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Estimation of microbial protein synthesis and urea nitrogen metabolism in lactating dairy cows fed diets supplemented with different protein sources

Pina, D.dos S.; Valadares Filho, S.de C.; Diniz Valadares, R.F.; Detmann, E.; de Souza Campos, J.M.; Fonseca, M.A.; Araujo Teixeira, R.M.; de Oliveira, A.S.

Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia-Brazilian Journal of Animal Science 35(4): 1552-1559


Accession: 066199072

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Twelve Holstein lactating dairy cows were blocked by days in milk and randomly assigned to three replicated 4 x 4 Latin square to evaluate the effect of different protein sources on efficiency of microbial protein synthesis, concentration of serum (NUS) and milk (MUN) urea nitrogen, and ruminal metabolism. A basal corn silage diet (60% of the total dry matter) was fed plus one of the following proteins sources (DM basis): soybean meal (SBM), cottonseed meal with 38% of crude protein (CSM38), cottonseed meal with 28% of crude protein (CSM28), or soybean meal plus 5% of urea/ammonium sulfate (SBMU). Each experimental period lasted 18 days with 11 days for diet adaptation and seven days for sample collection. Samples of urine and blood were obtained approximately four hours after the morning feeding on day 18 of each period. No significant differences among diets were observed for urinary volume (V), total purine derivatives excretion (PT), microbial CP synthesis and microbial efficiency, expressed in g of CP/kg of TDN intake. In addition, concentration of both NUS and MUN also did not differ among diets. It can be concluded that NUS and MUN as well as microbial CP synthesis and efficiency were not affected by feeding different protein sources to lactating dairy cows.

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