

Emerging Yr26-Virulent Races of Puccinia striiformis f. tritici Are Threatening Wheat Production in the Sichuan Basin, China
, Plant Disease 99(6): 754-760 (2015)

Expanded Host Range Testing for Verticillium nonalfalfae: Potential Biocontrol Agent Against the Invasive Ailanthus altissima
, Plant Disease 99(6): 823-835 (2015)

Development of Molecular Assays for Detection of Stenocarpella maydis and Stenocarpella macrospora in Corn
, Plant Disease 99(6): 761-769 (2015)

Evaluation of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)-Based Methods for Rapid, Accurate Detection and Monitoring of Verticillium dahliae in Woody Hosts by Real-Time PCR
, Plant Disease 99(6): 866-873 (2015)

Etiology of a Tuber Rot and Foliar Blight of Potato Caused by Phytophthora nicotianae
, Plant Disease 99(4): 474-481 (2015)

The Influence of Irrigation Frequency on the Onset and Development of Verticillium Wilt of Olive
, Plant Disease 99(4): 488-495 (2015)

Heart Rot of Pomegranate: Disease Etiology and the Events Leading to Development of Symptoms
, Plant Disease 99(4): 496-501 (2015)

Resurgence of Cucurbit Downy Mildew in the United States: A Watershed Event for Research and Extension
, Plant Disease 99(4): 428-441 (2015)

Influence of Trifloxystrobin on Primary Inoculum and Progression of Scab Epidemics on Stone Fruit
, Plant Disease 99(4): 467-473 (2015)

Yr60, a Gene Conferring Moderate Resistance to Stripe Rust in Wheat
, Plant Disease 99(4): 508-511 (2015)

Screening Isolates of Soybean mosaic virus for Infectivity in a Model Plant, Nicotiana benthamiana
, Plant Disease 99(4): 442-446 (2015)

Differences in Virulence and Sporulation of Phytophthora kernoviae Isolates Originating From Two Distinct Geographical Regions
, Plant Disease 99(4): 460-466 (2015)

Toward an Integrated Use of Biological Control by Cladosporium cladosporioides H39 in Apple Scab (Venturia inaequalis) Management
, Plant Disease 99(4): 535-543 (2015)

Genome-Assisted Development of a Diagnostic Protocol for Distinguishing High Virulence Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato Strains
, Plant Disease 99(4): 527-534 (2015)

Identification and Genetic Diversity of Formae Speciales of Setosphaeria turcica in China
, Plant Disease 99(4): 482-487 (2015)

Characterization of Quinone Outside Inhibitor Fungicide Resistance in Cercospora sojina and Development of Diagnostic Tools for its Identification
, Plant Disease 99(4): 544-550 (2015)

A Soil Bioassay for Predicting the Risk of Spinach Fusarium wilt
, Plant Disease 99(4): 512-526 (2015)

Induction of the Phenylpropanoid Pathway by Acibenzolar-S-Methyl and Potassium Phosphite Increases Mango Resistance to Ceratocystis fimbriata Infection
, Plant Disease 99(4): 447-459 (2015)

Influence of Open Alleys in Field Trials Assessing Yield Effects from Fungicides in Corn
, Plant Disease 99(2): 263-266 (2015)

Baseline Sensitivity of Pyraclostrobin and Toxicity of SHAM to Sclerotinia sclerotiorum
, Plant Disease 99(2): 267-273 (2015)

Sensitivity of Alternaria alternata from Citrus to Boscalid and Polymorphism in Iron-Sulfur and in Anchored Membrane Subunits of Succinate Dehydrogenase
, Plant Disease 99(2): 231-239 (2015)

Effect of Extended Crop Rotations on Incidence of Black Dot, Silver Scurf, and Verticillium Wilt of Potato
, Plant Disease 99(2): 257-262 (2015)

A Postharvest Fruit Rot of Apple Caused by Lambertella corni-maris in Washington State
, Plant Disease 99(2): 201-206 (2015)

