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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 66216

Chapter 66216 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Rekasi, M.; Kadar, I., 2008:
Study of Soil-Plant Interrelations on Contaminated Soil in a Pot EXPERIMENT

Jocsak, I.; Vegvari, G.; Rabnecz, G.; Droppa, M., 2008:
Comparative Analysis of the Effect of Cadmium and Nickel on the FORMATION OF ORGANIC ACIDS IN BARLEY (HORDEUM VULGARE L.) SEEDLINGS

Harsanyi, E.; Nagy, J., 2008:
Changes in the Employment in Hungary With Special Regard to Agriculture

Szeles, A.V., 2008:
The Effect of Crop Year and Fertilization on the Interaction Between the SPAD VALUE AND YIELD OF MAIZE (ZEA MAYS L.) WITHIN NON-IRRIGATED CONDITIONS

Dvojkovic, K.; Drezner, G.; Horvat, D.; Novoselovic, D.; Spanic, V., 2008:
Cultivars Yielding Ability in Different Croatian Environments

Njavro, M.; Par, V.; Hadelan, L., 2008:
Soil As Factor of Business Results in Arable Crop Production

Par, V.; Njavro, M.; Hadelan, L., 2008:
Influence of Land Consolidation on the Competitiveness of Croatian AGRICULTURE

Ungai, D.; Sipos, P., 2008:
Leaf Analysis of Fertilized Sugar Beet of Two Research Years With Good SOIL CONDITIONS

Maric, S.; Guberac, V.; Petrovic, S.; Drezner, G.; Dvojkovic, K., 2008:
Effects of Testing Environments and Crop Density on Winter Wheat HECTOLITRE WEIGHT

Stevovic, V.; Stanisavljevic, R.; Djukic, D.; Djurovic, D., 2008:
The Effect of Plant Density on Forage and Seed Yields and Quality of Red CLOVER (Trifolium pratense L.)

Knezevic, M.; Ranogajec, L.; Samota, D., 2008:
Effects of Soil Tillage and Herbicides on Weeds and Winter Wheat Yields

Ledencan, T.; Sudar, R.; Simic, D.; Zdunic, Z.; Brkic, A., 2008:
Effects of the Agroecological Factors on Sweet Corn Quality

Cserni, I.; Peto, J.B.; Huvely, A.; Nemeth, T.; Vegh, K.R., 2008:
Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Acid, Sugar and Vitamin C Content in TOMATO GROWN IN DIFFERENT SOIL TYPES AND UNDER DIFFERENT NITROGEN DOSES

Csondes, I.; Kadlicsko, S.; Gaborjanyi, R., 2008:
A Contribution to the Host-Range of Macrophomina Phaseolina

Erdei, E.; Pepo, P., 2008:
Sugar Contents of Stalk Juices in Sweet Sorghum Types

Majic, A.; Poljak, M.; Sabljo, A.; Knezovic, Z.; Horvat, T., 2008:
Efficiency of Use of Chlorophyll Meter and Cardy-Ion Meter in Potato NITROGEN NUTRITION SUPPLY

Slamka, P.; Hanackova, E.; Bencikova, M.; Macak, M.; Demjanova, E., 2008:
Effect of Nitrogen Supply Level in Soil on Malt Characteristics of WINTER BARLEY GRAIN

Ombodi, A.; Horel, J.; Kassai, T., 2008:
Evaluation of Water Use Efficiency in Intensive Sweet Pepper Field CULTIVATION

Popovic, S.; Tucak, M.; Cupic, T.; Simic, B., 2008:
Influence of Soil Ph on Alfalfa Dry Matter and Protein Yield

Plavsic, H.; Josipovic, M.; Ondrasek, G.; Sostaric, J.; Duvnjak, V., 2008:
Nitrogen, Variety and Growing Season Effects on Grain Yield and Protein CONTENT IN WINTER WHEAT

Stekauerova, V.; Sutor, J., 2008:
Alternative Method to Soil Water Infiltration Experiment

Nagy, V.; Stekauerova, V.; Milics, G.; Lichner, L.; Nemenyi, M., 2008:
Harmonisation of Different Measuring Methods of Soil Moisture Used in ZITNY OSTROV (SK) AND SZIGETKOZ (HU)

Sikora, S.; Blazinkov, M.; Babic, K.; Sudaric, A.; Redzepovic, S., 2008:
Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation and Sustainable Soybean Production

