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Fenología, biología floral y de polinización de especies de la familia vochysiaceae en la Guayana Venezolana

Rodríguez R, L.; Sanoja, E.

Acta Botánica Venezuelica 31(2): 331-336


Accession: 066154626

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The reproductive phenology, floral and pollination biology of nine species of Qualea, Ruizterania and Vochysia in the Venezuelan Guayana were characterized. The abundance of reproductive structures was estimated in each population. Floral morphology and another attributes were described, and dimensions of floral structures were quantified. Observations of the visitors during the antesis were made. A group of species produces flowers and fruits throughout the year and other species flowering and fruiting in an annual period (seasonal). All the species display diurnal antesis and floral longevity between 12 and 15 hours. The flowers of Qualea and Ruizterania are hercogamous and enantiostylous and flowers of Vochysia exhibit secondary pollen presentation. The effective pollinators are Anthophoridae and Apidae bee species. The floral attributes determine the behavior and the body zones of transport of pollen by the pollinators. The implications of enantiostily and the secondary pollen presentation are discussed.

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