Comparison of Sapwood Discoloration in Fagaceae Trees After Inoculation with Isolates of Raffaelea quercivora, Cause of Mass Mortality of Japanese Oak Trees
, Plant Disease 99(2): 225-230 (2015)

Emergence of 'Candidatus Liberibacter solanacearum'-Infected Seed Potato in Relation to the Time of Infection
, Plant Disease 99(2): 274-280 (2015)

Population Structure, Fungicide Resistance Profile, and sdhB Mutation Frequency of Botrytis cinerea from Strawberry and Greenhouse-Grown Tomato in Greece
, Plant Disease 99(2): 240-248 (2015)

Safeguarding Fruit Crops in the Age of Agricultural Globalization
, Plant Disease 99(2): 176-187 (2015)

Effects of Temperature, Wetness Duration, and Moisture on the Conidial Germination, Infection, and Disease Incubation Period of Glomerella cingulata
, Plant Disease 99(2): 249-256 (2015)

Quick and Accurate Detection and Quantification of Magnaporthe oryzae in Rice Using Real-Time Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction
, Plant Disease 99(2): 219-224 (2015)

A Multiplex Real-Time PCR Assay for the Detection of Puccinia horiana and P. chrysanthemi on Chrysanthemum
, Plant Disease 99(2): 195-200 (2015)

Comparison of Resistance to Asiatic Citrus Canker Among Different Genotypes of Citrus in a Long-Term Canker-Resistance Field Screening Experiment in Brazil
, Plant Disease 99(2): 207-218 (2015)

Reliable Detection for Bean yellow mosaic virus, Canna yellow streak virus, and Canna yellow mottle virus in Canna Varieties with Red Foliage
, Plant Disease 99(2): 188-194 (2015)

First Report in Chile of Mycocentrospora acerina, Causal Agent of Peony (Paeonialactiflora) Red Spot
, Plant Disease 99(2): 284 (2015)

First Report of Botrytis pseudocinerea Causing Gray Mold on Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) in Central China
, Plant Disease 99(2): 283 (2015)

First Report of New Pathotype 39(P 1 ) of Synchytrium endobioticum Causing Potato Wart Disease in Poland
, Plant Disease 99(2): 285 (2015)

First Report of Plantago asiatica mosaic virus in Imported Asiatic and Oriental Lilies (Lilium hybrids) in the United States
, Plant Disease 99(2): 292 (2015)

First Report of Trichodorus obtusus on Turfgrass in North Carolina, U.S.A
, Plant Disease 99(2): 291 (2015)

First Report of Powdery Mildew Podoshaera tridactyla on Prunus hypoleuca in China
, Plant Disease 99(2): 289 (2015)

First Report of Cucumber mosaic virus from Eggplant (Solanum melongena) in Bangladesh
, Plant Disease 99(2): 293 (2015)

First Report of Xanthomonas campestris pv. raphani Causing Leaf Spot Disease of Brassica oleracea in Portugal
, Plant Disease 99(2): 282 (2015)

First Report of Cladobotryum protrusum causing Cobweb Disease on the Edible Mushroom Coprinus comatus
, Plant Disease 99(2): 287 (2015)

First Report of Root Rot of Field Pea Caused by Aphanomyces euteiches in Alberta, Canada
, Plant Disease 99(2): 288 (2015)

First Report of Phomopsis longicolla Causing Leaf Spot on Soybean in China
, Plant Disease 99(2): 290 (2015)

First Report of Pseudomonas syringae pv. aptata Causing Bacterial Leaf Spot on Sugar Beet in Serbia
, Plant Disease 99(2): 281 (2015)

First Report of Powdery Mildew of Platanus × acerifolia and P. occidentalis Caused by Erysiphe platani in Greece
, Plant Disease 99(2): 286 (2015)

