Section 67
Chapter 66,151

Physicochemical properties of leached chernozem of the Novosibirsk Ob area in long-term field experiments

Semendyaeva, N.V.; Karlovets, L.A.; Krupskaya, T.N.; Averkina, S.S.

Agrokhimiya (12): 3-9


ISSN/ISBN: 0002-1881
Accession: 066150654

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It has been found in long-term field experiments with different types of crop rotations (grain-fallow, grain) and permanent wheat plantations established in 1996 that the total exchangeable bases in the plow layer of leached chernozem is within 24-26 meq/100 g soil regardless of the crop rotation type. Calcium cations prevail in the soil exchange complex (SEC); their content in the profile varies from 71 to 85%, which indicates the insufficient saturation of the SEC with calcium. The content of exchangeable magnesium is maximum in the Ap+A humus-enriched layer and decreases with deep. The changes in the content of exchangeable potassium throughout the profile are insignificant. The complex chemicalization and crop rotations have a low effect on the pH value, which remains in the neutral or weakly acidic range. No appreciable differences in the humus content were revealed among the different types of crop rotations, although the total content of humus increased, compared to the initial level, due to the embedding of straw in the soil.