Lalic, A.; Kovacevic, J.; Simic, G.; Guberac, V.; Novoselovic, D., 2008:
Spring Barley Genotypes Traits Regarding Genotype * Environment INTERACTION TO CROATIAN ENVIRONMENTS

Simic, G.; Lalic, A.; Kovacevic, J.; Horvat, D.; Lenart, L., 2008:
Effect of Genotype and Environment on Spring Barley Hordeins

Mathe-Gaspar, G.; Radimszky, L.; Mathe, P., 2008:
Changes in Growth Parameters and Water Content of Young Canola in RESPONSE TO N FERTILIZATION ON TWO SITES

Gantner, R.; Stjepanovic, M.; Gantner, V., 2008:
Precipitation and Temperature Effects Upon Grain Yield of Field Pea

Bukvic, G.; Grljusic, S.; Antunovic, M.; Horvatic, J.; Spoljarevic, M.A., 2008 :
Differences Among Red Clover (Trifolium Pratense L.) Genotypes in Yield, GERMINATION AND PROLINE CONCENTRATION

Kraljevic, D.; Suamnovac, L.; Plascak, I., 2008:
Wheat and Barley Yield Affected by the Rotation of Oilseed Rape As the PRECEDING CROP

Hidvegi, S.; Kassai, K.M.; Ambrus, A.; Suranyi, S.; Hajdu, E., 2008:
Production Site Impacts on Soybean Quality Performance

Budimir, A.; Bukan, M.; Boic, M.; Sarcevic, H.; Kozumplik, V., 2008:
Response of Flue-Cured Tobacco to Reduced Fertilization

Kiss, C.; Andorko, I., 2008:
Small-Plot Field Experiments With Maize Hybrids, Aiming to Study Starch CONTENT

Zidovec, V.; Vrsek, I.; Novak, B.; Bujan, M.; Ognjenovic, T., 2008:
Effect of Mycorrization on Germination and Growth of Marigold

Jukic, M.; Vragolovic, A.; Safner, T.; Sarcevic, H.; Buhinicek, I., 2008:
Modeling Yield Performance of Various Hybrid Combinations in Different ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS

Ikic, I.; Tomasovic, S.; Mlinar, R.; Jukic, K.; Pecina, M., 2008:
Effect of Different Environmental Conditions on Wheat Yield and Quality TRAITS

Bencsik, K.; Ujj, A., 2008:
Evaluation of Different Soil Tillage Methods Regarding Soil-Plant INTERRELATIONS

Paradikovic, N.; Teklic, T.; Vinkovic, T.; Balicevic, R.; Lepedus, H., 2008:
Influence of K Excessive Soil and Plant Supply on Ca Deficiency in PEPPER FRUITS (CAPSICUM ANNUUM L.)

Buzsaki, K.; Lehoczky, E.; Beres, I., 2008:
Investigations on the Nutrient Concentration of Yellow Nutsedge (Cyperus ESCULENTUS L.)

Sarkany, E.S.; Lehoczky, E.; Tamas, J.; Nagy, P., 2008:
Spreading, Ecology and Damages Caused by the Common Milkweed (Asclepias SYRIACA L.) IN HUNGARY

Lehoczky, E.; Kismanyoky, A.; Ritecz, J.; Nemeth, T., 2008:
Study on Competition Between Maize and Weeds in Long-Term Soil Tillage EXPERIMENTS

Kovacevic, J.; Lalic, A.; Jurkovic, Z., 2008:
Characterization of Winter Barley Genotypes in Croatian Environment

Pecina, M.; Ikic, I.; Tomasovic, S.; Mlinar, R.; Janjecic, Z., 2008:
Targeting Genotypes Onto Winter Wheat Growing Environments Using Ammi MODEL ANALYSIS

Simon, S.; Petric, I.V.; Pejic, I., 2008:
Performance of Clonal Candidates Cv. Skrlet Bijeli (Vitis Vinifera L.) IN REGARD TO DIFFERENT ENVIRONMENTS

Kelle, V., 2008:
Trends of Subsidy and Credit Application of Plant Grower Farms in Bekes COUNTY

Durakovic, S.; Durakovic, L.; Vahcic, N.; Skelin, A.; Durakovic, Z., 2008:
Affect of Moulds Growth in Mixed Cultures on Production of Aflatoxins on MAIZE HYBRID

