Development of a Variable Rate Granule Applicator for Environment-Friendly Precision Agriculture (Ⅱ) -ment of Pneumatic Fertilizer Blow Head and Its Application Uniformity

Yong, R.H.E.E. J.O.O.N.G.; 김영주; 김학진; 서민

Journal of Biosystems Engineering 31(6)


Accession: 066141832

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In this paper, a new type blow head was developed and pneumatic application system was evaluated. The blow head had one operating factor, inserting length of collecting plate, that was directly related to discharge rate and application pattern. To determine proper blow head arrangement and application height, a blow head set was tested.Three-way ANOVA was conducted to investigate relationships between CV value, the discharge rate and inserting length of collecting plate. The discharge rate and inserting length of collecting plate were statistically significant at p=0.01, affecting uniformity of application pattern. The best CV value among the application tests was 23.3% when the application rate and application height was 23.5 g/sec and 80 cm respectively. The worst CV value was 63.3% in 111.4 g/sec. Therefore, it is necessary to increase number of blow head in a section of the boom in improve application uniformity.