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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 66251

Chapter 66251 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Lookabaugh, E.; Shew, B.; Ivors, K., 2011:
Characterization and mefenoxam sensitivity of Pythium species in North Carolina greenhouses

Luo, Y.; Forster, H.; Adaskaveg, J., 2011:
Molecular mechanism of QoI resistance in Fusicladosporium carpophilum - causal pathogen of almond scab in California

Ma, J.; Jaraba, J.; Kirkpatrick, T.; Rothrock, C., 2011:
Effects of cultural practices, Meloidogyne incognita, and Thielaviopsis basicola on cotton root morphology in the field

Ma, C.; Li, S.; Miao, Z., 2011:
Evaluation of organic sulfide fumigants for suppression of vegetable soilborne replanting diseases in greenhouse

Mahaffee, W.; Bailey, B.; Pardyjak, E.; Skinkis, P.; Stoll, R., 2011:
Pathogen Transport and Response-tool for Agricultural Canopies (P-TRAC) - A modeling system to guide disease management decisions in perennial canopies

Makimoto, Y.; Sipes, B., 2011:
Innate response in tissue cultured Anthurium andraeanum against Radopholus similis

Maria, E.; Mucharromah; Shintami; Junarto; Oktarina, S., 2011:
The potency of fungal antagonists to combat root rot in industrial Acacia mangium plantation

Marrero, G.; Schneider, K. L.; Alvarez, A. M.; Presting, G. G., 2011:
Assembly of the draft genome of Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. dieffenbachiae strain V108LRUH1, a bioluminescent strain highly virulent on anthurium

Martens, G. M.; Kraus, T. E.; Barton, W. R., 2011:
A new broad-spectrum fungicide for use on lentil, field pea, and chickpea crops

Mathew, F.; Alananbeh, K.; Balbyshev, N.; Heitkamp, E.; Gulya, T.; Markell, S., 2011:
Reevaluation of Phomopsis species affecting sunflowers in the United States

Mathioni, S.; Caplan, J.; Patel, N.; Czymmek, K. J.; Sullivan, R. F.; Kobayashi, D. Y.; Donofrio, N. M., 2011:
Understanding cellular and molecular interactions between the rice blast fungus and a putative biocontrol bacterium

Mavrodi, O.; Walter, N.; Taylor, C.; Okubara, P., 2011:
Biological control properties of Pseudomonas isolates

Mcconnell, M. E.; Rane, K. K.; Clement, D. L.; Malinoski, M. K.; Dutky, E. M., 2011:
Woody host plant problems in Maryland diagnostic clinics from 2008-2010

Mcduffee, D., 2011:
Using metconazole as a seed treatment to protect sugarbeets from early season Rhizoctonia Crown and Root Rot

Mcnally, R. R.; Zhao, Y. F.; Sundin, G. W., 2011:
Characterization of novel genes involved in Erwinia amylovora pathogenesis

Medrano, E. G.; Esquivel, J. F.; Bell, A. A., 2011:
Transmission of the opportunistic cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) boll pathogen Pantoea agglomerans by the brown stink bug (Euschistus servus Say)

Meyer, S. L.; Everts, K. L.; Gardener, B. B. M.S., 2011:
Effects of green manures on nematode population densities in an organic tomato field

Miles, T. D.; Nair, M. G.; Vandervoort, C.; Schilder, A. M. C., 2011:
Antifungal compounds in ripe fruit from a resistant blueberry cultivar suppress infection by Colletotrichum acutatum

Milling, A.; Allen, C., 2011:
The SA and ET signaling pathways mediate tomato resistance to bacterial wilt at cool temperatures

Mohammadi, E.; Goharzad, F.; Ahangaran, A., 2011:
Association of Plum pox virus M strain with plum fruit dropping in Iran

Molnar, T. J.; Zhang, N., 2011:
Application of a real-time PCR assay for detection of eastern filbert blight in hazelnut breeding

Motomura, S. A.; Read, A.; Arancon, N. Q.; Miyasaka, S. C.; Shintaku, M., 2011:
Detection of Ralstonia solanacearum in Hawaiian field soils and evaluation of composts for suppressing pathogen populations