Use of Quantitative Traits to Assess Aggressiveness of Phakopsora pachyrhizi Isolates from Nigeria and the United States
, Plant Disease 98(9): 1261-1266 (2014)

Dimethachlon Resistance in Sclerotinia sclerotiorum in China
, Plant Disease 98(9): 1221-1226 (2014)

Utilizing a Preplant Soil Test for Predicting and Estimating Root Rot Severity in Sugar Beet in the Central High Plains of the United States
, Plant Disease 98(9): 1248-1252 (2014)

Phytophthora Populations in Nursery Irrigation Water in Relationship to Pathogenicity and Infection Frequency of Rhododendron and Pieris
, Plant Disease 98(9): 1213-1220 (2014)

Species of Pythium Associated with Seedling Root and Hypocotyl Disease on Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) in Western Australia
, Plant Disease 98(9): 1241-1247 (2014)

Genetic Analysis of Resistance to Leaf Rust and Stripe Rust in Wheat Cultivar Francolin#1
, Plant Disease 98(9): 1227-1234 (2014)

Identifying Rates of Meadowfoam (Limnanthes alba) Seed Meal Needed for Suppression of Meloidogyne hapla and Pythium irregulare in Soil
, Plant Disease 98(9): 1253-1260 (2014)

Highly Sensitive End-Point PCR and SYBR Green qPCR Detection of Phymatotrichopsis omnivora, Causal Fungus of Cotton Root Rot
, Plant Disease 98(9): 1205-1212 (2014)

Survival, Persistence, and Infection Efficiency of Verticillium dahliae Passed Through the Digestive System of Sheep
, Plant Disease 98(9): 1235-1240 (2014)

Characterization of Rice Blast Resistance Gene Pi61(t) in Rice Germplasm
, Plant Disease 98(9): 1200-1204 (2014)

Spread of Aspergillus flavus by Navel Orangeworm (Amyelois transitella) on Almond
, Plant Disease 98(9): 1194-1199 (2014)

Evaluation of Olive as a Host of Xylella fastidiosa and Associated Sharpshooter Vectors
, Plant Disease 98(9): 1186-1193 (2014)

Grapevine Leafroll: A Complex Viral Disease Affecting a High-Value Fruit Crop
, Plant Disease 98(9): 1172-1185 (2014)

First Report of Powdery Mildew Caused by Golovinomyces biocellatus on Agastache rugosa in Korea
, Plant Disease 98(9): 1278 (2014)

First Report of Cucumber mosaic virus Subgroup IA Isolate Infecting Yucca aloifolia in Italy
, Plant Disease 98(9): 1284 (2014)

First Report of Orobanche aegyptiaca on Kalanchoe blossfeldiana in Iran
, Plant Disease 98(9): 1287 (2014)

First Report of Alder Yellows Phytoplasma Associated with Common Alder (Alnus glutinosa) in the Republic of Macedonia
, Plant Disease 98(9): 1268 (2014)

First Report of Branched Broomrape (Phelipanche ramosa) on Celeriac (Apium graveolens) in Eastern France
, Plant Disease 98(9): 1286 (2014)

New Report of Black Leaf Spot Mold (Pseudocercospora fuligena) on Withania somnifera from India
, Plant Disease 98(9): 1275 (2014)

First Detection of Puccinia ballotiflora on Salvia greggii
, Plant Disease 98(9): 1270 (2014)

First Report of Geosmithia pallida Causing Foamy Bark Canker, a New Disease on Coast Live Oak (Quercus agrifolia), in Association with Pseudopityophthorus pubipennis in California
, Plant Disease 98(9): 1276 (2014)

The First Report of Tomato chlorotic spot virus (TCSV) Infecting Long Beans and Chili Peppers in the Dominican Republic
, Plant Disease 98(9): 1285 (2014)

First Report of Diaporthe novem Causing Postharvest Rot of Kiwifruit During Controlled Atmosphere Storage in Chile
, Plant Disease 98(9): 1274 (2014)