Igaz, D.; Barek, V.; Halaj, P.; Takac, J.; Cimo, J., 2008:
A Comparison of Measured Soil Moisture With Simulated Results Obtained BY SELECTED MODELS FOR DANUBIAN LOWLAND

Gorsic, M.; Baric, K.; Galzina, N.; Scepanovic, M.; Ostojic, Z., 2008 :
Weed Control in Maize With New Herbicide Topramezone

Hoffmann, S.; Berecz, K.; Hoffmann, B.; Banko, L., 2008:
Yield Response and N-Utilization Depending on Crop Sequence and Organic OR MINERAL FERTILIZATION

Galzina, N.; Scepanovic, M.; Gorsic, M.; Novak, N., 2008:
Replacement of Atrazine With Enviroment Friendly Pre-Emergence HERBICIDES

Scepanovic, M.; Ostojic, Z.; Galzina, N.; Gorsic, M.; Havrda, S., 2008:
Site Specific Post-Emergence Weed Control in Soybean

Baric, K.; Varga, B.; Ostojic, Z.; Svecnjak, Z., 2008:

Stojic, B.; Seput, M.; Kovacevic, V.; Kanizaj, G.; Rasic, D., 2008:
Genotype Soil and Year Effects on Yield and Nutritional Status of Maize

Jelic, M.; Kastori, R.; Djalovic, I., 2008:
Environmental and Genetical Influences on Nutritional Status of Wheat GRAIN

Toth, A.; Braun, M.; Toth, Z.; Gor, D.; Lakatos, G., 2008:
Element Composition of Rosa Canina and Rubus Fruticosus Fruits at An ABANDONED METALLIFEROUS MINESITE IN N-HUNGARY

Horvat, T.; Majic, A.; Svecnjak, Z.; Jurkic, V., 2008:
Effects of Foliar Fertilization and Water Stress on Yield and PHYSIOLOGICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF POTATO

Cavlek, M.; Grsic, K., 2008:

Grsic, K.; Cavlek, M., 2008:
Comparison of Petiole Sap Nitrate Concentration and Ccm Chlorophyll READINGS IN ESTIMATING FLUE-CURED TOBACCO LEAF RIPENESS AT HARVEST

Szoke, C.; Pinter, J.; Hegyi, Z.; Marton, L. C., 2008:
Studies on the Tolerance of Maize Hybrids to Corn Rootworm on Various TYPES OF SOIL

Gyarmati, B.; Meszaros, C.; Harshegyi, Z.; Kampfl, G.; Balint, A., 2008:
Effect of Different Nitrogen Fertilizer on Physiological Parameters of GARDEN CRESS (LEPIDIUM SATIVUM L.)

Balint, A.; Gyarmati, B.; Harshegyi, Z.; Heltai, G., 2008:
Effect of Nitrogen Fertilizer on Grain of Winter Wheat

Ligetvari, F.; Pinter, A.I., 2008:
Risk Analysis for Crop Production Planning

Svecnjak, Z.; Jenel, M.; Dragojevic, I.V.; Bujan, M.; Varga, B., 2008:
Effect of Nitrogen Fertilization and Cultivar on Mineral Composition of WHEAT GRAIN

Stingli, A.; Bokor, A., 2008:
Effect of Conservation Tillage and Nutrient Rate on the Occurrence of CERTAIN INSECT GROUPS IN WINTER WHEAT

Farkas, C.; Csorba, S.; Lukacs, A., 2008:
Studying the Water Regime of the Soil - Plant System in a Stress DIAGNOSIS SET-UP

Peto, K.; Kovacs, P.; Nagy, G., 2008:
Some Morphological Characteristics of Timothy and Their Response to ANNUAL WEATHER CONDITIONS DURING PRIMARY GROWTH

Borbely, E.H.; csajbok, J.; Lesznyak, M., 2008:
Yield Stability of Sunflower (Helianthus Annuus) Varieties on Chernosem SOIL

Sarvari, M.; Boros, B., 2008:
The Effect of Plant Density on the Yield and Yield Safety of Maize HYBRIDS IN AVERAGE AND DRY YEARS

Hegedus, S.; Kristo, I.; Litkei, C.; Vojnich, V., 2008:
Impact of Bacterial Fertilizer on the Component of Industral Poppy VARIETIES

Balazsy, A.; Sardi, K., 2008:
Effects of Increasing K Rates on the Nutrient Status of Malting Barley AT THE STAGE OF TILLERING

Purgar, D.D.; Sindrak, Z.; Vokurka, A.; Primorac, J.; Bolaric, S., 2008:
Soil Assessment Based on Botanical Composition on Habitats of AUTOCHTHONOUS POPULATIONS OF RED CLOVER (Trifolium pratense L.)

