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Improvement of Ortho Image Quality by Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

엄대용; 박준규

Journal of Korea Academia-Industrial cooperation Society 19(11): 568-573


Accession: 066146290

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UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is widely used in space information construction, agriculture, fisheries, weather observation, communication, and entertainment fields because they are cheaper and easier to operate than manned aircraft. In particular, UAV have attracted much attention due to the speed and cost of data acquisition in the field of spatial information construction. However, ortho image images produced using UAVs are distorted in buildings and forests. It is necessary to solve these problems in order to utilize the geospatial information field. In this study, fixed wing, rotary wing, vertical take off and landing type UAV were used to detect distortions of ortho image of UAV under various conditions, and various object areas such as construction site, urban area, and forest area were captured and analysed. Through the research, it was found that the redundancy of the unmanned aerial vehicle image is the biggest factor of the distortion phenomenon, and the higher the flight altitude, the less the distortion phenomenon. We also proposed a method to reduce distortion of orthoimage by lowering the resolution of original image using DTM (Digital Terrain Model) to improve distortion. Future high-quality unmanned aerial vehicles without distortions will contribute greatly to the application of UAV in the field of precision surveying.

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