First Report of Colletotrichum clavatum Causing Quince Anthracnose in Serbia
, Plant Disease 98(9): 1272 (2014)

First Report of Colletotrichum fioriniae and C. godetiae Causing Apple Bitter Rot in Slovenia
, Plant Disease 98(9): 1282 (2014)

First Report of Dieback Disease on Cedars Caused by Diplodia seriata in China
, Plant Disease 98(9): 1279 (2014)

First Report of Phomopsis citri Associated with Dieback of Citrus lemon in India
, Plant Disease 98(9): 1281 (2014)

First Report of Tomato spotted wilt virus in Brugmansia suaveolens in Korea
, Plant Disease 98(9): 1283 (2014)

First Report of Bacterial Stalk Rot of Maize Caused by Dickeya zeae in Mexico
, Plant Disease 98(9): 1267 (2014)

Trichothecium roseum Causes Fruit Rot of Tomato, Orange, and Apple in Pakistan
, Plant Disease 98(9): 1271 (2014)

First Report of Colletotrichum higginsianum Causing Anthracnose of Arugula (Eruca sativa) in Florida
, Plant Disease 98(9): 1269 (2014)

First Report of Fusarium temperatum Causing Fusarium Ear Rot on Maize in Northern China
, Plant Disease 98(9): 1273 (2014)

First Report of Curvularia eragrostidis Causing Postharvest Rot on Pineapple in Brazil
, Plant Disease 98(9): 1277 (2014)

First Report of Stem Blight of Blueberry in California Caused by Neofusicoccum parvum
, Plant Disease 98(9): 1280 (2014)

Accuracy of Rain Forecasts for Use in Scheduling Late Blight Management Tactics in the Columbia Basin of Washington and Oregon
, Plant Disease 99(5): 683-690 (2015)

Stunted Patches in Onion Bulb Crops in Oregon and Washington: Etiology and Yield Loss
, Plant Disease 99(5): 648-658 (2015)

Development of PCR-Based Assays for Detecting and Differentiating Three Species of Botrytis Infecting Broad Bean
, Plant Disease 99(5): 691-698 (2015)

Monilinia spp. Causing Brown Rot of Stone Fruit in Serbia
, Plant Disease 99(5): 709-717 (2015)

Characterization and Pathogenicity of Rhizoctonia and Rhizoctonia-Like spp. From Pea Crops in the Columbia Basin of Oregon and Washington
, Plant Disease 99(5): 604-613 (2015)

Fungicide Sensitivity of U.S. Genotypes of Phytophthora infestans to Six Oomycete-Targeted Compounds
, Plant Disease 99(5): 659-666 (2015)

Archaeophytopathology of Phakopsora pachyrhizi, the Soybean Rust Pathogen
, Plant Disease 99(5): 575-579 (2015)

Identification of Botryosphaeriaceae Species Causing Kiwifruit Rot in Sichuan Province, China
, Plant Disease 99(5): 699-708 (2015)

A Mineral Seed Coating for Control of Seedling Diseases of Alfalfa Suitable for Organic Production Systems
, Plant Disease 99(5): 614-620 (2015)

Relative Host Resistance to Black Spot Disease in Field Pea (Pisum sativum) is Determined by Individual Pathogens
, Plant Disease 99(5): 580-587 (2015)

Risk Potential of Clubroot Disease on Winter Oilseed Rape
, Plant Disease 99(5): 667-675 (2015)

Impact of Eradication Programs on the Temporal and Spatial Dynamics of Plum pox virus on Prunus spp. in Pennsylvania and Ontario, Canada
, Plant Disease 99(5): 593-603 (2015)

Tomato yellow leaf curl virus Can Overwinter in Stellaria aquatica, a Winter-Hardy TYLCV-Reservoir Weed
, Plant Disease 99(5): 588-592 (2015)

Meta-Analysis Reveals a Critical Period for Management of Powdery Mildew on Hop Cones
, Plant Disease 99(5): 632-640 (2015)

