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Spontaneous Cross Pollination of the Winter Hexaploid Triticale

Rubets, V.S.; Pylnev, V.V.; Mitroshina, O.V.; Shirokolava, A.V.

Izvestiya Timiryazevskoi sel'skokhozyaistvennoi akademii 2013(4): 32-47


Accession: 066149671

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Spontaneous hybridization ability of hexaploid triticale varieties with other triticale varieties, soft wheat and rye was studied. It is shown that seed setting is higher when hybrid grains were obtained by controlled pollination compared to spontaneous wind pollination. However, grain germination was lowered when the first method of pollination was used. Triticale varieties differred in their spontaneous hybridization ability. Distant triticale hybrids with diploid rye are characterized by the least deterioration of the varietals quality of hexaploid triticale.

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