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Effect of Dietary Cracked Whole Barley on the Carcass Characteristics and Meat Composition in Hanwoo Steers

Lee, sang-M.

Journal of Animal Science and Technology 53(4): 367-375


ISSN/ISBN: 2055-0391
Accession: 066143607

This study was carried out to investigate the effects of the level of cracked whole barley on daily feed intake, daily body weight gain, carcass characteristics and meat composition of finishing Hanwoo steers(feeding from 24 months to 30 months of age). The dietary treatments were consisted of five types(C;normal concentrate as a basal diet, T1;10% addition of cracked whole barley, T2;20% addition of cracked whole barley, T3;30% addition of cracked whole barley, T4;40% addition of cracked whole barley). A total 30 Hanwoo steers(588.6±11.8kg) were allocated to 5 feeding groups. The daily feed intake and daily body weight gain were high in the order of T2 > T3 >T4 > T1 > C. The back fat thickness and longissmus muscle area were highest in C and T1, respectively(P<0.05) than other treatments. The meat yield index decreased with increased back fat thickness. The marbling score and meat quality were highest in T1(P<0.01, 0.05, respectively), but maturity, fat color and meat color were not significantly different among treatments. The crude fat was highest in T1(17.59%), while in T4(7.47%) it was lowest(P<0.05). The crude protein and crude ash were not significantly different among treatments. The energy value of cracked whole barley treatments(T1, T2, T3, T4) was higher than C(P<0.05). The contents of Ca, Cu, K, Mg, Mo, Na and Zn were higher in C than the other treatments(P<0.01), but Co was higher in T2(P<0.01). The CIE L* value of whole cracked barley treatments(T1, T2, T3, T4) was higher than C, however there were not differences among the treatments. The CIE a* value was highest in T1(P<0.05) than others. The CIE b* value was highest in C and it was decreased with increased feeding of cracked whole barley. Based on the above results, T1 treatment compared to other treatments improved the carcass quality parameters like loin muscle area, marbling score, meat quality, and CIE L* value.

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