Pseudozyma aphidis Induces Salicylic-Acid-Independent Resistance to Clavibacter michiganensis in Tomato Plants
, Plant Disease 99(5): 621-626 (2015)

Molecular Characterization of a Begomovirus and Betasatellite Causing Yellow Vein Net Disease of Ageratum houstonianum
, Plant Disease 99(5): 627-631 (2015)

Efficacy of Organic and Conventional Fungicides and Impact of Application Timing on Control of Tomato Late Blight Caused by US-22, US-23, and US-24 Isolates of Phytophthora infestans
, Plant Disease 99(5): 641-647 (2015)

Bacterial Wilt of Cucurbits: Resurrecting a Classic Pathosystem
, Plant Disease 99(5): 564-574 (2015)

Genotypes and Phenotypic Characterization of Field Fusarium asiaticum Isolates Resistant to Carbendazim in Anhui Province of China
, Plant Disease 99(3): 342-346 (2015)

Management of Calonectria pseudonaviculata in Boxwood with Fungicides and Less Susceptible Host Species and Varieties
, Plant Disease 99(3): 363-369 (2015)

Potato virus Y: Contact Transmission, Stability, Inactivation, and Infection Sources
, Plant Disease 99(3): 387-394 (2015)

Discovery of Heterodera filipjevi in Washington and Comparative Virulence with H. avenae on Wheat
, Plant Disease 99(3): 376-386 (2015)

Evaluation of the Nonpathogenic Agrobacterium vitis Strain ARK-1 for Crown Gall Control in Diverse Plant Species
, Plant Disease 99(3): 409-414 (2015)

Ultrastructural Changes and Putative Phage Particles Observed in Sweet Orange Leaves Infected with 'Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus'
, Plant Disease 99(3): 320-324 (2015)

Use of PCR-RFLP Analysis to Monitor Fungicide Resistance in Cercospora beticola Populations from Sugarbeet (Beta vulgaris) in Michigan, United States
, Plant Disease 99(3): 355-362 (2015)

Case Investigation and Forensic Evidence for a New Plant Disease: The Case of Lettuce Corky Root
, Plant Disease 99(3): 300-309 (2015)

Development of Weather- and Airborne Inoculum-Based Models to Describe Disease Severity of Wheat Powdery Mildew
, Plant Disease 99(3): 395-400 (2015)

Identification and Characterization of a New Fungal Pathogen Causing Twisted Leaf Disease of Sugarcane in China
, Plant Disease 99(3): 325-332 (2015)

Virulence Characterization of Venturia inaequalis Reference Isolates on the Differential Set of Malus Hosts
, Plant Disease 99(3): 370-375 (2015)

Effect of Glyphosate Application on Sudden Death Syndrome of Glyphosate-Resistant Soybean Under Field Conditions
, Plant Disease 99(3): 347-354 (2015)

Inhibition of Ophiognomonia clavigignenti-juglandacearum by Juglans Species Bark Extracts
, Plant Disease 99(3): 401-408 (2015)

A Multiplex PCR Assay to Detect and Differentiate Select Agent Strains of Ralstonia solanacearum
, Plant Disease 99(3): 333-341 (2015)

Reconsidering Leaf Wetness Duration Determination for Plant Disease Management
, Plant Disease 99(3): 310-319 (2015)

First Report of Meloidogyne graminicola Infecting Banana in China
, Plant Disease 99(3): 420 (2015)

First Report of Pseudomonas syringae pv. coriandricola Causing Bacterial Leaf Spot on Carrot, Parsley, and Parsnip in Serbia
, Plant Disease 99(3): 416 (2015)

First Report of Beet necrotic yellow vein virus on Red Table Beet in Brazil
, Plant Disease 99(3): 423 (2015)

First Report of Cucumber mosaic virus Infection in Pachysandra in the United States
, Plant Disease 99(3): 422 (2015)

