Molecular characterization of diversity and relationship among almond [Prunus dulcis Miller (D A Webb) ] cultivars and indigenous selections

Sharma, G.; Sharma, N.

Indian Journal of Biotechnology 9(4): 378-383


ISSN/ISBN: 0972-5849
Accession: 066238148

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Amplification of genomic DNA from 13 almond [Prunus dulcis Miller (D A Webb)] genotypes was carried out using 15 random decamer primers Only 13 primers generated a total of 65 scorable bands of which 32 (49 23%) were polymorphic Most of the genotypes under present study were not defined by a single marker but a set of several markers however, GP-10 and GP-14 were distinctly identifiable from rest of the genotypes with unique bands obtained with OPP-10 OPP-14 OPP-15 and OPP-19 The similarity coefficient value between 13 genotypes ranged from 0 6557 to 0 9491 UPGMA based dendrogram on similarity coefficient was constructed and 13 genotypes were clustered into different sub-groups more or less according to their origin Seedling selections GP-10 GP-14 GP-17 and GP-19 were more divergent as they formed different groups in the dendraogram and thus can be used in hybridization programmes with exotic introductions like Nonpariel, Drake, IXL, Promorskij, Pranyaj and Merced