Section 67
Chapter 66,164

Nature conservation and landscape management advice - The integration of nature conservation and landscape management into "goodfarming practice" as a future task

Holst, H.

Berichte über Landwirtschaft 79(4): 552-564


ISSN/ISBN: 0005-9080
Accession: 066163233

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Technical requirements for nature conservation and landscape management are rising. Simultaneously the need for nature conservation advicing is becoming more important. The political background of this development is the stronger agrarian legislation and the changes in agricultural policy. In future the pay off to agriculture is linked very closely to ecological or social attendances. Three main effects are of special importance for concerns of nature conservation. The improvement of communication between agriculture and nature conservation, the interchange of knowledge between the two disciplines and a better integration of nature conservation practices on farm level. Beside the measures for nature conservation without any effects on the farm profitability, three main effects from the attitude of farm economics are stressed in this article: a) enhancement of the economic importance of measures for countryside stewardship will improve farm profitability, b) scooping the potential of rationalization can have positive effects on both the production of e.g. cash crops and biodiversity and c) the costs for nature conservation measures are calculated realistically. Any advice should have the objective to improve the economic situation of the farmer and the farm. A nature conservation advisory service additionally can improve agricultural benefits for society.

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