Mullis, S.; Gitaitis, R.; Csinos, A. S.; Nischwitz, C., 2011:
The implications of non-crop hosts in the epidemiology of Tomato spotted wilt virus in the Solanaceae of Georgia

Natarajan, S.; Chen, X.; MacDonald, M.; Garrett, W.; Matthews, B., 2011:
Proteome reference map for the soybean cyst nematode

Nepal, A.; del Rio, L., 2011:
North Dakota populations of Leptosphaeria maculans are becoming more diverse

Newcomb, M.; Acevedo, M.; Bockelman, H. E.; Brown-Guedira, G.; Goates, B. J.; Jackson, E. W.; Jin, Y.; Njau, P.; Singh, D.; Wanyera, R.; Bonman, J., 2011:
Resistance to the stem rust 'Ug99' race group in spring wheat landrace accessions from the USDA-ARS National Small Grains Collection (NSGC)

Ngugi, H. K.; Cox, K. D.; Villani, S. M.; Koeller, W., 2011:
Evidence for multiple fungicide resistance in field populations of Venturia inaequalis

Niu, D.; Liu, H.; Guo, J., 2011:
The plant growth-promoting rhizobacterium Bacillus cereus AR156 induces resistance in Arabidopsis thaliana and tomato

Noling, J. W.; Cody, M., 2011:
Large scale demonstration trialing of drip fumigants in Florida strawberry

Norman, D.; Dickstein, E. R.; Yuen, J. M., 2011:
Endospore forming bacteria indigenous to landscape planting beds and their inhibition of Rhizoctonia solani

Nwilene, F.; Onasanya, A.; Togola, A.; Ukwungwu, M.; Hamadoun, A.; Dakouo, D.; Woin, N.; Malick, B.; Nacro, S.; James, C., 2011:
Identification and differentiation of gall midge species from West Africa

Oben, T. T.; Etta, C. E.; Oguntade, O.; Wanobi, O. O.; Mekanya, C. O., 2011:
Bacterial and fungal pathogens associated with diseased oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) plants in Pamol Plantations, Cameroon, Central Africa

Olanya, M.; Larkin, R.; Zhongqi, H.; Jain, S., 2011:
Survival potential of Phytophthora infestans sporangia in relation to meteorological factors

Olson, B. R.; Hunger, R. M.; Edwards, J. T., 2011:
Fungicide application on disease resistant wheat: Is the response what you would expect?

Oosterhof, J.; Berendsen, S., 2011:
The development of a specific Real-Time TaqMan for the detection of Clavibacter michiganensis supsp michiganensis

Ortega-Beltran, A.; Jaime-Garcia, R.; Cotty, P. J., 2011:
Aflatoxin-producing fungi in maize fields of Sonora, Mexico at varying elevations: A three year study

Ortiz-Ribbing, L. M.; Coers, L. M.; Roskamp, G. K.; Hallett, S. G., 2011:
Potential organic substrates for soil application of Microsphaeropsis amaranthi and Phomopsis amaranthicola bioherbicides

Osterbauer, N.; Trippe, A.; Lane, S.; Lewis, S., 2011:
First report of Phytophthora ramorum infecting Trachelospermum jasminoides in Oregon

Ozkilinc, H.; Akamatsu, H.; Abang, M.; Thomas, K.; Chilvers, M.; Peever, T., 2011:
Population structure and mating system of the faba bean pathogen, Didymella fabae (anamorph: Ascochyta fabae), in Syria

Palkovics, L.; Wolf, I.; Pajtli, E.; Salamon, P., 2011:
PVX-M3-A deviant pepper isolate of Potato virus X

Paret, M. L.; Freeman, J. H.; McAvoy, T.; Rideout, S. L.; Olson, S. M., 2011:
Grafting of a commercially important but bacterial wilt susceptible tomato variety with disease resistant rootstocks for open field production

Peng, J.; Huang, Y., 2011:
The occurrence of Cucurbit chlorotic yellows virus disease in Taiwan and evaluation of the virus infected fruit quality and yield

Perumal, R.; Little, C. R.; Erraittaimuthu, S. R.; Prom, L. K.; Magill, C. W., 2011:
Virulence and molecular genotyping studies of Sporisorium relianum isolates in sorghum

