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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 66254

Chapter 66254 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Koutsou, S.; Partalidou, M.; Petrou, M., 2011:
Present or Absent Farm Heads? A Contemporary Reading of Family Farming in Greece

Persson, T.; Ortiz, B.V.; Bransby, D.I.; Wu, W.; Hoogenboom, G., 2011:
Determining the impact of climate and soil variability on switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) production in the south-eastern USA; a simulation study

Seabra, J.E. A.; Macedo, I.C.; Chum, H.L.; Faroni, C.E.; Sarto, C.A., 2011:
Life cycle assessment of Brazilian sugarcane products: GHG emissions and energy use

Jarocka, U.; Wasowicz, M.; Radecka, H.; Malinowski, T.; Michalczuk, L.; Radecki, J., 2011:
Impedimetric Immunosensor for Detection of Plum Pox Virus in Plant Extracts

Schneider, R.M.; Freire, R.; Cossich, E.S.; Soares, P.F.; de Freitas, F.H.; Tavares, C.R., 2011:
The influence of land use and occupancy in the water quality of two streams of the Pirapo river catchment area

Samuels, J., 2011:
Centre of origin and the Bt brinjal controversy

Hanur, V.S., 2011:
Bt resistance in Helicoverpa species: Indian policy needs urgent revision

Shabnam, A.A.; Jaimini, D.; Sarkar, C.; Phulara, R.; Pawar, S. E., 2011:
Evaluation of gamma rays-induced changes in oil yield and oleic acid content of niger, Guizotia abyssinica (L. f.) Cass

Ravishankar, K.V.; Ajitha-Kumar, R.; Mathiazhagan, M.; Ambika, D.-M.S., 2011:
Apomictic seed development in Ensete superbum induced by pollen of wild banana sp Musa balbisiana

Chaudhary, P.; Rai, S.; Wangdi, S.; Mao, A.; Rehman, N.; Chettri, S.; Bawa, K.S., 2011:
Consistency of local perceptions of climate change in the Kangchenjunga Himalaya landscape

Dash, S.K.; Mamgain, A., 2011:
Changes in the Frequency of Different Categories of Temperature Extremes in India

Long, R.L.; Stevens, J.C.; Griffiths, E.M.; Adamek, M.; Gorecki, M.J.; Powles, S.B.; Merritt, D.J., 2011:
Seeds of Brassicaceae weeds have an inherent or inducible response to the germination stimulant karrikinolide

Ingram, J.; Cummings, T.F.; Johnson, D.A., 2011:
Response of Colletotrichum Coccodes to Selected Fungicides Using a Plant Inoculation Assay and Efficacy of Azoxystrobin Applied by Chemigation

Schneider, C., 2011:
The battle for patent rights in plant biotechnology: evidence from opposition fillings

Kowalczyk, K.; Gruszecka, D.; Nowak, M.; Lesniowska-Nowak, J., 2011:

Hu, J.-B.; Li, Q.; Li, J., 2011:
Issr Analysis of Somaclonal Variation in Callus-Derived Plants of AMORPHOPHALLUS RIVIERI DURIEU

Gallegos-Ramirez, R.; Ramirez-Valverde, R.; Nunez-Dominguez, R.; Ruiz-Flores, A.; Alonso Rodriguez-Almeida, F., 2011:

Pensiero, J.F.; Gutierrez, H.F.; Exner, E.; Zabala, J.M., 2011:

Gonzalez-Rojas, K.; Garcia-Salazar, J.A.; Matus-Gardea, J.A.; Martinez-Saldana, T., 2011:

Gallego, A.; Hospido, A.; Teresa Moreira, M.; Feijoo, G., 2011:
Environmental assessment of dehydrated alfalfa production in Spain

Spangberg, J.; Hansson, P. -A.; Tidaker, P.; Jonsson, H., 2011:
Environmental impact of meat meal fertilizer vs. chemical fertilizer

Liang, X.; van Dijk, M.P., 2011:
Economic and financial analysis on rainwater harvesting for agricultural irrigation in the rural areas of Beijing

Luo, J.N.; Zhang, Y.S., 2011:
Design and Fuel Consumption Optimization for a Bio-Inspired Semi-floating Hybrid Vehicle

Lamprinopoulou, C.; Tregear, A., 2011:
Inter-firm relations in SME clusters and the link to marketing performance

Ingham, S. C.; Hu, Y.; Ane, C., 2011:
Comparison of bulk-tank standard plate count and somatic cell count for Wisconsin dairy farms in three size categories (vol 94, pg 4237, 2011)

