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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 66163

Chapter 66163 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Tan, Z.L.; Lu, D.X.; Hu, M.; Niu, W.Y.; Han, C.Y.; Ren, X.P.; Na, R.; Lin, S.L., 2001:
Effects of dietary nitrogen sources on fiber digestion and ruminal fluid characteristics in sheep fed wheat straw

Kim, T.H.; An, K.W.; Jung, W.J., 2001:
Effects of daily herbage allowance on sward structure, herbage intake and milk production by dairy cows grazing a pure perennial ryegrass sward

Aregheore, E.M., 2001:
Nutritive value and utilization of three grass species by crossbred Anglo-Nubian goats in Samoa

Karim, S.A.; Santra, A.; Sharma, V.K., 2001:
Growth performance of weaner lambs maintained on varying levels of dietary protein and energy in the pre-weaning phase

Kanjanapruthipong, J.; Buatong, N.; Buaphan, S., 2001:
Effects of roughage neutral detergent fiber on dairy performance under tropical conditions

Sirohi, S.K.; Malik, R.; Walli, T.K., 2001:
Development and evaluation of protected fat in wheat straw based total mixed ration

Sung, K.I.; Okubo, M., 2001:
Effect of grass silage supplementation on performance in lactating cows grazing on pasture

Kim, I.B.; Allee, G.L., 2001:
Effect of carbohydrate sources in phase I and phase II pig starter diets

Xuan, Z.N.; Kim, J.D.; Heo, K.N.; Jung, H.J.; Lee, J.H.; Han, Y.K.; Kim, Y.Y.; Han, I.K., 2001:
Study on the development of a probiotics complex for weaned pigs

Thacker, P.A.; Racz, V.J., 2001:
Performance of growing/finishing pigs fed hulled and dehulled peas with and without dietary enzymes

Hong, J.W.; Kim, I.H.; Kwon, O.S.; Lee, S.H.; Bae, H.D.; Kang, S.J.; Yang, U.M., 2001:
Effects of phytezyme supplementation on the growth performance and nutrient digestibility in growing pigs

Choi, S.C.; Chae, B.J.; Han, I.K., 2001:
Impacts of dietary vitamins and trace minerals on growth and pork quality in finishing pigs

Yang, J.S.; Jung, H.J.; Xuan, Z.N.; Kim, J.H.; Kim, D.S.; Chae, B.J.; Han, I.K., 2001:
Effects of feeding and processing methods of diets on performance, morphological changes in the small intestine and nutrient digestibility in growing-finishing pigs

Lien, T.F.; Lu, J.J.; Jan, D.F., 2001:
Alterations in lipid metabolism between the growing and the laying periods of white Leghorn layers

Yusoff, F.M.; Shariff, M.; Lee, Y.K.; Banerjee, S., 2001:
Preliminary study on the use of Bacillus sp., Vibrio sp and egg white to enhance growth, survival rate and resistance of Penaeus monodon fabricius to white spot syndrome virus

Devendra, C., 2001:
Small ruminants: Imperatives for productivity enhancement improved livelihoods and rural growth - A review

Suso, M.J.; Pierre, J.; Moreno, M.T.; Esnault, R.; Le Guen, J., 2001:
Variation in outcrossing levels in faba bean cultivars: role of ecological factors

Allison, M.F.; Fowler, J.H.; Allen, E.J., 2001:
Responses of potato (Solanum tuberosum) to potassium fertilizers

Molenberghs, G.; Verbeke, C.; Thijs, H.; Lesaffre, E.; Kenward, M.G., 2001:
Influence analysis to assess sensitivity of the dropout process

Kharche, S.D.; Sharma, G.T.; Agarwal, S.K.; Majumdar, A.C.; Sanwal, P.C.; Sharma, N.C., 2001:
Pretreatment effect of human chorionic gonadotropin and estradiol-17 beta on ovarian response, embryo production and endocrine profile in cattle superovulated with FSH-P

Pinault, J.L.; Pauwels, H.; Cann, C., 2001:
Inverse modeling of the hydrological and the hydrochemical behavior of hydrosystems: Application to nitrate transport find denitrification

Sung, J.M.; Chiu, K.Y., 2001:
Solid matrix priming can partially reverse the deterioration of sweet corn seeds induced by 2,2 '-azobis (2-amidinopropane) hydrochloride generated free radicals