Perumal, R.; Little, C. R.; Erraitaimuthu, S. R.; Prom, L. K.; Magill, C. W., 2011:
Genetic diversity and pathotype determination of Colletotrichum sublineolum isolated causing anthracnose disease in sorghum

Peterson, G. L.; Pedley, K. F.; Bockus, W. W.; Stack, J. P.; Cruz, C. D.; Valent, B. S., 2011:
Susceptibility of select US winter wheat cultivars to wheat blast (Magnaporthe oryzae)

Pils, J. R.; Geddens, R. M.; Smith, S. G.; Shepherd, C. P.; Perotin, B., 2011:
Uptake, transport, and fungicidal efficacy of Penthiopyrad fungicide in wheat resulting in protection of treated and untreated foliage

Pokharel, R.; Mock, R. G.; Kinard, G.; Li, R., 2011:
Incidence of multiple viruses in western Colorado cherry orchards

Poojari, S.; Alabi, O. J.; Gandhi, K.; Manoranjitham, S. K.; Damayanti, T. A.; Hidayat, S. H.; Naidu, R. A., 2011:
Molecular diversity of viruses in vegetable crops from farmers' fields in South and Southeast Asia

Poojari, S.; Alabi, O. J.; Walsh, D. B.; Okubara, P.; Naidu, R. A., 2011:
Rapid and real-time detection of grapevine leafroll associated viruses in grapevines and insect vectors

Pothier, J. F.; Smits, T. H.; Blom, J.; Vorhoelter, F.; Goesmann, A.; Puehler, A.; Duffy, B., 2011:
Complete genome sequence of the stone fruit pathogen Xanthomonas arboricola pv. pruni

Prathuangwong, S.; Chatnaparat, T.; Chuaboon, W.; Pupakdeepan, W.; Sulaiman, A.; Hemsanit, N., 2011:
Pseudomonas fluorescens SP007s reduces plant infection and increases gamma-aminobutyric acid in seed infected by a complex pathogens of rice

Qianfu, S.; Xinfang, Z.; Qiming, J., 2011:
Physiological and genetic differentiation of Curvularia lunata and resistance evaluation on corn Curvularia leaf spot in northeast of China

Qiang, Y.; Maomiao, H.; Qingyun, G.; Jinxue, J., 2011:
Genetic analysis of gene conferring resistance to wheat stripe rust in Lankao5

Qiming, J.; Qianfu, S.; Hong, L.; Lingmin, M., 2011:
Races of Exserohihun turcicum and evaluation of maize cultivars on the resistance to Northern corn leaf blight in Jilin Province of China

Qiyun, Y.; Wuming, X.; Jingxin, Z.; Hui, W.; Xiaoyuan, Z.; Zhiqiang, C., 2011:
Rice mutated lines showing improved resistance to Magnaporthe oryzae induced by space mutation

Quesada-Ocampo, L.; Granke, L.; Mercier, M.; Olsen, J.; Hausbeck, M., 2011:
Investigating the genetic structure of Phytophthora capsici populations

Radwan, O.; Clough, S. J., 2011:
Soybean susceptible leaves response to Fusarium virguliforme toxin in a manner resembling an incompatible interaction

Radwan, O.; Govindarajulu, M.; Wu, X.; Libault, M.; Neece, D.; Berg, R.; Huber, S. C.; Stacey, G.; Taylor, C. G.; Steven, C. J., 2011:
A 14-3-3 protein appears to be required for establishing normal nodulation in soybean

Ramirez, P.; Castro, R. M.; Vargas, J.; Guevara, J.; Solorzano-Morales, A.; Hernandez, E.; Mora, F.; Barboza, N.; Hammond, R. W., 2011:
Incidence of criniviruses in multiple crops in Costa Rica

Reis, A.; Boiteux, L. S.; Fonseca, M. N., 2011:
Identification of solanaceous and non-solanaceous species as hosts of Stemphylium solani isolates in Brazil

Reynolds, G. J.; MacRae, I. V.; Windels, C. E.; Sims, A.; Laguette, S., 2011:
Remote sensing for detection of Rhizoctonia crown and root rot in sugar beet fields

Rivera, L. I.; Latoni, E.; Estevez, C., 2011:
Open access online database of powdery mildews (Order Erysiphales) in Puerto Rico