Kolhe, S.; Kamal, R.; Saini, H.S.; Gupta, G. K., 2011:
An intelligent multimedia interface for fuzzy-logic based inference in crops

Shah, F.; Huang, J.; Cui, K.; Nie, L.; Shah, T.; Chen, C.; Wang, K., 2011 :
Impact of high-temperature stress on rice plant and its traits related to tolerance

Abell, J.M.; Hamilton, D.P.; Paterson, J., 2011:
Reducing the external environmental costs of pastoral farming in New Zealand: experiences from the Te Arawa lakes, Rotorua

Wheeler, S.A.; Crisp, P., 2011:
Going organic in viticulture: a case-study comparison in Clare Valley, South Australia

Camilo Reves-Bello, J.; Cristina Mesa-Coro, N.; Kondo, T., 2011:
Biology of Oligonychus yothersi (McGregor) (Acari: Tetranychidae) on avocado Persea americana Mill. cv. Lorena (Lauraceae)

Horvath, A.; Biksi, I.; Nemet, Z.; Fuisz, S.; Szenci, O., 2011:
Incidence of black leg disease (gangrenous myositis) in a Hungarian dairy cow herd

Dong, X.B.; Zhang, Y.F.; Cui, W.J.; Xun, B.; Yu, B.H.; Ulgiati, S.; Zhang, X.S., 2011:
Emergy-Based Adjustment of the Agricultural Structure in a Low-Carbon Economy in Manas County of China

Pospisil, A.; Pospisil, M.; Svecnjak, Z.; Matotan, S., 2011:
Influence of crop management upon the agronomic traits of spelt (Triticum spelta L.)

Shucksmith, M.; Ronningen, K., 2011:
The Uplands after neoliberalism? - The role of the small farm in rural sustainability

Goldberger, J.R., 2011:
Conventionalization, civic engagement, and the sustainability of organic agriculture

Fernandes, M.F.; Barreto, A.C.; Mendes, I.C.; Dick, R.P., 2011:
Short-term response of physical and chemical aspects of soil quality of a kaolinitic Kandiudalfs to agricultural practices and its association with microbiological variables

Turner, D. A.; Edis, R. B.; Chen, D.; Freney, J. R.; Denmead, O. T.; Christie, R., 2011:
Response to comments by J. Laubach on "Determination and mitigation of ammonia loss from urea applied to winter wheat with N-(n-butyl) thiophosphorictriamide" [Agric. Ecosyst. Environ. 137 (3-4) (2010) 261-266]

Laubach, J., 2011:
Comment on "Determination and mitigation of ammonia loss from urea applied to winter wheat with N-(n-butyl) thiophosphorictriamide" [Agric. Ecosyst. Environ. 137 (2010) 261-266]

Schovankova, J.; Opatova, H., 2011:
Defensive reactions of apple cultivars Angold and HL 1834 after fungal infection

Van Laere, K.; Van Huylenbroeck, J.; Van Bockstaele, E., 2011:
Introgression of yellow flower colour in Buddleja davidii by means of polyploidisation and interspecific hybridisation

Mornya, P. M. P.; Cheng, F. Y.; Li, H. Y., 2011:
Chronological changes in plant hormone and sugar contents in cv. Ao-Shuang autumn flowering tree peony

Bulir, P., 2011:
A preliminary proposal for an original classification of garden plants based on the study of their phenological periodicity and their side-runs

Milic, B.; Magazin, N.; Keserovic, Z.; Doric, M., 2011:
Flower thinning of apple cultivar Braeburn using ammonium and potassium thiosulfate - Short communication

Weisz, F.; Urban, T.; Chalupova, P.; Knoll, A., 2011:
Association analysis of seven candidate genes with performance traits in Czech Large White pigs

Nagy, I.; Farkas, J.; Gyovai, P.; Radnai, I.; Szendro, Z., 2011:
Stability of estimated breeding values for average daily gain in Pannon White rabbits

Lotfi, A.; Aghdam-Shahryar, H.; Ghiasi-Ghalehkandi, J.; Kaiya, H.; Maheri-Sis, N., 2011:
Effect of in ovo ghrelin administration on subsequent serum insulin and glucose levels in newly-hatched chicks

Mokhele, T.A., 2011:
Potential health effects of pesticide use on farmworkers in Lesotho

Molina, J.; Sikora, M.; Garud, N.; Flowers, J.M.; Rubinstein, S.; Reynolds, A.; Huang, P.; Jackson, S.A.; Schaal, B.A.; Bustamante, C.D.; Boyko, A.R.; Purugganan, M.D., 2011:
Reply to Ge and Sang: A single origin of domesticated rice

