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A Study on the participant's perception of importance and performance in rural tourism network products with localtourism resources-focused on the rural tourism network products of Damyang Gun-

이희창; 김선희

Journal of Korean Society of Rural Planning 24(1): 11-19


Accession: 066145980

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The purpose of this study was to analyze the participant's perception of importance and performance of rural tourism network products that are linked with local resources, and propose the implications on the development direction of such products. The focus is on helping rural tourism network products acquire competencies that will help them evolve their business and differentiate themselves. To reach these objectives, a survey was designed through theoretical research on the motive of rural tourism and on agritourism networks. The survey was carried out on visitors to rural communities that produce rural tourism network products from November, 2015, to January, 2016 using 165 copies of a questionnaire after distributing 175 copies. The first quadrant continue and sustain', an area of high importance and high performance, included trial program components, stress reduction, getting away from daily routines, gaining new experiences, comfort, experiencing rural culture, travel expenses, and making memories with family. The second quadrant 'requires intensive improvement', an area of high importance but low performance, included having diverse trial programs, refreshment, experiencing agriculture, and education of children. Therefore, continuous interest is required for the area of 'maintenance' just as it is for activating educational farms in rural communities and a more fundamental improvement in the operation should be made for the area of 'intensive management'

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