Rolshausen, P. E.; Baumgartner, K.; Travadon, R.; Fujiyoshi, P.; Mahoney, N.; Molyneux, R.; Wilcox, W., 2011:
Species identification of the causal agent of Eutypa dieback of grapevine in northeastern US and southeastern Canadian vineyards

Royer, T. A.; Giles, K. L.; Elliott, N. C.; Hunger, R. L.; Carver, B. F.; Edwards, J. T.; Armstrong, J., 2011:
IPM programs for winter wheat in Oklahoma: A team approach to manage insects, diseases and weeds

Rojas, E. S., 2011:
Host specificity in Erwinia tracheiphila (Smith): Evidence from rep-PCR and pathogenicity assays

Salaudeen, M.; Menkir, A.; Atiri, G.; Kumar, P. L., 2011:
Studies on Maize streak virus infection and yield attributes in F1 maize hybrids

Samiyappan, R.; Jonathan, E.; Mohankumar, S.; Raguchander, T.; Karthikeyan, G., 2011:
PGPR mediated IPM for tropical vegetables in South India

Santra, D. K.; Harveson, R.; Nielsen, K. A.; Plyler-Harveson, T., 2011:
Genetic characterization of Rhizoctonia solani population isolated from sugar beet and dry bean

Sattary, M.; Rakhshandehroo, F.; Mozaffari, J., 2011:
Detection of Tomato ringspot virus in rose and almond in Fars Province of Iran

Schmidt, L. S.; Bhat, R. G.; Browne, G. T., 2011:
Characterization of Cylindrocarpon populations associated with replant disease of almond and peach

Schnabel, G., 2011:
High planting combined with root collar excavation extends life of peach trees on Armillaria root rot infested replant sites

Schwartz, H. F.; Langham, M. A.; Tolin, S. A.; Golod, J.; LaForest, H.; Cardwell, K. F., 2011:
Legume ipmPIPE-A real-time disease/pest monitoring and reporting network

Scott, J. B.; Pethybridge, S. J.; Hay, F. S., 2011:
Pyrethrum yield estimation by digital image analysis

Sharma, P.; Tripathi, M.; Patel, A.; Deep, S., 2011:
Biological control of root rots of groundnut in Rajasthan, India

Shetty, K.; Labun, T.; Pastushock, G., 2011:
Integrating Sedaxane as part of a comprehensive seed care product for broad spectrum disease protection of small grains

Shiraishi, T.; Yamagiwa, Y.; Le, P. T.; Maeda, K.; Inagaki, Y.; Ichinose, Y.; Hyakumachi, M.; Toyoda, K., 2011:
A volatile substance from Talaromyces sp promotes the plant growth and blocks the disease development on several plants

Shishkoff, N., 2011:
Risk analysis of native and ornamental plants for root infection and inoculum production from roots by Phytophthora ramorum

Smith, B. J., 2011:
Effect of bed height and soil amendments on survival of southern highbush blueberry cultivars in Phytophthora spp. infested soils in Mississippi

Sparks, A.; Shah, D.; De Wolf, E.; Madden, L.; Paul, P.; Willyerd, K., 2011:
Refined empirical models for predicting Fusarium head blight epidemics in the United States

Srivastava, P.; Andersen, P. C.; Marois, J.; Mizell, R. F., I.I.I.; Wright, D. L., 2011:
An in vitro evaluation of chemical and biological agents for control of Botryosphaeria species

Srivastava, A., 2011:
Discovery of key pathogenesis-associated genes among predicted transcription factors in the plant pathogenic fungus, Alternaria brassicicola

Stockwell, V. O.; Shaffer, B. T.; Henkels, M. D.; Pscheidt, J. W.; Loper, J. E., 2011:
Factors influencing efficacy of plastic shelters for control of bacterial blight of lilac

Sudarshana, M. R.; Gonzalez, A.; Dave, A.; Uyemoto, J. K., 2011:
A quantitative PCR assay for the detection of phytoplasmas causing almond brownline, peach yellow leafroll, and pear decline diseases in California

Suga, Y.; Horita, M.; Ooshiro, A.; Furuya, N.; Tsuchiya, K., 2011:
Genetical, biological and pathological characters of Japanese potato strains of Ralstonia solanacearum