Filetin, T., 2011:
A Way Towards the Croatian Industrial Identity Based on Own Resources AND POTENTIALS

Xiao, Y., 2011:
Local Economic Impacts of Natural Disasters

Fang, Y.; Park, J.I.; Jeong, Y.-S.; Jeong, M.K.; Baek, S.H.; Cho, H.W., 2011:
Enhanced predictions of wood properties using hybrid models of PCR and PLS with high-dimensional NIR spectral data

Chauhan, S.S.; Frayret, J. -M.; LeBel, L., 2011:
Supply network planning in the forest supply chain with bucking decisions anticipation

Zhang, W.; Wilhelm, W.E., 2011:
OR/MS decision support models for the specialty crops industry: a literature review

Alfandari, L.; Lemalade, J. L.; Nagih, A.; Plateau, G., 2011:
A MIP flow model for crop-rotation planning in a context of forest sustainable development

Rodrigues dos Santos, L.M.; Michelon, P.; Arenales, M.N.; Silva Santos, R.H., 2011:
Crop rotation scheduling with adjacency constraints

Ortuno, M. T.; Vitoriano, B., 2011:
A goal programming approach for farm planning with resources dimensionality

AitSahlia, F.; Wang, C.J.; Cabrera, V.E.; Uryasev, S.; Fraisse, C.W., 2011:
Optimal crop planting schedules and financial hedging strategies under ENSO-based climate forecasts

Aznar, J.; Guijarro, F.; Moreno-Jimenez, J.M., 2011:
Mixed valuation methods: a combined AHP-GP procedure for individual and group multicriteria agricultural valuation

Dubeau, F.; Julien, P.-O.; Pomar, C., 2011:
Formulating diets for growing pigs: economic and environmental considerations

Ohlmann, J.W.; Jones, P.C., 2011:
An integer programming model for optimal pork marketing

Nielsen, L.R.; Jorgensen, E.; Hojsgaard, S., 2011:
Embedding a state space model into a Markov decision process

Lien, G.; Hardaker, J. B.; van Asseldonk, M.A. P. M.; Richardson, J.W., 2011:
Risk programming analysis with imperfect information

Vizvari, B.; Lakner, Z.; Csizmadia, Z.; Kovacs, G., 2011:
A stochastic programming and simulation based analysis of the structure of production on the arable land

Jang, W.; Klein, C.M., 2011:
Supply chain models for small agricultural enterprises

Hernandez, R.; Guo, K.; Harris, M.; Liu, T.-X., 2011:
Effects of selected insecticides on adults of two parasitoid species of Liriomyza trifolii: Ganaspidium nigrimanus (Figitidae) and Neochrysocharis formosa (Eulophidae)

Geng, J.; Li, Z.H.; Rajotte, E.G.; Wan, F.H.; Lu, X.Y.; Wang, Z.L., 2011:
Potential geographical distribution of Rhagoletis pomonella (Diptera: Tephritidae) in China

Stolarski, M.J.; Szczukowski, S.; Tworkowski, J.; Klasa, A., 2011:
Willow biomass production under conditions of low-input agriculture on marginal soils

Fofana, B.; Cloutier, S.; Kirby, C.W.; McCallum, J.; Duguid, S., 2011:
A well balanced omega-6/omega-3 ratio in developing flax bolls after heating and its implications for use as a fresh vegetable by humans

Rui, X.; Boye, J.I.; Ribereau, S.; Simpson, B.K.; Prasher, S.O., 2011:
Comparative study of the composition and thermal properties of protein isolates prepared from nine Phaseolus vulgaris legume varieties

Akagi, T.; Katayama-Ikegami, A.; Yonemori, K., 2011:
Proanthocyanidin biosynthesis of persimmon (Diospyros kaki Thunb.) fruit

Palmer, J. W.; Seymour, S. M.; Diack, R., 2011:
Feathering of 'Doyenne du Comice' pear in the nursery using repeat sprays of benzyladenine and gibberellins

Correia, P. J.; Pestana, M.; Martinez, F.; Ribeiro, E.; Gama, F.; Saavedra, T.; Palencia, P., 2011:
Relationships between strawberry fruit quality attributes and crop load

Feng, Y.-qing; Shen, Y.-yue; Qin, L.; Cao, Q.-qin; Han, Z.-hai, 2011:
Short catkin 1, a novel mutant of Castanea mollissima, is associated with programmed cell death during chestnut staminate flower differentiation