Bjelis, M.; Milek, T.M.; Simala, M., 2008:
Olive Fruit Infestation by Olive Fruit Fly Bactrocera Oleae Gmel. in Dry AND IRRIGATED GROWING CONDITIONS IN DALMACIJA

Milek, T.M.; Bjelis, M.; Simala, M., 2008:
Intensity of Scale Insects Infestation in Relation to Grapevine Variety AND SOIL TYPE IN CROATIA

Demeny, K.; Centeri, C., 2008:
Habitat Loss, Soil and Vegetation Degradation by Land Use Change in the GODOLLO HILLSIDE, HUNGARY

Hoffmann, B.; Nagy, Z.; Hoffmann, S.; Kovacs, G., 2008:
Adaptability of Winter Wheat Genotypes Originating From Composite CROSSES TO ORGANIC AND LOW INPUT CONDITIONS

Repkova, J.; Brestic, M.; Zivcak, M., 2008:
Bioindication of Barley Leaves Vulnerability in Conditions of Water DEFICIT

Dudas, L.; Holb, I.; Hodossi, S.; Fari, M., 2008:
Evaluation of Tomato-Shaped Pepper Varieties Grown by Organic Method WITH SOIL COVERING

Remenyik, J.; Ledo, H.; Dudas, L.; Veres, Z.; Fari, M., 2008:
Santioxidant Capacity of Some Red Sweet Pepper Lines and Varieties

Zamic, K.; Sudaric, T.; Arezina, M., 2008:
The Aspects of Agricultural Production Serving As a Function of SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OF THE VUKOVAR-SRIJEM COUNTY

Toth, T.; Villanyi, J.; Balazs, P.; Kapuszta, J., 2008:
Global Environment Change and Food Security: a Socio-Economic PERSPECTIVE

Juric, I.; Drenjancevic, M.; Turalija, A.; Jukic, V.; Babic, V., 2008:
Climatic Conditions, Soil Tillage and Nitrogen Fertilization of Winter WHEAT IN EASTERN CROATIA

Komaromine, M.K.; Loksa, G.; Csereklye, K.E.; Bardoczyne, E.S.; Kallai, S., 2008:
Use of Zeolite to Improve Soil Amelioration and Takes Effects on MICROCLIMATE

Hadi, G.; Racz, F.; Kasa, S., 2008:

Racz, F.; Hadi, G.; Kasa, S., 2008:
Drying of Maize After Physiological Maturity on Chernozem Soil With FOREST RESIDUES

Poljak, M.; Horvat, T.; Majic, A.; Pospisil, A.; Cosic, T., 2008:
Nitrogen Management for Potatoes by Using Rapid Test Methods

Petroczi, I.M.; Kovacs, Z.; Bona, L., 2008 :
Influances of Agronomical Factors on the Yield and Quality of Winter WHEAT

Celkova, A.; Burger, F., 2008:
Soil Salinization in Danube Lowland Owing to Salt Tolerance of Crops

Pok, I.; Spitko, T.; Hegyi, Z., 2008:
Grain Filling of Maize at Different Water Levels

Majic, I.; Ivezic, M.; Raspudic, E.; Gantner, V., 2008:
Effect of Soybean Cultivar on Endoparasitic Nematodes and Arbuscular MYCORRHIZAL FUNGI RELATIONSHIP

Veres, S.; Levai, L.; Gajdos, E.; Bakonyi, N., 2008:
Correlation of Nutrient Contents and Biofertilization

Gyimes, E., 2008:
Analyse the Particle Size Distribution of Different Wheat Flour Using TWO MILL MACHINES

Antunovic, M., 2008:
Liming Influences on Maize and Sugar Beet Yield and Nutritional Status

Pavlo, R.; Linda, J.; Amorino, P., 2008:
Rapeseed for Biodisel Production and Its Importance for Istria Rural ECONOMY DEVELOPMEMT