Craviotto, R.M.; Salinas, A.R.; Yoldjian, A.M.; Arango, M.R., 2001:
Soybean (Glycine max L. Merr.) response to the loss of part of its hypocotyl - radicle axis in the prodution of secondary and/or adventitious roots

Dutra, I.S.; Dobereiner, J.; Rosa, I.V.; Souza, L.A.A.; Nonato, M.W., 2001:
Botulism outbreaks in cattle in Brazil associated with contaminated water

Gava, A.; Barros, C.S.L.; Pilati, C.; Barros, S.S.; Mori, A.M., 2001:
Poisoning by Ateleia glazioviana (Leg. Papilionoideae) in cattle

Brito, M.F.; Tokarnia, C.H.; Peixoto, P.V., 2001:
Pathology of experimental poisoning by the pods of Stryphnodendron obovatum (Leg. Mimosoideae) in cattle

Madruga, C.R.; Marques, A.P.C.; Araujo, F.R.; Miguita, M.; Carvalho, C.M.E.; Araujo, F.S.; Umaki, A.C.S.; Crocci, A.J.; Queiroz, R.A., 2001:
Evaluation of an ELISA for detection of antibodies to Babesia bigemina in cattle and it's application in an epidemiological survey in Brazil

Ilha, M.R.S.; Riet-Correa, F.; Barros, C.S.L., 2001:
Dysthermic syndrome (hyperthermia) in cattle associated with poisoning by Claviceps purpurea

Baligar, V.C.; Fageria, N.K.; He, Z.L., 2001:
Nutrient use efficiency in plants

Follett, R.F., 2001:
Innovative (15)N microplot research techniques to study nitrogen use efficiency under different ecosystems

Lehrsch, G.A.; Sojka, R.E.; Westermann, D.T., 2001:
Furrow irrigation and N management strategies to protect water quality

Shoji, S.; Delgado, J.; Mosier, A.; Miura, Y., 2001:
Use of controlled release fertilizers and nitrification inhibitors to increase nitrogen use efficiency and to conserve air and water quality

Sweeney, D.W.; Moyer, J.L., 2001:
Sulfur source and placement for newly established endophyte-free tall fescue

El-Swaify, S.A., 2001:
Impact of erosion and restoration on water and nutrient use efficiency in a Hawaii oxisol

Lentz, R.D.; Sojka, R.E.; Robbins, C.W.; Kincaid, D.C.; Westermann, D.T., 2001:
Polyacrylamide for surface irrigation to increase nutrient-use efficiency and protect water quality

Dabney, S.M.; Delgado, J.A.; Reeves, D.W., 2001:
Using winter cover crops to improve soil and water quality

Masek, T.J.; Schepers, J.S.; Mason, S.C.; Francis, D.D., 2001:
Use of precision farming to improve applications of feedlot waste to increase nutrient use efficiency and protect water quality

Fageria, N.K.; Baligar, V.C., 2001:
Lowland rice response to nitrogen fertilization

Zinati, G.M.; Christenson, D.R.; Harris, D., 2001:
Spatial and temporal distribution of N-15 tracer and temporal pattern of N uptake from various depths by sugarbeet

Pandey, R.K.; Maranville, J.W.; Bako, Y., 2001:
Nitrogen fertilizer response and use efficiency for three cereal crops in Niger

Sahrawat, K.L.; Narteh, L.T., 2001:
Organic matter and reducible iron control of ammonium production in submerged soils

Ramirez, R.; Fernandez, S.M.; Lizaso, J.I., 2001:
Changes of pH and available phosphorus and calcium in rhizosphere of aluminum-tolerant maize germplasm fertilized with phosphate rock

Shen, H.; Xu, Z.H.; Yan, X.L., 2001:
Effect of fertilization on oxidizable carbon, microbial biomass carbon, and mineralizable carbon under different agroecosystems

Balkcom, K.S.; Adams, J.F.; Hartzog, D.L.; Wood, C.W., 2001:
Mineralization of composted municipal sludge under field conditions

Chon, S.U.; Nelson, C.J., 2001:
Effects of experimental procedures and conditions on bioassay sensitivity of alfalfa autotoxicity