First Report of Corynespora Leaf Spot of Eucalyptus in China
, Plant Disease 99(3): 419 (2015)

First Report of Basil Downy Mildew Caused by Peronospora belbahrii in the Czech Republic
, Plant Disease 99(3): 418 (2015)

First Report of Pseudomonas savastanoi Causing Bacterial Leaf Spot of Mandevilla sanderi in Slovenia
, Plant Disease 99(3): 415 (2015)

First Report of Blueberry Mosaic Disease Caused by Blueberry mosaic associated virus in Kentucky
, Plant Disease 99(3): 421 (2015)

First Report of Late Blight Caused by Phytophthora infestans Clonal Lineage US-23 on Potato in Idaho
, Plant Disease 99(3): 417 (2015)

Resistance in Alternaria alternata to SDHI Fungicides Causes Rare Disease Outbreak in Peach Orchards
, Plant Disease 99(1): 65-70 (2015)

A Novel Phellinidium sp. Causes Laminated Root Rot on Qilian Juniper (Sabina przewalskii) in Northwest China
, Plant Disease 99(1): 39-43 (2015)

Improved Real-Time PCR Diagnosis of Citrus Stubborn Disease by Targeting Prophage Genes of Spiroplasma citri
, Plant Disease 99(1): 149-154 (2015)

Dieback of Pinus nigra Seedlings Caused by a Strain of Trichoderma viride
, Plant Disease 99(1): 44-49 (2015)

Screening Eucalyptus cloeziana and E. argophloia Populations for Resistance to Puccinia psidii
, Plant Disease 99(1): 71-79 (2015)

Relationship of Airborne Botrytis cinerea Conidium Concentration to Tomato Flower and Stem Infections: A Threshold for De-leafing Operations
, Plant Disease 99(1): 137-142 (2015)

Pathogenicity and Host Susceptibility of Penicillium spp. on Citrus
, Plant Disease 99(1): 21-30 (2015)

Modeling Pathogen DNA Content and Visual Disease Assessment in Seed Tubers to Inform Disease in Potato Progeny Root, Stolon, and Tubers
, Plant Disease 99(1): 50-57 (2015)

Identification and Pathogenicity of Pythium on Soybean in North Dakota
, Plant Disease 99(1): 31-38 (2015)

Effect of Timing and Duration of Soil Saturation on Soilborne Pythium Diseases of Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris)
, Plant Disease 99(1): 112-118 (2015)

Methods and Evaluation of Soybean Genotypes for Resistance to Colletotrichum truncatum
, Plant Disease 99(1): 143-148 (2015)

Citrus Viroids: Symptom Expression and Performance of Washington Navel Sweet Orange Trees Grafted on Carrizo Citrange
, Plant Disease 99(1): 125-136 (2015)

Weather-Based Forecasting of Rhizoctonia Web Blight Development on Container-Grown Azalea
, Plant Disease 99(1): 100-105 (2015)

Microdochium tabacinum, Confirmed as a Pathogen of Alfalfa in Gansu Province, China
, Plant Disease 99(1): 87-92 (2015)

Relative Susceptibility of New Olive Cultivars to Spilocaea oleagina, Colletotrichum acutatum, and Pseudocercospora cladosporioides
, Plant Disease 99(1): 58-64 (2015)

Bacterial Canker of Tomato: Current Knowledge of Detection, Management, Resistance, and Interactions
, Plant Disease 99(1): 4-13 (2015)

Grafting Using Rootstocks with Resistance to Ralstonia solanacearum Against Meloidogyne incognita in Tomato Production
, Plant Disease 99(1): 119-124 (2015)

Genetic Analyses Trace the Yunnan, China Population of Ceratocystis fimbriata on Pomegranate and Taro to Populations on Eucalyptus in Brazil
, Plant Disease 99(1): 106-111 (2015)

First Report of Colletotrichum truncatum Causing Stem Cankers on Jatropha curcas in Burkina Faso
, Plant Disease 99(1): 14-20 (2015)