Oplanic, M.; Persuric, A.S.I.; Ban, D.; Rozman, L.; Znidarcic, D., 2008:
Economic Analysis of Different Sweet Corn Varieties Production

Ivanyi, I.; Izsaki, Z., 2008:
Effect of Some Agronomic Factors on the Hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.) Yield

Nemenyi, M.; Nagy, V.; Stekaeurova, V., 2008:
Limiting Factors of Precision Farming - Soil Compaction and PRECIPITATION

Milics, G.; Burai, P.; Lenart, C., 2008:
Pre-Harvest Prediction of Spring Barley Nitrogen Content Using HYPERSPECTRAL IMAGING

Csiba, M.; Stepan, Z., 2008:
Continuous On-Field Draw Force Measurements to Evaluate Site-Specific SOIL STRENGTH

Rajkai, K.; Vegh, K.R.; Szili-Kovacs, T.; Cserni, I., 2008:
Effects of Nitrogen Fertilization on Carbon Flows in Soils With CONTRASTING TEXTURE

Vona, V.; Sule, S.; Siller, I.; Pottyondy, A., 2008:
Changes in Dolomite Rocky Grasslands Caused by Anthropogenic DISTURBANCES, WITH SPECIAL RESPECT TO GRAZING

Banaj, D.; Tadic, V.; Plascak, I.; Stojcevic, Z., 2008:
Damage of Seminal Maize Hybrid in Harvesting and Husking

Nemeth-Zoltan, G.K.; Nemeth, I.-T.K., 2008:
Influence of Nutrient Supply on Tuber and Sugar Yield of Jerusalem ARTICHOKE (HELIANTHUS TUBEROSUS L.)

Gyori, Z., 2008:
Complex Evaluation of the Quality of Winter Wheat Varieties

Szakal, P.; Schmidt, R.; Barkoczi, M.; Beke, D., 2008:
Effect of Complex Copper Compounds on Wheat Quality

Nemeth, T.; Mathe-Gaspar, G., 2008:
Element Content of Young Canola Grown on Different Nitrogen Supply LEVELS

Harcsa, M.; Bajnok, M.; Kulin, B.; Szeman, L.; Prutkay, J., 2008:
Effects of Ecological Soil Aptitude on Grass Stand Planning

David, L., 2008:
After-Use of Disused Quarries in the Field of Agriculture and Water MANAGEMENT

Zivcak, M.; Brestic, M.; Olsovska, K., 2008:
Assessment of Physiological Parameters Useful in Screening for Tolerance TO SOIL DROUGHT IN WINTER WHEAT (TRITICUM AESTIVUM L.) GENOTYPES

Kis, S., 2008:
Comparison of Cost of Nutrient Supply in Organic and Conventional FARMING

Czobel, S.; Balogh, J.; Foti, S.; Szirmai, O., 2008:
Temporal Changes in Biomass and Soil Element Contents Under Different MANIPULATIONS OF TEMPERATE GRASSLANDS

Szirami, O.; Czobel, S., 2008:
Centuries Long Vegetation Dynamics Using Digital Techniques. a Case STUDY IN THE FOREGROUND OF BUKK MOUNTAINS

Poti, P.; Bodnar, A.; Laczo, E.; Pajor, F.; Kispal, T., 2008:
Concentration of Lead and Cadmium in Soil, Forage, Organ and Muscle SAMPLES OF SHEEP IN HUNGARY

Szeles, Z.; Szabo, Z., 2008:
The Self-Financed Development in Different Agricultural Enterprising MODELS IN HUNGARY

Belovecz, M.; Kodenko, J., 2008:
Effect of Eu Subsidies on the Hungarian Agricultural

Huzdik, K., 2008:
The Change of Agricultural Employment in the Hungarian Regions and the MIGRATION

Nabradi, A., 2008:
Marketable Value of Grassland Products

Nemeth, T.K., 2008:
Effect of Nitrogen Supply on the Green Crop, Sugar Content and Sugar YIELD OF SILAGE SORGHUM (SORGHUM BICOLOR L./MOENCH/)

Bosnjak, K.; Leto, J.; Knezevic, M.; Pavlak, M.; Kutnjak, H., 2008:
Variation in Yield and Persistence of White Clover Under N Fertilizing AND GRAZING

Moric, S.; Vrsek, I.; Jurisic, A.; Sindrak, Z.; Poje, M., 2008:
Seed Propagation of Dianthus Giganteus d'Urv Ssp Croaticus (Borbas) TUTIN