Hammami, S.B. M.; Manrique, T.; Rapoport, H.F., 2011:
Cultivar-based fruit size in olive depends on different tissue and cellular processes throughout growth

Jiang, T.-M.; Wang, P.; Yin, X.-R.; Zhang, B.; Xu, C.-J.; Li, X.; Chen, K.-S., 2011:
Ethylene biosynthesis and expression of related genes in loquat fruit at different developmental and ripening stages

Yang, H.; Xie, S.; Wang, L.; Jing, S.; Zhu, X.; Li, X.; Zeng, W.; Yuan, H., 2011:
Identification of up-regulated genes in tea leaves under mild infestation of green leafhopper

Tang, H.-J.; Huang, C.-C.; Chen, W.-M., 2011:
Dynamics of dual pontoon floating structure for cage aquaculture in a two-dimensional numerical wave tank

du Preez, C.C.; van Huyssteen, C.W.; Mnkeni, P.N.S., 2011:
Land use and soil organic matter in South Africa 1: A review on spatial variability and the influence of rangeland stock production

du Preez, C.C.; van Huyssteen, C.W.; Mnkeni, P.N. S., 2011:
Land use and soil organic matter in South Africa 2: A review on the influence of arable crop production

Li, Y.; De Schutter, B., 2011:
Stability and performance analysis of an irrigation channel with distributed control

Ogras, T.T., 2011:
The importance of risk assessment of genetically modified plants

Vicente, O., 2011:
Transgenic crops: Present status and future developments

Deeni, Y.; Nasidi, M.; Walker, G., 2011 :
The use of sorghum as a renewable energy biomass source

Sahin, F., 2011:
Development and application of biofertilizers and biopesticides for crop production and protection

Karatzia, M.; Christaki, E.; Bonos, E.; Karatzias, C.; Paneri, P.F., 2011:
Ascophyllum supplementation in dairy cows' diets

Christaki, E.; Karatzia, M.; Bonos, E.; Paneri, P.F.; Karatzias, C., 2011:
Dietary spirulina in dairy cows

Iseri, O.D.; Korpe, D.A.; Sahin, F.I.; Cabi, E.; Haberal, M., 2011:
Screening of Corchorus olitorius L. extracts for antioxidant and antibacterial activities

Naureen, Z.; Hafeez, F.Y.; Roberts, M., 2011:
Biological control of sheath blight disease of rice by siderophore producing rhizobacterial strains and their role in efficient mobilisation of micronutrients from soil

Ilhan, E.; Demirel, U.; Eren, A. H.; Atak, M.; Erayman, M., 2011:
Screening wheat orthologs of tomato fw2.2 gene and their expression analysis

El Katatny, M.H.; Allah, E.M. F.; Moustafa, Y.M. M.; Idres, M.M. M., 2011:
Effect of single or combined inoculum of Azospirillum brasilense and Trichoderma harzianum on seedling growth or yield of wheat (Triticum vulgaris) and corn (Zea mays)

Cecchini, F.; D'agaro, E.; Manzano, M., 2011:
Physiology and genetics of candidate probiotic strains relevant to animal health and production

Maciuc, V.; Creanga, S.; Niculescu, A.M., 2011:
Genetic bio-conservation of the Romanian Grey Steppe breed

Saglam, S.; Ciftci, C.Y.; Khawar, K.M., 2011:
Plant biotechnology education in Turkey

Gveroska, B.; Jovancev, P., 2011:
Some alternative biological ways for control of pathogenic fungus Alternaria alternata on tobacco

Sehnal, F.; Habustova, O.; Hany, H.M.; Zdenka, S., 2011:
Long-term monitoring of environmental impact of GM maize

Ozgen, A.; Nalcacioglu, R.; Sezen, K.; Demirbag, Z., 2011:
Characterization of chitinase genes orginated from Serratia marcescens and their additive insecticidal activities to Bacillus thuringiensis strains

Ilie, L.I.; Galis, A.M.; Tudor, L., 2011:
Relationship of somatic cell count with milk yield and composition in Holstein and Romanian Spotted cow crossbreed population

Onay, A.; Yildirim, H.; Tokatli, Y.O.; Akdemir, H.; Suzerer, V., 2011:
Plant tissue culture techniques-Tools in plant micro-propagation

Aasim, M.; Bakhsh, A.; Khawar, K.M.; Ozcan, S., 2011:
Past, present and future of tissue culture and genetic transformation research on cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L.)