Pathogenic Variation in Spore Populations of Sporisorium scitamineum, Causal Agent of Sugarcane Smut in Australia
, Plant Disease 99(1): 93-99 (2015)

Initial Inoculum and Spatial Dispersal of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides, the Causal Agent of Strawberry Anthracnose Crown Rot
, Plant Disease 99(1): 80-86 (2015)

First Report of Tomato chlorotic spot virus Infecting Tomatoes in Ohio
, Plant Disease 99(1): 163 (2015)

First Report of Powdery Mildew Caused by Podosphaera xanthii on Sechium edule in Korea
, Plant Disease 99(1): 162 (2015)

First Report of Potato mop top virus Causing Potato Tuber Necrosis in Colorado and New Mexico
, Plant Disease 99(1): 164 (2015)

Phytophthora cryptoea on Common Sage (Salvia officinalis L.) in Italy
, Plant Disease 99(1): 161 (2015)

First Report of Phytophthora megasperma Causing Decline and Death on Celtis australis in Italy
, Plant Disease 99(1): 155 (2015)

First Report of Phomopsis Stem Canker of Sunflower (Helianthus annuus) Caused by Diaporthe gulyae in Canada
, Plant Disease 99(1): 160 (2015)

First Report of Choanephora Rot Caused by Choanephora cucurbitarum on Hosta plantaginea in Korea
, Plant Disease 99(1): 158 (2015)

Root Rot of Spinach in Southern Italy Caused by Pythium aphanidermatum
, Plant Disease 99(1): 159 (2015)

First Report of Catharanthus mosaic virus in Mandevilla in the United States
, Plant Disease 99(1): 165 (2015)

First Report of a Wheat Leaf Rust (Puccinia triticina) Phenotype with High Virulence to Durum Wheat in the Great Plains Region of the United States
, Plant Disease 99(1): 156 (2015)

First Report of Phytophthora cactorum and P. citrophthora Causing Root Rot of Ribes lobbii in Oregon
, Plant Disease 99(1): 157 (2015)

Wide Phenotypic Diversity for Resistance to Phytophthora infestans Found in Potato Landraces from Peru
, Plant Disease 98(11): 1530-1533 (2014)

Evaluation of Fungicides for the Control of Peronospora belbahrii on Sweet Basil in New Jersey
, Plant Disease 98(11): 1561-1566 (2014)

Virulence Characterization of Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici Using a New Set of Yr Single-Gene Line Differentials in the United States in 2010
, Plant Disease 98(11): 1534-1542 (2014)

Sensitivity of Monilinia fructicola from Peach Farms in China to Four Fungicides and Characterization of Isolates Resistant to Carbendazim and Azoxystrobin
, Plant Disease 98(11): 1555-1560 (2014)

Evolutionary Pathways to Break Down the Resistance of Allelic Versions of the PVY Resistance Gene va
, Plant Disease 98(11): 1521-1529 (2014)

Analysis of Stem Rust Resistance in Australian Barley Cultivars
, Plant Disease 98(11): 1485-1493 (2014)

Infection Courts and Timing of Infection of Apple Fruit by Phacidiopycnis washingtonensis in the Orchard in Relation to Speck Rot During Storage
, Plant Disease 98(11): 1467-1475 (2014)

Characterization of the Colletotrichum Species Causing Anthracnose in Andean Blackberry in Colombia
, Plant Disease 98(11): 1503-1513 (2014)

Development and Validation of Standard Area Diagrams as Assessment Aids for Estimating the Severity of Citrus Canker on Unripe Oranges
, Plant Disease 98(11): 1543-1550 (2014)

Efficacy and Application Methods of Oxathiapiprolin for Management of Black Shank on Tobacco
, Plant Disease 98(11): 1551-1554 (2014)

Impact of Pratylenchus penetrans on Established Red Raspberry Productivity
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