Markovic, M.; Todorovic, J.; Biberdzic, M.; Delalic, Z., 2008:
Response of Maize to Liming in Northern Bosnia

Mughram, Y.A.; Zsarnoczai, S.J., 2008:
Irrigation Possibility in Middle East and North Africa

Choi, T.K.; Kim, S.T.; Han, M.W.; Kim, Y.K., 2008:
Enhanced Nitrate Uptake by Enterobacter amnigenus GG0461 at Alkaline pH

Shariati, M.; Noorafshan, A.; Mokhtari, M.; Askari, H.R., 2008:
The Effects of Trifluralin on LH, FSH and Testosterone Hormone Levels and Testis Histological Changes in Adult Rats

Ragot, L.; Schubert, K., 2008:
The optimal carbon sequestration in agricultural soils: Do the dynamics of the physical process matter?

Koch, V. W., 2008:
Applauds recommendations on the welfare of Tennessee Walking Horses

Dellaven, W. R., 2008:
More on California Proposition 2 Responds

Hart, J.P.; Matson, R.G., 2009:
The use of multiple discriminant analysis in classifying prehistoric phytolith assemblages recovered from cooking residues

Amores, A.F.; Contreras, I., 2009:
New approach for the assignment of new European agricultural subsidies using scores from data envelopment analysis: Application to olive-growing farms in Andalusia (Spain)

Isikdag, U.; Underwood, J.; Aouad, G., 2008:
An investigation into the applicability of building information models in geospatial environment in support of site selection and fire response management processes

Itzerott, S.; Kaden, K., 2008:
The impact related estimation of fertilizer use-an example for land use monitoring with distant survey data

Talukdar, A.; Zhang, G. Q., 2008:
Inheritance of grain shape and molecular tagging of the QTL for reduced grain width (gw) in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Nair, S.K.; Vinod; Singh, B.; Tomar, S. M. S., 2008:
Inheritance and chromosomal location of flecking in a mutant C591 (M8) of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Datta, D.; Bhardwaj, S. C.; Prashar, M., 2008:
Development of bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) lines with specific rust resistance genes and their authentication through molecular markers

Kumari, J.; Gadag, R. N.; Jha, G. K., 2008:
Genetic distance based on simple sequence repeats and its relationship to specific combining ability and heterosis in maize (Zea mays L.)

Hossain, F.; Prasanna, B. M.; Kumar, R.; Singh, B. B., 2008:
The effect of genotype x pollination mode interaction on kernel modification in quality protein maize (QPM) genotypes

Agrawal, P. K.; Katiyar, A. K., 2008:
Validation of chickpea-STMS markers and DNA fingerprinting in lentil (Lens culinaris subsp culinaris) cultivars of India

Pattanashetti, S. K.; Gowda, M. V. C.; Girija, 2008:
Inheritance of morphological traits and pod features in groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.)

Sarkar, B.; Verma, R. P. S.; Mishra, B., 2008:
Genetic diversity for malting quality in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)

Chimotel, V. P.; Rajkumar; Sharma, N.; Kamal, S., 2008:
Nuclear-cytoplasmic diversity in parental genotypes used for Indian early bulking potato (Solanum tuberosum ssp tuberosum) breeding programme

Khan, S. H.; Ahmed, N.; Jabeen, N.; Wani, K. P.; Hussain, K., 2008:
Stability analysis for economic traits in kale (Brassica oleracea var. acephala L.)

Jagadeesh, S. L.; Reddy, B. S.; Basavaraj, N.; Swamy, G. S. K.; Hegde, L., 2008:
Inter tree variability in chips purpose jackfrult selections of Western Ghats of Karnataka, India

Negi, S.; Vidyasagar, 2008:
Inheritance studies of self-incompatibility in low chill requiring genotypes of cabbage (Brassica oleracea L var. capitata) for boltized flowering

Prakash, V.; Verma, R. S., 2008:
Notification of chickpea variety GNG 1581 (Gangaur)

Majumdar, N. D.; Prasad, S. V. S.; Shukla, S. K.; Mahajan, V.; Gupta, H. S.; Khati, M. S.; Singh, C., 2008:
Notification of bold seeded Lentil variety VL Masoor 507 for Indian Himalayan States

