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The role of S1-g allele from Oryza glaberrima in improving interspecific hybrid sterility between O. sativa and O. glaberrima

Deng, X.; Zhou, J.; Xu, P.; Li, J.; Hu, F.; Tao, D.

Breeding Science 60(4): 342-346


ISSN/ISBN: 1344-7610
DOI: 10.1270/jsbbs.60.342
Accession: 066242088

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The HYBRID STERILITY I gene allele from Oryza glaberrima (SI-g) frequently causes sterility in F-1 hybrids with O. saliva allele S1-a. We tested the hypothesis that O. saliva lines homozygous for the O. glaberrima sterile gene alleles would be more compatible with O. glaberrima than similar lines with O. sativa alleles. The S1-g allele was introgressed from O. glaberrima into three O. saliva backgrounds using marker aided selection. These Si-g lines and one check line (Dianjingyou 1) were used as males in interspecific hybridization with numerous cultivars of O. glaberrima and as the recurrent parents in backcrosses. Both the pollen grain fertility and egg fertility of progenies of S1-g lines were higher than those without S1-g in F-1 and BC1F1 progenies. Spikelet fertility of BC2F1 progenies with S1-g gave similar results. The results indicated that O. saliva lines carrying S1-g allele from O. glaberrima can be used as bridge parents to significantly improve the fertility of hybrids between O. glaberrima and O. sativa.

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