Sussel, A. A.; Zacaroni, A.; Guimaraes, T. G.; Barros, V. D.; Santos, H. T.; Souza, A. C., 2011:
Temporal analysis of scab on four passion fruit varieties on brasilian cerrado

Takach, J.; Mittal, S.; Hopkins, A.; Young, C., 2011:
Identification and characterization of fungal endophytes from a Greek tall fescue collection

Zari, A. T.; Khozeini, F.; Barouti, S.; Zamanizadeh, H., 2011:
Detection and distribution of Root-lesion nematodes (Pratylenchidae) on fruit trees in Northeast regions of Iran

Teplitski, M.; Noel, J.; McClelland, M.; Creary, E.; Alagely, A., 2011:
High throughput screens reveal Salmonella behaviors required for persistence in tomatoes

Torres-Barragan, A.; Tran, P.; Peeden, K. A.; Louws, F. J., 2011:
Micro-biota associated with wild and cultivated strawberry and their potential use as biological control agents for strawberry black root rot

Trivedi, R. S.; Townshend, J. M.; Hampton, J. G.; Jaspers, M. V.; Ridgway, H. J., 2011:
Effect of pre-sowing soil incorporated treatments on Alternaria radicina in carrot Daucus carota

Trouillas, F. P.; Peduto, F.; Grant, J. A.; Gubler, W. D., 2011:
Calosphaeria canker of sweet cherry in California

Turkington, T. K.; Kutcher, H. R.; Xi, K.; Harker, K. N.; O'Donovan, J. T.; Johnson, E. N., 2011:
The impact of fungicide and herbicide timing on barley leaf disease severity, weed management and crop productivity

Valencia-Botin, A., 2011:
Aspergillus section Flavi populations in cornfields of Jalisco and its potential for aflatoxin contamination in maize

Vangessel, M.; Scott, B.; Johnson, Q., 2011:
Does weed management for sweet corn differ with planting date?

Vernaiz, M.; Dutta, B.; Sparks, A. C.; Walcott, R., 2011:
Effect of the localization of Acidovorax citrulli in watermelon seeds on pathogen detection

Vu, A. L.; Gwinn, K. D.; Ownley, B. H., 2011:
Incidence and prevalence of fungal pathogens on switchgrass seed produced in the USA

Wan, F.; Zhou, Z.; Guo, J.; Meng, L.; Li, B.; Chen, H., 2011:
Biological control of invasive common ragweed, Ambrosia artemisiifolia L. with beneficial insect herbivores in China

Wang, K.; Cabos, R., 2011:
Food and microhabitat preferences of Mononchus: A preliminary investigation

Wang, H.; St Martin, S. K.; Dorrance, A. E., 2011 :
Mapping soybean QTL conferring resistance to Phytophthora sojae through different phenotypic methods and assessment of their contribution to yield

Wang, H.; Wijeratne, A.; Wijeratne, S.; St Martin, S. K.; Dorrance, A. E., 2011:
Comparison of genes underlying two QTL conferring partial resistance to Phytophthora sojae from resistant and susceptible soybean genotypes

Wang, R.; Li, M.; Yang, P., 2011:
Research on the elimination of CyMV and ORSV from Phalaenopsis amabilis

Wang, X.; Liu, H.; Li, J.; Luo, L., 2011:
Identification and characterization of Pectobacterium species causing potato blackleg disease in North China

Wanner, L. A.; Qu, X.; Christ, B. J., 2011:
A common scab resistant potato cultivar is not explained by pathogen growth in soil or window of infectivity

Watanabe, H.; Furuya, N.; Hoang, H.; Goto, T.; Yoshimura, A.; Tsuchiya, K., 2011:
Influence of genetic background of bacterial blight resistance gene Xa7 on population and movement of Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae

Webster, C. G.; Reitz, S. R.; Frantz, G.; Mellinger, H.; Perry, K. L.; Adkins, S., 2011:
A novel M RNA reassortant of Groundnut ringspot virus and Tomato chlorotic spot virus infecting vegetables in Florida

Wei, L.; Zhou, Y., 2011:
Distribution and sequence analysis of the rDNA-ITS region of cereal cyst nematodes from different locations in China

Wen, A.; Lin, H.; Gudmestad, N. C., 2011:
Development of PCR assay using simple sequence repeat primers for detection of 'Candidatus Liberibacter solanacearum'