Tilkat, E.; Onay, A.; Ozden, Y.; Yildirim, H.; Tilkat, E.A., 2011:
Developments in pistachio biotechnology

Yildiz, M.; Korkmaz, N.; Kurumlu, S.; Onol, B.; Telci, C., 2011:
Germination and growth patterns of sugarbeet (Beta vulgaris L.) lines and cultivars at different ploidy levels

Yildiz, M.; Telci, C.; Onol, B.; Kurumlu, S., 2011 :
In vitro explant growth and shoot regeneration from petiole explants of sugarbeet (Beta vulgaris L.) lines at different ploidy levels

Yildirim, H.; Onay, A.; Ozden, Y.; Tilkat, E., 2011:
Agricultural biotechnology in Turkey

Yoruk, E.; Albayrak, G.; Sharifnabi, B.; Candar, B., 2011:
Molecular characterization of Fusarium graminearum and F. culmorum isolates of wheat, barley and maize using ISSR markers

Turan, M.; Gulluce, M.; Karadayi, M.; Baris, O.; Sahin, F., 2011:
Role of soil enzymes produced by PGPR strains in wheat growth and nutrient uptake parameters in the filed conditions

Bastas, K.K., 2011:
Phenotypic and genetic diversity of Erwinia amylovora strains from different hosts

Darcin, S.E.; Kolsarici, O.; Yildiz, M., 2011:
In vitro plant regeneration of some cottage rapeseed cultivars

Mihai, R.A.; Brezeanu, A., 2011:
Enhancement of anthocyanin biosynthesis in a long-term Vitis vinifera L. callus culture in response to some biotic and abiotic elicitors

Kocoska, K.; Risteski, I.; Gveroska, B., 2011:
Some productional-quantitative characteristic of semi-oriental tobacco varieties and lines

Yoruk, E.; Tufan, F.; Ucarli, C.; Gurel, F., 2011:
Physiological responses of elite barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) cultivars to salt stress at germination stage

Beddiar, A.; Toni, W., 2011:
Effects of Glomus mosseae and Bradyrhizobium sp., isolated from an Algerian soil, on the growth and the yields of peanut

Keskin, B.C.; Yildizhan, Y.; Kulen, O.; Yuksel, B.; Onarici, S.; Tekel, D., 2011:
The investigation of drought-associated genes in bread wheat through comparative transcriptome profiling

Sonmez, D.A.; Kafkas, E., 2011:
Development of in vitro methods for regeneration of strawberry 'Festival' variety (Fragaria x annanasa Duch.)

Guilek, D.; Aasim, M.; Ozcan, S., 2011:
In vitro rooting without exogenous auxins and acclimatization of Fritillaria species of Turkey

Gisbert, C.; Miguel Mulet, J.; Prohens, J.; Pico, B.; Serrano, R.; Nuez, F., 2011:
Biotechnology for abiotic tolerance and nutritional improvement in selected genotypes of Solanum melongena and Cucurbita moschata

Akay, G., 2011:
Bioprocess and agroprocess intensifications

Costa Portela, E.A.; Ferreira-Cardoso, J.V.; Louzada, J.L., 2011:
Boron Application on a Chestnut Orchard: Effect on Yield and Quality of NUTS

Diaz, M.; Bastias, E.; Pacheco, P.; Tapia, L.; Martinez-Ballesta, M. C.; Carvajal, M., 2011:
Characterization of the Physiological Response of the Highly-Tolerant TOMATO CV. 'PONCHO NEGRO' TO SALINITY AND EXCESS BORON

Liu, C.-S.; Sun, B.-Y.; Kan, S.-H.; Zhang, Y.-Z.; Deng, S.-H.; Yang, G., 2011:

Mamani-Pati, F.; Clay, D.E.; Carlson, G.; Clay, S.A., 2011:
Production, Economic, and Energy Life Cycle Analysis Can Produce CONTRARY RESULTS FOR CORN USED IN ETHANOL PRODUCTION

Gong, Y.M.; Guo, Z.H.; He, L.Y.; Li, J.S., 2011:
Identification of Maize Genotypes With High Tolerance or Sensitivity to PHOSPHORUS DEFICIENCY

Latef, A.A.H.A., 2011:

Zhu, X.; Zhang, H.; Yan, L., 2011:
Variation and Interrelations Among Nutrient Elements in Wheat Leaves USED FOR FORAGE

Sweeney, D.W.; Moyer, J.L.; Jardine, D.J.; Whitney, D.A., 2011:
Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium Effects on Grain Sorghum Production AND STALK ROT FOLLOWING ALFALFA AND BIRDSFOOT TREFOIL

