Section 67
Chapter 66,184

Isolation, characterization and antibacterial activity of Streptomycetes from rhizosphere soils in North West Province, South Africa

Adegboye, M.F.; Babalola, O.O.

Asia Life Sciences: 403-421


ISSN/ISBN: 0117-3375
Accession: 066183018

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Due to the issue of infection and development of resistance to clinical drugs, this work was carried out as a part of a screening process for antibiotic producing actinomycetes from the rhizosphere. In this study, 341 strains of actinomycetes were isolated from the rhizosphere soil samples collected from Ngaka Modiri Molema District in North West Province of South Africa. The actinomycetes isolates were screened for antibacterial potential against pathogenic organisms and the potent ones were found to exhibit activity against at least 3 of the test organisms. A combination of morphological, biochemical and physiological characteristics, sequencing of the 16S rDNA gene and phylogenetic analysis of the nucleotide sequences determined from the 16S rDNA gene showed that 73 (21.4%) of the potent bacterial isolates belong to the genus Streptomyces. The isolation, characterization and identification of the potent Streptomyces can be useful in the discovery of novel bioactive compounds that can be harnessed as biocontrol agents against pathogenic organisms in agriculture or medical industries.

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