Wickramasinghe, D.; Stewart, S.; Robertson, A.; Dorrance, A., 2011 :
Variation in copy number, expression, and sequence of Avr1a/avr1a among populations of the oomycete plant pathogen, Phytophthora sojae

Widmer, T. L., 2011:
Sporulation potential of Phytophthora kernoviae compared to P. syringae and P. cactorum on selected hosts

Willyerd, K. T.; Bradley, C.; Conley, S.; Esker, P.; Madden, L.; Wise, K.; Paul, P., 2011:
Efficacy of pre-flag leaf emergence foliar fungicide application for Stagonospora nodorum blotch management in soft red winter wheat

Wilson, C. M.; Koch, P. L.; Kerns, J. P., 2011:
Effectiveness of early-season fungicide programs for the control of Sclerotinia homoeocarpa, the causal agent of dollar spot

Wonni, I.; Detemmerman, L.; Dao, S.; Ouedraogo, L.; Soungalo, S.; Koita, O.; Szurek, B.; Koebnik, R.; Triplett, L.; Cottyn, B.; Verdier, V., 2011:
Genetic diversity of Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzicola from West Africa

Wright, A. F., 2011:
Fungi in Botryosphaeriaceae causing stem blight in the Southeast and latent infection in southern highbush blueberry propagative material

Xu, X.; Rajashekara, G.; Paul, P. A.; Miller, S. A., 2011:
Colonization of tomato seedlings by bioluminescent Clavibacter michiganensis subsp michiganensis under different humidity regimes

Xue, A.; Chen, Y.; Voldeng, H.; Fedak, G., 2011:
Concentration and cultivar effects on efficacy of ACM941-CL01 biofungicide in controlling Fusarium head blight of wheat

Yadav, N. V.; de Vos, S. M.; Bock, C. H.; Wood, B. W., 2011:
Use of standard area diagrams to improve assessment of pecan scab on fruit

Yang, F.; Zhao, Y., 2011 :
Identification of type III secretion inhibitors in Erwinia amylovora, the causal agent of fire blight of apple and pear

Yeh, S.; Chen, K.; Cheng, H., 2011:
A critical amino acid of 6K2 protein of Papaya ringspot virus for inducing wilting symptom on papaya plants

Yoon, J.; Choi, S.; Palukaitis, P., 2011:
Roles of NtERF5 in N-gene mediated TMV resistance

Yoon, J.; Choi, S.; Baek, E.; Palukaitis, P., 2011:
BBWV2-resistant transgenic Nicotiana benthamiana expressing a virus-derived hairpin RNA

Yuen, G. Y.; Jochum, C. C.; Gross, N. W.; English, J. T.; Leslie, J. F., 2011:
Reduced infection of wheat spikelets inoculated with ascospores of Gibberella zeae in the presence of fungal mating pheromone peptides

Yuen, G. Y.; Jochum, C. C.; Halley, S. A.; Sweets, L. E.; Kirk, W. W.; Schisler, D. A., 2011:
Biological control of Fusarium head blight in wheat caused by Gibberella zeae - a two-year, multi-location study

Zhang, Y.; Singh, K.; Xu, M.; Qiu, W., 2011:
A DNA virus in grapevine and its association with vein-clearing and vine decline syndrome

Zhang, J.; Liu, Q.; Nelson, M. E.; Grove, G. G., 2011:
Development and dispersal of chasmothecia of Erysiphe necator and Podosphaera clandestina, causal agents of powdery mildews of wine grape and cherry

Zhou, X. G.; Tabien, R. E.; McClung, A. M., 2011:
Field disease reaction of rice cultivars and elite lines in Texas

Zhou, X. G.; McClung, A. M.; Way, M. O.; Jo, Y.; Tabien, R. E.; Wilson, L. T., 2011:
Severe outbreak of bacterial panicle blight across Texas Rice Belt in 2010

Goodwin, S. B.; Dhillon, B.; Ben M'Barek, S.; Grigoriev, I. V.; Kema, G. H., 2011:
Mycosphaerella comparative genomics reveals chromosome dynamics, genome evolution, and stealth pathogenesis

Tremblay, A.; Hosseini, P.; Li, S.; Alkharouf, N. W.; Matthews, B. F., 2011:
Discovery of new soybean and soybean rust genes using next generation sequencing

Kirkpatrick, T. L.; Rothrock, C. S.; Ma, J., 2011:
You think the root-knot nematode is the only culprit?