Schaffer, B.; Crane, J.H.; Li, C.; Li, Y.; Evans, E.A., 2011:
Re-Greening of Lychee (Litchi Chinensis Sonn.) Leaves With Foliar APPLICATIONS OF IRON SULFATE AND WEAK ACIDS

Daur, I.; Sepetoglu, H.; Sindel, B., 2011:
Dynamics of Faba Bean Growth and Nutrient Uptake and Their Correlation WITH GRAIN YIELD

Zhao, A. Q.; Tian, X. H.; Lu, W. H.; Gale, W. J.; Lu, X. C.; Cao, Y. X., 2011:
Effect of Zinc on Cadmium Toxicity in Winter Wheat

Parkash, V.; Aggarwal, A.; Sharma, V., 2011:
Rhizospheric Effect of Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Inoculation on BIOMASS PRODUCTION OF RUTA GRAVEOLENS L.: A POTENTIAL MEDICINAL AND AROMATIC HERB

Carrasco, G.; Manuel Gajardo, J.; Eugenio Alvaro, J.; Urrestarazu, M., 2011:
Rocket Production (Eruca Sativa Mill.) in a Floating System Using PERACETIC ACID AS OXYGEN SOURCE COMPARED WITH SUBSTRATE CULTURE

Qian, P.; Schoenau, J. J.; King, T.; Fatteicher, C., 2011:
Effect of Soil Amendment With Alfalfa Powders and Distillers Grains on NUTRITION AND GROWTH OF CANOLA

Rodriguez-Quiroz, G.; Valenzuela-Quinonez, W.; Nava-Perez, E., 2011:
Vermicomposting As a Nitrogen Source in Germinating Kidney Bean in Trays

Santos, K.M.; Fisher, P.R.; Yeager, T.H.; Simonne, E.H.; Carter, H.S.; Argo, W.R., 2011:
Effect of Petunia Stock Plant Nutritional Status on Fertilizer Response DURING PROPAGATION

Angeles Forner-Giner, M.; Legaz, F.; Primo-Millo, E.; Forner, J., 2011:
Nutritional Responses of Citrus Rootstocks to Salinity: Performance of THE NEW HYBRIDS FORNER-ALCAIDE 5 AND FORNER-ALCAIDE 13

Wairegi, L.; van Asten, P., 2011:
Norms for Multivariate Diagnosis of Nutrient Imbalance in the East AFRICAN HIGHLAND BANANAS (MUSA SPP. AAA)

Komosa, A.; Pirog, J.; Weber, Z.; Markiewicz, B., 2011:

Albert, T.; Karp, K.; Starast, M.; Moor, U.; Paal, T., 2011:
Effect of Fertilization on the Lowbush Blueberry Productivity and Fruit COMPOSITION IN PEAT SOIL

Shtangeeva, I.; Venalainen, S.; Hartikainen, H.; Surgik, M.; Timofeev, S., 2011:
Silver-Induced Changes in the Nutrient and Trace Element Uptake by Wheat AND AMOUNT OF THE RHIZOSPHERE PROTEINS

Farooq, M.; Atique-ur-Rehman; Aziz, T.; Habib, M., 2011:
Boron Nutripriming Improves the Germination and Early Seedling Growth of RICE (ORYZA SATIVA L.)

Liu, K.; Ma, B. L.; Luan, L.; Li, C., 2011:
Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium Nutrient Effects on Grain Filling AND YIELD OF HIGH-YIELDING SUMMER CORN

Wagle, P.; Smith, M.W.; Wood, B.W.; Rohla, C.T., 2011:
Response of Young Bearing Pecan Trees to Spring Foliar Nickel APPLICATIONS

Malhi, S. S.; Nyborg, M.; Solberg, E.; Wang, Z.-H.; Henriquez, B., 2011:

Javier Bleda, F.; Madrid, R.; Lino Garcia-Torres, A.; Garcia-Lidon, A.; Porras, I., 2011:
Chlorophyll Fluorescence and Mineral Nutrition in Citrus Leaves Under SALINITY STRESS

Mahmoodabadi, M. R.; Ronaghi, A. M.; Khayyat, M.; Amirabadi, Z., 2011:

Huang, C.; Wang, Z.; Li, S.; Gale, J.W., 2011:
Effect of External Nitrate Concentrations on Nitrate Efflux From Roots AND ACCUMULATION IN TWO BRASSICA NAPUS L. CULTIVARS

Gopal, R.; Nautiyal, N., 2011:
Phytotoxic Effects of Cadmium Exposure and Metal Accumulation in SUNFLOWER

