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Identification of microsatellite markers linked to leaf rust adult plant resistance (APR) gene Lr48 in wheat

Singh, A.; Pallavi, J. K.; Gupta, P.; Prabhu, K. V.

Plant Breeding 130(1): 31-34


ISSN/ISBN: 0179-9541
DOI: 10.1111/j.1439-0523.2010.01820.x
Accession: 066240686

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P>The recessive adult plant leaf rust resistance (APR) gene Lr48 in CSP44 was tagged using simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers. The population was phenotyped under controlled conditions using pathotype 77-5 (121R63-1) at both seedling and adult plant stages. Four microsatellite markers Xwmc175, Xwmc332, Xwmc627 and Xwmc149 were linked to Lr48 and mapped to chromosome 2BL with distances of 10.3, 2.5, 12.6 and 20.7 cM from Lr48 covering a length of 31 cM. Lr48 was placed between markers Xwmc175 and Xwmc332. The earlier reported location of Lr48 on 2BS could not be confirmed. The markers were validated on another population and the closest SSR marker, Xwmc332, was specific to resistance allele Lr48 and did not amplify in wheat lines carrying other resistance genes, thus enabling breeders to pyramid Lr48 with other leaf rust resistance genes.

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