Gilbertson, R. L., 2011:
Implementation and success of host-free periods for managing tomato-infecting begomoviruses in developing countries

Kerns, J., 2011:
The history and new advances in fungicide development for turfgrass disease management

Mitchell, P. D., 2011:
The Freakonomics of plant protection

Kreuze, J. F.; Cuellar, W. J., 2011:
The quest for unknown viruses in plants by siRNA deep sequencing

Uchida, J., 2011:
Invasion of Puccinia psidii into Hawaii, hosts infected, molecular characterization, and pathogenicity tests

Gullino, M., 2011:
Crop biosecurity: An international perspective

Foster, J. E.; Youm, O.; Skoda, S. R., 2011:
Global insect threats and issues for agricultural biosecurity

Leach, J. E., 2011:
The dual use dilemma

Brasier, C. M., 2011:
Flaws in international protocols for preventing entry and spread of plant pathogens via "plants for planting"

Masamdu, R.; Orapa, W.; Jackson, T. A., 2011:
Experiences with biocontrol of invasive pests and weeds in the Pacific

Mararuai, A. N., 2011:
Host preferences by Bactrocera musae (Tryon) on two banana varieties at different ripening stages

Ceresini, P. C.; Maciel, J. L.; Kohn, L.; Levy, M.; McDonald, B. A., 2011:
A "de novo" origin for the wheat-adapted populations of Magnaporthe oryzae in Southern Brazil and levels of gene flow 20 years after the first epidemics

Payne, G. A., 2011:
Pathogenesis by mycotoxigenic fungi: The tipping points

Savary, S.; Duveiller, E.; Aubertot, J., 2011:
Why Care About Crop Loss? Impacts on Science, Production, and Society

Bandyopadhyay, R.; Cotty, P. J., 2011:
Advances in integrated aflatoxin management in Africa

Kroschel, J. E., 2011:
Integrated pest management for potato in developing countries: Challenges, opportunities and new control strategies

Rauf, A.; Shepard, M. B.; Carner, G. R.; Hammig, M. D., 2011:
IPM tactics for vegetable crops in Indonesia

Rapusas, H. R.; Parac, E. A.; Hammig, M.; Shepard, M., 2011:
IPM technologies developed for vegetable crops in the Philippines

Pfeiffer, D. G.; Mullins, D. E.; Gilbertson, R. L.; Brewster, C. C.; Westwood, J.; Miller, S. A.; Hipkins, P.; Mbata, G.; Gamby, K. T.; Coly, E. V.; Sall, D. S.; Osei, M. K., 2011:
IPM packages developed for vegetable crops in West Africa

Tzanetakis, I. E., 2011:
Novel closteroviruses in small fruit crops

Karasev, A. V.; Blades, S.; Poplawsky, A. R., 2011:
Aphid transmission of Beet yellows virus in a model system

Duffy, B.; Kamber, T.; Rezzonico, F.; Llop, P.; Ishimaru, C. A.; Pusey, P.; Stockwell, V. O.; Smits, T. H., 2011:
Pantoea applied genomics to understand and improve biocontrol activity against fire blight

Ejeta, G., 2011:
Seed and seed systems in developing countries and their significance in attaining food security

Umetsu, N. K., 2011:
Chemical and gene technological approaches for plant defense activators to control plant diseases

Ketelaar, J., 2011:
Sustainable intensification of crop production: The essential role of IPM & ecosystem-literacy education for smallholder farmers in Asia

Mcgovern, R. J.; Hein, G. L.; Leppla, N. C., 2011:
Expanding educational and career opportunities for international IPM practitioners

Andaloro, J. T.; Nauen, R., 2011:
IRAC global industry leadership to preserve insecticide chemistries through education, maintaining insect susceptibility, and managing insect resistance

Rubin, B., 2011:
Herbicide resistance as a threat to dryland farming in the Mediterranean

Fuchs, M. F., 2011:
Risk assessment studies: Insights into the safety of disease-resistant transgenic horticultural crops

Labrada, R. E., 2011:
The need for weed risk assessment

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