Giuffre, L.; Piccolo, G.; Rosell, R.; Pascale, C.; Heredia, O.S.; Ciarlo, E., 2001:
Anthropogenic effect on soil organic phosphorus fractions in tropical ecosystems

Fageria, N.K., 2001:
Adequate and toxic levels of copper and manganese in upland rice, common bean, corn, soybean, and wheat grown on an Oxisol

Costello, B.P.J.D.; Evans, P.; Ewen, R.J.; Gunson, H.E.; Jones, P.R.H.; Ratcliffe, N.M.; Spencer-Phillips, P.T.N., 2001:
Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry analyses of volatile organic compounds from potato tubers inoculated with Phytophthora infestans or Fusarium coeruleum

Bilek, R.S.; Tyler, S.C.; Kurihara, M.; Yagi, K., 2001:
Investigation of cattle methane production and emission over a 24-hour period using measurements of delta C-13 and delta D of emitted CH4 and rumen water

Janstova, B.; Lukasova, J., 2001:
Heat resistance of Bacillus spp. spores isolated from cow's milk and farm environment

Rao, K.S.; Pant, R., 2001:
Land use dynamics and landscape change pattern in a typical micro watershed in the mid elevation zone of central Himalaya, India

Zan, C.S.; Fyles, J.W.; Girouard, P.; Samson, R.A., 2001:
Carbon sequestration in perennial bioenergy, annual corn and uncultivated systems in southern Quebec

Kanchikerimath, M.; Singh, D., 2001:
Soil organic matter and biological properties after 26 years of maize-wheat-cowpea cropping as affected by manure and fertilization in a Cambisol in semiarid region of India

Cornelissen, A.M.G.; van den Berg, J.; Koops, W.J.; Grossman, M.; Udo, H.M.J., 2001:
Assessment of the contribution of sustainability indicators to sustainable development: a novel approach using fuzzy set theory

Moonen, A.C.; Marshall, E.J.P., 2001:
The influence of sown margin strips, management and boundary structure on herbaceous field margin vegetation in two neighbouring farms in southern England

Borad, C.K.; Mukherjee, A.; Parasharya, B.M., 2001:
Damage potential of Indian sarus crane in paddy crop agroecosystem in Kheda district Gujarat, India

Lewis, M.; Jooste, V.; de Gasparis, A.A., 2001:
Discrimination of arid vegetation with airborne multispectral scanner hyperspectral imagery

Zarco-Tejada, P.J.; Miller, J.R.; Noland, T.L.; Mohammed, G.H.; Sampson, P.H., 2001:
Scaling-up and model inversion methods with narrowband optical indices for chlorophyll content estimation in closed forest canopies with hyperspectral data

Tabbaa, M.J.; Al-Azzawi, W.A.; Campbell, D., 2001:
Variation in fleece characteristics of Awassi sheep at different ages

Goetsch, A.L.; Detweiler, G.; Sahlu, T.; Dawson, L.J., 2001:
Effects of different management practices on preweaning and early postweaning growth of Alpine kids

Goetsch, A.L.; Detweiler, G.; Sahlu, T.; Puchala, R.; Dawson, L.J., 2001:
Dairy goat performance with different dietary concentrate levels in late lactation

Solaiman, S.G.; Maloney, M.A.; Qureshi, M.A.; Davis, G.; D'Andrea, G., 2001:
Effects of high copper supplements on performance, health, plasma copper and enzymes in goats

Casamassima, D.; Sevi, A.; Palazzo, M.; Ramacciato, R.; Colella, G.E.; Bellitti, A., 2001:
Effects of two different housing systems on behavior, physiology and milk yield of Comisana ewes

Macit, M.; Karaoglu, M.; Esenbuga, N.; Kopuzlu, S.; Dayioglu, H., 2001:
Growth performance of purebred Awassi, Morkaraman and Tushin lambs and their crosses under semi-intensive management in Turkey

Korhonen, H.T.; Niemela, P.; Jauhiainen, L., 2001:
Effect of space and floor material on the behaviour of farmed blue foxes

Berry, R.J.; Lewis, N.J., 2001:
The effect of duration and temperature of simulated transport on the performance of early-weaned piglets

Chen, P.; Baas, T.J.; Dekkers, J.C.M.; Christian, L.L., 2001:
Selection for lean growth rate and correlated responses in litter traits in a synthetic line of Yorkshire-Meishan pigs

