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Rainwater Chemical Composition and Annual Atmospheric Deposition at Alto SOROCABA BASIN (SP)

da Conceicao, F.T.; Sardinha, D.D.; Navarro, G.R.B.; Antunes, M.L.P.; Angelucci, V.A.

Quimica Nova 34(4): 610-U58


ISSN/ISBN: 0100-4042
DOI: 10.1590/s0100-40422011000400011
Accession: 066245081

RAINWATER CHEMICAL COMPOSITION AND ANNUAL ATMOSPHERIC DEPOSITION AT ALTO SOROCABA BASIN (SP). Two sampling points were chosen and forty samples were collected between January and December 2006 at Alto Sorocaba basin. The rainwater pH varied from 5.46 to 6.36 (Ibiuna) and 5.26 to 6.81 (Itupararanga), being Ca2+ the main ion responsible for controlling the rainwater pH. The ionic concentrations decreased in the following order: Ca2+>Na+> Mg2+>K+ for cations and SO42->HCO3->NO3->Cl->PO43- for anions. The annual atmospheric deposition appeared to be controlled mostly by following sources: mining activities and cement factories (Ca2+ and HCO3-). natural soil dust (Na+, Mg2+ and HCO3-). fossil fuel burning (SO42-) and agriculture activities (K+, NO3- and PO43-).

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