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Analysis of lifetime performance and length of productive life from German Holstein cows

Rohde, H.; Stock, K.F.; Hamann, H.; Reinhardt, F.; Reents, R.; Brade, W.; Distl, O.

Zuchtungskunde 81(1): 42-45


ISSN/ISBN: 0044-5401
Accession: 066216244

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The study presents first results of a survey on lifetime performance and length of productive life in German Holstein (GH) cows. Data from 124 GH cows were collected using a questionnaire. These GH cows had completed 11.7 lactations on the average with a mean lifetime performance of approximately 98,000 kg milk. Claw, udder, fertility, metabolic and postpartal diseases were recorded and cows were scored by the farmer as below, on or above the level of all other herd mates. Most of the GH cows exhibiting an extreme long and high milk performance needed less veterinary treatments and were at lower risk to production diseases than their herd mates. In conclusion, these extreme performing cows were superior in respect to fitness and robustness. Further research follows to quantify the genetic and environmental factors contributing to this extreme performance in GH cows.

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