Esringu, A.; Turan, M.; Gunes, A.; Ataoglu, N.; Uzun, O., 2011:
Optimum Economic Boron Fertilizer Doses of Wheat Grown on Calcareous SOIL

Antonio Gutierrez-Miceli, F.; Oliva Llaven, M.A.; Mendoza Nazar, P.; Ruiz Sesma, B.; David Alvarez-Solis, J.; Dendooven, L., 2011:
Optimization of Vermicompost and Worm-Bed Leachate for the Organic CULTIVATION OF RADISH

Prieto Martinez, H.E.; Zabini, A.V.; Cruz, C.D.; Pereira, A.A.; Finger, F.L., 2011:
Differential Tolerance to Zinc Deficiency in Coffee-Plant Progenies

Abdelhamid, M.T.; Kamel, H. A.; Dawood, M.G., 2011:
Response of Non-Nodulating, Nodulating, and Super-Nodulating Soybean GENOTYPES TO POTASSIUM FERTILIZER UNDER WATER STRESS

Madueno-Molina, A.; Garcia-Paredes, D.; Martinez-Hernandez, J.; Bugarin-Montoya, R.; Bojorquez-Serrano, J. I., 2011:
Response of Frijolillo Rhynchosia Minima (L) Dc. to Supplementary PHOSPHORUS WITH THREE SOIL MOISTURE CONDITIONS: I. GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT

Sharma, J.; Upadhyay, A.K.; Bande, D.; Patil, S.D., 2011:
Susceptibility of Thompson Seedless Grapevines Raised on Different ROOTSTOCKS TO LEAF BLACKENING AND NECROSIS UNDER SALINE IRRIGATION

Singh, G.; Nathawat, N. S.; Kishore, N.; Ramani, S.; Ramaswamy, N. K.; D'Souza, S. F.; Sahu, M. P., 2011:
Differential Translocation of (Iron)-I-59 in Iron Sufficient and DEFICIENT SORGHUM PLANTS

Younis, M., 2011:
Soil Applied Cobalt and Copper Alter the Rhizobium Symbiosis and Growth STATUS OF LABLAB PURPUREUS (L.) SWEET

Mezzomo, R.; Paulino, P. V. R.; Detmann, E.; Valadares Filho, S. C.; Paulino, M. F.; Monnerat, J. P. I. S.; Duarte, M. S.; Silva, L. H. P.; Moura, L. S., 2011:
Influence of condensed tannin on intake, digestibility, and efficiency of protein utilization in beef steers fed high concentrate diet

Moloney, A. P.; Mooney, M. T.; Troy, D. J.; Keane, M. G., 2011:
Finishing cattle at pasture at 30 months of age or indoors at 25 months of age: Effects on selected carcass and meat quality characteristics

Su, J.; Wang, Y.; Liu, Q.; Yang, B.; Wu, Y.; Luo, Y.; Hu, G.; Zhang, Y., 2011:
Aberrant mRNA expression and DNA methylation levels of imprinted genes in cloned transgenic calves that died of large offspring syndrome

Lima, R.; Diaz, R. F.; Castro, A.; Fievez, V., 2011:
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Stress Address

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Short-Season Soybean Genetic Improvement Evaluated in Weed-Free and Weedy Conditions

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A Simple System for Promoting Flowering of Upland Switchgrass in the Greenhouse

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Evaluating a Germplasm Collection of the Cover Crop Hairy Vetch for Use in Sustainable Farming Systems

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Changes of Glutenin Subunits due to Water-Nitrogen Interaction Influence Size and Distribution of Glutenin Macropolymer Particles and Flour Quality

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Stocking Strategies as Related to Animal and Pasture Productivity of Endophyte-Free Tall Fescue

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Stand Maintenance and Genetic Diversity of Bermudagrass Pastures under Different Grazing Management Strategies during a 38-Year Period

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Quantifying Rhizosphere Respiration for Two Cool-Season Perennial Forages

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Carbon dioxide, water vapor, and heat fluxes over agricultural crop field in an arid oasis of Northwest China, as determined by eddy covariance

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Survival and Population Size of the Frog Heleioporus albopunctatus in a Highly Modified, Agricultural Landscape

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Large-scale in vitro propagation of giant reed (Arundo donax L.), a promising biomass species

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Effects of pre-sowing treatment on plant emergence and seedling vigour in true potato seed

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Recurrent somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration in Angelica glauca Edgew., a critically endangered medicinal plant of the Western Himalaya

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Effects of nitric oxide treatment on active oxygen metabolism and flesh lignification in bamboo shoots

