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An energy analysis of rapeseed production for biodiesel in Croatia

Filipovic, D.; Kricka, T.

Strojniski Vestnik-Journal of Mechanical Engineering 52(10): 680-692


Accession: 066199829

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Before starting with biodiesel production from rapeseed oil in Croatia, an energy analysis of the production was made. The data for the energy analysis were gathered from investigations on farms in the Slavonia region, the main arable production area in Croatia, in the period 2001 to 2003. For the calculation of energy outputs and inputs, the results of this investigation were used together with energy values from the literature. The average rapeseed yield and oil content was 3195 kg/ha and 42.5%, respectively. Considering rapeseed oil for biodiesel and meal for animal feed, the total energy outputs were 74.01 GJ/ha. Total energy inputs for the rapeseed production were 23.44 GJ/ha, and the major energy inputs were fertilizers and fuel. The energy ratio of the rapeseed production was 3.16, the net energy gain was 50.56 GJ/ha, and the energy productivity was 49.23 L/GJ. Some possibilities for energy saving in rapeseed production were also suggested. Mechanical Engineering. All rights reserved.

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