Gibb, D.J.; Moustafa, S.M.S.; Wiedmeier, R.D.; McAllister, T.A., 2001:
Effect of salinomycin or monensin on performance and feeding behavior of cattle fed wheat- or barley-based diets

Petit, H.V.; Dewhurst, R.J.; Proulx, J.G.; Khalid, M.; Haresign, W.; Twagiramungu, H., 2001:
Milk production, milk composition, and reproductive function of dairy cows fed different fats

Chang, Y.G.; Seip, H.M.; Vennemo, H., 2001:
The environmental cost of water pollution in Chongqing, China

Shiferaw, B.; Holden, S.T., 2001:
Farm-level benefits to investments for mitigating land degradation: empirical evidence from Ethiopia

Goddard, P.J.; Summers, R.W.; Macdonald, A.J.; Murray, C.; Fawcett, A.R., 2001:
Behavioural responses of red deer to fences of five different designs

Pidgeon, J.D.; Werker, A.R.; Jaggard, K.W.; Richter, G.M.; Lister, D.H.; Jones, P.D., 2001:
Climatic impact on the productivity of sugar beet in Europe, 1961-1995

Grewal, H.S., 2001:
Zinc influences nodulation, disease severity, leaf drop and herbage yield of alfalfa cultivars

Gremigni, P.; Wong, M.T.F.; Edwards, N.K.; Harris, D.; Hamblin, J., 2001:
Potassium nutrition effects on seed alkaloid concentrations, yield and mineral content of lupins (Lupinus angustifolius)

Rocher, M., 2001:
Agrice and surfactants

Ladeira, M.M.; Rodriguez, N.M.; Goncalves, L.C.; Borges, I.; Benedetti, E.; Teixeira, E.A.; Lara, L.B., 2001:
Intake, total and partial apparent digestibilities of Stylosanthes guianensis hay

Machado, P.F.A.; Bergmann, J.A.G.; Pereira, J.C.C.; Silva, M.A., 2001:
Prediction of pregnancy rate of Nellore heifers mated at yearling age

Costa, M.D.; Bergmann, J.A.G.; Pereira, C.S.; Pereira, J.C.C.; Rezende, A.S.C., 2001:
Genetic trends of linear traits of the Brasileira pony breed

Coelho, P.S.; Silva, N.; Brescia, M.V.; Siqueira, A.P., 2001:
Microbiological aspects of UHT whole milk commercialized in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Brizuela, M.A.; Serrano, P.; Perez, Y., 2001:
Studies on probiotics properties of two lactobacillus strains

Caetano-Anolles, G., 2001:
Life's prerogative: An evolutionary perspective on human population growth, agriculture and earth systems

Williams, G., 2001:
Promoting networking and co-operation in European agriculture, biotechnology and food science research: Celebrating 30 years of the EU COST Programme

Clark, J.S.; Carpenter, S.R.; Barber, M.; Collins, S.; Dobson, A.; Foley, J.A.; Lodge, D.M.; Pascual, M.; Pielke, R.; Pizer, W.; Pringle, C.; Reid, W.V.; Rose, K.A.; Sala, O.; Schlesinger, W.H.; Wall, D.H.; Wear, D., 2001:
Ecological forecasts: An emerging imperative

Delphin, J.E.; Chapot, J.Y., 2001:
Leaching of atrazine and deethylatrazine under a vegetative filter strip

Helbert, J.; Boissard, P.; Buis, J.P., 2001:
Estimation of the vertical profile of the wheat crop water content with an electrostatic multipole. An experimental study

Brisson, N.; Guevara, E.; Meira, S.; Maturano, M.; Coca, G., 2001:
Response of five wheat cultivars to early drought in the Pampas

Jenkins, J.C.; Birdsey, R.A.; Pan, Y., 2001:
Biomass and NPP estimation for the mid-Atlantic region (USA) using plot-level forest inventory data

Prince, S.D.; Haskett, J.; Steininger, M.; Strand, H.; Wright, R., 2001:
Net primary production of US Midwest croplands from agricultural harvest yield data

Marlin, J.C.; LaBerge, W.E., 2001:
The native bee fauna of Carlinville, Illinois, revisited after 75 years: a case for persistence

