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A study on Rural Tourism Program based on Regional Resources

Kim, K.-R.; Kim, J.Y.; 최윤숙

Journal of Rural Tourism 17(1): 41-65


Accession: 066143108

Even though several policy efforts have been made to raise the income in the rural villages and rural economy in Korea, they are not suitable to produce the sustainable profit. How farm household increase their income and vitalize regional economies was an important factor in the sustainable rrural development.The Enhancing of farm income is connected directly with a development of sustainable and stable agriculture and effective utilization of regional resources. In this respect, agricultural and regional networking with rural tourism can be an alternative that can compensates farmers' weak point.The objective of the study is to develop the model, what can be used for korean rural development using rural tourism. this study performs the case study of Inje-Gun, Kangwon Province for the utilization of agricultural resources and present the model that raises the added value through the regional networking. It can be formed by classifying rural villages in terms of specialized product. Based on the classified data and analysis, this study establishes the model for an agricultural complex including production, manufacturing, and marketing of regional specialized products in Inje-Gun. Additionally it presents the plan to stimulate economic activity of Inje region through the improvement of a farm management and the increasement of farm income.

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