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7 year operation of a BWRO plant with raw water from a coastal aquifer for agricultural irrigation

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Effect of outliers in statistical modelling for predicting the outbreak of anthracnose in grapes (Vitis vinifera)

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Heterosis and stress susceptibility index for fruit yield and contributing traits in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum)

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Chronic dilation and stagnation in the crop of a Brahma chicken due to sand accumulation. Case report

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Analysis of the Impact of Climatic Conditions on Floral Transformation in Hydrangea macrophylla 'Leuchtfeuer'

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USDA, ARS EOM 402-10 High beta-Carotene Cucumber

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Potential uses of turmeric (Curcuma longa) products as alternative means of pest management in crop production

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Economic cycles and environmental crisis in arid southeastern Spain. A historical perspective

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Components of the Arabidopsis CBF Cold-Response Pathway Are Conserved in Non-heading Chinese Cabbage

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Storage in medieval England: the evidence from purveyance accounts, 1295-1349

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Analysis of the external and internal influences on the CR agrarian foreign trade

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Productivity of Estonian dairy farms decline after the accession to the European Union

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Genetic parameters of test-day somatic cell scores for the first three lactations of Polish Holstein-Friesian cattle

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High dietary concentrations of methionine reduce the selenium content, glutathione peroxidase activity and oxidative stability of chicken meat

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Linear and linear-threshold model for genetic parameters for SEUROP carcass traits in Czech beef cattle

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Do ICDPs Work? An Empirical Evaluation of Forest-Based Microenterprises in the Brazilian Amazon

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Expanding the Utility of the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) process bleaching

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Brassicaceae Cover Crops Affect Seed Germination and Seedling Establishment in Cucurbit Crops

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Crop Load Management Does Not Consistently Improve Crop Value of 'Sweetheart'/'Mazzard' Sweet Cherry Trees

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Method for Producing Long-cane Blackberry Plants

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Effectiveness of Soil Salinity Management Practices in Basin-irrigated Pecan Orchards

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Allotment Gardening and Other Leisure Activities for Stress Reduction and Healthy Aging

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Tank Mix of Saflufenacil with Glyphosate and Pendimethalin for Broad-spectrum Weed Control in Florida Citrus

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Postharvest Treatments for Degreening of 'Villa franca' Lemons

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Elevating Carbon Dioxide in a Commercial Greenhouse Reduced Overall Fuel Carbon Consumption and Production Cost When Used in Combination with Cool Temperatures for Lettuce Production

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Heart rate and activity of dairy calves. Effects of husbandry system and of sex and life age of calf

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With more Targeted Measures to Improve Ealfere and Economic Efficiency -4th Boehringer Ingelheim International Expert Forum

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Properties and applications of zeolites: A Review

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Unrecorded post-harvest fungal rots of fresh apricots from India

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Host Status of False Brome Grass to the Leaf Rust Fungus Puccinia brachypodii and the Stripe Rust Fungus P. striiformis

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Predicting Soybean Rust Incursions into the North American Continental Interior Using Crop Monitoring, Spore Trapping, and Aerobiological Modeling

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Identification and Characterization of Botryosphaeria spp. Causing Gummosis of Peach Trees in Hubei Province, Central China

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Dynamics of Pseudoperonospora cubensis Sporangia in Commercial Cucurbit Fields in Michigan

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Sensitivity of Isolates of Phytophthora capsici from the Eastern United States to Fluopicolide

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Botryosphaeriaceae Species Associated with Avocado Branch Cankers in California

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Regulation of tissue differentiation by plant growth regulators on tTCLs of Panax ginseng adventitious roots

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In vitro plant regeneration from decapitated embryonic axes of Clitoria ternatea L.-An important medicinal plant

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NaCl plays a key role for in vitro micropropagation of Salicornia brachiata, an extreme halophyte

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Feeding value of simaruba (Simarouba glauca) fat in broilers

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Time trends in genetic parameter estimates of production traits in White Leghorn chicken under long-term selection

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Macro and micro-mineral status of feeds and fodders in West Kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh

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Performance of Murrah buffaloes at coastal region of Tamil Nadu, India

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Global perspectives on first generation liquid biofuel production

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Managing pastureland for horse breeding: the outlook of an agricultural advisor on providing advice to horse owners

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Optimized scarification protocols improve germination of diverse Rubus germplasm

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Infrastructure, rural electrification and development

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Getting Real About Food Prices

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Pasture systems to improve productivity of sheep in southwestern Victoria 2. Animal production from ewes and lambs

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