Pandey, H. N.; Bhawsar, R. C.; Samdur, M. Y.; Prasad, S. V. S.; Mishra, A. N.; Varma, P. K.; Singh, A. K., 2008:
Notification of bread wheat variety HI 1531 (Harshita)

Pandey, H. N.; Prasad, S. V. S.; Samdur, M. Y.; Mishra, A. N.; Varma, P. K.; Singh, A. K.; Kantwa, S. R., 2008:
Notification of durum wheat variety HI 8663 (Poshan)

Pandey, H. N.; Bhawsar, R. C.; Samdur, M. Y.; Prasad, S. V. S.; Mishra, A. N.; Varma, P. K.; Singh, A. K.; Kantwa, S. R., 2008:
Notification of bread wheat variety HI 1544 (Purna)

Pandey, S. K.; Manivel, P.; Singh, S. V.; Kumar, D., 2008:
Registration of potato genetic stock MP/99-322

Singh, B.; Tomar, S. M. S.; Vinod; Sivasamy, M.; Singh, R.; Kumar, A., 2008:
Registration of WR95-a tester stock for apical lethality in wheat

Mahala, N.; Jain, S.; Jain, R.K., 2008:
Phenotyping and microsatellite marker analysis of CSR10 (salt tolerant indica) x HBC19 (Taraori Basmati) F-6 lines obtained using single seed descent method

Sumathi, R.; Muralidharan, V., 2008:
Study of gene action and heterosis in monostem/shybranching genotypes in sesame (Sesamum indicum L.)

Lavanya, C.; Gopinath, V., 2008:
Inheritance studies for morphological characters and sex expression in pistillate lines of castor (Ricinus communis L.)

Gupta, A.J.; Singh, Y. V.; Ram, H.H., 2008:
Seed protein profiles and cultivar identification in garden pea (Pisum sativum L.)

Tuteja, O. P.; Verma, S. K.; Singh, M., 2008:
Effect of G-harknessii based cytoplasmic male sterility on seed cotton yield and fibre quality traits in upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

Chandra, A.; Pandey, K. C., 2008:
Genetic relatedness among weevil resistant Medicago species and Indian susceptible cultivars of lucerne (Medicago sativa L.) using SSR and RAPD markers

Girija, T.; Salimath, P. M.; Patil, S. A.; Gowda, C. L. L.; Sharma, H. C., 2008:
Biophysical and biochemical basis of host plant resistance to pod borer (Helicoverpa armigera Hubner) in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)

Tuteja, O. P.; Khadi, B. M., 2008:
Development and characterization of fertility restorers in cytoplasmic genetic male sterile lines of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) derived from Gossypium harknessii

Rathore, P.; Singh, M.; Pathak, D.; Gill, J. S.; Atwal, A. K., 2008:
Genetic analysis for seed oil content and component fatty acids in American cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

Prasath, D.; Ponnuswami, V., 2008:
Screening of chilli (Capsicum annuum L.) genotypes against Colletotrichum capsici and analysis of biochemical and enzymatic activities in inducing resistance

Shekoofa, A.; Emam, Y., 2008:
Effects of Nitrogen Fertilization and Plant Growth Regulators (PGRs) on Yield of Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) cv. Shiraz

Zibaei, M.; Soltani, G.H.R.; Bakhshoodeh, M., 2008:
Utility Maximizing Investment in Well Capacity for Conjunctive Use of Ground and Surface Water at the Farm Level in Southern Iran

Hedjazi, Y.; Omidi, M., 2008:
Factors Affecting the Academic Success of Agricultural Students at University of Tehran, Iran

Nwoke, L.; Arukhe, J.; Uchendu, C., 2008:
Successful Control of High-Pressure Gas Well by Use of a Crosslinked Gel During Coiled-Tubing Fishing

Srivastava, K. K.; Das, B.; Sundouri, A. S.; Sharma, M. K.; Singh, S. R., 2008:
Evaluation of pear (Pyrus communis) sucker for different root stock characters

Maheswarappa, H.-P., 2008:
In-situ waste management in integrated nutrient management system under coconut (Cocos nucifera)- based high density multi-species cropping system in tropical soils of India

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Energy Based Approach of Local Influence of Global Climate Change in Maize Stand

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Segregation in an 'Imperial' mandarin X 'Ellendale' tangor family for characteristics that contribute to the seedless phenotype

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Bridges will replace walls ..

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