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Chapter 66,150

Factors Controlling the Yielding Capacity of Spring Wheat in Grain-Fallow Crop Rotation on Leached Chernozem in the Ob Forest-Steppe

Sharkov, I.N.; Bashchuk, A.G.; Samokhvalova, L.M.; Prozorov, A.S.

Agrokhimiya (2): 56-61


ISSN/ISBN: 0002-1881
Accession: 066149208

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In a stationary fi eld experiment, the major factors controlling the yielding capacity of spring wheat in grain-fallow crop rotations at the replacement of dead fallow by cropped or manured fallow were studied. It was shown that such replacement signifi cantly decreased the initial reserve of nitrate nitrogen. The application of mineral nitrogen fertilizer ensured obtaining high yields of wheat grain regardless of the use of fallow fi eld in crop rotation and the input of plant residues.

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