Pollen-pistil compatibility relationships in some Iranian almond (Prunus dulcis, Batch) genotypes as revealed by PCR analysis

Sharafi, Y.; Hajilou, J.; Mohammadi, S.A.G.; Dadpour, M.R.; Eskandari, S.

African Journal of Biotechnology 9(23): 3338-3341


ISSN/ISBN: 1684-5315
Accession: 066232014

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The identification of pollen-pistil compatibility relationships among almond cultivars and genotypes is very important for breeders and growers. In the present study, PCR based technique was used to identify S-alleles in 10 late blooming almond genotypes. In total, 19 alleles were amplified by five primer pairs in the studied genotypes. The size of bands ranged between 480 - 2000 bp. Seven S-alleles were amplified using AS1II/AMYC5R primer pair, whereas each of the Alsc11/AMYC5R, Pru-C2/Pru-C4R, Pru-C2/Pru-C5R and Pru-C2/Pru-C6R primer pairs amplified nine different S-alleles. Based on S-allele patterns, all of the studied genotypes were identified as self-incompatible. However, some of the genotypes had only one similar S-allele, all of the genotypes could be used in establishment of commercial orchards based on their blooming times.