Masters, W.A.; McMillan, M.S., 2001:
Climate and scale in economic growth

Acharya, C.L.; Kapur, O.C., 2001:
Using organic wastes as compost and mulch for potato (Solarium tuberosum) in low water-retaining hill soils of north-west India

Ishido, T., 2001:
Kumamoto Prefectural College of Agriculture dormitory, Terunobu Fujimori, Yoshiaki Irie, Masahide Shibata, Hideo Nishiyama, architects

Steinhardt, M.; Thielscher, H.H., 2001:
Heart rate and diurnal rhythmicity in dairy calves at different ages

Goos, R.J.; Johnson, B., 2001:
Seed treatment, seeding rate, and cultivar effects on iron deficiency chlorosis of soybean

Schwarz, D.; Klaring, H.P., 2001:
Allometry to estimate leaf area of tomato

Al-Karaki, G.N.; Hammad, R., 2001:
Mycorrhizal influence on fruit yield and mineral content of tomato grown under salt stress

Vries, P.H.H., 2001:
Are coal and colonies really crucial? Kenneth Pomeranz and the great divergence

Babiak, T., 2001:

Haugwitz, J.; Schnug, E., 2001:
Sustainabel agriculture and rural development in Poland joining the EU

Bertamini, M.; Nedunchezhian, N., 2001:
Effects of phytoplasma [stolbur-subgroup (Bois noir-BN)] on photosynthetic pigments, saccharides, ribulose 1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase, nitrate and nitrite reductases, and photosynthetic activities in field-grown grapevine (Vitis vinifera L. cv. Chardonnay) leaves

Jahufer, M.Z.Z.; Venkatanagappa, S.; Lee, C.K.; Kelman, W.M., 2001:
Register of Australian herbage plant cultivars - B. legumes - 1. Trifolium repens L. (white clover) cv. Mink

Boyd, W.; Prudham, W.S.; Schurman, R.A., 2001:
Industrial dynamics and the problem of nature

[Anonymous], 2001:
Antibiotics and agriculture

Formaggio, A.R.; Epiphanio, J.C.N.; Simoes, M.D., 2001:
Radarsat backscattering from an agricultural scene

Yamamoto, T.; Taguchi-Shiobara, F.; Ukai, Y.; Sasaki, T.; Yano, M., 2001:
Mapping quantitative trait loci for days-to-heading, and culm, panicle and internode lengths in a BC1F3 population using an elite rice variety, Koshihikari, as the recurrent parent

Kamal, A.H.M.; Takashina, T.; Egashira, H.; Satoh, H.; Imanishi, S., 2001:
Factors affecting the production of a BC1F1 population and characterization of the BC1F1 progenies obtained from the interspecific crosses between a cultivated tomato and the peruvianum-complex

Bezzel, E., 2001:
Does only the Sparrow survive? Birds in the exploited landscape 2000

Tuchtenhagen, R., 2001:
The first five thousand years of agriculture, 4000-BC to 1000-AD

Tenk, I.; Matray, D., 2001:
Efficacy of disinfection in the practice of farrowing and rearing units

Janosi, S.; Huszenicza, G., 2001:
Role of drying off therapy of dairy cows in the control of mastitis. Review article

Nielsen, C.P.; Anderson, K., 2001:
Global market effects of alternative European responses to genetically modified organisms

Priolo, A.; Micol, D.; Agabriel, J., 2001:
Effects of grass feeding systems on ruminant meat colour and flavour. A review

Noblet, J.; Le Bellego, L.; Van Milgen, J.; Dubois, S., 2001:
Effects of reduced dietary protein level and fat addition on heat production and nitrogen and energy balance in growing pigs

Sommer, T.; Harrell, B.; Nobriga, M.; Brown, R.; Moyle, P.; Kimmerer, W.; Schemel, L., 2001:
California's Yollo Bypass: Evidence that flood control can be compatible with fisheries, wetlands, wildlife, and agriculture

Kadarmideen, H.N.; Pryce, J.E., 2001:
Genetic and economic relationships between somatic cell count and clinical mastitis and their use in selection for mastitis resistance in dairy cattle

Coffey, M.P.; Emmans, G.C.; Brotherstone, S., 2001:
Genetic evaluation of dairy bulls for energy balance traits using random regression

