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The Current Status of the 6th Industry and Policy Tasks -focusing on the development plan of integrated SMEs of agriculture, manufacture and commerce-


Journal of SME Finance 35(4): 29-54


Accession: 066146289

This study aims to suggest policy tasks of the 6th industry, which is expected to conduct a new role as a new growth power for the Korean economy, after examining the current status and the problems of the 6th industry policy. In particular, this project focuses on inspecting the current policy status of the integrated SMEs of agriculture, manufacturing and commerce, and seeking to develop a growth plan.After investigating government-led 6th industry policy, the government has been promoting 219 support projects of the 6th industry currently at the end of 2014.However, problems such as lack of systematic support program, incompletion of monitoring system, and lack of legal grounds were rising. To be more detailed, only farmers and residents in rural areas were included in the policy target, while fishery industries - one of the primary industry - and non-rural SMEs are excluded from the policy target. In addition, problems such as lack of inter-ministerial connection, inadequacy of preliminary and post evaluation, and insufficiency of globalization were also found.For the successful promotion of 6th industry policy, the support-plans such as reestablishment of the 6th industry concept and policy target, building the interministerial connection, cooperation organization and monitoring system, and expansion of policy target for fisheries and non-rural SMEs are necessary.

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