Goyache, F.; del Coz, J.J.; Quevedo, J.R.; Lopez, S.; Alonso, J.; Ranilla, J.; Luaces, O.; Alvarez, I.; Bahamonde, A., 2001:
Using artificial intelligence to design and implement a morphological assessment system in beef cattle

Bakert, R.L.; Audho, J.O.; Aduda, E.O.; Thorpe, W., 2001:
Genetic resistance to gastro-intestinal nematode parasites in Galla and Small East African goats in the sub-humid tropics

Tokuda, T.; Kimura, D.; Fujihara, T., 2001:
The relationships between leptin and insulin in blood plasma of growing lambs

Caneque, V.; Velasco, S.; Diaz, M.; Perez, C.; Huidobro, F.; Lauzurica, S.; Manzanares, C.; Gonzalez, J., 2001:
Effect of weaning age and slaughter weight on carcass and meat quality of Talaverana breed lambs raised at pasture

Gidenne, T.; Arveux, P.; Madec, O., 2001:
The effect of the quality of dietary lignocellulose on digestion, zootechnical performance and health of the growing rabbit

Fonseca, A.J.M.; Dias-da-Silva, A.A.; Lourenco, A.L.G., 2001:
Effects of maize and citrus-pulp supplementation of urea-treated wheat straw on intake and productivity in female lambs

Kendall, N.R.; Jackson, D.W.; Mackenzie, A.M.; Illingworth, D.V.; Gill, I.M.; Telfer, S.B., 2001:
The effect of a zinc, cobalt and selenium soluble glass bolus on the trace element status of extensively grazed sheep over winter

Delaby, L.; Peyraud, J.L.; Delagarde, R., 2001:
Effect of the level of concentrate supplementation, herbage allowance and milk yield at turn-out on the performance of dairy cows in mid lactation at grazing

Issolah, R.; Giovannetti, J.F., 2001:
The Algerian agricultural information and documentation system: how does it support national research and training?

Gao, Q.; Xu, L.D.; Liang, N., 2001:
Dynamic modelling with an integrated ecological knowledge-based system

Kocacaliskan, I.; Terzi, I., 2001:
Allelopathic effects of walnut leaf extracts and juglone on seed germination and seedling growth

De Pascale, S.; Maggio, A.; Fogliano, V.; Ambrosino, P.; Ritieni, A., 2001:
Irrigation with saline water improves carotenoids content and antioxidant activity of tomato

Beyer, M.; Schonherr, J., 2001:
No evidence for droplet size effects on the penetration of C-14-proline across astomatous isolated pear (Pyrus communis L.) leaf cuticles

Ward, P.R.; Dunin, F.X., 2001:
Growing season evapotranspiration from duplex soils in south-western Australia

Estok, J., 2001:
Developing cereals (Hungarian contributions in agriculture)

Mullin, W.J.; Fregeau-Reid, J.A.; Butler, M.; Poysa, V.; Woodrow, L.; Jessop, D.B.; Raymond, D., 2001:
An interlaboratory test of a procedure to assess soybean quality for soymilk and tofu production

Nielsen, C.P.; Robinson, S.; Thierfelder, K., 2001:
Genetic engineering and trade: Panacea or dilemma for developing countries

Saab, V.A.; Vierling, K.T., 2001:
Reproductive success of Lewis's Woodpecker in burned pine and cottonwood riparian forests

Howard, M.N.; Skagen, S.K.; Kennedy, P.L., 2001:
Does habitat fragmentation influence nest predation in the shortgrass prairie?

Moore, N.; Rojstaczer, S., 2001:
Irrigation-induced rainfall and the great plains

Dong, J.J.; Kharb, P.; Teng, W.M.; Hall, T.C., 2001:
Characterization of rice transformed via an Agrobacterium-mediated inflorescence approach

Puddephat, I.J.; Robinson, H.T.; Fenning, T.M.; Barbara, D.J.; Morton, A.; Pink, D.A.C., 2001:
Recovery of phenotypically normal transgenic plants of Brassica oleracea upon Agrobacterium rhizogenes-mediated co-transformation and selection of transformed hairy roots by GUS assay

van den Bergh, J.; Barendregt, A.; Gilbert, A.; van Herwijnen, M.; van Horssen, P.; Kandelaars, P.; Lorenz, C., 2001:
Spatial economic-hydroecological modelling and evaluation of land use impacts in the Vecht wetlands area

Filipovich, J., 2001:
Destined to fail: Forced settlement at the Office du Niger, 1926-45

Chavas, J.P.; Kim, K.; Lauer, J.G.; Klemme, R.M.; Bland, W.L., 2001:
An economic analysis of corn yield, corn profitability, and risk at the edge of the Corn Belt

Misselbrook, T.H.; Hansen, M.N., 2001:
Field evaluation of the equilibrium concentration technique (JTI method) for measuring ammonia emission from land spread manure or fertiliser

Singh, R.D., 2001:
Post-colonial developments: Agriculture in the making of modern India

Morrisette, P.M., 2001:
Conservation easements and the public good: Preserving the environment on private lands

Bandara, J.S.; Chisholm, A.; Ekanayake, A.; Jayasuriya, S., 2001:
Environmental cost of soil erosion in Sri Lanka: tax/subsidy policy options

Togashi, K.; Lin, C.Y.; Moribe, K., 2001:
Construction of optimum index to maximize overall response across countries in the presence of genotype x environment interaction

Qadir, M.; Ghafoor, A.; Murtaza, G., 2001:
Use of saline-sodic waters through phytoremediation of calcareous saline-sodic soils

Portolano, B.; Montalbano, L.; Militi, W., 2001:
Genetic and environmental sources of variation for milk yield traits in Barbaresca siciliana breed

Rao, S.B.N.; Chopra, R.C., 2001:
Influence of sodium bentonite and activated charcoal on aflatoxin M-1 excretion in milk of goats

Ivan, M.; Mir, P.S.; Koenig, K.M.; Rode, L.M.; Neill, L.; Entz, T.; Mir, Z., 2001:
Effects of dietary sunflower seed oil on rumen protozoa population and tissue concentration of conjugated linoleic acid in sheep

Brand, T.S.; van der Merwe, G.D.; Young, D., 2001:
Full-fat canola as protein source in diets for finishing lambs

Adjorlolo, L.K.; Amaning-Kwarteng, K.; Fianu, F.K., 2001:
In vivo digestibility and effect of supplemental mucuna forage on treated rice straw degradation

Habib, G.; Siddiqui, M.M.; Mian, F.H.; Jabbar, J.; Khan, F., 2001:
Effect of protein supplements of varying degradability on growth rate, wool yield and wool quality in grazing lambs

Abecia, J.A.; Zuniga, O.; Forcada, F., 2001:
Effect of melatonin treatment in spring and feed intake on wool growth and thyroxine secretion in Rasa Aragonesa ewes

Karna, D.K.; Koul, G.L.; Bisht, G.S., 2001:
Pashmina yield and its association with morphometric traits in Indian Cheghu goats

Al-Shorepy, S.A.; Alhadrami, G.A.; Jamali, I.A., 2001:
Effect of feeding diets containing seaweed on weight gain and carcass characteristics of indigenous lambs in the United Arab Emirates

Spooner, D.M.; Hijmans, R.J., 2001:
Potato systematics and germplasm collecting, 1989-2000

Baer, D.; Mitzel, E.; Pasche, J.; Gudmestad, N.C., 2001:
PCR detection of Clavibacter michiganensis subsp sepedonicus-infected tuber samples in a plate capture assay

Arsenault, W.J.; LeBlanc, D.A.; Tai, G.C.C.; Boswall, P., 2001:
Effects of nitrogen application and seedpiece spacing on yield and tuber size distribution in eight potato cultivars

Davenport, J.R.; Bentley, E.M., 2001:
Does potassium fertilizer form, source, and time of application influence potato yield and quality in the Columbia Basin?

Kirk, W.W.; Felcher, K.J.; Douches, D.S.; Niemira, B.A.; Hammerschmidt, R., 2001:
Susceptibility of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) foliage and tubers to the US8 genotype of Phytophthora infestans

Rao, D.P., 2001:
A remote sensing-based integrated approach for sustainable development of land water resources

Gill, J.S.; Sivasithamparam, K.; Smettem, K.R.J., 2001:
Soil moisture affects disease severity and colonisation of wheat roots by Rhizoctonia solani AG-8

Swanson, L.E., 2001:
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